Thursday, January 23, 2020
  Life started everywhere

UncommonDescent features a newly discovered walking shark. Surprisingly, walking sharks are fairly common.

The video is done by Attenborough, high priest of Gaian genocide, but he manages to get through two minutes without mentioning Gaia. The shark itself is amazing. If it hadn't been identified as a shark, I'd be sure it was a salamander.

Note the gait pattern. It's the same as familiar mammals. Front feet move opposite to back feet.

Swimming fins don't move this way; both fronts move together, and both backs (when present) move together. Turtles have both gaits available, and use them appropriately.

In other words, the gene for walking is present in all animals, and it not only forms legs, it forms a gait pattern in the brain. The gait pattern comes with a decision mechanism.

The old story that life started in water and moved onto land just doesn't work. Life started everywhere, so life started with the genes needed to live everywhere.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020
  Constants and variables 143, AWS MBS edition

Today's "news" tells us that Bezos was hacked by Saudi prince MBS.

The "news" is focusing on the Shared Lie as always.

Shared Lie: We should be concerned about what MBS learned from hacking Bezos.

Underlying truth: We should be concerned that Bezos is dumb enough to get hacked.

Everyone is hacked all the time. That's a constant.

For most of us the hacking is inconsequential and purposeless. Our data is available to anyone who wants it, but nobody wants it, so it never causes a major problem.

For powerful monsters the hacking is much more focused and purposeful.

The variable: Powerful monsters should be using powerful security.

Bezos wasn't using security. I presumed the richest man in the world could afford something BETTER than AVG. He could afford PERFECT security. If he had any AV system at all, it didn't work as well as AVG, and he didn't have the common sense to avoid clicking on an unknown link.

Why does this matter? Bezos runs AWS, the biggest server on the web. AWS is Amazon's real cash cow. Amazon is responsible for the security of maybe 80% of all communications. Bezos doesn't take the most ordinary and common steps to insure security.

Later thought: It's possible that the whole story is a Shared Lie designed to punish MBS for daring to make peace with Persia. There wasn't any hacking at all. But why create a story that casts doubt on Bezos's ability and risks Amazon's precious Share Value? Doesn't make sense.

Third thought: We have a sudden burst of Experts admitting openly that they were hacked and casting doubt on their own intelligence, seemingly without realizing it. First Krugman, then Schiff, now Bezos. The stories have a similar flavor. Are we being conditioned for a big event? But again, why would Experts voluntarily ruin their own reputation for wisdom? Blackmail? Still doesn't make sense on the surface. Keep watching and counting.....

Update a few hours later: Well, that was fast. Expert #4. The ultimate expert, Epstein's Mossad handler, the woman who knows where all the bodies are buried, the woman who knows where Epstein's LIVE body is NOT buried, claims to have been hacked. Maxwell is second-generation Mossad, so she has absolutely no excuse for ignorance of elementary security procedures. If she was actually hacked, it was because she CHOSE to be hacked.

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  Sometimes 1916 is 1916

I enjoy debunking idiotic modern beliefs about earlier decades and centuries. Especially feminist and Die-Verse myths.

But sometimes ....

From An Article About An Atlantic City Convention Of Acetylene Dealers And Their Frolicking Wives.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020
  More AI point-missing

This time the article is about randomness and human perception in the context of card games.
Originally, bridge hands were shuffled and dealt by the players themselves. During the late 1970s and into the early 1980s, serious competitions began switching to computer-generated hands. At first, players complained that the algorithms were faulty because they dealt too many wild hands with uneven distributions of cards. More often than they remembered, at least one player was dealt a void (no cards in one suit) or six or seven or more cards in the same suit.

These complaints were taken seriously because the players in competitive matches had many years’ experience to back up their claims that the computer-generated hands showed wilder distributions than the hands shuffled by bridge players.

