Thursday, August 28, 2014
  Lies all the way down

Heard on news just now:

"NATO is the alliance that stood up to the old Soviet aggression, and now must decide to resist the new Russian aggression."

Lies all the way down.

Russia was aggressive in the 1700s and early 1800s under Catherine. She expanded the empire tremendously. Since then, with only one exception, Russia has been pragmatic and opportunistic. Mostly Russia has been holding onto the territory that Catherine picked up, fighting off repeated invasions by Japs, Krauts and now Yanks.

After WW2, the four big allies distributed the Kraut spoils. Russia got more territory than Britain or France because Russia had sacrificed more of its industries and men to win the war.

NATO was formed allegedly to counter Russia's bloc of semi-occupied countries. Several times in the 50s and 60s, Russia intervened in those countries to put down rebellions. You could argue that those interventions were aggressive, but then you'd have to apply the same standards to US interventions in quasi-colonies like Haiti, or French interventions in quasi-colonies like Mali, or British interventions in quasi-colonies like the Falkland Islands.... And since none of the allies wanted to apply the same standard to themselves, they correctly held back on applying the standard to Russia.

Thus: Even if you want to use "aggression" to describe those interventions in countries that were granted to Russia as quasi-colonies, NATO never stood up to those "aggressions".

The current "aggression" is geographically similar, except that this time the uprising was NOT an internal rebellion. The uprising in Ukraine was strictly and purely created by American contractor Nudelman Pyatt Chaos Partners LLC.

We are the aggressors this time, with no ambiguity.

Fact: NATO is thus deciding whether it should put down Russia's defensive action against NATO aggression. Should we double down on our aggression? And the answer will be Yes.

Oh. What's the one exception? Afghanistan in the '80s. That's the only time in recent centuries when Russia behaved as badly as America, trying to grab territory that wasn't already part of its empire.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Noticed something unique on this morning's walk. Presumably this phenomenon has been around for a week or two, but I wasn't looking. I happened to be watching the ground this morning because I had just seen another unique item: an open laptop computer in a front yard, apparently thrown from a car.

As I continued scanning the ground, I saw a sunslot. At that moment the sun was just peeking over the ridge of Shadle hill. It was illuminating the tops of trees and a few roof edges, but all of the ground was still in shadow.

Except! Along the entire 6 blocks of the boulevard that I walked, exactly one stripe on the ground was sunny. The stripe was about 10 feet wide, running from the curb to the front of one house. A driveway for the sun.

This map gives a sense of the sunslot's exclusiveness. I wonder if the people in that house realize their literally ephemeral privilege?

Sidenote: I observed another aspect of this solar edginess a couple years ago.

Bonus sidenote: If you locate the sunslot on Spokane's official property map, you'll find an unbelievably perfect aptronym.


  Gotta get your insults right!

Mostly bravo:
During a live debate shown last week by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Clive Palmer — whose own Palmer United Party holds the balance of power in Australia’s Senate — slammed Chinese officials as “bastards” and “mongrels” who “shoot their own people.”

“They’re communist, they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country,” he said at the time. “The Chinese government wants to bring workers here to destroy our wage system … they want to take over our ports and get our resources for free … I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them from doing it.”
Palmer has his verbs right but his nouns wrong.

China is taking over the rest of the world for free resources, and China does destroy the wages of workers everywhere else.... but ONLY WHEN THE REST OF THE WORLD PERMITS IT. The rest of the world DOES NOT HAVE TO PERMIT THIS.

Wildly and importantly wrong on two nouns:

The Chinese are NOT Communists. They are ferociously Capitalist. Western countries like Australia are Communist in areas where Communism makes us weak, and Capitalist where Capitalism makes us weak. We carefully and intentionally choose whichever system will kill us faster. China does the exact opposite. That's EXACTLY why China can roll over us so easily.

And the Chinese are EXACTLY NOT mongrels. China is ferociously pure and unashamedly proud of its own ethnic group. Western countries are mongrels, busily committing suicide by Die-Versity. That's EXACTLY why China can roll over us so easily.

China understands that we have placed ourselves into a massively accelerating death spiral. Instead of protecting our workers from foreign competition, we forcibly import foreign competition and punish anyone who dares to resist. Instead of protecting our resources, we bomb our own dams and burn our own forests to "protect" some Privileged Animals who don't need our protection.
Monday, August 25, 2014
  All uninhabitables are equal, but....

