Friday, September 30, 2011
  Timothy Leary, eat your heart out.

Want bad dreams?

Watch this.

Many of the Repooflican and Democrat fuckheads are worrying today (for separate reasons) about our assassination of Awlaki. Apparently the problem is that he was an American citizen.

Tell you what, fuckheads. If you had worried about the government assassination of Randy Weaver's family in 1991, or the entire David Koresh cult in 1993, you'd be entitled to worry about this particular assassination.

But all you New York fuckheads thought those assassinations were fine because the citizens involved were dumb redneck Christians.

So you New York fuckheads are NOT PERMITTED to complain about this one.

This dude was a genuine enemy in an actual war.

Even better, Yemen is one of the two countries that actually attacked us on 9/11, so I don't have any problem at all with ANY violence against Yemen.

There is only one rule of war. If a war is necessary, you are required to do everything possible to eliminate the attacker from the face of the earth. Kill all the civilians, rape their babies, torture their grandmothers. Whatever it takes. If a war is not necessary, you are not entitled to do anything. No war. Nothing. Just stay home and take a nap.

Up till now, we've been conducting three totally unnecessary wars, in which all warlike activities are immoral.

Obama, perhaps despite his own intentions, has finally started to answer 9/11, started to fight the necessary war that Saudi Agent Bush treasonously refused to fight.

Obama killed Sheikh Osama, who had been carefully preserved by both Clinton and Bush; and now Obama has killed Awlaki in Yemen, who may not be a top leader but unquestionably incited the Fort Hood attack.
Thursday, September 29, 2011
  Militia Moonbeam

Old Moonbeam Brown is continuing to prove the old saying: If you want conservative actions, elect a liberal. If you want liberal actions, elect a conservative.

Brown's latest move is way beyond non-Communist; he's actually moving back to the original ideas of the Constitution by devolving power to the counties.

If a Republican governor did the exact same thing, he'd instantly be called a Militia Racist, and the FBI would bomb his mansion compound and kill his family.

Via NPR:
California is days away from launching a dramatic shift in the way it handles criminal offenders: Starting in October, the state will redirect tens of thousands of nonviolent felons away from state prisons to local facilities.

The state's plan is called "realignment." It shifts certain functions from the state to the counties, says Barry Krisberg, [UC law prof.]

"It covers not only criminal justice, but it covers child welfare, mental health, jobs programs," he said, "and it's the largest shift that we've ever seen in the state's history."

Back to 1880, by God! California often leads nationwide trends; let's hope and pray it leads with this one.
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
  Bravo Krauts! ---edit--- Boo Krauts!

I have to swallow hard before praising Germany, but in this one case they've got it perfectly right and everyone else is murderously wrong.
German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble said it would be a folly to boost the EU's bail-out machinery (EFSF) beyond its €440bn lending limit by deploying leverage to up to €2 trillion, perhaps by raising funds from the European Central Bank.

"I don't understand how anyone in the European Commission can have such a stupid idea. The result would be to endanger the AAA sovereign debt ratings of other member states. It makes no sense," he said.

US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been a key driver of plans to give the EFSF enough firepower to shore up Italy and Spain, fearing a drift into "cascading default, bank runs and catastrophic risk" without dramatic action.

Schäuble is trying to enforce frugality, while Fingers Geithner is sticking to his insane evil plan of printing trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and handing it all to the criminals who created the problem, so they can create an even larger problem.

Germany is the only sober man at the party. US is pouring barrels and barrels and barrels of 200-proof firewater down everyone's throat.

= = = = =

Of course the only REAL solution is the one that NOBODY at the party will choose, not even the Krauts. Break up the party and go home. Give up the whole EU and return to the old concept of independent nations.

All of these international mashups were a terrible idea from the start. Most of the world (except EU and US) has realized it by now.

= = = = =

Update 9/29: Well, the sensible and frugal people of Germany lost, and the EU wackos won again. Merkel got the bailout through Parliament after all. So much for a brief sign of sanity.
  The Truth

Via EUReferendum, a BBC interview with a trader who cheerfully tells the full truth about everything in this totally fucked and dying world.

It's all Goldman Sachs. Recessions are created to give more money to Goldman. Booms are created to give more money to Goldman. Governments exist to give more money to Goldman.

First and only law of the universe: Jews never lose.
Monday, September 26, 2011
  Kammback house?

I've noticed something lately that doesn't make sense in my little mind.

When the wind is steady and moderate from the south, say 10-15 MPH, it comes into the front door of my house. This makes complete sense, because the front door faces south.

What doesn't make sense: At the same time, the wind is also coming INTO the back door that faces north. When the real wind is warm, the back-door wind is cool. I don't recall noticing this effect last year, when my back yard was full of messy and deadly trees.

There is no obvious reflector in back. Wood fences line both sides of the yard, but all the fences to the north are chainlink. The nearest solid stand of pines is 150 feet to the north. Doesn't seem close enough to be a good reflector intuitively, but it might be the main factor. Especially since the back wind is cool.

More fun to imagine that the backdoor inflow is a backwash from air passing over and around the house, something like this:

But probably not. Probably the trees.
Sunday, September 25, 2011
  Surprisingly good news

NPR has a feature on the US oil boom today, focusing on the Bakken field.
Two years ago, America was importing about two thirds of its oil. Today, according to the Energy Information Administration, it imports less than half.

As an old Okie, I try to keep up with energy, but I didn't know that!

Because the partisans and politicians aren't telling us.

The left-side media doesn't want us to know that we CAN be independent again, because that would fuck up their monstrous emotional and financial investment in hippie-dippie solar and wind shit and Carbon Indulgences.

The right-side media doesn't want us to know that we ARE becoming independent again because Obama would get the credit.

And by 2017 ... the US could be poised to pass Saudi Arabia and overtake Russia as the world's largest oil producer.

Amy Myers Jaffe of Rice University says in the next decade, new oil in the US, Canada and South America could change the center of gravity of the entire global energy supply.

"Some are now saying, in five or 10 years' time, we're a major oil-producing region, where our production is going up," she says.

The US, Jaffe says, could have 2 trillion barrels of oil waiting to be drilled. South America could hold another 2 trillion. And Canada? 2.4 trillion. That's compared to just 1.2 trillion in the Middle East and north Africa.

I can see why the mass media won't mention this, but I can't understand why Obama doesn't shout it from the rooftops. It would piss off his leftist supporters, but it would guarantee his re-election.

Polistra and Happystar do the gusher dance!

  Percy, Freud, Co, Li

Walker Percy was the last of the secular prophets. In 'Love in the Ruins' he perfected the visions of Huxley and Bradbury, and saw modern America coming 40 years away. From 1971 he could see Barack and Michelle Obama driving a Toyota Prius.

Old Doc Percy observed something about liberals and conservatives (in the old temperamental sense, not the modern partisan sense) that echoes Freud to some extent. Conservatives are constipated, liberals are diarrheic. This is the physical expression of the basic emotional difference. C is a saver, L is a high-rolling gambler. C wants to keep things steady, L wants to send missionaries into all the world to forcibly convert everyone to his own personal way of thinking.

Given the new findings on intestinal bacteria controlling our mood, perhaps the causation is backwards! Perhaps conservatives are determined by a subvariety of E. coli that is more inclined to stick around and enjoy its surroundings**, and liberals are determined by a subvariety of E. coli that is more inclined to swarm like termites, inclined to spread itself through the world.

= = = = =

** In other words, it takes a villus to raise a bacillus.


Saturday, September 24, 2011
  Theory is not fact, part 58578437584375843989

A couple fresh examples of the standard confusion between fact and currently fashionable theory.

(1) The frothing about some neutrinos that appear to go very slightly faster than light. This supposedly changes reality. Nope. If this turns out to be a valid result, it only changes some of the numbers in a theory which has no practical application anyway.

(2) Discussing the Italian trial of "scientific" experts for mispredicting a deadly earthquake, seismologist Rick Aster says: "Because an earthquake is an INHERENTLY unpredictable phenomenon..."

Nope, it's not INHERENTLY unpredictable. Many animals and humans are unquestionably able to predict a quake at least 18 hours in advance, which means a physical phenomenon is present, available and measurable by our senses. It's unbelievably arrogant to claim that this phenomenon doesn't exist because your theory won't let you notice it, or because your technical methods haven't yet been able to measure it. Sort of like a scientist in 1850 claiming that there's no way to understand or remember human speech because there's no mechanical device available to record the sound. Except that the scientists of 1850 were sane, so they wouldn't have made such a bizarre statement.

