Tuesday, July 07, 2020
  The Epstein rule

The Epstein mess reminds us with blazing clarity that power is always about blackmail, and power is always about sex.

We sometimes forget these universal and basic truths.

The converse is NOT universally true. Feminists screech that sex is about power. This is only SOMETIMES true. For non-psychopaths, sex is often motivated by sympathy and affection.

The lockdowns and suicide masks are EXTREME demonstrations of the Epstein rule. Lockdowns have NO connection with any virus (if in fact there is a virus at all) as sane people have been relentlessly and futilely pointing out since the start of this holocaust. Lockdowns are solely a form of humiliation and degradation toward Deplorables, which is how psychopaths get their rocks off.

The most extreme psychopaths (Inslee, Newsom, etc) weren't satisfied with invisible humiliation. Psychopaths are NEVER satisfied. These maximally evil hypermonsters have now added a ballgag fetish. They must SEE everyone struggling under a yoke of strangulation. Improved orgasm for a while, until the next fetish is called for.

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  Used to be called

Headline at PNAS science aggregator:

People who are likely to dismiss journalism as “fake news” tend to believe the world is predictable

Before 2020, "believing the world is predictable" used to be called SCIENCE.

Now "science", better known as Room 101, requires you to have no preconceptions or logic or memory or knowledge or mind or senses or brain or life. You must simply be a passive inanimate grain of sand, ready at all times to be pushed in all directions at once by Lord Soros and Lord Bezos and Lord Inslee.

Next day: The city dysgovernment offered a survey on mask usage. The survey wasn't widely distributed or mandatory, and was sort of hard to find, so it's not likely to get a large or representative sample. Nevertheless, it was clearly aimed in the same direction as the survey mentioned at PNAS, and might have been copied from the same source. Attempting to tinfoil the remaining adherents of REAL SCIENCE.

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  Another good company: Allstate

Continuing to salute the rare corporations that DON'T hammer you with standard propaganda on the two standard subjects.

Got the annual Allstate house insurance bill today. I'm always happy to pay this bill because Allstate served me well the one time I needed them. (2009 ice dam from heavy snow.)

I love to pay for received value. Emerson.

I hate to pay for tyranny and death, as the monstrous genocidal city and state are forcing us to do.

Allstate's bill has this little icon:

If you are facing financial challenges, Allstate can help with special payment plans.

Nice warm graphics and objective language. Gets the point across, doesn't punch you in the face with Official Propaganda.
  Somewhat mixed feelings

Influencer Julie Kelly, who is basically a standard Repooflican but has firmly taken the side of truth in the "virus" shit, wrote this nice one-liner:

Harvard is DeVry with a lower ROI.

She was talking about the report that Harvard will be entirely online next year, but will still charge $50K tuition.

Classic mixed feelings, Mother-in-law Cadillac Cliff.

On one hand, I'm HAPPY to see a standard Repooflican APPRECIATING the qualities of Experiential Education. Most of them hate training in all forms, and believe that education should consist of nothing but memorizing the Speeches Of Cicero in Latin. They have been slamming Common Core specifically because CC is experience-oriented.

Still on the same hand, I'm glad to see a specific mention of DeVry, where I taught for a few years. DeVry is sleazy in some ways, but it has always placed EXPERIENCE BEFORE THEORY.

On the other hand, the one-liner misses the most important thing about Harvard. If you're going to measure Return On Investment, the ROI for Harvard is INFINITE, not zero.

Most students don't actually pay the $50K. For those who do pay, the $50K is a meaningless proportion of their income. So the investment is effectively zero, and the investment in effort is also effectively zero.

The return is MASSIVE, but it's not a Return On Investment. It's a Return On Inheritance, a return on BEING BORN to the correct Tribe. If you belong to The Tribe, you go to Harvard or Yale for a piece of paper that verifies your Tribal Membership. The piece of paper has nothing to do with the money your parents supposedly paid, which they didn't really pay anyway, and it has nothing to do with the effort you supposedly put into learning, which you didn't really put anyway.

Now that Harvard is all online, EVERYONE CAN SEE that the actual effort is zero.

This is another of those wonderful NOW I SEE moments.

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  Reprint from last year

= = = = = = START REPRINT:

In my IMPORTANT piece on Deepstate before Wilson, I sideswiped a connection that hadn't appeared before. Thinking more about the connection, it should have been obvious!

I've been occasionally trying to trace the prehistory of modern Deepstate. Wilson started its current form; FDR subdued it; Truman allowed it to resume full strength. Since 1946, pure viral growth.

I couldn't see an earlier form. Here it is. Sherburne Hopkins.
Sherburne Gillette Hopkins was an American lawyer and influential lobbyist in Washington DC. His clients included oil tycoon Henry Clay Pierce, financier and "father of trusts" Charles Ranlett Flint, Guatemalan President Manuel Estrada Cabrera, and Mexican President Francisco I. Madero among others. He specialized in connecting American finance with Latin American revolutionaries.
And here's the Deepstate Tripod.

