Monday, November 30, 2009
  Surely they can do better

I really wonder why CNN keeps Wolf Blitzer on, and gives him what seems to be 9 hours each day. He's old, unattractive, has an annoying voice, and worsta ofa alla, he talksa likea Lawrencea Welka. Alla of thata could be forgivena if he had some unique insighta ora knowledge, buta he doesn't. He's uninformed and unintelligent.

Compare to Rick Sanchez, who is easy on the eyes and ears, intelligent, and speaks Spanish fluently.

Surely CNN could pick the cream of the crop from any major-market TV station. Or they could pull in some of the attractive and intelligent anchors on their own International branch, like Octavia Nasr.
  Another example of the anti-feedback orthodoxy

Via the Voice of Russia, a new study at Univ of Calif Davis.
In an article published in the latest issue of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology a team of University of California-Davis nutrition researchers maintain that humans naturally regulate their sodium intake. In the article David McCarron, an adjunct UC-Davis nutrition professor, says that the controversial conclusion is backed by sound data.

The study finds that the human body makes sure sodium levels remain within a certain range at all times, similar to bodily functions that are homeostatically maintained, such as body temperature.

"Our sodium intake is regulated by the brain, and your brain won't let you go very far outside of that boundary," McCarron said. "You may eat that whole bag of chips, but it just means that as you sit down you'll unconsciously go toward foods that are lower in sodium."


The study has angered nutrition policy advocates, with Michael Jacobson with the Center for Science in the Public Interest warning that to follow the report’s conclusions would be a disservice to the people.

Since every single layer and bit of our bodies uses negative feedback to maintain homeostasis, this really shouldn't be 'controversial'.

I'm pretty sure it's not controversial among biologists; only controversial for advocates like CSPI, which is reliably following the good old Lysenko / Skinner line: Nothing is innate, nothing is automatic, nothing is self-controlling. Everything depends on our "choices", thus we must "choose" to follow orders from authorities who "know" best. Humans are passive machines.
Sunday, November 29, 2009
  Good news from the Rational World

Switzerland has passed a referendum banning new construction of minarets, the towers where primitive Mohammedan creatures howl their simian ululations.

The referendum is obviously more symbolic than concrete, but the news that really caught my attention is farther down in the article.

The referendum is sponsored by the Swiss People's Party, which is the largest party in Parliament. I hadn't even heard of the People's Party. Apparently it's an old minor party that grew quickly in the '90s, gaining majority in 2007. Though it's firmly nationalistic and anti-immigration, its platform sounds more Reaganite than populist.
"Forced marriages and other things like cemeteries separating the pure and impure — we don't have that in Switzerland, and we do not want to introduce it" said Ulrich Schlueer, co-president of the Initiative Committee to ban minarets.

When the cautious and multicultural Swiss get riled up, you can be sure a healthy immune response is developing in Europe.
  Best article

This article by David Evans is the best and most straightforward article on the Carbon myth I've seen.

Most of the facts and logic have been well-known by rational people (i.e. not crimatologists or politicians or journalists) for a good 30 years. Evans starts from those facts and adds the newly verified intentional deception in the crimatology syndicate. Result is a clear readable package that totally destroys the basic CO2 fraud.

= = = = =

Evans hits the most important point for ordinary people: You don't need a degree in any sort of science, let alone a PhD in Crimatology, to understand why this is completely false. You do, however, need a basic scientific mindset: a grasp of arithmetic and logic and an ability to look at information objectively. This prerequisite unfortunately disqualifies all modern journalists from participating in the question.

A reformation of science has been proceeding quietly for a while, with net-based forums gradually displacing corrupt and incestuous peer-review in many fields. But freshening within disciplines isn't nearly as important as the basic Protestant idea:

You don't need to rely on the Apostolic authority of mysterious Latin-speaking priests. You can read nature for yourself and reach your own conclusions, provided you follow the rules of honesty, logic and transparency.

And this idea has taken center stage in the CRU scandal, with people like Steve McIntyre and David Evans doing the job of a Luther or a Hus.

= = = = =

Later thought: the analogy isn't quite right. When medieval Rome hid the data, it wasn't disobeying basic principles of Christianity. I suppose the ideal of direct personal revelation is sort of implicit in the New Testament, but nothing in Scripture orders the priest to make Scripture available to the people. By contrast, the priests of modern science are directly disobeying a basic and explicit law of Science: if you want anyone to listen to your findings, you must supply the data and methods in full so any reader with sufficient skill and equipment can replicate the analysis or the experiment. And this applies especially to an unfriendly or "skeptical" reader, because he's more likely to find your errors and thus advance knowledge.
Saturday, November 28, 2009
  Perfect Alinsky move

The EU Parliament has decided to send Nick Griffin, one of Britain's representatives to EU, as its official delegate to the Copenhagen Meeting of Gaia's High Priests.

Why is this noteworthy? Griffin is the head of Britain's Nationalist Party (BNP) which is the only legitimate political party in England. (Unfortunately, America doesn't have a legitimate party. Both of ours are strictly enemy-owned.) And Griffin is firmly and loudly against the Carbon Cult ... at least for political reasons; not clear if he's thought about the science.

On the surface this appointment seems mighty strange, since the EU is the absolute heart of Gaia and the absolute heart of transnational progressivism.

Not strange. Alinsky.

The best way to squash an anti-Communist movement is to make it feel dirty. The Brit Commie elites have already prepared the way for this move by continuous mocking of nationalism and especially the BNP, drearily and predictably Hitlerizing it. Now that anti-Gaia sentiment is suddenly and surprisingly growing, the elites hope to break it down by tying it to the already muddied-up BNP.

Classic Alinsky. Link the opponent to something filthy or kinky, trapping him in a cognitive dissonance warp, repeating to himself "I hate this. I am this. I hate this. I am this. I hate this. I am this."
  Darwin vs Darwin, Gaea vs Gaia

Polistra and Happystar set up the point for us. On the left is the typical 'sigmoid' graph of a system with negative (good) feedback. An externally imposed change triggers a counterforce by internal error-correcting loops, leading to a smooth plateau at a new equilibrium. (Often a real system will return later to the baseline, but that's not on this graph.) On the right is the typical 'hockey stick' graph of a system with positive (bad) feedback. An externally imposed change is amplified by internal effects, leading to an 'avalanche' of runaway growth or runaway heat, and often disaster or death.

= = = = =

Well-known truism: A Big Thinker creates a handful of important and valid Big Ideas. His followers then degrade the Big Ideas into a movement that is either trivial or deadly.

Polistra has often noted this tendency with Darwin. Old Charles was a Christian who viewed his observations and discoveries as evidence of the beauty of God's creation, though he seems to have turned more doubtful later. Now his followers are using his name as a weapon against Christianity and against civilization. The Endangered Species Act is the sharpened edge of this weapon, running precisely opposite to Darwin's own theories while using his name as an icon of atheism and "science".

Here's the critical difference: Darwin was a Steam Age man who understood feedback. His theory says that life continues to exist on earth because of innumerable error-correcting loops. When local conditions change beyond the point where a species can adjust internally, the species dies (locally) and another species moves in. When one species grows too numerous, its predators will move in and eat it down to normal.

The Endangered Species Act is designed to break up those loops by arbitrarily preventing the natural die-off of some species, thus preventing the natural invasion by others. And the feds have taken it one step farther into reverse (positive) feedback, by re-introducing species into places where they naturally disappeared.

= = = = =

We can see a parallel abuse of an original idea with James Lovelock's Gaea Hypothesis. Lovelock wasn't really proposing anything new; he was simply observing the same thing Darwin observed on a larger scale. The earth has an incalculable number of feedback loops. Every cell, every tissue, every organ, every complete animal and plant, every family and culture, runs on negative feedback. When a loop breaks or turns bad (positive) the result is fever, disease, cancer, insanity, death. The oceans and atmosphere also run on negative feedback, always maintaining homeostasis of chemistry and homeostasis of temperature within narrow bands. External events perturb the equilibrium at times: volcanos, meteorites, earthquakes, oil spills, bombs. After a time Nature almost always manages to heal the damage, often in ways that remarkably resemble the healing of an injury to an animal.

