Thursday, December 31, 2020

In an earlier list of what I learned and didn't learn this year, I left out GUTS because I'm not convinced that it's a universal or permanent thing.

Nevertheless, it turned out to be a hugely important variable.

At first I assumed that Deepstate's control was total. It appeared that ALL governments at ALL levels were operating in strict unison to kill EVERYONE.

When a few exceptions started to pop up, I assumed that they would be quickly hammered down.

Some of them did converge to the holocaust sooner or later, but a few didn't. More importantly, a few leaders DEconverged after going along at the start.

When Deepstate has total control, exceptions aren't allowed. Desertion is punished even more harshly than refusal to join.

I had to conclude that INNATE PERSONALITY was able to overcome the pressures of blackmail and bribery. In other words, GUTS.

At the national level, only Magufuli of Tanzania has remained solid and scientific. Sweden and the Orientals quickly showed as fakes, and now Sweden isn't even bothering to pretend. Belarus partly converged but might still be retaining a bit of independence.

Among governors, Noem of SD has been just as GUTSY from the start as Magufuli. Several governors in Dixie pulled out after initially going along. DeSantis of Florida shows the strongest and most stubborn leadership. Lee of Tennessee is almost as solid.

At the level of mayors, the system appears to be more rigid, or perhaps Bloomberg has done a better job of weeding out potential humans. No mayors have even pretended to stand against the holocaust.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020
  Try the Gregg test instead of the Turing test

Random thought about AI bots after reading this funny account of a failed Turing test.

You could get a sharper test by requiring both the "applicant" and the tester to be a type of person who isn't well represented on the Web, and who isn't likely to be known by the programmers of the bot.

Ideally the type should belong to a densely defined subculture that isn't easily accessible or understood by academics, eg Amish or Hmong.

Good human actors can realistically simulate people who aren't well described in media, types they've never encountered in life. I'm thinking of two radio actors in the '30s and '40s: Virginia Gregg and John Brown. Each was able to "be" all sorts of EXTREMELY DIFFERENT characters with complete accuracy. Some of the characters were close to my experience, so I could judge their accuracy, but I could NEVER recognize the actor as Gregg or Brown until I read a description of the program.

Most actors fail this test. When Lucille Ball or Jack Webb played different characters with different dialects, you could tell immediately that it was Ball or Webb.


Tuesday, December 29, 2020
  Serves a purpose

Here's a pet peeve that isn't new by any means, but it's especially frustrating this year.

Writers and columnists are always saying Trump must do X or Biden must do Y or WeThePeople must make our voices heard.

These imperatives are nonsense and serve no purpose.

Trump and Biden don't listen to these imperatives. Trump and Biden listen to the masters. They already know what they MUST do, and it has absolutely no connection to anything WeThePeople might think or say.

If you want to influence the masters you need to beat them at the blackmail game. Nothing else counts. Making imperative noise only keeps WeThePeople distracted from the realities of power. As long as we believe in Santa Claus and "elections", we will send money to the noisemakers.

The money is the real reason for the noise. It's just another form of entertainment. Unlike most forms of entertainment, politics is neither beautiful nor amusing nor inspiring nor educational. It's just loud.

This year exposed the total emptiness of the noise. Normally a universal holocaust would bring some noise from "opposition" politicians wearing the "other" team shirt. They would pretend to "oppose" the holocaust in order to bring in money from fools with the same team shirt. This year they didn't even bother. Dead silence. They were getting all the money they could ever want from Satan, so they didn't need to pretend.

= = = = =

Later, here's a good example of the pointless imperative. Bovard explodes some of the myths and halfway gets the reality, but then falls back into mythdom:
Perhaps it has long been a myth that we live in a self-governing republic rather than a Leviathan Democracy where citizens merely make cameo appearances every few years at the voting booth. It is still possible that the catastrophic and pointless losses imposed by Covid crackdowns will finally awaken enough people to their growing subjugation. But the most dangerous myth is that Americans will finally become safe after they cease making any efforts to leash their rulers.
Efforts to leash their rulers? Stupid. There's no way to leash a psychopath after it tastes blood and turns feral. "Efforts" only excite the psychopath into a killing frenzy.

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  Surprisingly evocative question

A surprisingly sharp question on Quora:

If the world's countries are globalizing as it is, will national wars not happen and corporate wars and individual wars happen?

Stirred up some clarifying thoughts. At first it seems like a reasonable proposition.

On closer examination, it turns out there's no such thing as a national war. Some defenses are fought by a nation on behalf of the nation's people, but all wars are started by an individual or a corporation.

Before the nation-state, most wars were blatantly personal, in soap opera style. Jealousies and insults and failed marriages between imbecile aristocrats caused many wars, and the psychopathic need to destroy the universe caused many others. The latter is STILL the primary cause of war.

From 1500 to 1900 most colonial wars were blatantly corporate. The Hudson's Bay Company and the East India Company were the major warmakers "for England", and the United Fruit Company was the major warmaker "for America".

Modern corporate wars are less common and less violent than psychopath wars, but they do still happen. Our relentless not-quite-wars against Cuba and Persia are corporate. We hated Castro because he kicked out the NYC Jewish Mafia. We hate Persia because it competes with the Resnick family in California. Our invasion of Russia in 1991 was driven by Soros's need to short the ruble.

I can't think of any war EVER that was started by a real need to preserve a nation or improve the lives of its people. Every war ends up ruining the aggressor along with the victim. Sane leaders realize this and don't start fights. They gain necessary resources by trade, or in some cases by purchasing territory as we did with Alaska.

Paying for things always works better than stealing things or breaking things.


Monday, December 28, 2020
  Before Harding was Unpersoned

In a footnote on previous item I got curious to see if quoting the names of dogs like "Lassie" or "Pepper" was a style rule. I found a Detroit News stylebook written in 1918 that discouraged such quotes, implying that it was a common practice needing a rule.

Elsewhere in the same stylebook:

Editor Warren G. Harding formulated these rules for the guidance of his reporters:

Remember there are two sides to every question. Get both.

Be truthful. Get the facts. I would rather have one story exactly right than a hundred half wrong.

Be decent. Be fair. Be generous. Boost; don't knock.

Remember there is good in everybody. Bring out the good and never needlessly hurt the feelings of anyone.

In reporting a political gathering, get the facts. Tell the story as it is, not as you would like to have it. Treat all parties alike.

Treat all religious matters reverently.

If it can possibly be avoided, never bring ignominy to an innocent woman or child in telling of the misdeeds or misfortunes of a relative.
Needless to say, the press later broke all of Harding's ethics rules in their coverage of Harding's "unethical" behavior, which was in fact some sneaky deals by one of his cabinet appointees. Sneaky deals happen all the time. They only count when a politician obstructs Deepstate's psychopathic urge to obliterate the universe.

= = = = =

The stylebook has plenty of good advice.

Don't refer to the Darwinian theory or to Dr. Osler's theory without knowing what they mean.

Osler's theory? The name was familiar but I wasn't sure. Turns out Osler was the professor of medicine who established the current system of training for doctors, where they spend 10 years in a 'monastic' situation doing nothing but doctoring 24 hours a day.

Maybe it's time to rethink Osler's theories along with Darwin's. Osler intended to keep doctors focused on the patient, but the result has been the opposite. The intense military teamwork created an intensely orthodox way of thinking, just as the all-volunteer military created an unbreakable mold.

Training by experience unquestionably works vastly better than training by lecture. But a long total immersion breaks contact with ordinary life and rationality, as we're seeing in lethal holocaustal form this year. The long mostly UNPAID immersion also creates a huge debt, forcing a desperate need to seek constant promotion during the short paid part of the career.

The Osler system has spread (in reduced form) to many other branches of science and academia, with similar cultish results.

Training periods for other professions and trades are regular jobs with regular hours AND REGULAR SLEEP, and they manage to create enough experience without forcing cult-like obedience to central authority.


  Walkie-talkie, walkie-barkie

Speaking of local radio stations doing their own research:

WCLO in Janesville Wisconsin homebrewed equipment that wasn't commercially available.

The radio station was operated by the local newspaper, and each had somewhat different methods of gathering and distributing the news.

Kudos for a homemade transceiver, but even in '36 it could have been made considerably smaller and easier to handle.

Language sidenote: Before 1950, dog names were always in quotes like "Pepper". Human names were never in quotes. Was this an AP style rule? It certainly didn't go along with a purely mechanistic view of dogs. Modern THEORISTS are more likely to see dogs as soulless mere animals.

Answer: No, it wasn't a rule but it was a tendency. This 1918 newspaper stylebook specifically says Do not quote the names of animals, implying that it was a common tendency needing a rule.


