Sunday, January 20, 2019

Gödel would appreciate this....

An independent writer on automotive topics invites Tesla skeptics to send him stories about Twitter's efforts to suppress skeptics. He tells them to 'follow' him, which will turn on the ability to send a private message, and then send a private message. The rest of the thread is Tesla skeptics trying to follow him and finding that it doesn't work.

Pretty neat mechanism. Twötter's algos detect an attempt to talk about unfollowing, and immediately unfollow the attempt to talk about unfollowing.
  All the right words

Via DW:

For years, scientists have raised concerns about the ethical applications of artificial intelligence. Facebook said it chose Germany because of its position "at the forefront of the conversation."

A perfect condensed explanation. All you need to know in a few words.


Conversation means SILENCE ALL HERETICS.

If you want to apply AI ethically, you can't possibly beat Krautists. Krautists have always been at the forefront of precision genocide and accurate slaughter and meticulous torture and exact evil. Especially when ethics and conversations are aimed at Russia.

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  It's slippery

Elon taking part in a discussion on the hundreds of EV startups, especially in China:

I wish them well. Track record in auto startups is tough. Thousands of US auto startups, but only Ford & Tesla have avoided bankruptcy. A similar scenario is likely in all countries.

He says this often. It's slippery. Not strictly false but intentional point-missing.

In any field there are lots of non-serious startups and some serious ones. If we filter out the non-serious and look at 'comparables' to Tesla ... companies that produced thousands of cars for several years ... most of them were ABSORBED or TRANSFORMED, not bankrupted.

Among the serious carmakers present in 1930, many of them ended up as part of Chrysler directly or indirectly. Several switched to other products (beer, HVAC, trucks, trailers, real estate) and continued for many decades.
  Odd non-correlation

Elon laid off a significant part of his employees in both SpaceX and Tesla last week, and his stock WENT DOWN.

This is highly unusual and abnormal in the modern world of Share Value. Normally the Dow HATES employees and products. Normally a stock SOARS when the company exterminates its Negative Externalities. Zero employees = infinite Dow.

What's different here? Is the stock racket trying to return to real economics? Unlikely. Must be something else. Maybe the Dow perceives that Elon has lost his will to kill?

A bit later: Yes. This article in Bloomberg verifies that the racket is disappointed in Elon's failure to offer more stock and incur more debt to continue infinite exponential growth. The job cuts are not the main issue.


Saturday, January 19, 2019
  Ignoring the gap

Following on previous item where I recommended that God's people need to use God's Natural Law organizations and facilities more effectively. Unions, families, Mutual Benefit Associations, etc.

There's one big piece missing in the discussion of Brexit.

The role of the UK dysgovernment is obvious, though it wasn't quite clear at the start. May began with an apparently meaningful effort, but after a few months she fell into the standard bureaucratic routine. Lots of surface action to fool and pacify the suckers, but no real movement underneath.

= = = = =

The process of splitting doesn't need to be complex. It could take about one month. Unsign all relevant treaties, delete all "laws" inserted to satisfy EU, publish the changes, send the changes to Brussels. Since all of the "laws" have been made since 1993, all are well within the era of computer-based records, and all are explicitly written. No need to dig back through centuries of tradition and Common Law and Domesday Books and Magna Carta. One month to do a thorough job.

And after that, just CONTINUE TRADING. If your business buys stuff from France or Krautland, continue buying. If you sell stuff to Spain or Italy, keep selling.

= = = = =


= = = = =

Here's the missing piece. If businesses really WANTED to trade, they would ORGANIZE AN ASSOCIATION to apply BULLY FORCE to the stoppers. All traders in all relevant countries, working together, would have an unstoppable BULLY POWER against all of their governments.

Bullies like Juncker give way when they encounter serious resistance.

I don't see any motion in this direction, even after two years of May's grotesque bureaucrat game.

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  Jumping the gap

After watching a bit of that atrociously stupid bus-bomb movie, Jumping The Gap is on my mind.

Among today's inputs, an interesting contrapair. One article by standard academics has already jumped the gap into Natural Law thinking. Another article by a Catholic academic writing in an Intelligent Design website has NOT jumped the gap into Natural Law.