Lovelock's treatment of Nature as a sort of single animal was thus appealing and metaphorically useful if not strictly accurate.

The neo-Gaians, such as the carbon cultists and their allies the genocidal Deep Ecology fanatics, have adopted the words but reversed the point. The neo-Gaians believe in positive feedback above all. They see every change as leading to a catastrophic hockey stick, with effects piling on effects. Error-correcting feedback is specifically excluded from all of their calculations, even though ALL FACTS AND EVIDENCE, repeat ALL FACTS AND EVIDENCE, repeat ALL FUCKING FACTS AND ALL FUCKING EVIDENCE, show that Earth's temperature and chemistry are strictly regulated and strictly homeostatic.

Unlike Darwin, James Lovelock is still alive and active, and his authorized website tries to claw back some territory for rationality. Though he buys the AGW theory wholeheartedly, he is a ferocious advocate for nuclear power. No hippie shit for Lovelock.

Update 4/23/2012: Lovelock has taken another step toward disavowing the movement. Won't matter much, because he doesn't control any budgets. Nothing will change until WORKING professors with granting authority explicitly turn away from the bad theory. That won't happen until no more money is available for grants.

= = = = =

For reference, Polistra has also discussed the hockey-stick connection with stock market bubbles.

It's always the same with our modern reverse-brained elites. They literally cannot conceive good (negative) feedback, which is the sole path to survival; they can only imagine bad (positive) feedback. In some cases (Global Warming, Malthus) they hate positive feedback, and in others (Wall Street) they love it, but in all cases they insanely assume it's the way things work.
Friday, November 27, 2009
  Interesting idea

From Voice of Russia.

Vyacheslav Kantor, head of an international Jewish org, makes this proposal:

Iran, North Korea and Pakistan should come to realize that there is a certain centre of good will, a decision-making centre that would react at once to a deterioration of the situation, without getting bogged down into protracted debates or innumerable coordination moves. So, we have suggested to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Russia should set up this kind of centre of rapid reaction to any development that sparks concern. But generally this would prove precisely a deterrence centre, a centre of rapid reaction to nuclear threats. We believe it would prove the best if such centre were headed by the US and Russian Presidents. The centre would take care not only of nuclear arms sales, but of any transaction involving nuclear technology, nuclear fission materials etc, says Vyacheslav Kantor.

  Giving thanks

Chris Horner at NRO says it best. Wish I'd come up with that perfect Conquest analogy!

On this day of thanks I am grateful for, among many blessings, the unfolding affirmation of what we have been warning policymakers about ...

In short, just as after the Soviet collapse and a trove of documents revealed that system to be precisely as historian Robert Conquest had detailed to terrific opprobrium from academics worldwide, Conquest supposedly suggested calling his re-released works "I told you so, you fucking fools."

Scientists lied, Kyoto died. Hallelujah.

  Palestinians first; Americans need not apply

Now we know the name of those pretty party-crashers at the White House dinner. Tareq Salahi is the man; his trophy wife is Michaele, which sounds like an Italian name.

Aaaaand here we go again. Americans have to endure complete and absolute security checks in all official buildings and airports, and get tased if they dare to complain or look discontented.

Our enemies don't have the same problem. A Palestinian Arab infiltrator declares openly, brazenly and frequently that he is an enthusiastic supporter of our specific enemy, and the Army takes his side. A Palestinian Arab who looks rich and important is waved through all the gates into the presence of the President.

Well, obviously the term "our enemies" is inaccurate. Arabs are the enemies of the American nation, but they are not the enemies of the government. In other words, we are objectively under Arab occupation.

Note: from what we're hearing today it seems that Salahi (unlike Hasan) is not an ideological supporter of the enemy, though his financial problems could make him a perfect candidate for a paid agent. I'm not assuming malevolence on his part; the trouble is that the supposed protectors of the White House failed to assume malevolence when faced with an unknown and uninvited Arab. A party-crasher named Travis McCowan would have been frogmarched straight to a life sentence in Supermax.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009
  The Lancet article

This morning Rush made a passionate plea for honest scientists to clean out the Augean stable of the crimatologists.

I passionately concur.

I'm not a professional scientist, but I've worked most of my life in academic research as a programmer and electronic tech. I've participated in the hard work of good honest science, watched the conscientious and the not-so-conscientious. In engineering and medical fields, the latter don't last long. Lives are at stake and everyone knows it. (There is plenty of 'passive' corruption, with peer review serving to shut out heterodox ideas, but at least outright falsehoods are unwelcome.)

When I look at the 20-year record of total and universal corruption in crimate, it breaks my little science-loving heart. Lives are also at stake there, and it appears that everyone's goal is to extinguish lives. Perhaps the lower-level workers don't understand the lethality of the project, but the commanding generals unquestionably know what they're doing. Everything is shaped to agree with the predetermined conclusions of the Mighty EPA, whose goal is to eradicate Western Civilization from the face of The Planet Goddess while siphoning the assets into the pockets of Soros and Paulson.

= = = = =

This Lancet article released today would have been an excellent place to start peeling real science away from crimate fraud.

Every point in the article is true and life-saving, and absolutely none of the points have the slightest tiniest micro-connection with "global warming", even if you idiotically assume the CO2 theory to be real. By tying these suggestions to the largest fraud in history, the Lancet thinks it's elevating the suggestions, adding drama. But in fact the connection now delegitimates the whole article. As the fraud continues to deflate, these suggestions will fall with it. And they shouldn't!

Point 1:
Money should be diverted away from roads to make walking and cycling "the most direct, convenient, and pleasant options for most urban trips." Pedestrians and bikers should also get priority over cars and trucks at intersections.

Amen and double amen. Exercise is good, and we're finding that many medical conditions can be helped or cured by moderate exercise. Less driving means less REAL pollution and less use of finite fuels. (And a special personal amen to the bit about pedestrian priority, speaking from near-death experience.)

Point 2:
Simple measures to improve household energy efficiency could have huge benefits, according to one study that looked at polluting indoor cook stoves widely used in low-income countries.

Replacing the stoves with low-emissions stove technology that costs $50 US per household has the potential to "avert millions of premature deaths and hundreds of millions of tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse pollutants," says the study led by Dr. Paul Wilkinson at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Now see, you could have stopped before the part about "hundreds of millions of tonnes" and you'd have another wonderfulle suggestionne. Cookinge with buffalo dunge is notte healthy.

Point 3:
Reducing the use of coal to produce electricity would also have "co-benefits," a second study reports. Carbon emissions wafting into the atmosphere would be reduced along with particulate air pollutants linked to lung cancer, and acute respiratory and cardio-respiratory illnesses. The researchers say that by 2030 "decarbonizing" electricity production could prevent an estimated 93,000 premature deaths in India, another 57,000 in China and 5,000 in the European Union.

Yes. Go nuclear, eliminate coal. We've known for hundreds of years that coal is dirty, and its dirtiness has nothing to do with CO2. But the carbon cultists hate nuclear for religious reasons. Worse, the carbon cultists want to increase coal-burning in some areas to give baseline power for hippie-dippie shit like windmills.
  Thanks, Prudential!

Thanks, Prudential!

It's nice to be part of a little victory every now and then.

See here for more details.
  How come the Aussies get truth and we don't?

Here is a "global warming" feature today on Australia's main TV network.


It features three experts, all of whom are unabashedly on the side of real science. Best is David Bellamy, a well-known Aussie environmentalist who led protests against a hydropower dam 25 years ago. Now Bellamy is trying to get a point across to other greenies. "I can't believe how the whole world has been duped in this way. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It's one of the most important gases that keep the whole world in kilter. ... If the temperature does go up a bit more, then we could grow crops all over Siberia and northern Canada."

All of this is familiar to those of us who have been in touch with reality for the last 20 years, but it's so damn refreshing to see it presented professionally and straightforwardly on a major media outlet.

