Saturday, August 18, 2018
  Don't be there.

Listening to the latest little Anglican dialog. Ashenden mentions that he recently participated in a BBC talk show, which went the way Satan's media always goes. Ashenden was the sole heretic in a firepit of Inquisitors, and got barbecued. Ashenden is the Perfect Englishman, always polite and understated and cautious but FIRM in his beliefs. None of that counts in a room full of acetylene torches. If you are THERE, you will be CRISPED.

A while back I wrote:

If you want to "change the world", there's absolutely no ACTIVE way to do it. The best you can do is AVOID strengthening Deepstate. All you can do is STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these atrocious fake puppet shows. Don't invite "controversial" speakers, don't join protests, don't join movements. Speak the truth when possible, do your duty.

Clearly Ashenden would have done better to follow this new rule. When you KNOW GOOD AND GODDAMN WELL that your presence will only REINFORCE AND STRENGTHEN SATAN, you should stay home. Take a nap. Take a walk. Make things. Do your duty.

Just now I realized: This new rule runs contrary to a long-established rule for dealing with bureaucratic or organizational opponents. CP Snow put it simply: BE THERE. I'm sure other realists like Machiavelli and Drucker have made the same rule in other ways.

BE THERE has been repealed.

It MIGHT still work in meetings with EXACTLY ZERO political and cultural content. If you're going to be discussing details of a project or product, you need to be sure your error-feedback and concerns are strongly represented.

But those EXACTLY ZERO meetings are disappearing FAST.

= = = = =

Alternate view after reading the latest in the hilarious Elon saga.

Besides passive self-defense, there's a more positive reason to let the Soros side do all of the BEING THERE.

Too much BEING is harmful. Elon tries to BE EVERYWHERE, from Thailand to his various fake factories to his various mansions to all media channels at once. Everywhere he BES, he does harm to his own interests. He would do much less harm with a lot less BEING.

In earlier and saner eras, the WHOLE FUCKING POINT of becoming a rich and powerful executive was that you didn't have to BE anywhere in particular. You chose your managers carefully and gave them plenty of MODULARITY, plenty of room to respond to their various customers and employees.

You weren't allowed to gain profit by stock manipulation because stock manipulation was illegal. So you had to figure out how to increase PROFIT from ACTUAL PRODUCTION with ACTUAL EMPLOYEES selling to ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. And the best way do all of that was to BE ELSEWHERE. Let the managers and submanagers handle their modules and levels. This is hardly surprising because this is exactly how Nature does it.

You could then enjoy your rich life. You could winter in Palm Springs and summer in St Moritz.

Modern Sorosian globalists are global all the way. Each globalist assumes that he is the universe. When you're the universe, you can't allow any little piece of reality to run without your IMMEDIATE AND DIRECT COMMAND. Nobody else knows how to do anything because you've never given them a chance to learn. Machines and organizations are incapable of running on their own. There are no laws of physics or behavior. There is only your universal and absolute WILL.

This obviously gets tiresome, and in the end it simply DOESN'T WORK.

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  Proved something else

Via ScienceDaily, an IgNobelish experiment proving an interesting but useless point.

Can you break one rod of dry spaghetti into exactly two pieces? Apparently it's very difficult. The free ends after the first break still have plenty of momentum, and now they're free to overshoot and vibrate, which causes more breakage down the line. (Human analogy left as exercise for reader.)

Why useless? Nobody breaks one spaghetto. Real cooks break a bundle, which always breaks cleanly. Each stick is constrained by its neighbors, so there's no overshoot or resonance. (Human analogy left as exercise for reader.)

The more interesting (but still obvious) proof relates to the experimenters, not the experiment.

1. "So Heisser built a mechanical fracture device to controllably twist and bend sticks of spaghetti."

2. "In parallel, Patil began to develop a mathematical model to explain how twisting can snap a stick in two."

Heisser builds the machine, Patil builds the math.

Nuff said.


Friday, August 17, 2018
  WMDs prove the opposite

Back in 2008 when I was STARTING to open my mind but hadn't gone all the way because I hadn't unplugged the TV, I wrote this piece on non-intervention.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Here is a three-minute segment of a CBS news program in 1951. Ed Murrow took bits and pieces from Robert Taft and Harry Truman, the probable candidates in '52, and created a "debate" on our role in the world. Taft was the last major candidate who believed in supporting America's direct interests. Of course he didn't get the nomination in '52, and we haven't had a real nationalist since then.

