Thursday, September 30, 2010
  Algore, you been SERVED.


The British Royal Society, at the top of the prestige ladder in science, has finally admitted the existence of facts!

When the Alpha-Plus Dogs say the hunt's over, the Crazed Sex Poodle has nowhere to turn.

The Royal Society is publishing a new document today after a rebellion by more than 40 of its fellows who questioned mankind’s contribution to rising temperatures.

Climate change: a summary of the science states that “some uncertainties are unlikely ever to be significantly reduced”. Unlike Climate change controversies, a simple guide — the document it replaces — it avoids making predictions about the impact of climate change and refrains from advising governments about how they should respond.

The last sentence is the most important of all. The Carbon Conspiracy has always been about "advising" governments to make laws that will give more power and glory to the "scientists" and more money to China. Without the "advising", the whole point of the Cult disappears.

The new guide says: “The size of future temperature increases and other aspects of climate change, especially at the regional scale, are still subject to uncertainty.”

It adds: “It is not possible to determine exactly how much the Earth will warm or exactly how the climate will change in the future.

Now there, finally, is a scientific statement after 35 years of criminal fraud and theft.

Well no, it's not V-E Day, nor even D-Day. Better analogy might be the moment in 1989 when the Berlin Wall guards decided to abandon their posts and let people walk through. It will still take a while for all the power-seekers and glory-seekers and obscene profit-seekers to quit their tyranny, and some of them will never give up.

Specifically, the Occupation Government in DC will never surrender. In this analogy the DC Government will be like North Korea, continuing to devastate, starve and kill its own people long after the rest of the world has turned sane. EPA, which brought Soviet tyranny to America in 1988 just as it collapsed in Europe, is not going to be slowed down by trivial things like science or facts or laws. Atmungsführerin Lisa Jackson has already triggered the Final Solution to Humanity, making breathing illegal, and I don't see anyone trying to stop her.

Nevertheless, today, September 30, 2010, marks the beginning of the end (outside of America) for the biggest crime in history.

Damn, I'm glad I lived to see this day!
  Privacy laws, front line of Stalinism

An interesting coincidence of news stories illustrating the completely fucked-up condition of our concepts and laws relating to privacy.

(1) Spokane story last week: A couple of drunks met in a bar, ended up having sex. Afterward the female drunk decided the male drunk wasn't someone she wanted to hang around with, so she filed "date" "rape" charges against him. The police and media went along with everything the female drunk said, including a charge of Impersonating An Officer, which made it sound like the male drunk had been wearing a uniform. His name was plastered all over the media, and his reputation is now ruined forever. Few days later, the police finally leaked that there was no evidence, no uniform, just her story against his. The charge was dropped down to Lewd Conduct. (I'm not linking this one because I don't want to help spread such tyrannical fraud and prosecutorial crime.)

(2) Much more serious case: Baby beaten to death by boyfriend who is clearly not right in the head. One look at this Cooley dude and you can tell he's a Violent Imbecile in the strict sense of the word; misshapen head, strange partial baldness at age 22. In an earlier time when ACCURATE DISCRIMINATION was not illegal, his condition would have been easily recognized and the mom would have known to avoid this guy, or he would have been in an institution already. Worst part: he has a long record of REAL rape and violence, and at the time when he started living with the mom, he had just been arrested and released for a similar baby-beating that resulted in permanent injury to the baby. None of this was public, for reasons that haven't been discussed yet. I'm guessing that his "mental challenges" placed him into the category of "innocent by insanity", which pulled all of the legalities into the realm of Delicate Privacy.

= = = = =

Privacy is a tool of the devil. Stalinists (eg Blackmun, Friedan, Buckley) have used it with great precision to open some doors and close others. In each case where civilization requires us to be informed about others, Stalinists have closed the door, and in each case where civilization requires curtains, Stalinists have torn the curtains asunder.

= = = = =

Update Sept 2011: A murder at the Univ of Idaho offers the most egregious example of deadly Diversity and deadly Privacy working together. Ernesto Bustamante had the Right Kind Of Name, so his quota-filling qualities took precedence over his obvious and murderous psychopathic tendencies. Everyone knew he was fully crazy, everyone knew he was a killer, but the University needed him for a quota, and most of all the University was ferocious about enforcing privacy laws. A sane employer within a sane country would have placed Bustamante in an insane asylum long ago. But we are not living in a sane country. Bustamante's Diversity and Privacy could not be violated, so a promising young woman no longer has any Diversity or Privacy or Life.
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
  Progress, sorta

From NYTimes:

The House of Representatives sent a unusually confrontational signal to the Chinese leadership on Wednesday, voting overwhelmingly to give President Obama the authority to impose tariffs on all Chinese imports — more than $300 billion this year — in retaliation for Beijing’s refusal to revalue its currency.

The vote was 348 to 79.

The bill is unlikely to become law because the prospects for Senate approval are dim.

This is indeed unusual and dramatic. Especially dramatic because it breaks down the unthinkableness of tariffs and (horror of horrors!) protectionism. Now that a large part of the Lower Nuthouse has actually voted for protectionism, they can no longer use the word as an insult against real Americans.
The administration has been of two minds about the legislation. It has often used the rising public anger over China’s trade advantage to argue to Chinese leaders that the United States would no longer tolerate deliberate currency manipulation.

In other words, Pasha Obama wants to make empty threats but also wants to make it perfectly clear that he's a Chinese slave.
But in conversations with Congress, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and other officials have warned of the danger of touching off a trade war...

You fucking idiots, China is already running a devastating trade war against us, and they've already won most of the territory. If you think the trade war hasn't yet started, you've been in a coma for 30 years. You don't really think that, because you're not that dumb. You're Chinese agents.

Proof of that statement is easy. If Geithner were not a Chinese agent, he would long ago have re-purchased the $800 billion in bonds held by China. He's already repurchased and resold at least 5 times that much from other sources, so he's fully willing and able to spend such quantities. It's just that he doesn't want to buy us out of Chinese slavery.

The risks go beyond trade. President Obama is pressing China for help on cutting exports to Iran, managing a dangerous leadership transition in North Korea and coming to some kind of accord on curbing carbon outputs that contribute to global warming.

More silliness. If we were truly worried about Persia, we would already have bombed them. (Though the recent computer worm may be evidence of real action on our part!) And China will keep NK under control for its own good reasons, without any help or hindrance from us. And of course the whole "global warming" crime is a Chinese plot against us to begin with, so it's weirdly absurd for us to be worrying about Chinese co-operation. China sets the rules, the Wall Street Mafia gets the vig.

Despite all this multi-faceted and manifold vacuity, I'm still happy the Lower Nuthouse found enough guts to vote solidly for a serious tariff.

This tariff would solve most of our current problems if enacted.

And who knows, maybe the Upper Nuthouse will finally be scared enough to serve the American people, just this once in a lifetime. Not bloody likely, but we can pretend.

= = = = =

A bit later, after checking the roll call: Nearly all the No votes are Repooflicans, including all the party leadership and many of the Tea Party types. (Ron Paul voted No, even though his allegedly precious Constitution specifies tariffs as the main source of revenue!) But I don't see a consistent ideological pattern. Aside from the leadership, Repooflican votes seem to be mainly determined by geography, i.e. the many states that have lost jobs to China voted Yes, while the few states that export to China voted No.
  It was Haley before Bill

In recent years a false 'folk etymology' has been circulating, to the effect that Halley's Comet was always pronounced Halley until the rock-n-roll band Bill Haley and His Comets came along. The popularity of the band caused Bill's name to transfer to the comet.

This doesn't make sense on the face of it. Why would Bill name his band after something that doesn't already sound like his own name?

Here's audio proof that it didn't happen.

A short segment from the 2/21/39 broadcast of Info Please, with guest Moe Berg, a highly-educated baseball player whose later life was even more interesting.


Host Clifton Fadiman: The next one comes from D. Murphy of Montreal, Canada. It's an astronomical question. I'm going to ask you to name the most familiar planet, comet, satellite, and star (one by one) which have been visible to the present generation in the United States. Visible with the naked eye. The first would be, what planet? Mr Berg?

Berg: Well, I believe Venus is the brightest of all the planets.

