Wednesday, March 31, 2021

When countries or institutions fail, they like to blame an enemy or a competitor. Usually (not always) the blame is misplaced. Usually the country or institution deliberately sabotaged its own citizens and members, then framed a competitor or a randomly chosen alternative.

We've been blaming China for our loss of all business and skills and work. Nope. China didn't invade our factories and universities in a warlike way. China took advantage of our own INTENTIONAL SUICIDE, sponsored by the bank side of Deepstate. Our universities and research institutes invited Chinese students and opened up our secrets to them, knowing FULL FUCKING WELL that the students are spies. Our evil demonic corporations HATE AMERICANS and URGENTLY NEED TO KILL AMERICANS. China made it possible for our evil corporations to destroy the country they profit from.

Churches blame social media for their loss of members. Nope. Social media didn't burn or lockdown any churches. Social media took advantage of the INTENTIONAL SUICIDE of Christian churches.

For many decades Christian churches have offered nothing of value for most people, and have been GROTESQUELY AVERSIVE for heterosexual men. Why in the FUCK would a normal man want to sit in a room and worship a statue of a naked dude wearing a loincloth?

I had enough of that lifestyle in jail, where it WAS aggressive and invasive. I vowed that I'd never get near it again.

= = = = =

Two articles on Christian websites start with the latest Pew survey of church numbers. This year is an extreme outlier, with a REAL SATANIC ENEMY actually forcing churches to shut down. But the numbers have been declining fast before this year, and the number for 2020 fits on the existing curve. The two articles miss all the points and get nothing right.

Churches totally missed the opportunity to oppose this ACTUAL VIOLENT WORLDWIDE HOLOCAUST COMMITTED BY ACTUAL LITERAL PHYSICAL SATAN. Instead, they meekly obeyed all of Satan's lockdowns and distances and ballgags.


Again, why in the HOLY FUCK should any sane human bother with an institution that EAGERLY AND SUPINELY COLLABORATES with its officially defined enemy?

[Contrast footnote: here's one Catholic writer who gets it exactly right. Since I first cited that piece, Leila Miller's commenters have added even more real science and real religion. They're all well informed and all ferocious about the failure. Raises my confidence in the ordinary members of the church!]

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  Odd variation on Sucker Filter

Now that the "election" crap has cleared out of spam, the spammers are back to the usual tricks. One recent trick is new and puzzling.

Congratulations Capital One Customer!

Special Offer for Wells Fargo Customer!

Refund for Walgreens Customer!

Open for news, valued State Farm customer!

And today a paper mail containing a supposed refund from Hemmings Auto News.

Why odd? They're all for companies that I don't use. My bank is USBank, not Wells Fargo. My credit card is Citibank, not Capital One. My insurance is Allstate, not Geico or State Farm. And I've been subscribing to Collectible Automobile for 20 years, but never bought an issue of Hemmings.

The spam is never aimed at my actual purchasing patterns. All of it seems to think I'm a customer of a different company in each category.

Must be Sucker Filter. If you're foolish enough that you don't know your own bank and insurance and shopping habits, you're foolish enough to go for Bitcoin or an inheritance from somebody you never knew.

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  It's not the math, it's the PURPOSE

This article claims a new logarithmic 'law' of nature.

Most pointy things grow into a two-sided curve, which tends to have the same formula. But the formula is nowhere near reliable, so it's not really a formula.

What's reliable is the method behind the formula. It's simple. Grow one side faster than the other. More or less the same principle as refraction of light, or curving of a column of soldiers. When one side of a column or beam is moving out faster than the other, the beam steadily curves.

PURPOSE enters the picture when you consider the many forms of growth that don't curve. A plant stem grows straight unless it needs to curve to restore vertical. A bone grows straight. Most hair grows straight. Even a zit or wart grows straight.

Nature knows which outgrowths need to curve toward a hook, so they can be used as pullers or rippers. When an outgrowth needs to be hooked, Nature grows the appropriate part of the curve faster. With human fingernails, the hook is 'hollow', so the middle section grows faster than the outer edges to create a curve in an open arc.

Test case: Curly hair vs straight hair vs wavy hair. Tight curls grow unevenly just like claws. Was this for a pulling or grabbing purpose? Velcro?

Later note: I hadn't thought about this before... The best hands-on demo of refraction is steering the flow of a garden hose or kitchen faucet. Put your thumb on one side, restrict the flow. The water steers toward the restricted side. Also: the fingernail version explains why my big toenails were curving upward when my shoes were too short. The middle of the nail was bumping into the shoe and getting pushed back, so its growth was slow or negative. The outer edges weren't bumping, so their growth was normal.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021
  Speaking of balances and bridges...

A preliminary study finds intriguing evidence that neurons in the hippocampus and other brain areas are self-balancing like a drain trap.

When a neuron ends up with too many inhibitory inputs or too many excitatory inputs, it cuts off the excess side.

As far as I can tell from skimming the article, the researchers haven't yet figured out HOW the neuron does the balancing. Maybe it just attenuates one side, or maybe it breaks some synapses.

See also how glial cells keep loops balanced. Even more amazing.


  Trivalent? No.

From previous: Binary logic forces us to play team games, in sports and in politics. Teaming makes it EASY for Deepstate to keep us in an artificial stageplay, where we believe we're "discussing" or "voting" or "deciding" between two views that are both written by the same author to serve the evil purposes of the same author.

First thought: Would a three-value logic system help to deal with the teamplay situation?

= = = = = START REPRINT:

When dealing with media figures, the only constant fact is that everything you hear is intended to make one side or the other look bad. Some of one side may be true or not. There's no point in evaluating the truth.

Deepstate is jumbling up everything. Time, space, logic, memory.

We're supposed to ignore experience and accumulated knowledge.

We're supposed to pay sole attention to the displays presented by Deepstate.

And we're supposed to "vote" and "decide" according to these displays. The "control" is in our hands! Better make the right "decision" or the "Constitution" and the "Republic" will be trashed!!!!!!!

Polistra and Happystar have a better display.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Second thought: Three-value logic doesn't really describe the solution. Trivalent systems start with the assumpion that T and F are the desired goals. The in-between range is considered as undefined. Not enough info available to pick T or F. The third value is still outside of teamplay, off the field. You're supposed to resolve the lack of info and join one of the teams.

Life doesn't have teams. Life has tanh. Analog systems and our sensory systems are based on tanh. Every smoothly variable control has endpoints. A volume control or a tuner has endpoints. The stereo balance control has endpoints.

In an analog system the area between the teams is the ONLY area. The two endpoints are available, but you rarely need to use them. If you have to turn the volume to max all the time, you need a more powerful amplifier. If you turn the volume to zero all the time, you don't need the radio at all. You can throw it away.

This is a sloppy metaphor because it still implies that the endpoints are part of the "usable" spectrum. They aren't. The picture above is a better metaphor. Endpoints are fake scenes generated by Deepstate to prevent us from opening the window and looking at plain old reality.

Nevertheless, pure binary thinking was much less prevalent when we were more accustomed to analog systems like slide rules and mercury thermometers and radio tuning dials. Our math is now digital, with every number appearing as a falsely precise set of digits. Our tuning is channeled, with each channel coming from a specific company. Watch this on Youtube or Hulu or Disney. Get your "news" from CNN or FOX. There's no uncharted space on the dial. These choices aren't necessarily binary, but they are digital. You have to click the rotary switch to one of the approved teams.

Polistra's 1938 Philco was all analog.

Here's the dial:

The top line suggested bands typically used by various parts of the world, but most of the dial was 'uncharted', with unexpected goodies available to the patient listener. The physical characteristics of shortwave reception also contributed to the unexpected SPORT of listening. Sometimes the ionosphere would bring in Norway or Burma with local volume while blocking nearby stations. It was a game of skill AND chance.

1938 was the peak of analog news and entertainment. Government and corporations INVITED us to listen outside the team boundaries. Most radios had shortwave bands. Newscasters in WW2 explicitly stated that BOTH of the endpoints were censored propaganda. We were expected to favor our censored propaganda because we were fighting a real and JUSTIFIABLE war, but we needed to know WHY our side was better.