Today the parties have more or less reversed, though both sides have become blurry and squishy. In general the Bush-McCain side wants us to intervene everywhere all the time, while the Obama side wants us to intervene almost everywhere for a slightly different, and perhaps slightly smaller, set of reasons.

Transcribing Taft:

"Either we have to assume that the Russians are not going to attack Western Europe, or we have to assume that they are. If they are not going to attack, then our buildup is unnecessary. If they are planning an attack, why should they bother to wait three years while we build up a great army to oppose them? They would attack now."

Thinking in terms of modern Russia or Persia, we have to remember that these countries know how to play chess. If we are doing something that makes emotional sense but doesn't make strict military sense, perhaps we should ask whether the opponent has led us into this move. If we are spending our military into bankruptcy for a purpose that looks good but is strictly unachievable (eg a Young Democracy In The Broader Middle East) perhaps this is exactly what Russia wants us to do.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

I won't reprint the whole thing because I was still making some lethally stupid media-driven assumptions about Islam, which I couldn't shake off until I unplugged the TV in 2010. I was also falsely assuming that Russia was a real enemy.

The Taft argument is still powerful. When TV and politicians fearmonger about a "threat" posed by an "enemy", you have to ask why the threat hasn't been implemented yet.

I was thinking about this in connection with "cyberthreats" and EMP. "Cyberthreats" are pretty much this decade's rerun of EMP, which was a popular "threat" in the 80s and 90s. Some people are still convinced that Russia, or other Current Enemy, is getting ready to set off a small nuke in the air.

EMP and its relative the 'dirty nuke' have always been achievable. There's more than enough enriched uranium outside of official channels to make these weapons.

EMP has been possible and achievable for many decades but it HASN'T BEEN USED. In fact it hasn't even been THREATENED.

The same goes for "cyberthreats". Hacking is certainly a weapon, and it's certainly achievable. Lots of small criminals use identity theft and blackmail tricks. Some of those criminals are in Russia, some in US, most in third-world countries. But the only nation-level cyberhacks have been made by NSA. First against Russian oil refineries in the '80s, later against Persia's uranium factories.

Taft conclusion: There are no enemies who want to use these weapons. The "enemies" are false-flag hobgoblins constfucted by the crappy magicians of Deepstate.

= = = = =

** Constfucted: Beautiful accidental portmanteau word! I won't correct the typo.


  Answered and answered and answered

These three headlines at RT fit together nicely.

1. We hate Persia because it's religious. Persia is HORRIBLE because it requires women to dress modestly. Therefore we must BOMB PERSIA DOWN TO BEDROCK.

2. We must require women to dress modestly! We must KILL any organization or pageant that allows immodest dress!

3. We hate Russia because it's Christian. We must STRIP DOWN all "Russian" "meddlers" to utterly destroy their HORRIBLE insistence on modesty and morality and self-defense.

Answered and answered and answered.

What's the question?


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Thursday, August 16, 2018
  Dreamtime vs waketime again

Another fine example of dreamtime vs waketime imagination, as mentioned earlier. This was an episode of Blackstone Magic Detective, a low quality series I've been using at bedtime for the last month or two. I've established a consistent setting for each episode. Tonight I woke up immediately after a dream, so I could see the transition from dreamtime location and script to the familiar standard representation.

In the actual episode, a crowd is gathered on a bridge anxiously waiting for Blackstone to perform an underwater escape trick. A truck with a crane is lowering him down toward the water inside a "sealed" box. His assistant Rhoda is exciting the crowd with a description of the unavoidable drowning if Blackstone can't escape. The bridge in my wakemind is a standard location I use for all bridge scenes in books or radio shows. (Efficiency over creativity!)

In the dream, the crowd was gathered inside a concrete building in the OKC Zoo, anxiously waiting for news of an escaped elephant who might break in and trample us at any moment. Rhoda was an annoying female TV journalist who was using a payphone to call her station (Channel 70), exciting the viewers with a description of the mayhem that an elephant could cause.