We'll never get this from the American poison-mongers. They will continue to give the good old Orwellian Two Minutes Hate treatment to real scientists, allowing them to speak for about 5 milliseconds before screeching them into the ground.

(Fox has some exceptions among their commentators, but their "news" staff is just as loyal to Algore as CNN.)

As the rest of the world finally and painfully clicks over into reality, American media, American schools and universities, American "scientists", American corporations, will continue to bend over forward for the Planet Goddess.

Yes, we are exceptional. Exceptional as in profoundly retarded, exceptional as in the short-bus country.

= = = = =

No, I'm sorry. I take it back. That's an insult to retarded folks, who may not grasp abstractions but understand plain old reality quite well. Simple-minded people don't mistake hot for cold, don't mistake up for down. No, we are not retarded, we are psychotic. We are highly intelligent and we steadily and consistently believe the most self-destructive falsehoods and lies on every possible subject.
  Exceptionalism 2

Listening to Joe Scarborough and his homosexual buddies on MSNBC, trying to have a thoughtful discussion about what this decade meant. Some valid points, but as usual the standard agreed-on lies. Both parties agree that the election of "The First African-American President" marks a turning point in history, for some reason that I can't begin to fathom. Brand-D says this turning point is wonderful, brand-R says it's awful. Both are goddamn liars. In fact "The First African-American President" has continued all the bad policies of the previous "Evil Caucasian President."

More subtly, another agreed-on lie:

"This decade probably marks the end of American exceptionalism, and the beginning of a more connected approach, more linked with the world." Both parties agree that exceptionalism means the Bush/Cheney "cowboy" approach, means "going it alone". Brand-D says this is bad, that we should pay more attention to the rest of the world. Brand-R says we should continue the "cowboy" approach.

Wrong from start to finish. Obama isn't changing the Bush policy in practice, though his words are more humble, which is a start. Most of all, exceptionalism does not mean "going it alone". Exceptionalism means attempting to be the world's Child Protective Services, telling the world that we know what's good for everyone, peeping into everyone's house, making war against them if they spank their kids, bombing them if they allow men to be men and women to be women.

This is the deepest and nastiest form of connection and linking, and it emphatically does not protect America's interests. We have been spending unthinkable amounts of money and lives to enrage, justify and arm our enemies, to build infrastructure and nuclear plants in hostile countries.

The opposite of exceptionalism is not deeper connections. The opposite of exceptionalism is detachment. Isolationism. Humility. Protectionism.

Detachment means that we would treat other countries like adults. Let them choose their own cultures and forms of government, let them spank or spoil their kids, let them act like human beings or New Yorkers, let them pay high wages or keep slaves, whichever they want. None of our fucking business. Instead, we would use our military to guard our own borders and ports, and use our money to rebuild our own railroads and nuclear power plants.

Who knows, maybe we could even impose tariffs so the countries that use slave labor would lose their advantage, and our own businesses would then grudgingly find it necessary to hire and pay American workers, no matter how much they hated this weird radical science-fiction concept. Then we would finally be similar to other advanced nations. Protectionism would truly mark the end of Exceptionalism.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009
  Five corners, not four

Rush is doing a brilliant overview of this generation's Watergate, the Pentagon Papers of the crimate "scientists".

His theme is the Four Corners of Deceit: media, academia, science, government.

Unfortunately (and not accidentally) he missed the fifth corner: Wall Street.

The long string of crimate conspiracies from Rio to Kyoto to Copenhagen have always served two equally important purposes: More damage to civilization, and more trillions for Wall Street.

And these are not "strange bedfellows" or accidental allies. Look up Gramsci for the full explanation.
  Language Update 11/09

Professor Polistra brings us an update on Words In The News.

Penultimate: Originally meant 'next to last', now means 'beyond ultimate'. In a story on the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall breakout, we hear of "Vernon Walters, the penultimate diplomatic insider ...."

Low-efficient or high-efficient instead of -efficiency. As in high-efficient heating systems or low-efficient medical care. Not clear how this oddity arose; it doesn't really save any time or keystrokes.

Cables. Not a new word but a surprising oldie, popping up in stories about official communications from General Eikenberry in Afghanistan. Back in the era when international telegraph traffic passed through real undersea cables, the term 'cable' meant any telegram using those cables. It evolved to mean any telegram with an official or journalistic purpose; more specifically a telegram written in the peculiar sublanguage of 'cablese'. Starting in the '30s, most international traffic was actually by shortwave radio, but the term remained in use. Nowadays we can assume that Gen. Eikenberry is using some form of encrypted satellite system. Nevertheless, an official message passed by electrical means is still a 'cable'.

Social-engineered. [Later addition] Originally, social engineering referred to using subsidies and government rules to shape society in certain ways. Now it means 'using social networking (eg Facebook) to pull yourself into a place or position that you don't really deserve.' This use shows up repeatedly in discussions of the party-crashing Salahis: "These individuals social-engineered their way into the White House."

Settled. The dirtiest and deadliest word in the English language.

Global warming is 'settled science', and Roe v Wade is 'settled law'. When something is 'settled', it is completely anti-scientific, anti-logical, anti-legal, and intentionally designed to kill millions of human beings. 'Settled law' is a euphemism for 'crimes against humanity.' 'Settled science' is a euphemism for 'crimes against nature.'


Monday, November 23, 2009
  Well, well, well

WSJ reports that Rep Issa of Calif and Sen Inhofe of Okla are both starting up investigations into the criminal syndicate that fakes the "science" of global warming.

Issa will focus on John Holdren, a true High Priest of the Crimate Goddess, who is Obama's "science" adviser. Holdren's own emails are present in the CRU archive, though not in a major way. [Primarily he shows up in the file 1066337021.txt, which is an email conversation between Holdren and Nick Schulz of AEI. Schulz is asking hard questions from the side of real science, and Holdren is giving the standard Gaia-cult answers, though in a more civil and respectful way than most of the High Priests.]

Good choice of pivot point. Congress shouldn't investigate criminal activities just for publicity (such as its absurd investigations of steroids in sports), but Congress definitely has the authority to investigate criminal connections of an executive-branch officer.
Sunday, November 22, 2009
  Tipping point

The whistle-blowing by an honest scientist in the British crimate bureaucracy has been boiling in the blogworld for several days. Until now the enemy-controlled media have held to the standard Gaia line, describing the whistle-blower as a Russian hacker, and only debating how many logs to put on the fire when they find and burn the heretic. (Burn in a carbon-neutral way, of course.)

This morning one mainstream reporter finally understands what's happening, finally sees the corruption clearly, may even be starting to doubt the orthodoxy.

Juliet Eilperin at Wash Post:
While few U.S. politicians bother to question whether humans are changing the world's climate -- nearly three years ago the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded the evidence was unequivocal -- public debate persists. And the newly disclosed private exchanges among climate scientists at Britain's Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia reveal an intellectual circle that appears to feel very much under attack, and eager to punish its enemies.

In one e-mail, the center's director, Phil Jones, writes Pennsylvania State University's Michael E. Mann and questions whether the work of academics that question the link between human activities and global warming deserve to make it into the prestigious IPCC report, which represents the global consensus view on climate science.

"I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report," Jones writes. "Kevin and I will keep them out somehow -- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

Eilperin still doesn't seem to understand how thoroughly corrupt the process of peer review has become, even in fields that aren't politically "hot". Peer review does not reject bad science and bad logic. It only filters out contributions that disagree with the current fashion in each field.

In other words, peer review filters out scientific progress.
Friday, November 20, 2009
  Wet or dry? Svensmark or Strong?

Two screen captures from Google News at the same minute. Look at the BBC items in both subjects. On top we have the terrible flooding in England, worst in history at some places. On the bottom we have the BBC's report of the whistle-blower at the British Crimate bureaucracy (CRU).

Note that the Beeb attached a standard dry desert-like picture to the latter, thus visually "verifying" the "reality" of global warming. They have the gall to do this at the same moment when Britain is getting record wetness and near-record cold.