After FDR died, Deepstate rose from its grave. Lady Edgar resumed playing her old "two" "sides" fake-terrorist games, and we immediately returned Russia to its old familiar role as boogeyman. We stopped making SW radios for consumer use. TV was divided into 12 channels with no uncharted tuning allowed. We started down the ever-narrowing canyon toward today's rigid channelization.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021
  Reprint on medical / magical

I linked this 2017 piece in previous. It deserves a full reprint. I wasn't using the word entertainment yet, but I was hitting the same theme with clarity and power.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The Enlightenment's big crime was binary truth tables.

Law of excluded middle, fact or not fact, true or false, prove or disprove, null hypothesis, guilty or not guilty, honest or fake.

Digital technology and digital training have elevated binariness to a lethal level.

For some reason thinking about Volney's beneficial hooey pushed me over the line on this question.

Nature doesn't do honesty. Every smart and surviving critter uses deception, looking or smelling or sounding or moving like something else. Honesty is death.

The dividing line CANNOT BE deception vs honesty because honesty DOES NOT EXIST.

The only meaningful measure is the PURPOSE of the deception. Aggressive or defensive? Helpful or harmful?

When a deception is aggressive or harmful, you need to break it down and observe** the underlying reality so you can defend yourself against the aggression, or at least stop HELPING the aggressor. Stings and false flags by Sorosian governments are lethal and aggressive. We need to observe basic facts. 9/11 was a Saudi + CIA operation. Both "fascists" and "anti-fascists" are organized by the government as traps. Knowing these FACTS can slow down the aggression by depriving it of active support.

When a deception is neutral or helpful, we should quietly realize it's a deception while still allowing it to function. Good medical practice, good selling, and good religion, all involve a lot of magic and placebo. When we criminalize "alternative" medicine we're not giving the magic a chance to work. Over the centuries our criminalizing of various therapies has switched back and forth wildly, often depriving entire generations of a therapy that we later "rediscover" as useful. We'd save thousands of lives if we just LOOSENED UP.

Smart and surviving cultures were never fooled by the Enlightenment nonsense. Persians and Russians and Chinese understand reality more clearly. Teutons and Anglos and French fell into the binary trap around 1790 and never climbed out. Now it's killing us.

= = = = =

** Observe the underlying reality: I'm bumping into language limitations here. Our internal representation of reality, also known as observed reality, is also disconnected from instrumental measurements. If you take the instrumental measurements as the sole standard, you'll never be able to function in the world. That's why our decisions and actions need to be based on purpose rather than "finding absolute truth". Our internal fiction has been experimentally shaped to match our survival needs, so it's the best available standard. When you see media toxin that clashes with your experiential template, you have to prefer your internal version of reality because you ALSO know from experience that the media toxin is aggressive and lethal. Media toxin, like wasp toxin, is designed to paralyze you for easier enslavement and slaughter.

= = = = =

Continued here.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

What happened in 1790? Tyrants adopted science as the God who drives and approves their wars and genocides. The adoption was explicit and sudden in France, more implicit and gradual in Britain and US. Before 1790, tyrants used church-gods as weapons. A religion used by tyrants is inevitably corrupt, always changing to suit the psychopathic rule-changing drive of the tyrant. When science was outside of this demonic circle, scientists were much more able to discuss and negotiate and experiment and explain. The real switch in US happened in 1946, when Deepstate resurged after FDR's constraints. Vannevar Bush and the NSF made science into the temple of government, and scientists into high priests and secret-keepers.

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  Salute to Benjn Pike Jr part 2: Electrotherapy

Continuing from the intro.

The 1856 Pike catalog featured a Magnetic Machine For Medical Purposes on its cover. I've animated it, and added another unique item from the period. Both of these have a medical/magical flavor.

Here's the magnetic machine in use for electrotherapy. You can see that Happystar is getting a pulse once in each revolution of the big wheel:

The Magnetic Machine (left) is just an induction coil with a buzzer, the most common source of high voltage from Wheatstone to Marconi to the Ford T. The coil has a primary with less turns and a secondary with more turns, and the iron core (protruding on left) can be slid in and out for more or less coupling.

The Pike catalog gives $10 as the price of the machine itself, which is about $400 now.

This early version has a uniquely shaped buzzer:

A fine iron wire is pulled down when the magnets are energized, breaking the circuit to the magnets. When it springs back up, it closes the circuit again. This seems overly delicate, and most later buzzers had a more massive spring element, looking and acting more like a pendulum.

= = = = =

The big wheel in the middle is a Rheotome (flow-cutter), a long-forgotten source of timed pulses with controllable width. It was often used in electrotherapy to provide brief pulses that could be sync'd with the heart or other rhythms. It's driven via pulleys by the electric motor on the right. Speed varied with usage; apparently 10 RPM was typical.

This particular rheotome has two entirely separate timers, for different purposes. Each timer consists of a pair of sliding brushes mounted on the wheel. The wheel itself doesn't carry any electricity, and there's no connection between the two pairs of brushes. Each pair skates on the insulated turntable below the wheel, and each pair connects two sets of contacts mounted on or in the turntable, but only when it skates onto the contacts.

The outer pair of brushes has one needle and one brush for more precision. The needle is running over a 'compass rose' of precisely spaced metal contacts protruding from the insulating turntable. The outer brush is running over a continuous circle. When the needle passes over one of the precise compass points, current flows from the outer circle to the compass rose. These are tied internally to the binding posts on the right leg.

I've connected a simple series circuit with two drycells and a voltmeter, showing when the needle makes contact. (Not running the full circle here, because the rest would be repetitive.) These ticks could be used to activate a buzzer, but they would be more suitable as drivers for a time-marker pen on a chronograph.

= = = = =

The more interesting pair is the inner pair. Two brushes pass over a short pair of 'mesas' on the insulated turntable. The outer mesa (which is adjustable) leads to the outer binding post on the south leg, and the inner mesa to the inner binding post. When BOTH brushes are contacting BOTH mesas, current passes between the binding posts. Again I'm using a simple series arrangement so the voltmeter shows when the pulse is on.

The outer mesa can slide both ways to vary the pulse length. When it's more southward, the area of overlap is narrower, so the pulses are narrower. The difference isn't impressive, but this seems to be a realistic representation of the difference in the real rheotome.

The 1848 Pike catalog describes the use of the Magnetic Machine thusly:
It may be used agreeably, and with much effect, by the patient holding one of the conductors, and another person the other conductor, and with the other hand making passes over or around the diseased part. This is particularly useful about the head, and where the pain is under the hair it should be thoroughly wet, to have the effect pass through it. The best effects have followed from regular applications of a mild power, from five to fifteen minutes, twice or more a day. The machine may be used with confidence, no injury being known to result from its use.

And the machine was used with confidence! Happystar's waves are resync'd, back in resonance with the universe.

Sounds like the main effect was pulsed static charge, not current through the body. The hand of the healer has always been important in real healing. Modern "medicine" has forgotten it, and in 2020 prohibited all healing entirely.

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Friday, March 26, 2021
  Darwin and Pertz and Quages

Francis Darwin and Dorothea Pertz did a followup paper in 1903, reproducing the original results and musing on the meaning of the results.
It is often said that periodic phenomena are due to aftereffect. But this, though true in a certain sense, is too vague a statement to be called an explanation. It is known that geotropic and heliotropic curvatures continue long after the stimulus has ceased to act. So that it might at first appear as if the curvatures in one direction were the aftereffect of a given half hour's stimulus, and the opposite curvatures were the effect of the next ensuing half hour. But we are unable to construct a scheme of this sort which fits the facts. The aftereffect in a curving shoot which has been stimulated for half an hour lasts a long time, and we cannot see how the series of opposite curvatures, each lasting half an hour, could be caused by the combination of such aftereffects.

Aftereffect in the ordinary sense is the result of the last stimulus received, and we know of nothing to make us believe that the latent aftereffect of an antecedent and opposite stimulus can be held to account for the sharp reversal of curvature which we find to occur.
Humans have feature detectors, which also generate aftereffects, for simple stimuli AND for repetitions and curves and vibrations. In other words we have first derivative detectors (because all senses are deltas) and second derivative detectors for sinusoid patterns. These vibration aftereffects are instantly familiar to people who were born after 1910, because we have experience with vibrating machines and fast-moving visual inputs.