Waketime = efficient amortization of prebuilt set modules. Same procedure I use in programming and graphics.

Dreamtime = instant and total originality in location and script.

= = = = =

Clearly two pieces of the actual sound filtered through to the dreamworld. The idea of escaping, and Rhoda exciting the crowd. After you add elephants to the two pieces, the rest is a consistent and well-formed narrative. But where did elephants come from? Nothing in the current playlist suggests elephants or zoos, and I hadn't been thinking about those subjects.

Where did Channel 70 come from? OKC's channels in the analog era were 4, 5, 9, 13, 25. I know them as well as I know any set of numbers. 70 would never have been a "news" station. The UHF band above 63 was short-range and used largely for quasi-closed-circuit systems like school district lecture channels.



Pluponents are idiots who "oppose" an evil by doing even more of the evil.
Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, last year quit their office jobs in Washington, DC, to embark on the journey. Austin, a vegan who worked for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Geoghegan, a vegetarian who worked in the Georgetown University admissions office, decided that they're were wasting their lives working.

"I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in front of a glowing rectangle, of coloring the best years of my life in swaths of grey and beige,” Austin wrote on his blog before he quit. “I’ve missed too many sunsets while my back was turned. Too many thunderstorms went unwatched, too many gentle breezes unnoticed.”

“People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. I don’t buy it," he continued. "Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own... By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”

However, Austin and Geoghegan's dream trip came to a tragic and gruesome end when they got to Tajikistan, a country with a known terrorist threat and in close proximity to a terrorist presence in northern Afghanistan. They were riding their bikes through the country on July 29 when a car rammed them, ​​according to CBS News. Five men got out of the car and stabbed the couple to death along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands.
Stabbing is a fairly active instantiation of a "make-believe concept". Maybe evil isn't just a construct? Nah.

= = = = =

Darwin Award is the first and most obvious response to these idiots, but their problem goes deeper.

Escaping from the digital world of screens, "swaths of grey and beige", is a rational desire. Lots of people do it right. These idiots missed the PURPOSE of escaping from digitality. Digitality is UNREAL. When you escape from UNREALITY, you should be moving into REALITY. You shouldn't be escaping into an even more extreme computer-based FANTASY.

When you escape from digital you are entering the ANALOG world. You should adjust your attitudes and expectations to appreciate and manipulate the ANALOG world.

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  GM Airflow?

Dodge Airflow trucks are fairly well known but still mysterious. From 1934 to 1940, Chrysler made about 300 of these. All were special orders for fleets, all were tankers. Some for gasoline, some for beer or milk. They came in several sizes and the styling was entirely different from regular Dodge trucks. Why did Chrysler, the master of uniformity and interchangeability, decide to spend massive amounts of design and tooling money for such a low-volume item? I haven't read a good explanation.

Now this, from a 1939 Billboard issue:

Note that these are "1935, 1936, 1937 models." Not just a one-off. Was this GM's attempted answer to the Airflow truck? It seems to borrow a lot of the styling. The internal projection screen on the "hydraulic raised roof" is even more astonishing. A drive-in screen for a drive-in theater!

Later: This design was predictive. If you look only at the lower light-colored 'fenders' piece, you've got a '49 Buick.


  Constants and variables 103, five little words edition

It's fun to watch the Romans "looking" for "solutions" to their thousand-year-old vices and sins, pretending that they just now "discovered" the problem.

Don't you think it's just a tad late? And given that you've had a thousand years ... really more like 1500 years ... to examine the problem, couldn't you at least locate the source of the problem?

Constants and variables point to the answer.

Other major religions don't have this particular problem. Among all the religions, many are too alien to form a comparison, but we can take the New Testament as a constant to form a narrower group.

Eastern Orthodox doesn't have the problem. Lutherans and other Protestants don't have the problem. Islam, branching off from the Eastern church and adding more prophecies, doesn't have the problem. LDS, branching from Protestants and adding more prophecies, doesn't have the problem.

Well, what's the variable? It's not quite binary, more like trinary. Here it is:

A man of one wife.

When Paul made this recommendation for church leaders, he was placing constraints in two directions. In the upward direction, he meant that a leader shouldn't be a man of great wealth and status, because polygamy was a privilege of wealth. In the downward direction, he meant that a leader should have ONE LOYAL WIFE and a normal household.

