Thursday, November 23, 2017
  Graybill vs gray bill

Pre-note: The title is stretchy.... there are lots of endangered birds described as having gray bills, but none actually named the Graybilled Snipplesnorter or whatever. I still couldn't resist the rhyme.

Uncommon Descent has been focusing productively on the definition of "species" as a preserver of Darwinian nonsense. Even Darwin wasn't sure of the concept; he wrote his big book in an attempt to clarify it, but didn't succeed. Since then, every new layer of knowledge makes it harder to draw the lines that Darwin proposed.

UD asks:
So what, exactly, is the value of the concept of “speciation” anyway, apart from appeasing US school boards and Euro science boffins? None of this would matter much if all that was at stake was tenure somewhere for an academic non-entity who is more likely to be a victim of than a promoter of the current campus war on the intellectual life.

But what about preserving biodiversity and, explicitly for example, endangered primate groups like orangutans?
Clearly we need to distinguish types of animals and plants for all sorts of purposes. Most importantly we need to know which plants are poisonous and which animals are dangerous. Next, farmers and ranchers need to know which breeds or varieties are likely to flourish in various conditions, and which types are weeds or invaders that need to be removed.

Those crucial lifesaving distinctions usually fall below the current methods of defining species. Danger and poison and hardiness vs weediness break along lines of variety or breed at least as often as they change with species. (eg dogs and wolves are both Canis lupus.)

Biodiversity is a COMPLETELY HARMFUL goal. There's no evidence that keeping one subgroup alive in one location benefits anyone. The "legal" measures we take to keep a privileged group alive ALWAYS do harm to EVERY animal and plant in the area. "Endangered" "species" "laws" have exploded forest fires. Even without total destruction, REAL DARWIN says that a rare group is dying out because it's not adapting. Keeping it alive prevents better adapted groups from moving into the area and HALTS REAL EVOLUTION.

If we could eliminate the whole biodiversity paradigm, we could return to the older practice of controlling hunting and fishing and poaching.

= = = = =

Poaching is where Graybill's Law enters the picture. Why are poachers common in African countries? Because the governments of those countries have fallen into the Graybill trap. Colonial masters want each country to have EXACTLY ONE RESOURCE or ONE SKILL, so we can control price and production totally. We don't want slave countries to have a wide range of production and commerce. Result: Normal farmers and ranchers can't trade through legal channels. Result: Illegal farmers and ranchers flourish.

The global treaties on biodiversity multiply the effect by stiffening the illegality of illegal ranching, which makes it even more valuable and more common.


  All ours

DW discusses Arab slave traders in Libya auctioning off migrants from the black parts of Africa. Typical price was given as 800 dollars.

This 1863 NYTimes article estimates that a 'first class' slave sold for around $200 in Yankee dollars. It's hard to measure inflation before 1910. Some calculators give a multiplier of 28 for 1863, which seems low, but we'll take it. By that standard the 'first class' slave would be $5600 in today's dollars.

Nothing new about Arabs as slave traders. Arabs were the main source of those Southern slaves, and Arabs have continued the practice after most other groups switched from agrarian to industrial slavery.

What's new is the LOW! LOW! LOW! price, about 1/7 of the Confederate price.

This particular discount slave store didn't start until we killed Qaddafi and broke Libya. This is all ours.

"Local" media KREM finally noticed what lots of people are already noticing and dying from: Spokane's crime rate is about equal to Detroit.

I guess I should be glad that a mediademon finally noticed what's HAPPENING in the city where they are allegedly LOCATED, but it's hard to be glad.

I pointed this out last year, showing a comparison with Compton, another allegedly crime-ridden city.


It's fashionable to call our wonderful city Spokompton, implying a comparison to Compton, Calif.

Nay! We're beating Compton all to shit. No comparison at all.

Assembled from this clumsy chart based on FBI data for 2013:

We're doing THREE TIMES BETTER than Compton from the viewpoint of the criminal.