Classic case of theorigenic blindness. Theory prevents you from looking in the right places to find facts, thus killing science.

= = = = =

Every theory, from evolution to relativity to economics, is just an attempted explanation. When the known facts change, you have to adjust or discard your explanation. (Note: I did not include "global warming" in this list, because "global warming" was never meant to be an explanation at all. It was a pure and intentional fraud from the start.)
  Satellite down!

NASA believes its UARS satellite has gone down somewhere or other. Or maybe everywhere at once. Or nowhere.

Youtube offers a couple of assists to this story. First, if you're wondering how to pronounce UARS, here's how.

A little more seriously, Tom Lehrer prophesied this event in 1965. The last line of his song is especially prescient and poignant, certainly not the conventional wisdom at that time.

Nowadays, of course, we don't expect NASA to get anything right, so Lehrer's satire doesn't have much force. Since 1989, NASA's only job is to advance Green Genocide.

James Hansen indeed stands on the Shoulders of Giants in his chosen scientific discipline of Total Extermination.
Friday, September 23, 2011
  Dan Gilbert gives the secret of life

Dan Gilbert, a psych prof, talks about how to be happy, and why modern Westerners are unhappy. Gilbert is proving the point with psych experiments, but toward the end he shows how the experiments agree with old wisdom.

Basic point, known by the ancients and proved by psychology: Unless it's fully intolerable, we automatically and innately choose to be happy with what we have.

Modern consumer culture discards this natural tendency by telling us the absolute lie that everything is possible and nothing is permanent. If you work hard enough, you can achieve The American Dream. You can choose any brand of soap you want, any gender you want, any job you want, any degree of wealth you want. You don't need to stop and appreciate your current situation, and in fact you're not allowed to stop.

We tend to think of the older tendency as being Buddhist or something, but it's a major element of most religions and traditions.

Gilbert quotes Adam Smith:

"The great source of the misery of modern life seems to arise from overrating the difference between one permanent situation and another. Some of these situations may, no doubt, deserve to be preferred to others, but none of them can deserve to be pursued with that passionate ardor which drives us to violate the rules of prudence or justice."

Though all religions say this in various ways, two major religions don't follow it. In practice they pull your focus away from present happiness and turn your attention to Apocalypse and Messiah. Jews are waiting for the first appearance of the Messiah. Protestants are waiting for his second appearance, since he screwed up the first try and didn't finish his assigned job. Slacker.

Eastern and Roman Catholics share the Messiah theology on paper, but actually focus more on 'sacralizing' and appreciating the present world.

Most Muslims are present-oriented, with the basic sense that everything you do should please God. You don't get magically forgiven for wrong choices, so you need to get it right the first time and appreciate God's work.

Thus it's no coincidence that modern consumer culture is mainly driven by Jews and Protestants. Their basic attitude breeds contempt and dissatisfaction with present circumstances. All will be perfect after the big boy comes [or comes again to fix his original fuckup.]


Thursday, September 22, 2011
  A prayer, repeated

Today's news is encouraging, but nowhere near enough. Time to repeat the prayer for complete reform:

= = = = =

Polistra and Happystar are saying a prayer in the form of a cheer. Since nobody in the Gaian Occupation Government understands the truth, maybe Allah or Jehovah will have mercy on this unfortunate land and force the truth to be visible in the only way that the idiots will understand.

Most likely Allah, since his economic system is exactly the right medicine for our terminal illness.

Closed caption for cartoon-impaired:

Gimme a Z! Z!
Gimme a E! E!
Gimme a R! R!
Gimme a O! O!

Whatsat spell? Zero!

Where do we wannit? DOW!

When do we wannit? NOW!

= = = = =

And why is this necessary? Another repeat:

For the last 5 years we've been operating in strict defiance of the oldest law of economics, pretending that we can hold the price of borrowing at zero (for some people!) without creating problems. Real economists have known since 300 AD that price control always creates shortages, hoarding and black markets. And predictably, we have shortages, hoarding and black markets in capital. These bad things bring great profit to a few evil people, and those evil people pay all the 'economists' to be goddamn liars. If interest rates can rise to meet genuine risk, the whole banking system will return to a true free-market setup. When governments realize they have to pay actual interest on their bonds, they will be much slower to borrow. (I suppose Capo Bugsy Bernanke will invent some new criminal trick to get around it, but China's own economy is slowing down now, so they can't be the same kind of sugar daddy from now on.)

Same with stock prices. This is a longer-lasting problem, running back to 1980 or so. Companies that use profit as their pivot point are motivated to satisfy their customers and their employees. Companies that use share price as their goal don't care about quality of product or service; share price can be manipulated easily by insider tricks (acquisitions, buying back own stock) without any actual product or service at all.

Clearly the 2008 crash wasn't enough. Suckers are still going into the market, giving the evil players lots of material to play with. A great big resounding crash will drive the suckers out once and for all, and the share-dependent companies and traders will be unable to function. Only 'privately held' companies that operate without trading, and some steady dividend-payers, will survive. Profit will dominate again.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011
  Zero problems, domestic version

A while back I noted the wonderfully concise and elegant Turkish foreign policy:

Zero Problems With Neighbors.

This seemed to strike a deep note in my mind, beyond its pragmatic simplicity. Finally realized Zero Problems has been my 'domestic policy' for several years, though I hadn't phrased it so elegantly.

Since paying off mortgage in 2006, the money that had been going to the bank has gone instead to eliminate problems one by one. Some were long-delayed and really should have been fixed much earlier (new roof, kill termites) and some popped up along the way.

This spring I took a big step by eliminating four trees that had given me a justifiable phobia about wind. I spent the next few months clearing out and replanting the yard, simultaneously clearing out the phobia from my mind.

The next stage toward zero problems was to fix the wooden fence on the west side, which was leaning badly at one end. I built it in '91 when I moved in, and it came close to falling in '04. At that time I had a fly-by-night fence man do an emergency repair, which held for a couple years but turned out to be only a little better than the original.

With trees gone and yard usable, the fence was the last remaining source of aeoliphobia and annoyance. (Presumably annoyance to the neighbor as well, though he was too polite to say anything about it.)

Today I had it fixed in a far more professional and permanent way, with posts set in concrete for the first time. Expensive at $1000, but it's truly straight and solid for the first time ever. Now I can face the usual windy autumn with Zero Problems, and I can face the neighbors with a little more pride. (Which makes this a direct equivalent of Turkey's foreign policy after all!)

= = = = =

Update 9/25: Fence passed the acid test. The usual windy autumn started today with 40 MPH gusts, and she's still solid and straight.

Intellectually I didn't doubt the construction, because the fence guy showed me how the metal posts are set in concrete. But I learn only by experiment, and this was a sufficient experiment to relieve my fears.

Zero problems!

= = = = =

Update August 2014: The fence passed the acidest of all acid tests! The tornado-like windstorm of 7/23/14 took down dozens of trees and squashed dozens of houses. But the fence remained exactly vertical, not altered by even a fraction of an inch!

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  This is how it was supposed to work!

There's more than one way to get agricultural research done! This is an ideal and rare example of real democracy.

News item:
Washington's apple and pear growers have voted to donate $27 million over the next eight years to support tree fruit research at WSU.

The growers voted to tax themselves $1 per ton of fruit and dedicate the money to research, they said at WSU’s research center in Prosser on Tuesday morning. Growers of cherries and stone fruit also voted, but they declined to approve the special assessment.

“We grow the best quality tree fruit in the world, but we need to be ready to respond to a changing marketplace, unknown pests and diseases and other uncertainties we can’t anticipate,” said Dan Newhouse, director of the state Department of Agriculture.

This is how a decentralized country is supposed to work. Instead of lobbying the egregious mutant fuckheads in DC, with zero accountability and 100% corruption and bullshit, just get together and tax yourselves!

Now there's no way for Satan's BFF Coburn to mock the grant, no way for ArcherDanielsMidland to block it because it decreases their monopoly, no way for Commie bureaucrats to rake off half the money for their own Dubai vacations.
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
  RIP US Military

RIP US Military. Born 11/10/1775, Died 9/20/2011.

Doesn't matter. Been useless since 8/6/1945 anyway.

The purpose of keeping a military is (1) to deter attacks and (2) to crush countries that attack you.

(1) Our military didn't deter the 9/11 attack. (2) Since 1945 we've only used it to screw around in countries that didn't attack us.