Fadiman: Yes, what planet would be even more visible to us, do you think? Not in its entirety, just a section...

Berg: You mean Saturn?

Fadiman: No, the earth. That would be visible in part to all of us, I think....

Fadiman: What comet has been visible to the present generation? Mr Berg?

Berg: Well, Haley's comet in 1910... or Halley's comet ...

Fadiman: Well, you take your choice. You're the guest.

[pause, no response]

Fadiman: Halley's comet. That's right.

Fadiman: And what satellite would be visible to the present generation? Mr Kieran?

Kieran: The moon.

Fadiman: And what star? The most familiar one? Mr Berg?

Berg: The sun.

Fadiman: Are you very popular with your teammates, Mr Berg? Just wondering.

= = = = =

Clearly both Berg and Fadiman understood that Haley was the common pronunciation but Halley was more correct.
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
  Language update for September

Professor Polistra brings in a new load of misused or mispronounced words.

= = = = =

Ask as a noun:

"How heavy a lift is this ask?"

"Pakistan is ignoring our asks."

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi began turning outrage into leverage Wednesday night, carrying a wish list of asks into the White House."

= = = = =


Means a common-sense and factual belief shared by 100% of AMERICANS, and violently opposed by 100% of journalists, government officials, educators, and religious leaders. Controversial is actually a euphemism for heretical. All government officials, educators and religious leaders are permitted to shoot, burn, or banish anyone who holds a controversial belief.

= = = = =


"an independent, vibrant state of Palestine, living in peace with Israel" -- Obama doing the Peace Process crap. (Prof Polistra wonders why every President feels obliged to run this Peace Process, since it never goes anywhere. Why do they seek a guaranteed failure?)

"in Harlem, controversy meets vibrant community..."

"Human rights for all is vital to a vibrant community..."

Vibrant is a euphemism. A vibrant community is a place where white people aren't safe.

= = = = =

In vitro for in utero.

Dennis Miller interviewing an author who travels a lot: "You pretty much exited the womb and hit the road, eh?" "Nah, I already had a few frequent flier miles in vitro."

Understandable confusion, since "in vitro fertilization" is a common phrase referring to the same general vicinity, while "in utero" is a rare phrase.

= = = = =

Jubulant (joob-yoo-lant) for jubilant.

Prof P doesn't see the reason for this one. Appears to be a transfer from turbulent, but turbulent isn't more common than jubilant.

= = = = =

Tim Pawlenty:

is usually pronounced Plentay, rhymes with Partaaaayyyy! Again no conceivable reason, just a habit passed among the elites.

= = = = =

ChilAY (rhymes with Pawlentaaaayyyyy!)

Noticed during the recent earthquake and mine disaster. Another one of those idiotic foreignish pronunciations like Copenhawgen or Pawkeestawn. Putting the accent on the last syllable always sounds more foreignish even if it's not supposed to be there. (More charitably, this could be a stupid back-formation from Chilean.)

Later: Chilé is even spreading to the peppers, which of course should be chilis. In this NPR feature about the "grand dame of Mexican cookery", the announcer says chilés every time! Classic example of hypercorrection.

= = = = =


Not new, but another annoying example of our idiot insistence that Foreignish always has the accent on the last syllable. Natives pronounce it EE-raq. Especially annoying when some 'illiterate' American happens to say EYE-rack, and a 'literate' American "corrects" him to ee-RACK. Both wrong. We didn't always pronounce it in Foreignish, though. Before the Satanic Bush family (damned be their unholy name) forced America to fuck around in Iraq to guarantee our national destruction, Iraq was just one of those mysterious Oriental places, and literate Americans pronounced it EE-raq.

Example in this one-minute MP3 segment from a 1939 Info Please broadcast.


Monday, September 27, 2010
  Gloria Stuart RIP

Died today at 100, after having two distinct careers.

Stuart was not only pretty, she was damned sharp. She appeared at least once on Info Please, the best regularly scheduled entertainment in history. Unlike most Hollywood starlets**, she pulled her weight in both knowledge and wit. Unlike modern American females, she knew how to laugh... which may be why she made 100.

Here she is in January 1940, one of the best episodes overall.

** Info Please featured a wide variety of stars as "guest experts", and a pattern emerged. Stars who began in Hollywood were generally slow-witted and silent on the show. Stars who began in the legitimate theater were academically well-informed but not humorous. Stars who began in vaudeville had it all.

Makes sense when you consider the selection process. Hollywood hired for beauty and obedience to directors, emphatically not for intelligence. Vaudevillians had to sing, dance, play a few instruments, do a little magic or acrobatics, write their own routines, and adapt instantly to tough audiences; but they didn't have to be pretty and they generally weren't. Stuart was an exception to the latter part.
Sunday, September 26, 2010
  Well, well....

Delingpole has caught an exceedingly interesting fact.

The latest meeting of the Bilderbergers, the ultimate insiders, has an agenda item for "Global Cooling."

So they're not nearly as stupid as they seem. They don't believe their own propaganda after all. They do understand real science -- which says we're heading quickly for an Ice Age -- while at the same time they continue to rape civilization and loot the wealth of nations in the name of their criminal carbon conspiracy.

= = = = =

A bit later, after a bit of looking: It appears this isn't fresh news, and it also appears that most people understood the agenda item to mean something like "how can we cool the globe ever so slightly, in a last desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable Carbon Armageddon?" In other words, they were only discussing cloud seeding, not giving up their genocidal Gaian lunacy.

I'm oddly reassured to find this out ... it means the insiders are still just as stupid as they seem. Incurably stupid dictators fall faster than well-informed and shrewd dictators. (Compare Ceausescu to Stalin, for instance.)
  To boldly rush in

The UN has appointed an ambassador to ET.

Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, expects to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity’s response if and when extraterrestrials make contact. ... Mrs Othman is currently head of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa).

In a recent talk to fellow scientists, she said: “The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that some day human kind will received signals from extraterrestrials.

“When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”

Opinion is divided about how future extraterrestrial visitors should be greeted. Under the Outer Space Treaty on 1967, which Unoosa oversees, UN members agreed to protect Earth against contamination by alien species by “sterilising” them.

Mrs Othman is understood to support a more tolerant approach.

Tolerant. Of course.

The final and most perfect illustration of the Egomorphic and Suicidal God of our ruling class.

I, Mazlan Othperson, am God, therefore I know in advance all of the "sensitivities" of the aliens. It doesn't matter that we have absolutely no conception of how such critters might behave or what they might want or whether "want" would have any meaning to them or whether "meaning" would have any meaning to them. Nope, none of that matters because I, Mazlan Othperson, am God. I, Mazlan Othperson, know with 100% certainty that God must be a lot like Me except not quite as smart, and I also know with 100% certainty that the aliens must be a lot like Me except not quite as smart. Therefore I, Mazlan Othperson, am authorized by Me to abjectly surrender on behalf of The Planet, authorized by Me to let the aliens kill all these sinful humans. The aliens will not kill Me, of course. They will save Me and admire Me and worship Me, of course, because I, Mazlan Othperson, am God.

We're fucked.

= = = = =

But on the other hand, an Islamic female ambassador may have certain advantages in dealing with aliens.

[Artistic note: Yes, I know Malaysian Muslims are on the soft side and don't do the whole burqa thing, but this makes the cartoon work.]
  Google is getting too smart.

Last night I was bemoaning yet again the lack of competent weathercasters here in Spokane, and remembered that the most recent firing of a competent guy had stirred some controversy. Since I've reached the age when infrequently-used names sometimes slip, I used Google to pin down his name.

I was trying to type "what happened KREM weatherman", but after "what happ", Google already knew who I was talking about! Presumably the new auto-guesser takes the location of the searcher into account, and presumably Jason Kadah is the most popular "what happened" search in Spokane.

Saturday, September 25, 2010
  Exactly right, as far as it goes

This morning Pasha Obama describes the Repooflican 'pledge':

"It is grounded in the same worn-out philosophy: cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires; cut the rules for Wall Street and the special interests; and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. That’s not a prescription for a better future. It’s an echo of a disastrous decade we can’t afford to relive.”

Exactly correct. Trouble is, he's also describing his administration.

