Thursday, December 31, 2009
  If it's over there we can describe it 2

Polistra has noted before how "our" media are able to describe things accurately in foreign countries but not here. Communist rebels in a South American country are properly named as "Communist rebels", while Communist rebels here at home are described as "civil liberties advocates" or "minorities exercising their right to petition for redress of grievance."

A fresh example of the phenomenon popped up this morning. "Our" media were unable (or not permitted?) to describe psychiatrist Nidal Hasan as an enemy infiltrator. But when the same thing happens in Afghanistan, the term is correctly applied. In the discussion of the Taliban attack on a CIA base, one reporter said that the suicide bomber was not a disguised civilian but a regular Afghan army officer, an infiltrator.
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  Shut up, Dickie

Cheney is not doing the country any good. He's making it easy for mindless partisans on the R side to quote him, and he's making it easy for mindless partisans on the D side to mock him. Without this decerebrate parroting, there would be less noise, and it would be easier to hear the real criticism of the Bushobama administration's massive and putrid disloyalty.

For instance, Maureen Dowd says:
Even before a Nigerian with Al Qaeda links tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet headed to Detroit, travelers could see we had made no progress ...

We seemed to still be behind the curve and reactive, patting down grannies and 5-year-olds, confiscating snow globes and lip glosses.

If we can’t catch a Nigerian with a powerful explosive powder in his oddly feminine-looking underpants and a syringe full of acid, a man whose own father had alerted the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, a traveler whose ticket was paid for in cash and who didn’t check bags, whose visa renewal had been denied by the British, who had studied Arabic in Al Qaeda sanctuary Yemen, whose name was on a counterterrorism watch list, who can we catch?

When Maureen Dowd and even CNN have turned against the Liberal Messiah, you know the entire government, not just one party, is in trouble.

Cheney tries to place all the blame on Obama, and his counter-parrots then place all the blame on Bush and Cheney ... thus sparing the government from scrutiny. Which is undoubtedly his real purpose.
  And after that?

It appears that Persia may finally be tipping toward a counter-revolution. There are rumors that the Grand Ayatollah is getting his private jet ready for an escape, which is more meaningful than anything we see in the street protests.

What's not clear from the outside: who will replace the Ayatollahs? Will it be a restoration of something like the Shah? Good for Persia and good for the world.

Or will it be another faction of the revolution, perhaps even wilder? Bad for Persia, bad for the world.

I can be sure of one thing: Our alleged government will respond backwards. If a Shah-style ruler returns, we will try to remove him as we did before. If a hard-line Mohammedan takes over, we will cheer and support him as we did before.
  More odd Morse

Now CNN has joined the Morse parade.

On their morning shows a very brief interval of code (just two letters) serves as a transition sound between segments. I'm sure this was meant to be a random meaningless "simulated code-like substance", but the choice of letters is, shall we say, a bit odd.
  Vive la France part cinque!

France's equivalent of our Supreme Court has just found their law creating a Carbon Tax to be unconstitutional!

The reason for the strike-down isn't satisfying ... they didn't find the law invalid because the science is fraudulent ... nevertheless the decision points to the real basis of the whole "global warming" criminal conspiracy.

It was estimated that 93 percent of industrial emissions, including the emissions of more than 1,000 of France's top polluting industrial sites, would be exempt from the tax, which would have charged 17 euros per ton of emitted carbon dioxide.

In other words, the tax would have placed a heavy burden on ordinary people without punishing any real "polluters". And that's the real purpose of the whole AGW Mafia: to stomp on ordinary people, steal the entire wealth of Western countries and place it in the filthy pockets of Gore, Strong, Soros and Pachauri.

The corruption of science has always been just a convenient extortion tactic. Because most people and governments have (until recently!) trusted scientists above other professions, it was easy to manipulate one branch of science to create the necessary set of scary headlines.
Monday, December 28, 2009

This makes as much sense as any of the trash we're hearing from our "own" media. Maybe more sense. I dunno.

From Russia Today:

  Just a coincidence. Mmmmm-hmmmmmm.

The exact repetition of Abdul the Bulbul Ameer's attempted jihad is being touted as mere coincidence by the Memory Holes. And the Nigerian Mohammedan man who played this little trick was released without any charges.

Nonsense. This is an old, old tactic in war. Even older and more primitive than organized war: you can see any cat pulling similar tricks to fool a mouse. "Oh, I'm not really slashing at you, I'm just exercising. Waving my paws around for fun. See? I'm just licking my paws and sort of reaching in your direc ... Chomp!"

I'd really like to think our authorities are smarter than mice. I'd really like to think they released Abdul 2 so they could trail him as he meets with his fellow jihadis in al-Dearborn to laugh at our stupidity and plan his real attack ... but experience tells me otherwise.

Fact is, Napolitano was precisely right when she said "the system worked."

The system is designed to help Sheikh Osama destroy and defeat this unfortunate land, and it's been working beautifully for 8 years now.
Sunday, December 27, 2009
  "His background just might surprise you"

No it wouldn't. All of the enemy-controlled media are parroting the same idiotic notion this morning. After all this time they are still moronically SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED by the fact that Abdul bin Mohammed bin Abdul bin Mohammed (aka "This Individual") came from a wealthy family and had a degree in engineering. They are still stuck on the completely nonsensical theory that terrorism arises from poverty and ignorance. Anyone who has paid attention to the facts can instantly spot This Individual as a perfect fit for the al-Qaeda profile. Young Mohammedan male, rich family, mechanical engineering degree. On the dot.

And it's been that way from the start. The "Muslim Brotherhood" was founded in 1948 by Sayyid Qutb, a rich Egyptian who hated the Western immodesty and materialism he saw while attending Colorado State in Greeley. The "Muslim Brotherhood" evolved into al-Qaeda, always attracting rich and well-educated Mohammedan boys. And in recent years most of them have engineering degrees.

The real question is how our entire leadership and communication class can continue to be so absolutely diametrically wrong on every possible subject. Global warming, terrorism, education, economics, physics, morality, parenting, genetics, religion ... pick any topic you want, and you'll find our elites fervently spouting a wildly delusional and totally inverted theory that can be disproved in 5 seconds by examining one fact.

= = = = =

Refreshing exception: Amanpour on CNN is talking with Daniel Benjamin, a counterterror official at State Dept, who speaks the truth for goddamn once. "Revolutions have always started among the intelligentsia, and al-Qaeda follows the same pattern." YES. Makes me feel a bit better to know that we have at least one sane official in the govt.
Saturday, December 26, 2009
  Herodian logic

Turns out that the Nigerian terrorist, Abdul bin Mohammed bin Abdul bin Mohammed bin Abdul, was already on a watch list.