Rome has broken BOTH sides of the constraint. Priests and bishops have always been rich and powerful and wicked, and the Church has rewritten the Gospels to justify it. Prosperity Gospel all the way.

The lower constraint, one vs zero, is more important.

Basic fact of ALL life, from protozoa to plants to priests.

When a necessary item is abundant and available, we don't have a strong desire for it. We don't go to extraordinary lengths to acquire it. When a necessary item is absent, we develop a strong desire and take all sorts of steps, without normal limits, to acquire it.

This applies to food, air, water, security, status, and sex.

When a man has ONE LOYAL WIFE who is willing to give sex at appropriate times, his desire for the necessary item is controllable. He can sublimate the desire into caring and providing and nest-building.

= = = = =

The Eastern branch never departed from Paul's rule, and never acquired this particular problem. The Lutheran and Protestant branches SAW the problem and RETURNED to Paul. Islam and LDS sprang from non-Roman traditions and thus got it right without trying.

Practically speaking, the only REAL solution at this extremely late date is to disband the Roman evil entirely. You can't possibly undo 1500 years of perfect total absolute wickedness and atrocity.


  How long did it take?

I was wondering how long it would take for Satan's media to blame Populists for the bridge collapse in Italy.

Answer: about 24 hours.

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) faced scrutiny Wednesday because in 2013 its Genoa activists had opposed a planned road bypass. A provincial study by M5S had referred to the "fairytale (favoletta) of an imminent collapse of the Morandi Bridge."
As always, heretic witches are capable of time travel. In 2013 Five Star was a minor irritant, a clownish parody of politics, nowhere near the circles of power. Nevertheless, Five Star's 2013 comment blew up the bridge this week.

In the real world, infrastructure failure is one of the problems that ordinary people SEE AND UNDERSTAND, and it's one of the main drivers for Populism everywhere. In the real world, Five Star and Lega won the election BECAUSE the existing powers were letting the roads and bridges decay along with everything else. In the real world, the new government hasn't had time to START fixing infrastructure, let alone to COMPLETE the task.


  The good part, maybe

Speaking of "independent" media....
More than 300 news outlets are launching a campaign on Thursday to counter President Donald Trump's attacks and promote a free press.
Excellent logic.

Every media outlet in the country is intentionally conspiring to print the same anti-Trump editorial today.

This proves the importance of a "free" and "independent" media carrying an infinite variety of diverse opinions.

This firmly disproves Trump's obviously fake claim that the media are conspiring against him.

= = = = =

The good part, I guess: The media are so far beyond all imaginable boundaries of sanity, rationality, and humanity that they can't even see what they're doing.

Alternative view: They DO know what they're doing. This fits perfectly into the corporate pattern of intentionally driving away your own customers. The media were leaders in this trend, repelling and disgusting their own readers for 30 years. Share value rises when you get rid of Negative Externalities like customers, products, employees, stores and factories.

Third view: Sucker filter. When you offer nothing but an overmodulated SCREEEEECH instead of information and entertainment, you know that your readers and viewers are perfect addicts, perfect slaves. Their brains have already been rotted away, leaving only a crude radio-control receiver.

= = = = =

Later: I wasn't trying to prove a point by offering three alternate views in a comment about the ONE AND ONLY PERMISSIBLE VIEWPOINT. But I did prove a point, didn't I?

Point: Alternate views are always available and always worth considering. Even a worthless senile coot like me can come up with three different opinions, each backed by some degree of evidence, in a few minutes.
Wednesday, August 15, 2018
  Here we go with the "hiker" again.

Shit. We're playing the usual wargame with a "hiker" spy. This time the "hiker" spy is a "pastor" spy who was CORRECTLY arrested by Turkey for spying BECAUSE HE IS A SPY.

Every time we focus personally on one "hiker" spy who is "unjustly" held captive by a country, we're preparing to bomb the country down to bedrock.

When the captor is an unorganized gang of pirates or revolutionaries, the captive may well be an innocent tourist. (Like the Darwin Award fuckheads who were killed in Tajikistan while proving that "evil is just a construct.") But when the captor is a major sophisticated nation like Turkey, there's a damn good reason for the capture. Sophisticated nations don't grab innocent bystanders for monetary ransom.