No great loss.
  Bit of wisdom

Excellent article by Steven Reicher in latest New Superstitionist. (I keep reading that mag because they often come up with good non-Established truth in many areas, despite their blind Establishment orthodoxy on "global warming".)

Reicher is discussing the London riots, and makes one big point.
Perhaps the greatest investigation into the nature of riots was the Kerner Commission, established by US President Lyndon Johnson to find out the causes of the civil unrest that erupted in Detroit and other US cities between 1965 and 1967. The commission sent teams of investigators into the affected communities to study those who had taken part. What they found challenged many preconceptions about what had happened.

For example, the investigators acknowledged that many people took advantage of the disturbances to pillage and settle scores, and that this increased with time. But they also discerned clear patterns in the events. They showed that the average rioter was not marginal or part of an underclass but was generally better educated and socially integrated and had less of a criminal record than the norm in their communities.

This conclusion was not secret; it even became part of conventional wisdom for a while. Opinion leaders seemed to understand that the riots happened because Comrade MLK Boulevard had led the blacks to expect instant riches and power; when it didn't happen, they erupted.

Unfortunately, real human nature doesn't stick in the minds of leaders. Leftists have returned to their idiotic view that hopelessness and extreme poverty are the sources of violence.

A recent speech by Comrade Bush The Son illustrates this invincible ignorance perfectly. Despite ten years of experience to the contrary, he has learned absolutely nothing.
“The challenge is that in some parts of the world and in some parts of our country, some are saying, ‘Is it worth it? Does it matter whether or not we help save a life on the continent of Africa? We’ve got our own problems here at home,’ they say. This is isolationism which is dangerous.”

“It’s dangerous because one of the lessons of September the 11th is what happens overseas matters here at home,” Bush continued. “When there’s hopelessness it affects the security of the United States of America. We face an enemy that can only recruit when they find hopeless people and there’s nothing more hopeless to a child who loses a mom or dad to AIDS to watch the wealthy nations of the world sit back and do nothing. It is in our moral interests as a nation that we help deal with diseases.”

What a monstrous pile of lethal murderous genocidal steaming ratshit. [Am I talking about the speech or the man? Yes.]

Riots, revolution, and terrorism do not result from hopelessness. Riots, revolution and terrorism result from an unrealistic excess of hope and expectation.

When you're permanently down, you stay down. When you've always been on the first rung of the ladder, you don't feel any need to be higher.

Violence happens when your perceived status drops. When you have been on the third rung, a drop to the first rung will bring on violence. Or, when you have come to believe that you are (or should be) on the third rung, suddenly realizing that you're still on the first rung will bring on violence.

In every aspect of human perception and behavior, it's always the Delta. Always always always the Delta.
Monday, September 19, 2011
  Already there 2

Another case where the media and politicians tell us a Horrible Situation Might Start To Happen If We Don't DO SOMETHING RIGHT AWAY!!!! ... while in fact the horrible situation has been running for a long time.

Tax on the rich? Oh No! Obama is waging Class War! Class War! Class War!

Well, yes. That's the correct term for what we have. But Obama's proposal wouldn't be the start of the Class War, it would be a delicate dainty little micro-attempt to respond to the Class War.

Rich fuckheads have been waging a violent and magnificently successful Class War against this country for 30 years. They have succeeded in wiping out the working class and decimating the middle class, using the Class Weapons of Free Trade, Diversity, "Climate Change", "Endangered Species", Crippling Regulations on Small Business, and Total Deregulation of Rich Speculators. Their final victory blast came in 2008, with Shotgun Paulson's Theft of the Entire Economy.

Obama has not fired a single return volley until now, and I doubt that he's serious about this one.

The CORRECT response to the 2008 blast is no mystery. The blast is not unprecedented, and the response is perfectly well-known. The South Sea Bubble was a similar crime, encouraged by similar deregulation. Chancellor Walpole solved it by clamping down on all speculation, imprisoning and confiscating the speculators, and imprisoning the members of Parliament who had enabled the bubble.

Obama did none of those things; he just continued paying trillions in blackmail to the speculators who had already stolen trillions.

= = = = =

Oops... didn't realize till later that I was more or less echoing Warren Buffett. I try to write only when I have something halfway original to say. Oh well. Original or not, it's still correct.
Sunday, September 18, 2011
  Fat crows

The crows seem to be especially well-fed right now. Some of them are so fat they can scarcely fly... flapping slowly, just staying off the ground, dragging their landing gear half the time.

Wonder if they look like this to the lean crows?

= = = = =

More local random: As mentioned before, I switched my almost-daily grocery routine in June when bus routes were detoured by street construction. The new routine, down to NW Blvd, is a longer bus ride but requires less walking to reach the stop, and includes a better class of people. Since the construction is done, I've tried the old routine (to Shadle) a couple times, which only reinforces my desire to stick with the NW Blvd trip. Nothing like a good old A/B/A experiment to pick out the variables and constants!

The difference in human and driver behavior between the two neighborhoods is definite and consistent. In the NW Blvd area, drivers are aware of pedestrians and will pause when it's feasible; and the employees and customers in the store are more easy-going and friendly. In the Shadle area drivers will not stop for anything, even though the Shadle parking lot has speed bumps.

I can't see an obvious cause for this difference in aggressiveness. Age and race seem about the same. Shadle is a half-step higher on the economic scale. NW Blvd ranges from working class to middle, with a dollop of old rich. Shadle ranges from middle to upper-middle. If I had to guess, I'd say more soccer-mom types infest Shadle.

= = = = =

And more unsorted junk.... I've always been a good speller and a good grammarian, but I've never been confident with punctuation. I'll hesitate and vacillate over the choice between a semicolon and a dash, and my usage of single quotes vs double quotes is completely inconsistent and seemingly random. If you look at any two successive entries in this blog, you'll find a patternless mix of singles and doubles. Yet I never hesitate or vacillate; I always know which type I want. Clearly I'm not following the official rules, but some kind of internal rule is operating under the surface.

Finally spotted a possible rationale. When I like the contained item, it gets single quotes. When I hate the item, it gets double quotes. Like double-paned glass to shield me from its baleful radiation. Maybe.
  RIP Crown Vic

Just after I used the Crown Vic in a rather strained metaphor, Ford decides to eliminate it!

Doesn't count as a total death, since the more recent CV was already Taurus-based, and Ford is now going to make a version of the Taurus to serve cops. Sounds like they're ending the name, not the car.

The original Crown Vic was the last Real American Car. Lots of road-hugging weight, front engine, rear drive, actual frame. Ford kept making them with very little change, waaayy into the era when everything else was superlight crap.

Basic fact: a well-designed front-engine/rear-drive car will outhandle a front-drive car in most circumstances, and will generally do better on snow and ice. When roads turn icy here, the cars that get around best are the old Vics and Caddies with original-equipment drivers.

Of course this could be partly due to driver skill. The codgers who drive Vics have mastered The Deep Dark Arcane Freemason Illuminati Trilateral SECRET Of Winter Driving. Are you ready for it? Really ready? Ssssshhhh, don't tell anyone else. Here's the Deep Dark Secret:

The throttle pedal is an analog device. It has a full range of settings besides Stomped! You can hold the throttle at 5% or 10% of Stomped, and the car will still move!

Drivers under 40 have never explored this mysterious Pedal Incognita. They consider the throttle to be a digital device, something like the old Dead Man's Pedal on locomotives. If it's not Stomped firmly to the floor, you're not driving at all.
  Short n sweet

UK Telegraph runs a major editorial against wind power today. Perfectly concise, dealing strictly with economics. Doesn't bother to mention Carbon, because wind power is completely stupid and destructive no matter how you justify it.

Best part:
The company profiting from this lunatic process is not British, but foreign – in common with most of those firms operating wind farms in this country. That would not be of any concern were these companies actually adding to our prosperity, but they are not: they are destroying value rather than creating it, a process only made possible because the Government takes our money and gives it to them. In return, taxpayers face higher electricity bills and an economy that is damaged because its costs have been artificially inflated by the decision to use wind as a principal source of power.

Destroying value. Can't beat that for economic truth.

= = = = =

Let's say Edison had invented a gadget that would "accomplish" the following:

(1) Occasionally generates power, but only at the times when power isn't needed. (Periods of extreme cold and extreme heat are windless.)

(2) Kills birds and bats.

(3) Covers huge tracts of land with ugly towers.

(4) Requires power companies to shut off their existing sources of CLEAN power while the gadget is running, to guarantee that their power comes only from this gadget.

Do you think that gadget would have become popular? Even if President McKinley had subsidized it?

