Wednesday, July 28, 2021
  Best analysis ever

I was looking for Neil Postman's discussion of media mind control, and found a BEAUTIFUL essay in an unlikely context: A blog on Jazz!

The core point:
Do we need multiple angles and resolutions for a simple interview? Do we need a montage of shots held for less than a second each to introduce a program? Is it possible for any Hollywood suit to approve of a movie trailer that doesn’t end in an orgasm of glimpses? This fragmented presentation is no more an example of style (in any meaningful sense) than smashing a guitar to bits against a howling amplifier is an example of “controlled feedback.” The attempt to communicate via the mind is abandoned for an indulgent assault on the recipient’s senses.

MTV has cultivated its own audio-visual language, with snippets of songs and disconnected video clips being the main tissue of the channel’s reality-oriented shows. Nothing is developed in linear fashion (although it may be edited to give such an impression); no mood is sustained for longer than a few seconds; and Nononono / Time / isallowedfor Re-FLEC/tion or ac.tive. thoughtproc-esses. It’s entertainment for the mentally impaired. (And this same channel presumes to tell people how to vote.)

My question is what the cut-up sensibility (oxymoron) will do, in the long run, to how people receive and process information. I suppose the long run will tell. In the meantime, I’m convinced that jumpy presentation is one way to make the viewer believe in information that isn’t there.
The verbal illustration of ASYNCHRONOUS TIME is brilliant and concise. You can hear the same tricks in the output of professional talkers like Rush and Beck.

I've been focusing lately on star beacons and clock-like mechanisms in an effort to pray a counterforce against asynchrony.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
  Random auto question

Why didn't Ford take over the Muntz Jet?

Rereading old auto mags as usual, I was struck by the Fordness of the Jet. It used a Ford flathead engine, and it looked exactly like the sporty version of a '49 Mercury.

Muntz produced the Jet in low quantities from 1950 to 1954, but he didn't have the capital to streamline production. He couldn't sell it for a high enough price to cover the hand labor in his small factory. After losing $400K of his own money, he gave up.

As part of Ford, the loss per unit could have been amortized as a halo car, and Ford engineers could have improved production methods.

Chrysler, not known for brilliant marketing, nevertheless made a smarter decision in this department. Chrysler worked with Ghia to turn out a low-volume sports car based on one of Ghia's concept cars. The Dual-Ghia later spawned the Facel Vega, still using Chrysler hemis. These weren't strictly in-house, but Chrysler's cooperation and advertising helped.

The Jet could have been sold as a Mercury sportster without any styling change.


  One little connection

The Lewis hagiography of God Mecher didn't answer most of the important questions. I just realized that it did answer ONE of my incidental questions.

Before all the lockdowns and ballgags started, the VA hospital in this neighborhood was supposedly "treating" several "patients" with the "virus". Later I wondered why the VA hospital was selected as an infection center. One thing I knew for sure: if the "virus" was as infectious as the monsters told us, everyone in this neighborhood would be dead. The selection of the VA also argued against the China connection.

The book gives the simple answer. Mecher had moved around government "bioterror" circles for a while, and settled himself into the VA because he decided that the VA would be the best place to organize a national holocaust. It was the largest single group or corporation of hospitals, and it followed strict centralized rules. So the selection was just practical from his viewpoint, and had nothing to do with China or veterans.


Monday, July 26, 2021
  Theorigenic blindness

UncommonDescent notes the death of Weinberg, one of the major leaders of CERN. They give several quotes along these lines:

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

In fairness I don't know anything about Weinberg except his leadership of CERN. He might have said some sane things on other subjects. I'm really talking about CERN itself, and secondarily about Weinberg as a major spokesman for CERN.

Before the "virus" holocaust turned Public Health into the biggest threat, CERN was the biggest threat to the planet. CERN has been working intensively to create a black hole which will OBLITERATE THE PLANET.

You talk about war? That's a war to end all wars.