  One small example

I was randomly skimming through old Billboards at American Radio History, and bumped into this nice example of how we handled a REAL epidemic with REAL science and REAL trust for immunity and human nature. Polio was a REAL epidemic that threatened everyone, especially kids.

ST PAUL, Aug. 3, 1946.

Minnesota State Fair, resuming its 10-day annual after a one-year lapse, is all set to go, but officials were keeping their fingers crossed hoping the current polio epidemic sweeping the State abates before turnstiles start swinging August 24. Raymond A. Lee, secretary, said the board was ready to take any and every precaution to protect patrons against the infantile paralysis outbreak. Lee was conferring with a salesman who seeks to spray the grounds with DDT to insure killing off of all insects, in the hope of lessening chances of the polio spread.

Altho there was no thought of canceling out because of the epidemic, Lee said it appeared certain that kid patronage would take a terrific drop in the face of a voluntary quarantine of small fry now on in Minneapolis, heart of the outbreak.

They understood that EPIDEMICS ABATE. They understood that VIRUSES HAVE A NATURAL TREND PATTERN. They weren't doing EVERY FUCKING THING POSSIBLE to slaughter people and eliminate immunity and make the epidemic last forever and expand exponentially.

They didn't cancel anything, but the city was asking kids to avoid mass gatherings. No masks, no distancing, just avoid the constant close mingling and milling that happens at fairs. Avoid heavy doses of the virus, allow small exposures.

This is what I remember from the mid-50s REAL polio epidemic. A few activities like swimming were limited. That's all.

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  Starting to understand

Article in Psych Today is at least starting to understand depression, but still missing the solution.
Now, models like the Polyvagal Theory suggest that we’ve got it backward. It’s the body that detects danger and initiates a defense strategy meant to help us survive. That biological strategy is called immobilization, and it manifests in the mind and the body with a set of symptoms we call depression.

When we think of depression as irrational and unnecessary suffering, we stigmatize people and rob them of hope. But when we begin to understand that depression, at least initially, happens for a good reason we lift the shame. People with depression are courageous survivors, not damaged invalids.
Well, you don't need any theories. You just need to observe reality without preconceptions.

Depression comes from misplaced expectations. You try everything available and everything advised, and nothing achieves your expected and predicted goal.

The solution is to alter the expectation so it conforms to reality.

In modern Western "culture", ever since the Endarkenment of the 1700s but worst since 1960, genes are heresy. Everyone can be popular and successful if they TRY hard enough and use the right PRODUCTS and follow the right ADVICE.

All of the available ADVICE is based on the completely destructive lies about "rights" and "meritocracy". Genes don't exist. Everyone is identical and everyone must seek identical goals, as defined by attractive and popular and rich and powerful people.

In fact genes exist. People are different. Your innate tendencies are unique. The situation you're in may be utterly insane because DEMONIC people are in charge everywhere except Tanzania.

Aside from the current universal insanity, there have always been inescapable situations in some places. Bad parents, bad schools, bad workplaces, neighborhoods controlled by gangs.

The solution starts by aligning your expectations with HARDASS REALITY. If you're not likable now, you will never be likable. If you're not smart now, you will never be smart. If you're not rich now, you will never be rich.

You have to find ways of gaining satisfaction within the boundaries of reality. Sometimes the satisfaction is solely intrinsic, the pleasure of completing hard tasks or creating beautiful things. Sometimes you can get approval for your products and services, even though you'll never get approval for your appearance and personality. There's always a path, and it's always unique to your genes and situation.

The cited article has a healthy attitude but doesn't start to touch the solutions:
One of the symptoms of depression is shame, a sense of having let other people down or being unworthy to be with them. When people are told that depression is an aberration, we are telling them that they are not part of the tribe. They are not right, they don’t belong. That’s when their shame deepens and they avoid social connection. We have cut them off from the path that leads them out of depression.

It is time that we start honoring the courage and strength of depressed people. It is time we start valuing the incredible capacity of our biology to find a way in hard times.
Sounds good, can't happen. "Therapists" will certainly never do it, and Zuckerberg and Bezos won't let it happen in the broader range of social outputs. Seeking social contact is GUARANTEED to make things worse. It's also strictly illegal now everywhere except Tanzania.

As I've noted repeatedly, media in previous eras was more empathetic and less meritocratic, leaving more room for DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Marriage and popularity and success were not enforced as automatic and universal goals.

There's no way to get back to those empathetic attitudes.

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Sunday, December 27, 2020

A surprising piece of computer history showed up in a Quora answer written by an experienced insider:
For comparison, RM/COBOL is written in a proprietary assembly-language-like interpreted language called POPS (short for “Programmed Operators”) that was developed by Ryan-McFarland’s immediate predecessor, Digitek, in the 1960s. The operations are designed for the kinds of things compilers need to do (parsing and managing tables), are very compact, and implementing the compiler on a new platform involved just rewriting (or more properly, translating) the well-structured POPS interpreter using the target processor’s instruction set, and similarly translating the runtime system. This made the compilers very portable.

POPS was used in RM compilers for various languages (COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN). The compilers and the matching runtime systems ran on computers with as little as 32KB (that’s kilobytes, not MB or GB) of RAM. Radio Shack/Tandy sold RM/COBOL and RM/BASIC systems for the TRS-80 back in the late 70s, along with accounting applications developed with those compilers.
The authorized history of computing, written by Apple, credits Apple with inventing the personal computer. Everyone who was around in the '70s knows this is crap. Around 1965 DEC in US and Olivetti in Europe had the first free-standing computers that could fit in a regular office, with input by keyboard and output by CRT monitor. Other companies like HP and IBM picked up the form in the early '70s. Radio Shack in USA and Sinclair in Britain had the first commercially popular individual computers. TRS was the de facto standard for personal computing before Jobs and Woz started playing around with Altairs.

I didn't know that COBOL had been adapted for the TRS, and didn't know that accounting applications were available for the TRS. Accounting was the tool that enabled IBM to leapfrog its latecoming PC into an office standard, and accounting was also a major selling point for the Apple II. Why did Tandy miss the boat on accounting as a selling point?

A quick google finds an even bigger surprise. Ryan-McFarland had a COBOL interpreter for the COLOR COMPUTER. Looking through the manual, it was a full-fledged interpreter and IDE with interactive debugging. From my extreme beginner viewpoint, it appears to be a fairly complete representation of COBOL. I don't see anything about intrinsic functions like Median, which may have been a later development.

The Color Computer was another missed opportunity by Tandy. I owned one before I got into regular PCs. The CC had MUCH more speed and power and graphics than the early PCs, for a MUCH lower price. ($100 vs $1500) It lacked input and output capability. Instead of the standard serial and parallel ports for modems and printers and disk drives, it had a single delicate non-standard edge connector. This problem could have been solved easily, and would have justified a higher price, but Tandy never solved it.


  Pre-Wilson = Post-Wilson. Deepstate forever.

In previous item on entertainment and science, I noted yet again the shift toward total Deepstate absorption of science that began in 1946 and accelerated around Sputnik.

Here's an interesting presage of the 1958 subsumption.

From 1913 Proceedings of IRE, a convention keynote triggered mainly by the use of radio to hear the Titanic.
This address was originally planned as a resume of the progress during 1912, but one topic has become the main subject to the exclusion of the resume. However, I wish to mention before proceeding that Lee de Forest has given us an excellent account of some notable long distance work and observatrions with an interesting theory which may help to overcome radio absorption.
Hmm. DeForest gave us a THEORY. What's missing? DeForest also gave us the AUDION, which wasn't interesting to this THEORETICIAN. DeForest didn't understand the Audion theoretically; he just showed that it could be used to send and receive audio.
We frequently hear that the United Fruit Company has practically the best radio service. If this is true, it may indicate that the steamship companies would obtain better radio service if they bought their apparatus outright and hired their own operators and engineers.
United Fruit was one of the main foundations of the Sherburne Hopkins proto-Deepstate, just before Wilson brought it into government and formalized it. Deepstate always has the best radio, the best everything.
There are at least 18 members of this Institute who are capable of designing and constructing far better apparatus than is commonly found on steamships today, and there are at least four companies that sell such apparatus.

In favor of the method of obtaining apparatus through competitive bids, the fact may be stated that the US Army and Navy get superior apparatus by specifying what is wanted and then calling for bids.

Radio communication is valuable to the public in general. It is particularly valuable to the ocean-going public, steamship companies, marine underwriters, newspapers, shippers, armies, navies and weather bureaus. For all this service the public probably pays in the end, but the most apparent payment is made by the steamship companies.
What's missing? Entertainment. Music. Speech. Beauty. LOCAL radio stations using and cultivating LOCAL talent.

What's present? Military + Shipping + Newspapers + Weather Bureau = Globalism.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS were already the pot of gold as seen by Big Electronics.