(1) Banking and monopolistic finance: [Plus big data!]
One of their largest clients was the "King of Trusts," Charles Ranlett Flint. In 1892, Flint, also from an old Massachusetts family, had merged several rubber companies to form the monopolistic conglomerate United States Rubber Company. His principal lawyer for this merger was Thomas Snell Hopkins. In another famous merger, Flint organized the main bubblegum manufacturers into American Chicle Company in 1899. In 1911, Flint founded the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, which later became IBM.
(2) Intel agencies:
Hopkins' involvement in the Nicaraguan change of government was critical. He represented his clients and acted on behalf of the U.S. government, especially Philander Knox who had become Secretary of State in 1909. Hopkins also supported Knox's efforts to properly finance and equip the rebel forces. Guatemalan President and another puppet of the United Fruit Company, Manuel Estrada Cabrera, received funds from the United States, mainly in the form of loans.

"I knew exactly what was going to happen. I knew that nothing could save Zelaya," Hopkins boasted to Senator Smith in 1912. Upon the question of whether Hopkins' intimate information about Nicaragua's troubles came from sources in the government, he replied: "I should not say directly from our Government, Senator. I knew what was going to happen before our Government did, and stopped Zelaya's loan from going through. I am also free to say that I received a great many hints that things were going to happen. I knew the sentiment in the State Department and elsewhere."
(3) Leftist activists:
Clearly, there were only three areas in which work was required: Procuring loans to finance arms and ammunition purchases; building an organization for the revolutionaries that procured and shipped arms and ammunition; and creating political support in the United States for the rebellion. Showing how much his connections were worth, Hopkins successfully interceded with his friend, Secretary of State Philander Knox, to allow munitions to pass unchallenged from El Paso to Ciudad Juárez to aid revolutionaries.
All elements were in place just before Wilson. So Wilson didn't invent Deepstate, he grabbed the ball from Hopkins.

PLUS BIG DATA is the sideswipe, the connection I missed. Charles Ranlett Flint, the corporate and finance leg of Deepstate, created IBM.

From IBM's own history page:
Flint brought together in 1907 the principals of three companies -- the International Time Recording Company of Endicott, N.Y.; the Computing Scale Company of America, of Dayton, Ohio; and the Tabulating Machine Company of Washington, D.C. -- to propose a merger. Talks and detailed planning among the parties continued until June 6, 1911, when the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (C-T-R) was incorporated as a holding company controlling the three separate firms. Flint remained a member of C-T-R's board of directors until his retirement in 1930.
Here's the part I should have noticed before: The Tabulating Machine Company was Hollerith's own company. Hollerith initially developed his sorter and counter for the Census Bureau.

Should I count Big Data as a separate fourth leg of the Deepstate stool? No. Our modern hand-wringing about Google and Facebook doing subcontract work for CIA and NSA is Fake Surprise as usual. Like "global warming" and all other officially assigned hand-wrings, Big Data was a government project from the start. Big Data is an intrinsic PART of the intel leg.

From the start? Yes. Since Zero AD on the fucking dot. Remember why Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, and remember who was running Jesus.

There's one important difference on the personal level. Hollerith himself was NOT a universe-conquering monster like Caesar and Hopkins and Byrnes and Zuckerberg and Bezos and Musk. He was NOT an Insatiable.

= = = = = END REPRINT.
Monday, July 06, 2020
  Too many details as usual

Trying to listen to Whitney Webb's latest podcast on the Maxwells and Epsteins. As always she piles up details on top of details on top of details without stopping to ask or analyze.

One big question pops up. This has undoubtedly been asked and answered before. In the '80s, Maxwell was serving Mossad by selling the PROMIS database software to various companies and countries. PROMIS had a trapdoor that sent info to Mossad.

Well, most of these countries and companies had excellent IT experts. Sandia Labs at Los Alamos CERTAINLY had plenty of code experts who were focused solely on intel and spying. That's part of Sandia's job.

Maybe Guatemala didn't have its own IT dudes at that time, but all Central American regimes have been tied to US Deepstate and US Big Data since 1890. See next item.

So the trapdoor wasn't really hidden. The users KNEW that they were sending info to Israel, and could manipulate the info accordingly. An ancient and well-practiced skill in intel circles.

INSIDE the world of the Deepstates there aren't any innocent victims. Everyone is playing the same game, trying to kill the people OUTSIDE of the Deepstates.
  Telemedicine in 1855

From Dionysius Lardner's 1855 book on the telegraph.

The main users of telegraphy, based on a sample of 5000 messages:

General merchants 1954
Stock and share transactions 1441
Ship insurers, brokers 339
Banking messages 315 .
Corn dealers 272
Betting 233
Personal and domestic 201
General brokers 117
Tradesmen 50
Cotton brokers, & c. 34
Law 31
Political 6

Always the same, from Chappe's semaphore to the electric telegraph to the web to HFT. Stock swindlers are the main users of fast communication.

Here's a more surprising usage, which hasn't made it into general knowledge:
Nothing is more frequent in the United States than electric medical consultations. A patient in or near a country village desires to consult a leading medical practitioner in a chief city, such as New York or Philadelphia, at four or five hundred miles distance. With the aid of the local apothecary, or without it, he draws up a short statement of his case, sends it along the wires, and in an hour or two receives the advice he seeks, and a prescription.
This was supposedly common!


  New horizons in pseudoscience

Along with breaking all other previously unbreakable rules and laws, we've broken new ground in pseudoscience.