Right now I'm running laundry. I went into the laundry room a moment ago to turn off the crappy front-load washer before it ran wild. (The crappy machine doesn't have its own off-balance stop switch.) I always hold onto the knob, feeling and listening to the spin, then turn off the knob FAST when it starts to get overly noisy. Now my arm is still sensing a vibration aftereffect. If I had leaned my body against the washer, the whole body would be vibrating.

We also experience fast-moving scenery in a car, and see scenery moving the other way when we close our eyes. Similarly with a fast scroll on the computer screen, or a vibrating image on the screen.

All of these aftereffects serve as one side of a null-detector balance, to detect when the incoming pattern stops doing what it has been doing. In other words, the balance is one more layer of derivative. At all levels in all senses, we need to know what's new and what's old.

Francis understood the balance perfectly and beautifully: What we do at a particular juncture depends on the nature of our previous experiences and actions. The “self” which seems to be spontaneous is the balance which weighs conflicting influences. But he didn't have experience with the higher derivatives.

These higher derivative aftereffects were much less familiar in 1903. Nothing in a house vibrated. Trains would have provided the scenery effect, but riding in a train wasn't nearly as common as riding in cars now.

From the viewpoint of modern human experience, the conclusion is obvious. Plants also have higher derivative feature detectors.

The detector for changing sunlight makes sense. The earth doesn't rotate every 15 minutes, but the available sunlight in a forest does change on a similar time scale. As the sun passes over a series of trees, the plant would learn to bend back and forth to grab the maximum light. Pattern memory would allow the plant to anticipate the next increase, and bend into the light before it arrives. When the sun gets near the horizon the pattern would stop, and the off-null balance between input and aftereffect would tell the plant to prepare for darkness.

Gravity sensing can't be explained that way. Land doesn't rock back and forth routinely, so there's no reason to learn or adapt. BUT: a plant floating on water does rock back and forth periodically. Did land plants start out on floating islands before they settled on stable land?

Did they build floating islands, which then docked on the rocky shore to start spreading soil?

Later thought after watching the animation: Anticipatory plants, working together, could actually stabilize a floating island. Humans use this trick in wave-damping ships and quake-damping skyscrapers.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021
  No ambiguity

Continuing from previous rant.

One argument against letting trannies compete as girls is that the cheating will "ruin the integrity of athletics".

This is ABSURD. Similar arguments about doping are equally absurd. Similar arguments about athletes being paid to throw a game are equally absurd.


Lately I've been trying to make the case for treating science as entertainment. I know this is an unorthodox view, and I'm still exploring and firming it up. It wasn't unorthodox 150 years ago, and our attitude toward science was a lot healthier and more PRODUCTIVE then. I'm not sure how far we should go in this direction, but it seems like a good direction.

There's no such ambiguity about athletics.


The sole purpose of games and races and matches is to AMUSE THE AUDIENCE. If the entertainment value is improved by cheating, then cheat. If the entertainment is better without cheating, then don't cheat. Morality and integrity are TOTALLY OUTSIDE THE REALM of entertainment.


  Goes beyond cowardice

Repooflican politicians are always sissyass pussyass chickenshit cowards. The Repoofs who write at The "Federalist" have gone beyond normal cowardice.

The "Federalist" was gingerly supporting Noem of South Dakota, the ONLY governor who was on the side of humanity and science from the start. Several others came over to the human side later, and I don't want to undervalue their courage, but Noem started out GUTSY and stayed GUTSY all the way.

Now the chickenshit pussies have turned AGAINST Noem because she didn't approve of a ban on trannies in athletics.

Let's compare the two actions.

1. Noem preserved normal life in the state she controls. Never shut down anything, never broke away from real science and real public health. THE ONLY GOVERNOR WHO REMAINED HUMAN AND SANE. THE ONLY ONE. She has saved thousands of lives in the state she controls. Nobody else in the country came close. This is a HUGELY CONSEQUENTIAL service to humanity and sanity and science, involving THOUSANDS OF SAVED LIVES and a MILLION lives that would otherwise have been ruined.

2. Noem didn't ban a few cheaters who might win some games or win some races that they don't deserve to win. Nobody will be killed, nobody will be harmed, and the cheaters will NOT even win in the end because everyone will know they cheated. Trannies don't fool anyone. This is a TOTALLY INCONSEQUENTIAL PROBLEM, and it DOESN'T MATTER if it's permitted or not. It's a tiny and self-extinguishing problem. If the state bans this inconsequential problem, the results will be far more consequential. The state will have to spend money and time fighting and LOSING massive lawsuits from the Feds, and fighting even more media pressure than Noem is getting now.

Which is more important to the pussyass chickenshits? Number 2. They WANT to see South Dakota fighting and losing lawsuits, and they WANT to see even more pressure from the media demons.

Even if you believe in obscure mythical entities like "laws" and "constitutions", Noem's action on Number 2 is perfectly consistent with the ALLEGED Repooflican position on "laws" and "constitutions". Governors aren't supposed to close down all the businesses and schools in a state, governors aren't supposed to bind and gag and imprison their citizens, and governors aren't supposed to ban cheating in school athletics. Noem is the only governor who scores 100% correct on all three.

The entire "conservative" movement should be uniting solidly behind some combination of Noem and DeSantis, instead of whoring after Roy Cohn's best boy Trump. You claim to oppose trannies, then you go all in for Roy's Boy Toy twice in a row. Jesus.

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More SCIENCE DENIALISM and HORRIBLE CREATIONISM and DEVIATIONIST LYSENKOISM from a nasty anti-Darwinian named Francis Darwin. Cancel him now!
No doubt if we take a severely logical view of the universe with Descartes, we may be obliged to admit that our actions are the direct inevitable result of what has previously occurred in the world, and that we are forced into a certain action just as inevitably as the mercury in a thermometer is forced to rise to a certain point. But this is a point of view which leads us no further, it is not an instrument of research. To get a point of view which is physiologically valuable we must retain the idea of spontaneity.

What we do at a particular juncture depends on the nature of our previous experiences and actions. The “self” which seems to be spontaneous is the balance which weighs conflicting influences. It is for this reason that even in plant physiology we want the idea of an individuality, a something on which the past experience of the race is written and in which the influences of the external world are weighed. I do not of course imply conscious weighing, nor do I mean that the plant has memory in the sense that we have memory. But a plant has memory in Hering's and Butler's sense of the word, according to which memory and inheritance are different aspects of the same quality of living things. Thus in the movements of plants, as in the instincts of animals, the spontaneity of the individual has disappeared, the balance of profit and loss has been struck during the past experience of the species, and the individual acts by that unconscious memory we call inheritance.

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  It's fortunate....

It's too bad that Darwin's vague theories about species turned into an ISM. His real scientific EXPERIMENTS, continued by his son Francis, were hugely valuable. We've forgotten the long set of experiments on plant intelligence.

I ran into this 1891 experiment while looking for old devices to animate...
Mr. Francis Darwin, president of the Biological Section, read a paper by himself and Miss D. F. Pertz on "The Artificial Production of Rhythm in Plants." The paper was illustrated by experiments. The apparatus employed is a new form of klinostat designed by the Cambridge Scientific Company. The plant to be experimented on is fixed to a spindle, which, by means of a clockwork escapement, makes a sudden semi-revolution every half hour. Thus the plant is subjected to a series of alternate and opposite influences from light or gravitation, as the case may be. To take the case of gravitation, the plant will tend to curve upwards during the first half-hour, and during the second interval (when the horizontal spindle has made half a turn) it will tend to curve geotropically in the opposite direction.

Under these conditions it is found that a rhythmic state is induced which closely resembles the periodicity in rate of growth which is set up in plants by the alternation of day and night.

A remarkable result is obtained by stopping the clockwork; that is to say, by substituting a continuous for a changing stimulus. The plant continues to curve with an acquired rhythm just as if the clockwork were still in action; it has, in fact, learned and remembered the half-hourly period. This is precisely similar to certain natural rhythms - for instance, to the "sleep" of flowers, which for a short time continue to open and shut although kept constantly in the dark.
This work was forgotten for a long time, and "newly discovered" about 20 years ago, after many decades of THEORY that told us plants can't possibly learn.