= = = = =

First the already jumped:

A nicely written article on the hydra's regenerative ability.
Researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, have discovered the identity of the inhibitor, a protein called Sp5, and deciphered the dialogue between these two antagonistic activities, which helps maintain a single-headed adult body and organize an appropriate regenerative response. Published in the journal Nature Communications, their study points out that this mechanism has been conserved throughout evolution, both in Hydra and in humans. Sp5 could therefore be an excellent candidate to be tested as an inhibitor of human tumors in which the activator pathway is the motor of proliferation.
Unusual because the authors are working entirely within the Grand Blueprint model. They don't bother with "random mutations" or "increasing complexity"; they simply start with the assumption that a gene is a function, and all functions are present in the initial blueprint. Some phyla use some functions, some individuals use some functions.

= = = = =

Now the not yet jumped.

Winston Ewert, writing in Mind Matters, briefly discusses the threat to human skills from AI. He misses the point because he's thinking in terms of GDP and Dow, not skills.

The true concern that the media coverage implies is that resources will not be allocated well, that almost all of them will end up in the hands of a few owners of automated factories while unskilled workers will end up starving. Many believe that the free market is simply incapable of adapting to that level of automation.

But what is the free market? What makes it free? Certainly not that the price of everything is zero! Rather, it is free in the sense of liberty. The market is made up of many different institutions, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations including banks, insurers, manufacturers, agriculture businesses, charities, unions, etc. The freedom of the market is the freedom to choose whether to be part of any of these institutions and to what extent. Even a social instrument that seems as fundamental as money could be avoided by bartering or living in a commune.
First, he totally fails to grasp that modern Sorosian economics is NOT a market at all, let alone a free market. It's a black hole, designed to suck all resources into NYC banks and kill all non-NYC humans. It's not based on production or skills, it's based on sucking and killing.
Each of these institutions was invented to address a flaw in a free economy. Trade is much easier with money than with barter. Insurance allows us to pool risks and thereby reduce the damage caused by unlikely but expensive mishaps. Unions enable employees working together to bargain more equally with their socially powerful employer. All of these institutions were invented and then adopted by a free market because they proved useful.
Again he's starting from the Darwin assumption of random mutation and natural selection. Nature doesn't work that way, and an economy doesn't work that way.

All of these institutions arose from SKILLS which are part of the inherent human genome, created at the beginning and gradually diminishing since. Each can be seen in alternate forms among other animals and plants. Exchanging symbolic tokens is a constant activity of the nervous system, and more visibly used by birds and mammals in courtship and hive-control activities. Insurance is just an elaborate version of the family or clan, which developed FROM normal clan behavior via Mutual Benefit Associations. Unions also developed from the same origin.

These institutions weren't adopted by free choice, they are automatic parts of organized society. They grow in different ways within different environments, just as a tree grows in different ways depending on climate and wind.

Ewert concludes with pure Darwin:
If humans are free to experiment with new institutions, I believe we will find an excellent solution. However, there is a great danger that those who benefit from the status quo will use their influence to prevent the adoption of new institutions. Further, others will attempt to force institutions they think best on other people, leading to great suffering. The great danger we face is the danger of not being free enough to adapt to new and changing circumstances.
Again, there are no new institutions. Natural Law tells us what we have to do.

If we are working with God, we have no freedom. We have a GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY to use our skills to the utmost for good purposes. This duty is explicit in Sharia, implicit in some traditional Catholic viewpoints.

"Those who benefit from the status quo" are using their skills to the utmost for satanic aggressive purposes. They are destroying life, destroying beauty, and especially destroying REAL VALUE.

We must counter them by using our skills to make more life, more beauty, more value.

We can make use of existing institutions like unions in our self-defense, and we could also retrobuild Mutual Benefit Associations in their earlier form before they degenerated into commercial insurance companies.

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Friday, January 18, 2019
  Macronism spreads

Germany is considering a Macron-level mistake.
Among the proposals featured in the paper were a fuel tax hike from 2023 onward, an end to tax breaks for diesel cars, electric and hybrid vehicle quotas, and a 130 kmh (80 mph) speed limit on freeways — which is the norm in other EU countries.
Fuel tax? Fine. End tax breaks? Fine. EV quotas? Fine.

Time for riots. Time for the Brown Vest Movement. Time for the Second Reichstag Fire (carbon-neutral, of course).

Krautists are perfectly rigid machines. They MUST drive at precisely 387.32165219 kM/h, with the kM referenced daily to SI atomic-scale standards and all speedometers calibrated daily. All vehicles must maintain an exact spacing of 17.743198 m, with a permissible error bar of 0.00000000046 nm.