Pasha Obama has seamlessly continued the same Goldman Sachs economic policies, implemented by the same Goldman Sachs employees, for the sole benefit of Goldman Sachs.
Friday, September 24, 2010
  Which is which?

NBC's Tehran bureau chief, discussing Ahmadinejad's UN rants, says (approx quote) "There is a faction in Iran that expects him to present these rants in foreign places, and he is pleasing this faction."

Yes, this faction is called Patriots, defined as "people who like their own country". [Obsolete and archaic concept in the West.]

Actually, Western nations do have "factions" that expect our leaders to speak harshly against our enemies, but our "factions" don't get any satisfaction from our leaders. Our leaders slavishly praise and serve our enemies in word and deed.

Which type of country is more democratic?
  Why did Stalin turn against us?

Polistra has been wondering why Stalin put so much effort into subverting the US after WW2.

From our side it didn't make sense; we had been working in partnership with Russia in the war, and our people had tremendous sympathy for the Russian people who had borne the brunt of defeating Hitler. (One of five Russians died, one of five Russian towns was destroyed.) The Marshall Plan could have helped Russia recover, but Stalin chose instead to make us an enemy.

Surely old Joe didn't expect to fully Sovietize America in his lifetime. He also remembered from 1920's experience that a big socialist economy can't stay alive unless some big capitalist economies remain in other countries, to provide surplus food in emergencies and fancy goodies for the nomenklatura. Unlike today's idiotic American commie rulers, Joe didn't believe his own propaganda. Given all those certainties, what the hell was he trying to do?

A newly available radio series offers a possible answer. War Telescope, now available at, was a series of 15-minute programs on NBC, aired weekly through the war years, hosted by Elmer Peterson and Morgan Beatty. All of the segments provide a mix of insight into wartime life and speculation about the coming peace. Many of these insights have been lost in current thinking.

"A European View of the War", aired 2/26/44, may contain the answer to the Stalin puzzle. It focuses on the diplomatic community in Europe, who considered America to be an unstable and unreliable ally. [Robert Parker's 1944 book echoes these concerns.] Our military had saved Europe's ass in WW1 and WW2, but before and between the wars our government had failed to form an intelligent and coherent foreign policy. Would we hold steady after this war, helping the other Allies to conclusively and decisively punish Germany? Or would our financiers and industrialists fall back to their natural preference for Germany, carrying Congress with them as they had done in the 1930s?

From this angle it's easy to see why Stalin wanted to have a firm hand on American policy, wanted to insure that the United Nations Organization served Russia more than America. From this angle, letting America return to normal meant letting Germany return to power. It wasn't mainly about Communism; it was mainly about Russian and European national interest.
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
  Bye, Doyle.

Since radio talker Jerry Doyle's near-death experience a few months ago, he seems to have lost part of his thinking process. I've been noticing a move toward standard Repooflican talking points.

Yesterday he spent the first two hours knocking Christine O'Donnell for experimenting with witchcraft. No particular reason for the tirade, he just didn't think it was moral and wouldn't have done witchcraft when he was young. Doyle then spent his third hour knocking people who judge candidates by moral questions like "God, guns and gays", saying that we should only judge by their record on economic issues like taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, and taxes. Just the tax, ma'am.

He didn't notice the complete dissonance between those hours.

Today he noted that he'd received plenty of emails on the O'Donnell commentary, but none of them caused him to change his opinion. Immediately after that, he talked about the need for "smoke alarms" in your life; the need to listen to contrary opinions to keep your life on track.

Again, didn't notice the complete dissonance, didn't consider that perhaps the piles of emails from loyal listeners constituted a "smoke alarm" for him.

Something's missing in that brain.

The reason I enjoyed Doyle was his well-tuned bullshit detector, and it's gone now. So I'm gone.
Monday, September 20, 2010
  Sanity gains in Sweden

Sweden now joins the growing group of Euro countries where nationalist and populist parties are gaining full power or various degrees of influence. In the case of Sweden it's not a lot of influence yet, but probably enough to tip the balance of a coalition govt.

The standard analysis misses the point wildly, ignoring facts as always:
Experts say public concerns about immigration have grown in the wake of the economic crisis and politicians across Europe are scrambling like never before to exploit these fears, breaking unwritten post-war taboos along the way.

What are those "post-war taboos", unwritten in most places and explicit in Germany? Never again elect a government that persecutes Jews. That's obvious.

But what's happening now is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the standard assumption.

In today's world, the Jew-persecutors are Muslims.

And in today's world, the supposedly nice and tolerant "mainstream" parties in Europe and America are firmly pro-Muslim.

America's government, under Sultan Bush and Pasha Obama, is not just pro-Muslim but factually Muslim, using taxpayer money to build mosques while conducting or assisting official fatwas against Christians who ridicule Mohammed. Britain's government is even worse.

These new nationalist/populist parties are anti-Muslim, and also opposed to various local and specific immigrants like Gypsies.

In other words, the nationalists are the protectors of Jews while the nice mainstream parties are the Jew-killers who should be forbidden by the "post-war taboos".
  Why do non-profits do a better job?

In many areas, non-profit enterprises do a better job than regular corporations. This seems to be a fairly recent situation, maybe the last 10 years or so.

I've discussed Group Health before, which is a non-profit coop that does medical care MUCH better than any private doctor or hospital I've encountered.

Another example is NPR, which serves the basic functions of radio better than the commercial stations. It provides the same quality that used to be available from commercial radio before 1960. A broad range of entertainment, and news with an occasional fact thrown in, unlike the 100% falsehood of the commercial networks. Spokane's NPR station KPBX has a live announcer on duty 24/7, who can handle emergencies and weather events. Commercial stations here use humans only during morning drivetime on weekdays. They run on autopilot the rest of the time, and the autopilot often goes wrong. Result: hours of blank air or hours of simultaneous jumble. Clearly they don't give a damn if they're even reaching an audience let alone serving an audience!

In software, the superiority of Open Source has been well documented. Some Open Source software brings in significant money from licensing, but most doesn't.

My theory, often repeated: The problem with modern commerce is not profit, because modern commerce is no longer about profit. It's aimed mainly at increasing share price, which has a minor and accidental correlation with profit.

Various kinds of non-commercial outfits work better now (comparatively!) because they listen to their customers, which used to be the advantage of commercial businesses when they were motivated by profit.
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spokane has been buzzing for several weeks on a justifiably big story.

The story so far:

Scott Creach, a well-known and respected pastor and businessman, was accustomed to defending his business personally, in old West fashion. One night he came out to confront a possible thief with his six-shooter, and instead confronted a cop who was checking the property in response to Creach's frequent reports of thievery. The cop was in uniform, driving an unmarked but perfectly recognizable Crown Vic. When the cop told Creach to put away his gun, he put it back in his pants, but he apparently refused to drop to the ground. The cop shot and killed him.

The final act was a terrible tragedy, unavoidable once it started. Cop following Modern Enlightened Progressive Homeland Security rules of engagement (sacrifice your life to protect black gangsters and Arab terrorists, but shoot old white guys if they annoy you) confronts an old white guy following Neanderthal Knuckle-Dragging Prehistoric rules of engagement (you have the right to protect your property).

Result guaranteed: old white guy dead.

But as the background story leaks out, two things strike me as strange:

(1) Why did the thieves continue to take things from Creach's Plant Farm when he was known to defend it so constantly and dramatically? Thieves are social animals, and reputation spreads quickly.

(2) Why didn't Creach simply install an electric fence and some junkyard dogs? Not terribly expensive. He could then sleep every night, wouldn't need to be out patrolling and risking his life.

I'm starting to wonder if Creach was selling some very expensive plants ... and if he was accustomed to going out at night to deal with buyers of these expensive plants. The whole story, especially his hostility to the cop, would make more sense that way.

Or in words of one syllable, was this a drug deal gone bad?
Friday, September 17, 2010
  Why not interstate sales tax?

