Saturday, November 29, 2014
  Not the problem

Reading some halfway valid stuff about immigration versus jobs. Got me to thinking.

The notion that "Americans won't take those jobs" is partly true, but not because we're lazy. It's partly numerical and partly cultural.

Numerical: Farmers have grown accustomed to paying a certain amount to Mexicans, and IT firms have grown accustomed to paying a certain amount to Hindoos. They can get better quality work for lower wages because the money effectively grows when it reaches Mexico or India. It's a hidden bonus created by a differently structured economy. The Mexican or Hindoo can support a large family with those amounts of money, and being the sole support of a family in a family-oriented culture that respects men makes the work worth doing.

Cultural: I can see the change within my own life. Back in the '70s I was willing to do low-level jobs because I mistakenly and stupidly believed that working hard would eventually lead to getting respect and having a wife. After the idiot delusion popped in 1984, I was no longer willing to take low-level jobs. I got fussy. The job had to contain plenty of intrinsic pleasure, because the external motivation was gone.

A third major (and unrecognized) factor is the loss of Infrastructure For Drifters. Before 1980 most cities, including tiny rural villages, had old hotels and boarding houses where a seasonal worker could live cheaply. By cheaply I mean $2 a night or $10 a week. In today's dollars, that's $10 a night or $50 a week. Cities and towns also had cheap cafes and diners. Thus: Out of a typical ten-hour day, you were working one hour for shelter and one hour for food and one hour for taxes. The rest was yours to save for winter or send home. Pretty good deal.

Now those hotels and cafes are gone, and seasonal living is incurably EXPENSIVE. No more furnished rooms, no more blue plate specials. Die-Versity laws, zoning rules, health department regs, and dead small towns have eliminated this level of room and board.

Again Mexicans and Hindoos benefit from solid social structure. They're willing to share larger houses to cut the expense because the pride and pressure of Family make the temporary sacrifice worthwhile.

In short, we don't have an immigration problem. We have a civilization problem. A nation is supposed to open the path to decent work and decent family life. Culture should make those things the path of least resistance. Our culture has conspired on all levels, governmental and corporate and religious, to turn decent families and decent jobs into unattainable mountains. Only infinitely increased share value counts. Nothing else.
  No shield

James Watson is auctioning off his Satan Prize to make a point. Unfortunately the point won't work. There's no forgiveness for truth, no chance of returning to public life after you commit heresy.

The basic problem is that Watson is a strictly scientific personality, a pure nerd who doesn't pick up on broad social cues. When he finds truth he speaks truth. This was permitted in the '50s when he was actively working. Since 1989 it's no longer permitted, but nobody wrote a specific law or warning sign. It's just in the social air.

Compare smoking with truth-telling. Western societies turned against smoking at the same time, but there's no danger of an ivory-tower type accidentally smoking in public. Why? Because there are clear and explicit signs saying "NO SMOKING WITHIN 25 FEET OF ENTRANCE".

We don't provide signs saying "NO TRUTH-TELLING WITHIN 25 FEET OF PUBLIC". You just have to pick it up implicitly by observing the media and government activities.

When Sovietism resided in Russia, Sovietism valued the contributions of science, so it provided a shield between the scientists and the public. Scientists lived in guarded towns. Now that Sovietism resides in the West, it doesn't value science, so it doesn't bother to shield scientists from mobs.


Friday, November 28, 2014
  Morer than just blah blah Gingerer

From Tech Times:
Dogs respond to human speech in much the same way we do, study suggests. Their brains can respond simultaneously to bother the content and emotional component of speech, researchers say.

Betterer questioner: Do journalisters understander humaner speecher?

Seriously, the study was an elegant experiment:
Ratcliffe and Reby had dogs listen to human speech from two speakers placed on either side of the animal. The speech either had meaning to the dog (the very British command, "Come on then") or no meaning. The quality of the speech was also manipulated: Sometimes it was stripped of the trappings of the human voice, to emphasize the meaning of the words; sometimes the emotional tone was exaggerated.

The researchers found that when they broadcast "come on then" with the meaning emphasized, the dogs typically turned their heads to the right-side speaker. ... indicates they were processing the words with a bias toward the left hemisphere of the brain, [the language center].

When the emotional tone of the speech was exaggerated, the dogs turned to the left ... [the music and emotion center].
The finding itself is old knowledge. A smart dog understands a number of words and phrases that have importance to the dog, regardless of how you say the words. The hemispheric division is new knowledge. Up till now it was assumed that Wernicke's Area and Broca's Area were exclusively human or at most exclusive to anthropoid primates.
  Gific graphs

Still thinking about econ and graphs ... The usual X-shaped graphs used by economists are just plain dumb. I've never managed to gather any information from them. Most of them don't even apply to reality, and they don't lead to any understanding.

Why not use animation? I've been using animated graphs in my courseware and (occasionally) here for a long time. SWF and GIF have been around for 20 years; there's no excuse for sticking to methods that work on paper.

Looked around to see if anyone had already done it. Only found ONE usable online example. Not the same way I'd do it, but works very nicely and definitely helps to learn the ideas.

Interactive economics from Dinesh Bakshi.
Thursday, November 27, 2014
  Graphic graphs

It's traditional to warn 'sensitive' readers or viewers in advance of unpleasant or NSFW images. But what if you're an econ blogger, like Wolf Richter? How do you warn?

I like it!
  Hmm. Could it be that

BBC briefly covered a problem.... Some lakes in Britain and Canada are turning to jelly. The explanation is slightly complicated. It's basically a competition between two types of tiny crustacean. One type builds a hard calcium exoskeleton, the other type builds a jelly-like outer shield. During the 20th century acid rain leached lots of calcium from soil, which ran off into lakes. The calcium-skeleton crustacea flourished. Now that we've gotten rid of the "pollution", soil is holding more calcium and the lakes no longer receive enough to sustain the hard-shell critters. So the jelly-making critters now dominate the lakes.

Feed a fact to a journalist and the journalist will always build the same shit-like outer shell, no matter what the fact is. Journalist eats "pollution" and "problem" and shits out POLLUTION CAUSES PROBLEM! WE'RE BURNING! POLLUTION IS INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY! UNPRECEDENTED! DIRTIEST YEAR IN HISTORY! DIRTIEST MONTH IN HISTORY! DIRTIEST DECADE IN HISTORY!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Were lakes jellified before the "pollution" of acid rain? I don't recall reading anything about jelly-filled lakes in the 1700s. Maybe the "polluted" condition is the natural condi


Wednesday, November 26, 2014
  No, it's not a fucking jar.

Idiot Civic Engagement types are always telling us that we need to "Vote", whatever the fuck that means, so we can "Hold Government Accountable", whatever the fuck that means.

In my 65 years on this earth, I've only observed ONE INSTANCE when "We The People" actually did Hold The Government Accountable.

1974. Congress, blindly obeying Comrade Nader and his hagminion Joan Claybrook, required cars to include shoulder belts, which was a good idea ... and also required the cars to FORCE you to use the belts, which was a terrible idea.

Detroit made shoulder belts unspeakably inconvenient. You had to disentangle several dozen belt parts, figure out which two pieces were the lap belt for your side, buckle those pieces first, then figure out which two pieces were the shoulder belt for your side and buckle those. If you didn't get it right, the car buzzed at you and refused to start.