Unusually, perhaps uniquely, his own father apparently tipped off authorities. This may be the first time in history that a Mohammedan showed real concrete opposition to al-Qaeda.

And what did our fucking idiot authorities do with this courageously given information, which might have risked the father's life?


No, I take it back. They are doing something. They're clamping down on security for EVERYONE ELSE. This won't slow down other terrorists, of course, because they will still be waved on through just as Abdul bin Mohammed bin Abdul bin Mohammed bin Abdul was waved on through, and just as Nidal Hasan was waved on through. We all know that Mohammedans are NEVER the source of trouble, so we must give them royal privileges.

Herod would have appreciated this form of governance. When he suspected that the King of Jews was going to be born, he killed all the male babies but missed the new King.

More to the point, Sheikh Osama currently loves this form of governance. His goal is to keep Americans afraid while draining our money and destroying our morale. And our totally infiltrated and subverted "government" is continuing to do his job with utter loyalty and perfection, under Obama just as it was under Bush.

= = = = =

Remember the quote on the top icon: Futility is the nemesis of democracy.

The people are doing all the right things (paying taxes, voting, obeying laws) ... while the rewards and privileges flow to people who do all the wrong things (Wall Street robber barons, Chinese robber barons, Arab robber barons, Arab terrorists) ... while the people have to endure joblessness, decreasing income, deteriorating order, increasing regulation, constant insults to their religion and morals ... Sooner or later something snaps.

Roosevelt understood this and worked to break out of futility. He couldn't bring back prosperity for the good people immediately, but he made sure that the bad people were punished first.

Obama speaks the FDR words, but continues the Bush policy of punishing families and massively rewarding evildoers.
Friday, December 25, 2009
  Steam's revenge

Engineer Polistra LOVES this story from England.
Passengers were rescued by a steam locomotive after modern rail services were brought to a halt by the snowy conditions in south-east England.

Trains between Ashford and Dover were suspended on Monday when cold weather disabled the electric rail.

Some commuters at London Victoria faced lengthy delays until Tornado - Britain's first mainline steam engine in 50 years - offered them a lift.

They were taken home "in style", said the Darlington-built engine's owners.

Technological resurrections are always splendid, and this one is especially heavenly because the locomotive is almost brand-new and MADE IN ENGLAND.

Apparently Mark Allatt, head of the company that produced it, has a deep understanding of real value.
He added: "If any of the train operators want to modernise their services by using steam trains, I would be happy to give them a quote."

  More Xmas justice

Looks like Bernie Madoff has been badly beaten by other inmates.

His lawyer is claiming that he had an attack of dizziness and fell out of bed, and the enemy-controlled media have quickly fallen in lockstep with this official Wall Street Mafia line. If you look at the dates and times on Google news items, you can actually watch the facts being sucked into the Memory Hole.

Nevertheless, common sense and logic tell you that "facial fractures, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung" are not the sequelae of dizziness and high blood pressure, nor could they result from "falling out of bed". "Facial fractures, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung" are the sequelae of a good solid whipass.

And a richly deserved whipass. More justice, please!
Thursday, December 24, 2009
  Satanic pigheaded monstrous freaks.

McNeil-Lehrer on PBS is doing a short feature on "Why we need to commit mass suicide to protect the Planet Goddess from our Sinful Exhalations Of The Most Toxic Substance Ever Known In The Universe, Namely Carbon Dioxide."

Okay. In the universe of actual facts, one well-known and obvious consequence of increased CO2 is increased plant growth. If you were thinking in terms of the original Lovelock "Gaea Hypothesis", seeing the earth as a functioning and living organism, you'd treat this as a nice advantage, a nice natural adjustment by the living Biosphere to feed the increased population of humans. We exhale more, which gives the plants more to inhale, which gives us more to eat. Closed circle. And leaving aside the anthropomorphic part, it's just plain truth.

Nope, these Satanic pigheaded monstrous freaks can't even get their hippie philosophy right. Their Gaia is a ferocious hateful menopausal bitch. FOR THEM, THE ONLY CONSEQUENCE OF MORE PLANT GROWTH IS MORE ALLERGIES. PBS spent 5 fucking minutes discussing how we'd need more research in anti-allergy drugs BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE MORE RAGWEED.

I cannot comment. This is beyond any
  Simple answer?

I've pondered why some immigrant groups are loyal and some aren't. For example, in WW2 the Americans of Kraut origin were largely loyal, while the Americans of Jap origin largely supported their homeland with sabotage and espionage until FDR wisely rounded them up.

The main answer, it seems, is quite simple. If you came here because you were kicked out of the Old Country, you're going to be strongly loyal to the New Country. If you came here for other reasons (voluntary or not) you still belong to the Old Country.

The Krauts in the Midwest were kicked out of their Old Country, or emigrated when they could see the kick approaching. Some were Protestants persecuted by Catholic princes, some vice versa. The Mennonites had first moved to Russia to avoid persecution by Catholic and Protestant princes, only to be persecuted again by Orthodox czars.

The Japs in California were not rejected misfits in Japan. They came here for the money.

Now apply this rule to modern Europe. The Mohammedan minority (soon a majority) in France, Germany and England were not rejected by Turkey or Algeria; they came to Europe for the money. So their loyalty remains with Allah.
  SES on Senators

"Toward the end of his life, Robert Byrd was in love with Teddy Kennedy."

Self-explanatory sentence, said by (I think) Paul Kirk on MSNBC just now.

Tells you all you need to know about the Upper Bathhouse.

A place where a hyper-corrupt Klansman and a treasonous murderous drunken gangster thug can fall in love. A place where these senile sweethearts, the Klansman and the thug, are treated as idols and demigods because they serve The Party with undying loyalty.

Unfortunately, the modern Gramscian version of The Party has all the bad parts and none of the good parts of the old Marxian version. Marx would emphatically reject a "reform" law that gives a total and unrestrained monopoly to rich monopolistic insurance companies.

An interesting question: Why did the Repooflicans uniformly oppose this "reform"? After all, granting total monopolies to giant global monopolistic corporations is the pure essence of the Repooflican agenda. [Of course they don't pronounce it as "granting total monopolies to giant global monopolistic corporations." In Conservatese this goal is pronounced "Free-market solutions."]
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
  Christmas at the mill

Polistra decided to beat the rush, be the first on her block!!!!

Instead of the usual boring old tree, she ordered a Lucky Salp** Festive Pyrosome for Christmas.

It's dramatic, ever-changing, alive, and self-lighting.