The Gaia myth must be preserved AT ALL COSTS. Even as we drown and freeze, we must continue to "inform" the proletariat that we are dry-roasting.

Actually the observed facts (widespread cold and wet) fit perfectly into Svensmark's theory of climate. The sun continues its unusually long period of inactivity, therefore more cosmic rays are able to reach the earth's atmosphere, triggering more clouds to form. More clouds means cooler and wetter.

Needless to say, all observed facts violently disagree with the Maurice Strong / Al Gore theory of CO2-caused warming.

This perfect pair shows why the Gaia myth is so deadly. We are in fact suffering through a period of unusual and dangerous climate, likely to continue for at least 20 years by most estimates. Unusual = cold and wet, perhaps even sliding down toward an ice age. This change truly does require adjustment and investment by gov't and people, but the gov'ts are instead preparing for hot and dry, pouring billions into totally useless CO2 technologies and worse-than-useless solar and wind shit, which is nothing more than esthetic masturbation by senile hippies.
Thursday, November 19, 2009
  Black boxes and optimization

When trying to optimize or tune up a system (a car, a program, a national economy) you have to start by asking "Who is this for?" Is the car driven by a young buck or a safety-minded family? Is the program a game or an accounting app?

The answer to that question tells you which output variable to measure while you're tuning. For the young buck's car you want to tune for acceleration; for the family you tune for economy. For the computer game you work toward flash and speed; for the accounting app you aim for zero errors regardless of speed.

Now let's ask the same questions about a national economy. Who is this for? Which variable should we put the scope on? Different politicians give us very different answers, which implies different variables to watch. The establishment types, Bush, McCain, Obama, all give the same answer: the economy is for Wall Street, and the goal is to maximize the Dow and minimize interest rates.

But there is an alternate answer, voiced by union heads like Richard Trumka, politicians like Marcy Kaptur, commentators like Thom Hartmann, and historical figures like Mohammed. Who's the economy for? They say "Ordinary working people and their families." And what should you maximize? Production and wages.

This answer agrees with Polistra's guiding lights (Henry Ford and FDR); it agrees with modern Catholic economics and also with the moral populism found at Front Porch Republic. Though the unions certainly aren't starting from theology, they end up in the same place as Benedict.

= = = = =

Wall Street steals jobs and cash, sends the jobs to China and the cash to Goldman Sachs, and returns nothing to American producers and laborers.

Manufacturing turns labor into value and returns a significant part of the value to the laborer.

Historically, America has bubbled and failed when stocks and property were the target variables. America has stabilized and succeeded when production was the target.
  If it's really PC....

The standard media are (quite properly for once!) looking with distaste at the Army's failure to toss out Nidal Hasan. Even as they belatedly do their job, they're still missing the point in a subtle but important way. Every report refers to the Politically Correct atmosphere, or Political Correctness Run Amok.

PC began as a Maoist term, part of the old set of required English translations of Chinese Communist terms. This strange sub-language was often found in the English broadcasts of Radio Peking, or the English editions of People's Daily. Deviationist-roader, imperialist running dog, hegemonist, and so on. All of these constructions were awkward, but the translators had no choice.

PC was first used in a jocular way by American academic leftists in the '80s who knew that they were censoring their heterodox colleagues and students, didn't quite like the idea, but again had no choice given their own rigid adherence to Chairman Mao.

Since then it's loosened up, lost force and meaning, used by both sides in all possible directions.

In the Hasan case it takes a peculiar twist. Consider that the proper meaning of PC is censorship by the government, applied to the people who are opposing the government. If we truly had a case of PC here, and if the Army authorities were pro-American, the censorship would have been directed against Hasan. And this would be normal in the Army, which has never been an open and free forum. Because of the Army's unique job and unique need for complete loyalty, it has always been much stricter than the civilian government.

But here we have the exact opposite. Here the censorship was by the Army, applied to the people who tried to defend the Army from Hasan.

This leaves us with only one conclusion. The upper levels of the Army are on the same side as Hasan.
  Could be a bad day for the Warmists

A big leak in the Carbon Cult. Apparently the result of a real journalist's Freedom of Info Act request, which came out in the open here. Basically a dump of someone's email copies within the British climate bureaucracy. Much of it is trivial discussion among academics working on projects, but there are a few smoking guns that show deliberate modification of data.

The smokiest gun is this:
Dear Ray, Mike and Malcolm,
Once Tim’s got a diagram here we’ll send that either later today or
first thing tomorrow.
I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps
to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from
1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.

= = = = =

Update 11/20: Phil Jones, the Gaian Cult priest who was the main writer of the emails in the archive, has confirmed that the material is all genuine. He claims it was leaked by a "hacker", though it's more likely a whistle-blowing honest scientist within the British climate bureaucracy. All that matters is the genuineness. Since we're dealing with the most deadly criminal conspiracy in history, a little illegality is wildly justified in attempting to break them.
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
  War or not?

Andy McCarthy at NRO, who prosecuted earlier terrorism trials, knows whereof he speaks:
What made the United States most vulnerable in the Nineties was our enemies' perception that they were at war and we were not. They gave us bombs, we gave them rights. That encouraged them to attack us more often and more audaciously — which is exactly what they did.

If we are at war, and the Attorney General said this morning that we are, we have to treat it like a war. Pressed by Sen. Graham this morning, the AG could not name a single time when, during war, we captured an enemy combatant outside the U.S. and brought him into the United States for a civilian trial — vesting him with all the rights of an American citizen. That's because hasn't happened. That's not how you treat wartime enemies.

Further, if we are going to have military commissions at all (and Holder says we will continue to have them), it makes no sense to transfer the worst war criminals to the civilian system. Doing so tells the enemy that they will get more rights if they mass-murder civilians.

In short, McCarthy says:
If we are at war, we must treat combatants as combatants.

If we aren't going to treat combatants as combatants, we aren't really at war.

And if we aren't really at war, then we should bring our troops home, because what they're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is not part of a war. If we are not fighting back against a military attack, by definition we are an aggressor; but we're a mighty peculiar and self-defeating aggressor, requiring each bullet to be rationed by pro-enemy lawyers.

Meanwhile, our alleged "government" can only ask whether we should send 45000 more troops or 46000 more troops or 47000 more troops or 48000 more troops or 49000 more troops or 50000 more troops or 51000 more troops or 6,000,000,000 more troops. And the only important criterion is whether this particular number of troops will be enough to help the Afghan government fight corruption.... even though everyone understands that the Afghan government will always be corrupt, and even though all the experts openly state that no amount of soldiers will clean up the Afghan government, and even though the legitimacy of the Afghan government has precisely zero connection with any American national interest, and even though Afghanistan played only a minor part in the 9/11 hijacking.

Insane. Bonkers. Loony. Gaga. Decerebrate. Anencephalic. Treasonous. Suicidal.
  Must be Sweeps month......

Yep, sure enough it's November.
  Who's behind cap & trade?

Here is an excellent piece of investigative journalism, by John Hull in the new online paper.

Hull traces the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) back to its start.
It is no secret that Al Gore has been at the forefront of the global warming and carbon credit hype and also worked to pass legislation dealing with these topics. What is a secret, albeit not a well kept secret as much as it is ignored, is that Gore and his associates are getting richer with the passing of each new regulation. ...

The CCX was co-founded by Richard Sandor and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson. CCX received start-up grants from The Joyce Foundation in 2000 and 2001, during the time Barack Obama served on the Board of Directors. ...

CCX is also partially owned by Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management (GIM) through which carbon credits may be purchased. The co-founder of GIM, David Blood, was formerly the chief of Goldman Sachs, which heavily invested in CCX.

Nuff said. Comrade Gore and Imam Hussein Obama are the political frontmen, Shotgun Paulson and Goldman Sachs are the criminal underbelly.

The underbelly is always the same for everything in this doomed country; only the frontmen change for different times and different projects.