No excuse for the separate belt pieces. That was Detroit's fault. (Euro carmakers had already perfected the three-point belt with retractors.)

The buzzing-refusing was purely Congress's fault.

"We the people" told Congress what we thought, and Congress retracted the buzzer-refuser law.

That was the one and only time Congress responded to "We The People". Plenty of laws have been revised or repealed because superrich fuckheads objected. Never again would a law be made or revised to suit mere humans.

Much later correction: I was unfair in showing an AMC Matador with the tangled-up belts. AMC actually adopted Euro-style three point belts in '74, which were much easier to use than the Big Three's punishment belts.

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  Truth = SEXISM! RACISM! HOMOPHOBIA! as usual.

Erdogan has spoken some obvious truth at an international meeting, and the usual monsters are OUTRAGED as usual.
You cannot make women and men equal; this is against nature. You cannot subject a pregnant woman to the same working conditions as a man. You cannot make a mother who has to breastfeed her child equal to a man. You cannot make women do everything men do like the communist regimes did… This is against her delicate nature. ... Feminists don’t accept the concept of motherhood, but those who do understand are enough for us. We'll continue down this path with them.
Simple truth, expressed rather mildly and moderately. Enough to throw Satan into her usual hissyfit.

= = = = =

Erdogan is the sanest major leader in the world, but not everything he says is true.

His recent comment about Columbus sighting a mosque in Cuba is simply wrong. Apparently Columbus described a hill that resembled a mosque, not an actual mosque.

Still, it's an interesting question. Given the fact that America was always part of the worldwide wanderings of various tribes, it's possible that some of the wanderers had brought Islam from Central Asia.

Best candidate would be the Volga Tatars, who converted to Islam around 900 AD. During the warm period when the Danes were settling Greenland, the Tatars had a major trading empire covering a large segment of Siberia.

The Tatars (or other vectors) would have been northern people, so they probably wouldn't have been anywhere near the Caribbean when Columbus was exploring. Did they leave any artifacts? We haven't found any, but then we weren't looking. In history as in biology, we tend to ignore or discard found objects unless we know what we're looking for.

There's a tantalizing similarity between some Eskimo decorations and some Tatar decorations, but that doesn't prove anything without a 'chain of evidence.'


Tuesday, November 25, 2014
  Only one lesson

As I said on the first day of this mess, the SIMPLE lesson is DASH CAMS! HELMET CAMS! BODY CAMS! ALL COPS ALL THE TIME! These gadgets have already avoided many riots and saved many cops from Satan's Inquisitors. The SIMPLE AND ABSOLUTE FACT is that the cop turns out to be right EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. When the cops are able to get a VIDEO into the media IMMEDIATELY, SharptonJackson Riot Partners LLC are deflated from the start. But since the cops in this case were too stupid to use cams, we're left with only one COMPLICATED lesson.

This complicated lesson was obvious long before today. Integration was an evil idea spawned by evil monsters. Their genocidal goal was not publicly known in 1954 when the official evil began. Now, thanks to Holder, the precise purpose of the evil is utterly blindingly clear.

Integration has accomplished its single sole solitary purpose. Total bloody chaos. Death of civilization.

Segregation worked before and it will work again. Total segregation is the only answer now.

It didn't have to end this way. When we had industries, we had good jobs for men of all skills. Men who can support a family don't join gangs and riot. But the SAME monsters who forced integration also destroyed our industries, solely to enrich their own evil tribe. Through their EPA operations they made a special point of destroying industries in the most riot-prone areas.

After the industries were gone and labor costs were reduced to zero, the tribe looked around and realized that actual men still had a few places where they could succeed. So the tribe removed men from the military. But there was still just one little place where actual men ... especially actual black men ... might succeed. It wasn't a practical place, because it's a very small labor force. But it was still a goal and a dream for a few actual men. So the tribe is now removing men from professional sports. Job nearly accomplished! Satan is well pleased.

Now the monster tribe grows infinitely richer with every counterfeit trillion pumped into their bloated Cayman Island accounts from the gray dead tits of their horrid grotesque Mama Janet.

Now the ordinary men (both black and white) who used to support families are on welfare, with precisely zero hope of moving upward.

The monster tribe tells those men to attend Harvard and Yale like the tribe does. Those men cannot attend Harvard and Yale no matter how heavy a debt you load on their shoulders. Their skills are more suited to building a country than destroying it, but we only value the destroyers. So the men who used to build the country will now destroy it.

You asked for it, you got it.
Monday, November 24, 2014
  Amazing traffic

Astonishingly heavy traffic this morning. In 25 years of walking the same route near-daily, I've never seen this. Normally the corner of Wellesley and Driscoll piles up to a max of 6 cars at peak moments. This morning it was piled beyond the church, probably 60 cars altogether. Some smart drivers were peeling off and heading up steep Litchfield, probably aiming to get onto Wellesley at the roundabout. Never seen that before. This isn't one of those intersections where you need to remember an alternate route for congestion.

Evidence of the supposed "week-long Black Friday?"


  Three foundresses

Not sure how I started thinking about this, but it turns out to be a puzzling question.

Three American churches were started by women. The churches are totally different in theology and practice, and the response of Satan's government and media differs ... but not in proportion.

Ellen White started the 7th-day Adventists. White was typical of the 1840s awakening. Vegetarian, feminist, pacifist**, anti-male, anti-sex, pro-democracy as long as democracy yielded Correct Results. All the evil shit embodied in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th amendments. One of White's close female associates tried to missionize the poor delicate vulnerable endangered Firstseses Nationseses Peopleseses in Oklahoma, but fled in horror when she realized that the Cherokees and Chickasaws had brought their black slaves along on the Trail of Tears. Tells you ALL you need to know.

Mary Baker Eddy started the Christian Scientists. Eddy was a different kind of Commie. She wasn't interested in diet or sex. She basically took Spiritualism (poorly digested Buddhism) and rebranded it with Christian labels. Buddha says the world is an illusion ---> Christ says the world is an illusion. [I can't argue with this ... my grandmother followed the ideas and lived to 100. Maybe it's right.]

Aimee Semple McPherson started the Pentecostal movement. Her own Foursquare denomination faded to a small remnant, but the resulting movement is tremendously powerful. McPherson was NOT the same type of woman as White and Eddy. She was pretty and sexy. She gave men a reason to attend church for the first time in history.

= = = = =

Now. How do modern Commies react to these three movements started by Wyyyymyyyns? It's a good experiment because all three movements collide with the court system at the same point.

Christian Scientists don't get in the news often. Occasionally CS parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" work hard to defend the parents from "unfair" public health laws.

Pentecostals are always in the news, always negatively. Media are always ready to blame Pentecostals for everything and anything, even though Pentecostals were the first Gaians. Occasionally Pentecostal parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" grind the parents to mush.

Adventists don't get in the news much. Occasionally Adventist parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" grind the parents to mush.

= = = = =

The difference in response between CS and Pentecostal is normal and expected. Serious Christians are the lowest of the low in this cursed former country. A Christian movement started by a woman you can look at without clawing your eyes out afterward? Even lower than lowest of the low. Immeasurably low.

But why do Adventists fall on the same side as Pentecostals? Their founder was much closer to modern Commies than Mary Baker Eddy was.