Our THEORY, which still battles against the horrible forces of Lamarck and Lysenko, tells us that plants can't possibly remember anything. We call our THEORY Darwinism. It's fortunate that Francis Darwin wasn't a Darwinist.

= = = = =

Here's the Cambridge Instruments klinostat. The plant is clamped (without soil?) in the box, and the clockwork can be set to flip at intervals or turn steadily.

= = = = =

What about Miss Pertz? According to Wikipedia, Dorothea Pertz co-authored five papers with Francis, and gained membership in various societies, but didn't stick around.
After Darwin's retirement, Pertz was encouraged by Frederick Blackman to undertake research on meristematic tissue, but after a year observing germinating seeds her results were inconclusive. She abandoned research, possibly over disappointment, though Agnes Arber claimed "she came to recognize that the plant physiology of the twentieth century was developing on lines widely divergent from those on which she had been educated and that it demanded a grasp of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, which she did not possess."
I'm betting that her grasp of math wasn't the real "divergent lines". More likely she was disappointed by the focus on math and the loss of experimentation. She continued working in botany outside of the academy, making illustrations and indexes for texts.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021
  Bad part, good part

Mathematician Chaitin, discussing the decadence of science and bureaucracy:
I hope I’m wrong, but I have this vision of the life cycle of corporations and nation states. I saw what IBM was going through and a lot of people are worried that China is becoming more capitalist than we are in a funny way.

Here in South America I see US influence disappearing. China is now the leading trade partner for a lot of countries in South America rather than the United States.
Same in Africa, the bright future of science and thinking. China's colonialism is purely commercial, not cultural. We always forced our colonies to adopt our insane anti-God culture. China skips all of that crap and just deals with local farmers and factories, helping them to improve their production to maximize profit for them AND for China. That's not "capitalism in a funny way", it's CAPITALISM. What we do is TYRANNY.
...From the point of view of creativity, I think that the best thing to do would be to split up the European community in separate countries and split up the US in separate States. Because that would give more freedom of action to creative people instead of having a central bureaucracy.
The bad part: Splitting the political units won't help. It would have helped before the Web, but now the Web unites and synchronizes tyranny.

Splitting political units ain't gonna happen anyway. Everything is absolutely frozen. Nothing can change or move.

The good part: Dividing the web is INSTANTLY possible, and EVERYONE can do it for themselves. No influence or force or blackmail needed. Just disconnect as much as you can.

A new learning center (as in Trinity House) could disconnect its campus entirely, and maintain a well-policed airgap to protect its thoughts and discussions and SKILLS and intellectual property from Amazon and Google. No wi-fi on campus. Only pure analog communication allowed, through carefully protected internal wires.

Even better, replace electrical transfer of information with air modulated by sound waves in some way not yet invented. Replace HDD and RAM with some new type of memory storage that can't be hacked or modified or read remotely. Perhaps this new form of memory could use very thin sheets of flexible material, with characters formed on the surface of the sheets by some kind of pigmented gum or glue. The sheets would be compressed into rectangular data-packets, which could then be stacked or carried easily. A means of reading this memory device would also have to be invented, perhaps a rotatable video unit connected directly to the human brain and mounted inside the skull.

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  China is stupid for once

Speaking of tenure....

China is smarter than us. China defends its own skills, while we ruin our own skills and ship them to China.

Here's a counterexample. An article on mass-production of scientific "research" focuses on 'paper mills' in China. Why are these mills so common?
Physicians in China are a particular target market because they typically need to publish research articles to gain promotions, but are so busy at hospitals that they might not have time to do the science, says Chen. Last August, the Beijing municipal health authority published a policy stipulating that an attending physician wanting to be promoted to deputy chief physician must have at least two first-author papers published in professional journals; three first-author papers are required to become a chief physician. These titles affect a physician’s salary and authority, as well as the surgeries they are allowed to perform.
That's just FUCKING STUPID. American-style FUCKING STUPID. Applying the stupid tenure system to doctors who simply CAN'T meet the requirements honestly.

It's bad enough for teachers and researchers, but it's deadly when permission to perform surgeries depends on publication. Teaching and research and managing and surgery are TOTALLY SEPARATE SKILLS. There's NO REASON IN FUCKING HELL to require one of these skills as a prerequisite for any of the others. If you want to get real work done, you need to let skilled workers perform their OWN BEST SKILLS.

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  More likely anyway

Speaking of forged art and forged threats, here's an interesting bit of scholarship in archeology. The story sounds like the usual scientific forgery. Piltdown Man, Cardiff Giant, etc. Forgeries are especially common in antiquities because provenance is usually unverifiable. The dealer who originally handled this manuscript apparently seemed 'shady' to the buyers he approached.
The text was written in paleo-Hebrew on 16 leather fragments. In 1883, Moses Wilhelm Shapira, an antiquities dealer based in Jerusalem, brought the text to Europe. He showed it to a committee of scholars in Germany, who dismissed it as a fake. Shapira then traveled to Britain where he offered to sell the fragments to the British Museum for 1 million pounds. An expert working for the museum also dismissed it as a forgery, declining the offer. The next year, in 1884, Shapira died by suicide in the Netherlands.
Suicide is usually seen as a mark of regret. A fresh analysis uses philosophy and human nature to invert the picture.
Idan Dershowitz [professor at Univ of Potsdam] says that this text, with its shorter narrative, was written before the Book of Deuteronomy. "Far from being derivative of Deuteronomy, this text is, in fact, Deuteronomy's ancient forebear," Dershowitz wrote in the journal article.

Dershowitz makes numerous arguments to support his contention that the text is authentic. For one, he said that Shapira's own notes show that the antiquities dealer was struggling to understand the text. At the very least, Dershowitz said, this should prove that Shapira didn't fake the document himself.

The papers have "a great number of question marks, marginal musings, and rejected readings; it appears to be a preliminary decipherment. Indeed, Shapira was still in the process of working out the correct order of the inscribed leather fragments. If Shapira was the forger — or one of the forgers — of the manuscripts, why do his private papers include a not-altogether-successful attempt at deciphering them? It would surely be unusual for a forger to labor to understand a text that he himself had devised or inscribed."
= = = = =

So Shapira suicided from despair, not regret. He made a real discovery and nobody believed him. This is more likely anyway, since professional cheaters don't regret.

Reminds me of something more recent... what was it? ... Oh yes.


= = = = =

A quick google finds why the buyers regarded Shapira as shady:
These extraordinary fragments were brought to England by Mr Shapira of Jerusalem, a well-known bookseller and dealer in antiquities. Mr Shapira's name will be remembered in connection with the Moabite pottery in the museum at Berlin, which is now commonly regarded as a modern forgery. The leathern fragments now produced by Mr Shapira were, as he alleges, obtained by him from certain Arabs near Dibon, the neighbourhood where the Moabite stone was discovered. The agent employed by him in their purchase was an Arab "who would steal his mother-in-law for a few piastres", and who would probably be even less scrupulous about a few blackened slips of ancient or modern sheepskin. The value placed by Mr. Shapira on the fragments is, however, a cool million sterling, and at this price they are offered to the British Museum, where they have been temporarily deposited for examination. Dr Ginsburg, the well-known Semitic scholar, is now busily engaged in deciphering the contents of the fragments and examining their genuineness.
This doesn't affect the logic in either direction. True is true and false is false no matter who says it or sells it. In a dubious zone like ancient documents, nobody is ever completely sure unless an actual forger is caught red-handed, or the materials are blatantly modern.

Dershowitz's logic is convincing. Shapira knew he had something real. Maybe he should have lowered the price? A cool million pounds in 1884 was BIG money, about $200 cool million today. Inventors and discoverers are often bullheaded about value. After years of fruitless litigation, they end up broke and dead when they could have been comfortable, and could have used their precious time and effort for more inventing.

The old Vaudeville routine advises us to Pay The Two Dollars. We should also Take The Two Dollars when offered, instead of holding out for $200 million.


  Reprint from 2014

Linked in previous item, this 2014 piece deserves a reprint. Turned out to be predictive.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Was pondering why the operational side of Romneycare (website, fact-checking, payment, etc) is so totally fucked up. It's not government vs private, as Repooflicans would have you believe. Or rather, it is government vs private but the other way around.