The IRE was stuck in Marconi's mode of thinking, which simply turned the transatlantic telegraph cable into a transatlantic radio beam. In 1913 the UNOFFICIAL amateurs and tinkerers were already sending music and speech, using both Alexanderson alternators and DeForest audions.

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  When not disrupted

Via ScienceAlert, a good description of the natural split sleep pattern:
While nighttime awakenings are distressing for most sufferers, there is some evidence from our recent past that suggests this period of wakefulness occurring between two separate sleep periods was the norm.

Anthropologists have found evidence that during preindustrial Europe, bi-modal sleeping was considered the norm. Sleep onset was determined not by a set bedtime, but by whether there were things to do.

... Households retired a couple of hours after dusk, woke a few hours later for one to two hours, and then had a second sleep until dawn. During this waking period, people would relax, ponder their dreams, or have sex. Some would engage in activities like sewing, chopping wood, or reading, relying on the light of the moon or oil lamp.
After I switched from Young People's Time to Old People's Time in 2010, I quickly and naturally fell into this split pattern. The segments settled out exactly as described.

When not disrupted:

First segment 6PM to 10:30PM.

Coffee, eat, do chores and graphics work.

Second segment 1 AM to 4:30 AM.

Eat again, then do outside stuff requiring daylight. Store, walk, shovel snow, mow yard, etc.

This year's holocaust has disrupted the pattern fairly often. Some nights the dread and horror of anticipating Mad Bomber Inslee's next killing frenzy make the 1st segment impossible, so I just rest the body for an hour. Then the 2nd segment comes more easily. Awake and creating is better than fake "asleep" and dreading.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020
  Who's more Oriental? has some pix of a Japanese family somewhere in USA, celebrating New Year in 1955.

Looks just like my family in 1955, EXCEPT that our house looked a lot more Oriental. My father served in Shanghai and enjoyed the place, and brought home lots of Chinese and Japanese stuff. We had about 10 Oriental decorations in our living room. Lacquer box, painted scroll, Chinese clock, Buddha incense burner, vase turned into lamp, chop seals, Samurai sword....

These Japanese folks had exactly one visible Oriental item. Some of them were sitting on the floor, which is a Jap habit, but most US families also sat on the floor while watching TV, so the variable is confounded.


  Separating out the fallacy

"Creative destruction" and "innovative disruption" are murderous myths spread by the tech monsters to suppress NORMAL invention and evolution.

One big weapon in the suppression is the sunk cost fallacy. Tech monsters tell us that we should never waste effort by reusing an existing skill or technique or device. Never adapt, never improve, never debug, never listen to customers. We should always abandon all existing experience and learning. We should always spin spin spin spin with the microsecond updates at Github.

This command is an intentional conflation and distortion of two truths.

Here's the correct logic:

(1) It's wasteful to stick with a project or a way of living after you're sure it can't succeed. THIS IS TRUE WHETHER THE PROJECT IS NEW OR OLD.

(2) Reusing existing knowledge and skills is the BEST way to succeed in any arena of life. Successful writers and composers and artists and inventors and businesses and scientists and HUMANS and ALL PLANTS AND ANIMALS reuse existing skills and systems and learning and morality. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF LIFE.

The tech monsters falsely use half of fact 1 to FLIP fact 2 upside down. They link failure to reuse, which is RARELY true. Most of the time failure happens when you AVOID reusing existing skills.


Friday, December 25, 2020
  Checking in on Culp

Now that they've gotten rid of Culp and sanity, the chickenshit cowardass pussyass sissyass Wash State Repooflicans have simply continued the same old chickenshit. It's not even a 'reversion to mean' since they NEVER mentioned the lockdowns and muzzles and riots. Not fucking once.

Here's the latest email from the useless chickenshits:
We know it’s been a tough year for so many families across Washington state. Unfortunately, Jay Inslee has now taken on the role of the Grinch and is pushing for what could amount to a 63-cent gas tax increase. That would mean a significant cost increase for everything from refueling your vehicles to heating your home – right at a moment when families are hurting most.

We recently conducted a poll of Shift readers to gauge support for Inslee’s gas tax. Over 2,600 voted, and 99% said, “No.”
GAS TAX? No mention of lockdowns or muzzles or riots. Just gas tax. Families are hurting? WHY?

Culp got more "votes" than recent chickenshit R candidates for governor, without ANY HELP from the cowards.

= = = = =

Meanwhile, Culp's campaign manager Gergen is continuing an internal revolt against those party leaders, doing some research and real journalism.

Here he shows how legislative leader JT Wilcox got $3 million in "small business" subsidies for his LARGE business. Pretty good reward for silence. In any other context this would be called a PROTECTION RACKET. As it happens, $3 million is the same amount that Culp raised from small donations, as a reward for TRUTH.


Gergen is wasting his effort on the usual attempt to change the "election" results. I don't know if he'll continue working against the party after this futile effort finally fades, but at least he's hitting one proper target for a while.


  Separating out the By and For

Still thinking about the relation of science and entertainment. It's actually quite old, though the connection has been severed since 1946 as Deepstate gradually subsumed more and more branches of science, finally including medicine this year.

Trying to separate out examples of scientific research sponsored BY entertainment, vs science itself performed AS entertainment.

Of the major developments in the last 200 years, about half were sponsored and triggered BY the human need for entertainment and beauty. In chemistry, dyes are all about beauty. Dyes turned out to be a broadly useful category, leading to all sorts of catalysts and processes.

In electronics, modulated radio and TV were solely for entertainment. Semaphores and electric telegraphs had been initiated by governments and mainly used by business. The first work in wireless by Marconi and Lodge was mainly for governments and business. After that, amateurs started playing around, seeking ways to spread music. Amateurs merged smoothly into broadcasting for commerce and entertainment, not for government.

The phonograph had mixed motives. Edison intended it first for office use, and the dictaphone continued to serve business for many decades. He quickly realized that entertainment was far more profitable, and all later developments were purely for and by entertainment. Photography and movies were always for and by entertainment.

Getting closer to the Trinity House model:

During the 30s, about two dozen LOCAL radio stations were running separate experimental transmitters, developing TV and shortwave and FM. They weren't all in the coastal cities. KMBC in Kansas City was one of the major players in TV research. RCA was also a massive source of both entertainment and research.

Were there any uses of science FOR entertainment before 1880? If you include religious displays, definitely. The first steam engines in Greece were built to impress the masses in religious parades. Early clocks were entertainment centers and calibrators of religious services at the same time. Several of the major researchers in the telegraph era enjoyed giving public displays of science, basically doing magic. Faraday made money and spread the reputation of research with dramatic stage shows.

The connection began to decay in 1946 when Deepstate launched a campaign to bring all research into Deepstate. By 1958 the campaign was well advanced, as Ike famously warned us. Electronics for entertainment was already offshoring to Japan in 1958, as US companies and universities found that cost-plus government contracts were richer and MUCH less risky than trying to advance beauty and enjoyment. By 1970 the split was pretty much complete. The Web, designed by and for NSA, marked the end of science BY and FOR entertainment. Now science is genocide and genocide is science.

= = = = =

Here's a 1940 example of real research without an immediate utilitarian purpose, by WOR in NYC:
A beam of light, originating on the roof of WOR's studio building at 1440 Broadway, New York, and ending more than a mile away at 444 Madison Ave., site of W2XOR, WOR's FM transmitter, will be used experimentally to carry programs from studio to transmitter. Principle of using light to transmit music is well known and has often been used in scientific shows such as the General Electric "House of Magic ", but this is believed to be its first adaptation for actual broadcasting.

The light beam is being set up as an emergency circuit in case of mishap to the existing telephone wire link and the research will also include work with fog-piercing infrared rays for use in weather that would block normal white light.
All the pieces come together in this one little item. WOR was using its experimental FM transmitter, trying out new ways of communication that had been demonstrated in a scientific magic show, aiming to serve entertainment as well as government.

Can you imagine two dozen LOCAL stations, radio or TV or phone systems or anything at all, conducting their own research now?

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  Another pointless puzzle

Since I'm in random puzzle mode today, here's another.

Differential measurement is HUGELY DOMINANT in our nervous system and other body processes, from circulation to digestion.

Diff instruments are equally dominant in serious lab settings, for chemistry or acoustics or electronics.

The diffness of measuring tools is mostly hidden in consumer products like cars and even weighing scales. Modern scales no longer have two pans and a fulcrum; they just use well-calibrated piezo pressure sensors.

Diff is also dominant in math on paper. The equation is a balance, and algebra (by exact definition) is a process of adding and removing weights from the two pans to null out the = sign in the middle.