Answer: It's not theology. It's only caste and geography. Modern CS types are rich Yankee Commies. Many of them are actually Jews. Top of the status stack. Modern Adventists, though they agree with Commies on many points, are lower-class white Midwesterners. Pentecostals, though they agree with Commies on Gaia, are poor Southerners, both black and white. One drop of Southern blood is enough to make you Untouchable.

= = = = =

** Footnote on pacifism: Adventists are only in harmony with modern Commies part of the time on this issue. Adventists oppose all wars. Modern Commies practice an astrology-based pacifism. Every fourth year on January 20 they scan the skies for a constellation resembling a man with his left hand on a book and his right hand raised. The astrologers carefully examine the details of the constellation Potus. If they detect a D on the shirt of Potus, war is HOLY AND NECESSARY AND GLORIOUS! ALL OF EMPEROR NETANYAHU'S ENEMIES SHALL AND MUST BE VANQUISHED! NOW! But if Potus has an R on his shirt, war is ILLEGAL! SINFUL! EVIL! NASTY! HALLIBURTON! KOCH! KOCH! KOCH! KOCH!
Sunday, November 23, 2014
  More local than I thought

Strong Towns, a rather incomplete but promising localism website, has a quiz to determine the self-sufficiency of your city. They're serious about self-sufficiency. One question is "In case of a revolution, would people in your town know where to gather?"

For Spokane most answers are No. But the question about locally-grown food surprised me. I automatically said No, then started running through my daily diet in detail. In fact everything I eat, with exactly one exception, is either actually local or could be local... provided you expand local to a radius of 30 miles or so to include some farmland.

What do I eat?

Coffee. Absolutely non-local and can't be local. The one exception.

Ramen. Made in Japan from durum wheat grown just south of Spokane. Could be made here.

Eggs, cheese, bread. Actually local in the broad sense.

Tomatoes, squash, broccoli, beans. Safeway gets them from various places but all could be local. My neighbors grow all of these things, and I could if I wanted to.

Barley. The stuff I buy is not local but barley is grown around here for beer.

Donuts. Made locally from durum wheat.

Tomato soup. See tomatoes.

If nationwide distribution and global trade went away, I'd have to find a substitute for coffee, but that's all.


  Why backwards?

In "science" "news" this morning: A new "study" by the Centers for Dissident Control says heavy drinkers are rarely alcoholics.

That's not news, of course. Everyone knows how alcohol works. Some folks are automatically and permanently addicted at the first drop. Others can fall into a heavy habit and then quit easily and leave alcohol behind.

What grabbed my attention was the accompanying icon.

A fairly fashionable middle class lady.

Now, boys and girls. What is the Official Icon of Smoking? Yes, that's right. An unshaven bum. Every time. Never a fashionable lady.

How do actual bums get to be bums? By drinking, not by smoking. Generally they also smoke because one habit tends to reinforce the other, but drinking is the unquestionable INDEPENDENT VARIABLE for losing your bearings in life.

Why in the fuck do we put so much hysterical effort into anti-smoking propaganda but no effort at all into anti-alcohol propaganda?

Both habits have social benefits in moderation, and both are harmful in excess. The difference in harm is DRAMATIC.

Heavy smoking shortens your life by 5 years without destroying your brain. (In fact nicotine slows down cognitive decline.)

Heavy drinking shortens your life by 30 years and ruins your brain long before that.

Given the basic facts, we should be concentrating most of our efforts on alcohol.

Why don't we? It can't be a difference in corporate lobbying. In recent decades tobacco lobbying has always been bigger and better organized than alcohol.

North vs South? Now we're getting somewhere. Tobacco is an exclusively southern industry, while distilleries and breweries are northern or border-state industries.

But maybe it's just a matter of basic goals. What's the one overriding purpose of media and governments in this cursed former so-called "country"? Maximum death. Blood and guts. Absolute chaos. Raw total mayhem. How do you get maximum death and chaos? Alcohol.


Friday, November 21, 2014
  Tree pain?

After the July gustnado, I started to notice a wood-related smell around here. It's neither a burning smell nor a turpentinish sap smell. More like a dark sugary woody smell. Maple, brown sugar, molasses. Somewhere in that realm. Translated to music, it might be by Sibelius. Brand new smell, never sensed it before.


It was all-pervasive from August until last week's deepfreeze. It stopped during the 10-degree week. Now, with temps in the 30s, the smell is returning but not as strong.

It runs well up into the air. When I'm coming down the Shadle hill on Hoffman or Rowan, the smell starts about halfway down. (Since Shadle hill is about 100 feet high, halfway down is treetop level for this neighborhood.)

It's strongest near a broken tree, whether the tree is still in the ground or laying in a trailer.

I've never caught this smell near a deliberately cut tree. Only a violently torn tree.

Unavoidable hypothesis:

This is a tree's cry for help. More likely given the strength, it's a response from other trees to the presence of an injured tree, something like the ethylene signals exchanged by fruits.

But what's the purpose? Healing? Sedation? A last lullaby to a lost friend? Or more prosaic, just sweetly inviting carpenter ants to finish the job?

= = = = =

Later: Followup with some verification here.

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  Burning burning burning hunk of shit


Nuff said.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014
  Wog words again

BBC has gained some new NPR stations for its World Service feed, so they're inviting American listeners to check in with pictures of landscape and weather reports. BBC always has trouble with Wog Words but the announcer was doing pretty well with Vernal, Utah and Buffalo, NY. He blew it just now with a report from a Spokane listener. The name came out in Spanish! Spo-Kah-Nay.

Related: In place names that have unexpected local pronunciations, stress pattern is the most common oddity. In America the local version is typically more spondaic, more equal, than the outsider version. In Britain the local is usually more unequal, leading in the extreme to omitted syllables. (Cholmondeley = Chumley.)

There are exceptions. Recently a BBC newsreader was interviewing rock singer Chrissie Hynde, who was born in Akron. The newsreader, perhaps recognizing the usual American pattern, pronounced it in spondaic form: Ack Ron. Hynde didn't stop to correct it, but did exaggerate the proper trochaic ACKrn several times thereafter. Nice. (Sidenote: I found myself surprisedly appreciating Hynde's attitude toward life. Firmly leftist but completely factual. Where leftism is delusional, Hynde made a point of opposing the delusions.)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

After getting chores, work and an excellent dump out of the way, I opened the front door to suck in some nice cold crisp air. Still fully dark at 6AM. Crescent moon. Wonderful air.

Huh? Whazzat????? A white light and red light bouncing up and down and moving across my field of view? UFO? Tiny car with off-center wheels? Eyes going bad?

Nope. It was a jogger wearing an LED-equipped helmet. White on front, red behind, just like a car or bicycle.

Smart idea! He may look silly, but he's NOT going to get whomped by an SUV. Silly beats squashed any day.


  New equation

I really don't need to get riled about this particular piece of suicidal insanity. Karma will take care of it very nicely:
Nearly a year has passed since two Gonzaga University students stopped an intruder by going and getting a gun before the intruder forced himself inside the apartment. The two students were living in university owned apartments off the main campus at the time of the incident.

Across campus, there are new blue signs posted. The school said those signs are a result of that gun incident last year. Now, any building, on or off campus, that is owned by the university is marked with a blue sign.