So far at least, this particular criminal enterprise is not doing very well; the shares on the CCX are stuck in the penny range, and the Senate's natural constipation may hold back the Scheißflut long enough for the paradigm to switch in the world of science. Other disciplines like geology and physics are beginning to strike back at the utterly criminalized field of climatology.

One can only hope and pray.
Monday, November 16, 2009
  Random stuff

(1) Something odd must be in the air around Spokane. In the last two days, two unconnected 56-year-old hikers fell. The first one sprained her ankle, spent a cold night in a ditch, and was fortunately rescued. The second one fell down a long hill and unfortunately died.

(2) A CBS news item about Palin's book mentioned denials by McCain staffer Nicole Wallace.
In an interview with CBS News, Wallace said none of the conversations Palin quotes in the book ever took place.

Obviously the word quotes here is meant to be taken with a grain of salt, but how in the world would you express the salt?

In writing:
...none of the conversations Palin "quotes" in the book ever took place.

...none of the conversations Palin, and I quote, quotes, end quote, ever took place.

Or in McCain's own style,
...none of the conversations Palin quote quotes in the book ever took place.

This is the sort of recursive notation that drives programmers crazy.

(3) In one 1942 episode of Information Please, which was the best entertainment ever regularly produced, the special guest was biologist Julian Huxley. The show's editors always saved appropriate questions for special guests, so Huxley got a question about mating rituals in various animals.

Host Clifton Fadiman: Now let us suppose that three male admirers are courting their girls, and these girls are all girls in the animal kingdom. The first one waved a large claw in the air, the second offered a package of food as part of his courting, and the third showed his intended some building material.

Huxley: The first would be a fiddler crab; he'd be waving his large colored claw in the air. He has one large one and one small one. He keeps the small one for eating. The female has two small ones. (Audience laughs)

Fadiman: And what does the female do when she watches this claw-waving? Does she wave back?

Huxley: No, she keeps it to herself, but sometimes she gives in. (Audience laughs)

Fadiman: You've apparently watched this sort of thing going on? By the way, what is the female fiddler crab called?

Huxley: She's just called a fiddler crab.

This is an interesting category error by Fadiman, who was a lover and analyzer of words. And it's the sort of error that makes you realize the true category after you hear it. The exception that reveals the unwritten rule. Common domestic mammals and birds do in fact have separate names for male, female and child. Bull, cow, calf; dog, bitch, puppy; cock, hen, chick. And most of these male animals have accessories of various types or distinct colorations, while the females mostly "keep it to themselves". So the analogy was irresistible, but Fadiman clearly didn't realize that the rule only applies to domestic livestock.

Here's the whole show, which also features the absolutely delightful Jan Struther.

(4) And speaking of arthropod courtship rituals, here's a bird that sings by vibrating its wing feathers, similar to the stridulation of crickets and other insects. Appears to be the only higher animal that uses the method. Wonder why? The sound isn't special; other birds make similar sounds by the regular old air-driven flute (syrinx) method.
  Get a flu shot? Nah, just catch cold.

From the latest New Superstitionist:

In France, flu cases rose in early September, then stayed at about 160 per 100,000 people until late October, when numbers started rising again. The delayed rise was puzzling, says Jean-Sebastien Casalegno of the French national flu lab at the University of Lyon.

He reports that the percentage of throat swabs from French respiratory illnesses that tested positive for swine flu fell in September, while at the same time rhinovirus, which causes colds, rose. [Then] in late October rhinovirus fell at the same time as flu rose. [Casalegno] suspects rhinovirus may have blocked the spread of swine flu via a process called viral interference.

This is thought to occur when one virus ... turns on your antiviral defences, and excludes the other viruses.

And why do colds reliably peak in early fall? Because that's when kids go back to school, sharing new viruses with each other.

The question unasked in the article: By cautioning everyone to wash hands, sneeze into elbows, wear masks, stay home, are we actually making swine flu worse by slowing down the vaccination effect of the cold virus? Are we breaking up natural feedback systems?
Sunday, November 15, 2009
  Simple, isn't it?

I've always wondered how modern Commies decide the natural direction of history. It's certainly a Marxist concept, designed to put all the levers of culture in the hands of a few decision-makers. When everyone agrees that Progress runs along a fixed track with no exits or branches, the elites don't have to persuade or argue for a change that will give them even more power and privilege. They can simply declare this change to be Progress, and dispute becomes impossible.

For instance, everyone in the so-called "news" business knows that homosexual "marriage" is the natural direction of history. Anyone who doesn't love and celebrate the idea is not merely reactionary but logically unimaginable, like running time backwards.

The best way to explode this tyranny is to ask: Well then, what's the next step? Since you know that homosexual "marriage" is the only possible course of history for this decade, you must also know what comes next. Is it polygamy? If not, why not? If "Heather Has Two Mommies" is automatically necessary, shouldn't we be agitating next for "Heather Has Two Mommies and One Daddy"?

And on the rare occasions when this basic and perfectly logical question is asked, there is no coherent answer, just a lot of predictable Tourettist-Leninist cussing and screeching.

I realized last night that the screechiness (=cognitive dissonance) on this particular question doesn't really come from the Marxiness of our traitors; it comes from their snobbishness. Homosexuality is the inevitable stage of history because rich secular New Yorkers are homosexual. Polygamy can never be a stop on the subway line of history because polygamists are poor Protestant Southerners. If rich secular New Yorkers were currently polygamous, polygamy would be the current logically necessary stage. QED.

Snobbishness may also explain why our internal destroyers love al-Qaeda despite its violent disagreement with everything else they love. Though the destroyers always recite the standard absurd nonsense about terrorism arising from poverty, they know that Sheikh Osama is rich and well-educated, and the inner core of al-Qaeda is also rich and well-educated. Doctors and engineers.

They defend Nidal Hasan because he's a psychiatrist. They didn't bother to defend John Allen Williams alias Muhammad because he was a poor and uneducated man.
Saturday, November 14, 2009
  Crashing the moon

NASA is spending billions to prepare for its next utterly pointless trip to the fucking moon.

Polistra has a better and vastly cheaper idea, called Project Falcon.

Kill two birds.......

= = = = =

Hmph. Try to be funny or satirical, and reality immediately catches up with you.
  Important lesson

Listening to the usual experts discussing the upcoming civilian trial of KSM and others. One expert struck an important point, though he didn't realize it. "We've been running these military trials at Gitmo without much success, leading to some bad guys being released. The civilian courts have a better record of conviction."

Think about that. I'll grant that a big part of this specific problem is Bush's moronic confusion, throwing cases into military or civilian courts for no particular reason.

But there's still something dramatically wrong when military courts are softer and less pro-American than Federal civilian courts. Add in the Army's total inability to spot Hasan as an enemy penetrator even when he explicitly and openly adheres to the enemy every time he opens his mouth. His open advocacy of jihad was bizarrely labeled as "lack of academic rigor." And add in the well-documented brigade of lawyers who must give permission for every shot fired in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Conventional wisdom for a long time, especially among conservatives, has been that the military is the only competent part of the Federal gov't, the only loyal and decisive part.

Nope, this is obviously false. We should learn now that the military is the softest, least competent, most thoroughly subverted part of the gov't.
  Fire! Fire! Fire! Pollution! Carbon Alert! Oops.

Self-Explanatory Picture from local TV website.
Friday, November 13, 2009
  Obama's inheritance

Enemy operative Holder is effectively freeing the 5 masterminds of 9/11.

How can we be sure?

"The transfer of cases to federal court is a huge victory for restoring due process and the rule of law, as well as repairing America's international standing, an essential part of ensuring our national security. We can now finally achieve the real and reliable justice that Americans deserve. It would have been an enormous blow to American values if we had tried these defendants in a process riddled with legal problems," said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU.

That's how we can be sure.

Joe gets it almost right:

Senator Lieberman said, “The terrorists who planned, participated in, and aided the September 11, 2001 attacks are war criminals, not common criminals. Not only are these individuals not common criminals but war criminals, they are also not American citizens entitled to all the constitutional rights American citizens have in our federal courts. The individuals accused of committing these heinous, cowardly acts of intentionally targeting unsuspecting, defenseless civilians should therefore be tried by military commission rather than in civilian courts in the United States.”