Nearly all states are suffering from inadequate tax input, and nearly all states have significant numbers of vendors doing business over the web. I don't understand why it's so damn hard to enact a universal agreement. Could be done through the National Governors Assn to insure that every state gets on board. Vendors already have accounting mechanisms to collect tax from in-state sales, so they could just start collecting the same percentage (without the various city surcharges) on out-of-state sales. A little reprogramming. Yeah, a few states don't have state sales tax, so they'd continue collecting 0% tax on everyone, just as they currently collect 0% tax on everyone. So what?

The old Constitution, if it were still valid, would have prohibited tariffs (taxes on imports) between states, but it wouldn't have prohibited taxes on exports, which is what a sales tax is. Since the old Constitution is no longer used except when a black-robed saboteur needs to ban Christianity or give royal privileges to terrorists and criminals, this doesn't matter anyway.
  Will they learn?

Two closely related items:

(1) Seattle cartoonist takes part in "Draw Mohammed Day", receives fatwa, FBI tells her to go into hiding without any help from FBI. Cartoonist is solid leftist, completely surprised by this because she thought Arabs were wonderful people and Christians were the enemy. FBI is solid leftist, completely surprised and unprepared to investigate or prosecute jihadis. FBI agrees with jihadis that Christians need to be bombed and shot.

(2) Five Algerian Arab vermin arrested in Britain for threat against Benedict 16. Benedict is solid leftist, assumed he had calmed down the jihadis by several years of abject surrender. Ha ha, Benny boy! Fooled you! Jihadis want you dead because you're Christian. Surrender doesn't count. You don't make the rules, Allah makes the rules.

[Later, the Algerian vermin were naturally released, because we all know instinctively that a discussion of how to kill the Pope is serious and felonious when done by Christians but just a bit of festive jocularity when done by The Religion Of Peace.]

= = = = =

Will anyone learn from this? No. Their brains are so completely stupefied by decades of anti-Western propaganda, reinforced on all sides by media and schools and churches, that they are completely incapable of processing facts. They will continue to believe that Arabs are wonderful and Christians need to be bombed and shot, even as the jihadis shoot them.
Thursday, September 16, 2010
  Copyright trolls and OTR

The little world of Old-Time Radio is in turmoil at the moment because the largest commercial vendor, Radio Spirits, has pulled a copyright coup of sorts. I stopped buying from them quite a while ago because they didn't feel right somehow ... so I'm not entirely surprised by this.

My favorite store,, has had to stop selling a couple of items, but the main source of free OTR,, has been seriously depleted. You can read a good discussion among the Archive folks here.

Copyright law before 1998 followed common sense and common law. Intellectual property wasn't all that different from physical property. If you wanted to make money from it, you had to initially prove it was yours by registration, and then you had to maintain ownership by renewing the copyright. An abandoned book or song became common property after a certain number of years with no renewals, just as an abandoned house can be claimed after a certain number of years with no tax payments.

By those old standards, the vast majority of the OTR material would be public domain by now. Much of it was produced by syndicators or networks that no longer exist; the major networks are still around, but they didn't bother to renew the copyrights because they had no monetary interest in distributing non-current shows. (For some reason "reruns" were profitable in TV but not in radio.)

In 1998, Walt Disney bought himself a Congress and created a whole new system. Under the Disney system, registration is not needed and there's no real deadline. If you can afford the lawyers, you can claim just about anything as yours. Your claims may not ultimately stand up in trial, but if you can afford the lawyers, you won't need to go to trial. The deterrent is sufficient.

In the small OTR universe, Radio Spirits can afford the lawyers and the other players can't.

When Polistra talks about the Sacraments of the ruling class, here's what she's thinking.

The Tea Party folks, along with the newer Western Dems like Tester and Minnick, are different from the Establishment. I'm sure there are exceptions on both sides, but the pattern is pretty clear.

So far France is holding firm in its continuing expulsion of Gypsy trash. This week the other countries of the Fourth Reich (aka EU) are bashing Sarkozy in some kind of Fourth Reich Summit meeting, but it's not slowing him down.

Good. Would be even better if France simply seceded from the 4th Reich.

= = = = =

Way down deep, all modern totalitarians run on exactly one basic axiom: "Humans are not living creatures. They are precisely identical lifeless particles." From this basic theory all else follows. Any distinction you make between people is illegal and must be expunged from your thought pattern. Any judgment is prejudice, no matter how much careful thought and observation has gone into the judgment.


The 4th Reich officials are threatening France with various punishments for "ethnic discrimination":
The commission chief, José Manuel Barroso, [says]: "The prohibition of discrimination based on racial and ethnic origin is one of the EU's fundamental principles. The commission will do what is necessary to ensure the respect of [EU] law."

With Gypsies, it doesn't matter if you consider their uselessness and criminality to derive from ethnicity or culture. If their uselessness is cultural, it has proved to be completely incurable by modern education and social welfare, so it might as well be ethnic/genetic. Wherever you have Gypsies you have criminals. The French people understand this and have grown tired of it, and Sarkozy is making a judgment based on REAL FACTUAL OBSERVATIONS when he tosses out the whole pack of bums and scamsters.

The 4th Reich officials are comparing the expulsion of Gypsies to the pogroms and holocausts mounted against Jews in earlier times. The analogy fails, and the failure teaches us. Gypsies and Jews have some common characteristics: both have been isolated communities for thousands of years, neither has mixed or bred with outsiders, both have been persecuted. Where they differ is in their basic qualities and contributions. Jews are persecuted because they are highly intelligent and highly productive in both intellectual and financial realms. Gypsies are persecuted because they are counterproductive criminals.

When a country persecutes the most intelligent and productive people, civilization declines. When a country persecutes useless criminals, civilization advances. This should be perfectly obvious, but we are forbidden to think it or say it.

= = = = =

One quote in the news item caught my attention as a Self-Explanatory Sentence.

"When we promote free trade, climate change and human rights around the world we need to have our own backyard in order," said Finland's foreign minister, Alexander Stubb.

Free trade.
Climate change.
Human rights.

There you have it, the three horseman of the new Apocalypse, the three criminal conspiracies, the three false and fraudulent theories that modern totalitarians use as weapons against civilization. All in one neat package. (But what kind of Finnish name is Alexander Stubb? Finns are supposed to have names like Jüükkää-Pëëkkää Häämëënnïïëëmmï.)
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
  Now we're getting somewhere!

The Commie organization 'Think Progress' has done a survey of the likely Senate candidates this year:
Remarkably, of the dozens of Republicans vying for the 37 Senate seats in the 2010 election, only one — Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware — supports climate action. Even former climate advocates Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) now toe the science-doubting party line. If Castle loses his primary on Tuesday to Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell, the GOP slate will be unanimous in opposition to a green economy.

Since their idiotic assumption of Comrade Castle's victory has turned out wrong, we have unanimity on the legislation among this 'freshman class'!

Looking closely at the original survey plus some candidate websites, it appears that the following 13 candidates are firmly and clearly pro-science and anti-Gaia:

Joe Miller in Alaska

John Boozman in Arkansas

Ken Buck in Colorado

Christine O'Donnell in Delaware

Cam Cavasso in Hawaii

Dan Coats in Indiana (especially solid)

Jerry Moran in Kansas (especially solid)

Roy Blunt in Missouri

Sharron Angle in Nevada

Tom Coburn in Oklahoma (heroically solid)

Jim DeMint in South Carolina

John Thune in South Carolina

Ron Johnson in Wisconsin (My name iss Ron Yohnson, ay vork in Visconsin... sorry, couldn't resist.)

The other 24 are against Cap-n-Trade on a political basis, but don't have the guts to call climate "science" a crime. They use the chickenshit "jury is out" line.

Still, this is a remarkable turnaround from just two years ago when only James Inhofe was publicly pro-science!
  Old Boys not amused

I've been paying minimal attention to party politics, figuring that all factions are just puppets of George Soros. That was certainly true of Manchurian Candidate McCain and Pasha Obama, carefully chosen by the two "parties" to be different-looking vehicles for the same treasonous agenda.

But I'm no longer sure it's true of the Tea Party. The Delaware victory of O'Donnell reveals something interesting for the first time.

"...Neither the state GOP nor the NRSC [National Republican Senatorial Committee] will spend any resources on O'Donnell."