"I think also with the continuation of the gun violence in schools, I think more students are appreciating the fact that there are no guns on campus," Garbuio said. "They feel a sense of security and safety knowing that we banned them."
Hear that, massacrists? Gonzaga has specially marked gun-free zones for customer convenience! Blue-shot specials! No need to guess any more!

To the modern "mind", security and safety means Guaranteed Death. Old Orwell would be proud. You've added a new equation to his list.
Sunday, November 16, 2014
  Grammar test

Quick grammar and logic test.

If you can disentangle this sentence you get an A in grammar.

If you understand the event itself after disentangling the sentence, you get an A in modern dyslogic.

Reminds me of a poster my father had in his office in the '50s. It was a classic Chinese ink drawing of a man about to commit hara-kiri with a sword. Caption:

Confucius say: Man who is not completely confused doesn't understand situation.

Of course no teacher could have a poster like that now. Offendeds of four different species would burn down the building and string him up, thus posthumously proving his point.
  Moral hazard

Several of the Big Stories this year involve good old Moral Hazard.

This morning we have More Grim News from ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State, which has supposedly beheaded another meddler. We're supposed to get all Outraged because this meddler had traveled into a war zone where he didn't belong, thus causing the war to last longer.

The British government shows the confusion most clearly. They're trying to shut off the flow of British would-be jihadis by controlling visas and passports; and at the same time they're encouraging British "aid workers" to meddle in foreign wars.

Simple and awful fact: Wars end when one or both sides are either dead; or too tired and hungry to fight; or completely out of weapons.

"Aid workers" postpone those natural consequences. "Aid workers" do not aid anyone. They may save a few lives, but those lives will only enable one or both sides to fight longer. "Aid workers" multiply mass death.

Same with Ebola. Individual doctors save a few lives, but only a competent and strict LOCAL GOVERNMENT can stop the advance of an epidemic. Saving a few lives uses LOCAL energy and resources that might otherwise have helped to save thousands.

And when one of these doctors or nurses returns home and starts spreading the virus in her home country, it's no longer a complex Moral Hazard issue. It's plain and simple murder.

= = = = =

Somewhat later thought: No, it's not primarily a question of Moral Hazard. It's just sanity. Our tyrannical mastermonsters have eliminated inductive logic. If you're in a bar at closing time, you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself in the middle of a knife fight or an unwanted sexual encounter. If you've placed yourself in the middle of a war where people are beheading other people, you shouldn't be surprised to find your head on the chopping block. Until 20 years ago, those statements were so obvious they were hardly worth the trouble of saying. Now

  Well, ithn't that jutht THWEET?

A darling foursome of official satanfags made an exquisite Honeymoon Tour of Fag Central and courted the Big City Fags. In return, they got a Fabulous++ rating for the city's Ecoterrorist Bonds, and sold $200 million of Ecoterrorism to satanic sponsors in Fag Central.
In two gleaming Bay Area skyscrapers in the heart of the city’s financial district, Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart, along with the city’s financial gurus, pleaded for favorable ratings for what will be the largest bond issuance in the city’s history – with a type of bond that was first used in the country just last year.

And now, the San Francisco meeting, where Spokane’s Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley and Rick Romero, who leads the Public Works department, made a case to credit analysts that Spokane is fiscally sound and that the project the city was embarking on – a massive retrofitting of its wastewater and stormwater systems – fit the new type of funding aimed at environmentally beneficial projects. Their appeal worked.
What do we get from this, other than nausea and wild feral disgust? We get mosquitoes and a long-lasting unpayable debt to Fag Central.

I renounced my citizenship of USA STRONG a long long time ago. Now I renounce my citizenship of this atrocious evil monstrous city as well. Not that it matters. Citizenship does not exist anyway. Renouncing a nonexistent concept is a null act. All actions not ordered by Bloomberg are null acts.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014
  See what happens?

In UK Telegraph:

"Political correctness officially went mad on November 14, 2014. It happened when Dr Matt Taylor, the man who helped put a rocket on a comet, choked back tears as he apologised for wearing a risqué shirt."

Nope. Political correctness passed through the stratosphere into Satanic tyranny 30 years ago, in the mid-80s, and has been getting worse ever since. The grievance-mongers are fully official in all Western countries, and have been smashing civilization for 30 years.

What happened in this case was sort of backwards from PC, but it doesn't represent progress or a return to sanity.

As you can tell by reading any randomly chosen line in any entry here, I lost patience with PC 30 years ago. I try to hold back the Offendeds with every word I write. When a tyrant tells me not to say X, I say X even louder and harder. I try to offend the Offendeds in the places where they need to be pushed back, though it doesn't make any fucking difference except to my own pointless integrity.

But the shirt in question is offensive to my extremely old-fashioned eyes. It's just vulgar. By the PROPER standards of civilization in ANY era, you don't wear your fantasies on your work shirt. If you do, you should fully expect to be fired.

This is what happens when the Offendeds run completely wild and own everything. Would-be exponents of normal civilization lose their bearings. There's no way to distinguish what should be proper from what shouldn't. Your mere existence is sinful in the eyes of the authorities, so you end up fighting for something that serves the cause of the enemy.
  Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia

During the first Cold War, BBC stubbornly refused to acknowledge Russian spies, even though the British intel and defense and science organizations were thoroughly penetrated and riddled with outright spies for Russia. Most were British fags, a few were actual Russians posing as Brits.

BBC was stoutly defending the Soviet line.

Now BBC is detailing the lives of 1950's Russian spies. Now those spies exist, even though they didn't exist before.

BBC is still stoutly defending the Soviet line.

Only difference: US and UK are Soviet headquarters now. Russia is the anti-Soviet force. So Russia is now BBC's enemy.

So I guess the Eastasia/Eurasia thing doesn't really apply to this. Nothing arbitrary about this switch; it's the same evil people consistently responding to a change in the world's alignment. The Eastasia/Eurasia trope does fit our sudden switches between rebel and government sides in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. In those places we don't really favor either side; we switch things around constantly to maintain bloody chaos, which is our real goal. Maximum death, maximum blood. Vampires.
Friday, November 14, 2014
  Halfway there

Romans are considering a highly sensible and sane move. Now that the official "marriage" certificate is fully owned by Satan, it's time to decouple real marriage from official "marriage". Priests would not deal with the civil authorities, would not sign the certificate.

Halfway there. The correct and complete move is SEMANTIC SECESSION. Abandon the word "marriage" and all the usual ceremonies. Let the fags and hags own official "marriage" and all the usual crap. If you want a proper natural mating, do it strictly within the church and REFUSE the official certificate.

This would also circumvent the official clampdown on bridal shops and bakeries and photographers who dare to defend natural law from Satan's encroachments. If the natural-law businesses are dealing only with "mating" or whatever new term is chosen, the unnatural-law people who want a "wedding" cake or a "marriage" photo would simply use their own businesses. Those businesses already exist. Just as a bicycle shop can't get in trouble for refusing to sell a car, a "mating cake" shop can't get in trouble for refusing to sell a "wedding cake". Different products.

Even before the fags and hags snatched it, there was no reason for a male to get into official "marriage". At least 30 years ago the feminists turned official "marriage" into a death-trap for males. Guaranteed loss, thievery, torture and pain, no gain at all.
  Two headlines

Two headlines this morning.