= = = = =

** LSMFT! Lucky Salp Means Fine Tunicates!
So round, so firm, so fully bioluminescent!
  Justice for Christmas

30 days of real jail time + 60 days of work-release for balloon-fraudster Heene.


And probably about right. .... Maximizing the chance for monetary payback is more important than maximizing the hard time.
Tuesday, December 22, 2009
  The real Purple People Eater

Imagine an animal that looks like a giant glowing wind-sock, large enough for a man to swim through. Sci-fi? Nope, it's a Pyrosome. One of Nature's strangest creatures... actually a colony, with thousands of individual animals woven together and loosely cooperating. It belongs to the Ascidians, a phylum fairly close to vertebrates. Many of the Ascidians start life as a free-swimming tadpole, looking much like a frog or fish larva; but when they grow up they lose all the vertebrate parts and become simple cup-like objects with no bones or brains. (Well, actually this isn't so strange: it's just like the life cycle of Senators.)

I'd heard of Ascidians before, but had no idea of their bizarre and luminous variety!

Wondering: was this the "whale" that swallowed Jonah and then let him out intact?
  Horror of horrors!

CNN mentions Lou Jing, a mixed-race singer appearing on Chinese TV's equivalent of the Idol show.

CNN is Shocked, Shocked, Shocked at the vicious "racist" response by the Chinese audience.

Why shocked? Racial tolerance is historically recent, mainly confined to the Western Hemisphere. Chinese, Japs and Koreans do not have the concept of racial tolerance. Calling foreigners nasty names, believing weird stereotypes about foreigners: all perfectly normal in the Orient.

= = = = =

Random dumb thought, semi-related: What would happen if a Black Muslim named Elijah X married a Korean woman named O Sun-Mi? If they used the modern hyphenated style, they would be known as Mr and Ms X-O.
Monday, December 21, 2009
  Strange yellow thing

A mysterious orb has appeared in the sky today, after a long absence. Polistra is trying to figure it out ... Happystar, who belongs to the same species, knows what it is.

More seriously, this winter is a tremendous relief after the previous two roof-breaking back-breaking killer years.

El Niño gives us lots of fog and rain but very little snow. And for that we give thanks. Drabness is vastly preferable to death, as W.C. Fields sorta said.
Sunday, December 20, 2009
  Saab? No sob.

GM is shutting down Swedish automaker Saab, which it bought in 1990.

I've been heartbroken to see so many historical auto brands dissolving lately, but not this one. Saab was always an overrated and overpriced car. It was technically interesting (or perhaps just weird)... but not really ahead of its time.

I owned a 1970 Saab 96 sometime around 1977. It was indeed different and interesting, with column-shifted 4-speed, free wheeling, and front wheel drive. Beyond that, it was simply a mediocre car. Handling was tricky, fuel mileage nothing special, seats uncomfortable, quality poor. Every part was more "used up" than you'd expect from a 7-year-old machine with 50K miles on it. Supposedly the Swedish design was superior in snow and ice, but it had less traction than a VW or Renault.

So no sobs here.
Saturday, December 19, 2009
  Brokeback Senate

Listening to the loony fairies in the Upper Nuthouse lovin' on each other, and especially lovin' on their Good Buddy, the decaying corpse of Emperor Teddy.

Disgusting. Harry Reid, we don't give a flying fuck about your senile orgy. We just want to know what damage you've done to America. We just want to know how many trillions you'll steal from us and hand to your Big Boy Buddies in the Jewish Crackhouse aka Wall Street.

Harry Reid, you and your fellow loonies had the chance to do something right for a change. You had the ability to follow France or Australia or Taiwan, or any other civilized country with a single-payer plan. Instead, you've given a total and official monopoly to the insurance industry, with no limits on cost.

Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame.

= = = = =

Well, well: we are learning how much damage is done.

Now listening to the Upper Nuthouse clerk semi-competently reading the entire bill. For the last 20 minutes he's been struggling through a wildly detailed subsection, with all sorts of legalistic and medicalistic fine points, which appears to be a grant for asbestos "victims" in exactly one Superfund project near Libby, Montana. In other words, this subsection is porking Max Baucus and presumably porking the asbestos lawyers. It has nothing to do with health care for America.

Bit later: To be fair, the clerk is now reading an equally long and detailed subsection that sounds generally helpful to Americans. An attempt to improve quality control and give consumers more performance information about hospitals and doctors. The latter is part of what any government should do for any business, but has been notoriously missing in America.
Friday, December 18, 2009
  Polistra's Law of Inferred Intent

When you're dealing with competent adults who have the authority to make something happen (or not happen), you assume that deeds equal intent. What they do is what they wanted to do. Pay no attention to words, and pay no attention to what you would do in that situation. If the adults claim they wanted something else to happen, or claim that they really don't like what happened, they are lying.

So Polistra assumes that a non-agreement is what all parties really wanted at Copenhagen.

All of these world leaders supposedly agreed that "something urgently must be done", and all of them had full authority to make "something" happen.

Yet the final result is nothing substantial.

Therefore: non-agreement was the goal. This is what the real bosses wanted.

The real bosses, billionaire gangsters Soros and Pachauri and Strong, apparently prefer an unsettled and chaotic situation, with protesters riled up on all sides. Perhaps this gives more room for bets and hedges and currency manipulation; more room to blackmail governments by paying the right combination of activists. I don't know enough about gangsters to be sure of this.

Their criminal consiglieri in the "science" field obviously prefer the unsettled and chaotic situation, because you don't get any more grants after the goal of your research has been accomplished and turned into the basis of a Planetary Tyranny. I do know enough about science to be very sure of this!

= = = = =

Update 1/1/2010:

Richard Lindzen has said the same thing with more certainty.
Interviewer: How should we approach the solution?

Lindzen: No one wants to solve the problem, because then the money will stop flowing.

Interviewer: Listen, Professor Lindzen, what really is your opinion about human nature?

Lindzen: I see it this way, the way it is, not as I would like it. After the signing of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 for protecting the ozone layer, research support disappeared. Ozone was not a problem any more – even though it still is. The stratospheric chemists work today in the area of stratosphere and climate. Politics pays science: we are very dependent on it.

Interviewer: Who pays for the necessary research?

Lindzen: NASA. Sometimes no one. I tell you, they don’t want to solve the problem. Uncertainty is essential for alarmism. The argument is always the same. It may perhaps be uncertain, but whatever is uncertain is also possible.
  Through the cracked looking glass

CNN just ran a five-minute feature on the dramatic increase in diagnoses of "autism" among kids, without mentioning or implying even once that the diagnostic criterion has changed. (At least they didn't attribute the increase to "global warming"!) They adduced several possibilities: women starting pregnancies later (plausible) and increased toxins in the environment (implausible because nearly all toxins have steadily decreased.)