(Admittedly the analogy is crap because Americans didn't care about esthetics and dirt in McKinley's time. In reality, characteristic (1) would have killed the idea at birth, and the other three characteristics wouldn't even be considered. Americans did care about effectiveness in McKinley's time.)


Saturday, September 17, 2011
  If Chinese acted like Cubans...

Bleah. Feeling ill today, subject to random and dubious thoughts. Probably the culmination of last week's harsh and crude mood. Learned over the years that a few days of anger generally presage a few days of illness. Tempting to speculate on this connection, since almost all of my illnesses are caused by revolts among the gut bacteria!

= = = = =

We know that the simplest governmental solution for America's economic problems is to blockade China entirely. No crap in or out, no jobs in or out, no money in or out. Some treasonous corporation with an American mailing address tries to break the blockade? Close it down and confiscate its assets.

Let this run for a few months, and the loyal American companies (if there are any) will realize they can produce and sell their products at a profit, without being drastically undercut by the Yellow Peril. When the blockade is seen to be permanent, even more companies will decide to make things here.

That's obvious. Said it before.

Today's random gut-o-genic thought: Started to wonder why a blockade is so utterly unthinkable. After all, we've done the exact same thing to Cuba for 50 years.

Well, why did we keep the blockade against Cuba? Because of Cuban-American voters.

Americans of Chinese descent are much more numerous and widespread than Cubans, so in theory they might help to push a blockade against China.

Only in Miami do Cubans form a serious voting bloc. Not even in all of Florida. Chinese are common enough to be politically influential in Calif, Ore and Wash. But they simply don't go into politics. No American of full Chinese descent has been a governor or member of Congress; the closest you can get is half-Chinese Gary Locke.

However, it's not at all clear that they would be against modern China even if they had an interest in the game. Most of the Florida Cubans were specific refugees of the Castro Revolution, while most of the Chinese have been here a lot longer. Only a few escaped in 1949 and 1989. So they could be universally loyal to their homeland regardless of regime, could make things even worse if they got involved in politics!
  Two opposite ways to be an ignorant fuckhead

In this morning's media we find two mirror-image examples of stupidity about science, both relating to Perry and HPV.

= = = = =

First, Lopez at NRO:
Right now, Gov. Jerry Brown has legislation waiting for his signature that would allow twelve-old-girls to get the vaccine without a parent’s permission.

Since California minor girls can already bypass their parents to get abortions in the state, parental rights are already on disgracefully precarious ground there. I realize there are folks on different sides of the mandate question here, but, I suppose, at least with a mandate there is the opt-out option. As the California legislation stands, it would simply push parents out of the decision.

Lopez is conflating two opposite situations.

Abortion kills a human life, HPV vaccination saves a human life.

Because HPV has some kind of sexual connotation in Lopez's mind, she flips it into the same category as abortion.

If you're really pro-life, you're pro-vaccination. Period.

= = = = =

Second, an hour-long Radio Australia feature about a meeting where old Stalin-laureate scientists train young scientists in the evil ways of Stalin. [Can't find online link yet.]

The feature included thousands of drearily predictable bits of Stalinist ignorance on evolution, stem cells, population growth, "endangered species", "global warming" and all the usual suspects.

Closed with an interview with Hans Rosling, a Swedish public health specialist. First he smashed unnamed Republican politicians who dare to state that evolution is only a theory. This smash is standard Stalinist boilerplate, and it's also the deepest and hardest rejection of everything science stands for. When you think any theory is settled and unquestionable, you are no longer a scientist. You are a religious fanatic. It's also an utterly meaningless point, valuable only to the Inquisitor who needs to detect heretics. Your internal belief about evolution, like your internal belief about Papal Infallibility, has precisely zero effect on your ability to do anything real, from science to dishwashing.

Rosling then went on to talk about his own current passion, the need to spread HPV vaccination to poor people around the world. But he didn't even know that Perry, the same politician he had just smashed for being more scientific than Rosling, was also one of the few politicians who has tried to achieve this exact goal. Or if he knew it, he was unable to say it.

So Rosling hates Perry for a completely inconsequential and backward reason, and then fails to embrace him for advancing his own consequential and truly life-saving passion.

Raw-boned ignorance.

= = = = =

I struggle to find an analogy. A century ago there were plenty of isolated stone-age cultures and mountain people with no outside contact, who possessed weird ideas about how other people lived.

Nowadays the only people who suffer from this level of ignorance and bigotry are the elites.

A century ago ignorant people had no effect on the rest of us. Now the most bizarrely stupid humans are in full control of education, science and politics.

We're fucked.
Friday, September 16, 2011
  Already there

I'm always irritated by media-hyped concerns over horrible things that supposedly "might happen" but in fact are already happening.

Latest one, linked via NRO: Would you drink recycled sewage?

The article discusses why people hate the idea, which is perfectly understandable ... but fails to note that nearly everyone drinks recycled sewage all the time. Rivers and aquifers have always been recycled sewage. Before humans were around, the sewage was from insects, fish and other animals; now much of it is from humans.

Spokane is an especially direct illustration. The eastern suburbs (broadly called the Valley) were outside city utilities until recently. Around 50,000 houses in the Valley still have septic systems. Those septic systems drain into the aquifer, and the city water supply is pulled from the aquifer immediately downstream from the 50k septic tanks. Filthy? Nope. Requires less treatment than most river water, because bacteria in the gravel finish the job that the septic-tank bacteria started.

God bless bacteria.
  Small victory for human labor!

News item, heard on NPR:
Big Y is saying "so long" to its self-service checkout lanes at its stores, according to published reports.

The New England-based retailer is slated to phase out self-serve lanes at all 61 locations.

"After extensive research, Big Y has concluded that these self checkout lanes not only do not save their customers time but usually take them even more time to check out than customers in standard checkout lanes," the company said in a statement. “Self-checkout lines get clogged as the customers needed to wait for store staff to assist with problems with bar codes, coupons, payment problems and other issues that invariably arise with many transactions."

Remains to be seen whether this return to common sense will spread. Luckily the self-service checkout hasn't gained much acceptance in the first place.
Thursday, September 15, 2011
  Fun with street view

In thinking about my long-standing preference for walking or biking, I traced it back to a rebellion against my mother's absolute refusal to walk. She had no physical reason; just hated walking and insisted on driving absolutely everywhere. She would drive around the block for a half hour to grab the parking place nearest the door of a store, thus saving a half minute of walking.

The most egregious example happened in 1956 when we lived near Bluemont School. As I remembered it, our rented house was exactly across the street from a little convenience store. Then as now, convenience stores had limited stock and high prices, so we didn't shop there often; but on occasion she'd need something in the middle of baking a pie or whatever. She would walk out to the garage, get in the car, start the car, back down the driveway, then turn into the driveway of the store. Process reversed after purchase.

This seemed so weird, illogical and time-wasting that I really didn't trust my memory. Was the store really that close? Or was it a couple blocks away, which might justify driving for most people?

Google Street View answered the question.

In the top picture, our rented house is the one on the left. A fine spacious bungalow. Still solid, remarkably unchanged since 1956. Only the driveway and garage have been redone. (This bungalow was actually a better and roomier house than the new 'suburban ranch' we bought the next year, and this location was much more walkable than the new subdivision. But the cramped new rancher was in a higher-status area. In 1956, keeping up with the Joneses was mandatory and 'walkable' was a bad quality.)

The middle picture is turned 90 degrees at the same location; included only to provide 'chain of evidence'. You can see the white Dodge pickup on the left and the store on the right.

Lower picture is turned another 90 degrees and slid about 30 feet to the west. There's the store. Shortly after we moved out of the neighborhood, the store closed in a rather unusual way. The owner killed his wife, then ran his hands through the meat-grinder in a suicide attempt. Didn't work, and he ended up in the insane asylum. Clearly the building has been a student apartment since then; also relatively unchanged.

= = = = =

Much later and more sympathetic memory: My father's boss lived in the next house east (left) of the one we rented. After hiring my father, the boss had arranged for us to rent this house; perhaps he even owned it. (I didn't pay attention to adult details at that age!) Status was surely part of the reason for moving away from that neighborhood, but the discomfort of living next to the boss must have been a bigger factor.

= = = = =

Much much later and less sympathetic memory: My mother did the same damn thing 20 years later. Parents lived on Broadway in Enid, with a major grocery store kitty-corner from the house. Mother preferred a more fashionable store on the other side of town, but when she needed a quick purchase, she walked to the garage, started the car, backed down the long narrow driveway, backed out across both lanes onto busy Broadway, drove 100 feet to the store's street parking, parked, and walked into the store. I never understood this strange requirement, and she never understood why I preferred to walk.
  Fish in a barrel

In the latest New Superstitionist a sanctimonious turd called Paul Nurse writes an editorial perfectly expressing the orthodox inbred incestuous blind bigotry of the "scientific" elite.