Obama's immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president

Obama seeks to push Myanmar toward democracy

"Democracy" for them, autocracy for us. Of course "democracy" really means permanent chaos, as we can see in a dozen countries where we have already completed the transition to "democracy".

Neocon triumphalism marches on.

Grotesque evil putrid brain-damaged alien satanic monsters.
  Perfect truth 2

When did Putin fully comprehend the tyranny of American triumphalism?

In 2006 Bush invited Russia to join the G8. Was Bush expecting to deal on level terms with a sovereign country, or was Bush trying to groom a slave?

This picture will do. Putin was showing Bush his first car, a '72 Zaporozhets. Bush was clearly saying "I'm taller than you, my car is bigger than yours, my oligarchs are richer than your oligarchs. Loser loser loser nyah nyah nyah."


Irrelevant sidenote: If that's the original '72 license plate, it appears that the loyal little Zaz was trying to warn its owner about a major threat on the western horizon!


Thursday, November 13, 2014
  Perfect truth

Amid all the unspeakable-beyond-unspeakable-beyond-unspeakable insane-beyond-insane-beyond-insane and evil-beyond-evil-beyond-evil shit-beyond-shit-beyond-shit that piles infinitely high in this so-called world, every once in a while SOMEONE speaks simple and precise TRUTH.

The public radio show Interfaith Voices, though it sounds like the usual NPR shit, gets things right surprisingly often. This week an interview with author Karen Armstrong hits the absolute sweet spot of perfect truth.

Armstrong is answering the questions "What causes terrorism? What causes violent revenge?" and gives the one-word perfect answer:


That's it. Covers all the ground, leaves nothing out. Humiliation can assume a religious or political or personal flavor, and it's often manipulated and magnified by forces aiming for religious or political goals. But down deep it's always Humiliation. Nothing more, nothing less.

Work has resumed after a nice month-long break. Feels like going back to school in September. This should be the final round of editing; should be two or three weeks, and then all done.

Just in time for fucking Jury Duty again on Dec 1. This is the third time I've been called, and the third time it interfered with work. It's never happened during the 'retired' parts of my semi-retired life, only during the 'semi' parts. Now that I know how the system runs, I can probably insure that I won't get into the box, but you never know. Satan is in full charge there.


Monday, November 10, 2014
  But WHY can't we get ahead of Ma Nature?

Followup on previous item.

First question: Have we ever gotten ahead of Nature? Have we ever designed something that Nature didn't already make in some form? I thought radio was an exception, but it's not.

Maybe the laser. But I wouldn't bet heavily against critters like cuttlefish and pyrosomes that use luminescent bacteria. I'd bet we'll find controlled coherent light in those 'devices'.

Second question: WHY is it so hard to get ahead of Nature? Alternately, why haven't we been able to COPY natural inventions?

In every case I can think of, we've invented something using our own imagination and persistence, and then LATER we see ... or sometimes only THINK we see ... that Nature is doing the same thing. A good example of the latter is computing, where we invented a mechanical sorting and counting mechanism and then assumed that our brains work the same. Obviously they don't, but academics haven't yet noticed.

Come to think of it, this mismatch also meta-applies to the process of invention itself. Because we develop things by a long process that is partly imagination and partly trial-and-error, we've assumed that Nature does it that way. Except we didn't even give Nature credit for the imagination part. We just imputed the dumb persistence part, and called it Evolution. And this analogy is obviously wrong, just like the brain/computer analogy.


  Can't get ahead of Ma Nature.

Last week I claimed that radio was invented at "just the right moment", not too early or late. Plenty of other pieces had to be in place before sound could modulate electromagnetic waves.

Well, I was off by 100 million years. As always, Nature got there first. Not just radio, but FM Stereo and LORAN! Nature approached radio from a different angle, working mainly on the electrostatic or capacitive side of waves. Our first approach (eg Faraday and Hertz) was via the electromagnetic or inductive side.

Electric eels are very well-known, and the fact that fish (and insects and plants) can sense electrostatic fields is moderately well-known. But the details of radio direction-finding and radio communication by a few fish are still obscure. Only a few researchers have been looking into this, and it's only marginally understood.

Fish that talk and search by radio live mainly in muddy equatorial rivers where vision doesn't help much. They use a variety of waveforms, from sine to single repeated pulses to modulated interrupted waves. The pulse-repetition frequencies are in the same range as mammal voices, from a few cps to a few hundred cps.

On the sending side their mechanism is relatively simple. Just a sequence of neurons that send positive and negative fields directly into the water, instead of sending positive or negative fields into the next neuron as they would do inside the nervous system.

In some fish the sending organ is a long antenna:

containing lots of neurons that can be pulsed or modulated together or separately. The length and width of the antenna vary by subspecies, specifically matching the impedance of the turbid water that each type normally lives in. (Aw come on, Ma. Do you have to think of everything? Yes.)

Other fish have sending organs on each side of the body, producing stereo waves that can be modulated differently for a LORAN-like direction sensing operation. Each fish constantly monitors its own pulses, and changes frequency when it 'hears' another fish using the same freq.

The receivers are more complex. They are inside pores in the skin on the fish's head.

Here's an animation of three receivers in their pores.

Each pore is filled with insulating jelly. The jelly makes contact with several hair cells, similar to the hair cells in our cochlea. As the varying charge field passes the face, the jelly expands and contracts in a form of electrostriction, similar to a crystal earphone. (In an insulator, charges don't move around much. So an incoming positive field charges all the atoms of the insulator positively, which makes them repel each other. The insulator thus expands slightly. An incoming negative field does the same. When the field is zero, the insulator is relatively contracted, not repelling itself.)

The jelly is thus the 'detector' or first-level transducer, in a system that is otherwise similar to our hearing sense. [Later thought: These organs must ALSO pick up sound. No way around it. So the fish is hearing acoustically and electrically at the same time through the same system! Sort of like those humans who hear nearby radio signals through tooth-to-filling rectification while hearing regular sound through their ears. Researchers are focusing their observations and experiments on the electric stuff, which is definitely the more unusual and interesting part ... but maybe they should also focus on how the fish separates the two types of input. Is the jelly designed to move in different directions for electrostriction and acoustic vibration, with distinct hair cells for the two directions?]

What does this communication sound like?

A couple of Youtube clips feature Brachyhypopomus fish interacting. These clips are undescribed, but there is apparently a 'radio receiver' or induction loop in the aquarium that picks up the waves and turns them into sound. We're hearing the constant pulse stream from both fish, roughly 40 cps if my guess is right. (Sort of like communicating by turning the throttle on a lawn mower!)(I'll leave the more accurate metaphor to the reader.)

In this clip, two males are interacting aggressively.

In this one, a male and female are courting and spawning. Note the moment of decision. Not quite Harry Meets Sally, more like "You'll do."

The earlier research back in the '50s was headed by Ted Bullock, who was pretty much the wellspring of everything interesting in communication methods. The current kingpin is Carl Hopkins at Cornell. I took the antenna pic from Hopkins's online material, and based the animation on one of his figures.

= = = = =

This might explain why Phoning For Fish works so well on catfish. (Mud dwellers, thus likely radio operators.) When you crank those old farm phone magnetos, you're not sending a DC charge into the water. You're sending a pulsed wave in the same frequency range that fish use for their own QSOs. The poor catfish imagines a HUGE enemy invading his territory, and gets the fuck outta there.