If Krautists are not allowed to drive at precisely 387.32165219 kM/h, they will explode.

Just like the movie about the bus....

...which incidentally confirms previous item about modern cars and '50s buses.


  Sudden change

The latest infinite-layered superlie has added another layer, which suddenly changes the approach of the media demons.

Now MUELLER HIMSELF has said that the story about Cohen lying on Trump's orders is a lie.

All the Sorosian media demons were spewing the story yesterday. BBC, DW, and France24 featured it as top headline.

In a brief statement, it said: "Buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office, and characterisation of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen's Congressional testimony are not accurate."

The statement did not say which parts of the BuzzFeed report were inaccurate.

It is extremely rare for Mr Mueller's office to issue such a statement.

The special counsel is investigating ALLEGED Russian interference in the US presidential election and whether Trump campaign figures were complicit - a claim repeatedly denied by Mr Trump.
ALLEGED Russian interference is perfectly unprecedented. Until now, all stories by all media took the """"""fact"""""" of RUSSIAN_MEDDLING as more certain than existence. RUSSIAN_MEDDLING was the flattest of all flat assertions. You don't need to say the universe allegedly exists, so you don't need to qualify or explain RUSSIAN_MEDDLING.

Why the change? No mystery. For media demons, "truth" depends solely and strictly and exclusively on WHO SAID IT. The Clinton Mob is the SOLE DETERMINER OF LAWS AND TRUTH in USA. Nothing exists unless the Clinton mob says it exists. Mueller is the Clinton mob. Mueller says this story is false. This story is false.

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  Modern? Not exactly has a set of street scenes from Cuba in 1976. The cars, of course, are '50s US cars plus a few VWs. But the buses are strictly modern. For instance.

USA street scenes in the '70s were the exact opposite. Our cars were up to date, and our buses were all '50s leftovers. For instance. We didn't see modern buses here until the '90s.

So it's not really a question of a modern country vs a left-behind country. It's just a question of priorities. Public use vs private use.

Closely related: EnglishRussia just posted a large set of pix showing INTERURBANS in Russia. These electric trams run through the countryside serving small towns. The pictures are unquestionably present-day, not Soviet era. For instance.

We used to have interurbans serving small towns. We lost them around 1920.


  Fakery beyond fakery

Via ZH:
According to a Reuters report about the meeting - which the White House confirmed did indeed happen, though it refused to comment on the details - the president is preparing to revive his push for a 13-year infrastructure spending spree, and whether to include details about the broad strokes during Trump's State of the Union address later this month. The plan is expected to focus on revitalizing US airports, highways, railroads and other essential infrastructure.
Nastyass vileass filthyass fagass egregiousass ROY-COHN-ASS motherfucker.


Now that you're perfectly safe from responsibility, now that you're effectively retired, you're free to make TOTALLY MEANINGLESS IDIOT FUCKING NOISE without the slightest chance of getting any fucking shit done.

Here is the ONLY FACT that remains in our utterly fucked fake beyond fake beyond fake loony beyond loony beyond loony "location", which may at one time in the distant prehistoric past have posed as a "nation".

This is the only fact, the only truth.

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  I dare you.

The more you know about REAL science, the more you MUST believe in design.

The cochlea is an indisputable manifesto for design. Every detail of its basic shape, mass, stiffness, size, and unspeakably complex mechanism is finely tuned for the best possible static and dynamic performance.

Now another piece of understanding packs more weight onto the manifesto.

Via ScienceDaily, a closeup look at the dynamic performance of the tectorial membrane shows a nanostructure that behaves differently at different frequencies. It helps to emphasize frequencies in the speech range and de-emphasize nonspeech frequencies.
The researchers found that the tectorial membrane's structure "looked like a solid but behaved like a liquid," Freeman says -- which makes sense since it is composed mostly of liquid. "What we're finding is that the tectorial membrane is less solid than we thought." The key finding, which he says the team hadn't anticipated, was that "for middle frequencies, the structure moves as a liquid, but for high and low frequencies, it only behaves as a solid."

= = = = =

Here's an overview of the cochlea driven by the eardrum through the three ossicle bones. The circle on left indicates the location of the cross-section in the next two animations.

First a cross-section showing the tectorial membrane acting like a solid (green) at higher frequencies. Each of the outer hair cells (yellow) pokes into the tectorial surface, and the tectorial surface moves the hair back and forth rigidly.