What's the truth? From this source:
Rutter, in order to test this latter hypothesis that increased diagnostic rates were due largely to changes in diagnosis and surveillance, reviewed literature that contained sufficient information to assess true historical rates of autism. He found that applying modern criteria to these historical records yields similar rates of diagnoses: 30-60 per 10,000. [As compared to the older incidence of about 10 per 10,000.]

In other words, the real incidence hasn't changed; we're simply applying the same fraudulent technique to this subject that we apply to every other goddamn subject. Creating fantasy numbers to satisfy a privileged pressure group, then trusting the fantasy numbers without ever examining or mentioning the facts.

We used to call those kids "smart" or "odd", with only the most dramatic cases getting some form of psychological treatment. Nowadays the "smart" and the "odd" must be drugged into dull rigid conformity.
Thursday, December 17, 2009
  English or foreign, pick one!

Our elites insist on "foreign" pronunciations for some foreign places, with no logic whatever. They say Pahkeestahn but leave Afghanistan in plain English. They say Myanmar for Burma, but then spoil their own snobbishness and waste syllables to boot, by saying Burma anyway. (My Ann Mar The Country Formerly Known As Burma.)

Now they're saying Copenhawgen for the capital of Denmark. This may sound foreignish, but it's not the native pronunciation at all. The Danish name is København, with the o more or less umlauted. Copenhawgen is neither English nor Danish. It's just dumb.
  Math class is hard

A little feature on AOL's portal supposedly shows the 15 most dangerous Zip codes in America for property crime. Unfortunately, 5 of the 15 "neighborhoods" aren't neighborhoods at all. They are places where almost nobody lives: industrial zones between freeways, wilderness areas, unused sections of military bases. It's easy to get a high per-capita crime rate when there are only a handful of capitas around! Didn't anyone even consider this before writing up the "study" and then writing up the "news" article?
  Jesse on the Carbon Cult

Ventura's show on Global Warming is actually understated. Because he's not familiar with science, he didn't catch the full depth of the fraud.

His focus on Maurice Strong is exactly on the mark, but not fresh. David Horowitz has been unraveling the machinations of Chinese Agent Strong for many years, and it's more tangled and criminal than Jesse showed us.

Odd, isn't it? On this subject, real news (gathered despite the total collaboration of the "journalists") has exposed more conspiracies than a sensational TV show meant to expose conspiracies.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  Bravo Bernie

If the idiots in DC had any sense or intelligence or loyalty to this unfortunate land, they would immediately pass the Sanders System, essentially Medicare For All.

Needless to say, they won't. Instead, they will end up passing a 3500 page Rube Goldberg contraption that will quadruple the profits of insurance companies, quadruple the number of bureaucrats and lawyers needed by hospitals and doctors, double the average cost to consumers, and cut in half the quality of care. We will drop from Number 37 among nations to Number 77.

We already have the worst of both worlds; after this monstrosity passes we will have the worst of all imaginable universes.

Fucking idiots.
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  Rampant stupidity

There have been several news items lately about 911 calls for kids sticking their tongues to metal surfaces.

Huh? You need the paramedics to apply warm water?

I can understand calling in a panicky situation where you really don't know what to do, but doesn't everyone know that a cup of warm water will unstick frozen skin? And didn't the 911 operator suggest that action instead of sending the ambulance?

Now this morning, we hear about a THIRTY-MINUTE-LONG 911 call involving an idiot driver whose Cruise Control got stuck on 80 MPH. Has he ever heard about the arcane and wildly complex procedure known as "Turning Off The Ignition"? Has he ever tried the highly advanced professional technique, known only to Grand Prix Racing Drivers, called "Putting The Transmission In Neutral"?

Holy Christ, how can you drive a car without mastering those basic skills? Didn't the 911 operator suggest turning off the ignition or shifting to Neutral?

Pandemic stupidity.
  Why the MSM is dying, part 483294893248902

The Useful Idiots of "journalism" always insist that they are needed because nobody else will investigate corruption. I suppose this is true if "corruption" is defined exclusively as "The sex life of Tiger Woods". All other forms of corruption are not merely ignored but actively aided by the enemy-controlled media.

Here is a serious and deep investigative report on Rajendra Pachauri, the main organizer of the Copenhagen conference.

The enemy-controlled media depicts Pachauri as one of those UN types, an insider in the world of foundations and organizations. Not hardly. He's a world-class gangster.

= = = = =

Later thought: This shows another of those agreed-on lies. The Left and its captive media treat the whole AGW movement as Angelic Governments bringing down Satanic Corporations. The Right treats the AGW fight as Satanic Governments bringing down Angelic Corporations. Left and Right agree on the basic form of the fight, and only disagree about which side is good.

Both "sides" are lying. The real driving force behind AGW has always been Big Corporations who recruit Big Governments to act on their behalf. And behind the Big Corporations are a handful of gangster billionaires like Pachauri and Soros.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
  More good news

The second trial of Naveed Haq has just concluded in Seattle ... and the jury found him guilty, not insane. (First trial was deadlocked on that question.)

Not clear from the article whether a death sentence will be considered, but that doesn't matter. The so-called "death sentence" is just a life sentence with first-class accommodations, while the so-called "life sentence" is comparatively more punitive.

Either way, he'll spend life in a real prison, not in the soft and easy-to-escape insane asylum.
Monday, December 14, 2009
  One prayer answered!

Polistra has prayed for Queen Elizabeth to live and reign until one of her sane grandsons can take over, so that the insane babbling traitorous halfwit Charles can't finish off what still remains of British civilization.

It appears that the monarch herself shares this judgment, and is going to skip Charles the Lunatic entirely:
The Queen is to hand over a substantial part of her public duties to Prince William to help him prepare for the day when he becomes King, according to a confidential document obtained by The Mail on Sunday. ...The leak will add to speculation that the Queen believes William, rather than Charles, represents the best long-term interests of the monarchy.

This is a good day for the world.
  Age of the Bungalow

One of life's little pleasures is finding something "new" among your own possessions. Tonight I found a Dover book of bungalow house plans that I must have bought several years ago and then ignored. It's smaller than the other Dover architecture books on the shelf, so it hid behind them.

At the front of this book was a poem by the architect's wife:

Polistra and Happystar are enjoying the poem, remembering Summer as Winter starts to get serious.