The Feds have several agencies that constantly manage applications and payments and questions from everyone and do it beautifully. They don't lose millions of applications, they don't have to guess how many people paid.

IRS and SS have highly functional and helpful websites. Even Selective Service, which has been dormant for 30 years, has a splendid website where you can find clear answers quickly.

Why do they work while Romneycare fails?

Parkinson's Law. Bureaucracies exist to expand. The driving force of a bureaucracy is to increase its budget and workforce. When IRS works properly, it takes in more money FOR ITSELF. When SS works properly, it ends up with a larger trust fund FOR ITSELF. Therefore IRS and SS work properly.

Translate Parkinson into the private sphere and it's just another name for the profit motive, another name for life itself. When you are working for your own expansion, you work effectively.

This is missing in Romneycare. The profit is going to a few large insurance companies, who are NOT responsible for the 'exchanges'. If the exchanges work well, it means more money FOR SOMEONE ELSE. The system has absolutely no reason to work.

Not accidental. Romneycare was designed by idiot Repooflicans who believe that government should never receive money. It should never run a surplus, never keep money for a rainy day. It should magically do very little and make no profit at all. It should have no motive for running efficiently or serving the people.

So: Romney introduced a system planned by Randians, a system that violates the basic laws of any organization. Obama then duplicated the system at the federal level.

Result: Terrific waste, ruination of the entire health care setup, and lots of unnecessary deaths.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

If health insurance had remained in the hands of REAL insurers, who were motivated to keep people healthy, perhaps the insurers would have tried to slow down the current holocaust.


They would have seen instantly that this is not a REAL epidemic, which means that ordinary provisions for dealing with viruses should continue, and ordinary life should continue. Shutting down all business would mean that insurers would lose premiums. Shutting down all medical care would save money for insurers in the short run, but will vastly increase their costs in the future. Insurers formerly understood the difference between NOW and LATER.

Instead, Romneycare linked all health insurance to the "bioterror" parts of Deepstate via electronic records, guaranteed bailouts for the insurers, and thus removed the motivation to keep people alive.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
  Another help

Two weeks ago I listed some old knowledge and skills that helped me to understand and survive the current holocaust.

Here's a smaller one that I missed. I specifically need to thank my father for this piece of understanding.

He didn't talk much, but when he did talk he was making a point, and it was usually a valid and important point. He sometimes discussed the maneuverings of school and college administrations. Most importantly, he taught me EARLY (1959) about the evils of the tenure system. I was able to avoid the trap.

Another point came up in the '60s when profs were being fired for "political" reasons. He explained that "political" reasons were usually a cover story for plain old dislike. In a bureaucracy the department head can't write down "I don't like him" or "We don't get along" on an official document. The department head can write down "Communist agitation" or "Trumptard insurrection", according to the fashion of the era.

Isms and ideologies don't matter. Caste matters, and innate personality matters.

I forgot this lesson in the '90s when I got lost in the ideological fake battle of neocons vs RadicalIslamicTerrorists. I regained it in 2011 when I threw away the TV.

The point became EXTREMELY SHARP in 2020, when all governors but one, all national presidents but one, and all mayors and Public Death Officers without exception, acted in holocaustal unison. At first I tried to map the isms onto the pattern, but the isms didn't fit.

Isms don't count. "Laws" and "constitutions" don't exist. The only thing that matters is GUTS.

Strong demons will kill forever when given the opportunity. 2020 gave them the opportunity. Weak demons will kill for a while then get bored. A few non-demonic leaders who had the courage to resist blackmail and extortion were able to break out of the monstrosity and save their people from mass murder.

= = = = =

A vague Trinity House type thought.... What about the non-demons who didn't resist? There's no way to fight blackmail with blackmail. The Deepstate and Epstein blackmail networks have been building their cadres and structures and skills for 120 years. They own everything that counts. We can't overwhelm them with superior blackmail force. Failing that, is there a way to give non-demonic leaders more GUTS? A Mutual Benefit Association to check out the specific threats and open them up in a way that neutralizes the force? Most threats are empty or fake. The real ones are generally not worth losing your soul to maintain silence. This Association wouldn't need to be especially large or rich, but it would need to be located out of country.

Continuing later and even vaguer: MBAs were the ancestor of insurers. Before insurers were totally corrupted by Share Value, they were motivated by profit to give good advice. Insurers understood real risks in fine detail, and knew how to avoid them.

Insurers also paid only the largest and most serious claims, which motivated the customers to do their own risk controls. Balance and equipoise.

Life insurers advised customers how to live longer. Theft insurers evaluated collectibles to spot forgeries, and advised owners on burglar alarms and security. Fire insurers tried to prevent obvious fire hazards.

This blackmail insurer would function the same way. It would understand the real risks of shame and exposure, and would advise customers that it's usually better to take some shame than to lose your soul and life by obeying criminals. (Handling only the most serious claims.) It would also evaluate the threats for forgeries, as mentioned above.

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Monday, March 22, 2021
  Best comment of the year

I read Wolfstreet daily because Wolf Richter explains economic matters clearly, without a vested bias, and his graphs are the best in the world.

He also has regular commenters with true expertise, especially in real estate. Landlords and realtors in various places KNOW what's happening. The rest of us can only guess from partial observations.

Here's a terse all-encompassing summation of the last 20 years:
I’m old enough to remember when people expected capitalism to make things cheaper and markets were supposed to work for society. Now taxpayers are supporting the stock market with trillions of dollars in QE, while scrambling to find affordable shelter.
Says it all.

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  Science WAS entertainment before Darwin

Trying to find a detail of an old electrotherapy device, ran into this perfectly wonderful 1856 catalog from a NYC science supply company.

The cover page shows the building on bustling and bustled Broadway:

[Picture may contain: 4 people and 1 dog, all with their tails up]**

Benjn Pike Jr was an optician, and his primary product was microscopes. The catalog includes a lengthy and useful discussion of gathering and preparing specimens, including what to look for and where to look.

Here's what Pike thought of design vs random:
Equivocal or spontaneous generation, that is, the production of plants without seeds, and of living creatures without any other parents but accident and putrefaction; such was the absurd opinion that prevailed of the production of the minute living creatures, before the microscope overturned it, by demonstrating that all plants have their seeds, and all animals their eggs, whence the same species are produced. Nothing seems more contrary to reason, than to suppose that chance should give being to regularity and beauty, or that it should create living animals, fabricate a brain, nerves, and all the parts of life; and we may as well suppose that the woods generate stags and other animals that inhabit them, as that a cheese generates mites without the egg.

This was written just three years before Darwin brought Spontaneous Generation back into fashion. Note the clear logic:

Nothing seems more contrary to reason, than to suppose that chance should give being to regularity and beauty, or that it should create living animals, fabricate a brain, nerves, and all the parts of life.

Modern school textbooks still make fun of the idea that each individual creature could generate spontaneously, and then declare as an absolute unarguable axiom that each species must have generated spontaneously, and life itself must have generated spontaneously.
The growth of animals and vegetables seems to be nothing more than a gradual unfolding of their parts till they obtain their full size. Though water, by merely standing a few days, will be found to contain them, yet they will not be found in any degree so numerous as when vegetable bodies have been steeped therein, for no living creatures seem to subsist upon water alone; but when it is stored with their proper food, myriads may be found in every drop, of the greatest variety in their forms: some are round, some oblong, and others spherical, and the greatest part of them transparent: motion seems to be their greatest delight; they pervade with ease and the greatest rapidity the whole dimensions of the drop of water, in which they find ample space; sometimes they dart forwards, and at others more obliquely; then again in a circle, and though hundreds may be seen in a single drop, yet they never strike against one another.
Motion is their greatest delight. These are LIVING THINGS with purpose and emotion.
They differ in their size; some are barely visible to the eye; some so minute as to resist the action of the microscope, and appear only as moving points; of this description is the monus; it is so extremely delicate and transparent, as some times to elude the highest magnifying power.
Monus? Google doesn't find it at all. The word is clear in the printed book, but I wonder if the typesetter was misreading a handwritten manuscript, like nonims. The two words contain the same confusable letters.

Aha. Monas, not monus. That was easy.

= = = = =

Most of the catalog is aimed at schools and performers, especially magicians. Magic overlaps medicine, with the same devices serving both purposes.