Several mathematicians stepped forward and calculated the theoretical probabilities, comparing them to the actual distribution of computer-dealt hands. It turned out that the distribution of computer-generated hands was correct.
No it wasn't "correct". The computer-generated distribution was mathematically random, but mathematical randomness is NEGATIVELY CORRELATED with human perception of randomness.
There is widely accepted fallacy called the “law of small numbers,” according to which short-run outcomes should be similar to long-run average outcomes. If heads comes up half the time, on average, in coin flips, then we should expect 5 heads when a coin is flipped 10 times. (In fact, there is only a 25 percent chance of 5 heads and 5 tails in that case.)
No, small N is not the problem here. We're dealing (heh) with the inevitable results and patterns of a random process that is filtered through thresholds or categories.

In this case the categories are the four suits in a deck of cards. In other cases the categories may be types of disease in a city or types of fish in a pond or types of music in a playlist.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

The recent big lottery brings up randomness again. Lotteries are a very rare case, maybe the only situation in common experience, where a mathematical randomizer shows up in PURE or raw form.

The vast majority of "randomized" events in our lives are THRESHOLDED random.

Let's see if I can illustrate the difference.

This first animation shows some bars rising and falling by a pure mathematical random process. The height of each bar is decided separately at each frame of the movie. Notice that this set of motions looks fully random; you can't see any pattern in it.

Now I've added a THRESHOLD across the bars. This makes the situation far more realistic, corresponding to many random-driven events in ordinary life. From this angle it still looks unpatterned.

Now we're looking at the same THRESHOLDED situation from the top. Now we can see all sorts of patterns! At each moment we can see CLUSTERS of bars that have popped above the threshold, and we can't see the bars that are below. Most importantly, we don't see the continuously variable heights any more; we only see the DECISION. Each bar has turned into a yes-no vote.

Everything we sense is thresholded. These bars might represent sounds coming from all sorts of things (crickets, doors, cars, dogs in your yard, dogs in China, rivers in Argentina.) All of those things are in the air, but you only hear the nearest and strongest. Same with points of light, or weights on your hand, or differences in income and status between you and your neighbor. You only sense values that pop up above your internal threshold.

The most direct analogy for this image might be a field of grass seeds popping through the soil. They are driven by temperature and moisture, so they will tend to sprout within a limited range of time; but each one has a unique micro-climate depending on shadows, bacteria, earthworms, etc.

Another prime example: Cancer clusters. Each bar corresponds to one person, with a varying number of cancerous cells. Everyone has some cancerous cells all the time, but we don't register a case of cancer until the number of cells pops through the threshold of a screening test. Each frame in the animation might correspond to a map of cancer cases in one year. Some of the frames show very definite clusters of cancer cases! Better look for known carcinogens where those clusters formed! Is there a power line? A kerosene lamp? A cell phone? No, it's most likely just random stuff.

Or we could be talking about weather events. Rivers rise and fall all the time, but we don't call it a flood until a river rises above the line of the nearest occupied land. Some of these bars seem to be flooding several years in a row! It's global warming! No, it's most likely just random stuff.

But not always. In some cases a repeated flood is just part of this clustering effect, but repetition is actually more likely than plain clustering would imply. Everything in Nature depends in infinitely complex ways on previous events. If Wildcat Creek floods in March, the ground is still wetter than usual in May, so it takes less rain than usual to bring the creek up to flood stage. The threshold has moved. There are also long-term trends like sunspot cycles and El Nino / La Nina ocean oscillations. If conditions favor big rains this year, the trends are likely to favor big rains next year as well. Probably have to wait several years until the cycles return to a dry phase.

To illustrate, I've moved the threshold up and down in a sine wave. First as seen from the side, just to show what's really happening:

Now from the top. Wow! We got 500-year floods everywhere, for several years in a row! And then we have terrible droughts everywhere, for several years in a row! This can't be random!

Yes it can. The bars are still moving in the very same pattern; the driving forces haven't changed. It's just that the conditions for popping each event above the threshold are changing from year to year as they do in Nature.