  Praying for Svensmark

Polistra is praying to Albertus Magnus, patron saint of science. Hendrik Svensmark, one of the tiny handful of honest scientists working on weather and climate, was participating in a live debate in Copenhagen when he had a heart problem. Apparently he has an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator, which kicked in when his heart acted up. Reported to be OK, but the incident has stirred up all sorts of evil comments by the evil Gaia worshipers. Needs a little assistance from the good side.

Stuttaford at NRO points to an interesting analogy between the Carbon Cult and the Wall Street Mafia.

Ahem. Polistra has been there before.
Sunday, December 13, 2009
  "Black like me"

CNN is doing a feature on Disney's new movie with a black princess. Focusing as always on the idiotic "History Unfolding" meme: the First African-American princess-type character in a Disney movie, the first Openly Gay Mayor Of A Major City, the First Latina Supreme Court Justice, etc, etc. Degrading history to a category on the Academy Awards.

Interviewing a cute black girl who says "I like the princess because she's black like me." Everyone oohs and aahs, everyone Celebrates Diversity.

Now imagine a cute white girl saying on camera "No, I like the original Snow White because she's white like me."

Wouldn't make it past the censors, and the parents would be instantly clapped in jail for life. No trial needed.

All tribes are equal but some are vastly more equal than others.

= = = = =

Later thought: CNN is factually wrong. The new mayor of Houston is NOT the first openly fag mayor of a major city. Sam Adams of Portland has already won that shameful Oscar.

And as far as I can tell, ALL mayors of major cities are GLBTQQIABCDEFXYZ. Given this unspeakably shitty but apparently unalterable reality, I'd rather have them openly GLBTQQIABCDEFXYZ than secretly GLBTQQIABCDEFXYZ. Secrecy guarantees blackmail, as we saw here in Spokane with the secretly GLBTQQIABCDEFXYZ Jim West. (I've probably missed a few letters in the Correct Fucking Acronym, since it adds a new fucking letter each day.)
  Dumbing down security

As if that were even possible ... New Superstitionist reports on a new "smart" pattern recognition system that claims to help spot suspicious or terroristic people from security-camera views.
[The system] is designed to issue alerts when it detects behaviour that differs from the norm, and adjusts its reasoning based on feedback. So an operator might reassure the system that the person with a mop appearing to loiter in a busy thoroughfare is no threat. When another person with a mop exhibits similar behaviour, it will remember that this is not a situation that needs flagging up.

Oh, goodie. So we don't need to worry about dangerous people now, because they never take jobs in the places where they intend to commit their crimes.

Jesus. If you're too PC to think of the baggage-handling jihadis at Logan Airport or the Army psychiatrist at Fort Hood; if you can't consider them as threats because they're Mohammedan and therefore guaranteed angelic pacifists; go back a ways. Think of Lee Harvey Oswald, who worked at the Schoolbook Depository to give himself a non-suspicious way to spend time on the top floor.

This system might be able to detect a totally crazy dude, but you don't need a computerized system to detect a wild-eyed maniac. You just need a milligram of common sense and the freedom to distinguish good from evil, which is now strictly prohibited by law.
Saturday, December 12, 2009
  Jesse on HAARP

Jesse Ventura's new show on conspiracies could get interesting. In the first episode he explores the HAARP installation, talking to the son of the original inventor. The son is on the level, describing HAARP's scientific purposes accurately. (Communicate with submarines, influence weather patterns.)

Toward the end, Jesse talks with someone who is not on the level ... a pseudo-scientist who claims to illustrate how radio waves can "get into your head". This phenomenon is true and well-known. Some early broadcast stations (eg WLW in Cincy) had so much power that people were hearing the programs through fillings in their teeth. Gold or mercury, excellent conductors, picked up the radio waves, and the junction between the metal and the organic tooth acted as a diode to rectify the waves, letting the audio frequencies penetrate the acoustic nerve. I doubt that you could accomplish detailed "mind control" this way, but enough RF power could unquestionably confuse and stun people.

Unfortunately Jesse's "scientist" wasn't really illustrating this phenomenon at all. He simply used a bone-conduction transducer to send plain old sound waves into Jesse's jawbone. BC transducers have been used for decades in audiology to check the inner ear when the eardrum is jammed up; were used in WW2 in aircraft; and have come into commercial use for situations where external silence is needed.

In short, Jesse is strong on politics and weak on science. Still, he seems to be digging beyond the usual TV superficiality, so I'll keep watching. (And his assistant named June is worth watching regardless of the plot!)
  Fun with HADCRUT data sets

Now that the Hadley data sets are available, I decided to look at the Spokane set. This set consists of monthly averages from Jan 1881 through Oct 2009. The values are stated as departures from the single worldwide norm for each month, not actual temperatures. According to the HADCRUT website, some numbers have been adjusted in various ways, but the raw temps are not available.

I imported the text-form data into an Excel file, then formed a yearly average in the rightmost column and graphed all January readings, all July readings, and the yearly means. I'm not proficient in Excel and couldn't figure out how to rescale the Y-axis, so I rescaled in Photoshop to make the Y-increment equal on all three.

The highest peak on the yearlies is 1958. (Which was - ahem - also the all-time top year for sunspots.) You can see that the recent pattern is down from '58 for a couple of decades then essentially flat, which agrees with worldwide temps.

Needless to say, nothing here remotely resembles a hockey stick.

Here's what strikes me: If I saw these output patterns on an oscilloscope while testing an electronic circuit like an amplifier, I'd know one thing for sure. I wouldn't know what the input looked like, nor the actual circuitry, but I'd know that the system had a padded ceiling and no floor. A soft saturation point on the upward side. Something is shunting off the energy as the readings go upward, but not as they head downward. The winter readings are free to go as low as the input wants to drive them.
  Green stupidity

Heard on CNN's "Bottom Line" segment, discussing how to celebrate the Holidays in an appropriately Gaia-sensitive fashion.

"I stopped using virgin wrapping paper, because that wastes trees. Instead, I use old newspapers, sheet music, maps, pages from books ...."

First, you're not saving any trees. Paper is made from repeatedly regrown forests, and the more we use the more we plant. Second, by avoiding paper products you're depriving Americans of jobs. Paper is one of the very few things we still manufacture here. Third, you're wasting intellectual property by using old sheet music and maps. You may be destroying the last copy of a song, which is not regrowable.

Fucking fools.

Caveat: I don't really object to wrapping gifts with pretty printed stuff; but if you're intentionally and religiously doing this "for Social Justice" and "for The Planet", you're dead wrong. You're working against both purposes.
Thursday, December 10, 2009
  Man bites dog. Prosecutor understands Constitution.