Quake in fairyland "leaves 30 homes uninhabitable". That's a newsworthy disaster, no doubt about it.

How come, then, we didn't hear anything on the national news last month when a windstorm here left about 50 homes uninhabitable? Even in the local news we never got a proper count. Around 40 trailers smashed in a Chattaroy mobile home park, and around 10 houses in this neighborhood.

I won't even bother with the two horses joke this time. Tumbril time, citoyens.
Sunday, August 24, 2014
  Subversives in BBC?

BBC is running a long and mostly accurate feature on the Tonkin Gulf lie. The announcer (who admits that he's too young to remember the events) implies that Tonkin Gulf was only recently recognized as a lie**. Flat wrong. It was recognized immediately. He also says that LBJ's White House Tapes were only recently known. Again flat wrong. The only legitimate historian, Paul Johnson, wrote about those tapes 20 years ago.

The standard satanic line is to quietly ignore LBJ's part in Vietnam and load all the blame on Nixon. Most people now "know", and often state openly, that Nixon got us into Vietnam. [Just for clarity: The FACT is that LBJ took us in and Nixon pulled us out. Nixon botched the pullout and made some unnecessary and damaging sidetrips into Cambodia and Laos along the way; but nevertheless he did take us out of Vietnam.]

I suppose I should be glad that BBC is daring to criticize a Noble And Saintly Party Member. But why bother to speak truth 50 years later, after your lie has been so perfectly established? And why exactly now, in the middle of a new set of warmongering lies about ISIS and Ukraine? BBC is enthusiastically spreading these new lies and silencing dissent.

It's a puzzle. Are there subversive elements in BBC?

**Oops. Toward the end of the hour, the documentary fully covers the immediate exposure of the lie by Wayne Morse and others. Maybe the intro was written by someone else who didn't realize what the actual program said.
Saturday, August 23, 2014
  All sparks are equal, but......

Two different headlines with the same verb.

(1) "Warm Springs woman admits sparking 51,000-acre wildfire"

(2) "Police choke-hold death sparks New York march"

In both cases the spark was human-caused.

In (1) the cause is correctly identified. Sadie Renee Johnson sparked a wildfire (while drunk and high) because her fireman friends were getting bored from lack of work. Nobody was killed, but lots of property was destroyed. She has received a jail sentence, and is officially but pointlessly required to pay $8 million in restitution.

In (2) the cause is intentionally falsified. The march was not sparked by a police choke-hold. The march was sparked by Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton has directly and personally sparked dozens of riots and protests, resulting in dozens of deaths. He has never been punished; instead, he gains more respect and fame and riches every time he kills more people.

Hmm. Wonder what's the difference between these two? Why does one 'flint' get correctly punished for causing huge property damage but no deaths, while the other 'flint' gets massively rewarded and treated as a Living Saint for causing even greater property damage plus many deaths?

Could it be that the black flint is fatter and uglier than the white flint? Nah. Lots of fat and ugly people get correctly punished. Could it be that the black flint falsely claims the title of Reverend, while the white flint is just an untitled barfly? Nah. Lots of false Reverends have been jailed.

I guess some things will always remain mysterious. Ours not to reason why, ours but to die and die.
  When sane people hate you...

As usual, modern Western governments are taking the stupidest possible line.
The Home Secretary says she is preparing to bring in new laws that include an “anti-social behaviour order” for extremists. The measures are aimed at curtailing the activities of radical preachers, such as Anjem Choudary, whose extreme rhetoric currently does not constitute a crime.

While details are yet to emerge, the new power will be designed to restrict extremists’ behaviour and language. As with an Asbo, it could result in a criminal conviction carrying a jail term if breached.

Mrs May also discloses that she will make it illegal to join extremist groups that preach violent views, but are not directly involved in terrorism.
Well, you always need laws against violent revolution. No question about that.

But when you see large numbers of people joining serious opposition groups, it should also serve as a feedback signal. Especially when many of those people are highly educated engineers and doctors.

When logical people are turning against you, it means you're crazy. Or at least it means that the results of your actions are perceived as crazy.