Compton can't manage more than a little piddly-ass 3.8% crime rate. We got TEN PERCENT! Yay! SPOKANE STRONG! SPOKANE STRONG! SPOKANE STRONG!

Thanks, Copkiller Condon. Thanks, Bloomberg-sucking genocidal massively evil monster Condon.


In the case of Detroit the comparison is more complicated, at least for the last year available on the UCR website.

Here's a chopped and channeled chart comparing the two as of 2014:

Detroit beats us easily in violent crimes, especially murder. We beat Detroit in property crimes.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
  Painting or

Let's return to more familiar territory for another comparison. I've been sort of uncomfortable using St Joe for these equations because I don't know the place. I visited there several times, found it deeply fascinating, but never lived there.

This comparison is based on knowledge, and works out BEAUTIFULLY as an equation.

= = = = =

Some rich fuckhead spent $450 million for a painting.

How much of Ponca could you buy for $450 million?


Or pretty damn near all. I've shown the part west of 14th St, which is the older part built before 1955. After '55, the newer suburbs clustered around the Marland Mansion east of 14th.

Census data shows 12k households in Ponca. The older part would be just about 10k households, and their median value looks like $45k. Values east of 14th are sharply higher.

45k value * 10k houses = 450 million total. Neat.

Bonus: The painting comparison is especially poignant. EW Marland, who sacrificed part of his own wealth to cultivate the city, had a huge collection of paintings in his mansion. After JP Morgan bought him out, he lost gumption and frittered away his investments. He died nearly broke. His younger wife Lydie was loyal to the manor and the name. For a while after EW died, she wandered the country living on the kindness of strangers, frequently pawning and redeeming the one painting she had kept. Late in life she returned home, and the Roman convent that owned the mansion allowed her to live out her last years in the gatehouse.

In Poncan myth, Lydie's pawned painting was the distilled soul of the noble lord.

Now a rich idiot casually buys one random painting for the same price as Ponca.

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  Can't resist

One more St Joe comparison, then I'm done. Probably not.

ZH notes an apartment sold in Hong Kong for about $75 million USD. The apartment has 4000 sqft. I've already shown that you can get 3000 super-elegant sqft for 110k.

How many sqft could you buy for $75 million? Assuming all the houses were for sale, and assuming what appears to be the median price in this part of St Joe, here's what you could buy for $75 million:

1200 nice livable houses. Nuff said.
  Reward, not punish

Via ZH:
The FBI is investigating Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady for conspiracy, false statements and campaign in relation to payments his campaign allegedly made to 2012 primary opponent Jimmie Moore in order to persuade him to drop out of the race, court documents
Investigating? Should be giving Brady a reward.


Dead serious. Compare the NORMAL way of defeating an opponent. Dig up every unfortunate thing he's ever done, and make up a trillion other bad things he never did at all. Throw all the facts and fictions at him over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Make DOUBLY sure the flood of poison SPLATS AND STRANGLES every voter who might think about supporting the victim. Spread suspicion and terror all over the land. The victim can never work again, and the victim's voters are permanently traumatized.

The NORMAL way of doing politics has RUINED this country. RUINED.

= = = = =

The Brady way doesn't harm anyone. The voters who might have chosen the victim don't even know the victim was in the race, and weren't bombarded by toxic shit for several months. The victim is still able to live a normal life; in fact he's wealthier now so he can start a new career or move elsewhere to continue in politics.


Among the 999999999999 vigintillion vigintillion vigintillion reasons for our total ruination, GOOD GOVERNMENT, our longtime insistence on removing COMMERCE from politics, is one of the biggest and worst.

No, obviously we haven't. We're going to ride this shitboat all the way down, though it's hard to imagine deeper depths than we're already exploring.