All the old characteristics of pseudoscience fit perfectly with the new pseudoscience of Public Death.

The old definitions DIDN'T include this one:

When "science" changes at a political boundary, it's pseudoscience.

Two of the classic examples of pseudoscience were based on political boundaries, but the rule wasn't given as such. Briefly in the early 1800s, Indiana ruled that Pi = 3.0 because the Old Testament said so. In the 1930s Lysenko was official science in Russia, while Darwin was official science elsewhere. The two examples are inconsistent because Indiana was wrong and Lysenko was right; but that doesn't change the basic point. The one state that rejected Pi was rejecting Pi for political reasons, not scientific reasons. The countries that rejected epigenetics were rejecting it for political reasons, not scientific reasons.

The new politically based rule is much more serious and deadly. In Wash and Ore and Calif we must wear suicide masks "because science". In Idaho and Montana and Nevada people can live without suicide masks because real science.

Real science doesn't change when new politicians are "elected". Real science doesn't change when you cross a border. Real viruses are the same everywhere. Real immunity is the same everywhere.


Former real public health rules DID make use of borders, in an attempt to control the initial spread of a new epidemic. Immigrants and tourists from a known hot spot were carefully inspected and turned back if infected. Needless to say, we've completely reversed this rule as well. When this alleged "virus" was allegedly spreading "from China", WHO and CDC forced countries and states to AVOID the normal practice of halting travelers from China.

The new set of rules is perfectly evil in all directions. Create harmful borders and break helpful borders.
Sunday, July 05, 2020
  Sophisticated essay

Recently someone has found and uploaded a batch of previously unseen episodes of Mike Barnett aka Follow That Man aka Man Against Crime. I enjoy the series, so I've been eagerly watching these newly found episodes before bedtime.

In these 1952 episodes Barnett is the same actor playing the same character, but the other actors are an entirely unfamilar group, and the scripts have a different flavor from the existing episodes.

This one about a reported UFO is a remarkably sophisticated essay on Experts vs Non-Experts, credentialism, and skeptics vs useful idiots vs paid trolls. All types are represented, and much of the dialog is heard verbatim in every modern Facebook discussion.

The character who sees the UFO first is a schoolteacher volunteering in the Ground Observer Corps. He handles the trolls EXACTLY RIGHT. No arrogance, no condescension, admits his own doubts, invites them to try and see it for themselves.

At the end Barnett has exposed most of the UFO action as a hoax, but reminds us that the original sighting was verified by radar and remains unexplained. Sophisticated!

The only completely UNfamiliar part, as with this radio show from the same era, is the role of a "Newspaper Man". The "Newspaper Man" is realistic and cynical, willing to sensationalize things for profit, but unwilling to spread harmful rumors that will damage reputations or cause unneeded deaths.

Nobody performs this task in current society. We do have things called "Newspapers", but their job is the exact opposite. I don't know if the "Newspaper Man" really existed back then, or if the character is pure science fiction like the fake/unfake alien.

= = = = =

The sophistication led me to some probably OVERsophisticated thinking. Why would ALL the Public Death Officers and ALL the doctors in the world agree to ruin their own authority as Experts forever? Before the "racism" riots, a handful of fools were still believing what the PDOs and MDs said about this alleged "virus". Now everyone knows that everything said by PDOs and doctors is not just false but genocidally holocaustally false. It's hard to imagine a blackmail threat strong enough to influence ALL of these experts to destroy their own authority. Kill a few million people? Sure. Easy. No persuasion needed. Delete your own credentials? Not so easy.

Given the basic fact that Deepstate always plans and intends all consequences, this ruination of credentials must have been part of the purpose, along with ruining all the people and governments and economies and cultures in the world.

Was there a specific reason for this total destruction of expertise? Was there a real decision by PDOs and doctors on some unrelated subject, perhaps a trivial subject, that needed to be pre-emptively canceled? A decision about a pharmaceutical product that would change its Share Value by a few cents to cover a Soros short? Or is the destruction of authority just part of Soros's bucket list?

= = = = =

Later, after sleep and walk, a much less sophisticated and more VALID thought. Whether the PDOs and Doctors of Murder intended to crash their own credentials is not the proper point. The proper point is that THESE CREDENTIALS HAVE BEEN FRAUDULENT FOR MANY MANY MANY YEARS. NOW WE SEE THAT THEY ARE FAKERS AND FRAUDS AND QUACKS.

This is PURE EMERSONIAN JUSTICE. The murderous frauds and genocidal quacks have showed everyone what they are. Now we're free to find NON-MURDEROUS healers, whether Naturopaths or Chiropractors or Hindu Acupuncturists or whatever. Repeating something I wrote a few years ago but forgot in the idiot passion and panic of the moment:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

How do you know which side of a "debate" is good?

"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.)

Alternative healers don't force you to do anything.

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

Bankers jail you for using cash.

Goldbugs don't jail you for using debit cards.

Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don't bomb you for being a globalist.

The non-jailing and non-bombing and non-interventionist side of each debate is good. The jailing side is bad. Jailoleth.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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  Understandable ObscureBot

This is completely irrelevant but amusing. The ObscureBots are back in action.

Here's the latest Obscure Search:

bing.com/search?srch_type=0&q=water profing companies in turkey

In this case I can actually see why it's working.