Air balloons. Note the French flag.

An alarm bell as a demonstrating toy, not as an EMERGENCY WARNING.

Simultaneous demo of battery action and electromagnetism.

Simultaneous demo of thermocouples and electromagnetism.

Not clear how this worked, but it must have been dramatic. Lockey also designed a component of an electrotherapy device, which is what steered me into this catalog. Magic<->Medicine.

Magnetic toys.

Demo of a monostable multivibrator.

Finally, here's an item that fits into my earlier suggestion about useful modern science fun... and it's also a liquid bridge.

= = = = =

** Tailnote: How the hell did ladies SIT in those outfits? Needless to say, Youtube provides the answer, and it's amazing. The bustle wasn't a pillow, it was a complex and collapsible mechanism. As the above picture suggests, the hoop skirt protected ladies against both dogs and wolves.

= = = = =

Continued in Part 2, focusing on the Magnetic Machine.

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I placed the Declinometer at the end of the weather set, and noted that it was measuring the impending flip of the earth's magnetic field.

The name turns out to be accurate. Declinometer = Declinometer. As magnetism weakens, civilization declines.

The earth's field is a BASELINE for several huge parts of life that we depend on. Bacteria use it, bees use it, birds use it. Bacteria control clouds and feed everything else. Bees and birds pollinate plants.

We also use it, though we arrogantly assume that our "free will" and "theories" are in control, and we assume that our magnificent thoughts are based on our splendid Innovative Disruptive capabilities.

In fact our brains function by resonant waves passing through the cerebrum and cerebellum. When the baseline for this resonance is distorted, the resonance itself is distorted... but because we aren't noticing the baseline, we don't know what's happening.

Sanity starts with recognizing the baseline. We can't do much for the bacteria and birds and bees, but we might be able to compensate for their poor navigation by better agriculture and better storage. In limited areas we might be able to create a prosthetic field to stabilize the bees. We could also stop CONFUSING the field with billions of wi-fi transmitters occupying every cubic angstrom of space. NONE of these wi-fi transmitters are needed or helpful. ALL of them are serving Satan.

Weather is influenced in a more basic way by the movement of the magma that also changes the magnetic field. Again we can't do anything about the magma, but we could be spending money on more dams and flood control and hail cannons, instead of wasting trillions on Gaian religious liturgy, which is a holocaust.

Each unnecessary murder by offshoring and lockdowns and muzzles deprives us of skills and abilities and strength that could have been USED PRODUCTIVELY to improve our cultivation and culture.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021
  Reprint from 2017

Looking for an appropriate link to show how Naomi Wolf is 'speaking my language', ran across this item that covers all the bases.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

After looking (yet again) at the literally infinite superiority of analog models of intelligence, I had to ask: Why did Western researchers abandon analog for digital a LONG time ago? At the time when they made the switch, analog modeling was moving ahead rapidly and digital was not obviously destined to succeed.

And then I saw the answer. It's an answer I've been giving often, but didn't associate it with the development of machine learning.

Digital is hackable. It's possible to insert or modify code via temporary connections or via radio. NSA and CIA are experts at changing code AND blinding the other parts of the system to the change.

Analog is not transparently hackable. To change the way a transistor or tube circuit works, you have to physically desolder a component and replace it with another, or change the setting of a pot. A spy who "repairs" your equipment is a fairly obvious intrusion. Even if you aren't watching your office carefully enough, a change to a carefully documented and measured device is easy to detect later.

The spy could create a temporary change in function by magnetically coupling to an inductive part of the ckt, or by introducing a fake scene or sound to fool the 'eyes' and 'ears', but such a change wouldn't last through a system reset.

NSA/CIA/GCHQ and their contractors Google, Apple, Facebook, etc, are paying billions for digital AI because they want total hackpower. They realized early on that analog systems would WORK TOO WELL and would be EXTREMELY HARD TO HACK from a distance.

= = = = =

Russian researchers continued working with analog for at least two decades. For sure they were smarter and more creative than Westerners, but maybe they had a specific goal in mind. Russian military equipment also remained tube and analog after Western went solid-state and digital. In that case the reason was openly stated and well known: Tube and analog electronics in planes and tanks is less susceptible to attack by inductive transients as well as hacking. As always Russia is DEFENSIVE and USA STRONG is AGGRESSIVE.

DEFENSIVE = analog and mechanical and tube. Physical reality is defensive.

AGGRESSIVE = software. Theory is aggressive.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Naomi specifically mentioned hackability:
Lastly, driving all human interaction onto Zoom is not only a way to harvest all of our tech, business secrets and IP – it is a way to ensure that intimacy and connection in the future will be done online and that human face-to-face contact will be killed off.
Harvesting tech and business secrets was THE ORIGINAL SPECIFIC PURPOSE of the internet. NSA created a convenient way for academics and industries to exchange "secure" data because NSA wanted to see everything they were doing.

Again, I deeply and humbly apologize for allowing the Randians to misdefine Naomi Wolf. I didn't participate in the mocking, but I never questioned the mocking, and missed the opportunity to absorb some solid and clear writing and thinking.

Also see here and here.

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  Dream scripter is getting lazy

Normally when audio from my OTR playlist is gated into the brain, the dream scripter instantly 'backbuilds' a fresh scene around the audio, with a remarkably original location and characters that have no connection to the familiar radio play. I always wish I could harness the creativity in waketime, but it doesn't seem to be accessible.

Tonight the scripter got lazy. It created a simple office and one character sitting at a desk, then placed a literal script in his hands and had him read all the dialog from the script. The character had a Sorosian appearance, with shaved head and trapezoidal glasses.

Why the dropped layer of metaphor? Could be yesterday's focus on the literal scripting of tyrannical "emergencies" and "viruses".

Incidentally, Freud described the retrofitting process in his Interpretation of Dreams. So it's well known, though it doesn't seem to be discussed in modern times. He was writing before the widespread use of recorded sound, so it was harder to correlate the incoming sound with a known and familiar set of words.

Graphic sidenote: This Poser character was made by Nursoda 10 years ago, intended to be a mad scientist. He looks an awful lot like Fauci. The same arrogant condescending contemptuous sneer that elite demons always use when forced to waste their eye-photons on the seething stinky Deplorable masses.


  Null hyp works sometimes

The null hypothesis doesn't work well in most science, but it does work in politics. As a starting point, "both" "parties" are identical. The occasional rare minor difference shows up starkly in this balanced bridge, if you rigorously ignore the fake noise.

A small difference is starting to pop up on controlling Big Tech.

Saagar discusses it in this podcast, with info from quasi-insiders. It appears that the D administration is starting to crack down from the anti-trust angle. Stronger laws, more budget for the regulators.

MindMatters lists some state-level actions, which again are mainly coming from the D side.
The law faced opposition from Silicon Valley lobbying groups, state Republicans, telecom companies, and local media outlets, per the Times. Opponents argued that the tax would not be paid by Big Tech, but rather by the small businesses that buy the ads and their customers.
This apparent reversal has been fairly clear for a while. Amazon and Google are LIBERTARIAN, not "socialist" or "commie". They hate taxes more than anything in the world. Repooflican politicians also hate taxes PURELY AND SOLELY. ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX is the ONLY thing in their sub-bacterial micro"brains". They don't give a fuck about families or culture or civilization or muzzles or lockdowns or riots. When Bezos has to pay .00000000000000000000000000000001 femtofemtofemtopenny of tax, the world is horrible and needs to be destroyed. When Bezos pays PRECISELY ZERO tax, the world is perfect. Nothing else exists. ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO.
Saturday, March 20, 2021
  Random thought about writing and reading

This is a big question that itches me occasionally, for no real purpose. Two new subquestions....

Big question: We have hard-wired brain sections for speaking and listening to language. These have been known and partly understood for a long time. We also have hard-wired brain sections for reading and writing, more recently identified.

We have a solid record of languages developing over time, though we don't know how the first languages grew out of the internal structures of the brain. Languages start out wildly complicated, with the specific purpose of private communication among our family or our tribe. If the tribe or family spreads or conquers others, the language simplifies and broadens.

Our conventional history of writing systems is reversed from the above pattern. We assume, based on good evidence from cave paintings and ceramic markings and such, that the first writing was simple and crude, some combination of drawings and tally marks.