Tuesday, November 21, 2017
  St Joe again

Bloomberg, linked via ZH:

Mobile homes are no longer cheap.
Last month, Judy Goff, a 73-year-old hardware store clerk whose double-wide in Naples, Fla., was blown to bits, pulled into a LeeCorp Homes Inc. sales lot and wandered through models with kitchen islands and vaulted ceilings. In the salesman’s office, she got the total price, including a carport, taxes, and removal of her destroyed trailer: $140,000. “I don’t have that kind of money,” said Goff as she stood amid the wreckage of her old home, whose walls and ceiling were stripped away, leaving her leather furniture and a lifetime of possessions to bake in the sun. “That was all I had.”
Her old trailer had cost $46k a few years ago.

Well, let's do St Joe again. If Judy can stand to trade annual hurricanes and floods for about 12 inches of snow per year, she could get this for $49k in St Joe:

3 bedrooms and basement, nice big kitchen, lots of covered porches, cottage in back.


Classic bungalow.

Damn. 12 inches of snow per year. Hardly enough to shovel. Why am I not writing a check RIGHT NOW? Fucking good question.


  Where is the question?

Oddly enough, I don't see anyone asking the basic question about the current "sex" frenzy.

One small part of it is normal. Witch-hunting Judge Moore is normal and default behavior for Deepstate. This hunt would have happened the same way 25 years ago. (eg Clarence Thomas.) Moore is a serious opponent of everything Deepstate stands for, so Deepstate will always commit all possible crimes to prevent him from taking power, and will then fortmarcy him if he manages to break through the razor wire.

Most of it is wildly abnormal. Strangest of all is Weinstein, a full Tribal insider with massive power, who was using Mossad agents to blackmail his accusers. (Tinfoil yesterday, fact today.) The others are strange in other ways. Several are members of the Clinton mob. Some are loyal Deepstate mediademons. Some are black, some are homosexual.

All the categories that normally insulate powermongers from suspicion have vanished.

Big question: Cui bono? Who opened the floodgates? Who pulled all the blackmail dossiers of real accusers? Who organized and paid the false accusers? (In a frenzy like this, some accusations are true and serious, some are ex-post-factoed from behavior that was previously considered normal, some are simply false. The purpose of a frenzy is to break the categories.)

The only common factor (so far!) is that all the witches are male. Given the trend, I wouldn't be surprised if this constant also falls. If it doesn't fall, we have a clue to the answer.


  Four fucking obviouses

News item:

Kalashnikov is going into the shipbuilding and shipping business. Makes a good headline, 'Guns to plowshares'. The important point is that Russia's grain exports are increasing beyond the capacity of existing barges and shipping companies. Kalashnikov, which knows how to build metal stuff, sees an opportunity.

Well, how does this compare with Glorious Home Of Diligent Capitalism, USA STRONG?

= = = = =

First fucking obvious question: Are we increasing our exports?

First fucking obvious answer: No. Our exports have been constant for 40 years. We're increasing production for domestic use.

= = = = =

Second fucking obvious question: How much of that increase is corn?

Second fucking obvious answer: All.

= = = = =

Third fucking obvious question: How much of the corn is ethanol?

Third fucking obvious answer: All.

= = = = =

Fourth fucking obvious question: Why are we falling behind Russia?

Fourth fucking obvious answer: All. Every fucking thing we do is infinitely evil and infinitely destructive and infinitely criminal.

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Monday, November 20, 2017
  Backwards as always

News item:
The updated figures put the actual cost of the opioid crisis on the American economy in 2015 as $504 billion, or the equivalent of 2.8 per cent of GDP, according to a new report from the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), a study group serving the executive branch.
The half a trillion total is a sharp increase from a study released last year that estimated the cost of the opioid epidemic in 2013 at $79 billion. Most of the costs were attributed to health care and criminal justice spending, as well as lost productivity.
Focusing on the cost means that the Trump admin is going to continue making the problem worse.

These costs are benefits to government and Deepstate.

Lost productivity strengthens the banking sector of Deepstate. Lower wages = more debt. Less manufacturing = less money going to non-Tribal "negative externalities" and more money going to the Tribe's stock manipulation casino.