Now a cross-section showing the tectorial membrane acting more squishy or gelly (blue) at medium speech-range frequencies. Each outer hair cell is driven fluidly, allowing it to slip back and forth and resonate more freely.

= = = = =

Note that each OHC has a fantastic inner mechanism (not part of this research) that strengthens its own response when a frequency is unfamiliar.

Overall, the cochlea separates frequencies by place, thanks to the gradients of stiffness and mass and size. Hair cells nearest the input respond to lower frequencies, and hair cells toward the small tight center of the spiral respond to higher frequencies.

This tip-link mechanism helps with adaptation to steady sounds. The longest hair is driven directly by the tectorial membrane, and the shorter hairs are controlled by the tip-link. When a signal at this hair's preferred frequency is new, the tip-links pull the secondary hairs along to emphasize the input to the cell itself. As this frequency continues, the tip-links gradually slide out of the little gate in the longer hair, so the secondary hairs are no longer joining in. After this signal stops, the longer hair reels in and tightens up the tip-link so it can emphasize the next new appearance of its preferred frequency.

I dare you to figure out how this mechanism arose "randomly" through mutation. Just try.

= = = = =

Later pure speculation and stupid guessing: The gel action would seem unnecessary, since each OHC is already narrowly focused on one frequency by the basic structure of the cochlea. I wonder if the gelness is externally modulated? Gelness depends on hydration. When the cochlea is getting less water overall, speech frequencies are less emphasized, so you're more responsive to ambient sounds. Survival mode? Or is the hydration controlled intentionally by other parts of the nervous system for other purposes?


  The old Cretan liar paradox

ZH headline:

Trump "Personally Instructed" Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About Moscow Project: BuzzFeed


1. We know Cohen lies because (according to him) he was personally instructed to lie.

2. We also know Cohen lies because the FBI convicted him of lying to the FBI.

3. Therefore we must believe Cohen when he says he was instructed to lie.

But this isn't really a paradox. The solution is simple. NONE of this shit bears the slightest connection to reality. Every paragraph, sentence, word, space, period, comma, semicolon, apostrophe, font size, font choice, pixel, and micropixel of any emission from DC is 9999999999 vigintillion zettaparsecs removed from the last event horizon of the last event horizon of the last event horizon of reality.

The SOLE purpose of this shit is to dissolve our brains. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

EVEN IF the whole story was plain ordinary truth without any paradoxes, it would still have ZERO connection with government or politics or RUSSIAN_MEDDLING. Trump is a sleazy mobbed-up NYC wheeler dealer, whose career was based on building hotels and casinos in various countries. He tried to build a hotel in Russia but the deal didn't go through. He also tried many other countries that didn't go through. All of his deals involve piles of lies and fakery. That's normal business for a sleazy mobbed-up wheeler dealer.

Everybody KNEW that Trump was a sleazy mobbed-up wheeler dealer. That's exactly why I voted for him. I hoped (but didn't really expect) that an experienced mobster might be able to fight the Clinton mob. I was wrong. Trump turned out to be just another hitman for the Clinton mob.
Thursday, January 17, 2019
  Progress report

US: Year 428 of the shutdown. Donald Trump CXIV and Nancy Pelosi LXIII are arguing about whether Thread #314,117,901 in the carpet of the White House has been singed by Trump CXIV's cesium-ion jetpack or by Pelosi LXIII's fusion-powered Tampax injector. Tomorrow the discussion will rapidly move toward a conclusion of the vastly important subject of Fiber #517,422,123,678 of the drywall in the Capitol restroom for Gender #95438504. Both sides are digging in their heels, and it may be several decades before we can move on to Fiber #517,422,123,679.

UK: Year 123,456,789 of the Brexit debate. Corbyn MMMMMMCCCCCLLLLXXXXXVIVIVIVIVI and May MMMMMMMMMMXIRPQT$%$#^&I have very nearly settled which language to use in a description of the table for the first meeting of the feasibility study on a debate about the size of digital paper to use for page 8954389543895834905894385903 of the Appendix Regarding The Lack Of Appendices On The Appendix To the Addendum To The Rider. Both sides are digging in their heels, and it may be several centuries before we can move on to page 8954389543895834905894385904.

= = = = =

Meanwhile in the sane parts of the world, we don't need to go nearly that far into the future to spot progress in solving problems. We can simply watch it in real time.