Karl Rove, the veteran Republican strategist, was also doubtful that O'Donnell would be able to win in a general election. Speaking on Fox News, he said: "There's just a lot of nutty things she's been saying that just simply don't add up. I'm for the Republican, but I've got to tell you, we were looking at eight to nine seats in the Senate. We're now looking at seven to eight. In my opinion this is not a race we're going to be able to win."

These are the Party-First people, the Big Tent people, the 11th Commandment people.

Until now these people have always said that the R nominee requires the support of every party member. They've sometimes done it reluctantly or grudgingly, but they've done it.

This year for the first time, the Party-First types like Rove are simply disowning large numbers of nominees chosen by the Party members.

And why? I think this is the most important clue. Castle appears to belong to the Old Boy network in all senses of the phrase, which places him firmly inside the Repooflican Big Tent. (Or should that be Big Petticoat?)
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
  Need to Rectify

Since the spies caught by Persia are called 'hikers', we need to Rectify a number of old books and movies.

The Hiker who Came in from the Cold.
I Hike.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Hiker.
A Game of Hikers.
Hikers Among Us.

Seriously, take a good look at the face of CODENAME SHROUD who was ransomed today. Is that the face of a hiker, a walker, a mountain climber? The face of an exercise fanatic, a face with lots of sun and wind exposure? Or is it the face of a committed Communist, a loyal member of KGBCIA?
Monday, September 13, 2010
  Not immortal after all.

Interesting news from Japan today. It now appears that Japan's unusually long life expectancy is a myth.

A new investigation finds that around 200,000 officially reported "centenarians" have actually been dead for a long time. Some of them have been dead since 1945, and their officially reported age has reached 150 without triggering any suspicion.

How did this happen? The descendants have kept the bodies at home, avoiding death certificates and cemeteries, in order to keep collecting pensions!

Western medical researchers and nutrition specialists have formed all sorts of theories attributing this abnormal longevity to the Japanese diet, the Japanese mindset, or Japanese genetics. These theories will now have to be re-examined, to put it mildly.

This will kill two other cherished Western notions about Japan: the idea that Japs are less corrupt than most ethnic groups, and the idea that Japs respect their ancestors!

Respect the pension checks of their ancestors, yes.

= = = = =

Sidenote: one of the commenters on this story at WUWT came up with a beautiful parody of delicate PC phraseology to describe death: "adopting the post-vital lifestyle."
Saturday, September 11, 2010
  Random observation

Dodge diesel pickups are smellier and noisier than most big 18-wheeler diesels. Their smell seems to be uniquely bad and uniquely penetrative; after a Dodge diesel goes by my house, the smell remains inside for many minutes. No other smell, good or bad, has such sticking power. Why, I wonder?

= = = = =

What happened to free samples in the mail? I used to enjoy getting those little one-use packets of soap or shampoo or aspirin, keeping them as 'reserve tanks'.

A habit inspired by the old pre-1961 VW, which had no fuel gauge. You were supposed to be Teutonically disciplined, filling the tank every 200.0 km on the dot. As a concession to sloppy non-Aryans the Bug had a little lever under the dashboard that gave you an extra 'Reserve Tank' to reach the next Official VW Petrol Station. (Actually there wasn't an extra tank; the lever simply switched from a high inlet pipe to a low inlet pipe so you could use the lowest gallon in the tank.) Needless to say, the device worked exactly once for us disorganized non-Aryans because we not only failed to track each kilometer in the Fahrenlogbuch, we also forgot to set the lever back to the normal high-inlet position after filling up.

Still, I liked the principle and formed the household habit of keeping one 'reserve' for necessaries like soap and toilet paper, in a non-obvious location so I won't just unconsciously pick it up and use it. Those samples were ideal for the purpose, and occasionally served their intended purpose of switching me to another brand.

Sometime in the last decade, consumer companies absolutely stopped all free samples, and charities stopped sending those little guilt-inducing free gifts. Those gifts worked: even though I knew the little gadget wasn't really made by the blind crippled orphans at St Sulphura's Home, my old midwestern ethic required me to pay for something received.

Was the loss of samples a result of 9/11? Heimatssicherheitsordnung? Seems like it would have to be a regulation, not just a postal rate hike; higher rates wouldn't cause total cessation.

Google doesn't have an answer to the question, at least with the phrases I can think of.
  Mourning, bells, etc

AP news story:

A day of mourning for nearly 3,000 Sept. 11 victims began with moments of silence and tears near ground zero, as observers braced for protests over a mosque planned blocks away on what is usually an anniversary free of politics.

Ever since the day itself, I've been annoyed by this constant harping on 'mourning' and 'heartbroken' and bells and victims and lists of names.... but I didn't pin down the problem until just now.

Those emotions are fully appropriate for victims of a natural disaster, or a building that collapsed without warning.

Those emotions are COMPLETELY WRONG for victims of an act of war.

And in fact those were NOT the emotions felt by actual Americans on that day and every day since. Actual Americans felt rage and revenge. Actual Americans felt, and still feel, a need to do whatever is practically possible to eliminate the attackers and discourage others from following the same path.

The mourning crap may have been real for Federal officials, Episcopalians, Unitarians, Quakers and other varieties of anti-Western commies. Those folks have never felt an affinity with Americans, so they were unable to muster a warlike response.

Here's the new realization: All the propaganda factories, even the allegedly Repooflican Fox News, have stirred up the effete 'mourning' crap for 9 years, in order to reshape our revenge and rage, in order to convince us that Sultan Bush's distractions in Iraq and Afghanistan were actually responses to the attack.

Many of us have not been convinced. Many of us have come to understand, albeit too slowly, that the original attack was never answered. Our original vengeful impulse, "Kill them all and let Allah sort them out", is still the correct response. We wouldn't have needed to kill them all, or even a large number. Replacing Mecca and Medina by lakes of radioactive silicon would have sufficed to get the message across.

Sultan Bush's simulated warlike activities are in fact the opposite of revenge against Arabia. Both of these warlike activities have weakened nations or factions that are disliked by Arabia for theological or practical reasons. In other words, we are serving the purposes of the country that attacked us. In one word, treason.
Friday, September 10, 2010
  What if..................

Following up on this from yesterday.

The two "sides" of America's ruling class have been whoring after Islam for separate but equally wrong reasons, both based on their natural infantile insanity.

= = = = =

The left side of the ruling class is fueled by a blood fetish, inherited from a long line of ideological mass murderers. Robespierre, Lincoln, Stalin, Hitler, Mao. Leftists want to see dead babies, dead people, ruined civilizations, total and infinite destruction, in the name of some wild-eyed abstract theory.

For the leftist, government exists to SMASH the non-privileged world (especially Christians, Caucasians and heterosexuals) and simultaneously to insure "human rights" for the surviving privileged classes, which must naturally include ME.

Their attraction to Sheikh Osama is transparent, nicely expressed by leftist icon Karlheinz Stockhausen. They mistakenly impute the Sheikh's destruction of American lives and property to his religion.

= = = = =

The right side of the ruling class is fueled by raw greed. All money, all property, all people BELONG TO ME. IT'S MINE, ALL MINE. I WANT IT ALL. I NEED IT ALL. I DESERVE IT ALL.

For the right side of the ruling class, government exists for the sole purpose of pouring MORE MORE MORE TRILLIONS TRILLIONS TRILLIONS INTO MY SWISS BANK ACCOUNT. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. ALL MINE. ALL ME.

Their attraction to the Arab world is somewhat imitative: they see the behavior of Saudi princes and Dubai slavemasters, and they want to have the same life. They mistakenly impute this Arab brutality to Mohammedanism. In fact it comes from Arab culture and is echoed in Arab branches of Islam, but not in other branches.

= = = = =

So the ruling class loves Islam for insane reasons, but as mentioned yesterday, the ruling class will be in considerable trouble if full-fledged Islam takes hold.

But what about ordinary Americans? This part is damned hard to think about and damned hard to write, but must be said.

Ordinary Americans don't want "Human Rights" or "Individual Liberty". They want safety, security and peace.

Ordinary Americans hate Islam for extremely rational reasons ... and yet ordinary Americans, unlike the ruling class, would have a better life under Islam, provided it adopts the softer non-Arab forms as in Indonesia, Turkey or pre-Khomeini Persia. (The proviso is critically important!)

