Monday, February 29, 2016
  Con man?

Rubio is calling Trump a con man.

In terms of personality, it's a good hit. Trump certainly has all the standard characteristics of the 'boomer' type.

In terms of results, it doesn't work. Some of his ventures have failed, but all of them led to literally concrete results. Real hotels, real casinos, real golf courses. A professional con man leads to plenty of on-paper projects but nothing real.

In terms of timing, it's peculiar.

Back in June when Trump first announced, his intentions looked scammy for sure. Just another way to gain publicity, then drop out and reap the rewards.

Now it makes no sense at all. At this point, after winning two major primaries and looking certain to win the rest, where's the con? What could Trump gain by dropping out now, or by taking the oath and then quitting? What could he gain from the punishment of four years in office, during which time he MUST lose control of his enterprises? There are easier ways to retire. Quitting or sneaking out will lead to economic disaster for his brand.

You wanna talk about cons? The Repoofs have been promising God and delivering Satan, promising prosperity and delivering starvation, for 30 years. There's your fraud.
  Why 2013?

Normally journalists notice a big change in operating mode by a President. Mediasatans will report it with disgust when the pres has R on his shirt and with admiration when the pres is D, but under the emotions the facts come through well enough.

They've missed the giant change in Obama's mode that happened around 2013. He replaced Hillary by Kerry. He replaced Holder by Lynch. He replaced FBI director Mueller with Comey.

All three changes had major effects, though the effects weren't immediately obvious. In each case a destructive demonic chaos-generator was replaced by a semi-rational peacemaker who occasionally tells the truth.

Several ways of asking the same question:

Why did Obama wait so long? If he wanted to have a semi-rational cabinet, he could have appointed the latter people immediately. Why did he bother to make the changes at all? What made him realize the original appointees were evil?
Sunday, February 28, 2016
  Who's for the savers?

Hey. What's missing here?

We have serious anti-WallStreet candidates in US and UK. Trump, Sanders, Corbyn. All are proposing to rein in the banksters. Good. That's part of the problem.

But none are even talking about the War On Savers. Universal ZIRP, now quickly sliding into NIRP, and the equally fast-moving prohibition on paper cash.

To check my perception of absence, which is always a tricky observation, I googled all three.

Found that others have already called out Sanders for ignoring ZIRP.

Trump did hit the subject, briefly and gently:
The Republican frontrunner also added that the low interest rates that have prevailed for years are beginning to worry him as he considers leading the nation's economy. "I've always loved low interest rates as a developer and I've always done well with low interest rates. I think you're creating a bubble and the bubble could explode."
Corbyn goes with the hyperinsane MMT crowd, wanting EVEN MORE QE and NIRP than we're getting now.

So my impression wasn't right. Sanders likes the status quo, which makes him a conservative by dictionary definitions. Trump wants to return to sanity, though he doesn't seem hopped up about this subject. Corbyn wants to make things infinitely worse.


  Same as always

These modern debates about encryption (ie the Bitcoin scam or the fake dispute between Applesatan and FBI) ring hollow to my ear, but I hadn't figured out why until just now.

Both sides are missing the oldest and deepest fact.

Encryption is the PRIMARY form of communication. Encryption came first. Publicly readable speech and writing came later.

Most living things communicate through chemical, visual and audio signals. Some fish communicate through AM and FM radio waves. Bacteria and mitochondria communicate electrically via wires. Most of these 'channels' are intrinsically and physically private.

Smarter vertebrates turn public audio channels into private channels through individual variations. Why do birds develop special grace notes? So a male can stand out as a mateworthy individual, and so members of a family can recognize each other.

Why did humans take it to the next level with more complex and more articulate syllables? Not so everyone could understand. That's SUICIDAL. We developed language so OUR FAMILY and OUR TRIBE could communicate without OTHER FAMILIES picking up the information.

Why did humans later develop ways of recording information on clay or wood? Three semi-separate motivations. (1) The priesthood of bookkeepers (my kind of priesthood!) developed numbers so they could keep track of business transactions. After the idea of visual mapping became familiar, the specific number symbols for One Ox or One House came to represent the ox or house itself, and then the sounds for Ox or House. After that, metaphor expanded or specialized the symbols.

(2) Census-takers picked up the trick, using it to register information about residents for governmental purposes like debts and taxes. (3) Religious priesthoods used writing to keep the scriptures within bounds, so they could gain power and money by renting out little bits of the ceremony. Guilds developed their own special sublanguages to protect their ownership of skill-estate, so they could rent out skilled labor without passing the skills to outsiders.

All of these priesthoods were trying to keep information within their own circles. Otherwise, why bother?

Audio encryption pretty much disappeared after writing became commonplace. It didn't re-emerge until electronics made tricks like multiplexing and modulation possible. Later on, DSP made complex audio encryption easier.

And that's where we are now. The same place we've always been.... except that AS FUCKING USUAL we intentionally reverse our understanding.

The initial and permanent purpose of communication is EXCLUSION. DIVISIVENESS. XENOPHOBIA. When communication REALLY MATTERS, it's coded.

Families no longer matter, so families no longer encrypt. Businesses still need encryption to stay ahead of the competition. Government data-gatherers still need encryption to stay ahead of the citizens. Armies still need codes to protect strategies.

= = = = =

Going back to the start again, it's clear that the Tower of Babel story is intentionally false. Languages and dialects reinforce walls and

Languages didn't start from a single universal tongue. Exactly the opposite. Satan doesn't separate languages; Satan wants everyone to speak the same way so the government can spy more efficiently. The tower story must have been written by the Babylonian NSA.

Later update: I hadn't bothered to read the ACTUAL story of Babel. In fact the story is a correct representation of reality. A tyrant forced a universal language, and God broke up the universal language into proper modular languages. Our standard FALSE globalist interpretation, which I mindlessly followed, says that Satan broke up the tower, even though the STORY ITSELF credits God.

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  Not an oxymoron

From an NPR feature on the decline of the "two" "parties":

It may sound like an oxymoron, but Arizona's unaffiliated, independent voters are organizing themselves and banding together.

Not an oxymoron at all. Politics requires parties, just as business requires brands. The problem with American politics is not that parties as such are bad; it's just that our "two" "parties" have stopped manufacturing usable governance.

In business, a new company (or a small existing company) grows to fill the need when major brands fail. In 1958 the three big auto companies failed to provide usable cars, so Nash quickly grew to fill the need. The big three didn't start responding to the need until Nash became a meaningful threat.

Not a perfect analogy .... You CAN write in a new candidate when existing parties fail. You CAN'T build your own car when existing carmakers fail. But in practice it comes down to the same thing, because an UNORGANIZED write-in rarely works. Only a party can assemble the required components in mass-production style to get a new leader into office and maintain his support after election.
  Y no Christie?

If the Repoofs can get over their squealy mincing prancing hissy fit over that HORRIBLE XENOPHOBIC BUFFOON who attracts those HORRIBLE NON-MEXICAN NON-VIBRANT NASTY HONKY VOTERS, they could rethink a few points. They won't, of course. They will continue lining up to suck the Holy Dick of Our Prophet Netanyahu and Our SubProphet Adelson.

Just for fun, considering the alternate universe of a two-party system, the post-mortem question ought to be: Why didn't we choose Christie? Five years ago Christie was already showing up as a genuine leader who understood BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES in a deep sense. He has the same basic HEFT as Trump, but without the dubious and complicated history. HEFT matters, even if those precious exquisite willowy anorexic neocons simply can't STAND it.

An opposition party should always be training and protecting GOOD candidates. The Repoofs failed to protect Christie against the satanic media in the bridge-blocking scandal. If they had understood what the country needs, they could have turned that event into a positive example of unyielding leadership.


Saturday, February 27, 2016
  Y no wicker?

Completely random and stupid thought. Following on this, I've been "building" a CG model of an 1880's resort, one of those Healing Water Springs places that catered to the middle class. Those places died in 1893 when the middle class was slaughtered by Wall Street. Sounds familiar to us as we live through Middle Class Slaughter II.

Those resorts used a lot of wicker furniture, so I've been studying pics of that form, trying to see how to "build" it.

Stupid thought: Wicker is not much good for furniture. Hard to clean, and pinches the skin even through clothing. Why didn't basketwork become more common as a building material? Hard wicker would serve well in the places where we use louvers. Shutters, screens, closet doors. Resists burglars better than glass, blocks larger bugs and water, lets air flow gradually.

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  Than first thought

Two big categories of "news" items include the title phrase.

(1) Sciencey stuff about fossils or DNA or evidence of human habitation, ceremonies, etc. These are always Earlier Than First Thought. You never read Later Than First Thought. These items may be meaningful to the competing researchers....

Take that, Bergstein and Yang and Choi! You said Diplodinkus Poopii was 65 MYA. Actually Diplodinkus Poopii was 89.3 MYA! Our MYA is bigger than your MYA! And note the extra decimal place! Loser loser loser MYA MYA MYA!

... but completely useless to the public, who never heard of Diplodinkus Poopii in the first place.

Still, think of the ultimate destination of all these back-sliding timelines. There is an absolute zero at the left end. What happens when all the Earliers bump into the same point? Will the "scientists" finally admit that everything started at the same time, which the pattern of genes already indicates? Not on your Diplodinkus.