Putin is on Year 18 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

Orban is on Year 8 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

Mahathir is on Month 10 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

Salvini is on Month 7 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

AMLO is on Month 2 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

Bolsonaro is on Month 1 of his rule. Every time a problem appears he solves it immediately.

= = = = =

Do we detect a pattern here? The dead part of the world is SHRINKING and getting deader every day. The live part of the world is GROWING and getting more live every day. The redistribution is happening in two ways. A few dead countries like Italy are switching to the live side. Mostly the live countries are gaining population while the dead countries have stopped reproducing. Nature is curing the Soros disease all on its own.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  Can you imagine?

Steadystate doesn't control everything in all Western countries.

It was clear from the start that Italy's permanent bureaucrats were NOT able to overwhelm and overturn the new populist government. In fact they have been FOLLOWING ORDERS given by Salvini and DiMaio.

Steadystate also failed to control all culture and celebrities in Italy. Most of the newspapers are Sorosian, but here's a real celebrity who understands the problem clearly and intellectually, and reaches the correct conclusion!

Lorella Cuccarini is a pop singer who was apparently big in the '90s.

Now she's opening fire on all the right targets, and standing with Salvini.
La differenza non è più tra destra e sinistra ma tra chi pensa agli elettori e chi alle élite e alla finanza. Ci ritroviamo intrappolati nel pensiero unico, che ha un disegno dietro. Il mercato impone le leggi e tutto il resto. Prenda l'Europa: ce l’hanno raccontata come un’idea meravigliosa, ma quella che viviamo esiste solo attorno all’Euro, che ci ha impoveriti.

Siamo in austerity - continua - abbiamo un tasso di disoccupazione altissimo, 5 milioni di poveri. E mi dite che bloccare l’immigrazione è di destra? È sacrosanto. Savona sogna un’Europa che agisca davvero come uno Stato unico. Per prima cosa dovrebbero permetterci di decidere davvero chi ci rappresenta lì. Il Parlamento europeo non conta nulla e la Commissione decide al di sopra dei popoli sovrani. Se stare in Europa significa accettare regole che ammazzano l’economia, non vale la pena. Ci trattano da sorellastra.
She has choice words for Bergoglio, again with intellectual and theological depth:
Sarebbe bello che il Papa si esprimesse anche su altre situazioni, oltre che sui migranti. Ci sono rimasta male quando ha detto 'meglio atei e buoni, che cristiani e odiatori'. Per un cristiano, Cristo è fondamentale e il posto in cui lo incontri è la Chiesa e anche se sei un cattolico tiepido incontrare Cristo in quella eucaristia è la cosa più preziosa. Bisogna distinguere buoni e buonisti: i cattolici devono essere buoni, ma devono difendere i propri figli.
Can you imagine any US/UK celebrity saying those things? For that matter, can you imagine any US/UK celebrity showing evidence of THOUGHT in ANY direction?

= = = = =

Later: Well, there is one counterexample. Azealea Banks shows considerable intellectual and moral depth in her analysis of Elon. She's vastly smarter than all the superIQ hedge fund execs and bankers and tech gurus who are STILL fully snookered by Elon.

Can't resist: Banks is smarter than banks. Banks are dumber than Banks.

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  Extreme fake surprise

An agent of DEA is performing his assigned duties correctly.

A U.S. federal narcotics agent known for his expensive tastes and high-profile drug seizures has been implicated in a multimillion-dollar money-laundering conspiracy that involved the very cartel criminals he was charged with fighting in Colombia.

Why the surprise? This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of news. Everyone knows that DEA and FBI and ATF are crime factories. These agencies COMMIT CRIMES AND CREATE CRIMINALS. That's their ENTIRE SOLE SOLITARY UNIQUE PURPOSE.

Everyone knows this.

If a DEA or FBI or ATF agent ever FAILED to commit crimes, or even more bizarrely unimaginable, actually CAUGHT a criminal who wasn't first cultivated by the same agency, that would be news. Since that's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, we don't really need to worry about it.

The headline tells us why this agent had to be singled out for "news". Known for expensive tastes means he was susceptible to blackmail that could force him to leak inside info. Mobs punish snitches.
  Ablating the ablative

Linguists are taking another look at the Whorf Hypothesis dealing with semantic boundaries. If you have names and comparison points for specific ranges of color or smell, you're better able to talk and think about those ranges. It's more or less tautologous if you don't take it too far. Some earlier linguists took it too far, maintaining that we can't even PERCEIVE a distinction unless it has a name.