I've asked before why diffness doesn't show up in computer languages. Analog computers had been STRICTLY AND ENTIRELY about diffs and balancing. The whole concept never appeared at all in the digital world, even though every single CMOS gate in a CPU is a diff amp.

Some languages halfway distinguish between the proper algebraic meaning and the computer meaning, at least in a declarative way. The usual computer meaning of X=Y is actually "take the number stored in Y and put it in the box labeled X." This is not the same as saying "X and Y are identical."

But no language has a provision for balancing. There's no command to keep the totals on both sides of the = balanced while fiddling with one or both sides.

Well, how about real human language? Even more surprisingly, there's no built-in function for balancing. We can certainly compare the two sides. We can say my house is bigger than yours, or my house is the same as yours. We can form balance-ish sentences to describe our intrinsic balances: The colder it gets, the more I shiver. But as with digital computers, these are only descriptive. There's no fulcrum in the sentence, no mirror, no forced reflection between the two sides of the balance.

There is some natural fulcruming between inflective endings. In languages with lots of redundancy between noun and adjective endings, or redundancy between subject and verb, adding more weight to one side can reduce the other side so the sum of morphs remains constant. This shows up in German strong vs weak adjectives and articles. When you add an article that bears the weight of the case form, the adjective loses the case form. In Latin languages, when the verb ending includes the person and number of the subject, the pronoun is often omitted. Even in relatively morphless English, specifying a number relieves the noun from bearing the plural weight. (How many feet of lumber do you need? Five hundred foot.)

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  1933 puzzle

Found this in a 'station album' from WMFF in Plattsburg NY.

The book doesn't have a copyright date but seems to be from '42, judging by the emphasis on war and the dates in biographies.

This is their mobile unit:

Lo-res picture makes details difficult. It's definitely a true Commercial Sedan with a side-opening tailgate, not just a two-door coach with the windows covered. Looks to me like '33 GM, more Pontiac than Chevy. The radiator appears to be curved, while the Chevy still had a flat radiator. The hubcaps look more like the Pontiac than the Chevy version. I can't find any indication online that Pontiac had a Commercial Sedan. Pontiac later made some Sedan Deliveries, which were more like a station wagon than a 2-dr coach.

Later after looking at more pix, I suspect this is more likely a '34 Chev, not a '33 Pontiac.


  Checking in with ACU

For a brief time the ACU folks in Germany seemed to be doing something meaningful. They promised to open the blackmail and reveal the cui bono of the holocaust. They quickly broke the promise, and then joined forces with RFK Jr, the main consigliere of the Carbon Genocide. This alliance is exactly like DeGaulle partnering with Goebbels in 1940.

I stopped watching their stuff. Just for entertainment I checked their latest morph. Now they're calling themselves World Freedom Alliance, as announced in this video.

Non-barking: I note that Youtube hasn't deleted the WFA videos and hasn't plastered the Urgent Emergency Disinformation Warning under their videos. This means Deepstate hasn't found any truth or real opposition in the videos.

Barking 1: In the area of science and medicine, WFA is calling for a 'better normal', not an 'old normal' or a 'new normal'. Sneaky and dangerous.

In science and medicine the pre-2020 norm was based on real experience, not theory. Pre-2020 public health was aimed at helping immunity, not destroying immunity.

When the situation departs from proper norms, proper feedback action tries to restore the proper norm. When you feel a car skidding, you turn the wheel opposite to the skid in an attempt to bring it back to STRAIGHT. You don't try to invent a new kind of straight in the middle of skidding.

First we need to get back to the OLD normal in science and medicine, before we can even think about a vague undefined 'better' normal. 'Better normal' leaves room to shift the baseline, which Deepstate will be happy to oblige.

Barking 2: On the legal front, WFA is focusing on "rights granted by the creator". This is the old normal, but it's NOT the baseline we need to restore. The focus on "rights" and "elections" and "democracy" is the skid. "Rights" are theory, not experience. In this area we've been spinning madly out of control for 300 years, and we do need to return to a MUCH OLDER baseline.


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  The crucial importance of ENTERTAINMENT.

Adding one important item to 'Surprising things I learned this year'....

A new view of entertainment.

Expressed best by this Oct item:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Science is simply a form of entertainment, and we should treat it as entertainment.

We should fund it the same way we fund sports or museums or orchestras or 'serious' theater, via season ticket holders.

Big media is NOT entertainment and doesn't fall into this category. Big Media is toxic Deepstate propaganda, organized and funded by government just like Big Science.

If science is just entertainment, it loses its court-enforced (and usually fake) connection to truth, and thus loses its power to create genocide. Nobody would use a Vaudeville routine or a cartoon or a song as the foundation for government policies. Science should fit in the same category.

Some science is still funded by ticket holders who expect to be educated as part of the entertainment. Farm associations sponsoring research on wheat are similar to museum or orchestra ticket holders.

But real science, like real music, is only secondarily educational. My focus on tardigrades this week helped me to grasp this point. Even if we were still capable of learning, we probably wouldn't learn much by watching tardigrades. They're just fascinating in a dozen ways. The more you learn, the more you get fascinated. You're not watching for the sake of learning, you're learning for the sake of watching.

Entertainment applies for sure to all the 'intelligent' critters from octopuses to mammals. When we're not in immediate survival mode, we love to watch stuff happening. Entertainment merges smoothly into education. Watching somebody else catch a caterpillar or hammer a nail isn't especially interesting; but when the catch misses or the hammer hits a thumb, it becomes entertainment AND education. Smart design, connecting pleasure to learning.

Failure and frustration are EXACTLY the moments when learning can happen. Experiential education, when done properly, creates intentional moments of frustration as doors for learning. Watching entertainment is waiting for failure. When we see a racecar crashing or an outfielder missing the catch or an actor jumbling up a word, we laugh cruelly and start thinking about how the process SHOULD have been done. Learning starts with the rhythm of harsh laughter.

Science as conventionally performed ELIMINATES these moments of failure. Experiments that fail to support the grantor's delusional theory are discarded. Methods and data are dishonestly shaped and manipulated to reinforce orthodoxy and agreement, thus completely evading every opportunity for harsh laughter/learning.

= = = = =

When we're not in immediate survival mode:

Psychopaths in general, and Deepstate in particular, THRIVE on forcing victims into immediate survival mode. Rules change every minute. Urgent emergency piles on urgent emergency piles on urgent emergency. Learning is impossible when psychopaths are in charge. Learning requires enough stability to distinguish constants from variables. If you never get a chance to create a baseline of normalcy and success, you can't tell the difference between success and failure.

Learning also requires enough leisure to stand back and watch entertainment. Since 1975, and even more since 1990, USA has been totally paralyzed by Deepstate. We work desperately and UNSTEADILY to pay our debts, and we constantly wait for the next jackboot STOMP. Unsurprisingly we haven't been learning anything. If this seems like a dubious correlation, think about the Middle Ages in Europe when psychopathic aristocrats ruled exactly like modern Deepstate.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Why is entertainment crucial? In the blessed brief lucid interval from 1921 to 1945 we had a much clearer division between entertainment and serious decisions. We were able to look at the world from a realistic and MODULAR distance. Shit that happened in foreign countries was NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. If they wanted to have "democracy" or "dictators" that was THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS.

Shit that happened to other people was NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS. If they wanted to smoke or drink or laugh or cry or fight, it was NONE OF OUR FUCKING BUSINESS unless they tried fighting with OUR family. We could look at other countries and other people and LAUGH or LEARN FROM THEIR FAILURES.

Now everything is OUR BUSINESS. If another country has a doctrine that disagrees with Sheldon Adelson's opinions, we must apply a MILITARY SOLUTION. Sanctions, blockades, wars. If another household conducts its internal affairs in a way that disagrees with Zuckerberg's opinions, we need a MILITARY SOLUTION. Call out the SWAT team. If another person has a cold or flu, it calls for a MILITARY SOLUTION. State of siege, forced imprisonment and starvation, binding and gagging.

We are not allowed to TRUST other countries or other people or even our own fucking bodies and minds. We must constantly SPY on other people and countries to watch for incipient signs of wrong opinions, and we must constantly TEST our health to spot incipient signs of microbes.

We are not allowed to stand back and watch as natural processes like negative feedback and karma and immunity act with natural intelligence. Nothing can be allowed to happen on its own. Nobody is allowed to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. Nobody is allowed to LEARN from experience or by watching the experience of others. Everything requires an URGENT IMMEDIATE MILITARY SOLUTION. Sanctions and blockades and bombs and SWAT teams and states of siege and forced imprisonment and binding and gagging. All of this shit is MILITARY, not scientific or moral or medical.

= = = = =

What triggered this rant right now?