An adapted Islam will give ordinary Americans a better family structure and a safer community. It will strongly encourage men to be sober and clean, and strongly encourage women to be modest and obedient. It will encourage families to bear lots of well-disciplined and well-loved children. It will discourage crime with public, quick and satisfying punishments.

Islam will give ordinary Americans a better commercial culture in which the human connection between buyer and seller matters more than the infinite increase of raw numbers; a commercial culture that treats bankers as low-status quasi-criminals, necessary evils but not the Masters Of The Universe.

Islam will give ordinary Americans a better government: a government that doesn't place the "human rights" of fags and fish above the safety and security of normal families. A government that doesn't build much, but also doesn't place infinite obstacles in your path if you want to start a business or run a farm or build an oil well or a power plant. Just pay the bribe and everything's OK.

= = = = =

All of the qualities listed in the above three paragraphs are fatal anathema to the ruling class, left and right. All of the qualities listed in the above three paragraphs would be a healing solace to ordinary Americans.


Thursday, September 09, 2010
  Saboteur throws monkey-wrench backwards

A Federal district saboteur, female as usual, has decided on her own that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy runs against the advancement of Stalinism and disturbs her hormones.

If the Constitution were still valid ... if this unfortunate land still had laws ... no judge would be able to make such decisions. But this is pointless speculation since the Constitution was killed in 1861. So we're really arguing about oligarchical privilege and power here, not law.

In the specifics, this is certainly a case of strange bedfellows or strange Life Partners. The plaintiff is the Log Cabin Republicans, and the Obama Caliphate is defending DADT, thus offending one of its major constituencies.

= = = = =

At some point our ruling class will wake up and realize that their new loyalty to Mohammed is highly dissonant with their older loyalty to Gaia. Homosexuality and Abortion are the two High Sacraments of the Planet Goddess, and our ruling elites are firmly habituated to practicing and defending those Sacraments above all else in life. (More specifically, the left side of the ruling class considers Homosexuality and Abortion to be Sacraments, while the right side simply practices them as a lifestyle.)

Trouble is, Mohammed hates Homosexuality and Abortion even more than Jesus does.

As the elites bring more real Imams into their circles, they will be forced to realize this truth, and will have to make some serious decisions.

Should be fun to watch.
  Taqiyya wins, the last Christian surrenders.

Well, I thought for a brief shining moment that Mutually Assured Desecration worked. I thought that Jones's believable threat to desecrate the Mohammedan military training manual had pushed back the Saudi threat to re-desecrate the already-desecrated 9/11 site.


It's not clear yet whether Pastor Jones was deceived in typical Arab vermin style by this Imam Musri; or whether Pastor Jones simply lost his guts at the last minute when faced with an official fatwa by the Occupation Caliphate in DC.

In either case, Christ has left the house and Allah has entered.

The whole mess was a serious learning experience. Before this point, I strongly suspected that our entire ruling class: academia, government, military, "churches" ... belonged to Allah. Before today there was plenty of circumstantial and behavioral evidence, but no explicit documentation.

You can't get more explicit documentation than a universally approved and officially enforced fatwa.

Later: It was taqiyya. Imam Musri pulled the old Arab vermin trick and Jones went along with it; Jones has now said he ? probably ? will go back to original barbecue plans.

Later still: After much vacillation, Jones showed himself to be just another chickenshit pussy-ass Repooflican. He had a real chance to start fighting the war that chickenshit Gandhian hippie pacifist Bush The Son refused to fight. Jones had a chance to show the first little sign of resistance to the enemy in 9 miserable motherfucking coward-ass years. Nope, just another chickenshit pussy-ass Repooflican.
  Billy Bacilli, episode 1

A week ago Polistra discussed in detail an exciting new proposal for self-healing concrete. Well, concrete isn't exciting, but the idea of working with Nature is exciting.

Now Polistra and Happystar have found another reference to the idea....

Let's leaf through the book.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Back to Polistra and Happystar.........

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Odd coincidence a few days later: I was looking through a rarely-used desk drawer, trying to find some information on antique radio parts. As I pulled out the paper with the needed notes about capacitors and tubes, this scrap of newspaper fell out:

It's clearly a doodle of the same character that I built this week as Billy Bacilli, complete with boater hat! I don't remember drawing it, but it must have seemed worth saving. It even has a date: you can see 1/26/05 in the text that happened to be on the same piece of newspaper. At that time I didn't have the skills to build a character like Billy, so the image must have germinated in my unconscious for 5 years, waiting for the water of inspiration.
  Depends on the meaning of 'our'.

Caliph Obama himself has joined the chorus of traitors. Extremely unsurprising, since our entire ruling class adheres to our enemies, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, and supports the victory of our enemies.

But the Caliph's wording is more revealing than he intended.

If [Jones] is listening, I just hope he understands that what he’s proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as Americans.

Note OUR values. If burning the Koran offends OUR values, then WE are Moslem by definition. And if you don't understand this simple piece of logic, then you are irretrievably lost.

Tiny bit of positive news: As far as I can tell, exactly one major American commentator has opposed Mohammed amid this universal treason: only Jed Babbin has clearly defended this symbolic defiance of our enemies. [In his segment on Jerry Doyle's show yesterday; doesn't seem to be online in written form.]

Everyone else is meekly and supinely obeying our enemies.
  The sane politician

There are no sane or loyal politicians in this unfortunate land. If the politicians of 1940 returned today, they would hang every one of our current traitors.

Fortunately some Euro countries are gaining sanity, as Polistra has been tracking.

And now we have a hugely refreshing burst of sanity from a Chinese official.

"I know you never liked me Mr. Secretary-General – well, I never liked you, either," said Sha Zukang as Mr Ban looked on, smiling and nodding awkwardly during the 15-minute toast attended by the UN's top brass.

Mr Sha, who was appointed the UN undersecretary general for Economic and Social Affairs in 2007, also made no secret of his fractious relationship with Mr Ban, although did say he'd grown to respect the South Korean.

"You've been trying to get rid of me," said 62-year-old Mr Sha. "You can fire me anytime, you can fire me today."

Later in his impromptu speech Mr Sha turned to an American colleague, singling out Bob Orr from the executive office of the secretary-general.

"I really don't like him: he's an American and I really don't like Americans," he said.

A second senior UN official who was at the dinner said: "It went on for about ten or fifteen minutes but it felt like an hour."

Bravo, Mr Sha. Nations aren't supposed to like each other. Nations aren't supposed to protect the delicate sensibilities of their adversaries.
Wednesday, September 08, 2010
  How tolerance works

A perfect little example of how Stalinism disguises itself as "tolerance".
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) — Microsoft Corp. and Xbox Live are apologizing to a small West Virginia town and a 26-year-old gamer accused of violating the Xbox code of conduct by declaring he's from Fort Gay.

The town in western West Virginia is real. But Seattle-based Microsoft and the Xbox enforcement team wouldn't take Josh Moore's word for it.

They suspended his gaming privileges for a few days last week until he could convince them his Wayne County hometown is real.

Xbox chief enforcement officer Stephen Toulouse acknowledges the agent reviewing a fellow gamer's complaint against Moore made a mistake. He says keeping up with slang and policing Xbox for offensive language is challenging, but mistakes in judgment are rare.

As always, the alleged purpose of this censorship is to increase "tolerance" and "celebrate diversity". As always it comes down to prohibiting the utterance of plain facts, and removing factual terms from the language.

Speaking the truth is sexist, racist, and homophobic, and now it's also Islamophobic. Any time you hear one of those -ist or -phobe words, you know it's a reference to a forbidden truth.

The most annoying aspect of these modern censors: they "wouldn't take Josh Moore's word for it." Josh's word shouldn't have mattered. All they had to do is look up a goddamn fact. Microsoft has its own map engine, for fuck's sake, and still the Microsoft censors couldn't check whether a Fort Gay actually exists. It didn't occur to them. They're stuck in Whoist thinking where everything is a quotation, nothing is factual, and authority depends solely on the Party credentials of the speaker.
Tuesday, September 07, 2010
  Reprint: Respecting an enemy

This is a 2007 entry that seems especially appropriate in the context of the Cordoba Victory Mosque and Petraeus's fatwa against Koran-burning.