As Orwell predicted, most of our public noise today is Whorfian. Half of the noise attempts to add new FAKE semantic boxes for concepts that are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, like variable gender and dark matter and renewable energy and autonomous cars and "holding government accountable" and "elections". The other half attempts to DELETE every semantic box that corresponds to plain old observable reality.

Purpose of both is consistent. When ALL words describe NOTHING BUT FICTION, the fiction writers have all the power. Writers can alter ALL of our cognition instantly by switching the Story Of The Day. When words describe NATURE, writers are just clowns.

= = = = =

I'm more interested in the power of grammatical boundaries, which seems to be relatively unexplored. I've noticed that Soros, the ultimate boundary breaker and civilization obliterator, encounters less resistance in countries with caseless nouns.

Time for a reprint.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Antichrist Bergoglio disses "rigid" youngsters.
Juventutem ("youth" in Latin), an international federation of young people who attend and promote the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, has chapters around the world.

"We are a group of Catholic young adults who seek to implement Summorum Pontificum in the Archdiocese of Washington," Juventutem's Washington, DC chapter explains. "We love the traditional Roman liturgy and seek to share it with the Church and the world. Come pray with us!"


Pope[sic] Francis criticized the "rigidity" of young people who are attached to the Traditional Latin Mass. "I always try to understand what's behind people who are too young to have experienced the pre-conciliar liturgy and yet still they want it," the pontiff[sic] said. "Sometimes I found myself confronted with a very strict person, with an attitude of rigidity. And I ask myself: Why so much rigidity? Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something, insecurity or even something else. Rigidity is defensive. True love is not rigid."
It's always helpful when Satan speaks on a subject. He lets us know which end is good. In this case it was already obvious. The Latin-loving youngsters are magnetized by the PERMANENT force field of Natural Law. They are repelled from the Satanic chaos of SorosBergoglio, attracted to PERMANENT AND MEANINGFUL STRUCTURE.

Why is Latin more suitable than modern languages to pull you into permanence?

For the same reason that Bach is better than Hillsong, the same reason that the Mass and Rosary are better than Mindfulness. PERMANENT AND MEANINGFUL STRUCTURE.

The rule is repeated in other religions. Eastern Orthodox uses Old Slavonic in its services. Hindus use Sanskrit. Muslims use classical Arabic. Serious Protestants prefer King James. Those differences aren't nearly as stark as Latin vs modern English, but they are always in the same direction.

In simple terms, more God means more grammar. In technical linguistic terms, tradition goes toward 'synthetic' and modernity goes toward 'isolating'.

Modernity is more efficient for damn sure. Measured by Shannon information, you can transfer the same message in a much shorter utterance when you skip the 'redundant' suffixes of Latin. English is unquestionably better for everyday business.

Those 'redundant' suffixes serve a more important formative purpose. Just as a trellis provides a guide and a reinforcement for a tomato vine, the synthetic morphs provide a training force and a supporting force for verbal thinking. When you cling to the immobile orthogonality of the trellis, you can still flex to face the sun, but you can't be torn apart by the wind.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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  Missed chance

One of the Tesla skeptics was forming a dubious metaphor between Elon's endgame and the Shawshank movie. He posted this screencap from the movie:

The warden has just discovered the tunnel leading to the sewer.

I've already debunked the tunnel. It couldn't have worked in the real Mansfield.

Since this year is the 50th anniversary of my time in Mansfield, I've been thinking about the experience again. Time for another debunk. This debunk is more serious because it's a more general time-displacement, and it's also just plain ODD.

The time displacement: Prison wardens didn't turn into smooth Soros-serving bureaucrat types until the '80s, so this character couldn't have been the warden at the supposed time of the movie.

Just plain ODD: The real Warden Copley was perfectly cinematic. He was Edward G. Robinson ON THE FUCKING DOT. Robinson wouldn't need to learn any new mannerisms or speech style to play Copley. Just do his standard routine.

So the producers made the usual time error, and also missed the chance to include a movie character in the movie.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
  More defensible spaces

Bolsonaro has just given Brazilians the official right of self-defense.

Por muito tempo, coube ao Estado determinar quem tinha ou não direito de defender a si mesmo, à sua família e à sua propriedade. Hoje, respeitando a vontade popular manifestada no referendo de 2005, devolvemos aos cidadãos brasileiros a liberdade de decidir.

He also loosened up rules on buying and carrying guns.