A random item in a 1939 Broadcasting magazine, perfectly illustrating how we could stand back and laugh:

The broadcaster's idea of how a radio editor gets out his news was presented in burlesqued form in a sketch, written by Bev Dean, of the continuity staff of WCKY, Cincinnati, and presented at the Cuvier Press Club's "Radio Night" in Cincinnati recently. All five Cincinnati stations participated. The sketch presented Dean as "Mussolini Kennedy" of the Post; Elmer Dressman, WCKY continuity director, as "Stalin Rogers" of the Enquirer; and Elmer Baughman, WCKY, as "Hitler Raine" of the Times-Star.

Obviously some long-forgotten inside jokes. What's important is the freedom to use foreign ideas for humor. Now we can't use ANYTHING AT ALL for humor. We can't stand back and laugh at ANY FUCKING THING. The monsters who call themselves "comedians" abandoned entertainment a long time ago, switching to gross arrogant stupid vicious condescension. Current "entertainers", whether left-wing like Bill Nye or right-wing like Rush, and current "scientists" like Fauci, all say the same thing in the same tone. They all say


In 1939, arrogant condescension was the hallmark of assholes like C E M Joad, and the rest of the media felt free to mock assholes like C E M Joad. Highly popular programs like It Pays To Be Ignorant were devoted to mocking Expert Assholes like C E M Joad. Utterly impossible now.

= = = = =

Footnote: This new view started in an odd place. A couple years ago, reading biographical stuff in Collectible Automobile as usual, I ran across Harley Earl's rule that there should be entertainment on all sides of a car. The word was unexpected and peculiar in that context, but Mr Earl expressed the point clearly in his chosen designs. The unexpected use started a mental ball rolling.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020
  Interesting technique but not exactly new.

Headline: Researchers develop new way to break reciprocity law.

In this case reciprocity means the expected two-way communication in normal air and wires. If I can see you, you can see me.

The proposed method is presumably new at the microscopic level for optics, but it's extremely old and ordinary at larger scales.
The team theoretically demonstrated that, if the medium is shaped into an asymmetric structure and its physical property varies globally in time, the signal generated by source A can be received by source B but not the other way around. This creates a strong nonreciprocal effect, since the signal from Source B cannot be received by source A.
At the macro scale, this trick has been used for many centuries, by diversion dams in canals, Y-valves in plumbing, and switches in railroads.

Stationmaster Polistra is controlling the switch so she can send trains only to the left track and receive only from the right track. If you were a few miles back from the station, you couldn't see the switch or Polistra. You'd only see a single track, and you'd see trains mysteriously coming and going without colliding. People at the end of the left track could only receive, and people at the end of the right track could only send.

Duplex telegraphy systems are a bit older than railroad switches. Same trick. Use polarity of signal on a wire, or different frequencies on wireless, to ONLY send or ONLY receive on the same channel.

Tyndall's observations showed how a similar switch can happen acoustically. When you have inversions and interfaces between masses of different temperature or humidity, you can arrange the source and receiver for switch-like communication. When the line from the sound to the listener is parallel to a boundary, the sound will be channeled to your ear. When the line is perpendicular, the sound is blocked.

Presumably these researchers have found a way to wiggle inversion boundaries in a transparent material, perhaps using LCD-style magnetically shaped crystals.
  Get with it, "weather" bureau!

The "weather" bureau is always at the forefront of genocide. They've been running the Carbon Genocide for 45 years, and they were quick to renew their Genocide License after Trump briefly and fakely "threatened" to revoke it in Jan of 2017.

So I'm surprised they haven't caught up with the URGENT message that IMMUNITY IS CANCER.

This is clearly and blatantly problematic since it seems to imply that Vitamin D is good for you. Everyone knows that Vitamin D is CANCER. CANCER can only be cured by staying inside and wearing a ballgag ALL THE TIME EVEN WHILE EATING OR BATHING OR SLEEPING, and avoiding all work and exercise and sunlight and human contact and thinking and happiness and fresh air.


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  Carbon-neutral memoryholing

The entire concept of immunity has been memoryholed from the fucking start of this holocaust. Now WHO has officially made the deletion, and AIER has caught it with the usual precision.

Tucker points out that all printed biology books, and a whole lot of stored material on the web, still contain the heretical description of immunity. He was able to show the contrast with a side-side comparison of WHO's new holocaustal "definition" against WHO's earlier correct definition retained at

Orwell illustrated the complex process needed for physical memoryholing. He was basically extending Stalin's methods. Every copy of every book and newspaper that contained the "error" had to be burned and replaced.

Orwell didn't foresee the conditioning created first by schools, then by TV, and then by the web.

US schooling began the process in 1910. American schools have ALWAYS degraded actual training and job-like experience and elevated pure memorization of verbal forms. Real experience with real senses can't be flipped. Memorized words are easy to flip.

Since the '70s, TV has been using the seven-second switch to disconnect our long-term memories, and the web has speeded up the disconnect.

Forceful aggressive censorship of EXPERIENCE and replacement by THEORY has been a prime activity of the web since Compuserve days.

Because of this pre-conditioning, tyrants no longer need to capture and reprint all books. It's enough to declare all the Incorrect books heretical. Anyone who attempts to show the contrast is a heretic.

Even this isn't especially new. The Roman Deepstaters in the FIRST version of the dark ages didn't need to reprint scriptures that disagreed with this microsecond's insanity. They knew that cultists can be conditioned to ignore heresy. Cultists will do their own burning.

Winston Smith was a wage employee with regular hours. This year's memoryholers are gig workers, paid only by anticipated glory and demonic joy.

Modern books are stored in Amazon AWS, where they can be Rectified instantly with no expense. If your computer is tied to the cloud and Github, all of your programs and data are constantly Rectified to agree with the official version.

It's still possible to avoid the Github updates by careful choice of operating systems and programs, but all of the old non-Github versions are Officially EOL Deprecated and Unsupported. The big secret is that you don't NEED the Support, and aside from all the Orwell shit you can simply GET MORE WORK DONE without the constant Githubbing.

At some point the Unsupported EOL Heresies will be autoholed no matter how hard you try to avoid the holers, but so far we haven't reached that point.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
  Constants and Variables 161, not so new, so simple edition

Following from this.

Looking through the latest listings at American Radio History, ran into a 1939 issue of the British Radio Pictorial, including an interview with a "noted philosopher" named C E M Joad.

Instant example of Constants and Variables in the area of Rule By Experts.

Not so new:
While we are discussing intolerance," I suggested deferentially, "don't you think that the objection you expressed in a recent lecture to the broadcasting of dance music represents the very intolerance that you condemn? If the public want to hear dance music... "

"Exactly," interjected the Professor, "if, as you say, the public want to hear dance music. It is just a case of that. I don't believe there is any native desire on the part of people to listen to stupid words and trivial wailings; they have been conditioned to 'enjoy' this artificial rubbish by the people who profit from its production. Broadcasting and the other mediums of entertainment do not cater for a pre-existing taste; they create that taste."
Constant: Experts are tyrants who break their own rules. Always the same.


Couldn't possibly happen now.

So simple:
"But if," I objected, "as I'm sure you'll agree, the deliberate imposition of absolute standards is a form of tyranny, the treatment of dance music as an inferior thing is only an opinion, and who can say that dance music really is worthless?"

"I think the first guarantee of quality is that a work of art survives for two or three hundred years; and while the music of Bach and Purcell for example, falls into this category, it cannot be said that any of your ordinary dance tunes last the same number of hours."
Here C E M Joad simply shows C E M Joad's own abject ignorance of music and culture. The pieces we now consider classics were mostly written as routine dance or theater pieces, not intended to be "classics" that would last forever. Bach and Purcell wrote music in assembly-line style. Bach had a full-fledged music factory with his dozens of sons and daughters all slaving away. Most of Purcell's work was done for the equivalent of movies and Broadway.

As for C E M Joad's "worthless dance tunes" of 1939, Wikipedia lists about 200 hits, and half of them are still instantly familiar and still performed. That's 80 years, not 80 hours.

Did the fame of C E M Joad last as long? No need to ask the question, but the answer is still DELIGHTFUL. He spent his whole life issuing ABSOLUTE DICTATES and then disobeying them. Even the BBC finally got tired of him.

Calibrating: C E M Joad is correct that the media always try to create tastes, but their power is limited. When media depend on profit, they have to follow pre-existing opinions to some extent. In the last two years we've seen this process with BLM riots. All media and corporations "took the knee" and stated categorically that Riots Are Health And Police Are Disease. The public provided quick and powerful negative feedback, and the corporations untook the knee.

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  Partial answer to the self-calibrating tool

Question posed a few days ago:

Personal Equation Machines calibrate and exercise an astronomer's accuracy and reliability in detecting the truth of a sidereal transit. This is an extremely specialized calibration. Can we find a way to calibrate and train broader powers of truth detection? If it's possible at all, I think a balance or bridge is a promising path.