Sunday, November 09, 2014
  A truly unintended consequence

Most of the time a result labeled as an "unintended consequence" is fully intended. The real purpose is obvious and the lies are equally obvious.

Occasionally a consequence is truly unintended by the tyrants who make a rule or policy.

Here's one:

As a consequence of idiot "no smoking almost anywhere" laws, smokers have become the only real humans, the only people who interact in a civilized way and watch out for the welfare of others.

The socializing has been noted by many writers. The watching is more subtle.

Supposedly you should be able to smoke inside your own house. Renters generally aren't allowed to smoke in their houses, so they smoke on the porch. Lately the renter-habit has spread to homeowners. Even when both husband and wife smoke and there are no kids in the house, they still go out. No practical reason to keep the smoke outside, just a sense of propriety.

Most houses around here have back decks, supposedly meant for 'recreation'. But that's not where people go. It's always the front porch, which doesn't have chairs and tables and umbrellas... but does give a view of what's happening in the neighborhood.

Result: Smokers see things. They are the witnesses. News stories often include items like this:
Neighborhood resident ____ ____ said she stepped outside to smoke when she heard sirens and then what sounded like a car crash followed by gunfire. “There was five shots after a crashing sound,” she said.
Smokers = good citizens.

= = = = =

Afterthought: Dystopian novels always feature a Saving Remnant, the seceded subculture that carries civilization through the dark age. The Smoking Remnant.
Saturday, November 08, 2014
  Sabertooth Kochs

Listening to some dull TED talk about the usual TED stuff. Fight or flight, evolved, cortisol, evolved, Hunter-Gatherers, evolved, stress reactions, evolved, The Savannah, evolved, neuroscience, evolved, sabertooth tigers...

Wait. That's wrong. I know you HAVE to invoke sabertooth tigers in a TED talk, but they don't belong there.

= = = = =

(1) Why is it wrong?

In general**, smart social mammals and birds simply don't give a fuck about other species. Watch a mixture of Crows and Default Brown Birds foraging in a freshly mowed yard. The Crows are intensely competing with other Crows. Hey! That worm is mine! Oh no it isn't! And the DBBs are intensely competing with other DBBs. I saw that bug first! No you didn't, asshole***. Take that! Biff! Bam! Pow!

The DBBs and Crows literally DO NOT SEE the other species. They live in separate universes. Crows walk around DBBs or even across DBBs in the same way that they walk around or across a rock. DBBs are in the same category as inanimate objects. Nothing to get stressed about.

Apply this to primitive humans. They weren't mainly worried about sabertooth tigers. They were mainly worried about That Nasty Tribe That Lives Across The River. Those subhuman freaks tie their loincloths backwards! Evil vibrations! They must be eradicated!

The worst fears and nastiest violence have always been between the closest groups. Two tribes that didn't fight before will start fighting after they share some culture. When our cultural edge-detectors have to crank up their selectivity, we get especially fierce.

= = = = =

(2) Why do TEDies so consistently use the sabertooth tiger as our primal fear? That's easy. TEDies are stuck in the leftist model that cannot allow intrinsic desires or differences or impulses. All actions result from training. All problems are caused by Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers weren't around in prehistoric times, so humans didn't have any problems with other humans. It had to be sabertooth tigers.

Of course the unstated backpressure behind this delusion is more specific: We can't assume humans are different because that would eliminate our rationale for forced integration. If humans have real differences in abilities and temperament, we would have to allow them to live and learn and do business in different ways and different places, creating borders where necessary to maximize their own comfort and minimize friction.

= = = = =

** Footnote 1. There are narrow exceptions to this rule. Some rodents have builtin fears of specific hawks and eagles, and everyone is afraid of Snakes.

*** Footnote 2. Among birds, 'asshole' is a much more potent insult than it is for mammals. It's like calling your adversary an asshole, dickhead, cunt, and pissant all at once.
  Should be interesting

Now that Gorby has correctly defined post-1989 America as an unstoppable bully, it will be interesting to watch the flips and squirms among neocons and lefties. For 25 years they've considered Gorby to be "one of us", a supporter of all the evil crap that America has been pushing on the rest of the world.

Turns out Gorby is a Russian after all. He may support some of that evil crap, but he's also capable of spotting a bully, able to see the plain facts of aggression.

Neocons have been able to ignore Putin's correct diagnosis of our aggression because Putin has also diagnosed the rest of the evil crap.

Cognitive dissonance will force a decision. Does Gorby join Putin in the category of New Hitler? But he's so nice and liberal! Or does Putin move into the category of nice and liberal? Not bloody likely.

One flip will NOT happen: Neocons will never acknowledge that they've been engaging in massive unprovoked aggression for the last 70 years.

= = = = =

Later thought: Well, maybe some will flip, but not at the top levels. I was a standard neocon from 1989 to 2007. Believed all of that crap, liked Gorby, hated Putin. After the Wall Street coup of 2008 I started to doubt the orthodoxy, but didn't really cut loose until I unplugged the television in 2010. Without constant reinforcement from TV, I could start evaluating facts from a wider view. So it is possible to flip out of a phase-locked system, but not if you're getting paid big bucks and big status to stay inside.
  Rare piece of actual journalism

KREM TV has run an amazing article on the state Destroyer of Natural Resources (DNR). For the second time, DNR has intentionally let a small wildfire grow into a deadly monster.

The first time was in 2002 near Hanford. A fire had started in a farm field. A county road crew happened to drive by with their backhoe on a trailer. They saw the small fire and began digging a break around it. A State Destroyer drove by and ORDERED the county crew to stop, because some fucking Endangered Bacterium might be somewhere in the universe.

This time the witnesses to official arson are far more numerous and far more effective. Hundreds of homeowners are filing a lawsuit against Destroyer. A small fire was started by lightning, and Destroyer crews stood around watching it grow to properly murderous and unstoppable dimensions. Again the Destroyers officially stopped all attempts to fight the fire.

Read the whole thing, dammit.

This is the SECOND time Destroyers have destroyed a large part of the state, but it's the FIRST time that professional journalists decided to take the side of the people (and the side of Nature!) against fashionable genocide.

Kudos to KREM for a unique achievement, especially considering that there won't be any Peabody or Pulitzer awards for reporting facts. You only get awards for serving the devil.


Friday, November 07, 2014
  Three types

Guardian has a celebratory interview with the criminal who founded and ran Pirate Bay. Guardian loves Peter Sunde because Peter Sunde is COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

"In prison you become brain-dead" is the headline. We're supposed to feel sorry for the noble Robin Hood of the tech world.

Nope. I know something about prison, so I know something about Sunde.

As the wonderfully concise saying goes, prison holds the Mad, the Bad and the Sad. Psychopaths, vocational criminals, and circumstantial lawbreakers. Everyone who deals with criminals knows the difference. The lines are sharp.

I was a circumstantial law-breaker. Thought I was cool hippieshit and found out different.

I did not become brain-dead. My brain came to life upon encountering so many people and situations that I'd never had to deal with before. Crash course in reality, coming at me HARD from the front and the rear.

The vocational criminals do not become brain-dead either. Prison provides them with lots of lab work, lots of opportunities to learn and teach criminal techniques in a controlled environment.

Only psychopaths don't see the need to think in prison. A psychopath is God. God does not need to change His Thoughts. The rest of the world needs to change its behavior to conform with God's Supreme Will.

