Saturday, August 26, 2006
  WW3? WW4? Or just 2.01?

I've been reading Headquarters Budapest by Robert Parker, published in 1944 when the Germans were starting to lose but not yet clearly defeated. Parker was an AP reporter, back in those wonderful days when AP reporters were on our side.

The book tells how Hitler took over the 'little countries' of Eastern Europe with very little military action.

We know that the main leaders of Jihad are apostolic successors of Hitler, and David Horowitz has just now revealed George Soros's fascist connections in prewar Hungary. I'm starting to wonder if we are currently fighting Service Release 2 of World War 2, not a brand new war.

- - - - -

Here's Robert Parker interviewing Otto von Erdmansdorf in 1939, just after the Hitler-Stalin pact:

A member of the Prussian aristocracy, von Erdmansdorf had served German diplomacy for twenty years before Hitler came to power. He told his friends he abhorred the Nazi regime - but he served it faithfully. ...

"And what do you think will happen if war comes?" I asked von E. "France and Britain will probably fight alongside Poland."

The German minister swung around in his chair.

"I think, if war comes," he said slowly, "that Germany must lose."

The Hungarian newspapermen stared at him.

"I think Germany will lose if war comes now," repeated the German envoy, "but we will win the next one."

I asked him to explain.

"Yes," he said. "We will be defeated in this war as we were defeated in the last war. But it will be only a token defeat as it was the last time. Just as in 1918, France and Britain will be terribly weakened. Germany has greater recuperative powers. We will recover faster the next time than we did the last time. On the other hand, the French and English will find themselves worn out. They will be dying nations even in apparent victory. Then, the third time, our job will be very easy."


I asked him whether Germany did not fear the power of the United States. The Hungarian editors nodded their heads as if joining in my query.

"No", said von E, "not in the long run. For you Americans don't know what you want."

He was wrong about the token-ness of the defeat, but he just might have been right about the persistence of the German imperial compulsion.

Even if Germany is not quietly pulling the strings this time, Jihadis have copied most of the Nazi methods.

1. Economic war.

First the Germans gradually pulled the 'little countries' into total dependence on German trade. One cute trick: German businessmen and trade reps would buy up huge quantities of wheat and other raw materials at very high prices, then - often but not always - would fail to pay the debt. This made the 'little countries' reluctant to displease Germany, because their farmers and businesses stood to lose huge amounts of money if Germany pulled out entirely.

The Germans had long understood the possibilities of illegal currency markets in the Balkans. Their operations in dollars helped bring on the confusion and panic which later made some of the little countries easy victims for German diplomacy and arms. Loot from Poland and other northern countries was sold by the Nazis through Southeastern Europe for local currency. The proceeds, carefully manipulated on the illegal markets, brought them control of much of the Balkans' industry. Hitler's operations on Balkan black money markets brought him large dollar balances in the United States. The dollars were transferred to American citizens of German extraction and were used to finance Nazi propaganda and Nazi organizations in America.

Modern methods differ in detail, but the currency manipulation sounds awfully familiar. Think of OPEC, China's ownership of America's debt, hedge funds, Islamic charities. Most of all, think of George Soros.

2. Demographic war.

The other big powers had their spy organizations but Hitler had a tremendous advantage. In almost every country he had sizable German minorities. Established for many generations, they could be relied upon to spy for the Fatherland. ... For centuries German minoriites had lived quietly in their adopted countries. It was not until Hitler and National Socialism came along that members of these minorities became conscious of their German blood. The younger Germans in the Balkans were especially taken in by the Fuehrer's talk of racial superiority ... the German minorities felt their pride bolstered by Hitler's assurance they were members of the master race. These young Germans made excellent spies and saboteurs. More than a year before the German invasion of Yugoslavia, members of the German minority were busily measuring and mapping bridges, strategic highways and railways. ... German-speaking Hungarians, Yugoslavs and Rumanians were conscripted into the armies of the countries where they lived. Some of them became officers. Nearly all of them made regular reports to the German General Staff.

I don't really need to point out the connections here, do I?

3. Terrorism.

After WW1, Italians asserted the Peace Conference had cheated them out of the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic. ... Mussolini never renounced Italy's claim to the coast, but the new Yugoslavia was tough enough to discourage il Duce from making a full-dress war. So he hired Ante Pavelich [in 1927] to bust up Yugoslavia from the inside. Installed in a luxurious villa in Turin, Pavelich directed the activities of the Ustachi Band through a lieutenant in Croatia. Mussolini furnished the guns, bombs, and plenty of cash. ... At least fifty train wrecks in Yugoslavia were pinned on the Ustachi in the years between 1927 and 1941. A dozen public buildings were bombed. Nearly five thousand Serb and Croat officials were ambushed and shot.

- - - - -

Is Germany the puppetmaster? It certainly played a direct part in hosting the 9/11 boys, and Andreas Strassmeir played a shadowy part in the OKC bombing. The German Pope has a Nazi history just like Soros, and has taken a shamefully pro-Mohammed position. So far Germany has been conspicuously unharmed by the Sons of Allah.

This doesn't add up to anything solid yet, and I certainly don't see how Germany would benefit, but my lack of vision doesn't prove anything either way!

One thing is for sure: the Army of Allah, and its Leninist supporters in the West, are following the Mussolini and Hitler instruction manual in remarkable detail.

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