Water and companies are common everywhere, not peculiar to this blog.

Before Erdogan turned into a crazy neocon, I wrote lots of items praising Erdogan's non-interventionist Zero Problems approach. Turkey appears at least 75 times.

I've used profing as an abbreviation for professoring in discussions of tenure.

Before Tenure took over in 1970, professoring was a fairly leisurely occupation. It didn't pay very well, but it also didn't require lots of time. Many profs had 'old money' or inherited property. They lived better with the money from profing, but they could survive for a while without it. Result: a lot less crap and (comparatively) more careful and thoughtful research. Now that graduates start with a lifetime of debt, maximum employment and maximum grants are desperately necessary for survival.

  Where are the sane governors?

I've done too many of these futile Where Are The X items. Here's a new one, which makes more sense than the others. I haven't thought of it before, and I haven't read it elsewhere.

Where are the sane governors?

In previous years, the insane governors used economic BULLYPOWER to shame the sane governors into submission on various issues about "gender" and "race". Wash and Calif and Oregon worked together to force Georgia and SC into submission, and so on.

Time to return the favor.

At this point we have about 45 sane states, where the Public Death Officials are still trying to kill people but the governors have had enough. Some are fully open, most are opening steadily and quickly.

When the ratio is 45 to 5, economic bullypower can be HUGELY effective. If all 45 sane governors got together and refused to do state business with Amazon and Boeing and Microsoft and Nike and Apple and Google, and refused to grant tax privileges to any company in the crazy murderous states, it would have a real effect on the crazy murderous states.

Note: I haven't even bothered to ask Where is Trump or Where is Congress or Where is ANY Federal entity. The absolute fools who still think that Trump will saddle up and ride to the rescue, or Biden, or Obama, or any puppet you can name, haven't been paying the slightest bit of attention to ANYTHING AT ALL for the last 75 fucking years. There are still some occasionally useful counterforces outside DC, but nothing good will ever happen in DC.


  Variant on Parkinson

Via Twitter, an interesting variant on Parkinson.

Attributed to Jonathan Schwartz:

The people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power WITHIN the institution rather than the power of the institution itself.

Parkinson said the same thing less concisely, with more detail. Bureaucrats plan their ascent by picking subordinates who will squabble among themselves. Non-squabbling subordinates will work together to bring down the boss and move up to his position.

But Parkinson also outlined the purpose of the institution itself, which is more important than the moves within the institution.

Every organization tries to grow exponentially.

Growing exponentially is impossible, but an organization can cause untold death and destruction while it's trying to do the impossible.

Every organization claims to solve problems, and may actually solve one or two problems AT THE START, to gain traction. After it has traction, it switches to CREATING problems so it can pretend to solve them by CREATING problems so it can pretend to solve them by CREATING problems so it can pretend to solve them by...

Each "failed" attempt "justifies" more budget and workforce. See? We're achieving the goal, but not fast enough. We need more money and power!

At some point this exponential POSITIVE FEEDBACK bumps into the NEGATIVE FEEDBACK of reality, or uses up all available resources, or bumps into a competing organization destroying the same territory. Now we're in Darwin instead of Parkinson.


  Event shape

I'm constantly yammering about sin and tanh and exp. Sin and tanh are natural and exp is imaginary. But sin and tanh don't really describe the typical shape of an EVENT in nature. I don't think there's a single math function for this shape, but it's extremely common, nearly universal.

First is an epidemic of a virus. This particular Haute-Couture Branded Virus is a virus, so it does what viruses do. It expands to reach most of the population, then fades as the LIVE HUMANS kill it off with their LIVE IMMUNE SYSTEMS. The same pattern occurs no matter how you respond. We now have plenty of evidence that the lockdowns don't change the pattern, they just extend it over time to give the Public Death Officers a longer and more satisfying death-fetish orgasm. Lockdowns are Viagra for psychopaths.

Second is four of the bangs from last night's fireworks, which were intended as a LIVE IMMUNE RESPONSE to the DEAD MECHANICAL MONSTERS who are killing us. Same thing. Initial expansion, followed by fadeout as various surfaces echo the bang and absorb some of it.

Third is 'One Two Three Four', in my voice.

= = = = =

Epidemics, explosions, syllables.

Syllables by other animals (barking dogs, chirping birds) have the same shape.

Responses by single neurons have the same shape.

Fads and trends have the same shape.

The growth pattern of a single business or product has the same shape.


Every claim that a natural event expands exponentially without limit is a FRAUD.

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Saturday, July 04, 2020
  Normally, not normally

Normally this part of Spokane is pretty quiet on July 4. One or two bangs at midnight. This year it's wildly noisy, with BIG bangs all over the place.

Normally I HATE the bangs. This year I LOVE the bangs, because I know what they're saying.

They're not celebrating a meaningless abstraction that happened 200 years ago; they're actually DECLARING INDEPENDENCE (though only briefly) from Mad Bomber Inslee and Public Death Officer Lutz and Murderess Woodward.

They're saying HERE'S WHAT WE THINK OF YOUR LAWS, now that you have used your laws to destroy our jobs and health and souls and civilization.