Where does Sunde fit in this three-way classification?

“Everything was encrypted,” Sunde tells us, clearly pleased with himself. “The policeman was so pissed. I guess he’d been looking forward to arresting this mastermind hacker and then he misses a thing like that.”

Nuff said.
  Our Onslow would approve.

The late lamented Our Onslow would approve of a company using his trademark. is a Taiwanese food manufacturer who makes stuffed dumplings. Specializes in pork dumplings. Not quite a bacon butty, but close enough.
Thursday, November 06, 2014
  Good news for Real Value

Bitcoin and its idiot relatives are still growing among techboy types and Useful Fool lefty Occupy types. It does appear that a few in those realms are starting to understand the obvious: Bitcoin was always and solely a tool created by governments to help them set up and monitor sting operations.

Plain old physical currency, paper and "silver", has always been the choice of people who like to have more personal control. When actual paper rectangles and metal circles change hands, the transaction is not automatically registered in NSA nodes. Even more important, physical currency reminds buyer and seller that REAL VALUE is being moved. It's harder to fool yourself with pure numbers when your hands can feel the weight of the value.

Many countries and cultures operate outside of abstract banking systems. To the world of abstraction this seems like a primitive self-imposed handicap, and until now the controllers of abstraction have tried to maximize the handicap, shutting cash out of more and more transactions.

Now Paypal is turning the other way. It's starting to provide ways for cash-handlers to connect with buyers and sellers in the abstract world. An American system called PayNearMe is already serving cash-lovers in North America; now Paypal will start serving real value types in Russia.

Real value cultures will win in the end, and this move may speed up the victory.


  Too polite

BBC just briefly interviewed an official spokesman for Kenya's tourism office. He's a very diplomatic man. He was making the point that Kenya is a long way from the Ebola hot zone, and has very little contact with those countries. Kenya mainly "looks eastward", with lots of connections to India and China.

He could have made a much stronger point.

Countries where Ebola is still running out of control:

Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia.

Countries where Ebola has arrived and has been stopped:

Senegal, Nigeria.

Countries where Ebola has arrived and is not yet stopped:

Mali, Congo, US, UK, Spain, Germany.

Note that Kenya is not on those lists. Ebola has not arrived there.

Stronger point: If you're a British tourist who wants to avoid countries where Ebola may pose a danger, you should LEAVE BRITAIN NOW! and go to Kenya.

Or an even stronger point that the Kenyan tourism minister wouldn't want to say, but ordinary Kenyans might want to say: If you're a British tourist, you could bring Ebola to Kenya. Stay home.

  Juxtaposition again

Two items in today's news.

(1) Mark Armitage, a lab tech at CSU, has been FIRED after publishing a peer-reviewed scientific paper on histology of fossils. He's now suing because CSU fired him for having unfashionable beliefs. His discovery, which was good and proper science, provides some evidence to support young-earth creationism.

(2) Fabiola Gianotti has been HIRED to head CERN, the institution that explicitly intends to destroy Earth by "exploring" fashionable theories.

"Gianotti, who attracted worldwide attention in 2012 for her leading role in Cern’s discovery of the Higgs boson particle, will take up the post in January 2016 as scientists aim to make further discoveries about the origin and makeup of the universe."

= = = = =

Well, CERN didn't "discover the Higgs Boson". That's strictly false. CERN only crashed some particles together in a way that provides some math to support the insane Higgs pseudotheory.

So. Two theories that are nowhere near proved. Both theories are dubious at best, both require considerable faith in the surrounding structure of theories and assumptions. If you do scientific work to support theory (1) you get fired. If you do scientific work to support theory (2) you get hired.

What's the important difference?


The structure of theories around Higgs is specifically designed to steal trillions from poor people and feed it into the filthy bloody hands of superrich Satanic "scientists", thus it is fashionably beloved by fashionable Satanists.

The structure of theories around YEC doesn't bring any money to Satanic "scientists", thus it is completely hated by fashionable Satanists.

Starve the poor and enrich the rich. Satan's work.

Strong correlation: Low-budget science is good and sane science. High-budget science is world-smashing genocide. It doesn't intrinsically need to be this way, and it wasn't always this way, but right now the correlation is perfect.


Wednesday, November 05, 2014
  Oh wow ---> Oh shit

Fine example of what happens when you do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to eliminate human skill and human scale. The brand-new 47-story Leadenhall building in London is experiencing its first sort of slightly vaguely coolish weather, and it's starting to fall apart. Compared to most places in the world, London doesn't have temperatures, though it does have wind. Today the low reached a bone-chilling (for London) 44 F, and the building is starting to drop arm-sized "megabolts" through its interior and (somehow) out to its exterior.

According to this, the Leadenhall was designed by computer and pre-assembled offsite in huge modules, which were then hoisted and fastened in place with a few giant "megabolts".
With very few wet trades on site, construction is very much an assembly process, with an on-site team of only 150-200 compared to the 500-600 normally required for a building of this scale.
Well, that's nice that you avoided employing "wet trades" (ie real craftsmen). Now you'll be able to employ thousands of unskilled illegal immigrants in the cleanup and rescue teams, and thousands extra in London hospitals and morgues.

Looking on the bright side: The building is completely unnecessary, and it houses nothing but Satanic predators and Satanic parasites. All "dry trades". So its fall will not destroy any "wet" humans, unless some non-Satans are unfortunately walking through the parasite zone at the time.
  Wine and sewage 2

Antipopess Francine does a good job of destroying the economic side of natural law. In a recent speech to some kind of Occupy organization, she provided a good synopsis of the natural law 'platform', but instantly destroyed each 'plank' with fashionable Goldman-serving poison.

From a somewhat clumsy translation here. I've put Francine's part in quotes and my comment in square brackets.

"Love of the poor is at the heart of the Gospel. Land, roof and work, what you struggle for, are sacred rights."

[Exactly correct, and an excellent formulation. No argument.]

"Land. At the beginning of creation, God created man, custodian of His work, charging him to cultivate and protect it."

[From there she went directly into Global Warming poison, which takes land from the poor and gives it to the rich.]

"Second, roof. I said it and I repeat it: a house for every family. "

[And then she denounced infill, denounced the transformation of shacks into cottages: "... must displace totally ... those projects that pretend to varnish poor neighborhoods, tidy the fringes and put makeup on social wounds instead of curing them by promoting a genuine and respectful integration." It's not clear what she means here by integration. If she means mixing the poor directly into rich apartments, that's a recipe for disaster.]

"Third, work. There is no worse material poverty ... than one that does not allow for earning one's bread and deprives one of the dignity of work."

[Excellent point, often skipped by welfare-loving 'social justice' advocates. But then she makes labor unions the heart of work. Unions begin as a useful counterforce to corporatism, but always become an integral part of corporatism.]

After those three points, Francine finishes the speech with a toxic dose of the usual Global Warming and Die-Versity shit. And in other speeches this week, she has praised the Big Bang and denounced Intelligent Design.... thus EXPLICITLY preferring Satanic trillion-dollar lunacy over godly low-budget science.

Satan is the Confuser, the Cuisinart of logic and consistency. Francine has neutered each of the proper elements of natural law in the economic realm; and then canceled the whole thing with anti-natural sewage in the realms of family and sex and science.

Wine + sewage = sewage.