= = = = =

(2) Stories about hacks and identity thefts are always More Than First Thought. Instead of 400 million stolen identities, we now know it was 800 million. These numbers may be meaningful to the hackers as indications of their power, but most likely the hackers already know what they've done, and know the news item is intentionally misleading. The numbers are useless to the customers.

Still, think of the ultimate destination, which is more obvious than the sciencey timeline. We already know that EVERYONE with any sort of digital connection has already been completely hacked. It only matters when your data ACTUALLY gets used, which happens often but nowhere near 400 million or 800 million times. You have to keep checking and watching your data anyway, no matter who or how many.

= = = = =

(3) Later addition. An "endangered" species always turns out to be More Numerous Than First Thought. Even species that were thought to be totally extinct "surprisingly" turn out to be present. Except, of course, for polar bears. Polar bears are totally extinct and unrecoverable. Ignore the 25000 pale-furred bears who are overpopulating the Arctic. Those must be albino versions of some other bear, because everybody knows that polar bears are totally totally totally extinct. Those overabundant nuisances are Grizzlies Of No Colour, or Inadequately Brown Brown Bears.



Convective thought. The conditions aren't the same, so the equation isn't really valid .... but the political candidates are identical. Trump is FDR, Hillary is Wendell Willkie.

(In a broader context, Trump is more Bryan than FDR. But seen against Hillary, he fills the FDR slot.)
  A lesson

LR, a German line of beauty products based on aloe vera, somehow became popular among Russian deaf girls who do Youtube beauty tutorials. There's nothing 'Russian' about the product; its labels are in English. And there's certainly nothing 'deaf' or 'hand-talk-y' about aloe vera.

Seems like a wildly improbable niche; if you wrote a fictional parody based on this concept it wouldn't get published. Nevertheless it happened, and the company was smart enough to take full advantage of it.

A lesson for American companies and political parties who believe in repelling all customers except the Correct Caste. Try looking at reality. Try appealing to your actual customers. Who knows, you might get sales or votes that way. I know it's horrible and icky, but it just could work.
  Thanks, Putin!

When Putin intervened to end the Syrian war, I guessed it would take about three months to stop the fighting. I was a little optimistic but not extremely. The Axis powers did our damndest to keep the slaughter running, but we didn't succeed. Now there's an actual ceasefire, despite our genocidal intentions. Even BBC, the modern Axis Sally, has to admit it.

Thanks, Putin!
  New flank?

Arstechnica, the home of COOL techbullies, is always a good place to get instant updates on the latest bullying. (In other words, the Github for tyranny.) On Apple vs FBI, of course Apple is right because Miss Timmah is SUPERCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. On an article about Facebook's tyrannical enforcement of racism, of course Facebook is right because Miss Mark is SUPERCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. It's all about knowing who is CORRECT and who is INCORRECT. All actions by top-caste are correct by tautological definition. All actions by Untouchables are incorrect by tautological definition. Woe betide the unfortunate Untouchable who DARES to speak in the presence of Superiors.

Even on a relatively non-tyrannical subject like Facebook's new emojis, the tyrants always swarm in to kill the uncool. The following subset of bullying strikes me as a new flank in the campaign; maybe I just hadn't noticed it before.

Untouchable commenters say things like:

No we're not. Some of us have never used it, because we saw it to be the vapid, negative, time-sink it was. Some of us just don't care about how many millions of others do a truly stupid thing.

Slashed by a volley of toxic arrows from The Exquisite Ones:

I really wish people like you would just shut up. The rest of the world simply doesn't care anymore. Get off your high horse, you're not special you're a pretentious ass.

In old dystopias the secret police forced you to keep your Telescreen turned on, and raided your Apartment Module if they determined you were covering the screen or muffling the microphone. Now the Armies Of The Precious take care of that chore, freeing the secret police for more serious work. You must have a cell phone, you must be constantly linked to iTunes and The Cloud, you must use Facebook.


Friday, February 26, 2016
  Hey, that's my fucking wall!

Nicely countering Rubio's valid hit on Trump, we now have Vicente Fucking Fox providing the perfect TESTIMONIAL for Trump. Fox has made a tremendous amount of money through NAFTA, and he firmly believes Trump will DO SOMETHING to decrease Mexican theft from American workers.

For those of us who love what Trump says but doubt his ability to DO SOMETHING, this is a wonderful endorsement of his potential effectiveness.

I'm also stupidly tickled that Fox calls it a fucking wall, since I've been saying BUILD A FUCKING WALL for many years now.
  A valid argument against Trump!

Rubio points out that Trump's clothing brand is made offshore.

After months and months of idiotic complaints** that only help Trump, the Repoofs finally pick up an argument that works. It doesn't help the Repoofs because they're still totally and non-hypocritically committed to removing all jobs from USA and killing all Americans to enrich the Chosen. But it does put a crack in Trump's strongest concept.

Trump could answer the point, but so far he hasn't. Something like this: "Because the current setup is totally slanted to favor offshore labor, the only way I could make a profit in clothing is by using foreigners. I want to fix the system so the incentives will favor using American labor."

This would be an unsatisfying answer. If you really believe that offshoring is a problem, you shouldn't be doing it. There are many other ways to make money, and you can also choose not to make more money when you're already rich.

If Sanders had any sense, he'd grab onto this point and ride it hard. Unfortunately he won't. Sanders fails to realize that he's not competing for Hillary's "voters". Hillary runs the mechanical partybots, which cannot be pried out of their closed-circuit command loop. Bernie is actually competing for Trump's voters, who are non-mechanical humans.

= = = = =

**Specifically, all previous arguments reduce to "You can't vote for Trump! He's not a Repooflican!" Yes. That's exactly why we like him. Thanks for reminding us.
Thursday, February 25, 2016
  If only they knew 4

More UK Telegraph clickbait.

A simple quiz based on obvious logic. Each question compares a genetic or innate description with a non-genetic or behaviorist description.

Susan is a drinker / Susan drinks a lot.

Choosing the genetic side means you're "right-wing". Makes perfect sense, catches the deepest and most meaningful distinction between genuine right and left, leaving out all the partisan crap that has confused and conflated the definitions.

But the attributed cause is loony.
The research team, led by Dr Aleksandra Cichocka, suggested that conservatives prefer the use of nouns over adjectives as they "preserve stability, familiarity and tradition", and "elicit clearer and more definite perceptions of reality than other parts of speech," satisfying the desire for "structure and certainty" that's more prevalent among conservatives than it is among liberals.
I shouldn't complain. The "research team" tacitly admits, despite their own demonic intentions, that the genetic view corresponds to reality.

The grammar shit, "nouns preserve stability, familiarity and tradition", is itself a violation of reality. Grammar is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. The quiz contrasts two opposite WORLDVIEWS, not two different sentence constructions. Both of the opposite WORLDVIEWS could have been written with nouns, or both with verbs. They'd still be opposite.

For at least two generations in US/UK/EU, the leftist non-genetic explanation has been THE ONLY AVAILABLE EXPLANATION. It's the only permissible form of discourse in government, schools, media and churches. It's the only discourse in ALL parties both "right" and "left". Any description that even remotely hints at an innate reason for anything will get you fired or jailed or killed.

"Stability, familiarity and tradition" means preserving the status quo. The status quo is 100000000% leftist.

Yet another case of peculiar leftist bigotry, failing to understand their own side, their own opinions, and their own lethal tyrannical omnipotence.

= = = = =

Graphic sidenote: I was going to make a picture based on the metaphor "It's like asking a fish to describe water" .... but quickly realized it's inadequate. Fish spend most of their time in water, but all fish know that water is not the only thing. Top-dwelling fish experience the difference between air and water. Some of them leap into the air at times, showing that they can handle both worlds. Deep-ocean fish experience the difference between water and seabed. Some of them burrow into the seabed. All fish know the difference between water and other animals and plants. So there's no convenient analogy for the infinite ignorance of leftists.

It's too bad Flatland isn't better known. The Monarch Of Pointland is The Perfect Metaphor for modern leftists.

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Henrikson convicted on all counts. GOOD. Amid the modern demonic mess of false accusations, falsely defined crimes, and real criminals going free because of Correct Caste, it's goddamn refreshing to see a BAD MAN getting a CLEAR SENTENCE.

The trial took several weeks because there were a lot of charges, not because it was nuanced or delicate. One day was enough for the jury to hit the jackpot on all points.

Henrikson was trying to do a job that he wasn't qualified for. He is a plain old THUG, and he was trying to start up a full-fledged Mafia to organize the Dakota oilfields. Mafias use deterrence and threats to build loyalty. Killing everyone who works with you is not an effective way to develop loyalty.
  DeSoto on walls

Another sharp analyst has hit the walls. Hernando DeSoto, who speaks fluent Polistran, comes at Antipope Bergoglio from a more biological and natural-law perspective.
Second, focus on property and not national borders. No one can successfully challenge America’s right under international public law to restrict entrance to people coming from outside across its sovereign borders. What Pope Francis can do is to publicly defend the universal right of all people – sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – to enclose, defend and develop property borders inside their countries, so that they don’t have to migrate to America to get them.
Again something is missing. This time the missing element, visible as an afterimage, suggests a NEW notion.