We are live human beings with souls and purposes and immune systems. We do not exist solely to satisfy your power fetish and your death fetish and your ballgag fetish. If we're going to be your bitches, we should be paid for it, at market rates for high-end escorts.


Here's a 45 second recording from inside the house. This went on for about 3 hours, gradually fading at midnight.

= = = = =

Later: According to Ginn on Twitter, the same thing was happening in many circles of Hell, sending the same message to the holocaustal psychopaths who are killing us.

Now we can expect a monstrous SUPERMURDEROUS SUPERBANG by the holocausters on Monday. Count on it. Maybe they'll finally drop all the cloaks and pretenses about "viruses" and "health". Maybe they'll just go ahead and spray Zyklon B over all Deplorable Zones, like they've been intending and planning from the start.


  Mystery immediately solved

Spiked UK reports some comparatively good news. British media and corporations have suddenly backed away from the "racism" campaign.

Last week everyone was RIGIDLY FORCED to say only what BLM said. Now the slogans are being removed from Twitter and the insignia are being removed from clothing.
Even the BBC is now telling its presenters and staff not to wear any pro-BLM symbols on air. Only last week the BBC was pledging to spend £100million on diverse programming in response to the movement. When Britain’s wokest broadcaster gets cold feet, you know something is up.
What caused this sudden pullback?
One reason for the collective about-face was a tweet by BLM UK about the Israel-Palestine conflict.
NOW WE SEE. Now we know which lives REALLY matter.

BBC is claiming that the "racism" shit was hijacked by foreign forces. Absolute fucking nonsense. The identitarian Maoist Left has been consistently and loudly pro-Palestine since 1968. Everyone who was involved in the Left back then understood this and took sides accordingly. The older execs at BBC were involved in the Left back then, so they can't be truly surprised by this. More likely they were going with the Woke flow until Epstein ordered them to stop.


  From an extremely different era 10

Back when scientific magazines were pro-science instead of anti-science, Popular Science published a short article on emotions and immunity. This was part of common sense until the witch hunters of 2020 flipped common sense upside down.

From Pop Sci 1893, p 357 of the PDF.

The relation between the activity of the nervous system and resistance to disease may be illustrated by facts of different sorts. ... Hoffmann also made fear and the adynamy resulting from it play an important part as the predisposing cause of contagious diseases. Tuke believed, in particular, in the influence of fear upon the contagion of rabies. The breaking out of rabies has sometimes been observed after violent emotion.
(Adynamy = lockdown.)
I tried upon a considerable number of animals - pigeons, rabbits, and mice - the effect of fear, which was excited by means of noise or threatening motions.

Animals, some of which had been left at rest and others frightened, were injected with cultivations of pathogenic microbes. In all the experiments, without exception, the frightened animals died first.
The author also included some detailed observations of leucocytes (T-cells). When the blood vessels are constricted from fear, the big T-cells have a harder time getting through to where they're needed, and don't do a good job of eating bacteria and viruses. I don't know if this observation was later verified or disproved, but it seems like a simple explanation.

Aside from details, the basic CAUSATION is well known, and was formerly used POSITIVELY by doctors and public health officials. Maintaining stability and confidence and good nutrition is crucial to avoiding infection. Now the doctors and Public Death Officials are using the same knowledge INVERSELY to commit genocide.

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  "Independence" day??????????????????????????

Independence Day? No comment needed or possible.

1776 was simply the FIRST in a long series of fake "emergencies" designed to enrich NYC and ruin everyone else.

George III was a decent enough king by the standards of his time, and an impossibly magnificent and enlightened ruler by 2020 standards.

He supported real science. He didn't force the colonists to close down all their businesses and remain in their houses. He didn't force them to wear suicide ballgags that strangled and infected them.

I covered 1776 many times, best here and here.

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Successful revolutions generally end up purging their founders. This doesn't always happen, and the exceptions are worth considering. But before I consider them, let's look at what happens when a revolution purges the founders without chopping their heads off.

We're seeing a lot of purges right now, as former leaders and icons of the cultural left are being fired for missing one of the microsecond-scale Github updates in ideology.

If the purgees can get together and organize a counteracting BULLYFORCE, things could start to change. So far I don't see signs of this formation.

We see some formation of fake counterforces in social media, like Gab and Parler and Thinkspot. These are meaningless. Just a repetition of the well-known fake division between Fox and CNN. These fake counterforces are also UNNECESSARY, because Twitter and Facebook and Google are NOT censoring truth. They are censoring some expressions of truth, but truth is still roaring along in all of those channels.

Amazon is different, but then Amazon is a publisher in the strict sense of the word, and it's behaving the way publishers SHOULD behave. "Freedom of the press" doesn't mean each publisher must print everything that comes in. "Freedom of the press" means that each publisher is free to CHOOSE what it prints. Amazon does that. There are LOTS of ways to publish outside of Amazon. More than ever before in history. So this is a meaningless complaint.

What would be meaningful is a quiet alignment of canceleds and purgeds, BEHIND THE SCENES, gathering economic force to act in concert.

I have no idea if this is happening. If it was happening PROPERLY, we wouldn't hear about it until it suddenly bursts out of the curtain and makes a set of demands, backed up by HUGE BLACKMAIL POWER and HUGE ECONOMIC FORCE. Meet our demands or we tell everything and crash everything. To prove we mean it, here's the first tranche of information.