People who see life through the prism of statistics have trouble handling thresholds. Abstract academics have to shoehorn life into closed-form real-number equations, and you can't use a threshold in that context. Thresholding is perfectly natural to a binary computer. An on-off choice is easy to write as code, and the computer can handle it more precisely than a continuous number. But this naturalness doesn't penetrate the academic mind. If you can't write a continuous function suitable for a slide rule, you can't begin to think about the problem.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

My illustrations show only two categories, above and below threshold, but the same rule applies with four categories. The players expect to see a relatively smooth distribution of categories over time, not a perfect mathematical random. They don't want to see long streaks of hearts or gaps of spades. Computerized random always gives you streaks and gaps in categories. The "imperfect" shuffling apparently leaves a smoother pattern of categories.

Since bridge is a HUMAN game played by HUMANS, the shuffle should give the HUMAN players what they want to work with.

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  Smugthugs wouldn't be so smug

These smug thugs clearly knew that an old couple had died, leaving the house unprotected.
The men pictured are suspects in the unlawful use of credit cards taken in a burglary earlier in January of this year. In the same incident a car was stolen and numerous other items of value were taken from the home. The crime took place in a home where the elderly occupants had recently passed away and irreplaceable heirlooms and keepsakes were also taken. The SPD wants your help to get these items back to the family of the recently deceased couple.
We know they won't spend serious time in jail, because real criminals never spend more than a coffeebreak in jail around here.

Too bad. In the old days they would have spent a few years, and those years would have been ESPECIALLY nasty, brutish and short. Black criminals RESPECT GRANDMA and RESPECT THE DEAD. Italians and the old tribes are the same. Thugs who mess with ghosts wouldn't last long.


  Reductionist = destructionist

The pill-pushers are facing some minor opposition now, but they're still plenty powerful and plenty stupid.

Via Eurekalert, a classic example.
To better treat people with depression, not only must we treat the neurons affected by the disease, but we must also restore the integrity of the barrier that regulates exchanges between blood circulation and the brain.

Between 30% and 50% of those suffering from depression respond either poorly or not at all to antidepressants," says main author Caroline Ménard, professor at Université Laval's Faculty of Medicine and researcher at the Cervo Brain Research Centre. "This suggests that biological mechanisms other than those directly affecting neurons are at play," adds some asshole who holds a Named Chair at the Centre For Something.

Conversely, depressed stressed mice express more of an enzyme called HDAC1 that triggers a loss of claudin-5. "When a chemical compound is used to block HDAC1, the depressive mice produce more claudin-5 and their social interactions spontaneously increase," says some other named-chair asshole who directs some other Centre.
No, named-chair assholes.

If medication fails, it's not because you haven't broken through the blood-brain barrier to create a complicated chemical reaction in precisely defined proteins and enzymes.


Depression is caused by prolonged and persistent frustration. Repeated attempts to achieve physically impossible goals based on unrealistic expectations.

Depression is cured by finding more realistic expectations, and by finding unpunished and unfrustrated ways to DO YOUR DUTY and BE USEFUL.

Every living creature has a duty. Every living creature needs to be needed, needs to feel useful. Wrong expectations, formed by reductionist mechanical worldviews, are the main cause of depression. When you start with the genocidal assumption that all creatures are identical passive mechanisms, you will try to do things that are impossible. You will try to ascend the status ladder or achieve power or be liked. When your attempts fail, you will try harder because reductionism tells you that anything is possible if you try hard enough.

If you are born with low status and low popularity, those goals are PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Attempting to achieve them is SUICIDAL.

You need to find your proper unique duty and DO IT. You also need to keep moving and establish a rhythm and resonance.


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AMLO is visiting a fiesta in Oaxaca. These folks don't have a lot of material wealth, but they know how to MAKE sensory wealth. Spanish speakers use resonant singing mode for ordinary speech. They MAKE beauty and color.