Weinberg shows what happens when science becomes the "life partner" of Deepstate, serving as the God Of War And Genocide.

He sees COMPETING religions as subhuman neanderthals who must be EXTERMINATED.

He doesn't see his OWN religion, Science, as the most infinitely destructive of all religions.


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  Thanks, Elon!

For the first time we're seeing some pushback from PEOPLE WHO COUNT.

Los Angeles has resumed full holocaust after a brief break, as demonic psychopaths always do.

Elon fights back. He states clearly that the new mandate is ANTI-SCIENCE, and states clearly that he will NOT require ballgags in his facilities.

In NYC, the big bankers are trying to slow down DeBlasio, who hasn't yet resumed full murder as of the current picosecond.

Elon and Bankers are leaders in the universe of SHARE VALUE, which is more powerful than any courts or citizens.

Just before the start of the holocaust in Feb 2020, the SHARE VALUE crowd was pushing hard FOR lockdowns. Now the same crowd is saying NOT AGAIN.

When normal humans resist, they just get beaten to death. When Dimon and Musk resist, Deepstate is more inclined to listen. Both are CONNECTED to the blackmail network, so they have leverage.

Hope and pray. Hope and pray. Hope and pray.

Polistra repeats the prayer, not that it ever helped.

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  Sabine's test

Hossenfelder offers a smart 'decision point' for fashionable nonsense in physics, like Dark Matter, Dark Energy, String Theory, and Multiverses.

She credits Lakatos for this rule:

Is this speculation clearly leading to results, or has it gone on for a long time without leading anywhere?

She then runs through the list and shows that all of them have been processed for decades without any progress. There's no map, no gradual development of better ideas and techniques. Just the same question tossed back and forth.

I'd use a more practical test:

Are you trying to SOLVE A REAL PROBLEM? Are you trying to help real people live better? If so, keep trying for as long as necessary. If not, stop**.

Some lines of invention and development can run for a long time with no progress. Easy example: Flying. For thousands of years we dreamed of flying like a bird, and hundreds of inventors tried and died.

Flight had to wait for two things: Chemical understanding of gases, and engines. After we understood buoyancy, balloons were possible. After engines, Wright Flight was possible.

Birds didn't give us the slightest hint of these two methods, though we realized after using balloons that birds have a controllable internal hot-air balloon.

Flight is a real problem with a determinate solution. We knew when it was solved because we were able to fly long distances consistently and regularly. Still, it took thousands of years and hundreds of external prerequisites before we could see the path to solution. The solution was perfectly invisible until reciprocating steam engines started turning fans.

Theories do not solve problems. Theories provide mental exercise for theorists, and provide tenure and grants for academicians.

Relying on theories leads to GENOCIDE every fucking time.


= = = = =

** Clarification from the science as entertainment view. Tossing around theories is a form of entertainment for some hobbyists. When I say STOP, I really mean STOP USING GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS AND AUTHORITY TO PURSUE YOUR PRIVATE ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to discuss sci-fi on your own time, or make money writing stories and videos for other hobbyists, that's wonderful. Entertainment is a good and necessary part of life. But GOVERNMENTAL FUNDS AND ARMIES AND AUTHORITY should never be involved in private entertainment.

Later, a perfect example via RCS. Philosophers working for public universities are arguing about what would happen if an unusual human didn't have consciousness but appeared to have consciousness. The entire subject of consciousness fits firmly in the Lakatos category. No possibility of any progress, utterly and conclusively pointless and resultless by every possible standard. These TAX-PAID philosophers have managed to make the subject even more convolutedly hyperpointless than it was before.

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  I wake for beauty

Since my computer failed last week (entirely my own damn fault!) I've been reconstructing my various workspaces in a 'newer' computer that I had in storage. Important stuff was well preserved on daily backups, but I never bothered to preserve my bedtime playlist. So I rebuilt it from CDs and from downloads. Clearing and rebuilding was probably a good thing. I was able to bring back some good episodes that I had forgotten.