Consummation devoutly to be wished, but not gonna happen. The purgees will just keep begging and pleading and apologizing until they die. Cheaper than the guillotine.

= = = = =

Now back to the first sentence. The exceptions in recent decades are Castro and Khomeini. Both of them were funded and trained by CIA, then switched sides and served their own people. They purged the funders but not the founders. Both of them kept their founding generation in place, and Raul Castro is still leading Cuba after Fidel died of old age. Can we learn from these examples?
Friday, July 03, 2020
  Old frustration

This is a very old frustration, shared for centuries by authors and artists and teachers, whether professional or semipro.

The best output is ignored, while routine crap is read and bought.

I first noticed it in the '80s when I was teaching at DeVry. My best and most organized lectures got yawns from the students, while my hastily assembled drones after a sleepless drunken night seemed to engage the students fully.

The same frustration occurs now in the "reads" by bots. For a couple weeks the bots were "reading" elsewhere, now they're back. Some of them repeatedly pick up a few old items that were trivial and meaningless, not worth reading once let alone hundreds of times. Some of them carefully "see" only the rants and carefully "avoid" the items I put some thought and passion into.

Latest picture:

They're "reading" my dissident rants, which are emotional and ephemeral and momentary. They're ignoring my creative animations and tutorials and thoughts about Duty. Their selection is perfect, so I doubt that they're simply scanning keywords.

In fairness, I do seem to have two or three human readers who pay attention to the good stuff. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

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Thursday, July 02, 2020
  Bravo for the yoots.

Good is bad. Bad is good.

Fine example of the Orwell switcheroo from Bloomberg, always reliably providing Room 101. Youngsters are doing exactly the right thing, and Bloomberg is still trying to persuade them that genocide is good for you.
“You’re young, you’re invincible, you don’t think it’s going to happen to you, and if it happens to you, you think you’re going to be fine,” Cox said in an interview. “The messaging is care for thy neighbor, but it is hard to get through to people.”
No, it's not hard to get through. Your murderous message GOT THROUGH, and the youngsters have figured out that you are murderers.

The youngsters have learned that this virus is a virus.

When a virus is around, it eventually "infects" everyone, and then it goes away because it's done. If it doesn't get a chance to "infect" everyone, it will stay around much longer. Viruses reproduce inside living things, and they only reproduce when the immune system fails. When you let a virus float around normally, it kills some people who were already dying, then it's done. When you RECIRCULATE the virus in a sealed capsule like a skyscraper or a cruise ship or a lockdown or a mask, you overwhelm the immune system. And when you insure that the immune system is compromised FIRST by prohibiting sleep and sun and work and exercise and fresh air and confidence and social contact, you're working overtime for death.

And that's EXACTLY what the Public Death Officers are doing. Parkinson. They are guaranteeing that the epidemic kills everyone and never goes away, because they have tasted blood and turned feral. They can't afford to let the "justification" for their holocaustal circlejerk disappear. Bureaucrats always pull this Parkinson problem amplification routine, but usually the Parkinson doesn't serve genocide.

These youngsters understand, perhaps naturally and perhaps consciously, how a virus works, and they are DOING EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING. They are performing the proper duty of actual public health officers, now that the PAID public health officers have all been zombified into Public Death Officers running a holocaust.

In a sane world the Nuremberg Trials would already be underway, and the executions would have started. This is not a sane world.

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  I'm always doing Wheatstone ... but Wheatstone doesn't always work!

Second piece in Ancestral Ciphers, following (out of historical sequence) from the M-209 disk cipher machine.

In these Ancestral sets I try to find the first machine or first prototype. For ciphering, Everybody's Magazine in 1917 had a good article on early pictorial and sequential codes, p1003 of the PDF. The article was centered on Kraut ciphers, but it was really a long historical overview of the subject.

The family tree of Enigma-type machines starts with the thread cipher, often used in underground or prison communications. Sender and receiver have matching templates, sometimes homemade and linear:

or sometimes a page from a book or newspaper. The locations of the 26 letters are marked, ideally not in alphabetical order, and even more ideally with several duplicates of frequent letters to foil freq-count deciphering. The above picture is definitely not ideal.

Sender takes a long thread and places one end on the place in the template where the first letter of the message occurs. He then stretches the thread to the place where the second letter of the message occurs, and marks this place on the thread with ink. (Ideally disappearing ink.) He then holds that point of the thread on the location of the second letter and spans the thread to the location of the third letter of the message, and so on.

The result is a long thread with random-looking marks, or ideally no visible marks. The thread can be included easily in all sorts of items, from the classic cake to a shirt or sweater.

Sequential letter-finding guarantees difficult decryption, because each interval is the distance between previous and current letter, not a constant correlate of current letter.

Aha! Sounds like the Breguet dial telegraph. Each letter counts pulses from previous letter, and the pulse count is never directly correlated to the letter itself. Relative, not absolute.

Was there a Breguet cryptograph? Turns out that there was a device that looked and worked like Breguet, but it was invented [or claimed]** by Wheatstone.

= = = = =

Everything I find interesting turns out to be Wheatstone, whether I know it or not.

The device is so much like the Breguet dial that I was able to reuse most of my Breguet model. I built it in a couple hours, versus a couple days for most gadgets.