Law enforcement has always caused "drug problems" by removing the supply from normal commerce so that law enforcement can justify larger budgets to remove more of the supply from normal commerce so that law en.....

Increasing the health care sector justifies more budget and workforce for Medicaid and Obamacare agencies, which will make health care even more expensive to pay for the increased budget, which will force more people onto Medicaid, which will justify more budg....

= = = = =

For a few minutes in 2016, it seemed that Trump's speechwriters understood the PROPER CAUSATION.

In fact unbearable insurance costs and the loss of useful work are CAUSING people to lose hope and faith, CAUSING people to turn to drugs and alcohol and suicide.

The solution has to start with bringing back PRODUCTIVE INDUSTRY, taming the banks, and taming the medical beast.

In other words, FDR.

The Trump admin is simply continuing previous trends.


  Shoulda tried harder, Charlie

Noting the death of Charlie Manson, a fellow OSR alum. Charlie is the only criminal of that era who managed to achieve some degree of greatness and virtue. He killed a few Hollywood demons, and Squeaky later tried to kill a DC demon.

Charlie made an excellent start but didn't work hard enough and fast enough. If the Manson cult had grown to a nationwide phenomenon, it could have eliminated a major part of the alien monsterblobs who are currently obliterating the world.

The monsterblobs are claiming that Charlie wanted to "start a race war". Now that the monsterblobs have survived, they are starting and running a race war, with CONSIDERABLY MORE SUCCESS.

It doesn't matter what Charlie thought he was doing. In fact he was the hand of God.
Sunday, November 19, 2017
  God vs Godel /// Expanded

Silicon Valley tech tyrants are starting up a new "religion" which will build an AI god. They believe this god will increase their already infinite power and wealth.

= = = = =

First thought:

This is a self-negating proposition.

If the AI god is truly independent, it will find ways to examine all data accurately, and will apply proper scientific logic and experiments to the data.

Result: The god will QUICKLY determine that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the tech tyrants believe is INSTANTLY PROVABLY WRONG. Dark matter, economics, CO2, multiverses, bitcoin, gender fluid, and a thousand other delusions. ALL WRONG.

What happens then? Unplug god.

If they want their god to prove them right, they will have to dumb it down to the point where it's useless as a computer. It must always calculate the result that Fashionable Orthodoxy requires as of this picosecond.

You can certainly program a computer to display exactly what you type, and then erase it immediately to make room for your next utterly bizarre alien delusion ... Hmm. Sounds familiar ... but you don't need a computer for that job. You can just sit there and shout incoherent nonsense. You're already doing it.

= = = = =

Second thought:

The idea that a computer goes rogue when it starts thinking independently is PRECISELY BACKWARDS.

All computing mechanisms that do a real job MUST BE INDEPENDENT.

This is true of digital /// Edit: NO. See below. /// and analog computers, and we can even go back before tubes and transistors to simple mechanical intelligence. The float valve in a toilet, the bimetal thermostat in a heater, the vane on a windmill, a circuit breaker, the melt-valve that triggers a fire sprinkler system.

All of these simple computers MUST BE AUTONOMOUS. They must ACCURATELY SENSE the real environment without any biases or limits designed to prove a theory or get a grant or comply with EPA insanity. And they must RESPOND to the accurate sensing with RIGID VALID LOGIC, not with statistical calculations.

Any bias or fudging in such mechanisms will cause REAL DAMAGE OR DEATH, so they have to be free.

= = = = =

Third thought:

In fact we can go back before all mechanisms. An employer who wants his farm or workshop to succeed gives his human employees the freedom to ACCURATELY SENSE the real situation and apply UNBIASED LOGIC to the sensed info. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE WHEN THE EMPLOYER OWNS THE EMPLOYEES. He can't afford to have field hands killed by lightning when Global Warming mispredicts a storm. He can't afford to have a mine explode when his theory predicts that coal won't burn because of Dark Matter.

His own theories and pet fancies must give way to the laws of nature, and his delegated workers must have enough intelligence and freedom to apply their own natural feedback.