Almost right because the underlying problem here is Bush's weakness, not current procedural errors. If Bush had been even 1/10 of the "Texas Cowboy" that the Commies say he is, these defendants would have been shot instead of captured. And then Enemy Operative Holder wouldn't have the chance to set them free.
  One fine exception

MSNBC's fairly new morning host Dylan Ratigan has emerged as the most even-handed, sane, factual and pro-American commentator anywhere on cable TV.

While the rest of MSNBC, and all of the other cable channels, descend ever deeper into fantasy, mindless partisanship, and pure falsehoods, Ratigan holds steady.
  Car theft = free taxi?

Heard something amazing and sorta disgusting on KHQ-TV just now.

Car theft is running wild in Spokane, with 31,000 thefts reported so far this year. That would be about 1 of every 6 cars. According to police, many of these thefts are "free taxi rides" where the thief locates a warming-up car, hops in, drives it to where he wants to go, and parks it. Doesn't keep it, sell it or strip it.

The cops have basically stopped handling car theft, and in this case I can't blame them. Common law and common sense agree that possession is not passive. To fully possess property, whether a car or a copyright, you have to defend it, make it hard to steal or invade. If you invite theft by leaving the car unlocked and running, you've weakened your claim to the car.

= = = = =

After a bit of checking on the outrageous 31000 number given by the TV station, I'm pretty sure it's off by a zero. Journalists nowadays are mainly girls, and Math Class Is Hard. According to this insurance industry source, Spokane had 2122 officially listed auto thefts in 2008; so an increase to 3100 would be more likely.
Thursday, November 12, 2009
  Illustrating Orlov

Polistra has been following Dmitri Orlov for a while.

Orlov lists many reasons why Russia has survived its 1991 collapse while America is far less likely to survive its ongoing collapse.

This struck me as especially important:
To keep evil at bay, Americans require money. In an economic collapse, there is usually hyperinflation, which wipes out savings. There is also rampant unemployment, which wipes out incomes. The result is a population that is largely penniless.

In the Soviet Union, very little could be obtained for money. It was treated as tokens rather than as wealth, and was shared among friends. Many things – housing and transportation among them – were either free or almost free.

Here's a little set of pictures from Russia in the '60s, illustrating the point. Most of the pics are organized events which don't tell us much, but look closely at the 1st and 11th pictures, where people have spontaneously arranged themselves. What would that park bench look like in modern diversity-poisoned America?
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
  Diversity is weakness

Leaving aside Enemy Operative George Casey's purely Orwellian use of diversity to mean mixing jihadi soldiers with American soldiers, there has been a broader and more productive discussion on the pain of diversity lately.

The Putnam study showed that people who live amid ethnic diversity (in modern American cities) become suspicious and mistrustful, not just of the other ethnic groups, but of everyone. Though it may be news to Putnam, it's not news to the planners who created the modern form of forced diversity. Mistrust was their mission, and they've achieved it.

Putnam seems to miss this point. Our modern problem is not the mere mixing of different types of humans in the same community, because the New World has always been a mixture. Other parts of the New World don't have the same degree of mistrust, and our country didn't always have the same degree of mistrust.

Our modern problem is twofold.

(1) Certain privileged groups are strongly encouraged to flaunt their stereotypical differences. Blacks are encouraged to show Stone Age tribal behaviors; homosexuals are encouraged to scream and swish; Jews are encouraged to be money-grubbing robber barons; females are encouraged to take on the airs of delicate Victorian ladies, fainting at the slightest offense. And worst of all, Mohammedans are encouraged to wear their primitive disguises, perform their primitive idolatrous ceremonies, kill their daughters who try to assimilate, and spread jihad inside our Army.

(2) Simultaneously, we are forbidden by law to mention any form of difference, even while the differences are rubbed in our face, even while the Religion Of Peace expresses its most holy theological principles with bullets and bombs.

It's not the existence of differences that creates the modern sense of rage and mistrust; it's frustration and futility. Learned helplessness.

It wasn't always this way.

Before the Cultural Revolution (1948-1968) we didn't have this problem.

(1) We were free to talk and think about categories. Free to distinguish males from females, English from Irish, black from white, Jewish from Christian. Some of those distinctions may have been inaccurate stereotypes, but most were reasonably true. (One exception: we didn't talk about homosexuality in public because we didn't talk about sex in public.)

(2) There was no cultural encouragement for certain groups to display their distinctions in public. If you wanted respect and advancement in the common arena, you had to speak standard English and behave within civilized norms.

(3) Outside the common arena we had all sorts of "comfort zones" for all sorts of people, and the "comfort zones" were free to be exclusive. Men's clubs, ladies' clubs, Little Italy, Chinatown, etc. Some of these still exist, but now only the officially privileged classes can protect their zones from outsiders. (Example: the Wymyn's Bookstore is free to kick out males, but the Fifty Yard Zone Sports Bar will be shut down and burned if it dares to kick out an obnoxious bulldyke.)
  An analogy

Dreher is moaning and groaning about a vigilante who beat up a Greek priest. The vig apparently believed that the priest was a jihadi, or else believed that the priest was making a sexual advance. There's obviously more to the story than meets the eye. I'm not really concerned with the details, which may never be clear.

Here's the point: Vigilantes are often sloppy and unprofessional, often hit the wrong target. But when the professionals (police, judges, military) refuse to do their job, refuse to protect the people from regular criminals or Wall Street criminals or foreign attackers, someone has to do the job.

Consider an analogy with blogging. Professional journalists have stopped doing their job. They no longer tell us what's happening, no longer try to find facts. Most of the time the pros work very hard to present the exact opposite of the facts.

Bloggers, who could be called vigilante journalists, grew up in response to that total failure by the pros. Bloggers are sloppy, often hit the wrong target, often exaggerate, but they do not intentionally and consistently present complete falsehoods, nor do they intentionally and consistently delete the real story.

Same with science. Many branches of science are still honest, but climatologists have gone rogue, surrendered their grasp of reality to the bizarre Gaia religious cult. We're blessed to have amateurs like Steve McIntyre volunteering to do the real job.

In all cases the professionals could stop vigilante action by simply doing their assigned job, doing the job they are nominally PAID TO DO. This won't happen, because the people who pay them are obviously happy with the total betrayal of duty.
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
  Got one.

Polistra and Happystar celebrate the execution of Jihadi John Allen Williams alias Muhammad.

Justice is rare nowadays, so a bit of jubilation is called for.

Somewhat puzzling why the Federal system allowed this execution to proceed so "quickly" (6 years instead of the usual 20) ... and why the usual enemy operatives (ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, FBI, Federal courts) were so uninterested in blocking this one. Normally those saboteurs conspire to break the back of justice with eternal delays. [ Later I figured out this puzzle. ]

This case also includes a more natural and delicious application of justice. Chief Moose, the racist monster who acted as an accessory to those 10 murders by intentionally obstructing the capture of Williams and Malvo, ended up as a rookie beat cop in Honolulu. Quite a comedown from big-city chief, and ever so richly deserved.

= = = = =

Buzz buzz buzz! Preposition at end of sentence alert! The second sentence will not be readable by conservatives as it stands. In order to be comprehended by Fox viewers, it should be changed to:

Justice is rare nowadays, so a bit of jubilation is that for which is called.
  The best video on the "global warming" hoax

Finland's national TV network has presented a solid, factual and clear program on the basic scientific fraud behind the "global warming" crime.

In a nutshell: Out of the dozens of ways to gather an average global temperature, only one set of alleged "real data" supposedly agrees with the computer models that claim the last century (and the last decade) as the warmest in history. All other data sets, including averages of real temperatures, show an unremarkable set of ups and downs, with the 20th century warmer than the 19th but nowhere near the balmy medieval era, and with the current decade unquestionably trending downward. Only one data set matches the carbon dioxide curve, and this set turns out to be based on the rings of exactly 10 trees in Siberia.