Here's Polistra showing how it would have been used. Crank the main handle to input letters, and write down what the second hand shows as the ciphertext.

The inner circle was meant to be cardboard and temporary. The sender and receiver would be using the same randomized order for the inner circle.

Unfortunately it wouldn't have worked well. I'm pretty sure I've followed Wheatstone's description. The inner circle had one less space than the outer, and the inner hand was supposed to run slightly faster than the outer, so the phase angle between them gradually increased. After one outer circle, the inner hand should then be running 'one hour ahead' of the outer hand, then 'two hours ahead' after two outer circles, and so on.

In the first place, there's no need to have a smaller inner circle if you're going to step the inner hand forward. But more importantly, the inner hand OFTEN looks like this:

Ambiguous. Which letter do you pick? This ambiguity would be common no matter how the ratios of inner writing and inner hand are chosen.

In fact the real (and commercially successful) Breguet setup would have done the job BETTER. Breguet was stepwise and 'digital' on both sender and receiver, with clockwork ticks and escapements, so there was never any ambiguity. Choosing and sending and printing letters is an inherently digital task. With numerical measurements you can round up or down. 3.87 becomes 4. But you can't round up or down with arbitrary symbols. A.87 doesn't become B, it's just meaningless.

Breguet could become a cryptograph by adding a 'kicker' to the receiver, so the receiver's pointer would jump ahead by 'one hour' after each revolution.

Even without any encryption, Breguet would have been frustrating for an interceptor who didn't 'tune in' at the start of the session. It could have been made much harder, even without the 'kicker', if the sender and receiver agreed to start each message from a different reset point.

= = = = =

The Hagelin multi-disk cryptograph, and its Enigma descendants, simply repeat the Wheatstone principle through several stages, with each wheel shorter ratio than the previous, so the mapping steps forward at each stage.

Here's my M-209 model made semi-transparent to show the wheel steps.

Wheel 1 has 26 letters, then 25, 23, 21, 19, 17. Each ratio is prime, no nice 2s or 4s.

The thread cipher, and Wheatstone's mechanized version, are relative measurements, not absolute. Wheatstone is always about relative measurement. Like the nervous system, everything is differences and deltas.

Morse and Braille and Chappe are absolute codes. Each letter, or each defined combo of letters, always has the same audio or tactile or visual pattern, starting from the same ground point. These systems can be read reliably no matter when you 'tune in'.

Morse is thus more like speech.... Or is it?

In fact speech is more like Breguet. All perception is relative and delta-based. Each vowel and consonant is judged as a transition from the previous set of frequencies.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Biographers depict Wheatstone as the typical born inventor, pouring out ideas all the time, quickly losing interest in each new idea and moving on. Some of the ideas were brilliant and original and timeless, some were unoriginal and impractical. Fortunately his business partner Charles Cooke was steady and practical, able to filter out the useful ideas and make them commercially profitable.

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  Flat assertions galore

In recent months ZH has stopped pretending to be "independent", like every fucking body in the fucking world. Their coverage of the "arrest" of Ghislaine Maxwell is written by CIA. Full of Flat Assertions of Flatout Lies.

According to CIAZH, "Ghislaine Maxwell could be housed at MCC in New York – the same jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself."

They're no longer bothering with the fake "alternate" argument that Epstein "was killed". Previously the "alts" had to maintain that Epstein "was killed", while the "establishment" had to maintain that Epstein "killed himself".

As fucking always, an argument about details tells you that the argument is the wrong question. The correct question is not HOW Epstein died but WHETHER Epstein died, and the correct answer is NO.

Fake deaths are an old old trick for all Deepstates through history. It's the best way to remove an important operator from public scrutiny so he can operate without hindrance or constraint.

In other words, Ghislaine is about to be "killed" or "suicided", pick one and argue about it, so she can resume normal blackmail operations with the Mossad team.

We should be vastly more afraid of the Epstein-Barr Virus than the Branded Flu Virus.


  Simple equation

Some people are starting to catch on to a chronic long-standing problem, which has become acute and GENOCIDAL in the current fake "emergency". Retired officials and professors and doctors have been speaking truth openly on all the fake "emergencies" from "9/11" to "global warming" to "virus". Employed officials and professors and doctors enthusiastically commit the wars and holocausts.

Simple equation:

Tenure + Debt = Holocaust.

Tenure has been a big problem since 1970. It was starting to show up in the '50s, when my father saw it and warned me about it. I listened and learned.

By 1970 it was well-established. Careers are fragile and instantly stoppable until you get tenure. The only way to get tenure is to conform RIGIDLY to current orthodoxy, and keep up with the Room 101 / Github switchbacks of current orthodoxy. This setup insures that the people with budgetary authority are rigidly orthodox, which self-sustains the setup.

Debt doubled the problem. Before 1990 you could get a college degree without incurring a heavy load of debt. Now most 'prestigious' degrees burden you for 10 or 20 years, so you HAVE to try for tenure. If you're an MD working for a hospital or government, you HAVE to keep your job. You can't test the limits of tolerance. Employers KNOW that the professionals are debt slaves, and use them accordingly.