Paul Nurse claims to be associated with something called the "Royal Society". I hope the real Royal Society will sue him for misrepresentation. At one time in the distant past, a British group called the Royal Society was devoted to the advance of science. Nurse's organization misuses the same name to advance ignorance, absolute falsehood, and murderous intolerance.

= = = = =

Turd Nurse writes:
If you respect science you will probably be disturbed by the following opinions.

On evolution: intelligent design is "a legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in science class". And don't believe in "a theory that human beings - thinking, loving beings - originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea or from monkeys who eventually swung down from the trees."

On the use of embryonic stem cell research to cure diseases: it should be shut down because it involves "the wholesale destruction of human life".

On climate change: variations are "natural, cyclical environmental trends". That "we can't say with assurance that human activities cause weather changes" and that climate problems in Texas are best solved through "days of prayer for rain".

You would probably be even more disturbed to be told that these are the opinions expressed by potential Republican candidates for the US presidential nomination (see "Science rears its head in Republican debates"). It's alarming that a country which leads the world in science - the home of Benjamin Franklin, Richard Feynman and Jim Watson - might be turning its back on science. How can this be happening? What can be done?

= = = = =

Time to shoot fish in a barrel.

Turd Nurse picks out Franklin, Feynman and Watson as shining examples of American scientists who will agree with his bigotry. Okay, let's see how they serve him......

= = = = =

Franklin said the following about Turd Nurse:

In going on with these Experiments, how many pretty systems do we build, which we soon find ourselves oblig'd to destroy! If there is no other Use discover'd of Electricity, this, however, is something considerable, that it may help to make a vain Man humble.

= = = = =

Feynman's gathered quotations consist almost entirely of harsh direct rebukes to the bigoted certainty of Turd Nurse.

I think it's much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong.

You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you're finished, you'll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird... So let's look at the bird and see what it's doing -- that's what counts.

We are trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress.

For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

If you thought that science was certain - well, that is just an error on your part.

= = = = =

Watson is the only somewhat friendly choice. He didn't leave nearly as many pithy sayings as the other two, but his general pattern is more in line with Nurse Ratched's blind certitude. However, Watson ended his career a couple years ago by saying some perfectly true things about race and intelligence. I'm not sure Nurse really wants to associate his PC Leninism with Watson's unshakable and unfashionable love of truth.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011
  Caution! Rectifiers at work!

Winston Smith is working overtime on the recently released remarks by Jackie Kennedy.

From ABC News: Jacqueline Kennedy 'Would've Winced' at Her Anti-Feminist Comments

Think about that. Jackie was a thoroughly sane woman, like most in her generation. She knew and appreciated the differences between men and women. Also, she was French, with a more pragmatic attitude about marriage than Americans. So why in the hell would you expect her to turn insane, regret her own principles and recant her own love? Doesn't make a lick of sense no matter how you look at it. She was right then and she's still right.

From Newsmax: Andrew Young: Hoover Fed Jackie Kennedy Lies About MLK

Nope. Hoover knew the facts about Comrade MLK Boulevard. Andrew Young is part of the Jesse Jackson Mafia that took over black politics, culture, and money instantly after Comrade Boulevard was "killed by a Klansman". Young has every reason to rectify the truth about Comrade Boulevard, in order to preserve the Jackson Mafia version of the Boulevard "legacy". The real Comrade Boulevard was bad enough for blacks, but Jackson has been pure poison. If American blacks had stuck with the precepts of Booker T. Washington, they (and the rest of us!) would be in vastly better shape. Again, Jackie was right then and she's still right.
  Romney SES

An outstanding Self-Explanatory Sentence from Comrade Romney:

"Of course you have to have automobiles. Everyone has automobiles in this nation."

Rush pointed this out for his own purposes, but it's worth ripping apart anyway.

Romney in a capsule. Arrogant, blind to reality, isolated in a circle of billionaires. Let 'em eat cars.

More subtly, it shows an all-consuming egalitarianism, the same mode of thinking that requires everything to be universal and mandatory. The same mode of thinking that believes in Global Warming because every temporary trend in certain locations must be treated as Global.

You can most certainly get by without a car in many places, depending on how complicated your life is. It may be very hard in sprawling places like LA and Houston, but it's easy in smaller towns where everything is within walking distance. It's fairly easy in denser cities with good mass transit.

If your job requires travel, then you require a car. Otherwise, it's an option.

= = = = =

Sidenote: "depending on how complicated your life is." This is actually a two-way dependence. When I decided to get along without a car in 1993, I initially missed several activities that had 'required' a car. Cruising around, browsing hardware stores, going to restaurants. After a while I no longer missed those things, and found I was spending a lot less money and focusing more on productive activities. On the rare occasions when I really need an item that's too large to carry on a bus, I order it online.
  Perfect headline


Protected areas not enough to stem crush of
human population and save life on Earth.

Needless to say, the "study" is the same old Malthusian shit. Same old false assumptions of exponential growth, when actual population growth is logarithmic.

The Malthusian shit is augmented by newer anti-scientific and anti-Darwinian shit about "endangered species" and "biodiversity".

But the headline itself tells you all you need to know about Commie thinking. It says clearly that humans are not life.
Monday, September 12, 2011
  Joke's on you, commie fuckheads! HA HA HA!

Commie fuckheads give up their boycott against Arizona's perfectly rational and perfectly good laws.
An economic boycott against Arizona that's been going on for almost a year and a half is basically over. The protests were in response to the state's tough anti-immigration legislation.

This weekend, several of the main groups involved declared victory, while at the same time admitting their campaign had hurt some of the workers it was meant to help.




I'm in a harsh and crude mood this week. I'm MOTHERFUCKING TIRED of getting slapped around by Commie bullies and New York megathieves and apocalyptic Carbon Cultists who want all of humanity DEAD.
  24 hours of real reality

Responding to WUWT's challenge to answer Algore.

= = = = =

Alex Bogusky of Algore's 'Climate Reality Project' closes his appeal for money with:

The denial has hit the fan.

Well okay, that's correct if you translate his Orwellian term 'denial' back to its real meaning.

Sunday, September 11, 2011
  Golden age of agglutinators?

Half-formed thought, mostly writing down for future checking.

Most differences among humans are genetic.

Modern Western idiots have fatally forgotten this basic fact, leading to every possible type of transparently false and dangerous thinking. We require all differences to be ideological, which makes us group all Communists together, all Muslims together, all Christians together, etc.

We also miss a secondary but important classifier, which has never been thoroughly investigated. The type of language you speak helps to determine your thinking and behavior.

I'm thinking at the moment about agglutinative languages, because their owners have come into the spotlight in recent times.

Agglutination is the most 'logical' way to build a language. Each grammatical variable has its own unique marker, and you can form up a verb or noun by mechanically tacking on the appropriate set of suffixes for tense, case and so on. The vowels may be phonetically influenced by previous syllables, but that too is perfectly predictable. Contrast with a degenerate synthetic language like English or German, where only a few grammatical variables have markers at all, the markers arbitrarily take different forms for different root words, and most of the markers can indicate several different things (eg -s in English, which indicates third person singular present verbs, plural nouns of any case, or singular genitive nouns!)

Which countries are the most rational? Which have maintained a healthy culture and a healthy manufacturing sector? Turkey and Korea.

Turkey and Korea have absolutely no genetic connection, no religious connection, and no tradition of mutual trade and immigration. Yet they share a similar ability to navigate the wild seas of Gramscian destruction and come out on top, without being an imperial bully.

The one thing they do have in common is agglutination. Though their languages have no common vocabulary and no definable common ancestor, they have very similar grammar and structure.

For what it's worth, Finland and Hungary have also shown the same stubborn independence to a lesser degree, and they're also agglutinators.

Japan is the big exception to this rule. Its language is close to Korean; not quite mutually intelligible but clearly derived from a common ancestor. Japan has lost its culture to a bizarre mix of superficial westernisms, and has lost its rationality to Gaian superstition.


  Bullies can be stopped

When bullies are accustomed to rolling over everyone in sight with zero resistance, a surprisingly small counterforce can slow them down or stop them.