DeSoto constantly and correctly informs us that the problem in Brazil and Mexico is poorly defined REAL-ESTATE. But DeSoto improperly applies the cure to USA/UK/EU. We have good boundaries and titles for real-estate. Our problem is poorly defined, deteriorating and polluted SKILL-ESTATE. See Graybill again.

Skill-estate is an old concept. Guilds developed to protect it. Guilds descended into unions, which then descended into mobocracy. Before this mafiation, guilds and guild-like unions maintained a strict chain of title on skills. Master rented to apprentice; apprentice paid his journeyman mortgage and gained full ownership as master.

We have some remnants of skill-estate, quickly losing legitimacy because they've neglected the importance of the skill itself. Uber vs taxis is purely a skill-estate question. Pro taxi drivers had a level of knowledge and ACCOUNTABILITY that Uber has refused to replicate. We forget this and treat the problem as purely monetary, a question of Market Efficiency. Nope, that's a false flag.

Innovative Disruptors constantly seek to break into skill-estate, vandalizing and burglarizing licensed professions from various angles. Offshoring, immigrant labor, robots. The licensers lack a proper defense because they've let the skill-estate deteriorate into pure money or pure credentialism.

When real-estate loses its basic purpose as A PLACE TO LIVE, it turns into pure GPS coordinates. Fancy neighborhoods in Frisco or Vancouver or London have succumbed to this craziness, becoming nothing more than bonds defined by latitude and longitude. No soul left, which means the abstract value is always ready to tumble.

When skill-estate loses its basic purpose as a WAY TO CREATE, it turns into pure paper credentials. College degrees, taxi medallions. The skill-soul is gone, so the abstract value can be pumped and popped by external factors.

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  Schall on walls

Schall, writing at CrisisMagazine, is usually the sharpest and most insightful writer on cultural and moral questions. I always learn something new and important when I read his stuff. Today Schall writes a piece on a subject that I've often covered. Walls and borders, inspired of course by Trump vs the Antichrist. Perhaps uniquely, he doesn't hit it square. For the first and undoubtedly the only time, I feel that I've covered it better in general. Schall especially misses the natural-law or biological aspects of walls.

Schall does add a point that I (surprisingly!) haven't touched. Prison walls. He says:
There used to be a song that went something like “Oh, if I had the wings of an angel, over these prison walls I would fly.” The walls of prisons, of course, are intended, like most walls, both to keep in and keep out.
Why it's surprising that I didn't make this connection: When I was in prison in '69, I learned the difference between professional criminals and lawbreakers. One manifestation of this difference is the attitude toward walls. Pro criminals enjoy most aspects of prison. They get to practice and learn their trade in a controlled lab environment, with hacks ready to halt a fight that gets too deadly. The inmate government offers valuable internships in white-collar crime, learning how to bribe and blackmail real officials. Pro criminals get food and housing without the hassle of maintaining a harem of white bitches for welfare checks. All fine and dandy, EXCEPT the walls. Knowing that the walls restrict MY TOTAL FREEDOM is the one hitch in the setup. Pro criminals, like Randians and techbullies and stockbrokers, need In Di Vi Du Al Lib Er Ty above all else. The rest of us need walls to protect us from all four castes.

Non-pro lawbreakers are not bothered in the slightest by the walls. Non-pros are the disposable materials for the lab sessions, like wire in an electronics lab or formaldehyded frogs in a bio lab. They're too busy unsuccessfully fending off rapes and beatings by the pro criminals. Walls are not a problem.

Needless to say, Antichrist doesn't miss a point, never skips a chance to commit infinite evil. Antichrist wants to break prison walls as well as national boundaries, letting the pro criminals loose to rape and rob and murder all poor people. Eugenics by proxy.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016
  Pretty damn obvious

I didn't pay much attention to Scalia's death. The only semi-legitimate occupant of the Supremes is Clarence Thomas. Among the others I don't see much difference. All have been exclusively serving the interests of the plutocrats since 1803. Enforcing the satanic "morality" of the super-rich, guaranteeing the infinite increase of wealth.

One of the plutocrat servants dies. Okay. Fine.

Now that more info comes out, it's plain old disgusting. Scalia wasn't just "visiting a ranch"; he was at a luxury resort as the guest of a lawyer who had argued cases before the Supremes.

Any ordinary county judge who pulled that stunt would be canned immediately. Shouldn't be any different for the Supremes.

If we had journalists, they would take this as a trigger to look at the others. How often do they "visit" "ranches" as guests of partisan lawyers? We don't have journalists, so nothing to worry about.
  Who's the dodo?

Article about the dodo bird struck me as interesting. Author says that we've assumed the dodo is dumb because it went extinct. I doubt that anyone made that assumption; more likely induction from existing big flightless birds. Ostriches are dumb compared to crows or pigeons.

The purpose of the underlying scientific paper was to reconstruct the dodo's brain and sensory mechanisms from preserved skulls. The researchers found several interesting points. Dodo's brain is larger and more complex than other big birds. Dodo was more of a 'scent hound' than existing birds, with a large olfactory bulb. And dodo had an odd twist in its semicircular canals, which was constant in several skulls of different species. Purpose unknown. My guess: it might have served to null out the feedback to a specific sequence of head movements that were needed for finding bugs or finding mates..

I decided to buy the full article, hoping to get more info about the twisted labyrinth. Shoulda known better. Paid $38, navigated a twisted labyrinth of repeated dumb sign-ins through a "service" called ReadCube. AFTER PAYMENT, the "service" refused to download the PDF because I'm using a "non-modern" browser. It also claimed that the DOI reference was wrong. ReadCube recommended using Chrome or IE11 or Firefox 44. I was trying to run the download on Firefox 44, but apparently Firefox 44 isn't nearly as modern as Firefox 44. Decided that updating from Firefox 44 to Firefox 44 probably wouldn't help. Switched over to IE11, which is becoming a routinely necessary step for many situations. Ran through the sign-in again, and the download worked immediately. After reading the full PDF, I realized AS USUAL that the full version included nothing meaningful beyond the account given in the Tech Times news item.

So we have a conglomeration of dodos. Tech Times for an unjustified assumption; ReadCube for generating several idiotic and potentially costly errors; Firefox for degenerating into a barely useful browser; and me for hoping that THIS TIME MIGHT BE BETTER. It never is.

The only non-dodo in this story is the actual dodo.
  Hmm. I wonder why this doesn't work? Can't figure it out.

Computer designers are SHOCKEDSHOCKEDSHOCKED to find that Moore's Law doesn't run forever and ever. They're seeing that Nature don't do exp. Nature does tanh. Totally unanticipated! Nobody could have expected this!

Especially peculiar for people who look at tanh curves all the time.

From Wiki, typical saturation curve FOR A TRANSISTOR:

I didn't draw this curve to prove my usual Tanh point. This is the type of data sheet you see every day when designing with semiconductors.
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
  Not socialism, just Nixonism

Headline: Bernie calls Antichrist Francine a socialist

Gark. So much confusion in one sentence.

No point in using the word socialist. All meaning has been squeezed and thrashed out of it, then replaced by Artificial Colors And Seasonings.

Bernie observes correctly that he and Francine belong in the same political category, no matter what it's called. Both of them favor the same Fashionable Artificially Left-Flavored Claptrap. Open Borders, Global Warming, Die-Versity.

All of this claptrap starves and kills poor people en masse, so it wouldn't have been supported by clear-minded Socialists 100 years ago.

Bernie and Francine agree on one thing that will HELP poor people: Controlling and taxing the banks and investors. That's not socialism, it was normal American policy from 1936 until the Clintons broke it in 1999. Real socialism abolishes the investors entirely, as the Soviet system did.

Which famous political name would fit this category, this contradictory combination of goals? Nixon.


  Constants and variables 39

Bringing out this 1889 quote from JM Graybill yet again.

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

I've said something similar many times, and I've read something similar many times, but never said it or read it so COMPLETELY AND POWERFULLY as Graybill's version.

I'll call it Graybill's Law.

Thinking again about the mature Soviet system. On the Graybill parameter of using talents, a comparison of 1968 Soviet to 1968 USA would narrowly favor USA. In the specific areas of engineering and science, '68 Soviet would defeat '68 US easily. Soviets gave special consideration to engineers, and we had already offshored much of our electronics industry to Japan.

Comparing either '68 system to 2016 USA dramatically favors both '68 systems. We have severely restricted the range of paid and usable skills.

In other words, the major variable between econ systems is NOT central control vs "free" market. It's protectionist vs free-trade, closed vs open borders, profit vs share value. USA and USSR in 1968 were both relatively closed systems with restricted imports and minimal offshoring of labor. Both operated with profit as the goal of business.

Modern US/UK/EU econ demands Ebola-style open borders above all, and operates with a goal variable of SHARE VALUE. We are collapsing.

FDR paid close attention to Graybill's Law when he was repairing the damage done by previous share-value collapses. His farm subsidy program preserved the skills of farm families, which would take several generations to rebuild otherwise. WPA took special care to keep all sorts of talents working and learning, from housewives to masons to cooks to writers to musicians. At that time the industrial range of skills didn't need as much help, so WPA didn't focus on industrial skills. The auto industry slowed down but continued running at a reasonable level.