The Finnish TV program shows how Steve McIntyre pursued the truth about the tree-ring data. He finally proved that these 10 trees not only disagree with all other real data, they even disagree with other trees in the same area!

This graph is the key to the story. The red line shows the scary temperature pattern derived from the rings of those crucial 10 trees. The black line is derived from a larger set of trees in the same area. Note that even the black line doesn't resemble other direct and proxy measurements of temperature, which tells you that perhaps tree rings are not a good proxy in the first place. The green line shows what happens when the 10 trees are mixed with the larger set with proper weighting. All of this is standard procedure in any scientific study: you examine all available data points, and if a few of the points are wild, you leave them out unless you have an extremely good factual reason to include them. (For instance, you'd include them if you were specifically studying why these points are different; perhaps studying the insects or disease that affected this forest.) In any honest scientific endeavor, a study that included only the outliers would be rejected and condemned. Unfortunately, "global warming" is the exact opposite of honest science, so we are busy destroying Western civilization on the basis of these 10 unusual trees.

Here's the video in one piece with English subtitles.
  Dorothy hits it

Dorothy Rabinowitz, the only legitimate reporter on any major American newspaper, always hits the point, always asks the right question.

This morning:

"This terrible event," Gen. Casey noted, "would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty."

To hear this, and numerous other such pronouncements of recent days, was to be reminded of all those witnesses to the suspicious behavior of the 9/11 hijackers who held their tongues for fear of being charged with discrimination. It has taken Maj. Hasan, and the fantastic efforts to explain away his act of bloody hatred, to bring home how much less capable we are of recognizing the dangers confronting us than we were even before September 11.

The latter point is critical. During these 8 years of sorta-halfway-wartime, authorities have constantly propagandized about the need to be preventive, the need to think in a "post-9-11" way. But underneath the propaganda, those same authorities have relentlessly and fiercely punished anyone who dared to follow the propaganda, anyone who dared to name the enemy. Those same authorities have guaranteed that our soldiers are maximally vulnerable to enemy attack, forbidden to fight effectively. This treasonous policy of national suicide has been obvious in Iraq and Afghanistan from the start, and it's finally come home to America.

And no, this is not an "unfortunate and unintended consequence" of anti-discrimination laws. This is the single solitary purpose and goal of anti-discrimination laws. Anti-discrimination laws are designed to collapse civilization by preventing rational thought, by halting self-preservation. We are required by law to be less intelligent than bacteria.
Monday, November 09, 2009
  The ultimate SES

Polistra makes a habit of noticing and recording Self-Explanatory Sentences.

Well, what is the ultimate SES?

Allahu akbar.

When you hear those words, the speaker has described his complete life to you.

He has also told you that his life is now complete.

He is a bomb about to detonate.

That's all you need to know.

You don't need to investigate connections.

You don't need to probe complex psychological aberrations.

You only need to duck and cover.
Sunday, November 08, 2009
  Bravo Lieberman!

While the enemy-controlled Army and the enemy-controlled FBI continue to vomit the standard vicious and murderous pro-Mohammedan lies about "diversity" and "the potential for backlash" and other criminal and treasonous snakeshit, Joe Lieberman speaks the truth and starts a separate investigation.

Lieberman is properly cautious about fact-checking, but after a few disclaimers he says exactly what every American official should be saying.

Bless you, Joe!
  Morse in Prudential advertisement

Prudential Insurance is running a series of TV ads using SOS in Morse.

Mixed feelings. On one hand it's nice to see an ad aimed at folks who are old enough to know what SOS is, and aimed at technical types of any age. On the other hand, the SOS is badly pronounced. The dots and dashes are all there, but the rhythm is wrong, so it sounds more like VMS than SOS.

An analogy for non-Morsians. Suppose a company wants to attract old movie fans, and it runs an ad with Clark Gable saying to Carole Lombard, "Frankly my dear, I don't give aaahhhdamn." What? Did he say Adam? Odd ham? Or a damn?

This is what happens when you trust book learning and Google, and fail to test the result on actual humans with actual experience. You get an ad that misses its target because the targeted listener is too puzzled to focus on the product.

= = = = =

As a sidenote ... or perhaps sidetone ... Here's Shep discussing how Morse is used and misused in movies and other entertainment. Along the way he also covers Morse as a way of thought, Joseph Conrad, ionospheric skip, the Lake Erie Swing, and TV DXing. Naturally.

= = = = =

Update 11/25: Prudential has changed the code in their ad, with perfect rhythm this time so it's unquestionably SOS, not VMS!

I'd been noticing lots of purposeful links to this entry, including some hits from Prudential itself. The search terms indicated that lots of other folks were perceiving the same problem. (i.e. "prudential morse wrong" and "prudential sos vms")

Feels good to witness a real consequence from what I write here, even though it's a tiny victory on a symbolic question.

Thanks, Prudential!
  Casey says it all

Enemy Agent George Casey, serving illegitimately as "Chief of Staff" of the Army, says this morning in a CNN interview:

"As great a tragedy as this is, it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity became a casualty as well."

Diversity = allowing enemy soldiers to operate within the Army.

And we wonder why we have problems.

Casey should be tried and hanged for treason.
  When the lights come on again ... no, they won't

Here's an excellent essay on the continuing unstoppable collapse of America, including a remarkable eyewitness account of the moment when it started.

While the brand-R traitors and the brand-D traitors in the Upper and Lower Nuthouses sling meaningless words at each other, the real economy continues to dissolve. And it's dissolving because of conditions that the Nuthouses could fix in one day.

The problems are:

1. The 9th Circuit Court (and generally the unchecked imperial power of courts)

2. Regulations that make nuclear power impossible.

3. Uncontrolled trade with China.

None of these problems are scientific or economic, none require further analysis.

JUST ONE DAY of well-directed legislative activity could solve every one of these problems with absolutely zero cost. American industry could then start on the road toward real recovery, with enough growth to take care of the national debt. This is what happened after WW2, when our debt was equally large.

Needless to say, this ain't gonna happen. We will continue downward until some governor has the guts to secede, or the guts to disobey a law that really counts, a law that serves the Planet Goddess Gaia, a law that serves our Chinese masters. Then Civil War II will start, and the Feds will finally use those long-stored H-bombs and A-bombs. They never had the balls to send ICBM's against real attackers like Arabia, but I guarantee the Feds will launch against heretics. In a New York second. And then, glory of glories, we will finally have plenty of nuclear energy across the American plains! Cockroaches and Goldman Sachs will survive.
Saturday, November 07, 2009
  Idiots on parade

Watching C-span coverage of the Big Health Care Debate in the Lower Nuthouse. All the fagass Repooflicans are rising in sequence to squeal and whine about the lack of fairness in committee or some such shit. Sorry boys, you had your chance. You had full control of all branches from 2002 through 2006 and you didn't do ANYTHING about the problem. You didn't enact tort reform, you didn't revise patent laws, you didn't encourage electronic medical records, you didn't remove the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies ... in short, you didn't take a single one of the supposedly Republican-type steps to improve the situation. That's why you lost in '06 and '08.

You are therefore not entitled to complain when the other party takes some supposedly Democratic-type steps to improve the situation.

Neither side is willing to switch to a complete single-payer system, which is the only way to fix the problem.

So it doesn't really matter, but at least the brand-D side is attempting to follow the will of its constituents.
  Ft Hood timing

The brainless traitors in the media, and our brainy traitor of a President, are busy stuffing the Ft Hood terrorist attack in the Memory Hole. No, no, no, Hasan wasn't a Palestinian jihadi, he didn't intend to kill people, he was just a poor misunderstood Troubled Youth who somehow found a gun and pulled the trigger a hundred times. Maybe it was an epileptic fit caused by prescription drugs. Yes, that's it. He needs Celebrity Rehab. He needs the services of Dr Phil. Then he can be appointed as Secretary of Defense.