It's a stark contrast to the monochrome world of the North, especially in winter. Black and white and gray. Everyone dresses in black and white and gray, cars are black and white and gray, houses are brown and white and gray, the landscape is black and white and gray. We speak in nonresonant glottal fry.


  Pretty good speech

Somebody wrote a pretty good speech for Trump. He doesn't believe any of it and won't do anything about it. Still, the speech contains some truth, and it's good to have truth on the record in a demonic place like Davos.

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  Rolls before Royce

Bumped into this while looking for more acetylene gadgets to "build"....

From the article:
The delights of winter touring by motor-car can only be enjoyed when accompanied with good fellowship, and when the keenness of cold winds is mitigated by great depths of fur and appropriate raiment. Provided with both essentials, the trio of motor-enthusiasts recognisable in the photograph recently participated in a tour from France to Wales, which was thoroughly enjoyed, and should add another demonstration to the attractiveness of the new means of locomotion for winter touring as well as for summer trips.

The vehicle was an 8-h.p. Panhard car, and with it the party left Paris a few days before Christmas. Members of the Automobile Club will readily identify the three travellers, while those who are not within that organisation will be interested in the features of Mr. Roger Wallace, Q.C., the presidont of the club, who is to the left of the Hon. C. S. Rolls, to whom the ear belonged. Though the upturned collar prevents a full view of the latter's face, it gives some idea of the way in which the party were prepared for any climatic conditions. Seated behind is Mr. Frank H. Buller, treasurer of the Automobile Club.
Rolls was a car dealer for a while before he joined up with Royce to build cars.

Another picture shows Rolls piloting a Peugeot. There were plenty of English autos available at that time, but Rolls obviously preferred the French.


Monday, January 20, 2020
  Rare view of skill

This clip from Spiked UK is refreshing in many ways. Actor Laurence Fox has the proper FUCK YOU attitude toward tyrants.

More broadly he tries to restore the SKILL of acting to its proper place. Unlike all other paid actors, he sees acting as a secondary craft like printing. The actor is NOT supposed to Innovate or Disrupt or Protest Officially Approved Protest Targets. He is supposed to reproduce the reality of a character, adding value with his own angle. The added value should enhance the work of the author, not destroy the brains of the audience.

Needless to say, the actors union denounced him for defending the skill of acting. Unions should be saying exactly what Fox is saying. Modern unions have reversed their proper function.


  Bot no like picture

In the last couple of months a different type of bot has been "reading" this blog. Usually bots don't show up as specific views of items. These bots are "reading" items, but they are mechanically selective. They "read" only the items that don't include a picture. The pattern is clear and consistent in this blogspot table. Most of the bots have a .best suffix with various random words in front, like and

What will they do with this item, which includes a picture of their activity? Will they suffer the AI version of cognitive dissonance?

Update: This item was almost immediately "read" by something or somebody. So either (1) my hypothesis is wrong or (2) the item was read by a human, not by these bots.
  Teslas working for Greta

In Belgium a Tesla saw a convoy of classic cars passing by, and attacked them.

Looks like Teslas are now being programmed to follow Greta's orders in the automotive world. Kill all oldsters.
  A point long forgotten

From 1899:
A Springfield, Mass., contemporary. discussing the advance of the motor-vehicles in the United States, advances the opinion that it will "take the U.S.A. half a century of progressive road building and improved paving before any but the few largest cities in the United States could utilise motor-waggons for the ordinary purposes of traffic."

Our contemporary continues :— "The recent tremendous snow-falls remind us that conditions are likely from time to time to arise in all northern cities under which the motorwaggons would be as helpless as a bicycle on a sandy road. It was more than 24 hours after the recent nine-inch snowfall in New York before even the main avenues of travel in the business section of the metropolis were cleared of snow, and it was several days later before the rest of the city proper was cleared, to say nothing of the other boroughs of Greater New York.