Chain of thought leading to partial answer:

1. Saw a typical idiot question on Quora. "Would armed citizens prevent a terrorist invasion?" Instant answer: Obviously not. Armed citizens didn't prevent the invasion by Public Health Terrorists in 2020.

2. Noticed a distinction: "Terrorist" is always a malign misattribution in both directions. "Terrorists" as officially defined are always the wrong people. The fake Commie Terrorists in the '50s were actually the FBI. The fake Islamic Terrorists of 2001 were actually the FBI. In the current ACTUAL invasion by Public Death Officers we DON'T describe the invaders as terrorists. The PDOs are actually doing everything the Commies and Muslims were supposedly doing. Shutting down private business and forcing everyone onto the dole? Check. Forcing everyone to wear burqas? Check. "Sleeper agents" posing as ordinary humans until the secret command is given? Check. Closing churches and forcing worship underground? Doublecheck for BOTH sets of "terrorists".

3. Self-calibration: Reminded myself that I fell hard for the Islamic "terrorist" lie but didn't fall for the Commie "terrorist" lie, and didn't fall for any of the lies surrounding the current invasion.

4. What's the diff? Experience. (a) I was involved in the "commies" in the '60s, so I learned that CIA and FBI were running them. I didn't stay there after I learned the reality. (b) I was NOT involved in Islam, so I didn't understand the falseness. (c) I know enough about viruses and immunity, FROM EXPERIENCE, that I wasn't fooled at all by the current set of lies.

5. But I did eventually pull out of the Islamic Terrorist lies, despite lack of experience and knowledge. What was the TRUTH-DETECTING TOOL that helped me to pull out?

Answer: This blog was the tool. Writing was the tool.

In 2005 when I started writing here, I was gung ho neocon, blindly obeying and spreading ALL of the transparently stupid lies about Arabs and Muslims. By 2006 I was harboring doubts, so I was ready for the NOW I SEE moment when Bush gave a harbor (heh) to Saudi.

So we have a partial answer to the self-calibration tool question, and it turns out to be a lot like a balance.

Writing sends a signal out to a piece of paper (or computer facsimile thereof). You read the signal as reflected (and possibly distorted) by the exigencies of language. You edit the language (adjust the weight) until it seems to be a good reflection.

The PROCESS of finding a resonance between brain and paper is identical to the PROCESS of finding a resonance between input and output loops. This is the exercise in the original question.

After you edit to hit the best resonance, you sense whether distortion is still present. That's the calibration moment, the NOW I SEE moment. If you can't null out the reflection, you know that the signal involves an un-nullable distortion.

Is this the PURPOSE of writing? Is this why we have hard-wired brain modules for writing and reading?

Bookkeeping was probably the first formalized use of writing. Try to null out the debits and credits, handle the remainder as a payment or borrowing. The written record gives you (and others) a chance to audit the resonance.

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  Aberree on Astrologee

Previous item on reanimating real astrology reminded me that Alphia Hart had written or featured some articles on the theme.

A few years ago I spent considerable time on Alphia Hart, the Enid-based universal dissident**. Hart published the Aberree from 1954 to 1965, initially as a gathering point for anti-Hubbard types, later expanding into other areas of unconventional thinking. Hart tried to favor genuinely unconventional views derived from objective or subjective Nature, avoiding the false flags of his era. He didn't always succeed, but he did a better job than anyone else.

This remarkably sane and perceptive article was written by Burt Essex. I've cut it down some.
Astrology has been a makeshift science. It has hobbled along on less than half its required factors for centuries, and to this day carries with it the assorted crutches and props devised thru the years to shore up its shaky foundations. The foundation has been there all along but much of it undetected, and the house of astrology has meanwhile strayed off into thin air.

As practiced by the Babylonians and Egyptians, it was already thousands of years in decadence, which is the opinion of our most outstanding archeologists based on the ceiling drawings in the tombs of Seti and Senmut, and with the many years of study I have devoted to the subject, I heartily agree.

Back in the time of the Babylonians and Egyptians, and up until only 400 years ago, only five planets in the solar system were known and used in astrological computations. We now have nine sighted planets and two more are tightly computed by this writer after 25 years of patient observation.

There are 12 divisions of the zodiac, with 12 discernible patterns of human behavior. Stop and think what would happen to an equation in algebra or trigonometry if 12 factors were necessary to arrive at an accurate solution and you had only five or six, or maybe seven, factors. To be sure, you might get an answer but it most certainly would not be more than mishmash and a virtually worthless solution.

This is exactly the position astrology has been in for the last 4,000 years. Those who studied the effects of the planets that were known found there was a correlation in human affairs, but for lack of all the basic factors, namely, all the planets of the solar system, their resulting analyses could only be guesses colored by the general knowledge of the one attempting astrology without all the factors necessary to arrive at accurate analyses quickly fell into the hands of mystics and promoters of various religions. The Bible is loaded with allusions to astrological data. Down thru the centuries this decadent astrology was used as a prop for religion and has so confused people that it is now virtually impossible to separate astrology from religious or, worse, socalled 'spiritual' connotations. Another contributing factor is that religion usually tries to imbue into its adherents the trust in their particular concept of God (or gods) to guide them in everyday affairs.

Astrology, with its seven (and even now with nine) planets, has also purported to give guidance to its devotees. This places the person exposed to both in a dilemma. The Church has solved this several times by banishing astrology, with justification. The astrologer today, with nine planets, can give some guidance of value in a broad and general way. The individual seeking such guidance, however, should be reminded that the details and daily decisions must be made from inner guidance.

It is from failure that the truly great things in one's life are learned and not by asking an astrologer for a life program that would include trivialities such as when to have one's hair done. It is before the undertaking of action that is to have long-range effect, e. g. the conceiving of a child, the beginning of a corporation, the forming of a partnership, business or marital, that astrology is of great value as by this means one can look ahead at future possibilities before casting the die.
Says it all. I'd only add the other "variables" outside the visual spectrum, like magnetic and electrostatic fields.

Footnote 1: The tribute site is still there but hasn't been maintained in a long time, and the scans of pages have been degraded to blurry thumbnails by the storage server. Fortunately the OCR for this page in the very last 1965 issue worked pretty well.

** Footnote 2: It's worth remembering yet again that Hart had to set up his own printing press and typesetting machine to get his message out. Modern dissidents have a HUGE variety of outlets, mostly free. Spoiled moderns are bitching because SOME outlets choose not to carry their material, which is called EDITING, and bitching because SOME outlets don't want to pay the dissidents for material that won't bring in profit for the outlet, which is called NORMAL BUSINESS.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020
  Is this what happened to astrology?

One thought in previous item led back to an older comparison.

Previous item:

We already know that daily activity patterns, involving changes in brain function, are innate. We know that monthly (moonly) activities, involving changes in brain function, are innate. Why not seasons? And taking it to the next step, what about long-term patterns of civilizations? Empires, revolutions, genocides, Golden Ages, collapses, all seem to follow a firmly determined pattern. Each civilization believes that it's "making political decisions" to create or avoid those eras, but they happen to everyone anyway.

This reminded me of an abundantly rehashed point:

= = = = = START REHASH:

How do you know which side of a "debate" is good?

= = =

"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

= = =

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. In any other context this would be called extortion. MDs also forcibly imprison you and bind and gag you. In any other context this would be called kidnapping and MURDER.

Alternative healers don't force you to do anything.

= = =

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

= = =

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

= = =

Bankers jail you for using cash.

Goldbugs don't jail you for using debit cards.

= = =

Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don't bomb you for being a globalist.

= = =

The non-jailing and non-bombing and non-interventionist side of each debate is good. The jailing side is bad. Jailoleth.

The jailing side always says that a godlike abstraction requires them to kill or jail you; but their description and understanding of the godlike abstraction is PERFECTLY WRONG. The non-jailing side doesn't use the abstraction to justify anything, and usually gets the abstraction right.

It's most obvious in "global warming" and "evolution" and "virus".

With "global warming", the environmentalists always say that "the environment" requires them to kill us. But their understanding of "the environment" is backwards, omitting all the negative feedback and adaptation.

With "evolution", the Darwinists say that Darwin requires them to silence dissent. But their understanding of Darwin disagrees with Darwin himself on every major point. The Darwinists don't believe in genes, while the non-Darwinists do believe in genes.

With the Haute-Couture Branded Virus, the torturers say that the virus itself or the epidemic itself requires lockdowns and torture. Exactly backwards. Our immune system works when we live a normal healthy life, without being imprisoned or starved or tortured or forced to recirculate our own breath. All of these measures are EXPLICITLY DESIGNED TO DESTROY IMMUNITY, designed to CREATE AND EXPAND an epidemic.