Our ruling class (politicians, military, academia, post-Christian "church" leaders) is completely collaborated, fully flipped, absolutely owned by the enemy. They have made it perfectly clear that they stand on Allah's side.

I'm not talking to them, because they are unsalvageable and unforgivable.

I'm talking here to the smarmy chickenshit "conservatives" like Jonah Goldberg or Palin or Krauthammer who claim to be on our side, but worry more about "winning hearts and minds" than winning the war.

Those two concepts are EXACT OPPOSITES.



A little blast from the past, showing the proper way to treat an enemy with respect. Yes, that's right, respect. No condescension here. We portrayed the Japs as ugly, nasty, horrible people who needed to be defeated totally. Smashed, crushed like rats in a trap. They were not shown as poor dumb misguided folks who would be nice if they just had the right to vote in elections monitored by Jimmy Carter.



Applying this to the current situation:

Our media and government, by begging Pastor Jones not to burn the enemy's military training manual, or by begging cartoonists not to draw caricatures of Mohammed, are treating Arabs like children. Our elites are condescendingly assuming that Arabs are childlike, primitive, retarded and incapable of controlling their impulses. This is of course plainly and objectively true at the moment, but we should be expecting and encouraging better behavior from the enemy.


This worked nicely with the Krauts and Japs in 1945, though it took a more forceful learning experience than we originally thought necessary.

In the current case we are doing the precise opposite. We're not even trying to teach the Arabs proper behavior; instead we're indulging their tantrums and letting them take over our cities with their primitive behavior.

Pastor Jones is taking the old-fashioned approach, the FDR/Churchill approach, the way of war that was normal and standard and fully understood before the collaborationist Bush/Obama dynasty. Pastor Jones is absolutely alone in this country, though several European leaders have already turned toward the same old-fashioned light.
  Petraeus issues a fatwa

Generalissimo Dawood al-Petraeus has issued a fatwa against the Florida pastor who is trying to show a last tiny fizzle of reciprocal desecration.

I wish this were a far-out dystopian parody, but it isn't. It's a stark statement of accurate fact.

America is now officially an Islamic Republic, where symbolic offenses against Allah are punished while offenses against other gods are encouraged.

I'm not sure that Generalissimo al-Petraeus truly understands which side he's on. I can't get into another man's mind. Objectively, he is serving Allah whether he understands it or not, and I'm quite sure that other servants of Allah around the world understand the point of his fatwa.

= = = = =

A bit later, still unsurprising: Jonah Goldberg at NRO has joined in the fatwa. It's nice to see that elite rich Jews are maintaining their unbroken record of suicidal stupidity.

A bit later, even less surprising: the Caliph himself has also joined in the fatwa.
Monday, September 06, 2010
  The biggest union of all

Ben Shapiro, subbing for Jerry Doyle today, is making a strong argument against labor unions.

Shapiro allowed that unions were a positive force in the 1920's when most employers were sweatshops, but unions are a totally destructive force now. "Our current bankruptcy is caused by the unions." He also showed the strong connections between those old union leaders and the Soviet Union.

There's some truth in his history, but he misses the real point. When unions worked strictly against the bosses in the 1920's, they forced the non-union companies to treat workers well, to avoid being unionized. Those non-union companies were the best places to work. After 1970 the unions collaborated with bosses to increase the power and wealth of management in both groups. Result: American industry began its steep decline.

Shapiro took some hard calls from union men, and basically lost those arguments ... but none of the callers slapped Shapiro with the real knockout blow.

That would be as follows:

"Shapiro, you're a lawyer. You're bashing our unions, but lawyers have the biggest and meanest and most powerful union of all. Other unions use money to exert some influence on the government, but the ABA IS the government for all practical purposes. ABA selects judges and Congressmen. ABA trains and indoctrinates the Congressional staffers who actually draft the laws. Its fingerprints are on every law and every court decision. You dare to criticize the regular unions for trying to rent Congress? Your union is the landlord who receives the rent!

And you dare to criticize the Soviet influence on Gompers? Your ABA, in conspiracy with the ACLU, has served the Soviet cause a thousand times more ferociously and effectively than the industrial unions ever did."
Sunday, September 05, 2010
  Drinkers live longer?

News has been focusing today on a "study" supposedly showing that heavy drinkers live longer than abstainers.

Decidedly counterintuitive. My impression from friends and ancestors is that drinking will cut you down early, while smoking will take about 5 years off your expected lifespan.

The problem with this study is explicit in the description, but it's subtle. I didn't see it until it was pointed out by one of the commenters at the original Time article.

Problem: The selected population began with men 55-65 who were generally healthy. In other words, the drinkers in this group had already made it past the age where alcohol generally kills you, if it's going to. These participants were among the select genetic group that can tolerate large doses of alcohol.

My relatives and acquaintances who died of drinking all went before 55. They wouldn't have made it into this study.

So the study may well be valid for men who belong to the select group (who I suspect have names like O'Halloran and McGee) but it misses the most important fact about heavy drinking vs other habits, thus fails to give useful advice to younger folks.

The headlines from this research will encourage you to drink heavily, but the effect shown by the research won't help you unless you already have the right genes. And by the time you answer that question, it may be too late.
  Final bell

I'm noticing the rather strange pastor who plans to burn some Korans on 9/11 this year, in an act of defensive desecration.

It's an appropriate symbolic action in a war between religions, and the worldwide response of Arab vermin shows that it's a highly meaningful action.

In a sane country, an action that annoys the enemy in time of war would be celebrated, or more precisely it would be so common that it wouldn't even be newsworthy.

We are no longer a sane country.

I've looked through Google's links to this pastor's actions, and can't find any article that considers it even objectively; all the "news" and comment is wildly opposed to the burning. Silliest of all, perhaps most symptomatic of our terminal mental disorder, is a comment at Prince Walid's News Network by some post-Christian "pastor" who speaks in Teilhardian Marxist lingo:

So, here are seven questions for Pastor Jones:

1. How can his proposed action be other than one of reactive fear, not one of proactive confidence? It is foreign to the Gospel.

2. Is not the burning of the Koran seen by Muslim peoples as bad news, and thus a hindrance to Muslims grasping the Good News in the lives of Christians?

3. Is not the burning of the Koran an act of accusation and condemnation? The name of Satan in the Hebrew (ha’satan) means “the accuser” or “the slanderer.”

4. Does not the burning of the Koran thus burn Muslims in their very souls?

5. Does not the burning of the Koran by professing Christians thus slander the name of Jesus Christ?

6. What happens if people are killed, injured or persecuted as a result, if properties are burned or damaged, due to an inflamed Muslim world as images of a burning Koran flood the Internet? Who will be ultimately responsible?

7. Jesus, in the face of his enemies during Passover Week, embraced their toughest questions in public assembly. Is not the burning of the Koran the opposite of such confidence in communication?

For Christians who embrace the proactive confidence of the Gospel, we seek out the toughest questions from Muslims in public assembly, among equals in the sight of the one true Creator, where the Bible and the Koran can be looked at side by side.

Well, I have no idea what this "proactive confidence" shit is (though I probably could have used it when I was younger!) but anyway I'll answer the questions you posed.

= = = = =

Q1. How can his proposed action be other than one of reactive fear, not one of proactive confidence? It is foreign to the Gospel.

A1. Reactive fear is appropriate when dealing with a primitive enemy who is trying his damndest to kill us.

Q2. Is not the burning of the Koran seen by Muslim peoples as bad news, and thus a hindrance to Muslims grasping the Good News in the lives of Christians?

A2. Yes, it is seen by Arab vermin as bad news. It is seen as a news item informing the Arab vermin that one small congregation in America has not yet surrendered, that America is only 99.999969% conquered. And I don't give a flying fuck, nor a running fuck, nor a walking fuck, nor a sitting-down fuck, about the "hindrance" to Mohammedans grasping the Good News. The survivors may grasp civilization after enough of them are dead, just as the Krauts and Japs did after 1945.

Q3. Is not the burning of the Koran an act of accusation and condemnation? The name of Satan in the Hebrew (ha’satan) means “the accuser” or “the slanderer.”