The spectacle must have given Mr. Croker and the other would-be revolutionists of the trucking and passenger carrying business in New York a very bad half hour's reflections. If their plan had been effected and motorcarriages and waggons had entirely supplanted horse-drawn vehicles in this city, there could not have been a pound of freight or a single carriage passenger moved in the city for many hours, and the blockade of traffic and delay of business would have been perfectly intolerable."
Needless to say, it still takes a long time to clear the snow from streets in a city. Our motor waggons have improved, but a good snowfall still stops all traffic for a day or two.

Snow doesn't stop horses.

= = = = =

Looking up Mr Croker: He was the leader of Tammany Hall at that time.
Croker was in the newspapers in 1899 after a disagreement with Jay Gould's son, George Gould, president of the Manhattan Elevated Railroad Company, when Gould refused Croker's attempt to attach compressed-air pipes to the Elevated company's structures. Croker owned many shares of the New York Auto-Truck Company, a company which would have benefited from the arrangement. In response to the refusal, Croker used Tammany influence to create new city laws requiring drip pans under structures in Manhattan at every street crossing and the requirement that the railroad run trains every five minutes with a $100 violation for every instance.
In other words, he wasn't really a prophetic lover of autos, he was a normal NYC businessman using blackmail to raise his Share Value.


Sunday, January 19, 2020
  Breaks all the lies

Excellent piece by Cynthia Chung. History of Deepstate from 1933 to now. Breaks through ALL the Shared Lies. Clear and crisp writing, not cluttered with unnecessary details. Just the necessary facts. Open and shut case.

('Not cluttered' is a comparison with Whitney Webb's pieces on Deepstate. Webb breaks the Shared Lies and tells the whole truth, but she takes so many sidetrips through dense jungles of detail that the plot is hard to follow. She needs an editor who can write a two-page synopsis with href links to the detailed subparts.)


  Wonderful story

From June 1914 Telephone Review:

Lassie's intelligence is equal to most humans and her moral sense is vastly superior. She doesn't know the inner workings of a phone, but she knows that the phone is carrying Margaret's voice from the place where Margaret is. She also knows where Margaret is, and knows that her DUTY is to bring Margaret home safely.

Unfortunately the Googlebooks scanner didn't like the halftone picture.

The same scanner did a better job on the cover art in the same periodical:



  Less funny than it seems

This clip of yoots trying to figure out a rotary phone is funny, but there's a counterintuitive point that we oldsters never stopped to think about. It's a point that designers and teachers need to think about.

The rotary phone is NOT self-explanatory. Obviously you're supposed to turn the dial, and obviously the dial has the digits 0-9. Nothing else is obvious. How far do you turn it for each digit? Which direction? Forward? Backward? Forward to first digit, then backward to next digit, then forward to next digit like a combination lock? Where do you start? Is the fingerstop meant to start or end the turn, or is it just there to hold the dial in place? Do you need to push or click the fingerstop at some point?

The Bell dial was far from ideal by existing standards. Strowger's dial came before Bell's version, and Strowger was better in most ways. Pushbutton mechanisms were available and common at the time, in the familiar context of cash registers.

Example, the 1907 Couch-Seeley phone with Rube-Goldberg description.

Even within the later rotary setup, Automatic Electric's rotary dials were easier than Bell because the forward pull wasn't slowed down by a governor. Significantly faster and less physically tricky.

When Bell introduced the dial phone, it made films to explain the procedure. Later generations simply observed and imitated parents and friends.


Saturday, January 18, 2020
  Grotesque little demonic creature returns

Neeeeeel Kashkari, Hank Paulson's mini-me, has returned to center stage with real power. Neeeeeeeel is still as unstoppably vicious and incurably stupid and genocidally demonic as heeeeeeeeeeee was in 2009. Begone, miniature bloodthirsty microbe! You are a blight on the universe.

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  Tired of winter

I really like the Great Smith Runabout that I added to the Smith set.

I'd been wanting to make this type of vehicle for a long time, and it came out better than expected. Also, it's not common among existing old car models and may be unique. A quick scan of the DMI models and Renderosity and Daz finds coupes and roadsters and sedans, but no open-front runabouts.