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  Everyone needs a Trump

Spokane Transit needs to be disciplined by a local Trump or Berlusconi type. STA constantly whores after the COOOOOOL people in Browne's Addition and the SUPERCOOOOOL MOVIE STARS in Coeur d'Alene. Every year they come up with a new way to get the RICH INNOVATIVE DISRUPTIVE HIPSTERS to ride the dull old bus. These projects are monstrously expensive, requiring tremendous amounts of new infrastructure and BIG BUDGETS!!!!!!!!! OH BOY! MY FAVORITE!

Latest is this. Some sort of trolley-like thing TROLLEYS ARE COOL which will require new types of bus stops and modifications of streets and BIG BUDGETS!!!!!!! OH BOY! MY FAVORITE!

Meanwhile the dull old ordinary people who ACTUALLY RIDE THE FUCKING BUS are having to suffer constant declines in routes and frequency.

The alleged "city" "government" needs far more than a Trump or Berlusconi. Bloomberg's Best Little Bitchboy Condon continues to celebrate his/her GREEN ACHIEVEMENTS and PEACE AND JUSTICE COMMIE ACHIEVEMENTS and ACLU ACHIEVEMENTS while continuing to destroy the police department. Dull old ordinary honkies get robbed and raped and mosquitoed and iced to death, but OUR PROPHET LIVING SAINT ALPHONSE SHARPTON JUNIOR is happy, so Copkiller Condon is happy. Meanwhile, the local Repooflican talkers continue to support this city-destroying alien COMMIE monster because he/she has the sacred R on his/her team shirt.
Monday, February 22, 2016
  Old joke (used before)

One of my father's favorite 'jokes'.

('Jokes' in quotes because my father, being a teacher by nature and training, never told jokes purely for humor; he always had a point.)

A missionary was talking to an Indian chief.

Missionary: "You should be working instead of sitting in front of your tipi."

Chief: "Why?"

Missionary: "So you can earn money."

Chief: "Why?"

Missionary: "You can save it for the future."

Chief: "Why?"

Missionary: "When you get older, you can relax."

Chief: "I'm already doing that."

The joke stayed with me. I followed the missionary's advice. Worked, saved, semi-retired early.

The last line also stayed with me. "Already doing that" is a solution to many conundrums. Politicians like to pretend that a situation is NOT already settled, in order to create a false goal of settling it.

Rubio is the latest purveyor of this nonsense:
I think people realize on the Republican side that we cannot afford — this country cannot afford — to lose this election, and that I give the party the best chance, not just to unify the conservative movement, but to grow it," Rubio replied. "To take our message to people that don’t vote Republican now, grow our party, grow our movement, and to beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders."
Grow the party? Take the message to people that don't vote Republican?


Your problem, of course, is that Trump is taking the message to the wrong people. He's taking it to Americans. INTOLERABLE! UNACCEPTABLE! ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE! Only Mexicans are acceptable Party members.
  Therefore, But, Therefore

Trying to parse the odd dispute between Applesatan and FBI.

The question is being "debated" on technical grounds, which is stupid. There's no tech problem at all. Applesatan designed the iPhone, so Applesatan knows how to open and decrypt the iPhone. NSA also knows how to do it. Perhaps FBI doesn't have enough tech staff to do the job on its own, but it can call on NSA.

There is also some "debate" about privacy, but that's not even worth discussing. If you use an iPhone or use the Web, you have surrendered ALL of your privacy. Eliminating privacy is the sole purpose of iPhones and the Web.

THEREFORE: That's not the problem. What is the problem?

The Coooool Ones have a peculiar conflict about Islam.

They innately oppose Islam because it is civilized. Therefore ISIS, which is the enforcement branch of civilization, is especially hated.

BUT: Applesatan also hates Repooflicans and normal Americans for wanting to DISINVITE Muslims who might be part of ISIS. Applesatan's ferocious lethal gut-level hatred of Repoofs and normal Americans is vastly older and deeper than its ideological dislike of Islam. Trump wants to disinvite some Muslims, so Coooool Ones are obliged to defend Islam.

These two hatreds are contradictory, which is normal for Coooool Ones. Doublethink is the Cooooolest of the Cooooool.

THEREFORE: That's not the problem either, because it's a Cognitive Dissonance tangle. What is the problem?

HYPOTHESIS: FBI has lost its coolness. Until this year, FBI's most serious target was white Christians. Kill Whitey was FBI's motto. You never saw even one black face on the 10 Most Wanted posters. All honkies, mainly southern Christian honkies.

New director Comey has confused the picture. He dared to speak truth about black criminals, and he has shown patience toward white Christians. Instead of instantly bombing the Oregon occupiers down to bedrock, FBI waited for them to make a bad move, then properly responded to the bad move.

FBI is no longer Coooool in Applesatan's eyes.

CONCLUSION: I don't know if this is the answer, but at least it's not trivial or Doublethink. It's an actual observable change that runs in the correct direction at the correct time.
  Binary Sailer

Using Sailer's priceless insight that modern elites Invite And Invade, we can see clearly why this year's crop of candidates, both here and in some parts of Europe, is so shocking to the elite.

Previously all candidates said Yes to both Invite and Invade. Bring in thousands of criminal Dreamers from Mexico or Syria, force citizens to feed and house the Dreamers while the Dreamers rape and murder the citizens and steal jobs from the citizens. Simultaneously, bomb every country that insults Our Prophet Netanyahu, and bomb every country that encourages civilization. Until this year the orthodoxy held perfectly tight.

Now we have a more complex picture.

No No Trump
YesNo Sanders
YesYesAll others
No Yes?????

In non-tabular form:

Trump: Don't invite, Don't invade.

Sanders: Do invite, Don't invade.

Hillary and all others: Do invite, Do invade.

But who says Don't invite and Do invade?

According to the usual leftist bigotry, that's what Repoofs believe. Dems think that Repoofs hate immigrants and love war. Peculiar ignorance.

In fact it's an unused position in the table.


Sunday, February 21, 2016
  If only they knew 3

Yet another example of supersupersupersatans NOT KNOWING what their own side says.

Antichrist Francine continues to push the envelope of infinite evil.
Pope Francis on Sunday called for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty, saying the commandment "You shall not kill" was absolute and equally valid for the guilty as for the innocent.

In the past, the pope also denounced life imprisonment, calling it "a hidden death penalty" and saying that more should be done to try to rehabilitate even the most hardened of criminals.
Pure blasphemy, pure genocide**. Intentional mistranslation of the Bible that the church allegedly pretends to follow. Beyond that, a total misunderstanding of the innate difference between criminals and normal people.

Result: Even more genocide against the poor, who are 99% of the victims of murderers.

Outclassed and disdained, Satan has had it. Terminal Salieri Syndrome.

= = = = =

**Footnote: More accurately, genocide by proxy. Two of Francine's favorite murder methods work together toward the same goal. Kill the poor, enrich the Chosen. (1) Forced invasion by migrants, who tend to include plenty of actual criminals. Result: Kill and damage many poor citizens directly, starve many poor citizens through low wages. (2) Let actual convicted murderers out of jail so they can kill and damage poor citizens directly. Result of both is lots of uncooooool corpses, and more slaves for Francine's COOOOOL super-rich "husbands".

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  Nice fable

This is the perfect icon-fable for the R and D establishment responding to Trump and Sanders.

Hmm. I wonder why things seem different? Why did the scenery stop moving? Why is everything sort of sideways? Never mind. Just keep driving. Keep driving. Keep driving. Keep driving. Keep driving. Hmm. Now I'm seeing explosions and flames in the mirror. What could it be? Never mind. Just keep driving. Keep driving. Keep driving. Now a fire truck and police car seem to be catching up with me. What could they possibly want? Never mind. Just keep dr......

= = = = =

Immediate update: Beautiful example of Keep Driving just after posting the above.

Headline after SC primary:

Donald Trump won South Carolina while doing seemingly everything in his power to lose.

You still don't get it, do you? Trump is doing everything in his power to LOSE SHELDON ADELSON. The other Rs are doing everything in their power to WIN SHELDON ADELSON.

Trump's super-secret weapon, known only to XENOPHOBIC BUFFOON lodge members, is One Weird Trick that the Parties can't possibly conceive or imagine. Trump is doing everything possible to win the el voteros. (Note how I cleverly translated the secret phrase into the El Secreto Languageo for secrecy.) These mysterious unknown Dark Matter Particles known as el voteros were discovered in Trump's fiendish Secret XENOPHOBIC BUFFOON Laboratory, and the secret has been kept until now.

But don't worry, the Parties will just Keep Driving, keep courting Sheldon Adelson. All is well in the world of the Parties.


  My kind of news!

I have no sympathy for Sony, one of the main drivers of culture-smashing rot. But credit where credit is due.....
It was one of Hollywood’s biggest ever cyberattacks, which led to a string of embarrassing leaks and millions of dollars’ worth of damage. But the hack of Sony Pictures also had an unintended consequence: it brought the fax machine – all but forgotten since the 1990s – back into fashion. Michael Lynton, the chief executive of Sony Pictures whose private emails and credit card details were published online, has revealed that since the hack he now writes sensitive messages by hand and sends them by fax.