= = = = =

This is the first time I've called Obama a traitor. Up till now I truly believed he was a smart man who wanted to accomplish several things ... most of which would be good for the country ... but who was firmly under the thumb of Goldman Sachs.

Now, seeing his response to the Palestinian jihadi, I know which side he's on.

Bush fucked up the war entirely, ended up doing just what the enemy wanted us to do, but at least he knew an act of war when it happened. Obama refuses to state the obvious. He ain't dumb, so we must conclude he's a traitor.

= = = = =

Sidenote: Maybe Hasan didn't just choose a random date for his act of war. Consider that his jihadi predecessor John Allen Williams alias Muhammad, is due to be executed on Tuesday. And another mass-killing jihadi, Naveed Haq, is being tried for the second time this week because the first trial was spoiled by Commie idiots on the jury. Now consider that jihadis, especially the Palestinian tribe, like to commemorate executions and trials with attacks.
Friday, November 06, 2009
  Ft Hood

Predictably enough, the enemy-controlled media are sympathizing with Hasan, an enemy agent who acted on behalf of the enemy. No surprise there. He will undoubtedly be treated as "innocent by insanity" because he heard lots of terrible war stories, even though he didn't experience war himself.

CNN just now: "It may be some time before we know what motivated him."

No, you monstrous traitors, we already know. He belongs to the enemy.

He started his attack by shouting "Allahu Akbar!" That tells us all we need to know.

Told ya so.

However! The media are wrong about this specific man but right in a general way. When a nation behaves insanely by fighting nonsensical wars that harm all sides including our own, even rational people will respond irrationally.

In WW2, proportionately few soldiers came back with "battle fatigue", though the absolute number was fairly large because the total number of soldiers was huge. Everyone understood what we were fighting for in WW2. All wars since then have broken that basic rule, and the current wars match Vietnam in absurdity if not in size.

= = = = =

One refreshing exception: Col Jack Jacobs on MSNBC just now described the situation accurately. Hasan is not suffering from PTSD. He's just an enemy soldier who infiltrated our ranks.

= = = = =

Aaaarrrrgghhh!! Now the fucking idiots are wondering how a psychiatrist, whose job is to help soldiers, instead decided to kill soldiers. You unspeakable brainless cunts, his job as a Mohammedan is to kill infidels. He was doing his job. No shocker, no mystery. The only mystery is why our Army hires and pays enemy soldiers.

One thing genuinely shocked me: I had always assumed that an Army base would be a well-armed population, assumed that soldiers carried their sidearms routinely. Nope, this isn't true. Army bases are "gun-free zones" just like college campuses, thus Army bases are vulnerable target-rich environments for terrorists.

We never learn one goddamn thing. Not one goddamn thing. We always learn the fucking reverse of each and every obvious lesson.

We don't even allow soldiers to defend themselves.
Thursday, November 05, 2009
  Not quite the same, but still....

The online store where I sold most of my Poser-type products has suddenly closed. The owner left this heart-rending letter online, and simply locked the place.

Practically speaking this doesn't mean a real loss of money for me. Poser stuff is not my main source of income, and I can move products to another outlet where they will sell better anyway. Nevertheless, I like this store and feel at home there, so this feels like a lost job.

Was it "the recession"? I suppose partly. Mainly it was bad decisions by the store's owner. Last year he accused one artist of copyright violation; I don't know the facts for sure, but it appears that the accusation was false, and it caused a huge foofaraw in our little graphics community. Many people swore never to buy anything there again. This year he decided to change the site's software to a new look and somehow lost track in the middle of the process, leaving the site unusable for several months. After the hiatus, the new software didn't work as well as the old. So customers who didn't have an emotional stake in the place found no particular reason to buy there.

The owner could have avoided both mistakes by asking a few people for advice. As in (1) Check the facts carefully before accusing an artist of theft; (2) Be sure new software works fully before turning off old software.

This morning at least three people have publicly expressed interest in taking over the business, so maybe all is not lost.
Tuesday, November 03, 2009
  Good day for rail

Polistra and Happystar are celebrating the complete purchase of Santa Fe by Warren Buffett's outfit.

Polistra strongly believes that reborn railroads are a critical part of a reborn America, and also believes that private ownership is better than stock-traded ownership.

Buffett takes care of his properties and likes to run them for long-term profit, not for short-term Wall Street bets.

If there were lots of Buffett types in this country, we could get rid of the Wall Street Mafia by attrition. Unfortunately there aren't, so the Mafia will retain total control of the government.
Monday, November 02, 2009

Third-party candidates should be called fresheners, not spoilers.

The rotten smell in politics belongs to the two main parties, Goldman Sachs dba "Republican Party" and Goldman Sachs dba "Democratic Party".
Sunday, November 01, 2009
  Department of Redundant Naming Department

Names in the political headlines today:

Chris Christie
Creigh Deeds
Dede Scozzafava
Abdullah Abdullah

This could become the model for new journalism, the replacement for newspapers. So far it's a bit scattered and undefined, but its editors seem to understand which questions are missing from other journalistic sources. Also, Examiner has brought in one of the regular OTR bloggers as a columnist, and he may be able to bring along some of the old radio-style quality.

I'll be reading regularly to see how it develops!
  Maybe a lesson for newspapers

Warning: Half-formed thought.

Polistra has pointed out before (and others have made the same point in other ways) that newspapers have survived two centuries of new technologies, each of which was supposed to kill papers but didn't. So they can't blame the Web for killing them this time.

Maybe there's a useful analogy in the death and rebirth of AM radio.

It's generally believed that AM radio died in the '60s because TV and FM grabbed the audience. This is partly true but doesn't explain why the audience was grabbable.

Before TV and FM offered serious competition, AM voluntarily abandoned its own audience. In the '30s and '40s, network radio carried a huge variety of material from comedy to commentary to intellectual discussion to religion. Local stations carried music, commentary and poetry by local talent. After WW2 this began to disappear, and by the late '50s drama and comedy turned bleak and dismal. The turning point was the Army-McCarthy hearings, which broke the will of anti-Communists and allowed the formerly blacklisted Soviet writers to roar back into Hollywood with a vicious vengeance.

Westerns like Gunsmoke and Paladin were no longer about good triumphing over evil; instead they were full of subversive messages against religion and bourgeois values.

What's the point of listening to crap that makes you feel worthless? If Soviet propaganda is the only thing available on both TV and radio, you might as well abandon your intellect and watch TV, which at least has visual interest.

The same thing happened to newspapers in more recent decades. The big turning point here was the Watergate hearings. After Watergate, young journalists saw their vocation as protecting Democrats and smashing Republicans, protecting blacks and smashing whites, celebrating homosexuals and crushing marriage, freeing criminals and jailing law-abiding citizens, advertising scams and anathematizing facts. There is no room for open discussion, no time to investigate real corruption, only room for a primitive single-command operating system. Just as a termite's ROM contains nothing but "EAT WOOD!", a journalist's ROM contains nothing but "EAT CHRISTIANS!"

Again, what's the point of reading crap that tells you how worthless and contemptible your life is? What's the informational value in this?

= = = = =

Well, how did AM return from the dead? One word: Rush. His single-key math system is no more complicated than the Soviet system, but it pushes the opposite key. And he also added more subtle and open-ended commentary with a positive tone, opposing the universal bleakness of the Leninist line. He has degenerated over the years, more of the partisan keystroke and less of the commentary, but nevertheless this was enough to bring an entire medium back to life.

If papers are going to return, they need to find a new keystroke, perhaps on religious grounds instead of partisan politics.

Most of all, they need to restore variety and quality, stop insulting their readers, and start asking real questions. Even now, more than a year after Shotgun Paulson's daylight robbery of an entire nation's economy, no paper has even asked what happened. We still don't know what "event" (if any) justified his robbery.

The (if any) part is the real answer, of course .... there wasn't an emergency at all. Shotgun was assigned by his Chinese associates to grab it all before the election, in case the next President dared to show independence. Luckily for China, the next president has turned out to be an equally loyal servant.

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