One episode of 'Can you imagine that' includes a perfectly beautiful rendition of the 1937 song Marquita by the Transcription Company Chorale.

This episode wakes me up just before the song starts every time. There's nothing noisy in the rest of the episode, no gunshots or screams, just calm courteous Lindsay MacHarrie narrating. Nevertheless, my mind catches something in the narration and wakes me up just in time to appreciate the perfection.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021
  Thanks, Discovery Institute!

Occasionally I toss various amounts toward crowdfunds and kickstarts. I always toss enough to get the 'merch', whether it's a t-shirt or a mug or whatever. I've never actually received anything, and the projects never actually produced their video or book.

Finally an exception. I donated $300 toward Discovery Institute's new ID video, and they immediately sent a nice fat packet of CDs and posters on design.

Reminds me of the packets I used to get back in the '50s when I sent a postage stamp or an IRC for 'free literature'. Companies were happy to promote their products, sending posters and magazines and samples of new materials like Mylar. I always looked forward to 'literature', and this packet has the same pleasant feel.

I needed some pleasant feedback this week, and Discovery provided it. Thanks!

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  Possible answer to an old question

Dubious thought, sort of makes sense.

We're ramping up our fake noise against China this year, blaming China for our own sins. Most of the time we blame Russia for our own sins, but other countries take a turn occasionally.

Thinking about our voluntary suicide led to a possible realization.

Fact: In the 80s China sent thousands of spies into universities and government research facilities, acting as "students". They were obviously working for China, and obviously spying. I saw it.

Fact: The Tiananmen thing happened at the height of this spying. Reagan went to China to give a speech on "freedom", and many Chinese students responded to his appeal.

Fact: Americans were appropriately suspicious of the Chinese spies UNTIL Tiananmen. After Tiananmen we welcomed them as "defectors" and "rebels", which they weren't. I felt the same way.

Fact: Reagan wasn't breaking any rules. The Chinese government knew what he was going to say, and allowed him to say it.

Question: Why did they allow Reagan to stir up protests?

Fact: All protests are government projects, here and in China and everywhere.

Pivot point: The dude who stood down the tanks and survived. When our FBI brings in the tanks, it NEVER NEVER NEVER allows a survivor or witness who might snitch. I doubt that the Chinese version would be MORE soft and tolerant. He was intended to survive, to energize the Americans. We felt that we were making progress in "helping" China to become "capitalist", while in fact China was already capitalist and we were anti-capitalist. ..... [But the softness might be real. Post-Mao China has vastly more respect for individual property rights than US. 90% of Chinese own their homes, vs 65% of Americans. When a homeowner stands firm against the bulldozers, China builds the road around him. Maybe the same applies to individual life?]

Dubious conclusion: Tiananmen was planned by both Deepstates working together. It was designed to soften and sweeten our surrender to China.


  Same fucking thing

Demon Inslee temporarily decreased his "virus" holocaust at the end of June. So far (as of this second anyway) he hasn't resumed the "virus" holocaust. Now at the end of July the Demon, along with the legislative demons in Seattle, are unleashing a new form of hell.

July 22:
The role of law enforcement is changing; however, public safety for all in our local communities has been and continues to be our number one priority. Recent legislatively mandated police reforms in Washington State reflect changing societal expectations and focus on reducing police interactions and decreasing potential uses of force by law enforcement. In practice, the reforms will require law enforcement to evaluate responses to non-criminal calls and the role of law enforcement filling every gap in public services. Calls for service that involve law enforcement will be even more measured and deliberate to reduce the potential of interactions requiring use of force, and to follow the new laws, which go into effect July 25.

Washington’s law enforcement agencies are not de-policing. Adapting, reforming and reimagining the public service of law enforcement is common to responsible and responsive organizations. It is also challenging. As a result of the changes required by law from the 2021 legislative session, law enforcement’s response to certain calls, and tactics while at the scene, will be significantly different from past practices. As these changes are implemented, it is essential for communities to engage with their respective law enforcement agencies constructively to understand and adapt to both intended and perhaps unintended changes to service capacity, delivery, and outcomes.