Tally marks are the start of bookkeeping, and also the start of formalized status. More notches on the stick = more kills = more status. This status count has spread into military insignia and branding, as in Roadmaster and Impala. More VentiPorts = more cylinders = more status.

Subquestion 1: Drawings and tally marks are NOT a complex structure, and NOT a good basis for encryption to protect our tribe or our business from competing spies. If the analogy holds, we should have started with a highly structured form of painting or tallying, with brush patterns or 'grace notes' to protect secrecy. Are the cave paintings really the earliest examples? Were earlier and more complex paintings or writings made on surfaces that didn't endure?

Subquestion 2: Nature matches the food with the consumer, and matches the sender with the receiver. Most animals know what they're supposed to eat, and have jaws or mandibles or digestive systems designed to consume the desired target. Bees and flowers supposedly developed independently, but their communication systems are exquisitely matched, including a tally system.

Since we have hard-wired capacities for reading and writing, this analogy would require some tool or surface developed for our use. It's easy to imagine that we felt the need to make marks, and started scratching in the dust with fingers, then used a stick for more precision, then dipped the stick in mud, then started mixing pigmented mud to write on rocks. But that sequence doesn't fit the overall pattern of user and tool co-developing. Was there a plant or tree or leaf that was the intended paper for our pen?

The two subquestions converge on the intended paper or surface. If such a surface can be determined, it should be easier to look for remnants or 'tracks' from remnants. When you know what you're looking for, you start looking in places you didn't bother to check before. A lot of recent discoveries in biology came after the lookers removed their theory goggles and looked in new places, or looked at existing places from different angles.

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  Naomi, I deeply apologize.

A super-powerful article by Naomi Wolf on the only subject that matters.

She's talking my language here:
Masks break human beings’ ability to bond face-to-face and enjoy human contact, smiles and jokes. Masks turn down the effectiveness of human “technology,” by making it hard for us to “read” each other and to pick up social cues.

Many Covid policies seem designed to ensure that humans will have no “analog” space yet or “analog” culture left – no way to feel comfortable simply gathering in a room, touching one another as friends or allies, or joining together.

Lastly, driving all human interaction onto Zoom is not only a way to harvest all of our tech, business secrets and IP – it is a way to ensure that intimacy and connection in the future will be done online and that human face-to-face contact will be killed off.

Wolf cites her own previous writings, which have been running along this track for a long time, fighting Deepstate for a long time. She's not a sudden convert to reality by ANY means.

I didn't know this.

In the '90s I was mindlessly blindly following Rush and Fox, who constantly mocked Naomi Wolf. I didn't have any particular reason to look at her from a different angle, so I didn't.

Sorry, Naomi. You were on our side all along.

The big question is why Rush and Fox found it necessary to mock her. She had advised Al Gore at one point. Was she trying to steer him away from the digital side? Was Rush trying to make analog thinking look awful?

A similar pattern happened with Cynthia McKinney. Rush and Fox mocked her. I didn't have any particular reason to check the information, so I didn't. After I read her actual writing, I realized instantly that she's a strong and independent intellectual. I agree with her on some points and disagree on others, but she's definitely on the analog side of reality.



  One example

My theme of science as entertainment derives from the follies, and specifically Colonel Green's attitude.

Everyone should be able to make their own entertainment. Before TV, kids spontaneously set up their own plays and music. Most of the output was extremely nonprofessional, but that wasn't the purpose. DOING IT and LEARNING IT was the purpose. A few of the players became professional, but the others learned and gained confidence and gained job skills. Every skill you learn improves your ability to do everything.

Science was also closer to entertainment when most boys were building crystal radios, or screwing around with chemicals and explosives, or digging holes to find bugs and slugs. Chemistry and biology sets had beakers and Bunsen burners and microscopes.

When you have your own way of examining Nature, your own telescope to a distant star, you can't be fooled by Deepstate myths. Example: Ham radio is fun, AND hams were able to listen to foreign countries directly, shorting out Deepstate distortions. Hams and SWLs knew that our propaganda about Russia was mostly wrong.

What would be the most productive way to bring science back into the realm of entertainment? How can we turn play into useful Popper-style examination and counteraction of demonic fake science?

One example would be an simple electron microscope, or an optical microscope capable of examining viruses. A simple gas analyzer might also be helpful.


Just for repetitive clarity, I don't believe that private science will influence the demons. They don't need to be "made aware of the facts". They KNOW THE FACTS, and that's exactly why they can do such an efficient job of destroying the facts and destroying the world. I'm only trying to recommend a less serious attitude toward science for non-demons. We still have to obey direct commands, but we DON'T have to absorb and adopt the upside-down dysinformation and brain-destroying dyslogic.

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  Actions speak. Words lie.

Looking at the alleged 2001 script for Dark Winter. Unsurprisingly, the play was performed verbatim in 2020, except for the change of "virus" species from smallpox to the common cold. (An audacious change!)

Two things caught my attention.

1. Satan knew the real history of smallpox. The first and biggest outbreaks in the script were in Okla, which had the most recent real smallpox. Many of the Osage were pox-marked in the 1970s.

The details didn't quite hit the mark, since the script had the outbreak starting in OKC, with only one case in Ponca and no cases at all on the Osage reservation. Still, pretty close.

2. Satan knows that Cuba's health care is vastly better than ours, even while Satan chants the standard advertising slogans about Best Free Market Health Care In The World, Accept No 47% Taker Commie Substitutes.

Russia weakly pleading to the UN about "international law" is also unfortunately realistic.

= = = = =

As we've seen this year in the long-running Oscar-winning hit performance of Virus,


Which leads to a sudden epiphany about Science As Entertainment. Holocausts are NOT entertainment for the peasants who are slaughtered, but holocausts ARE entertainment for the psychopaths who write and perform them. In fact holocausts are PORNOGRAPHY. So the script/performance model is perfectly appropriate from Satan's viewpoint.

And another obvious fact which bears repeating: We've been led to believe that these scenarios constantly generated by Deepstate are preparation for real disasters. No. They're just what the name says. Scenarios. Stageplays. They create numbers that resemble real disasters in order to fool the audience into thinking it's a real disaster. If the numbers didn't resemble real wars or real virus outbreaks, the deception wouldn't work as well.

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  Random thought about useful math

While looking at some archives of courseware, I was intuitively estimating how much of the mass is constant overhead of HTML crap, versus the variables of real text and animation.

Convective thought: This type of net/gross estimation is UNIVERSAL in all practical uses of math.

Businesses know how much of their cost is constant monthly expenses, how much varies linearly with the real materials, and how much is the real materials and labor.

Tax calculations involve a separation between basic rate and marginal rate. Shopping requires separating net weight from package weight. When you compare job opportunities, you account separately for the constant of commuting and the variable of hours actually worked.

Bridges and balances, my recent focus, are specifically meant to cancel out the package and measure only the contents.

Despite the universality of this distinction, we don't have a notation or function or operator on the same level as addition and logarithms. In a standardized formula like y = ax + b, we know by habit and convention that the letters early in the alphabet are probably constants, and the letters at the end of the alphabet are probably variables. But this is not guaranteed, and not really the same thing as net vs gross.

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Friday, March 19, 2021
  Salute to Leeds and Northrup part 3: Weather.

Following part 1 and part 2.

I'm cheating this time. None of these instruments were in the Leeds and Northrup catalog. LN sold some weather sets, but not these exact items. I picked them from an 1885 British science equipment catalog, aiming for beauty and 'bridginess'.

We'll do this scene outside, since Spring has finally arrived after a miserable LaNina winter. The items are arrayed in a science fair layout, not really set up for measuring weather.

Happystar begins the fair with the most obvious item, a wet-dry humidity thermometer. Balance: Two equivalent thermometers receiving the same sun and wind, but one of them is also losing heat by evaporation.

= = = = =

Meteorologists weren't afraid to get down in the dirt. Another balance. Two identical thermometers, shielded from wind, and mounted on twigs as per the catalog's instructions. (They even look like little bridges.) One has a black bulb to absorb solar radiation, the other has a bright bulb. The bright-bulb side of the bridge is reading direct soil temperature by contact.

[See the Dalen Sun Valve for a more active and interesting use of a bright-dark bridge.]