Reprinting something I wrote in 2006:
Back in Oklahoma, my not-so-academic friends used to talk about feeling froggy. I never understood it fully, except that it meant ready for a fight. For whatever reason, I had never experienced this state of being.

Never, that is, until 1998. At that time downtown Spokane was overrun by skateboarding assholes, who enjoyed playing cat-and-mouse games with unsuspecting adults. One afternoon a skateboarding asshole was playing with me; he skidded in front and cut me off, then saw that I was crossing a street, and zoomed across to cut me off on the other side. Right then I had absolutely had it. I didn't feel angry or hot; just ready to do whatever was necessary. Ready to calmly smash his miserable head through the nearest window if that was necessary. In other words, froggy. I kicked his skateboard into the air; it landed in the middle of the street. I said simply "Get out of the way", then walked on toward my destination, ready for whatever might happen. He squawked for a while, threatening to do innumerable and unspeakable things to my white ass, but he did nothing.

After that day, no skateboarding assholes bothered me. Not one, not ever.

Now we find Turkey applying a very small counterforce against the world's greatest bully, Israel.
Turkey's foreign minister says the prime minister will not cross the border into the Gaza Strip during his trip to Egypt but warns that Israel faces "growing isolation" in the region.

Ahmet Davutoğlu said Sunday that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who visits Egypt Monday, will also travel to Tunisia and Libya, but will limit his itinerary to those destinations.

Israel has had strained relations recently with both Turkey and Egypt, where rioters ransacked the Israeli embassy. A visit to Gaza by Erdoğan could spike tensions following Israel's refusal to apologize for its raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla that killed nine pro-Palestinian activists last year.

Israel says it "will act to lower the flames" and try to mend relations with Turkey.

This is the first time in several decades that the bully has shown any signs of backing down, any attempt to 'mend relations' with anyone. Until now, Israel has been able to use its own forces plus the combined economic, military, psychological and diplomatic forces of all the Western fucking idiots to fend off even the slightest criticism, the slightest hint of less-than-total submission.

Turkey hasn't even kicked Israel's skateboard into the street! Just issued some standard diplomatic indications of extreme displeasure. Just hard talk and gestures. But hard talk is a tremendous change from the previous context of total surrender by all of the bully's neighbors. And in human behavior, it's always the Delta that counts!


  Oh shit.

Today all the Satanist-Leninist poison vendors are running the same fucking program:

[Saaaaaaaaaaad muuuuuuuuusic] AMERICAAAAAAH REMEMBAAAAAHS! [Mooooooooore saaaaaaaaad muuuuuuuusic]

Indulging in an orgy of fucking Newyorkness, which is hardly unusual. The Satanist-Leninist poison vendors give us an orgy of fucking Newyorkness all the fucking time and call it America.

= = = = =


The only fucking thing AMERICA remembers today is that New York fucks us over every fucking minute of every fucking day. New York steals our money and puts it in its own obscenely bulging pockets. New York runs the biggest rackets in the world, from Global Warming to Diversity to Stocks. New York steals our jobs and hands them to China. New York tells us a pack of vicious Satanic lies designed to make us happy happy happy that we are impoverished and jobless and demoralized and confused and hopeless.

It's too fucking bad Sheikh Osama didn't finish his assigned job. He could have done a tremendous favor for AMERICA by destroying New York totally.

In reality, of course, he had no reason to finish the job. Bush The Son abjectly surrendered, giving Osama everything he wanted and more. Osama, being a thoroughly sensible executive, saw no need to waste resources on attacking his collaborators.

(The actual setup may have been even worse, but this explanation is simple enough and evil enough for the time being.)
Saturday, September 10, 2011
  Sad, confused, fearful

All the Satanist-Leninist poison vendors are spending this weekend reinforcing over and over and over again the "sad, confused and fearful" response that was typical of New York mutants on 9/11. Needless to say, this is exactly the response that Sheikh Osama wanted. He may be gone, but his commands remain in effect.

Unlike NY aliens, Americans had an entirely different set of emotions. Unlike NY aliens, we were not sad, confused or fearful. We were pissed. And some of us got even more pissed when idiot Bush failed to respond to the attack. [Sidenote: the SOLE CORRECT RESPONSE, in case you're TOO FUCKING STUPID TO BREATHE, was as follows: Depopulate Saudi Arabia and Yemen with neutron bombs, and claim their oil as American property.] Instead, Comrade Bush sent soldiers to some countries that DID NOT ATTACK US, and then spent a decade screwing around in those countries, allegedly attempting to accomplish something or other.

Then some of us finally realized that the whole fucking pile of shit was rigged. Some caught on early; I caught on very late.

Now I'm only pissed at myself for sticking to the standard shit when it was so blatantly and transparently wrong.
  The snob waggle

Not relevant to any current controversy, just something I started thinking about. Realized it probably hasn't been 'documented' before. I've seen it from the outside, and I've felt it from the inside when I was a loyal hippiecommie.

When a committed Commie is talking to one of the unwashed unenlightened masses (the deniers or skeptics or Neanderthals) you'll occasionally notice a pause of a few seconds, accompanied by a slight fast shaking of the head with eyes cast downward. The shaking is almost imperceptible.

If you could turn the waggle into words, it would say: "Explaining this concept to you would make me feel dirty. My words would be hopelessly sullied by exposure to your eardrums."

Usually it's a concept that the Commie doesn't have a standard talking-point for; sometimes it's a concept that has gone through so many stages of redefinition and re-euphemization that the Commie can't properly untangle it in his own head.

Occasionally you'll see the same waggle in other types of snobs, such as a Catholic trying to explain transubstantiation or a rich Jew trying to explain why he absolutely needs to own everything in the world. You Neanderthals can't be expected to understand these Basic Universal Laws.
  Seismic manslaughter

Listening to a brief report on an Italian manslaughter trial of official seismologists who reassured the public there was no chance of a major earthquake in L'Aquila**. Well, there was a quake, and it killed a number of people.

Some sanctimonious "scientist" said in a mournful tone:

"If it becomes habitual for scientists to be liable for damages when they make bad predictions, this will be bad for scientists. They will have to be vastly more careful about what they say in public."

Engineers and doctors already have to watch their predictions because they know that lives are on the line.

Seismologists are not corrupt like crimatologists, but they do have a peculiar inability to understand that the earth is one object. They consistently see events a few miles apart as completely unrelated, because their obviously defective theories can't envision how the waves from one quake can trigger another quake.

Perhaps it's also about fucking time for the British families who lost loved ones in the "mild winters" predicted by the carbon-infected Met Office to charge the carbon-infected Met Office with manslaughter.

= = = = =

** BBC pronounces L'Aquila as 'LACK Willer'.
Friday, September 09, 2011
  Frustrating Brooks (as always)

David Brooks keeps doing it. Unlike most pundits, his reasoning process is excellent. He usually manages to draw the right conclusions from facts, and sometimes draws a uniquely valid conclusion. Thus he's always worth reading. But his 'universe of observation' is NY-centered, which blinds him to the experiences of Americans.

He's done it again in today's column.

The good part:
A few years ago, Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen M. Reinhart wrote the definitive guide to the current economic downturn, a book called “This Time Is Different.” Rogoff and Reinhart studied data from eight centuries of financial crises. They found that banking-crisis recessions are worse than normal recessions. They last longer.

The general lesson I take from this history ... Use the winter of recuperation to take care of the fundamentals. Work hard to fix the education system, the tax code, the fiscal mess and the regulatory system. None of these things will produce short-term benefits. But when the recession finally does run its course, the economy will be ready to surge. Paradoxically, you have more power to influence these fundamental issues than you do next month’s jobs report.

Perfectly right. Best advice of any pundit.

In fact, it's exactly what FDR did in the 1930's depression. Unlike the idiotic caricature of FDR by both modern sides, he didn't 'stimulate' anything. That wasn't why he spent money. He spent money to straighten out the banks, stomp out the speculators, improve education and build a complete new infrastructure. After the depression was over, America had its best 40 years, all because of FDR's 'winter of recuperation'.

But then:
This is the problem the Obama administration is facing. Like everybody else, it has seen a sluggish economy come grinding to a halt. There is clearly now a significant risk of a double-dip recession.

DOUBLE-DIP? Stop it. This wording implies that the recession began in Sept 2008 and ended sometime thereafter. Maybe that's true in Wall Street.

Some parts of America have been in a depression since 1975. The depression has been slowly spreading since then, and finally reached NY in 2008. At that point, the average speculator saw his daily income drop from its usual trillion to only 999 billion, which drove him to desperation. He was only able to destroy nine entire planets per day instead of his accustomed ten entire planets! Oh no!