= = = = =

July 24:

The community is adapting AS EXPECTED to "unanticipated changes to service delivery"!
Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives charged two males and booked both into jail as the investigation into what led up to last night’s fight and deadly shooting at Ichabod’s East in Spokane Valley continues.

Suspect 1: Alexandro Aguilar, 29-years-old, was charged with one count of Murder 1st Degree, one count of Murder 1st Degree (attempted), and two counts of Assault 1st Degree. Suspect 2: Anthony J. Bonds Jr., 26-years-old, was charged with Assault 2nd Degree. The male gunshot victim who sustained life-threatening injuries remains hospitalized and was listed in critical condition at last check.

The female gunshot victim received medical treatment for her wounds and was later released.
Good job, community! Doing just what the demons unintended!

The purpose is the same.


In the "virus" holocaust, the ruling psychopaths took EXQUISITELY PRECISE AND THOROUGH MEASURES to eliminate all natural immunity to disease.

In the "defunding" holocaust, the ruling psychopaths are eliminating all natural and artificial immunity to crime.

In both cases the rulers are fraudulently "responding" to a NONEXISTENT FICTIONAL MADE-UP MANUFACTURED FAKE THREAT (an ordinary flu virus, cops killing "innocent" blacks) by removing all REAL DEFENSES against REAL THREATS.

The demons are working FOR viruses and gangs, and working AGAINST humans and civilization.

It's an all-consuming all-flanks war against humanity, the biggest crime in all of human history redoubled.

This is how psychopaths work. Change the rules, force obedience, change the rules, force obedience, change the rules, force obedience. Never give the victim a chance to recover.

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Saturday, July 24, 2021
  Apologies to Jeffrey Tucker

The basic principle of science is

Don't trust. Verify.

Never take words as authority. Think in Science As Entertainment mode. When you see a science article, treat it as an advertisement or attention grabber. "Hey! Look at this! I've found something really neat!" If you also think it's neat, verify it by your own experience, or your own observations, or your own experiments if possible.

Carver as always:


When Jeffrey Tucker called attention to the Michael Lewis book on the holocaust, I was suspicious. Tucker cited one BIG FACT from the book, but seemed to dismiss the book as written from the wrong viewpoint. We need ALL THE FACTS, and if Lewis was bringing in a load of facts, his viewpoint shouldn't matter.

In 2020 I learned to follow Carver UNIVERSALLY, so I started with the hypothesis that Tucker was protecting his own turf.


I bought the book (not from Amazon) and skimmed through it.

Tucker was exactly right, and I apologize for doubting him.

The book does have a few interesting facts, but it misses ALL the important points, totally ignores the inversion of science, and leaves out the 15 years of development between the 2005 initiative and the 2020 holocaust.

The book should have been titled

Why I am God

By Carter Mecher, as told to Michael Lewis.

Lewis doesn't know anything about science, so he didn't question or kick down any of the anti-science premises of the Mecher conspiracy.

Most notably, Mecher's plan was based on the notion that we fucked up the 1918 flu epidemic by NOT muzzling and NOT distancing and NOT lockdowning. We must get it right this time.

The facts instantly disprove this notion.

1. We tried all of those nasty tricks in 1918 and found that they didn't work. Our public health establishment was still operating IN science in 1918, and they were able to LEARN from experimental results.

2. The 1918 epidemic was a mix of virus and pneumococcus bacteria. Our scientists at the time didn't fully understand viruses, but they did fully understand bacteria, and they knew what they were seeing. MOST of the infections and deaths were from the bacteria. In 1918 WE DIDN'T HAVE ANTIBIOTICS against bacteria. Penicillin was discovered in 1928, and related antibiotics weren't really universal until WW2.