= = = = =

Now Polistra shows a recording barograph. This is beautiful, not bridgy, since the aneroid isn't being balanced against an isolated aneroid.

The innards with the lid off: When air pressure rises, it compresses the aneroid. The top pushes down, and sends its movement to the graph pen and the dial via two levers.

= = = = =

Polistra is showing a Lind anemometer.

This was definitely bridgy. A classic drain trap, with one side sealed and the other side open to air. The vane on top insured that the open end faced into the wind, so it received higher pressure than ambient. The numbers on the scale are literal inches of water; the sum of the two sides gave the result.

The catalog's writeup on Lind has a lookup table to convert the inches into pounds per square foot, and a Designation of Such Wind.

To use the instrument it is simply filled up to the zero point with water, and then exposed to the wind; the difference in the level of the water gives the force of the wind in inches and tenths, by adding together the amount of depression in one limb, and elevation in the other, the sum of the two being the height of a column of water which the wind is capable of sustaining at that time.

Table showing the Force of wind on a square foot, for different heights of the column of Water in Lind's Wind-Gauge.

Inches. Force in lbs. Common designation of such Wind.
6 31.75 A Hurricane.
5 26.04 A violent Storm.
4 20.83 A great Storm.
3 15.62 A Storm.
2 10.42 A strong Wind.
1 5.21 A high Wind.
.5 2.60 A brisk Wind.
.1 0.52 A fresh Breeze.
.05 0.26 A gentle Breeze.
0 0 A Calm.

= = = = =

The next item is bridgy, but I picked it for its wonderfully clanky name:

Bohnenberger's Electroscope with Zamboni's Dry Piles.

Try fitting that name into a commercial jingle. Bohnenberger's Electroscope charges good, like a Zamboni's Dry Pile should.

It's a standard gold-leaf electroscope measuring atmospheric charge, leveraged by the Dry Piles. The 'piles' are a dry battery with 800 paper-thin cells packed into a short cylinder. It maintains a strong potential difference between the plates. The neutral gold leaf is suspended between the plates, connected to a pole that senses the atmosphere. Because of the high 'leverage' from the Zamboni, any positive or negative change in the atmosphere will slap it to one side or the other.

Happystar is an Okie, so he doesn't need Bohnenberger or Zamboni to tell him that it's time to man the hail cannons!

= = = = =

Why so stormy? Not carbon. The earth's magnetic field is weakening, preparing for a pole shift. This has been OBVIOUS for about ten years. Ocean currents are being reshaped by the hot spot in the south Atlantic, which is closely related to the movements of magma under the surface. Bacteria, who move clouds around, are losing their bearings and getting stuck. Now larger sea animals are also losing their bearings, swimming in circles.

The Declinometer was meant to detect the shapes and changes of the magnetic field at all angles.

Like a telescope, it adjusts for altitude and azimuth. It seems to have a little transit at the bottom for sighting a landmark. The compass needle is suspended tightly between agate bearings, so it reads the net field direction or declination at various settings of altitude and azimuth.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: I've shown the electroscope snapping when lightning strikes, to make the animation obvious. I suspect a real electroscope would show the atmosphere gradually charging one way, then slapping the other way and returning to neutral when lightning strikes.

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  A hypothesis

Pure speculation, but consistent with known patterns.

Fact 1. FDR broke two of Deepstate's pillars. On his first day in office he clamped down on banks, and continued clamping down harder on the entire financial pillar. He then repealed Prohibition, depriving Lady Edgar of her main source of power and revenue.

Fact 2. FBI's sole purpose is committing blackmail and creating "terrorists".

Hypothesis. When FDR deprived Lady Edgar of power and revenue, Lady Edgar struck back by grabbing authority over bank robberies and creating bank "terrorists". Dillinger and Pretty Boy made bank-haters (including FDR) look horrible, and gave Lady Edgar a way to defend the banks from the horrible enemy. The two pillars, bankers and blackmailers, were now united in opposition to FDR.

In short, Dillinger and Pretty Boy were working for Lady Edgar, just as the "Soviet" "agents" of the 50s and the "hippie" "terrorists" of the '60s and the "anti-nuke" "activists" of the 70s and the "Islamic" "terrorists" of 2001 and the "Trump" "insurrectionists" of 2021 were working for FBI.

Can this be proved or disproved? No. But it does fit the century-long pattern.

= = = = =

Later non-barking thought: Why are the '80s and '90s missing from the list? FBI made a couple of big splashes in the '90s (Ruby Ridge, Waco) but those murderfests didn't turn entire groups into "terrorists". Why? Possibly because blackmail power is intensely personal, not institutional. After Lady Edgar ceased blackmailing, FBI was weakened and rudderless for a while, and even allowed Congress to fakely "investigate" its overreach. 2001 marked the rebirth of full terrorforce with the switch to "bioterror".


Thursday, March 18, 2021
  Company towns

MindMatters is getting its panties in a wad about Big Tech building new company towns in Nevada.

Company towns aren't automatically a bad thing. They can go two ways.

Social economics companies 100 years ago built beautiful company towns with strong culture and social support. Ponca (Conoco) and Dayton (NCR) were beautiful places .... until the company died or moved elsewhere. The good time lasted for a century.

Mining towns were more typical of Nevada. They were hastily built without any social structure at all, ran wild and rowdy for 20 years, then quickly turned into ghost towns when the silver or gold was exhausted.

Google and Facebook are data miners, and their overall attitude is similar to the fast-growing fast-shrinking Gold Rush.

Social economics was killed in 1975, so we can be sure new company towns won't be like Ponca or Dayton. They will be mining towns.

The real two-way alternative now is between HONESTLY NAMED company towns and HIDDEN company towns. Right now Google and Amazon and Bloomberg exert total uniform absolute power over all cities, while cities pretend to be running their own affairs. Company towns would at least be openly controlled, so the people can KNOW who is destroying them.

See also Symmetrical Scapegoating.


  The amazing part

Earlier today DeSantis held a conference with all** of the scientists in the world.

I mean that sentence precisely. There are a million demons falsely and holocaustally misdescribed as "scientists". The demons have all the authority because they are infinitely evil mass murderers. The dozen or so people in this conference are the ONLY scientists in the world because they are the ONLY truth-tellers, the only public advocates for truth.

There's nothing new or surprising in the content. Everyone who knows the basics of viruses and immunity knew all of these facts a year ago. Specific expertise was never needed. The data has been PERFECTLY CONSISTENT with real science and pre-2020 medicine from the fucking start. Everything has happened as we predicted, NOT as the demons predicted.

One thing is new and amazing: DeSantis. He is asking all the proper questions, showing that he understands the real science INFINITELY better than any of the demons described as "politicians" or "scientists".

Another amazing thing: The video has been up on Youtube for 6 hours, and Youtube hasn't deleted it or covered it with the


banner yet. As of this second, anyway. Ticking, ticking, ticking.....

** Well, almost all. Magufuli, the best scientist AND the best politician, isn't in the conference. He has better things to do, keeping Tanzania sane and free.
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
  Evolution by subtraction is universal

The latest item at KSHS is a pair of eyeglasses. Astonishingly well preserved.

A missionary who worked with the Pottawatomie tribe in the 1830s owned the glasses, made by a Philadelphia silversmith in 1820.

Note the construction of the hinge and lens clamp, which is EXACTLY the same on modern glasses. 200 years with zero change. Note also a feature that has disappeared: Sliding temples, so you could adjust each side for ear comfort or focus.

As with genes and languages, the original has all the features. Later versions lose complexity and function.
  Old subject plus new question

Languages start out with impenetrable complexity, used for encryption. Over time they simplify in ways appropriate for the groups that use them.

Reprinting from 2016:


Modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Apple and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn't figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these 'channels' are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That's SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE could communicate without OTHER FAMILIES picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

And that's where we are now. The same place we've always been.... except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it's coded.


Language develops just like genes. All the complexity is there at the start, and each group loses or turns off the genes it doesn't need.

New question:

The original complexity of language must be contained in the genes, PLUS the original need for secret and encoded communication, and facilities for creating variations in sound to ensure privacy. The variation ability is well recognized in birds, but not in humans. Do we have an innate sense or measuring tool for secrecy?

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