The recession ended for NY when Shotgun Paulson stole the entire American economy and handed it to the speculators.

One part of America never fell into the recession. North Dakota. Perhaps we should be looking to ND for solutions instead of NY. And if we looked there, we'd find the North Dakota State Bank, which has operated in a unique way since 1919. The state bank receives all tax revenues BEFORE the government itself gets them, and treats the revenues as an investment to be preserved. It lets the state government have what it needs, and uses the overflow for business development and emergency aid. All commercial banks in the state are dependent on the state bank.
Thursday, September 08, 2011
  Outsourcing crime

Been watching episodes of Racket Squad, an excellent 1952 TV show. Low budget required constant re-use of the same sets and cars (mainly Nashes!) and the same small group of actors; and the intro was oddly misplaced, belonging more to a high-action cop show. But they didn't scrimp on writing and research. Excellent scripts based on real con-men and rackets, with real and useful information about the inner workings of the scams.

Trite but true: scams don't change much through history. Except! Many of the old scams are no longer possible within America because of electronic banking and tight regulations.

Polistra and Happystar are watching an episode that deals with a 'bill-of-sale' scam. The con-men pretended to be moving from a distant town to buy a business. Their offer was irresistibly high, so the suckers felt they were getting the advantage on the dumb outsiders. (Always a key ingredient of a scam.) The outsiders paid with a promissory note against an escrow account in their hometown bank. The suckers called the bank and heard that the escrow account had more than enough money; but by the time the note came due, the money was gone and the con-men had already resold the business (irresistibly low, of course) to another sucker who couldn't be prosecuted because he bought it innocently. The resale is where the con-men made their money.

You couldn't do that now. Banks are much tighter, and you can't write checks without proper OCR codes and such.

Many of these scams have moved overseas now, where banks are loose and corrupt. Nigeria is, of course, the classic location.

Since outsourcing honest labor is evil and treasonous, you might deduce that outsourcing dishonesty would be a good thing.

Is it? Do suckers get a better break because American con-men have been replaced by Nigerian con-men?


When the con-men were local, we could arrest them. When they're in Nigeria or Russia or China, we can't.

Note that very few police depts have a Racket Squad now... but this may be more related to a different type of outsourcing. The low-level cons have been hugely overwhelmed by galactic-scale official con games. Wall Street, Securitization, Global Warming, Diversity. These quadrillion-dollar scams own everything, leaving no suckers unsucked. Our "economy" consists solely of rackets now, so there's no point in discriminating against the small-time scammers by arresting them.
Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Listening to tonight's Repooflican debate.

Only one comment.

On the HPV vaccination question, Perry is exactly right and all the other candidates are exactly wrong. Public health requires a certain amount of force, and unfortunately vaccination requires more force now than before. Science has fucked up its own reputation completely, and people are understandably suspicious of scientific conclusions.

Nevertheless, vaccinating all kids against HPV will save plenty of lives, and plenty of expense in later medical care. That justifies it.

Ron Paul made an astonishing statement in the middle of this, which nobody questioned.

Paul said "As President I will never use executive orders."

This means, literally and unavoidably: "As President I will abjectly and totally surrender to the permanent bureaucracy. The America-hating Soviet saboteurs in the executive and judicial branches will have absolute freedom to smash this unfortunate land, and I will take no action to slow them down. I will just sit in the Oval Office and observe the disaster."

Paul clearly has no contact with reality. He should be removed from politics to spare us from his insanity.

Overall, Perry tells the exact precise truth about everything he chooses to discuss, from the Carbon Cult to Social Security to evolution to tort reform. The other candidates approach truth to varying degrees, but only Perry hits the Accuracy Button 100% of the time. There has never before been a major candidate of any party with such a total grasp of the truth. His recommendations may not be the best in each case, but his knowledge is unrivaled.
  Save carbon by SHUTTING THE FUCK UP.

Since our dear beloved Satanist-Leninist Poison Vendors are so fucking CONCERNED about cutting down the use of EVIL CARBON, I have a suggestion for them. STOP YAMMERING ABOUT CARBON.

30% of every news story is currently occupied with FALSE, CRIMINAL AND FRAUDULENT babble about sequestering Carbon or shrinking your Carbon footprint or switching to Holy Fucking Wind Power or saving the fucking FISH or saving the fucking POLAR BEAR or saving some fucking goddamn WORM. Thus, eliminating all this FALSE, CRIMINAL AND GENOCIDAL HATE SPEECH from every "news" broadcast and every "entertainment" broadcast would cut the length of all broadcasts by 30%. It would eliminate 30% of the pages in every "news"paper and magazine.

It might even leave a little room for truth, though that's an absurd and pointless expectation. "Journalists" are fatally allergic to truth. Truth is all around them, easily available with a bit of looking, but they have NEVER ONCE USED IT. NOT FUCKING ONCE. NOT FUCKING EVER. NEVER.

In Australia this move would blessedly eliminate the "media" entirely, since every single "story" in Australian "media" consists of nothing but CARBON! CARBON! CARBON! CARBON! CARBON! CARBON! KILL THE DENIERS! KILL THE DENIERS! KILL THE DENIERS! CARBON! CARBON! CARBON!


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A commenter at the Uncommon Descent blog has pointed to a very brief but infinitely fascinating discovery.
For the first time, Tufts University biologists have reported that bioelectrical signals are necessary for normal head and facial formation in an organism and have captured that process in a time-lapse video that reveals never-before-seen patterns of visible bioelectrical signals outlining where eyes, nose, mouth, and other features will appear in an embryonic tadpole.

The Tufts biologists found that, before the face of a tadpole develops, bioelectrical signals (ion flux) cause groups of cells to form patterns marked by different membrane voltage and pH levels. When stained with a reporter dye, hyperpolarized (negatively charged) areas shine brightly, while other areas appear darker, creating an "electric face."

"When a frog embryo is just developing, before it gets a face, a pattern for that face lights up on the surface of the embryo," said senior author Dany S. Adams.

The original article includes a very short video clip that gets the point across magnificently.

Reminds me of projecting a blueprint onto the ground so you can tell where to build the walls and doors.

The next question must be: What and where is the 'projector'? How are those voltages made to appear in the correct locations?

Sooner or later a tiny handful of scientists may be forced by facts to ask the CORRECT question: Not what is the 'projector' but WHO is the 'projector'?


  How can you avoid this thought?

News item:
Pakistani security forces working in cooperation with U.S. intelligence captured senior al-Qaida commander Younis al-Mauritani, the most important al-Qaida figure in several years to be arrested in Pakistan, officials said Monday.

...Al-Mauritani “was tasked personally by Osama bin Laden to focus on hitting targets of economical importance in United States of America, Europe and Australia,” said a statement from the Pakistani military. “He was planning to target United States economic interests, including gas and oil pipelines, power-generating dams, and strike ships and oil tankers through explosive-laden speed boats in international waters.”

Bin Laden had long been obsessed with trying to cripple the U.S. and its allies economically, realizing that militarily it would be impossible.


What have Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama been doing for the last 22 years? Crippling the US and its allies economically.

And what has the genocidal enemy army EPA been doing for the last 22 years?
"Targeting United States economic interests, including gas and oil pipelines, power-generating dams...."

Why do we bother to capture these dudes when we've been doing their work for them?

Best explanation: To keep them from talking about their bosses named Bush and Obama.
  Change of icon

Long past time to change the top icon. Happystar and Mr Sun have become regular characters along with Polistra, and they deserve proper billing!

More importantly, the earlier icon featured Polistra praying to a cross. This is increasingly dissonant as I've come to disbelieve the pack of grotesque lies about Islam that our secular masters have been feeding us.

Defending the dam symbolizes two of Polistra's continuing themes at once:

First, Storage and frugality are the keys to civilization.

Second, we must eradicate the marauding enemy army EPA, which has already accomplished what Hitler and Tojo only dreamed of doing. Viciously profaning the name of science with murderous anti-science, EPA makes ferocious war against all of humanity and nature, blowing up dams to stop evolution in its tracks.


Monday, September 05, 2011
  Pet peeve

Since I turned off the TV, I haven't had many chances to get irritated by the peculiar language of Conservatese or Foxian. Every now and then I'll accidentally listen to a Foxian-speaker, and the old bile rises. The most egregious bits of Foxian are the "correction" of every dangling preposition and split infinitive into ridiculously clumsy and ambiguous Germanic syntax. Another aspect is the insistence on "conservative" definitions of certain specific words, which means picking a random date in history and using the word's definition in some ancient time.