Fucking constants and fucking variables. The virus is a constant, but it wasn't the important factor in the 1918 deaths. The lockdown shit is a variable. It was tried AS A VARIABLE in 1918, and found to fail. After that, public health knew that lockdown shit didn't work. Bacteria, and defenses against bacteria, are two more variables. No bacteria in the 2020 illness, and even if the bacteria were present, we can handle them now.

Mecher deliberately skipped over those constants and variables and ASSERTED that lockdown shit would work this time, because Mecher said so.

Michelet as always:
Here lies Sprenger's real merit, which is beyond dispute. He is a fool, but an intrepid fool; boldly and unflinchingly he lays down the least acceptable doctrines. Another man would have tried to elude, attenuate, soften objections, —but this is not his way. Beginning on the first page, he sets down openly and displays one by one the natural, self-evident reasons there are for disbelieving the satanic miracles. This done, he adds coldly, "Merely so many heretic mistakes." And never pausing to refute the reasons given, he copies out the texts on the other side, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Bible, legends, canonists, and commentators. First he shows you what common sense has to say, then pulverises it by weight of authority.

The method is everywhere identical. Good common sense first of all, followed by a direct frontal attack, a downright, unhesitating negation of common sense. It would seem natural enough, for instance, to say that, love being in the soul already, it is hardly necessary to assume the mysterious intervention of the Evil One to be required. Is not this fairly self-evident? Not so, says Sprenger.

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Friday, July 23, 2021
  3 Cs

Interesting graphs from a poll of age groups by MorningConsult. The poll focused on CRT, Capitalism, and Cancel Culture.

CRT and Capitalism are perfectly linear by age. The oldest hate CRT and love Capitalism, the youngest love CRT and hate Capitalism.

Cancel is a total exception. EVERYONE hates it. The graph is linear EXCEPT for Gen Z, who hate it even more than boomers. The youngest part of Gen Z hates it the most. Why? Probably because they see it on a personal level as a form of bullying. The cancel bullies are mostly within that age group, but this stat would indicate that the bullies are a small part of the cohort.

The real problem, of course, is NOT within Gen Z. The problem is corporate and school administrators who respond instantly to the worst part of Gen Z. Bullies and Karens are part of every generation. These particular bullies have been granted a unique amount of LEVERAGE. One bully can ruin everyone.

Maybe this stat will help those admins to see that they're HARMING Gen Z instead of helping.

Where would I fit on the graphs? Pretty much out of the chalk lines. Born in 1949, toward the oldest end of boomers. I hate capitalism passionately and rationally. I think CRT is a silly fad not worth thinking about and not worth fighting over. I think Cancel is normal and inevitable, with a momentary peak right now that will automatically fade.

The vast majority of "questions" on Quora are generated automatically by human bots in India who are picking up a little bit of money. The automatic nature is easy to suspect and hard to prove... but not always. Quora lists similar questions, not yet answered, under one question that is answered.

Like a fucking odometer.


Thursday, July 22, 2021
  Wolf as usual

As usual, Wolf points out that MOST of the economic shit comes from long-lasting corporate treason and crimes. SOME of it comes from the 2020 holocaust. The pattern is consistent, 70% old crimes, 30% new crimes.

As usual, Wolf shows it with facts and the best graphs in the world.

Today he features a whiny complaint from a railroad baron:
“Nor did we anticipate that a lot of the people were going to decide they didn’t want to work anymore. So attrition was much higher in the first half of the year than what we had expected,” he said.

Before the railroads blame the 33% cut in the workforce on the pandemic, let’s point out that by February 2020, just before the pandemic, their headcount had already been cut by 46,000 workers, or by 26%, to 128,000. Only 12,000 workers were cut during the pandemic.

The resulting deterioration in service triggered numerous complaints from shippers. But one of the big benefits was that the workforce could be slashed, which fattened the profit margins at the railroads. Wall Street analysts loved it, and it was good for railroad stocks.