Couple months ago some Aryan types were charged with "hate littering" for distributing pamphlets. Now, rather amazingly, the charge has been dropped. "Deputy City Attorney Anna Eckhart says the charges were dropped last week because the fliers weren't any different than any other political handout -- and that means they're perfectly legal to distribute."

Good job! Eckhart actually understands the First Amendment, understands that it can even be stretched (grudgingly and reluctantly) to protect unfashionable and unorthodox speech. Most prosecutors believe that it only protects explicit recitations of Leninist doctrine, such as the script of any randomly chosen TV show.

Why do right-wing radio shows always have theme "music" that sounds like a locomotive running at high speed over a zoo full of walruses? Is this an audio representation of Ayn Rand's theories?

Why are the right-wing talkers smashing Obama's Nobel speech? His speech is pure neo-con. America as the world's exemplar, the world's nanny, the world's Diversity Instructor, the world's Child Protective Services. War is justified any time a foreign country fails to have a Free And Fair Election. War is justified any time a foreign country's laws disagree with Betty Friedan. This is exactly the same speech Bush would have given if Bush had spoken English. (One notable exception to this bizarre inconsistency is Newt, who praises the speech.)
  Coffee makes you crazy?

No, it doesn't. Daniel Noble, plainly crazy to begin with, mowed down two pedestrians at WSU a few days ago. Both were significantly but not mortally injured. Now Noble's attorney is trying to claim that he was "intoxicated on caffeine." Safe bet: the defense won't work.

Dan Lahann, a friend of Noble, said the alleged incident was out of character.

"We went to the ballet yesterday, he seemed perfectly normal," Lahann said.

Hmm. 31-year-old male. Went to ballet. "Seemed perfectly normal" to friend.

Tells us all we need to know. (See SES)
  6079 Smith W is finding his voice!

Wonderful article on the Stalinist orthodoxy of the Carbon Cult by British architecture writer Amanda Baillieu.
As rival magazines started to crank out the usual unquestioning pieces in the run up to Copenhagen, I wondered if all architects agreed with their institute's line. I had recently talked to a scientist, now retired from the Met Office, who said he thought the emphasis on CO2 concentration was 'misplaced' and told me, off the record, that the Met's new computerized climate models did not tally with the old models.

I've italicized an interesting bit of news.
I wrote my weekly leader arguing the reason that so few architects had turned up to listen to the secretary of state for energy Hillary Benn talking at RIBA's headquarters the week before might be because of "a weariness with a government that trots out the same line year after year — that climate change is predominantly man made — without allowing this claim to be challenged, despite the growing wealth of scientific evidence that it is not".

The reaction was swift and shocked. ....

I should have known better than check my BlackBerry late on a Friday night when the bloggers, fortified by a few drinks, really get going. I soon realized that what I saw as provocative journalism had put me in the camp of the climate deniers- a sort of outer darkness from which you can only come back if you undergo re-education and a public apology. Along with the anonymous RIBA member who said I should have the word 'bitch' tattooed across my forehead, my critics said I was clearly mad, dangerous, and most likely in the pay of the petrol-chemical industries. "Calling for debate on this issue is like calling for debate on evolution. The debate is settled" thundered one.

I came to the conclusion that the journalists who work on the Guardian environment desk do my job for me. The people who flock to its web site to "hunt down the unbeliever" make its cause look even less credible. They claim to argue from a scientific viewpoint but reject anything that conflicts with this regardless of its value. They are a vicious bunch that like nothing better than a good punch up. But what they hate with a passion is a journalist, like myself, entering the fray. How dare I.

But I did dare, and I have no regrets.
Wednesday, December 09, 2009
  Spending, paying

Obama proposes "spending the leftover part of TARP to pay down the deficit."

Excellent. But why describe this as spending to pay down? In fact we're choosing not to spend a budgeted amount, thus cutting down the projection of what the deficit would have been if we had spent the budgeted amount.

We have gotten into the habit of working solely with models and projections while ignoring plain facts.

In earlier times this type of thinking was associated with ditzy blondes. It was a staple of comedy shows like Dagwood & Blondie or George & Gracie: the woman comes home from a shopping trip laden with hats and dresses, and claims she's added to the family nest egg because the store was having a clearance sale. She's spent less for these totally unnecessary items than she would have spent without the clearance, thus she's reduced the family deficit.

Similarly, the ditzy blonde Crimatologists try to claim that the current slow cooling is merely an accidental pause in the "inevitable warming", because their models are the only reality they can see. Because CO2 is increasing, they "know" that the earth is "really" warming. They trust their model, not the facts... even though their model is based on perfect reversal of facts and fails to predict anything.

An honest scientist, or for that matter a sane adult, would never fall for such convoluted nonsense. Rational people know: When facts disagree with your projection, you throw out the projection and keep the facts.

= = = = =

Another example of projection over facts: Obama's Nobel Prize. "He did accept the award in an aspirational sense", says one commenter on MSNBC this morning. In other words, the prize wasn't given for facts, but for a projection based on nothing at all.
  Rectification on the march

Heard on Ratigan's MSNBC morning show just now, on topic of ecoterrorists:

Ratigan: Well, it does seem there's an increase of militancy lately, whether it's left, right, green, whatever.

Someone else: Fortunately it hasn't yet reached the level of a Waco or a Ruby Ridge.

= = = = =

Notice how neatly and perfectly the truth has been turned around. Waco and Ruby Ridge were not instances of "militancy" against the government. They were cases of government "militancy" against the citizens. David Koresh and Randy Weaver were well-armed but HADN'T DONE ONE FUCKING THING. They were not violent, not robbing or murdering or assaulting anyone. They were minding their own business.

The BATF was the terrorist in both cases, deciding for no legitimate reason to forcibly invade a house. When their forcible invasion was met by violent self-defense, that's when the Delta Force moved in and things got even more violent.

I always try to figure out what strange pattern of thoughts and assumptions lead to such strange reversals. In this case my best guess is that journalists view the mere existence of non-Communists as an act of terrorism, justifying instant extermination.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009
  Rohrabacher's Challenge

The great Rohrabacher, probably our closest approach to a Nick Griffin, is giving a comprehensive 'special orders' speech right now on the crimatology scam.

Just this moment he issued a challenge to any advocate of the Carbon Cult: "Come here and debate me on the science. Unlike you, I welcome open debate on the facts."

Needless to say, the Grand Inquisitors will not answer his thesis. They do not debate, they only burn heretics.

= = = = =

Later: this speech has shown up on Youtube.

Part 1
Part 2

  Parallel universe

Good illustration of the parallel universes of fact and belief.

This is a screenshot of today's "Green blog" feature in the Spokane newspaper.