As usual, FDR showed us the correct response. In 1932, America was suffering from violence and craziness perpetrated by two groups: Bankers and gangsters. Large numbers of ordinary people saw the craziness and correctly blamed the government for allowing bankers to run wild, and for creating Prohibition that spawned the gangsters.

FDR saw large numbers of people joining Communist and Fascist groups. He correctly recognized this as an error signal, informing him that the government was seen as the enemy of the people. He correctly diagnosed the sources of craziness. He cracked down HARD on the bankers and gangsters, and removed Prohibition. Soon the craziness started to subside, and with it the feedback signal of Communists and Fascists.

We have the same problems with bankers and gangsters; PLUS a crazy government that runs around creating mass death and chaos in countries that have insulted the bankers or insulted Israel; PLUS a genocidal government that uses tanks and guns and judges to SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH every conceivable aspect of civilization inside its "own" country.

Obama has encouraged the bankers and gangsters to run wild, and (after briefly showing sanity) has continued to create mass death and chaos in countries that insult bankers or insult Israel.

The UK government has done exactly the same things, maybe slightly worse. Paying bankers instead of jailing them, rewarding gangsters and punishing citizens who dare to oppose gangsters, and creating chaos elsewhere.

When you ramp up your insanity, you should expect more feedback from sane people.

= = = = =

Just for fun, a little Gedankenexperiment. It's 1934. One of Dillinger's young thugs reaches into a cop car and attacks the cop. The cop shoots the thug. Which would have happened?

(a) FDR orders the Feds to help the local cops, because more force is needed against Dillinger's thugs.

(b) FDR orders the Feds to protect local thugs against cops, and orders a special investigation into all cops who dare to arrest or shoot thugs.

If you think (b) is correct, congratulations! You are a perfect modern EU/US/UK robot. You believe everything the telescreen believes, you know everything the telescreen knows. You are absolutely immune to reality.
Thursday, August 21, 2014
  Misplaced angst

Romans are getting all het up about a silly Black Mass proposed by some play-acting "Satanists" in OKC. They're missing the target entirely. These toy "Satanists" are just Goth types. They are no more threatening than the jousters in a Renaissance Faire, or the soldiers in a Civil War Reenactment. They enjoy making up ceremonies of their own, and they especially enjoy irritating adult Romans. It's a hobby, for fuck's sake.

Meanwhile, real satanic influences are everywhere, ESPECIALLY INCLUDING Rome itself. Popess Francine has made her allegiance perfectly clear. No doubt which team she's on.

For clarity: I use words related to Satan a LOT. I don't mean the bright red dude with horns, just as I don't mean the bearded old white guy when I say God. I'm spiritually retarded, incapable of having faith in either side, but I can see the objects of faith fairly clearly.

I do see a fast-growing body of SCIENTIFIC evidence for some kind of Big Intelligence that formed living things, and an equally fast-growing body of evidence that this Big Mind gave us internal instructions about its PURPOSES. When we disobey those instructions, we receive error signals via emotions and diseases. We also have a set of reference manuals and user's guides written by people whose connection to the Big Critter was especially strong.

I also see a strong body of evidence that the opposite Intelligence exists in some form. Organized disobedience to our internal and written instructions always looks the same, just as obedience always looks the same.

At this moment, most of the governments and "churches" in the West are strictly following the negative intelligence, which might as well be called Satan if we're going to call the positive intelligence God.

The standard terms typically include some characteristics that I don't see any evidence for. Nevertheless, both terms are convenient as icons, and both are reasonably well fitted to the observable behaviors of organizations that pick each side.

Most Romans are firmly on God's side, but they're too accustomed to obeying a central human authority. When the authority switches sides, they obviously don't know what to do about it. Obeying central authority is NOT one of God's instructions. Nothing in Nature works this way. Everything is decentralized. Look and learn.
Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Been noticing something for a while, wasn't sure if it was a definite tendency or just a pesonality quirk of one or two people. As of this week, I've seen it consistently enough to be sure it's a tendency.

Here it is: In tech-oriented forums, the first 10 answers to EVERY question are bullying aggressive non-answers. The first 10 answers always reduce to "Why the fuck would you want to do that?"

These bullies pop in every time EVEN THOUGH the original poster has always explained carefully why he needs to do that.

I'm shaping up a new computer after my old one got twitchy as a result of the 7/23 power outage. (Fortunately I'm pretty strict about backing up important data, so nothing was actually lost.)