A3. Yes, it is condemnation, you self-stupefied retard. In case you didn't notice, big tall buildings in big city fall down go boom 9 years ago. Big tall buildings didn't just collapse from mechanical failure, they were attacked by Arab vermin. Such an act deserves condemnation to say the least.

Q4. Does not the burning of the Koran thus burn Muslims in their very souls?

A4. Yes. That's the point, and they clearly recognize the point.

Q5. Does not the burning of the Koran by professing Christians thus slander the name of Jesus Christ?

A5. No, it supports Jesus. Arab vermin are killing Christians all over the world. They are "slandering the name of Jesus", if that phrase has any meaning.

Q6. What happens if people are killed, injured or persecuted as a result, if properties are burned or damaged, due to an inflamed Muslim world as images of a burning Koran flood the Internet? Who will be ultimately responsible?

A6. The Arab vermin will be responsible. You obviously know nothing about human nature or morality, do you?

Q7. Jesus, in the face of his enemies during Passover Week, embraced their toughest questions in public assembly. Is not the burning of the Koran the opposite of such confidence in communication?

A7. When the other side has declared ACTUAL WAR against your side, "confidence" must take a harder and more concrete form than merely being ready to talk. Diplomacy is designed to avoid war, and we've long since blown that chance if there ever was one. It's time for something beyond jibber-jabber.
Friday, September 03, 2010
  Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!

On the latest oil rig explosion, the fucking idiots are now worrying about a sheen of some "unknown chemical". They say this sheen is about 30 yards wide by 100 yards long. That's about 27000 square feet, or a bit more than half an acre.

Given the rule of thumb that a cup of oil produces an acre of sheen, what we have here is a HALF CUP of the unknown chemical.

We're supposed to get all panicky, evacuate all the coasts forever, lose thousands of jobs, over A HALF CUP of some oily substance. EIGHT TABLESPOONS. TWO EGGS.

= = = = =

This is straight out of Piaget's stages of cognitive development.
Similarly, younger children center on one aspect of any problem or communication at a time. Perhaps the most famous example of the preoperational child’s centrism is what Piaget refers to as their inability to conserve liquid volume. If I give a three-year-old some chocolate milk in a tall skinny glass, and I give myself a whole lot more in a short fat glass, she will tend to focus on only one of the dimensions of the glass. Since the milk in the tall skinny glass goes up much higher, she is likely to assume that there is more milk in that one than in the short fat glass, even though there is far more in the latter.

Conclusion: Our ruling class has a mental age of 3.
Thursday, September 02, 2010
  The first humble Gaian

One of Polistra's favorite themes is the egomorphic God of the modern secular classes. The elites know God is nonexistent because God doesn't behave the same way they would behave.

They think: "I'm God, and I know what I'd do in this situation. Any entity that wouldn't follow My will can't be a God."

This shows up in its clearest form when they criticize preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. When Falwell attributed 9/11 to our sins, the elite smashed him to the ground because they knew the will of God better than Jerry did, even while they claimed not to believe in any sort of God.

You can see it as well in arguments about Intelligent Design. The secular elites know that all of life is purely random. Even though design is the simplest explanation for many features of Nature, they know that design is utterly impossible. How do they know? Because "I wouldn't have designed it that way."

And we've seen egomorphism on steroids in the recent push by the Propaganda Machines to delete all thought about Grand Vizier Obama's Muslim faith. "31 percent believe he's a Muslim. Of course, he's not." Of course, he's not. Of course, he's not. Of course, he's not. Of course, he's not. Of course, he's not. Infinite repetition of the same flat statement of "fact", a "fact" that could only be known by God, a "fact" that runs counter to 100% of the visible evidence about Obama's Muslim faith.

= = = = =

Civilization starts with humility. The major religions tell different stories about God and place different attributes on their Gods, but they agree on one point: God is a whole lot bigger than anything we can hope to understand, so we need to be both curious and humble. We'll never know what or who God is, but we can be sure it ain't me, babe.

= = = = =

The Gaians give egomorphism a peculiar inconsistency, which may descend in a perverse way from Calvin. Their goddess is The Planet, and they believe the sins of all humanity require The Planet to destroy all of us. Except for Me, of course. I'm exempt because I am The Goddess, I am The Planet. When all you sinful losers cease exhaling the Evil Toxin, I will still be here with My hundreds of mansions and My loyal harem of lesbian masseuses. My Will Shall Be Supreme!

That's how Algore and Maurice Strong and James Hansen square the circle. They don't quite say it, but you can read their thinking easily enough.

Now James Lee has finally given us an exception to this pattern. He held the same genocidal beliefs about the sins of all humanity and the need to destroy all civilization, but he clearly didn't identify himself with The Planet Goddess. He believed that he was just another human, which implied that he should die. And he got his wish.

More, please.

= = = = =

Update 9/4: The idiots have come through with a comprehensive clinical description of their arrogance:

However, there is still scope for an intelligent designer of universes as a whole. Modern physics suggests that our universe is one of many, part of a "multiverse" where different regions of space and time may have different properties (the strength of gravity may be stronger in some and weaker in others). If our universe was made by a technologically advanced civilisation in another part of the multiverse, the designer may have been responsible for the Big Bang, but nothing more. ... While the intelligence required to do the job may be (slightly) superior to ours, it is of a kind that is recognisably similar to our own, rather than that of an infinite and incomprehensible God.

Thanks, infinite and incomprehensible God, for guiding the "scientific" idiots to prove my point in such an immediate and dispositive manner!
Wednesday, September 01, 2010
  Oh no! Rustum Roy is dead.

I was going to follow up the previous entry with a longer list of the accomplishments of Materials Science. I started by googling Rustum Roy, because he's pretty much the founder and icon of this hugely important but nearly unnoticed discipline.

To my dismay, I found that Dr Roy died last week! The obituary appeared today in the Pittsburgh papers.

Rustum Roy was a GREAT MAN.

Like Norman Borlaug, who died a year ago, Roy developed a REAL science to its fullest extent and spread its benefits around the world.

They don't make 'em like that now. We'll never see another scientist of the same quality.

= = = = =

Personal note: I encountered Dr Roy a few times at Penn State when I was working on projects that had some connection with Materials Science. He apparently liked to check in on related projects though they weren't in his department. He struck me as a true scholar: "gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
  Leaning on their microshovels

Article in latest New Superstitionist about a promising technology, discovered by the best kind of science.

Concrete reinforced with steel forms the skeleton of many buildings and bridges. But any cracks in its gritty exterior make it vulnerable: "Water is the culprit for concrete because it enters the cracks and it brings aggressive chemicals with it," says Henk Jonkers of Delft University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands. These chemicals degrade both concrete and steel.

Jonkers thinks the solution is to fight nature with nature: he suggests combating water degradation by packing the concrete with bacteria that use water and calcium lactate "food" to make calcite, a natural cement.

Unfortunately, most organisms keel over in a pH above 10, which is typical of concrete. To find bacteria that are happy in such an alkaline environment, Jonkers and his colleagues looked to soda lakes in Russia and Egypt where the pH of the water is naturally high – and found that some strains of Bacillus thrived there.

Moreover, the bacteria can take on a dormant spore state for long periods – up to 50 years, according to Jonkers – without food or water. He compares them to seeds waiting for water to germinate.

This is beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Physicists try to destroy the universe to "prove" their lunatic mathematical babblings about "particles".

Climatologists try to destroy human civilization to "prove" their lunatic mathematical babblings about carbon.

Meanwhile, the materials scientists are moving ahead on many fronts, using observations of actual nature plus high creativity to make civilization better.

If we can dethrone the Satanic physicists and climatologists, this could be a great century.

Many millenia ago, humans turned fire and yeast to our own purposes, but since then we've mostly been fighting Nature instead of using it. Now we're returning to basics again. We're starting to understand the real fabric of Nature, namely bacteria and algae, well enough to turn them to our own uses.

Later: My admiration for the idea led to a graphic version of the story.
  Murkowski down!

Very good.

I'm happy to see Murkowski kicked out ... not so much because the Tea Party supported her opponent, but only because Murkowski is a corrupt piece of chickenshit.

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