Fortunately, it looks like Erdogan has finally settled on the correct path after a year of stupid wiggling. He's moving DECISIVELY into the Russia-China economic sphere, and clamping down on speculators. Ideally all speculators should be tortured for a quadrillion years or the end of the universe, whichever comes last, but it's a lot cheaper to simply control them if possible.


  Hart knew it was unfair

"Conservatives" are bitching and moaning about the "unfair" treatment they get from Youtube and Facebook. It's unfair but it's HISTORICALLY NORMAL. I wrote this comment at a "conservative" site:

If you want to be a powerful independent voice, you need your own separate platform. This was true in the era of printing presses and still true now. The only difference is that we have forgotten the truth!

An editor who wanted to counter the establishment paper didn't expect to rent the big paper's presses and Linotypes. He knew that renting would limit his freedom. He bought his own press and equipment.

He certainly didn't expect the big paper to PAY him for using their press. Modern "independents" are disappointed when Youtube stops PAYING them for using Youtube's equipment. This is just silly.

The Aberree is an excellent example. In 1954 Alphia Hart wanted to edit a periodical to counter the Hubbard cult and discuss related subjects in the 'spiritualist' camp. He knew in advance that he wouldn't be able to rent the services of the Enid News-n-Eagle or Cromwell Press. He knew they wouldn't touch the subject. Partly because it was uncool, mostly because Hubbard sued anyone who questioned his cult. No business wants to stand in front of a bulldozer. So Hart bought a mimeograph, rented a storefront, and got up and running. He later upgraded his equipment after he was making a bit of money. He was then able to make more money by printing and mailing material for other independent thinkers.

The plight of "independent" publishers is the same today, except that they're spoiled. They didn't start with their own platforms. Instead they took the fake "free" services provided by the Deepstate drug dealers. Now that they're hooked on "free" Youtube, they're neutered.

Even the "independents" who chose to pay rent are in trouble. is renting servers from Microsoft, and is about to get kicked out. As I predicted.

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Monday, August 13, 2018
  Why art?

Latest item at KSHS is another lost railroad depot. It's described as a depot at Menoken, which is now more or less subsumed within Topeka. Menoken Road is the exact western boundary of Topeka, and Googlemaps indicates the name at a blank location just west of there on 24. The UP railroad still runs through the location, with a number of small structures scattered along the track.

This picture is artistically interesting. It's not a photo of the depot. It seems to be a black and white photo made in 1931, of a watercolor painting of the depot. I'm guessing that the watercolor started with a tracing or projection of a photo, because there are some exact lines and some imagined lines. The imagined shadings are especially interesting. The painter clearly knew the place. He showed the stationmaster casually leaning in the doorway waiting for the next train, and he suggested windowshades in the various rooms. You can 'see' the interior better than you could from a direct photograph.

In other words, the artist caught the soul and life of the place in a way that no photograph could.

= = = = =

I'm thinking about this for a specific reason. I got enamored of those little depots and decided to make some digital models, to keep busy between the hurryups and the waits in courseware debug. I've made three models, and I'm NOT happy with the soul and life of the third one. My model ended up with more normal proportions of doors and walls and windows, completely losing the uniqueness of the original.

Here's the original:

It has the same T-shape as most middle-size depots, but reduced to an absolute minimum size. It's CUTE.

Here's my model so far:

The proportions are more normal, more appropriate for a bungalow. The minimality is lost, and with it the cuteness.

= = = = =

Later: I've pulled the proportions closer to the original, but it still doesn't hit the mark for some reason.

Time to move forward, make some other pieces for the set, and then return to this one.


  Best title 0.5

Things worth doing and how to do ... HALF of them.

= = = = =

For a national government, the THINGS WORTH DOING are:

Serve the interests of your own people. Defend them from invaders.

Erdogan is frustrating. He does a magnificent job of DEFENDING his people from Sorosian invaders. He has jailed and removed more Sorosians than all the other God-side leaders combined.

But he fails utterly on the other half of THINGS WORTH DOING, the economic side. He had a chance to do the right thing by allowing interest rates to go up. Removing price controls is ALWAYS the right thing, and in this particular case even the economists were recommending a rate rise. He blew it by ordering his central bank to do the SOROSIAN THING, holding rates down.