Also as usual, Wolf's commenters know what they're talking about:
Yup, railroads have been cutting jobs for decades in Canada. And now with the latest wildfires they will have to rehire brakemen as a freight train most likely started the Lytton disaster fire. They will now have to slow down and also monitor. They substituted instrumentation for brakemen…and as a result there have been some absolutely dreadful accidents the last 10 years.
The basic permanent fact is that people DO want to work. People desperately want a two-way contract with employers, where both sides have obligations and both sides must PAY FOR VALUE. People are terminally tired of giving 110% and then being tossed like toilet paper to add .000000001 micropenny to ALMIGHTY SHARE VALUE.

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  Rereading Percy

Walker Percy's Love In The Ruins is the best prophetic dystopia for our age. The novel was written in 1971, much later than Orwell and Huxley, so some of the social prophecies aren't especially prophetic.

Percy includes a lot of 'woke' and 'cancel' shit, which would look prophetic if you weren't in academia in the '70s. In fact all of this shit has infected academia for exactly 1000 years, and today's version isn't much worse than the '70s.

Oddly for a non-tech writer, his tech predictions are more prophetic than his social observations. He shows Barack and Michelle Obama driving a Toyota electric car, and the apocalypse is induced by cellphones working for NSA. On the dot.

The plot pivots on the 'trial' of old Mr Ives, in the form of a Grand Rounds theater in a medical school. Mr Ives has been resisting 'care' and 'wellness' in a nursing home. Ives has been digging in the nursing home grounds, claiming to be looking for the Fountain of Youth. Obvious evidence of dementia.

The 'trial' is aimed at sending Ives off to the Happy Isle Separation Center, ie the gas chamber. The Percy character is trying to get Ives released from the nursing home entirely. He uses his brain-influencing cellphone to loosen up Ives's tacit stubbornness, and Ives starts telling his actual story. He is an amateur archeologist, studying old native artifacts and languages. After he was committed to the nursing home, he figured out that a certain relic was likely to be under the grounds of the nursing home. He dug it up and used it as a Rosetta stone to decipher a previously uncrackable ancient language. The Percy character wins the case, but the novel immediately rambles off into the apocalyptic chaos generated by the cellphones. So we don't find out what happens to Mr Ives.

My previous rereading of the book was 10 years ago. At that time the character of Mr Ives resonated strongly, but I didn't see the precise prediction of eugenics aimed at oldsters. Now we're there. Goddess Greta ordered the world to Kill Granny, and the entire world obeyed in mechanical unison.

= = = = =

Last week's forced 'wellness' appointment in the medical torture chamber echoed Mr Ives. I was tacitly resistant, knowing full well that anything I said would be used against me. Afterward the clinic sent a brief note of the visit as standard procedure. Along with the weight and blood pressure and test results, the note said

Pt expressed dissatisfaction at being required to be here.

Well, that's accurate. Pt actually said "Just write the prescription and let me get out of here." But if Pt had been anywhere but the Star Chamber, Pt would have expressed considerably more than dissatisfaction. Pt has been expressing RAGE in this blog.

During 2020, Pt has been frantically engaged in amateur science, doing real experiments and animating old machines and places as a form of spiritual warfare. Pt has been sending out prayers to show the PROPER use of science as entertainment and improvement, trying to jam the overmodulated signals from SCIENCE AS GOD OF WAR AND GENOCIDE.

Pt performed one real experiment a few years earlier that actually fits the novel. The Percy character invented a portable brain analyzer. His satanic assistant Art Immelmann, who works for "considerably higher than FBI", modified the analyzer into a brain controller.

In 2018 Pt built a replica of Hubbard's original E-meter, which was billed as an analyzer. Pt proved that it was actually a controller, generating a panic response in Pt's body. Pt was SCARED SHITLESS and immediately disassembled the project.

Was Percy thinking of Hubbard? It's possible, considering that Hubbard's cult was at its peak in the '70s. MANY rich and famous fuckheads were Hubbard robots. One reviewer mentions that Percy used Hubbardites as characters in other books.

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