Note that the greenies are talking contemptuously about those awful American Neanderthals who can't be persuaded of the Absolute Holy Imperative Immediate Urgent Necessity Of Destroying The Western World To Save The Planet.

Meanwhile, they embedded a "climate widget" that disproves their whole point if you simply look at it with a moderately informed eye. The CO2 curve on the widget is going up linearly, while the temperature (1979 to present) has been flat since 1998. No correlation. And the sun is still perfectly spotless, which tells you why the temperature is flat, if you care to look it up. The funny part: if you click through the "climate widget", you'll find that it's based on Watts Up With That, one of the leading anti-Warming websites, and it leads you to plenty of valid info. I doubt that the Spokane greenies thought about this; they are so literally blinded by their Holy Axioms that they can't see facts at all.
  Proving the point

Proving Griffin's point (and Polistra's point) that "global warming" is more for Wall Street than government power: The newly leaked "Denmark Text" shows that the Copenhagen meeting is really designed to turn the World Bank into Warming Central.

Delegates from poor countries, who were hoping to gain some money from Copenhagen, are threatening mutiny.

And who's the head of World Bank? Robert Zoellick, one of those perfect transnational progressives.

Zoellick worked for Goldman Sachs (well, I didn't even need to say that, did I?) and also for Enron, the business-side root of the AGW money-tree. Held various diplomatic and military posts under both Comrade Bush Sr and Comrade Bush Jr, including a lot of WTO and free-trade advocacy. Seems to have close ties to Germany.

In recent years (not just under Zoellick) the World Bank has used its lending power to force poor countries into arrangements that favor Wall Street investment over locally-centered business styles. On average, the countries that took the World Bank's silver have fared worse than the countries that tried to follow their own lights.
Monday, December 07, 2009
  Great Griffin!

I wildly underestimated Nick Griffin, head of Britain's Nationalist Party who was appointed as one of the EU's delegates to Copenhagen. I wasn't sure if he fully understood the science; figured he was taking the anti-AGW side for political reasons. Nope, he understands and explains the scientific problem better than any other politician. He does an especially good job in differentiating real pollution from CO2, and he strongly emphasizes the big corporate money behind the Carbon Cult, which is a point that Americans like Rush carefully avoid.

Here's a regional BBC segment with a well-formed debate between Griffin and Commie delegate Chris Davies. (Griffin is the square-headed guy on the right.) The interviewer, like all other "journalists", is a loyal Commie, but actually lets Griffin speak for a while and doesn't groan or roll her eyes or laugh derisively.

  December language update

Professor Polistra usually notes words that are new or overused. This month she wishes to call our attention to a pair of words that we never use, words that we desperately need to start using.

INFILTRATOR: The dictionary says an infiltrator is a soldier or agent who surreptitiously takes up a position within enemy ranks.

COLLABORATOR: A person, organization or government who actively works with the enemy.

Example: Nidal Hasan is not a Troubled Youth. He is a Palestinian infiltrator by the strictest definition. He infiltrated the US Army to spread Mohammedan propaganda among our soldiers, and to kill as many of our soldiers as he could manage. And the organization that actively helped him (which is also the US Army!) is a collaborator.

[Unfortunately there isn't a word for an organization or government that collaborates in its own suicide. By medical analogy you could call it an auto-immune disorder or anorexia ... or you could just call it America.]

= = = = =

The Swiss vote to prohibit new construction of minarets leads to a more interesting and abstract use of the words. Back in WW2, Switzerland collaborated with Hitler. Now, faced with a truly foreign set of infiltrators, Switzerland is showing a spark of healthy national life, taking a small tentative step to reject the fascists instead of collaborating with them. The fascists don't like this; Jordan, Egypt, Arabia, and other enemy countries have verbally complained and some of their primitive featherless bipeds have stampeded. This is normal. Those Arabs are taking their own side in the dispute, which is how nations should behave. But other European countries, and all the Western media, are also taking the side of the Arabs. This is not normal. This is collaboration.

See how it works?


  EPA beats out Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot

Atmungsführerin Lisa Jackson of EPA has outlawed breathing.

Lisa's mentors, good old Uncle Adolf and Uncle Joe, are looking up from Hell with monstrous envy. They never thought of making all life illegal; Uncle Adolf only killed Jews and Poles, and Uncle Joe only killed Ukrainians and dissidents.

And dear old Uncle Mao loves Lisa for an extra reason: Lisa has not only beat his time in the genocide game, she has just gifted the entire (pitiful) remainder of our economy to Mao's successors. Merry Kwanzaaaaaa, Chinaaaaaa!

Emperor Lisa has declared a death sentence on every animal and every human in this country. Execution awaits. And you can bet your damned life, what little is left of it, that we won't get 20 years of appeals. Only serial killers and terrorists get 20 years of appeals.

End of country.

It's interesting to see who is persuadable and who isn't. Historian VD Hanson, along with many of the establishment conservative types, has been agnostic on "global warming" before. Now, after seeing the political evidence of fraud contained in the CRU leak, Hanson finally hits the target.

Time to reprint Polistra's take on the same subject from August 2007:

= = = = =

A passage from the WPA Guide to Kansas, written in 1938 as the Dust Bowl was still going strong.

Recent years of almost unprecedented drought have led to the often expressed belief that the climate of Kansas is changing. Geologists and meteorologists, however, point out that weather runs in cycles, the most pronounced being about a third of a century in length. Conditions during a cycle are easily mistaken by laymen for permanent changes. Despite year by year fluctuations in temperature and precipitation, recorded evidence shows that general climatic conditions remain unchanged.

The scientists of 1938 had knowledge, logic and common sense. They understood the principle of the wheel or the wave: what goes around comes around. Today's "scientists" have lost that basic understanding. Like a newborn babe, they see something going up and they assume it's going up forever.

And the third of a century has continued with fair precision. 1938 was a year of floods and droughts, including a terrible flood in Los Angeles and a hurricane that flattened Providence, RI with a HUNDRED-FOOT-TALL surge. Add 35 and you get 1973, another year of floods, supercells and tornados. Add 34 to that, and you get 2007.

Well, what do you know. Those old benighted scientists just might be right. Things do run in cycles. Amazing.

Satire aside, I'm desperately frightened to see our "keepers of knowledge" dragging us down into a Dark Age. It took several centuries for the learning of Greece and Rome to fade into raw superstition; our Communist masters have accomplished the same level of destruction in a few decades.

= = = = =

End reprint. Told you so, you fucking fools.
  That 1974 CIA document

Very interesting reading. Thanks to Omniclimate, who found it in a paper library and scanned it!