Eliminating savings and boosting loans is the economic BLACK HEART of Sorosism and Goldmanism. Infinite debt and zero savings is the standard and imperative operating mode of demonic economies. Eliminate all investment in production, eliminate all self-defense by small business and individuals. Total blackmail by banks, total abstraction and counterfeiting by Goldman.

The god-side economies are low in debt and high in savings, and allow rates to move more or less naturally to keep this bias. Erdogan had the chance to apply this rule but chose the Soros side in economics.

I would love to sympathize with him for his powerful defense action, but I can't sympathize with his self-destructive stupidity on the econ side.

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  Exception to incompetence

In yesterday's piece on Deepstate's lost magic, I wrote:

Our spy agencies USED to be masters of multi-layered trickery. Their magic art was so well-developed that they could let the suckers see PART of the trick to conceal the real trick.

Later thought: There's one GIANT exception to this loss. Bitcoin is a massively successful trick in every sense of the word. Tech cultists organized to serve NSA, worshipping a hat full of NOTHING. Bitcoin is NOTHING.

Ordinary money, even in the digital era, retains the natural function of exchanging portable PHYSICAL tokens for real work and real products. Real money has always involved a layer of abstraction and trust (reconciliation of ledgers between banks) and a layer of physical tokens (checks and currency). Bitcoin removed the physical layer entirely, and removed the basic function of exchanging value for labor and products. You can't get paid in Bitcoin, and you can't use it to buy a hamburger. You can't store it reliably because there is NO PAPER and NO METAL involved.

Nevertheless the self-bamboozled cultists are FEROCIOUSLY convinced that their delusional anti-money is MORE REAL than ordinary money, and will spew gallons of Tourette juice at anyone who claims otherwise.

This magnificent trick works AFTER an open and full confession of the trickery. The "founder", who is also non-physical, is an avatar named Satoshi. When you look at Satoshi's official cover story, you see several OBVIOUS clues to a CIA connection. If you know anything about that part of the world, you are immediately warned to stay away.

Sucker filter, as always. Just like the classic Nigerian email, packed full of obvious fakery. If you can detect the fakery, the scammer doesn't want to waste time cultivating your cultish belief. If you can't see it, you're a prime prospect.

= = = = =

A stage magician benefits from his work in a simple direct way, by receiving ticket money or sponsorship money. He doesn't expect the audience to go out and perform evil deeds for him.

A cult-master magician receives ticket money from the audience, and also gets FREE LABOR from the enslaved cultists who obey his commands. NSA gets FREE LABOR directly from the "miners" who are solving difficult crypto math, and gets ticket money indirectly in the form of information on all transactions in the Bitcoin system. NSA can then use the info to penetrate or cultivate various forms of criminal and radical activities, "justifying" an increased budget and workforce.
Sunday, August 12, 2018
  First light?

While "conservatives" defeat their own purpose by pushing ever farther into pure and useless theory, the theorists seem to be showing a tiny hint of rebellion, a first tentative move back toward actual science.

Abraham Loeb writing in SciAm, and amazingly getting published....
The experience of subjecting a theoretical conjecture to an experimental test is humbling. If the conjecture turns out to be wrong, it must be adjusted. Becoming a physicist brings with it the privilege of retaining your childhood curiosity throughout your adult life. There is no need to pretend you know more than you actually do, and you can admit mistakes if proven wrong by experience, just like a child who is seeking to learn about the world. Doing pure theory without worrying about experimental verification actually deprives one from the pleasure of learning something new about nature.
EXACTLY. Pure theory deprives you of the PLEASURE of learning something new. I might add the pleasure of learning something TRUE.

Loeb again:
The feedback from experimental data is essential. At its foundation, physics is a dialogue with nature, not a monologue as some theorists would prefer to believe.
Whether he knows it or not, he's quoting Carver!





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Saturday, August 11, 2018
  Best title 10

Things worth doing and how to do them.

= = = = =

Deception in Nature is well-known. In love and war, everything in Nature deceives the adversary. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. As I noted recently, God is so confident in his art that he can SHOW the craft of magic without losing the power of deception.