"I'm not being facetious. It's surprising how quickly you can write something down on a piece of paper and shove it in the fax. By the way — sometimes, slowing things down for a minute — that's not the worst thing in the world either."
Amen to all of that, ESPECIALLY the last sentence.

Tech-bullies hammer us with the demonic idea that History Only Moves One Way, and the One Way is toward Total Control By Tech-bullies. Everything must be fully digital, fully wireless, and fully software-controlled, and all the data and code must be contained in Tech-bully territory called NSA (alias The Cloud).

NO. History can be turned around.

Now that unquestionably COOOOOL people have discovered the R in the shift-quadrant of history, the bullies have been broken for a moment.

Analog is better. Paper is better. Physical transmission by physical wires is better.

Landline phones can be tapped, but the tap itself has to be physical and has to be on a completely known and mapped set of wires. It can generally be spotted by plain old LOOKING. Whether visible or not, a tap changes the impedance of the line. The change can be measured, and the tap can be localized. These detective methods were perfected 80 years ago. You can't tap a landline phone from the other side of the world, and you ESPECIALLY can't insert information into a landline phone.

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  What happened to them?

Last week I quoted a prophetic little book written in 1889 by a Kansas populist leader named JM Graybill.

What happened to Graybill? Found out accidentally.

This paragraph is in a 1919 publication by the trade journal of Fraternal Benefit Societies. Graybill had become the head of the Kansas branch of American Union of Workmen, which was the biggest of the FBSs at the time.

FBSs were a MAJOR force in American life around 1900. They were the IMPLEMENTATION of the Populist idea, as Graybill demonstrated. FBSs provided most of the services that we now get from government. Pensions, health insurance, nursing homes. The 1919 trade journal shows a movement getting ready to splinter, fighting invasions on all sides, but mainly from the regular insurance industry.

What happened to all those FBSs? Some were mainly for workmen in specific industries, and morphed into labor unions. Some degenerated into what we now know as lodges: drinking and gambling clubs with a charitable facade. Some decided to join the insurance industry instead of fighting it, and became regular insurance companies with a 'mutual' label.

Kansas example: Security Benefit Assn began in Topeka in 1892. It built a nursing home, a hospital, an orphanage for children of deceased members, and a collective farm to supply its institutions and give work to the poor. Members paid 5 cents per month to gain access to these services. Not a typo.

Security Benefit lasted much longer than other FBSs in its original proper form. In the '50s it finally converted to a commercial life insurance company and sold its massive grounds to the Menninger outfit. It's still running, after NEEDLESS TO FUCKING SAY an LBO by GuggenheimCapitalPartnersLLC.

= = = = =

Later thought: A more interesting question is what DIDN'T happen to these FBSs? Many of them were strictly ethnic, which would be strictly illegal today unless the ethnicity is CORRECT. For instance, Bnai Brith is still around but Fraternal Patriotic Americans would be shot. Legal or not, ethnic associations that handle money OFTEN mutate into gangs or "terrorist" groups. IIRC, the original Sicilian Mafia started this way. Mutual protection ---> Protection racket. None of these groups went in that direction. They either moved toward union or commercial success, moved into frivolity, or dissolved. I wonder if the strong association with 'proper' insurance kept them more honest? In the modern world of commerce and investment, 'proper' insurance companies are the only honest players. Everything else is a racket.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pundits seem to be especially trite this year. We know what they really want to say about Trump, and some of them manage to say it, producing remarkable strings of incoherent touretting. When restrained from touretting, they stick with Thebillionairemogul. For Hillary their natural tendency would be in the opposite direction, but they feel equally restrained, so they stick with Theformersecretaryofstate.

So far I haven't seen a rubber stamp for Sanders. Theirasciblesenatorfromvermont appears occasionally, but is too long for stamp usage.

= = = = =

Mogul is an odd word. It hasn't been used lately.

Most recently Mogul referred to a specific large light socket used for streetlamps, and in some circles it became slang for any light bulb.

Originally Mogul was a title for princes in India, and the most famous of those Moguls was Nizam of Hyderabad, who I've noted before.

The abovenoted story claimed that the fabulously rich Mogul, with 300 wives, was prohibited by law from leaving his kingdom. Appropriate for our firmly nationalist Thebillionairemogul. Other stories cast doubt on the idea....

This tale is even more appropriate for Thebillionairemogul's role as Paladin, defending citizens who suffer elite disdain.

Condensed and edited a bit:

Once on a trip to London, Nizam Mukarram Jah saw a Rolls-Royce showroom. Dressed in ordinary business attire, he stopped in to inquire about the latest models. The salesman, mistaking the unassuming Nizam for a poor foreigner, threw him out of the showroom. Nizam, without losing his temper or making a fuss, immediately had his aide call up the dealer and arrange a princely visit. The next day, Nizam in royal dress received a red carpet welcome, and he bought six cars to be shipped to India.

After returning to India, he ordered the municipal sanitary department of Hyderabad to use the six Rollses for street cleaning and trash collecting.

Curried revenge, served CHILLED. Deeeee-licious.


  Antichrist leads, Satan follows.

Antichrist Francine leads, Satan Bezos follows. Antichrist Francine pukes a Delphic utterance, Satan Bezos obligingly fills in the details of the next Pogrom stage.
But the pope had made clear since his first trip as pontiff outside the Vatican — praying at the Sicilian island of Lampedusa for migrants who died trying to cross the sea to reach Italy — that generosity toward immigrants was one of his top concerns.

“I think we’re looking at the impact of the Francis era, where there are different points of contact and different aspects of the Catholic tradition are emphasized,” said Mathew Schmalz, a religious studies professor at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. “Many prominent Catholic intellectuals have been swayed toward the Republicans in the last few decades. This is a jolt.”

Francis’ immediate predecessors, Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, also emphasized care for the poor and immigrants. But they prioritized greater adherence to doctrine, including on abortion, and appointed bishops who would do the same.
Note the demonic logic-switch. "Care for the poor" is equated with "care for immigrants".

those are precise opposites. Immigrants make the rich immensely richer. Immigrants kill the poor, both indirectly through starvation wages and directly through gang warfare, rapes and murders.


Thanks, Satan Bezos, for providing a handy dandy User's Guide to Genocide.


Friday, February 19, 2016
  Backward prognosticators

When a new communication technology appears, the Science Experts and Social Prognosticators always gravely rumble: This new medium will be Educational and Cultural. It will Serve The Public Interest.

They're always wrong. At the start each new medium does carry some Heavy Content, some Great Philosophy or Great Classics, but each new medium really gets moving with Unseemly Hoi-Polloi. Sports and Porn.

An odd thing has happened, gradually and quietly, in the last two years or so.

Television, in the form of VHF broadcasting, was supposed to be The Conveyor Of Classrooms, The Library Of The Air. As usual it got moving with pro wrestling and soap operas.

But now Youtube, which explicitly and openly began as porn, has ACTUALLY become The Conveyor Of Classrooms, The Library Of The Air.

When I want classical music, I find it on Youtube. Not just the famous stuff; I learn more every day about obscure composers of equal quality with Bach and Mozart. The public library NEVER had these works.

When I want to know HOW to do something, I find it on Youtube, not through Google or books.

Two examples in the last few days:

(1) My computer was being monopolized by Windows Update. Five or six times a day, it was spending a half hour doing something that used half the CPU, and I couldn't get my own stuff done. This made no sense because I had turned off the ALLEGED choice of auto-update in the Control Panel. I never accept any of the updates because they're more harm than good. AVG takes care of my virus security without using up the computer, and each actual Win update breaks my existing programs. So why was Windows churning my disk half the time when I wasn't "asking" it to? Google found no useful answers in text-based sites about Windows.

The answer appeared in a short Youtube how-to. Windows Update is wasting hours each day checking and re-organizing the parts of Windows that would be updated if I chose to update, even though I never choose to update. Turning off auto update isn't enough; you need to stop the update service itself. Presto! Computer is all mine again. This howto didn't really require video; it could have been written in three lines of text; but the text-based forums are monopolized by tech-tyrants whose job is to punish unfortunate questioners, not to answer questions.

(2) With windy season resuming**, I'm checking my power-outage preparedness. I bought a Coleman lantern 15 years ago, along with the stove. The stove has served beautifully, but I hadn't used the lantern because I couldn't figure out how to "pre-burn" the mantles. Tried it when I first bought it, did something wrong that burned up the mantles entirely. Bought new mantles but never got around to trying the process again.

Now that we have The Library Of The Air, is there a video howto? Yup. In this case the video was truly needed because the process is tricky. You have to hold and move the match properly. Followed the video, and it worked. Now I've got a good source of light and heat. intended to become the Library Of The Air but failed for a simple reason. No librarians. No card catalogue. Items are posted with a wild variety of keywords and rarely with meaningful titles. Keywords are rarely appropriate. Either the OP's peculiar trademark keys or misspelled or pointlessly general like "audio". Nobody gathers up the individual postings into groups, nobody adds usable keywords. Youtube's algorithm does all the librarian things automatically, and usually gets close enough.