The non-lockdowners don't bother to cite the virus itself because we know the real reason for the torture.

In all three cases the genocide or torture or silencing is really required by the demented psychopaths who require it. They ENJOY torture and domination and humiliation. They have a BURNING URGENT NEED to obliterate the universe.

= = = = = END REHASH.

Now back to astrology.

Before 1700 or so, there wasn't a distinction between astrology and astronomy. Stargazers with or without telescopes were doing serious observation and real math and real geometry to determine God's will. This purpose was especially dominant in Islam, the most scientific religion. Stargazers were seeking long-term patterns that were reflected in human lives and human civilizations. They found many such patterns.

The Age of Endarkenment forced all "science" into a secular and purposeless mold with Random replacing God. The split was already evident in the disputes around Galileo and Bruno. We think of the dispute in terms of mathematical centers, which wasn't the real argument. Geocentric versus heliocentric is NOT a question of right vs wrong, it's just a question of convenience. One center works better for some calculations, the other works better for others.

The real dispute was between PURPOSEFUL astronomy vs PURPOSELESS astronomy. The PURPOSEFUL branch, which had been offering guidance to people and rulers, lost the battle for Expert Credentials, and eventually decayed into an oversimplified reliance on the Zodiac, which has the flavor of a false flag.

Modern dissidents often get sucked into Deepstate's false flags that trivialize and stupidize their real concerns.

If the PURPOSEFUL branch of stargazing had continued to develop as a living discipline instead of a flattened triviality, we'd have much better guidance for real decisions. The stargazers would have expanded into observing patterns in the magnetosphere and radiosphere, and would have paralleled those patterns with weather and civilization patterns.

The same split gave us "global warming". The credentialed experts MEMORYHOLED all previous knowledge of long-term patterns. We are not allowed to look at magnetic field changes. Only the official secular explanations via CO2 and Trump Cooties are allowed.

And now the same split gives us Holocaust Science that EXPLICITLY MEMORYHOLES all knowledge of the long-term patterns of immunity and the natural trends of viruses. We must assume that immune systems never existed, in order to place ALL reliance on the murderers who switch their rationales and procedures every two weeks.

= = = = =

Among all these similar deletions of PURPOSE and GOD and TIME and PATTERN from science, astrology was the first.

Since we're back in 1000 now, we need to recapture and reanimate the tools that served ordinary people in 1000.

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  Constants and Variables 160, Not so new, not so simple edition

A pretty good observation from Nate Fischer.

He's quoting CS Lewis on the use of "science" to enforce tyranny.

Since outsiders can most effectively challenge the claim to exclusive expertise, it will be most zealously guarded—both by domain insiders who want to protect their power, and by their ideological allies who recognize the power of such "experts" in pushing ideological goals.

= = = = =

Not so new:

This has been the universal norm in academia for EXACTLY one thousand years. We saw it first with Ockham. Fashion has ALWAYS overruled truth.

Rule by experts is newer in corporate circles. It began with Taylorism 100 years ago. (Incidentally, Hartness tried to counteract Taylorism with a focus on the skills and life of the MAN who was doing the work.)

Rule by experts is newest in politics, where it began in 1946 and grew tremendously with the "global warming" coup in 1975.

So what's really new? Only the universal worldwide precisely synchronized application of genocide justified by demonic "experts".

= = = = =

Not so simple:

Real experts who are NOT amateurs have been getting into the argument, and have not been destroyed. Starting with Ioannidis and continuing in Great Barrington, many currently employed academics in epidemiology and related fields have been steadfastly opposing the misuse and obliteration of science and logic and life.

AFAIK, none of these internal dissidents have been fired or jailed. They take lots of verbal abuse on Twitter, and some public outlets have deleted their writings, but that's not new or tyrannical. Public outlets are publishers, and dissidents have never been entitled to have their writings published by the establishment. Dissidents of earlier eras would marvel at the ease of publication and the wide range of available paths. They wouldn't have EXPECTED to be paid by broadcast studios or newspapers.

Unfashionable thoughts have never been "monetized". The monetizers have always worked with Deepstate because THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS. Dillinger's rule.

= = = = =

Also not so simple:

Ideology is NOT the dividing line. Ideology is a permanent set of ideas. Our dividing line is strictly BRANDS and TEAMS, just as it was for Sprenger and Kremer and Hitler.

Github/Room 101 is the exact opposite of ideology. The ruling brand switches ideas FAST. You need to know at all times what the rulers want you to think, and you need to be ready with a new set of fake "facts" and ideas to oppose the ideas that you were supporting one microsecond ago.

FAST CHANGE IS THE SOLE PURPOSE. Fanatical cults rely on dizzying switches and spins of ideas and "facts".

Tyrants have always conflated permanent qualities with team requirements. Hitler claimed that he was purifying the world of non-Aryans, which is a permanent genetic category. But his category changed constantly to include nations that worked with him and exclude nations that opposed him. The official definition of Aryan included many non-Nordic groups and excluded many Nordic groups.

Similarly in modern times, the IDENTIFIES AS nonsense has prepared us for the form of this holocaust by confusing and conflating all genetic categories. Race and gender are "constructs", which means BRANDS or TEAMS. Now we're fighting a "virus" that only infects non-Aryans. Muzzles are meant to protect Aryans from non-Aryan cooties. Non-Aryans include some members of every real race and gender. Aryans are the D team, non-Aryans are the R team. Anyone who fits the R model as defined at the current microsecond is a superspreader.

Real viruses don't know anything about team labels. Real viruses ARE real genes in the strictest sense, and they only know about real genes. Real genetic categories, real ethnicity and gender, have different responses to a real virus. This is perfectly clear in the different real infection rates of Caucasians, Orientals, and Africans. We persist in trying to attribute these differences to political and ideological causes, as we have always done with other innate talents and tendencies. This misattribution leads to horribly and INTENTIONALLY WRONG decisions.

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Monday, December 21, 2020
  Fraud here, fraud there

Evolution News cites a new study of "extinctions" that reveals a sneaky cross-pollination by a dangerous concept.

Creative Destruction, one of the most lethal frauds of the Tech Monsters, has contaminated biological thinking:
Creative destruction is central to classic concepts of evolution. It seems clear that there are periods in which many species suddenly disappear, and many new species suddenly appear. However, radiations of a comparable scale to the mass extinctions, which this study, therefore, calls the mass radiations, have received far less analysis than extinction events. This study compared the impacts of both extinction and radiation across the period for which fossils are available, the so-called Phanerozoic Eon.

The new study suggests creative destruction isn't a good description of how species originated or went extinct during the Phanerozoic, and suggests that many of the most remarkable periods of evolutionary radiation occurred when life entered new evolutionary and ecological arenas, such as during the Cambrian explosion of animal diversity and the Carboniferous expansion of forest biomes.
In other words, this study found that the concept doesn't work in Nature.

It doesn't work in human civilization either.

Creative Destruction and Innovative Disruption are parallel frauds.

When a skill is destroyed, it's not replaced by anything.

The older examples commonly used to fraudulently justify CD are not "extinction followed by radiation". They are not DESTRUCTION of the old skill. They are more like "entering new arenas".

I've discussed the Buggy Whip meme before. When horseless carriages replaced horsey carriages, the skills and factories were reshaped into a new form. Ironworkers had been forging horseshoes and axles and frames for a long time. They gave up the horseshoes and expanded the other skills. Coachbuilders continued doing the same work at first, GRADUALLY shifting to steel panels over wood studs, then GRADUALLY shifting to steel panels over steel studs.

The noblest example of an intentional skill morph is Chappe to Foy. France established a complete national network of mechanical semaphores in 1793. Electrical telegraphs weren't really competitive until the 1840s. When the changeover was needed, the French government didn't go to Morse; they designed a new system that reused the sensory and muscle memory of the semaphore operators. Nobody had to be fired for obsolete skills.

= = = = =

The modern Creative Destruction can't be justified by the inappropriate older examples because it doesn't reuse skills at all.

When the ENTIRE STEEL INDUSTRY is killed and transferred to China, the steelmakers have NO PURPOSE.

When the ENTIRE TEXTILE INDUSTRY is killed and transferred to China, the weavers and loom operators and loom maintainers have NO PURPOSE.

When typewriters were killed and executives were told to do their own typing on computers, the secretaries were left with NO PURPOSE, and the executives now have to spend time on a task that isn't part of their proper job.

In some of these cases the destroyed skill is transferred to another country, which is good for the other country but deadly for the destroyed country. In other cases the skills are transferred to people who aren't very good at the skill and should be spending time and energy on their own work.