In earlier centuries and decades a lot of scholars and inventors had secure incomes from inheritance or sinecures. They were free to pursue truth, no matter where it led. University employment was helpful but optional.

Returning to a Natural Law system would eliminate both problems. Natural Law FEROCIOUSLY forbids debt and STRONGLY incentivizes saving and thrift. Natural Law employment is secure for life, provided you are doing the job.

Before the breakup of ATT, Bell Labs exemplified a Natural Law research facility. Bell had vast resources because of its quasi-socialist position. Researchers were free to pursue all sorts of projects generally in line with Bell's objectives. They weren't forced to fudge their data or stay with current fashion or achieve instant half-baked results.

After the breakup and the later LBOs, research was a Negative Externality. Raising Share Value and paying off the unpayable debt to JPMorgan were the only objectives. Bell Labs disappeared.

Here's the big point, which used to be obvious but now has disappeared in the chaos: When corporations AND governments AND individuals are running on savings, with deep reserves, everyone is VASTLY more free to do what's needed. Governments can serve the poor better; corporations can serve employees and customers better; and individuals can save their souls. When everyone is running purely on debt, everyone is enslaved to the bankers.

Hmm. Save your money and save your soul is a pretty decent motto.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020
  Old joke

The devil meets a guy at the gates of Hell and says, “Welcome to Hell. You will spend all eternity here, but you get to choose how to spend it. You may choose one of these three doorways. Once you choose a door, you may not change it. So let’s get started.”

The devil opens the first door. The guy looks in and sees a couple people standing on their heads on a concrete floor. “No way am I spending eternity like that,” he says. “Let’s move on.”

The devil opens the second door, where a few people are standing on their heads on a wooden floor. “No way,” the guy says again. “Let’s move on.”

The devil opens the third door, and the guy sees a bunch of people standing knee deep in cow manure, drinking coffee. “Lesser of three evils,” he shrugs. “Ok, I’ll choose this one.”

“Fine,” says the devil. “Wait right here, and I’ll get you some coffee.”

The guy settles in with his coffee, thinking that this isn’t so bad.

Suddenly, a voice comes over the loudspeaker saying, “Coffee break’s over! Back on your heads!”

= = = = =

We're there now, complete with loudspeakers.

This is how psychopaths work. Brief coffee breaks followed by ever stronger HUMILIATION AND HARM AND MAYHEM. Grinding your face in SHIT, over and over and over and over and over for eternity and eternity and eternity.

This is what happens when you let psychopaths rule the world without RIGID constraints by vastly superior blackmailers and bullies.


  Adding Florida to the reclamation map

I've been occasionally noting REAL returns to sanity, real gains for God's side, on the map. Most of Europe is flowing in the right direction now, but going with the flow doesn't deserve special attention.

I've been reluctant to add any US states to the anti-Satan forces. Several are going with the flow, and deserve tentative praise; but several that started in the right direction have already collapsed to Satan. Especially Texas.

I think Florida finally makes the grade. Gov DeSantis has been clearly articulating REAL science for quite a while, debunking the genocidal misuses of numbers and "cases". Now he has made a SOLID statement with NO wiggle room.

Headline: Not going back.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that the state will not reimpose sweeping shutdowns amid rising coronavirus infections, saying that going back to lockdowns would cripple the economy without saving lives.

DeSantis drew the line even as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week ordered all bars closed, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey told residents to stay home and declared that the state was “on pause." Just last week, after the state recorded 25,000 new infections in just five days and 9,000 in one day alone, Florida once again prohibited the on-premises consumption of alcohol at bars; there are no restrictions on occupancy at gyms or stores.
So Florida joins the few COURAGEOUS realists.

I've also added South Dakota, where Gov Noem has been equally firm and clear from the start. I probably should have put her on the map earlier.

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  The Enigma was thoroughly familiar

Starting a new series, Ancestral Encryption. Gotta keep the artistic output flowing, though my heart's not in it today. Way too much holocaustal hell, with no sign of any relief.

This M-209 ciphering machine was produced in great quantities during WW2. It was a small machine. Though it looks like a typewriter and has the same complexity as an adding machine, it's about the size of a landline phone.

Like the Gibson Girl transmitter,

the M-209 was ergonomically designed to fit the soldier's body. It could be used on a desk or table, but it was mainly meant for field use. The case was indented to fit over a knee, and a strap was added to hold it to the leg.

The six Key wheels on top were usually preset at headquarters before sending it out in the field. The field operator would turn the C/D switch on left to Code or Decode, then turn the Selector on left to each character of the input text and turn the black Drive knob on right. On some versions the Drive knob had a crank. As with a manual adding machine, the Drive knob would run the input letter through the cams set by the six Key wheels, and the output character would be printed on the paper tape.

The M-209 was a lot like the German Enigma machine, which is famous through stories and movies. Both were based on an earlier commercial cipher machine. Stories and movies give the impression that Alan Turing was solely responsible for solving the Enigma from scratch. Turing's math probably helped, but this class of machine was common on both sides, and familiar long before the war. The British deciphering project didn't use computers or theoretical math; it just manufactured a huge number of simulator machines and ran them in mass production style, bruteforcely examining all possible combinations and permutations. When a correct key was found, the key was applied to new messages until it failed. The project was a triumph of industry and organization, not a triumph of theory.



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