= = = = =

** Footnote on resumption of windy season: One of the commenters on the Spokane-News facebook page, the ONLY source of LOCAL news, said it perfectly.

Super windy by Audubon park! Makes me so nervous. Wind storm ptsd.

ON. THE. DOT. Two big disasters in the last two years, with major power outages both times, left a lot of people stunned and ... winded. Hundreds of houses are still waiting for repairs, and people are running on emotional empty.
  Ctrl-Z JFK

When JFK ran for President, he had to answer the VERY REAL CONCERNS of non-Romans who felt that a Roman would always obey the Pope before serving his country. Kennedy did a good job of addressing those concerns.

Now we have a Roman explicitly undoing JFK's hard work.

Kasich, talking about Antichrist's satanic vile bigotry against Trump:

"I'm not sure I'm even qualified to comment on statements from this man."

You're not qualified to criticize the leader of your religion? You'll follow the leader, even into Satan's red-hot bosom, even into pure treason?

Thanks for clarifying this old dispute. JFK's critics were right and JFK was wrong.
  Answered and answered

BBC website headline accidentally tells the truth......

Empires never learn. It always ends badly.
  Another little example

Another example of Dawkinsian bigots being ignorant of the other side AND their own side....

In RCS itself:

How many Nobel Prizes could Newton win?

The author proceeds to analyze each of Newton's main discoveries, entirely missing the point.

FACTUAL answer: Zero. Newton was an active Christian who linked all of his work DIRECTLY to seeking knowledge of God. He would have been fired before he started. No Nobels, no job, no science. Even his later job as master of the Mint would be impossible today. Goys need not apply.
Thursday, February 18, 2016
  Interesting question, failed answer.

Linked via RCS, an analysis of Greek religion that leads the atheist author to conclude that religion is NOT hard-wired, because atheism was far more common then than now. Sounds interesting at first...
“Rather than making judgements based on scientific reason, these early atheists were making what seem to be universal objections about the paradoxical nature of religion – the fact that it asks you to accept things that aren’t intuitively there in your world. The fact that this was happening thousands of years ago suggests that forms of disbelief can exist in all cultures, and probably always have.”

Not automatically wrong, but two clear flaws:

(1) The Greek system of polytheism was strictly for and by the elites. It had no definite moral rules because elites can't stand moral rules.

Atheists are shaped by the form of the specific religion they rebel against. In modern times, a Catholic atheist and a Mormon atheist are somewhat different types. A Greek intellectual who was born with a taste for proper morality and logic would dislike the Soap Opera Of The Gods. So the a-Zeus-ist would be the opposite of the a-Jehovah-ist in terms of innate tendencies and needs.

(2) We have no idea what the helots and slaves believed because they weren't doing the writing. They didn't have leisure to discuss abstractions all day because they were growing the food and hauling the water and scrubbing the bodies of the abstractors and writers. In modern times the helots and slaves are the main carriers of true religion. I'd bet the Greek helots had a simpler and more direct set of beliefs, though that's an untestable bet.

Mosaic monotheism fixed both of these problems. The rules of Leviticus apply consistently and EXPERIMENTALLY to daily life. You can see for yourself what happens when you disobey. You don't need to wait for the afterlife. And monotheism, though partly written by elites, was shaped for and by the helots and slaves.

In modern times, consider Antichrist Francine's whirlwind elite confusion, belatedly but properly moral in a few areas, keeping up with the Kardashians in most areas. Poor people need an unconfused leader. The Kardashians and Jenners don't need a leader to help them compete with poor old Satan.

And then consider this.

Nuff said.

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  Personal guarantee

News item:
Pope[sic] Francis[sic] responded to recent criticism from Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who called the Pope[sic] “political” and who has said he will build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border if he is elected president.

“A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel,” the Pope[sic] said Feb. 18.

Always nice to have the power of WALLS verified by Satan in person. When Antichrist Francine screeches and vomits radioactive toxin on your WALLS, it's the strongest possible guarantee that you've got it right. An anti-anointing, so to speak.

Ever hear of Nehemiah, Antichrist? Nah. Antichrist don't need no steenkin Scriptures.

= = = = =

Dead serious: I'm not really bothered by Antichrist Francine. Maximally evil monsters are unfortunately plentiful. People are different, and some are evil. I'm bothered by the normal Catholics who continue following the leader AFTER the leader has announced with blazing clarity that she is working for the other side. Every day she tells you directly and plainly, over and over and over. Where will the loyalists draw the line? It's especially sad/amusing to hear EWTN dancing spastically around all sides of all issues, trying to hold their audience of real Christians without offending the satanic US Bishops and the satanic Antichrist. You can't please both sides. You have to pick one.

In simple secular terms..... Imagine that Ford's CEO openly and clearly announces: "I'm working for GM. Everything I do here at Ford will serve to maximize GM's sales and revenue, and destroy Ford from the inside." How long do you think he'd last at Ford? Measured in milliseconds.



Convective thought.

NIRP isn't new. Political "parties" have been operating on a NIRP basis for 30 years. Instead of trying to attract voters, they've been FEROCIOUSLY driving away everyone who wants to vote for a purpose. Only the mechanical partybots are wanted, because mechanical partybots are perfectly reliable. You don't have to do anything. No change in law, no change in culture, no improvement in anything. Just let Parkinson push up budgets and workforces mechanically.

NIRP = Negative-Interest Revulsion Politics.

This year both "parties" are truly shocked by candidates who are TRYING TO ATTRACT LIVE HUMAN VOTERS FOR A MEANINGFUL PURPOSE. Trump and Sanders are operating on remarkably small budgets, not bothering to pay for media or consultants. The media and consultants are DEEPLY OFFENDED.

Positive-interest politics is still possible!

What would happen if a business decided to engage in positive-interest banking? Attract deposits by paying rent? PIRP banking has been extinct and totally impossible since 2008, but I don't see any legal restriction that would prevent it. Who knows, maybe one or two people might actually LIKE the idea of storing money and receiving rent, and one or two businesses might enjoy borrowing money and paying rent. I know it's radical and unthinkable and sci-fi fantasy, but so were Trump and Sanders until they actually happened.
  Dictate what you know

Most politicians have a single theme, a single solution that stands for everything else. With Trump, it's BUILD A WALL, standing for all the literal and figurative borders and walls and boundaries that have been ripped up in the last 30 years.

Some themes are too simple, like Forbes's FLAT TAX. He didn't use the proposal as an icon for a broader way of thinking. He just wanted FLAT TAX and nothing more. FLAT TAX wouldn't solve anything, and Forbes didn't even try to pretend it would.

If I had a chance to be Commissar For Wall-Building in Science and Education, how would I do it? Literal walls don't make sense. What is a figurative wall in this context, and how would I build it?

Easy. Two words.


Stats, ESPECIALLY MEANS, blur the distinctions between groups of people and groups of observations. That's THE WHOLE POINT AND PURPOSE OF STATS. A mean is a wall-crasher by definition and purpose.

Instead of stats, use nothing but GRAPHS to report and display data. All graphs must include the time axis. Since we have these new-fangled Electric Brain gadgets now, you should use ANIMATED AND INTERACTIVE GRAPHS as much as possible.

I'd take it further to enforce the whole worldview of METROLOGY. Know your baseline, distinguish constants and variables, calibrate your observations. Don't go beyond what your observations show. Find patterns if patterns exist, but NO STATS and NO THEORIES.

All of this would start with eliminating the MEAN. Every use of the mean helps the rich to deceive the poor, and helps experts to scam the non-experts.

= = = = =

How does the mean disguise differences among people? Here's a nice simple example, without any emotional loading, from today's clickbait in UK Telegraph.
Sales of liver and other offal have collapsed, from more than 50g per person per week in 1974 to just 5g in 2014, reflecting a move away from traditional butchers to pre-packed supermarket meat.

Nobody eats 50 grams of liver per week. Nobody eats 5 grams of liver per week. This mean disguises the real point. PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Some people like to eat liver, most don't. Liver lovers consume about a pound per week. Liver lovers are getting sparser, probably by attrition. Everyone else eats exactly zero liver in a lifetime. The important figure is not mean weekly consumption but how many people are liver lovers. The mean doesn't take you anywhere near this info.

You get a similar distortion in a more important set of info when you use means for employment and income. "Mean income is $28K" tells you LESS THAN NOTHING because a mean is pulled up by the huge numbers in the plutocrat zone. The proper numbers are more detailed, requiring a graph to visualize. And when you see the graph, you INSTANTLY AND VIOLENTLY detect the fraud. Just like liver, the important figure is how many people are working, or how many people have money at all. Some people work full-time, most don't. Some people have lots of money, most have lots of debt. The number of full-time employees is shrinking, and the typical wage for MOST of those employees is also shrinking.

The "global warming" crime is possible because the criminals use stats. The criminals use mean global temperature to mush up a complex set of changes in water and air currents. When you see the changes in DEEP OCEAN water currents, you understand that Evil KKKarbon can't possibly be causing it. As soon as you see a GRAPH of temperature and CO2 against time, you can INSTANTLY AND VIOLENTLY detect the fraud. Neither of these pictures tells us what's actually happening, but both direct our attention toward the earth's core and magnetosphere, not the mean concentration of one tiny chemical component of the atmosphere.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016
  Finally a success for Bitcoin! Oops.