Sunday, December 20, 2020
  Tenure in a purely abstract situation

Michael Kurek gives us a clear and SHARP picture of how tenure works. The picture is nicely pure and unconfounded because Kurek is in a field that has no actual purpose.

Music has a tremendously important purpose. Music has always been created by musicians and enjoyed by ordinary people. The academic version of "music" has been totally divorced from music for more than a century.
First, at some point around the end of the 19th and early 20th century, the patronage system waned, and support of composers transitioned away from private donors, mostly to academia. Composers began to earn a faculty salary for their personal livelihood, while governments and arts organizations sometimes paid the expenses related to the performance and recording of their larger works for orchestra and opera.
In academic fields that (at least nominally) deal with solving real problems, tenure can (at least nominally) be based on real problem-solving work. This is still true in areas that work closely with industry and agriculture.

Music can solve real problems, but the academic end of music doesn't even bother to work with the music industry.
Typically, one of the requirements for performing organizations to win this kind of funding, for many a crucial portion of their operating budget, is to show that they encouraged the creation and performance of “new music.” The main source of new classical music being the universities, that pipeline would feed them works that were either written by professors of composition or their like-minded alumni. This explains why much unattractive music still gets programmed, even though the organization knows most of the audience will dislike it. They may even take a hit at the box office for programming it, especially in the case of opera companies, but this is presumably offset by the grant money they can get for programming it.
This vicious circle has been running full speed for 80 years. Before 1940, many formal composers were turning out formal music that people could truly enjoy. Every radio station gave airtime to classics, and a profitable segment of the audience enjoyed their choices. Movies used formal music profitably. Now only NPR stations in big cities give time to formal "music", driven by the same vicious foundations who continue to divorce "music" from music.

= = = = =

Just for fun, here's a 1927 weekly schedule of KFI, the largest station in Los Angeles. I've highlighted the definitely classical segments. Several others probably included some serious music. This was before the FCC started to require "public service", so the station's decisions were solely based on profit.

Note that Packard sponsored a Packard Six Orchestra for jazz and swing, and a Packard Eight Orchestra for classics. Precise delineation of status hierarchy. Presumably the Packard Twelve Orchestra was by invitation only. If you have to Ask The Man Who Owns One, you can't afford it.

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  Bridges or balances 2: trying a question.

Self-calibration is necessary and sometimes difficult.

When I choose one side of an issue, am I choosing it because it's popular? Because it's unpopular? Or because it's right? In an era when Deepstate organizes and distorts "both" "sides" of most issues, the motivations are especially important and especially difficult to navigate. Gouvernour Morris and James Hartness offered useful advice. Both were living through times of tyranny and revolution, and both were trying to hold their focus on permanent truth.

Calibration is especially slippery in moral territory where Nature doesn't offer simple data, like capital punishment or justifiable wars. It's NOT hard in cases like "global warming" and "virus" where Nature is blazingly clear and the correct data has always been publicly available. In these cases the demons are pulling the old Sprenger trick. State the data and then do the exact opposite. Cognitive dissonance builds a fanatical cult.

= = = = =

Mainly for the sake of the slippery cases, I'm going to ask an open question, which I can't answer yet. All I'm doing at this stage is laying out some metaphors that might (or might not) help with the question.

For background, review the Personal Equation Machine: Sidereal time was established by marking the transit of 'standard' stars across a marked lens. Astronomers had to calibrate their own eyes and nervous reactions so they could be sure their transit moment would agree with others. They developed the Personal Equation Machine, with an artificial star crossing a real transit, to calibrate and train their own detection ability. Using the machine established the astronomer's delay time and variability, and using it more helped to reduce the variability.

= = = = =

The question:

Personal Equation Machines calibrate and exercise an astronomer's accuracy and reliability in detecting the truth of a sidereal transit. This is an extremely specialized calibration. Can we find a way to calibrate and train broader powers of truth detection?

If it's possible at all, I think a balance or bridge is a promising path. I'm continuing from last week's discussion of balances and bridges.

= = = = =

I'll use two different types of balance or bridge to show how a balance can detect dynamic or functional qualities, not just static measurements like weight and resistance. These balances send a signal toward the object being measured, and detect the difference between the sent and received signal. If the object is a faithful reflector or amplifier, the difference can be nulled. If the object introduces its own distortions, the difference can't be nulled.

First: The standing-wave balance, commonly used in acoustics labs, sends a steady sound wave down a tube toward a sample of an unknown substance. By changing the frequency of the wave you can set up a resonance in the tube. If you can achieve a resonance or standing wave, you can measure the difference between incident and reflected waves by measuring the strength at the nodes or low points. A perfect reflection leads to zero pressure at the node points.

Here we're using a GenRad tuning fork oscillator to drive the speaker, and using a GenRad sound level meter to pick up the resultant sound. The sample goes in the cap at the left end. The microphone has a long probe extending through the speaker into the resonance tube, and the probe can be moved back and forth by pushing the microphone car. (Incidentally, the car is sort of fun to 'drive', and can be controlled vernierly with the big wheels.)

Polistra has opened up the sample cap, and Happystar has a precut sample of an unknown material ready for insertion.

With the oscillator driving the speaker, we can see the green outgoing wave first, then the violet reflected wave by itself, then the interference pattern of the incident and reflected waves. The open end of the microphone probe is roughly centered in the tube. (I've shifted the reflected wave upward for easier visibility.)

Here's a more schematic image of what really happens. Bear in mind that there's no such thing as zero air pressure. Sound waves are repetitions of increased pressure (red) and decreased pressure (blue) with the "zero" crossings at normal atmospheric pressure. As the incident and reflected waves move through the tube, the actual audible and measurable pressure at each location is always the result of mixing or summing the increased and decreased pressures. The nodes are the places that stay centered as the mix goes up and down.

= = = = =

Now we bring in the original question of sensing or measuring faithfulness of reflection. What happens when the material sample distorts the sound instead of just reflecting part of it? Some materials contain a variety of internal resonators that catch certain frequencies and create their own signals in response. Living things do this all the time.

There's no way to detect a node or null now, because the reflection isn't simply a copy or a negative copy of the original. There might be some points of lower sound, but they will be hard to spot amid the extra frequencies emitted by the active responder.

Several measuring tools for hearing are designed to pick up active live responses. The best is the OAE (oto-acoustic emission) instrument, which I detailed here. The OAE measurement is a truth detector, and is used in real life to detect fake claims of hearing damage.

= = = = =

Second example of a dynamic balance or bridge: an old GenRad tube tester.

We have the same basic pieces. A tone generator drives the grid of the tube. When the voltage between the grid and filament of the tube increases, the flow from filament to plate decreases, and thus the voltage in the output loop. Ideally the output loop should provide an amplified reflection of the input loop. The earphones pick up the difference or balance point between the two loops. Adjusting the variable resistor R1 is like adjusting the small weight on a balance, compensating for the amplification.

Here Polistra is listening for the null while adjusting the resistor to reduce the amplification to equality.

As the pot moves both ways, the reflection in the output loop increases and decreases. At some setting of R1, the reflection will exactly null out the incident signal. If you had to divide the output signal by 4 to hear an exact balance or null, this tells you that the tube was multiplying the input by 4. The setting of R1 thus gives the amplification figure of the tube.

Now we introduce distortion, as we did with the standing-wave acoustic reflection. When the sample being examined (the tube) creates its own noise or active responses, there's no chance of nulling the output. The output loop can never be either a copy or an inverted copy of the input, no matter how much it's reduced by R1. There will always be something extra audible.

= = = = =

Both of these dynamic or functional balances can perform a service that would be hard to define and measure in a simple balance, though it's actually a common situation with a simple balance. Think of trying to weigh a puppy on a produce scale. You could tell that the animal was restless and wiggling around, but the scale wouldn't be able to measure the restless behavior itself. The wiggling would be an unwanted factor, and you'd have to approximate the mean weight in the middle of the jumping and tail-wagging.

As mentioned at the start, this doesn't reach the ultimate goal of a balance-style truth calibrator or exerciser. The active setting of the microphone car or R1 would be the equivalent of tapping the telegraph key on the Personal Equation Machine. There are several huge missing steps. How would this active setting serve as an exercise to help you USE your detection ability? How would a balance try to null out a more abstract "sample" of a moral question? Is there a more concrete "sample" that will accomplish the same exercise?

= = = = =

Language footnote: When I wrote 'trying a question' in the title, I only meant that I was intending to ask a vague question. After I wrote it I realized it's a perfectly apt description. 'Trying' in legal terminology refers obviously to what happens in a courtroom, and arcanely to checking coinage against a standard weight on a balance. See Trial of the Pyx. So trying a question is checking the question against a standard of truth on a balance.

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