Using it here as a graphic 'prayer' to the weather gods. Enough already. Let winter steam away and clear the crossing. Give us a break. Let it melt for a while.

Graphic sidenote: In most cases the judgment of an audience disagrees with the self-evaluation of the author or artist or teacher. Usually the creator is proudest of the products that the audience disdains, and the audience loves items that were produced hastily or incidentally. This inversion doesn't happen at ShareCG. Pretty consistently the best ratings go with the items I'm proud of, the items I continue using for pictures and animations. The items that I don't especially like, and don't use after making, get lower ratings.


  Fake? Maybe.

ZH shows a supposed test of our answer to Russia's hypersonic missiles,

First and most obvious, the missile is sitting on a test stand. There's no way of knowing how fast it can go. It's just shooting out a flare.

Second, the rocket is in the middle of a big field of grass or ground cover, which looks fairly dry. A cigarette can start a brushfire. This huge superhot flame was presumably running for several minutes, radiating heat in all directions. No sign of charring, no brushfire.
  Not really the big point

In this clip Putin is laying down the basic necessities of a nation. These necessities used to be common knowledge and common practice, but they have disappeared from Sorosian lands. Soros tried to remove them from Russia and nearly succeeded. Now Putin is reasserting them.

The goal of state service is to serve the people of Russia, and those who enter this path must know that by doing this they inseparably connect their lives with Russia and the Russian people without any exceptions.

Putin has done this. His life is Russia, and he serves Russia because he is Russia.

The translators and describers at Russia Insight are focusing on the requirement that top leaders must have lived steadily in Russia for 25 years. No carpetbaggers, no transnational jet-setters.

This seems sort of obvious and tautologous to me. Putin makes one BIG economic point which doesn't receive as much attention.

We created powerful RESERVES, which multiplies our country's stability and capability to protect itself from foreign pressure.

Not just gold, but reserves of skill and industrial capacity, and reserves of cultural and religious strength. Trained workers who are USING a wide variety of skills to add REAL VALUE to a wide variety of material resources. In all areas Russia intends to operate on RESERVES, not debt.

In individual terms we understand the value of Fuckyou Money. The same principle applies nationally, and it applies to human capital and intellectual capital along with money capital.

Sorosian countries are exterminating Fuckyou Money at all levels. ZIRP makes it hard to accumulate money capital. Abstract education instead of vocational education makes it hard to accumulate skill capital. Eliminating unions and real industry makes it hard to develop and protect skill capital. Github and Room 101 make it hard to accumulate experience and thought and memory.

The Soviet system did an excellent job of maintaining most types of capital. Education was free, vocational training was emphasized, citizens had large savings accounts that paid interest, all citizens were expected to work in a wide variety of jobs, and the variety was enforced by refusal to outsource and offshore industries. Room 101, of course, was a big exception to the rule.

Putin is restoring the Soviet tradition and eliminating the exception.

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  Fox, not farmer

American Radio History has added some issues of International Broadcast Engineer from the '60s. IBE was a British trade journal for shortwave and TV broadcasters.

What caught my attention was a listing of tech articles and developments. Half were British, half Russian, only a few US or German.

The first two didn't surprise me. England was THE CENTER of electronics research and development for 140 years, from 1830 to 1970. IBE was catching the tail end of British dominance before the bankers took over the economy and deleted all non-banks. Russia was a late starter, but I'd always been aware that Russia was a major source of development starting in the '50s. England and Russia were cooperating and sharing tech info in both directions, while USA was handing off its electronics to Japan in a one-way gift.

The lack of other Euro and US contributions did surprise me.

= = = = =

A lively article on the pirate radio stations of the 60s focuses on Radio 390. (Radio Caroline was the most familiar of those pirates.)

Ted Allbeury, the Kent farmer who is managing director of Radio 390, said that the PMG has been misinformed about offshore radio and that he would welcome the occasion to explain to him exactly what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it.