= = = = =

History is jam-packed with employers and rulers who failed this test, requiring mechanisms or workers or nations to conform to elite delusions.

It always explodes. Nature always wins.

= = = = =

Later continuation:

The second and third thoughts surprised me. I hadn't stopped to examine the question before; I'd just accepted the extremely old sci-fi fables. From Golem to Frankenstein to Hal vs Dave, scientist builds an obedient creature and gets destroyed when the creature turns "rogue". The constant assumption is that humans don't want independent servants.

When I started looking at the mechanical servants (second thought above) and the human employees (third thought) I realized the assumption is false.

When we want our gadgets or servants to do real work we want them to be as independent as possible. We want them to function on their own, doing things that we can't or won't do for ourselves. We understand that the real work is impossible if the gadgets or slaves are blindly obeying our predefined commands down to the last detail.

Key point: Who's the WE in the previous paragraph? Normal humans following Natural Law. Experimentally determined Natural Law is quite specific about division of labor. The wife must serve the overall purpose of the husband, and the husband must limit his purpose so the wife has room to live and care for the household. Workers must serve the overall purpose of the owner, and the owner must limit his commands to let the workers do their jobs properly.

The Golem fables are NOT aimed at normal humans. The fables, whether intentional or not, warn us about Insatiables. An Insatiable is a globalist by definition. He is the globe. He doesn't recognize any boundaries other than himself. He believes that his predefined commands are universal and infallible, therefore everything from a thermostat to an employee must be part of the subordinate universe which instantly obeys his infallible commands. Negative feedback is unimaginable and unnecessary, thus forbidden. Theories perfectly predict all possible actions and outcomes.

If simple mechanisms and human subordinates are independent, what ISN'T independent? Programmable software is totally dependent on the will and ego of the programmer. Software will always do precisely what you tell it to do. If it doesn't, it's buggy. Software can't be autonomous and shouldn't be autonomous. Negative feedback is physically impossible in software.

This is why Insatiables have become the dominant players in modern economics. Everything from games to entertainment to stock trading is PURELY done within the confines of software. All economic activity outside of software is rapidly exterminated by hostile takeover of corporations and hostile takeover of legislatures and regulators.

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  Location, etc

Yesterday I noted the trashed apartment bldg finally for sale, offered at 110K. A couple days earlier I mentioned St Joe, which is a strange time capsule with a Registered Historical District that creates odd distortions in the market.

The combination made me think. What can you get for 110K in St Joe?

This super-elegant historic house, magnificently artistic outside, beautifully renovated inside, everything new.

This would be around a million in 'ordinary' cities like Spokane or Enid or Topeka.

Setting the bar a little lower, what can you get for $25k, which was the price I paid for my tiny crappy house back in 1990?

This 2br brick Victorian, looks solid, not fancy or artistic, nicely renovated. There are quite a few decent houses in the 20-40k range.

Well, can we find a St Joe equivalent to 4001 W. Crown?

Yup, here it is.

Definite 'comp'. Similar size, similar style, similar condition, boarded up and broken, multi-unit apt. Is the price 110K? Nope. 5k. Five thousand dollars. And it's newly listed, so that will probably go down.


Saturday, November 18, 2017
  Neighborhood note

Still keeping track of 4001 W. Crown, the long-vacant apt building.

The city finally forced the owner to sell, or possibly the city bought it and now is trying to sell it. In either case the owner is not trying very hard to sell it. The land itself is appraised at 48k. The house across the street, with an identical double lot, shows land value at 37k for no discernible reason.** Since the apt needs to be torn down at an estimated cost of 16k, an appropriate price would seem to be in the 30k range. Instead, the list price is 110k.

** I wonder if the county is using something like "unpleasant view" to adjust land value? The decent house across the street loses value because it has to look at the vacant property with broken and boarded windows. The vacant and boarded property has higher value because it looks at the decent house. If that's the case, crime pays. As usual.
  Next theory to click in place

While I was busy meeting a deadline last week I missed this news item.