What strikes me especially: Though the document shows when governments figured out that they could use climate as a tool to increase their tyranny, it does not show intentionally false science.

The 1974 fear was based on temperatures that appeared to be trending downward.

And the document runs through history, showing correctly that colder times were not good for humanity, while warmer times were good.

This trend toward a hard time is connected with the needs of governments:

Their attitude toward science is objective and humble, listing a number of approaches to climatology but not trying to attribute a human cause. The Hadley Centre is mentioned, but not as the primary driving force:

In short, the document described an honestly visible trend with genuinely dangerous consequences, and used a proper scientific attitude when describing the trend.

With one exception: they list specific problems like floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornados, implying that these problems are caused by cooling. Today's warmists, of course, list the same problems and claim they're caused by warming. Neither connection is provable ... but I'd put more money on connecting floods and droughts with cooling. Floods and droughts result from rain staying in one place too long. This fits more closely with an under-energized atmosphere, while an overheated atmosphere keeps everything moving.

I'd like to know how all of this flipped into the current criminal conspiracy, using false "history" and terrible "science" to destroy Western civilization. Somewhere around 1988, perhaps under an impetus from Maggie Thatcher, the British and American envirotyrants (who were already plenty powerful) grabbed onto the then-apparent warming trend, and the Enron types picked it up as a money tree. Chinese Spy Maurice Strong was a key operator in this switch-over, but we still don't know how his singular influence was parlayed into the largest criminal conspiracy in history.

The supreme irony: After the brief warming of the '80s and '90s, it appears that we are now resuming the fall toward cold, i.e. genuinely bad conditions. And our all-encompassing set of fucking fools, the murderous "scientists" and the fraudulent "journalists" and every major "religous" leader and all "educators" and all tyrannical governments and the infinitely greedy Wall Street Mafia, are conspiring to cool things down even faster, conspiring to destroy civilization rapidly before the next Little Ice Age destroys it slowly. This is pre-emptive genosuicide.
Saturday, December 05, 2009
  Now we're getting somewhere!

From an article in London's Daily Telegraph:
The Government's latest climate change advert is being investigated by the advertising watchdog after triggering 785 complaints from the public.

It has also been disclosed that the Government's chief scientist, John Beddington, was forced to defend controversial claims in the television campaign, which features a father reading his daughter a frightening bedtime story about global warming.

Clearcast, the body that vets adverts, questioned the scientific evidence used in the campaign. Part of its role is to ensure controversial topics are kept impartial

Dr Beddington and Robert Watson, the energy department's main scientific adviser, responded to Clearcast with a furious letter leaked to Channel 4 news, which states: "We are both surprised and disturbed that the premise of the television campaign is being questioned, given the incontrovertible nature of the science that underpins the campaign material."

This is a real first, and will matter more in the end (for Britain) than anything the politicians say or do. For many years "global warming" has been a constant theme in TV and radio advertising, and not just in PSA's. Every Useful Idiot Corporation has hopped on the bandwagon, trying to pin the halo of climate change onto every consumer product.

When you hear a "fact" from the lips of politicians, you're able to think about it and make up your own mind. Most people don't, but at least it's mentally possible. All-pervasive propaganda is nearly impossible to resist. When ads for beer and shampoo allude to the "settled science" of "global warming", it becomes part of your unconscious mindset no matter how much you disagree.

Unfortunately America doesn't have an equivalent to Clearcast, so our ads will continue to carry fanatical and ubiquitous propaganda for the genocidal Planet Goddess.
Wednesday, December 02, 2009
  What's Marilyn doing?

This video clip, based on an old home movie, is making the rounds. It shows Marilyn Monroe in some unglamorous home party, casually smoking an ordinary cigarette.

The clip is being headlined as "Monroe Smoking Pot!"

Why? Has smoking gone so far out of publicly permissible normalcy that it can't even be perceived when it happens? The taboo against tobacco is so strong that we have to imagine she's using (currently non-taboo) marijuana?

It's a mystery.

Aside from that, MM looks just as sexy in this ordinary candid situation as she does in any movie or pose.

What is somewhat interesting: the standard story about MM is that she was not a habitual smoker, and had to be trained to mimic a few puffs for one movie role. This video tends to counter that story: she appears to be an experienced and competent smoker.
  An hour worth watching

A video clip of a speech by Egil Krogh, one of the few surviving Nixon insiders. Krogh is a good story-teller, gives inside dope on some puzzling events, makes excellent moral points without any of John Dean's self-righteous screechy arrogance. His anecdote about Elvis rummaging through Nixon's desk is worth the time all by itself.
Tuesday, December 01, 2009
  Swiss government hates its own people

More on the Swiss vote to symbolically oppose Allah:

A decision by voters in Switzerland to ban the construction of new mosque minarets will endanger security, Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said on Tuesday.

"In any event, we are concerned by this vote," she told a meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). "The reality of our societies, in Europe and in the world (is that) every blow to the co-existence of different cultures and religions also endangers our security."

In a shock result, more than 57 percent of voters approved a referendum motion to ban minarets brought by right-wing groups, including the Swiss People's Party, the country's biggest.

The outcome triggered widespread accusations of intolerance, especially in Muslim countries and among Switzerland's European neighbours as well as the UN's human rights chief.

However, it was also hailed by leaders of other populist anti-immigrant parties in Europe who suggested they might do the same at home.

Noteworthy: Opposing the enemy is a "shock result" to the elites and the media.

Switzerland avoided destruction in WW2 by surrendering, quietly aiding Hitler while pretending to be neutral. Looks like the Swiss government is trying to pull the same collaboration in the current war, but this time the Swiss people are mounting an active Resistance. Good for them, and good for the legitimate parties in other Euro countries who aim to emulate the People's Party.
  Weasely Derb

I'd been wondering why Derbyshire was so consistently silent on the Gaia scam, since he so often presents himself as an exponent of good science and good logic.

Apparently many others had been wondering the same thing, because Derb finally felt impelled to write on the subject.

And he shows his true colors by weaseling and waffling.

Sorry, Derb, anyone who loves science and logic, anyone who likes to observe and analyze data, has seen through this hoax for at least a decade. The CO2 correlation has been blazingly wrong from the first moment it was proposed, and all efforts to support it have been criminally dishonest. Alternate hypotheses haven't been proved yet, but we can be 100.00% sure that the carbon connection is false.

Now I know for 100.00% certain what I had previously suspected: Derb is not a scientist but a member of the Scientific Elite. Like Dawkins, like Lawrence Krauss, like every science journalist, his base motivation is raw blood-soaked anti-Christian bigotry. He follows science because science offers a way to poke Christians in the eye and hear them scream.



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