Since the criminals are ALREADY carrying guns, this should help to slow down the massive crime wave that was enabled by previous administrations.

As I've noted before, Bolsonaro is not an economic populist, but he doesn't need to be. Brazil's previous admins did a pretty good job of maintaining economic self-sufficiency. Bolsonaro's prime task is to bring down crime, and so far he's taking all the right steps. Hardass police action against the worst gangs, and now giving ordinary people more confidence in their physical and legal ability to defend themselves.

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  Groundhog May

After two years of fucking around and producing nothing, May put her fuckup to a vote, and Parliament resoundingly defeated it. Commentators say this is the strongest defeat for any PM in recent centuries.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has the chance to start over and spend another two years fucking around and producing nothing. She will then put the fuckup to a vote, and Parliament will resoundingly defeat it.

Now she has th


  Might work

Turley is focusing on Salvini's initiative toward Poland. I hadn't paid much attention because Salvini is a Labrador, always trying to make friends with everyone. Some of his attempts bear fruit, some don't.

This particular meeting is more important for a reason that Turley doesn't hit.

Poland is SOLIDLY anti-Soros and SOLIDLY populist, but it has 1000 years of historical reasons to avoid any alliance with Russia, no matter how remote. Until now Poland has been trying to maintain links with USA and NATO, which isn't going to work.

Salvini's purely Euro alliance is not tied to Russia, and already has a fairly strong Catholic flavor. Poland may be more willing to publicly join this alignment.


  Smarter than it sounds, but still dumb

Headline: Who was the first artist?

The article is about the first Okies, the first Deplorables, the first Three-Toothed Hillbillies Named Bubba. At first it sounds like the usual modern bigotry.
What if, long before Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, the Neanderthals were humanity’s first artists? At any rate, this is the hypothesis raised by new dating of Spanish rock paintings published in February 2018 in the journal Science (link is external),indicating that the hands and animals depicted on the walls of three caves date back 65,000 years. This would mean that they were painted 25,000 years before the arrival of the first Homo sapiens in the Iberian peninsula.
If you follow Darwin, this bigotry is inevitable. Darwin postulated gradually increasing complexity, so of course WE are the top of the stack because we come AFTER the Okies. Hey dude, this is 2019. Get with it. We know now that Global Warming is real, that males are toxic, that gender is unreal, that Robert Mueller is the highest source of moral judgments, that Soros is God and Hillary is his Prophetess. Get with the pogrom or take one for the team.

If you face facts about genes, you see that the genome started with EVERYTHING and gradually lost different pieces for each species and individual. From this angle, Neanderthal art isn't a puzzle. We still have the genetic capacity to make artistic representations, so our ancestors also had the capacity. Probably more of it.

But this author is asking a more detailed and interesting question. Since these cave paintings show talent plus skill, the painter must have spent time developing his skill.
In fact, what determines artists’ status is the position they hold in society. “The term ‘artist’ refers to a socio-professional category of specialists whose social identity stems from the production of graphic or visual art,” Bourdier adds. However, for both the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens of the Upper Palaeolithic (35,000 to 10,000 years ago), there is almost no trace of these social identities.
Translating the jargon, he seems to mean that the hillbillies knew how to delegate and divide tasks, allowing people to exchange their specialized labor for other specialized labor. Bubba didn't leave us any organizational spreadsheets, so we don't know if the artist had an assigned role.

Again the Grand Blueprint answers the question without any written evidence. All colonies and hives, from bacterial biofilms to coral reefs to beehives to elephants to humans, have divided labor and assigned tasks. Neanderthals didn't come before bacterial biofilms, so OF COURSE they had division of labor. Probably better than ours.

A more important question is why modern humans insist on SPEEDING UP the natural degradation of genetic complexity by rigidly assuming that our current monstrous genocidal psychotic deanimation is the highest and best stage of culture.

We are rapidly breaking down all borders and boundaries, including the boundaries between jobs and social roles. We are killing massive segments of the population, based SPECIFICALLY on skills. When "everybody can be anything", everybody is nothing.

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Monday, January 14, 2019
  Frunks and fakes

A couple of small and wildly unrelated data points seen today.

= = = = =

1. Along with the thousands of serious and deadly defects in Tesla cars, one owner is complaining that the frunk allowed a few inches of snow to fall into the body when he opened it. This is NOT a defect in the car. Most hoods and trunks will drop snow into the opening if you DON'T SCOOP THE FUCKING SNOW OFF before opening the lid. This driver is accustomed to letting the car do everything for him, and no longer pays attention to basic physics. The myth of autonomous cars has already deanimated drivers while driving; now they're deanimated while loading shit into the car.