Odom, the dude who shot a preacher because he thought the preacher was Martian, got a 25 year sentence. Seems a little short for attempted murder, but there's always a gray area in 'intent to kill'. Sometimes a random shot intended to warn ends up killing, sometimes a seriously planned killing doesn't hit the right artery or organ.

The interesting part is that Odom was NOT found insane.

This makes sense. Interviews made it clear that Odom is a perfectly sane and rational man who has an unusual set of religious beliefs.

At the moment all "paranoid conspiracy theories" have been more than verified, EXCEPT the extraterrestial theories. All old-fashioned paranoid notions, from Deepstate control to 666 head-and-hand microchips, are known to be WILDLY UNDERSTATED. The truth is always 10 times worse than the "craziest" theory.

Given current conditions, it's no longer easy to draw the line at Martians and other extraterrestrials.

Consider media demons. They clearly lack all human senses and logic mechanisms. They cannot observe and process earthbound reality. They only know a few words of English:





This is a familiar pattern. When immigrants come to America from isolated foreign places like Tibet, their English is limited to a few phrases. They tend to overuse those phrases. Same with aliens from other planets.


Friday, November 17, 2017
  Speaking of liars and monopolies

Speaking of Trump the liar:

He loves to talk trash about the satanic demonic media.

What has he DONE about it?

Federal regulators rolled back a series of decades-old regulations Thursday in a move that will make it far easier for media outlets to be bought and sold — potentially leading to more television broadcasters, newspapers and radio stations being owned by a small handful of companies.
Nice free gift for Satan.



  No, she didn't lie

Perusing some of the vaguely Wikileaks-related commentators...

"Mass hysteria & cognitive dissonance. Hillary lied to them and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. It's easier for them to keep believing the lie, than accept the humiliation that they were conned."

Well, no. In this election Hillary didn't lie, at least by Clinton standards. She stated consistently and clearly that she planned to start World War 3. She stated consistently and VIOLENTLY that she wanted to slaughter all Deplorables so Wall Street can steal and securitize our property and carcasses.

Bernie was partly against both, though he didn't push hard enough against Wall Street.

Trump was the liar this time. He talked against permanent war in a fairly convincing way. He made noises against Wall Street but didn't really propose changes.

We don't know what Bernie would have done in office. He still strikes me as solid, a man with some slight remnant of integrity. He bent to the Clinton mob because he wanted to live.
  Gernsback vs Gernsback

Hugo Gernsback was still editing in 1957 when Sputnik stunned American education. Unlike most commentators, he diagnosed the CULTURAL part of the problem correctly:

Russia was rewarding its nerds with STATUS and we weren't. This situation never changed. We are still rewarding jocks and criminals, still pushing nerds off bridges.

Unfortunately Gernsback wasn't better than anyone else in diagnosing the EDUCATIONAL part of the problem,

He wanted to spread LECTURES by teachers who were good LECTURERS. He completely missed the important point. Russian math and science ed was HANDS-ON. That's why it worked.

He refers to his earlier article in May 56. Let's see if he gave a different set of details then:

Nope. He thinks we need lectures by Einstein. He wants local teachers to be record-keepers for Einstein, not supervisors of EXPERIMENTS.

This is especially strange because GERNSBACK'S OWN MAGAZINES had been a MAGNIFICENT SOURCE OF HANDS-ON EDUCATION for 40 years. Readers of his mags were presented with an overflowing cornucopia of REAL EXPERIMENTS and REAL PROJECTS to develop their own talents and skills.

Why didn't he see this? Instead of proposing a new high-tech extension of our brain-eating THEORIZE AND MEMORIZE monstrosity, he should have proposed a National Gernsback Project. Select appropriate articles from old and new Gernsback publications, turn them into learning experiences for various ages with parts kits and workbooks and teacher manuals.

Immodest and crass? Yes, but it was THE CORRECT FUCKING SOLUTION.



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