Deception in human love and war is equally well-known. From Maskelyne to Maybelline to Maseratis, we try all sorts of tricks to win. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Our spy agencies USED to be masters of multi-layered trickery. Their magic art was so well-developed that they could let the suckers see PART of the trick to conceal the real trick. CIA agents guiding the actions of "extremist" groups openly described themselves as "former CIA". We thought we were being watched when in fact we were being commanded.

CIA has lost its art, grown so fat and arrogant that it no longer KNOWS what the enemy is doing. It only knows what Rachel Maddow says the enemy is doing. Wikileaks finished off the job by puncturing the counter-hack balloon, but by this time Vault 7 really wasn't needed.

= = = = =

What's the ultimate trick? NO TRICK AT ALL.

When you're confident that your opponent is infinitely stupid and hyperinfinitely self-bamboozling, you can simply do the right thing openly and brazenly. You can win the support of your own people by defending their lives and advancing their interests. Your infinitely stupid opponent will think you're pulling a series of convoluted deceptions, and your infinitely stupid opponent will rip himself to pieces in futile attempts to oppose and defend against your HACKING and MEDDLING and INTERFERENCE which simply and truly and plainly and factually DO NOT EXIST. All of these horrible-sounding MALIGN BEHAVIORS are complete delusions developed within the hopelessly demented anti-brain of media and Deepstate.

This is Putin's secret. With KGB background, he knows how our Deepstate works. He realized that we had made ourselves helpless and totally vulnerable to an attack by COMPETENCE. We can see it right out in plain sight, and still utterly fail to comprehend it.

We have NO FUCKING IDEA how competent leaders act. We had EXACTLY ONE competent leader from 1933 to 1945, but our infinitely self-bamboozling media and Deepstate have befuddled our ability to see those years accurately.

Now that Putin has set the model, other leaders are following the same pattern, first in ex-Soviet countries like Hungary and Czechia, and now in Italy.

Serve the interests of your own people. Defend them from invaders.

Works every time, and the brain-twisted infinitely delusional Deepstates of US and UK will exhaust their own resources with "counter-dis-information" nonsense that only wastes money and bandwidth.

You can't fight COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE with trickery.

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  Misc morning stuff

1. In the grocery store this morning: A lean old country boy ... basically a Stetson on a stick ... and his lean old country girl ... long red pleated hair, long white pleated skirt. No variable gender here. Strictly binary. A bonded pair, inseparably linked, almost conjoined, moving together in every step. Checkout clerk casually asks them "How's your day going?" Man answers: "Wellsir, we're alive and we're standing on our own two feet. That's the best kind of day."

Amen, Brother Stetson. Amen.

= = = = =

2. In the digital and consumer world, green objects are vanishing. Looking at the icons in the browser and on my desktop, 80% of everything is red or orange, and the rest is blue, with only ONE exception. The cartoonish snake for Python on the desktop is green. Looking at objects in my kitchen, pots and pans and food containers and appliances, I can only spot ONE green object. The liquid in the Palmolive dish detergent. Everything else is white or black or red or orange. Looking at traffic on a webcam, 90% of cars are silver or black, 10% are bright red. Once in every 15 minutes a green car shows up, and it stands out dramatically.

= = = = =

3. An odd decussation in the secular mind. Evolutionists always think of the brain as a computer, and steadfastly reject all notions that the brain could have been designed by a mysterious undefinable spiritual force. What are computers? Machines designed by an intelligence. What is Randomness? A mysterious undefinable spiritual force. Decussation.

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Polistra was named after the original townsite of Manhattan (the one in Kansas). When I was growing up in Manhattan, I spent a lot of time exploring by foot, bike, and car. I discovered the ruins of an old mill along Wildcat Creek, and decided (inaccurately) that it was the remains of the original site of Polistra. Accurate or not, I've always liked the name, with its echoes of Poland (an under-appreciated friend of freedom) and stars. ==== The title icon is explained here. ==== Switchover: This 2007 entry marks a sharp change in worldview from neocon to pure populist. ===== The long illustrated story of Polistra's Dream is a time-travel fable, attempting to answer the dangerous revision of New Deal history propagated by Amity Shlaes. The Dream has 8 episodes, linked in a chain from the first. This entry explains the Shlaes connection.

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