If you want a consistent meal that agrees with natural law in ALL areas, you've got sharia. Already fully prepared, no need to re-invent anything.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014
  Logic puzzle 2

Not about cars.

One thing is fairly clear about the total failure of 'democracy': All attempts to "drive money out of politics" have concentrated the money-flow in channels that have no connection to voters.

Before the Good Government ethics-monsters started ruining democracy, there was a healthy businesslike flow between individual voters and politicians, at least down at the city and county level.

Now there are only two channels. National politicians get their money and orders from the Jew Casino, and mayors get their money and orders from Michael Bloomberg himself. Voters are completely out of the loop.

How to solve?

First, get rid of all laws about money in politics, and get rid of all registration and age requirements.

Second, run voting through vending machines, just like snack or coffee vending machines. Let's say there are 20 offices and referenda on today's ballot. You have to pay one dollar for each vote you make. If you pay $1 you get to make exactly one choice. You can't pay more than $20, but you can use your $20 to vote 20 times against Referendum 123, or vote 20 times for Scrooge McDuck, or any other combination that adds to $20. At the end you get one actual snack or drink of your choice.

The money would go directly to the candidate or side you chose, whether it wins or not. Each side of a ref would have one designated organization to receive the bucks. The candidate or org would then be free to use the money in any way. Plain old income.

This would create a direct Skinner reinforcement in both voters and candidates. Existing politicians would still take money and orders from Goldman or Bloomberg, but new entry-level politicians would see an alternate source of money and power. Instead of reducing votes to an absolute minimum as they do now, candidates would actually WANT votes because each vote would come with a dollar attached. This would also provide meaningful and measurable encouragement to losing candidates, essentially crowdfunding their next attempt.


  Logic puzzle

Since I seem to be in an automotive mood, might as well continue.

Let's say you have a short single-wide driveway in front of your house. What the Brits call a 'hardstanding'. And you also have a long driveway into your back yard, leading to a large double garage and a huge double-width RV carport, capable of holding three cars or two mobile homes.

You have three vehicles. Two of them are small four-door sedans and one is an expensive sports job with a ripped convertible top that might as well not be a top. The car you drive most often is the expensive ripped convertible.

How would you fit those three cars into the available storage spots? In theory, there are several equally good arrangements, all of which would put the torn ragtop in the rainproof garage. That's the obvious constant.

Nope, that's not how it's done. One of the sedans goes under the RV shed. The other sedan goes into the front position of the 'hardstanding' and the ripped convertible goes into the back position of the 'hardstanding', where it is maximally exposed to rain. Nothing goes in the garage.

I've sworn to avoid theories and obey only facts and experience. This is how actual people solve this actual puzzle, so I have to assume this is the best solution. Perhaps there is some negative vibration in the double garage that scares the ripped convertible.

Monday, November 03, 2014
  Close but no Citroen

France is considering a law to forbid Planned Obsolescence. Seems to be properly aimed at ONE type of obsolescence, but it's not the type that matters most.

Planned Obsolescence actually comprises four distinct practices.

(1) Long-standing trick in women's clothing. New fashion every year. Your status drops if you continue wearing last year's style. Copied by many other industries like automobiles and appliances.

(2) Bigger version of 1. Build new neighborhoods and malls, create new kinds of jobs, abandon the old neighborhoods and jobs. Your status drops if you remain in last year's suburb or continue shopping in last year's mall. Your life ends if you have deeply mastered the skills of last year's job.

(3) Make things that can't be repaired. No user-serviceable parts. When one piece wears out, you have to replace the whole gadget.

(4) In electronic gadgets like printers, include a usage meter in the firmware. After a certain number of uses or hours, the device dies even though it's still physically OK. (Might call it the Alzheimer chip.)

= = = = =

This French law seems to be aimed mainly at (4) and partly at (1). It's solely about conserving materials, which is a good thing ... but it does nothing for HUMAN CAPITAL.

Polistra has been focusing on (2) and (3) for a long time. Both of these practices waste materials AND human capital.

When gadgets are designed to be REPAIRABLE, you keep them and value them more highly. More value means more pay for the people who make the gadgets in the first place, and non-outsourceable jobs for the repairmen.

When neighborhoods and jobs last longer, civilization grows deeper. Families and workers aren't spending half their energy on moving and adapting to new situations. Creativity increases as job skills and social skills become more unconscious.

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  Dumb saying

This saying seems to be popular in 'self-help' Tumblr and Facebook sites.

"If you don't set goals for yourself, you are doomed to achieve the goals of someone else."

Or similarly:

"Build your own dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs."

Dumb and halfway dangerous.

For the individual:

Unrealistic goals are the fastest route to failure and suicide. This saying encourages people to set unrealistic goals. If you spend half your life trying to accomplish something that is beyond your natural abilities and tendencies, you'll lose the chance to accomplish the things you were designed to do.

For society:

Civilization consists of people working for other people. It's the only way to get important things done. If everyone is trying to run his own business, nobody is available to help the useful businesses run.

In fact:

You're vastly more likely to accomplish your own realistic dreams within the framework of an existing business or organization.
Sunday, November 02, 2014
  Listening? Nope.

BBC gives heavy coverage to the latest genocidal crime from IPCC, but asks "Is anyone listening?"

At least on the web, the answer ... FINALLY AND WONDERFULLY AND REFRESHINGLY ... is No.

Nothing in the Guardian, nothing on NPR's webpage, nothing in the local Satan-Review newspaper, nothing on Wired, nothing on Slate. Google briefly put IPCC on top of its news page but then dropped it down to a single regular-size article.

The media never start being right, they only stop being wrong. Most of them have stopped; some are fading; only BBC will continue cheering for mass murder and genocide and infinite evil until the very end.

A bit later: Maybe this

is why American media decided to skip IPCC. Earliest snow on record in the Carolinas. Good old Gore Effect!


Saturday, November 01, 2014
  I don't understand

In general I don't understand why the media continue to be excited by space travel. They still breathlessly cover each new "development" even though the whole project never did any fucking good.

Yeah, okay, we put a man on the moon. And then we started to destroy our own ability to do anything. The last Apollo missions coincided with the first EPA missions.

Now Branson is trying out something that he falsely describes as "galactic", and he's failing just like we fail at everything. And the media breathlessly report the failure as if it's a success. (Later note: Apparently something called the "feathering system" failed. Where have I heard that before?)

But this isn't remotely new. It's not exploring anything. It's just an airplane that flies somewhat higher than most airplanes and doesn't transport you anywhere. You go up higher than usual and then you return to the same place.

Why does he expect to get paying customers for such a silly trip?

I hugely enjoy walking around the neighborhood. On a crisp cold morning it's pure pleasure. I'd be happy to pay for the privilege. But I wouldn't pay extra to walk around the block on stilts.

= = = = =

Language note: As I was drawing the sign for Danbo's little business, I was reading the text subvocally: "Walk five percent. Stilts twenty-five percent." The penny and its symbol are so thoroughly obsolete that I can't even read the symbol as "cents" any more. Time to get rid of the penny.



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2000 = 1000
Carbon Cult
Constants and variables
Defensible Cases
Defensible Times
Defensible Spaces
Experiential education
From rights to duties
Grand Blueprint
Natural law = Sharia law
Natural law = Soviet law
Shared Lie
Trinity House

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