Radio 390 has been likened to the BBC Light Programme he said. The comparison is a fair one, he added, but unlike the BBC which tries to satisfy all of the people some of the time, Radio 390 sets out to please some people all of the time.

The serious press reaction was interesting in that while treating the pirates like a headmaster might speak to pleasant pupils who'd been party-ing without permission, it expressed sympathy with the needs which they supplied and advised the Government not to behave in a negative fashion.
Made me curious. Did Allbeury end up in prison, or did he simply return to farming?

Neither. And he wasn't a farmer at all, HE WAS A SPY.

From Wikipedia, Allbeury was a Special Ops spy in the '40s and '50s, then briefly ran an advertising agency, then briefly ran Radio 390, then settled down into writing spy novels.

In other words, he switched from military warfare to information warfare, and those pirates were Deepstate operations.

This explains the mild reaction of the serious press. They always know who's Deepstate and who isn't.

Unlike the BBC which tries to satisfy all of the people some of the time, Radio 390 sets out to please some people all of the time.

Here's the seed of Fox "versus" CNN. Murdoch and Turner, both Deepstaters with equally murky origin stories, created "competing" networks with a pirate feel. Each set of viewers feels like a clandestine group committed to defeating the other set of viewers. Neither set is ever exposed to facts. They spend all their time "debating" Shared Lies.

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Friday, January 17, 2020
  Genuinely SHOCKED

Via Eurekalert, several major science publishers have written an open letter


a proposal by the Trump Administration.

I had to read it carefully to be sure it wasn't a typo or a parody. In fact they are


the Trump Admin.

Even more shocking is the proposal itself. The admin wants to insure that all federally funded research is openly available.

In theory this is already required, since tax-funded products are supposedly public domain. In reality it rarely happens. Most fed funded research is published behind paywalls, or effectively classified.

Most shocking of all is the consequence if this rule is fully applied to ONE PARTICULAR TYPE of fed funded research. Until now, all the fake "data" used by "climate emergency" "researchers" like Michael Mann has been firmly classified. Real scientists have tried repeatedly to get Mann and his monstrous cohorts to conform to the normal rule of public domain. Mann has the right name and the right connections. He doesn't use laws.

Will PLOS and the other publishers still go along with this proposal if it forces Mann to obey the law? Remains to be seen.


  Thinking about the peace ultimatum

Thinking about Putin's peace ultimatum.

Several random thoughts, probably wrong.

1. USA will not respond. We are utterly incapable of learning or adapting or surviving. We will continue serving Israel and obeying Hillary until we fully collapse.

2. Germany will respond positively and cautiously. China is a wild card. China is tied to Russia by the Silk Road, but China has its own incurably aggressive Deepstate. France may join Germany, especially after Macron has been replaced by something sane. Britain is in a state of flux. If Brexit actually happens, Boris will be free to make his own policy, but at the moment his own policy looks firmly tied to the dying USA.

3. There's an interesting semi-symmetry between hypersonic missiles and Reagan's SDI. Both are portrayed as an irresistible advance. SDI was mostly fake, but hypersonic is real.

4. Pipelines are another semi-symmetrical element. Reagan's campaign to ruin USSR used sabotage against Russian pipelines, and used Saudi to drop oil prices. Putin doesn't need to sabotage our infrastructure. EPA and NYC are doing the job beautifully, preventing new construction and halting maintenance of everything that helps the real economy and real humans. Instead, Putin is BUILDING Russian infrastructure, MAKING INSTEAD OF BREAKING. Putin has also made Russia less sensitive to oil prices by developing the rest of the economy into a fast-growing and varied set of SKILLS AND RESOURCES.

5. If Putin wins, this will be a massive victory for MAKERS against BREAKERS.

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Carbon Cult
Constants and variables
Defensible spaces
Experiential education
From rights to duties
Grand Blueprint
Language updates
Morsenet of Things
Natural law = Sharia law
Natural law = Soviet law
Shared Lie

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