Jed Babbin, the purest of the Neocons, got off a perfect example today. Subbing for Jerry Doyle (who doesn't speak Foxian), Babbin was talking as always about how everything was heavenly and perfect and Nirvana under the Holy Saintly George Double-U Bush [Sanctified Be His Holy Name], and everything is now Dirty and Horrible and Hellish since the very moment of the Satanic Inauguration of Satan Himself on January 20, 2009, a Day That Shall Live In Infamy.

Babbin was saying something about the workforce being decimated, then interrupted himself to say "Of course decimated really means reduced by one-tenth, not eliminated."

No, asshole. That's what decimated really meant to the Romans. In modern English, for at least 200 years, decimated really means "nearly eliminated."

If you're having a private audience with the Pope, you can speak Latin. But if you're talking to modern literate speakers of English, then you MUST use the accepted modern meanings of words. No choice. Otherwise you're talking in secret code.
  Dams work.

Seemed to me that the drought might be hurting Texas more than Okla because Texas is short on dams and reservoirs. Just a visual impression based on maps and memories.

Looked up some facts to check the impression:

Raw facts: Oklahoma has about 13 million acre-feet stored in major reservoirs, not counting farm ponds and such. Okla has about 3.6 million people.

Raw facts: Texas has about 25 million acre-feet in major reservoirs. Texas has 24 million people.

So in proportion, Okla has three times as much water per person. Or by land area, Okla has more than twice as much water per square mile, but not quite thrice.

My visual impression turned out to be correct.

Okla acquired its abundant reservoirs from two political impulses, which seemed like boondoggles to many at the time: First, the major Midwest flood of 1951 gave the Corps of Engineers enough momentum to equip most of the Plains states with new dams. Second, Okla state politicians had a habit of building monuments to simultaneously serve the people and reflect their own glory.

Storage is the key to civilization.

Aside from human purposes, large bodies of water also work directly against drought. When more of the surface is water, evaporation cools the air and aids the development of rain.

Dams work, dammit. So dam it, dammit!
  This explains it.

Big item in UK Telegraph. More specific than the earlier revelation of MI6 and CIA using Qaddafi for rendition.
A senior officer in MI6 wrote a congratulatory letter to Moussa Koussa, then head of Libyan foreign intelligence and later foreign minister, on the safe arrival from Malaysia thanks to British and American intelligence of a man known as Abu Abdallah Sadiq.

That is the nom de guerre of the leader of the then banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Abdelhakim Belhadj, who is now head of the Tripoli Military Council in the post-revolutionary Libyan government and a key western ally.

Mr Belhadj has claimed that once returned to Tripoli he was hung by his hands in his prison cell and beaten. He was eventually released after five years in jail in a deal under which the LIFG renounced violence. He said this weekend he was asking for an apology from Britain and America and might sue, but that the issue would not cloud the countries' relationship with the new government.

Been wondering why the West supported the rebels in Libya, who seemed by all normal foreign-policy logic to be firm enemies of the Gaian Occupation Governments in UK and US.

Now it's obvious. Plain old blackmail. Belhadj wanted our military support; now that he's received what he needed, he reveals the truth to keep us in line.

Good for him. Any movement that replaces an internationalist dictator with local leadership is good; anything that discredits and embarrasses the internationalist dictators of the Anglosphere is especially good.
Sunday, September 04, 2011
  Neat trick!

Trying to follow the saga of the 'Travellers' who are being evicted from Dale Farm in Essex.

Apparently, the raw facts are these:

(1) The Travellers are a subculture of Irish white trash, basically the same genes and criminal subculture as the bootlegging Irish hillbillies in America. Their historical origin is also parallel. The Travellers turned into roaming rebels when the Great Reformer Oliver Cromwell defeated the Irish Confederate Catholics and murderously occupied Ireland for many years. The rum-running hillbillies turned into roaming rebels when the Great Exterminator Abraham Lincoln (damn his name, damn his name, damn his name a trillion times) burned down the South, defeated the Southern Confederates, shredded the American Constitution, and murderously occupied the South for many years.

(2) The Travellers have long been confused with Gypsies, and have adopted the ways and even the name of Gypsies.

(3) This adopted-relative status has turned out to be highly advantageous, because actual Gypsies have absolute monarchic privilege in modern Britain. When an actual Gypsy takes over your house and property, you are fucked. Any attempt to reclaim your home is strictly illegal, and you will end up in jail.

(4) However, the current dispute is not about squatting, because the criminal Irish Travellers genuinely own the Dale Farm. They bought it fair and square. Instead, it's about environmentalism. The Gaian Occupation Government on Britain has decreed certain areas as Green Zones to be reserved for Holy Aristocratic Endangered Species with Zero Human Interference. Dale Farm is in one of those Green Zones. The GOG decided to evict the Travellers to preserve Green Sanctity, in violation of normal property rights. Most of the ordinary honest Brits in the area welcomed the move because the Travellers are dirty criminals, not because of any Green reasons.

(5) The UN has gotten into the act, though it must have been a difficult decision for them. Do they protect the Infinite Royal Privilege of Gypsies? Or do they protect the Infinite Royal Privilege of Endangered Species? For some reason they decided on the former.

= = = = =

So: we have a group of British trailer trash hillbillies, who would normally be at the very bottom of both legal and cultural status. Because they successfully adopted the mantle of a top-status group (Gypsies), the UN is working to protect hillbillies from Green laws; AND the UN is working to protect real private property from collectivization.

Pretty neat trick, Travellers! You've got the UN running counter to its normal insanity in two ways at once!

Nearest American equivalent would be a clan of meth-cooking Arkansans declaring themselves an Indian tribe. (Not a close analogy, because the real Indians are not criminals by nature.) This would give the hillbillies far more freedom and sovereignty than ordinary Americans, enabling them to carry on their bootlegging activities untouched by law. I can't imagine it working, though. The legitimate tribes would quite properly object to the adoption.
  One minute to disprove

Aside from questions of Obama's motive in striking it down, the EPA rule on low-level ozone is PERFECTLY ANTI-SCIENTIFIC, like all of their Satanic rules.

Their official justification is to save the lives of asthma sufferers. Okay, fine. Let's look at the relation between low-level ozone and asthma.

Here's a chart of asthma incidence per 100,000 people, from 1982 to 2009. Note that asthma incidence (or perhaps diagnosis) has more than doubled over these years. Unless it's all in the diagnostic criteria, this is a real problem.

(From this source.)

Now here's a graph of low-level ozone in American cities, for roughly the same years. Note that the ozone has gone STEADILY DOWN over this period.

(From the marauding enemy army EPA itself!!!!!!!!!!!)

Took me about one minute to find these items.

One minute to firmly and finally disprove the claim that asthma is related to ozone.

How come none of the idiots in the media took one minute to check this claim? How come they didn't ask the fucking EPA about the actual trends in low-level ozone? Rhetorical question, of course.

Most ordinary people, and even many medical experts, know why asthma is increasing. It has nothing to do with any kind of pollution, and everything to do with kids staying inside and missing their normal natural exposure to sun, bacteria, plants and animals.


Saturday, September 03, 2011

News item:
Secret files have been unearthed by The Independent in Tripoli that reveal the astonishingly close links that existed between British and American governments and Muammar Gaddafi.

The documents chart how prisoners were offered to the Libyans for brutal interrogation by the Tripoli regime under the highly controversial "rendition" programme, and also how details of exiled opponents of the Libyan dictator in the UK were passed on to the regime by MI6.

The papers show that British officials actually helped write a draft speech for Colonel Gaddafi while he was trying to rehabilitate his regime from the pariah status to which it had sunk following its support for terrorist movements.

The British were also passing on information to Gaddafi about Libyan opposition activists.
Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at peace with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war

Friday, September 02, 2011
  Makes you wonder....

Obama has pushed back against the marauding enemy army EPA. This is wildly out of character for the Bushobama Dynasty, which has previously marched forward at triple time into Haitian hell.

When someone in DC does something right, you have to wonder what's going on.

No Federal official ever helps the American people. Their assigned job since 1989 is to serve the foreign-policy interests of Israel and the economic interests of China. They have been sacrificing America's hard-won industrial power and human capital to serve those ends with remarkable loyalty.

So when a policy suddenly appears to help the American people, you look for the real motive.

Does China benefit from stopping the ozone rule? Would the trillion-dollar loss predicted upon enforcing this rule fall mainly on Chinese-owned business?

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