= = = = =

2. Norway's ECOLOGICAL POLICE is suing a streaming service for "faking" something or other. In fact the streaming service is just using its own numbers to pay higher royalties to the musicians it wants to keep.

THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL in every sort of publishing from books to music to movies. Smart publishers want to bring in the largest possible audience while also pulling new artists upward to replace the current fads when the current fads fade. Variable royalties, like variable interest rates, are a natural and useful feedback mechanism. Smaller artists can sometimes negotiate the rate upward with a little persuasion, which is the traditional job of AGENTS. If a publisher is FORCED to pay the same royalty to big and small artists, it will simply DROP the small artists.

= = = = =

Both of these items are steps in DEANIMATION. Especially in the tech world, claims of cybersecurity and cyberethics are weaponized to remove ordinary caution and self-defense from invididuals. The worst part is that individuals WILLINGLY strip off their own feedback and defense mechanisms.

= = = = =

[Polistra wanted to point out that SOME frunks don't have this problem.]

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  How sweet thy voice

A massively important discovery about plant intelligence by an Israeli group including Chamovitz, who literally wrote the book on smarty-plants.

In short: Plants hear with their petals.

It's been known for a long time that plants respond to mechanical vibration by insects walking on stems or chewing leaves or touching flowers. Many of those responses (Venus flytrap, mimosa, snapdragon, clover) are quick and visible. There has been a lot of speculation about true hearing of airborne sounds, but no firm evidence until this set of experiments.

A possible plant organ that could relay the airborne acoustic signal into a response is the flower itself, especially in flowers with “bowl” shape. If this is the case, we expect that part of the flower (or the entire flower) would vibrate physically in response to the airborne sound of a potential pollinator. We further predict that nectar sugar concentration would increase in response to the sound.
The researchers used all sorts of tricks to isolate the sensor and check the frequency response. The hypothesis was verified. A sound similar to the wingbeats of a plant's preferred pollinator causes a temporary sweetening of the nectar. The sweetening takes a few minutes to develop, so the first bee might not receive the signal. But the first bee is often a scout, so the sugar trap is fresh just in time for the mass of bees who respond to the scout.

The next step in research is to find the mechanism. If the petals are the tympanic membrane, where is the cochlea? More likely the petals ARE the cochlea, directly transducing pressure change.

I discussed this parallel in my earlier piece on Chamovitz, but at that time the basic question about airborne sound hadn't been answered. I was thinking in terms of acoustic response by roots and stems. Now that the petals are known to be the sensors, the parallel is blatantly clear.

The cochlea is a logarithmic spiral because frequencies are sensed logarithmically.

Many flowers are also log spirals.

How about the opposite parallel? Do animals sweeten their pheromones on hearing the voice of the preferred mating type? A preferred sound certainly creates a whole-body pleasure via the vagus nerve and parasympathetic system. The vagus controls many secretions in the skin and gut, and also picks up olfactory signals from incoming pheromones.

So this is highly likely but not yet determined.

= = = = =

Later astonished thought: The delayed sweetness is truly remarkable. It shows that the plant's intelligence is ANTICIPATING a future event and STRATEGIZING to match the beehive's strategy. Other plant responses are much faster and simpler. The snapdragon bops the bee on the head to knock it down into the pollen, and the clover ticks each floret out of the way after it's been consumed.

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  Hedges vs vines

Polistra's First Law: Ignore words, observe actions.

Headline from WSJ:

Harvard quietly amasses California vineyards—and the water underneath

Making a bet on climate change, the university’s $39 billion endowment has been snapping up farmland and the related water rights.

Harvard's ACTIONS show that the elites understand CO2 is good for the earth. They understand that plants love warmth and CO2. Vineyards are in fact doing extremely well in recent years.

It's smart to bet on plants in a period that is plant-friendly.

It's even smarter to convince the SUCKERS that CO2 is an apocalyptic world-ending poison. The SUCKERS will then underprice their land, believing that the world is about to end.

Classic Wall Street trick, expanded into a classic cult trick.

Smartest of all: After convincing the SUCKERS that their land is precarious, use Carbon Taxes and Carbon Regulations to FORCE them to sell. And there you have the Carbon Cult.

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