One of the programs that I reinstalled brought in Java Runtime 7 automatically. I knew that 7 wasn't needed, and I knew that Java 6 was needed by another program. So I tried to roll back to 6 and ran into all sorts of obstacles. Looking up each of these obstacles** online, I saw the same pattern in every forum. The OP explained the situation, which was often similar to mine. Sometimes it was a much bigger problem, as in a company with lots of legacy progs running on Java 6, making a complete switchover prohibitive.

No matter how big or small the reason, the techbullies always swarmed in with their insistence that YOU MUST ALWAYS USE THE LATEST SUB-VERSION OF EVERYTHING. You must auto-update everything to the latest millisecond via GitHub and SourceForge. If you are not up to the millisecond, you are trash. Legacy programs are trash. Anything that keeps you from Running With The Milliseconds must be tossed into the Memory Hole. It doesn't matter if you're managing IT for a large company that will collapse if you follow our fashions. You SHALL follow our fashions.

This is an exact parallel to the bullying in political and cultural realms. If your words and attitudes are not PRECISELY in line with the Kardashians, if you are not fully evolved into chaos and sodomy and mass slaughter and wild-eyed hyperlunacy, you are trash. Any person who prevents an organization from Running With The Milliseconds must be tossed out.

Do these attitudes coexist in the same people, or are they just accidentally similar phenomena? Is a tech bully also a political bully? Ask Brendan Eich.

= = = = =

Now let's see if we can stretch the analogy to the breaking point.

In technology, every specific program or mechanism has a peak version. It improves steadily up to the peak version, then declines as its developers feel the need to add more crap and complexity. When you're aware of this curve, you watch carefully to find the peak, then stay with it regardless of fashion. When your technology is crucial to life or existence, you stick even harder. Medical technology, bridge engineering, and air traffic control are prime examples. The techbullies can complain forever, but a device or technique that works well is not going to disappear easily. Same in culture, except that culture has been developing VASTLY longer than tech. The long process of experimentation and improvement peaked around 4000 years ago. Every change since then has been either pointless or backwards. Since 1914 the West has been accelerating downward, and now we're way beyond the point of recovery.

Russia has been vastly more cautious. Orlov explained it perfectly in the tech realm. Soviets stuck with "inefficient" streetcars and vacuum tubes because they are repairable. When your tech is both durable and repairable, you're more self-sufficient and you have more jobs for ordinary people. When you zoom forward into non-repairable and delicately balanced equipment that depends on software and constant Net contact for updates, you are no longer self-sufficient. You are jobless and hackable.

Russia has also been more cautious in the cultural realm. Christianity remained strong, traditional rules determined by millenia of experimentation remained in place. Crazy theories like feminism and globalism and Die-Versity never gained traction there.

And of course the Islamic world has stuck with experimentally proven and data-driven culture as well, though the tech analogy doesn't apply there.

The West is currently making war against both Russia and Islam, aiming to smash the entire world with our wicked and completely disproved GitHub theories.

Russia will survive because of their long-standing and consistent self-sufficiency. They know what they're doing, and they're lucky enough to have a leader who rules with their consent.

I'm not so sure about Islam. It's decentralized, which makes the conqueror's job much harder; but it doesn't have the technological prowess to withstand the tech side of our war.

There's a third front in this war, the financial front. Goldman dba USA wants to make the world safe for derivatives and index bets. On this front Islam has a better defense than Russia. Islam has always used real-value economics, laid out by Mohammed and repeatedly proved by 1300 years of experimentation. Everything in sharia law is designed to resist Goldman's GitHub innovations like derivatives and CDS and MBS.

Russia resisted the 1930 depression because it was decoupled from Morgan and Rockefeller, and is resisting the current set of sanctions the same way. But Russia doesn't have its own economics. Soviet central planning wasn't a system, it was just an ad-hoc way to keep things running. Jeffrey Sachs replaced it with a parody of Goldman banking, which has enriched a few men tremendously but still isn't a system.

= = = = =

** Footnote on the Java question: There are plenty of suggestions that may or may not help, but what finally worked for me was deleting all instances of java*.exe from all parts of the computer. Uninstall all Java; then remove java.exe, javac.exe, javaws.exe, and all similar items; then install the desired version. The uninstallers do not remove these exe files, and their presence seems to confuse the installers.

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