Most of Bitcoin's idiotic claims are prima facie wrong.

Bitcoin is supposed to be untraceable. Instant nonsense. Running every transaction through NSA means every transaction is PERFECTLY KNOWN to the Deep State.

Bitcoin is supposed to be stable. Instant nonsense. Any "currency" that can be expanded by one out-of-control "miner" is the exact opposite of stable.

Bitcoin is supposed to be "democratic". P0w3r 2 teh Pplz, d00d. Instant nonsense. The design itself favors rich fuckheads who can afford the supercomputers and electricity and air conditioning for massive "mining".

Bitcoin is supposed to be Green. See previous item, electricity and air conditioning. EACH transaction, EACH single sale, uses the same electricity as 1.5 DAYS of an average American household. Or, as I figured earlier, each Bitcoin sale uses as much power as 450 simple paper-rectangle sales using typical cash registers.

Finally we have a failure that isn't instantly obvious! Bitcoin is supposed to be fast. With all those computers, it must be able to handle BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of sales per second! Nope. Turns out the system CAN'T RUN FASTER than SEVEN total transactions per second worldwide. Not seven billion, not seven million, not seven thousand. SEVEN. You can push a button with one finger faster than that.

Compare this again to a human cashier using a mechanical cash register. Leaving aside the pleasantries like discussing the weather or football, a simple paper-rectangle transaction takes less than 10 seconds.

So: The super-hi-tech Bitcoin's TOTAL WORLDWIDE carrying capacity is the same as one big WalMart store with 70 cashiers, or 70 little convenience stores scattered around the world.

In mathy terms,

(Patel * 70) >= Bitcoin.

= = = = =

When you examine the full picture of Bitcoin and its DESIGNED-IN idiocy, you can only reach one conclusion. The conclusion grows stronger when you look at the "biography" of the "founder", Rakanuki Furoshito or whatever. The biography is furohinto. Ex-CIA, worked for Hughes. What more do you need? Bitcoin is a giant sting, and a giant high-IQ belly-laugh, aimed at those Libertarian hacker types. Good stings are always obvious, as I've noted repeatedly.
  If only they knew 2

The "if only they knew" syndrome is common among leftists, and also among schizies who haven't taken their Haldol today. You hear them wandering the streets or calling into radio shows, plaintively trying to make everyone AWARE of the problem. "Are you aware that.....?"

In some cases the problem is real but nothing new; in other cases it's delusional. Fine examples of both in this interview with a creature named Thrush who produced The Big Short.
“I’d really like [Hillary] to see it,” he said, in a half-hour sit-down for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast, where he described his discomfort with Clinton’s coziness with Wall Street and her opposition to re-imposing Glass-Steagall banking regulations that were repealed on her husband’s watch.
Idiot. Hillary ALREADY KNOWS everything about Wall Street.

That's EXACTLY WHY she's cozy with Wall Street.

She figured out that Goldman owns everything, and then figured out how to ride along with Goldman and pick up some of the power. That's her consistent operating mode. Riding shotgun with the Alpha. Most of us operate that way sometimes, but most of us aren't running for President. You should be asking what Hillary would do if she found herself in the driver's seat without an Alpha to do the actual leading.
Would he vote for her? He sighs. He swishes the water around his glass at a Georgetown hotel lounge. He sighs again. “Obviously if it’s Donald Trump I have to vote for her. I’ll probably — it bums me out, but I'll probably have to hold my nose and vote for her. I’m not a fan of a lot of things she’s done. But she’s not a wackadoodle. I mean, she doesn’t believe that, you know, mankind was created 5,000 years ago. ... Um yeah, there’s no way. If it’s Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, I have to vote for her.”
Thrush, you are a blind vicious vile filthy putrid BIGOT. Everything you know is wrong.

PREJUDICE means forming an opinion about a subject based on lies.

Trump is not a Young Earth Creationist, and neither is Cruz. Even if they were, it has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to Wall Street. Totally separate subjects. No possible way for one set of beliefs to affect the other set.

If you really care about clamping down on Wall Street, Trump is the only candidate of those three** who may possibly do it, the only one who states the problem accurately. But you clearly do not care about clamping down on Wall Street. It doesn't matter that Trump AGREES WITH YOU on Wall Street and Hillary DISAGREES. The only thing that matters in your nasty grotesque tiny calvarium is KILL CHRISTIANS KILL CHRISTIANS KILL CHRISTIANS.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Sanders also states the problem accurately, and discusses it far more OFTEN than Trump, but Thrush wasn't talking about Sanders here.

Footnote 2: At the risk of sounding plaintive, the really weird thing about these Dawkins-style antitheist bigots is their total ignorance of EVERYTHING. Ordinary bigots misunderstand the other side. Dawkinsians don't even know what their own side believes, don't realize that their own side has ALL THE POWER ALREADY, and don't know the rules made by their ALREADY OMNIPOTENT side. Thrush misunderstands Christians, which is normal bigotry. He also fails to understand Hillary, which is WEIRD. The Dawkinsians are constantly complaining that education is a failure because every classroom teaches creationism. EXACTLY WRONG. Wrong for 90 fucking years. American teachers and textbooks have been teaching not just evolution, but the stupidest and wrongest version of evolution, EXCLUSIVELY FOR 90 YEARS. Any teacher who dares to mention that some biologists don't agree with the official stupid version will get in deep trouble. Any teacher who mentions that some people find the whole theory unsatisfying would be dead before he started the sentence. HOW IN THE FUCK CAN YOU HAVE MORE THAN 100% EVOLUTION???????????????????????? More than 100% and less than 0% are explicitly anti-mathematical ideas, but they are the FOUNDATION of Dawkinsism.


Tuesday, February 16, 2016
  10000000000000000000000000000% wrong.

Capitalist running-dog barking-dog Hillary is continuing to defend all the parts of America that ruin black people, and continuing to offer worse than useless "solutions" guaranteed to make the problem worse.
She also proposed a $2 billion program to beef up public school resources to combat the so-called school-to-prison pipeline. "This is not just an education issue. This is a civil rights issue and we cannot avoid it any longer," she said to a standing ovation.
10000000000000000000% wrong on all counts and more. Hillary's "solution" will simply make rich union thugs even richer.

This is not an education problem, and there's no such thing as "civil rights". This is a WORK PROBLEM and a POLICING PROBLEM.

End the "school to prison pipeline"? Here's how.

(1) Abolish the EPA. Cancel all of the EPA's Brownfield and Superfund initiatives, reopen those areas to heavy industry, WHICH IS WHAT THEY HAD BEFORE.

(2) Abolish free trade. Impose an infinite tariff on all imports of labor or laborers, all offshoring of labor, and all imports of manufactured shit. You bring in one second of labor or one dollar of China shit, we shoot you.

(3) Stop weakening and killing the police. Find a way to silence Al Sharpton and the ACLU. Rich fuckheads like Hillary don't need cops. Poor black people do need cops, and the cops know the difference between a gangsta and a grandma, even if Hillary doesn't.

(4) Force investors to rebuild heavy industry in places where it was built before. Force them to hire LOCAL poor people, which means black men in many of those places. In other words, impose the Soviet system.
  The only humble bean-counter

Former Chrysler CEO John Riccardo died at age 91.

I can't say RIP properly because I'd never heard of him. That's salient because I read ENTIRELY TOO MUCH automotive history. Never encountered his name even once in all those books and magazines and websites. Lots of writing about Townsend (before Riccardo) and Iacocca (after) but nothing about Riccardo.

Briefly from the Detroit Free Press: Born 1924, served WW2, college afterward, then got a management job at Kaiser. Moved to Chrysler in '59, advanced to president in 1970. In the '70s Chrysler was still suffering from terrible decisions made in the early '60s, so Riccardo tried to solve problems by cost-cutting and introducing the epicly awful K-cars. Finally in '78 he realized that the company needed more energy, not more accounting or awfulness, so he brought in Iacocca and retired at 55.

Very few executives know when to fold'em. Riccardo did. He deserves more fame.
  Bread geology

This is weird. Bread from Safeway:

The stripe isn't just a stain; it's a sort of infolding. When I pull the slice apart at that point, each segment has its own crust along that edge. Can't figure out how it might have happened. If the bread was baked enough to form a crust, you couldn't pull out and fold a section. It would just tear apart. But if it was pulled and folded before baking, you'd never know it. Dough is always pulled and folded a thousand times before going in the oven.

Alternatively, maybe the dough was split when it entered the oven. In that case, I don't see how the heat would penetrate into the fissure to develop a crust ... unless it was physically held apart, then allowed to fall back. Why would you do that? Smuggling?

Or, some kind of crust-aiding additive spilled just before the last folding, and ended up inside the loaf where it formed a crust regardless of heat?

After those thoughts, I believe I'll stop eating from this loaf and buy a new one.


  Litmus Trump 2

What would make ABC News sound like National Review? Trump. A common enemy.
The former president emerged from his self-imposed political hibernation to try to give Bush a President's Day boost. He layered each validation of his younger brother with an implicit critique of Trump. He urged voters to back a candidate who will be "measured and thoughtful" on the world stage. A candidate whose "humility" helps him understand what he doesn't know. A candidate who can win in November's general election.

"All the sloganeering and all the talk doesn't matter if we don't win," Bush said. "We need somebody who can take a positive message across the country."

Rather than gloss over 9/11, Bush leaned in. As the crowd fell into a hushed silence, he recounted in detail his whereabouts on the morning of the attacks and praised the troops that served in the two wars he started in response. "Your most solemn job as voters is to elect a president who understands the reality of the threats we face," he said.

As he praised South Carolina's Republican Gov. Nikki Haley, the daughter of Indian-born parents, Bush pointedly said: "Thank goodness our country welcomed her parents when they immigrated here in 1969."
Yes, that was about Dubya. And yes, it was written by ABC News. Amazing. After all these years of coprolalia, finally the mediasatans are singing Dubya's praises.

I guess the NR comparison isn't valid after all. Jonah Goldberg would have been embarrassed to let such adolescent hero-worship into print.

Same old litmus. It's not Bush himself that NR and ABC are defending so ferociously; it's OPEN BORDERS. Trump is the first threat to OPEN BORDERS since Perot. The Bush family, conspiring with the media, knocked down Perot quickly. They haven't managed to purge Trump yet. They will continue to intensify their efforts.

= = = = =

Next day: This is clearly a coordinated effort.

Article in Bezos Post states the point explicitly: Donald Trump Makes Me Miss George W. Bush


Monday, February 15, 2016
  Cute little casinos

US makes deal to build tractor factory in Cuba.

Amazingly enough, it's NOT an offshoring deal. It's not a transferred Deere or Caterpillar plant; it's a new venture by a couple of dudes who never built anything but software before. They propose to assemble components from elsewhere into cute little third-world tractors suitable for cute little third-world Cubans. Sounds condescending, and also sounds a little too stereotypically Soviet, but maybe it will work.

I still think the main reason for opening Cuba is not small tractors but big casinos. That was our connection to Cuba before 1959. As I noted before, Havana made Meyer Lansky rich. Now that China is clamping down on gambling in Macao, Sheldon Adelson is looking for a new outlet.

Might as well get totally cynical: Adelson's main competitor Donald Trump would also be interested in expanding to Havana. Thus we have Adelson (through proxies) and Trump (directly) competing to control the US Gov't for maximum access.
  It actually worked.

Subhead on an article at Federalist:

Septuagenarian presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been capitalizing on young people’s lack of knowledge and life experience to sell them a bill of rotten goods.

Yeah, partly true. The young socialist : old capitalist saying, attributed to everyone, makes sense.

But I'm an old coot. Started out Soviet, ran with capitalism for a long time, and now I've turned all the way back to Soviet.

It's NOT lack of experience. I've worked for small business, big corporations, governments, and myself.

After pondering constants and variables as usual, I see the key variable.

SAVINGS. If you can save and earn interest, capitalism works. Capitalism balances risk and reward, but ONLY when you can SAVE during the fat times and USE YOUR SAVINGS while building up a new business or training for new jobs. Fill the reservoir, empty the reservoir. Charge and discharge the capacitor.

REAL CAPITALISM requires REAL INVESTMENT based on REAL INCREASED VALUE, with REAL INTEREST RATES serving as the regulator and feedback loop.

The EU/US/UK system no longer creates REAL VALUE and no longer allows savings. Several EU countries have already flipped over to reverse interest, where your savings depreciate like a travel trailer. This means you are EXPECTED TO LIVE IN DEBT. You are FORBIDDEN TO INVEST, forbidden to provide for your own security. You must be INFINITELY INSECURE AT ALL TIMES.

This system is not capitalism. This system EXPLICITLY PUNISHES any attempt to be capitalist.


I don't see any way out of this except the actual Soviet approach, where businesses were expected to make things, expected to earn an actual profit, expected to employ actual Russians, expected to invest in production, and expected to pay taxes. Gosbank guaranteed that enterprises would do these things, and closed them down if they failed.

It actually worked. The result was drab and unexciting, but it was secure, and it was VASTLY CLOSER TO REAL CAPITALISM THAN OUR CURRENT UNIMAGINABLY VILE SHITPIT.

= = = = =

What about sharia? For a couple years I've been looking favorably on sharia economics, which aims to connect the needs and talents of rich and poor into a productive circuit. I can't get past the prohibition on interest, which cuts out the feedback part of a healthy circuit.

SAVINGS again. Sharia doesn't leave room for the office or factory worker who wants to put away part of his weekly wages toward a large purchase or emergency. In theory you're not supposed to 'hoard' money; you're always supposed to invest it directly toward a business venture. This simply doesn't work in a modern urban situation. The factory worker wants a relatively risk-free way to 'hoard' ten dollars a week, and he's more likely to leave the money in place if he sees the money growing.

The pre-Goldman US economy provided this reservoir, and the post-Stalin Soviet system also provided it. Going back to pre-Goldman, even if possible, is pointless. We know from repeated experience that Goldman will always roar back into total power unless it's EXTINCT. The Soviet system accomplished that goal.

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  On. The. Dot.

This lengthy analysis of America by Joel Kotkin is PERFECTLY CORRECT AND COMPLETE. Not one word is wrong or invalid or biased in any direction. The DEFINITIVE description.
  Which pitch?

News or something:
Jeb Bush, who has been victimized by Trump’s badgering insults for months, shot back that he was “sick and tired of [Trump] going after my family.”

“While Donald Trump was building a reality TV show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe,” he said. “I’m proud of what he did.”
Well, a TV show was one of the things Trump built, along with some big buildings and big businesses. It's more relevant to look at Trump's high-concept proposal for the President Show, and compare with Jeb's high-concept proposal.

Trump's pitch: BUILD A WALL.


Compare the two.

(1) BUILDING A WALL is something that everyone understands. Walls work. Most people have built walls and fences either personally or via contractors. After you build or repair a fence or wall, it KEEPS OUT ENEMIES of various sizes. Bugs, mice, dogs, dickheads. The same holds true at the national scale, with concrete walls on the border or "functional walls" like tariffs and passport restrictions.

(2) Even Repooflicans know what Bush's SECURITY APPARATUS actually does. TSA molests grandmothers and lets bombs slide right through. Homeland Security locks down your city when somebody sees a book that a kid dropped on the street. Federal Bureau of Instigation plans terrorist acts and recruits dissatisfied youngsters as accomplices. The Army invades and bombs every country except Israel, recruiting massive numbers of dissatisfied youngsters as enemies. When those ACTUAL terrorists try to get in, we OPEN THE WALL to WELCOME AND LOVE them, as Jeb himself constantly says.

The SECURITY APPARATUS has made us VASTLY LESS SAFE and INFINITELY MORE VULNERABLE to crimes by the government itself and to crimes by actual terrorists. That is the SOLE AND COMPLETE PURPOSE of the SECURITY APPARATUS.

On the personal level, which of these two devices will do you more good? SECURITY APPARATUS or WALL?

Easy answer.

= = = = =

You can also use existing walls. The SECURITY APPARATUS is constantly hammering, constantly seeking points of penetration, constantly trying to destroy families and morals and civilization. When the demon of SECURITY APPARATUS comes calling, sometimes you have to put existing walls between him and you...

This man wasn't intending to fill the camera, but he did. He's clearly accustomed to MAKING THINGS. He spent his life CREATING REAL VALUE, and the Carrier Company paid him real dollars in exchange. The DEMON at the front of the room has just announced that Carrier will no longer MAKE THINGS and PAY PEOPLE. Dude realizes that he's in the same room with a DEMON, and has to GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE before he gives the demon what the demon deserves. See Moral Rigor.

The DEMON then exhibits typical CHUTZPAH, emitting the following weapons which I quote verbatim:

"If you don't want to hear it, other people do. So let's quiet down. Relocating our operations to Monterey will allow us to maintain high levels of quality, competitive prices, and continue to SERVE the price-sensitive marketplace."

Translation: Quiet down. You have been raped up the ass. Lay back and enjoy it, because raping you up the ass enables us to SERVICE the price-sensitive marketplace and to pay our CEO trillions in bonuses. You SHALL be happy to know this. Rejoice! Trillion dollar bonuses for Chris Nelson! Our Lord And Saviour SHARE VALUE Hath Spoken! Hallelujah!

= = = = =

You can also build non-physical walls to keep the SECURITY APPARATUS from dissolving your soul and gumption. First and absolutely, remove the TV from the house. TV is the most perfect soul-destroyer. There's no way to guard against its toxic mix of fast attention switches and multi-layered backbeat. Use other media cautiously, always ready to stop, turn off, or retune.

Spend as much time as possible MAKING THINGS, whether abstract or concrete. When you are CREATING, you are pushing a countervector of MAKEFORCE that helps to clear out the influence of the soul-destroyers.

On every level from international to soul, WALLS protect you from many types of enemies, INCLUDING SECURITY APPARATUS. A leader who proposes to BUILD MORE WALLS is more likely to help the nation and your soul. A leader who proposes to BUILD MORE SECURITY APPARATUS is your enemy.

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