Wednesday, January 18, 2017
  CIA clearing the decks for something?

CIA has digitized a batch of documents that were declassified by Podesta in 1995. The upload is just before Trump takes over. ZH notes the action but atypically fails to note the Podesta connection.

Bush Senior has decided to die just before the Trump inauguration, and Dowager Empress Barbara seems to be joining him.

Bush Senior assassinated Reagan and orchestrated the Switchover on behalf of CIA, so this is an interesting coincidence of dates.

Reminder: Hinckley is out of jail now, tanned and rested and ready to try again.


  Contrary to vested interest....

ZH points to a Bloomberg article on the decline of Pearson's textbook business.
The capitulation contrasts with months of optimistic statements by Chief Executive Officer John Fallon about the challenges Pearson faces in the U.S., where college enrollments and its testing business are down, and textbook sales unexpectedly declined. Fewer older students are enrolling, community college admissions also are dropping, and more students are renting textbooks.
I hadn't been keeping track of the big picture, but my own courseware royalties (not from Pearson) agree with the pattern:

Three big years that helped to charge up my savings, and then three nothing years. The last nothing year was frustrating because it came immediately after a year of VERY hard work to build a new online edition. I was blaming the publisher for pulling out of the subject area, but now it's clear that all courseware is losing ground.

Despite vested interest, I'm happy to see the trend. College shouldn't be a universal goal, and online material should be secondary to REAL HANDS-ON learning.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017
  Natural justice 4

Spokane school system pulled a neat Emerson on anti-vax parents. In order to get their kids into school without the needle, parents had to sign an agreement that the unvaxed kid would be forced to stay out of school for a MONTH if an outbreak of disease started.

Oh well, that couldn't happen. We don't have epidemics any more, and nobody would actually keep kids out for a month. Sure, let's go ahead and sign this bit of red tape.

Whoopsie! We have an epidemic of mumps, and the school system ACTUALLY DOES keep non-vaxed kids out for a month.

Welcome to quarantine land, anti-vax parents. Why do we have epidemics again? Because of you.

Thanks, Ralph!


  Dangerously innocent

The Ron Paul idiots are proposing that we should abolish the CIA. As usual they're missing the point.

The intel community is deeply woven into everything, ESPECIALLY investment banks and the tech world. Most of the action in recent decades has been via quangos, not official government agencies. Current action is mainly via Google and Apple and Amazon and paid media (newspapers, TV, radio).

Abolishing the front agency will only make it MUCH EASIER for the rest of the system to run wild. Google and Apple have unlimited budgets and literally GODLIKE power. They know when you are sleeping. They know when you're awake. They know when you've been bad or good so be good for Soros sake.

Paulists are dangerously innocent. They still believe in long-extinct antique concepts like "laws" and "constitutions", still think that systems work as described.

Solving this problem requires Erdogan action. First locate EVERY agency, company, bank and individual who is involved in the evil. Then round them all up and check to be sure you haven't accidentally pulled in a UPS driver or homeless dude who happened to be walking through the evil offices. After sorting out the handful of innocent bystanders, shoot the rest. A century of torture would be better justice but shooting is faster.
Monday, January 16, 2017
  Shea needs to learn from Wikileaks

Local Repooflican politician Shea is at it again. Recently he made an unproven and completely unnecessary accusation against a county deputy. Now he's trying to play the fake news game with a false accusation against KXLY. He claimed that they mischaracterized one of his pointless referendums. They were able to show that they never discussed his pointless referendum at all.

This is especially annoying because KXLY is the most firmly Sorosian of the local media, the station that happily participates in DNC cussing against Trump. KXLY deserves to be mocked and discredited PROPERLY. Shea did the opposite.

Learn from Wikileaks, dude. Wikileaks is able to dent Satan's armor because Wikileaks applies engineer-level caution and metrology. When they published DNC emails they included enough metadata that you could verify authenticity for yourself. DNC tried to accuse Wikileaks of lying, but when several DNC criminals resigned to protect the syndicate from prosecution, the truth was unquestionable. Sorosian media still tried to ignore the contents, but couldn't call Wikileaks false and ended up treating some of the material as important.

The same thing happened with Daleiden's videos of Planned Parenthood. Sorosian demons tried to accuse Daleiden of falsifying by editing, but he posted the raw originals along with the edited finals. The demonic court case was dropped.

Simple rule.

Later: Rereading this, the words UNNECESSARY and POINTLESS stand out. Shea doesn't seem to have a sense of priorities, doesn't distinguish between words and action. What people expect from a legislator is ACTION to serve our interests. We don't expect a legislator to accomplish everything, but we want to see a few important laws or regulations deleted.

McMorris understands these expectations. She doesn't toss around pointless proposals, she just moves the needle toward sanity on a FEW locally important issues like dams and "endangered" "species".


  Picture of an inversion

The Weather Bureau has been discussing an extreme inversion. Temps near zero on the ground, and above freezing at 3000 feet. It's starting to show on the map:

We've been locked in single digits here for days. I thought those 30s were errors until I noticed the mountainous terrain on the underlying map!
  More numerology

Well, not exactly numerology but close.

SorOS was named by his weak commie father who was an Esperantist. The father insisted on speaking only Esperanto in the house. He chose SorOS for the son's last name with the hope that the son WILL SOAR. (Root sor is borrowed from English, os is future tense in Esperanto.)

The SorOS control structure emphasizes Open Society OS above all. Open means Ebola. Open means death. No borders, no walls, no skin, no doors, no controls, no gradients. No life is allowed. All is void and ChaOS. Ctrl-Z on Genesis.

Nothing can MEDDLE with the infinite infinite infinite power of SorOS. SorOS must be the universe. Other members of the Tribe may share power and wealth temporarily as assistants but soon they must also disappear so that SorOS can be the universe.

Now the numerology or perhaps literology. Consider DavOS, the command center for the OS movement. Consider BezOS, the main competitor with SorOS for sole-universe status. BezOS got his name legitimately from a Cuban stepfather; it's not Esperanto. Still an interesting signal. Nature is trying to tell us something.
  How does Spokane get such good judges?

Judge Cozza has died rather young of a heart attack. The obit about his death was open for comments, and all of the comments are strongly positive. A couple are from young would-be thugs who were turned back to a normal life by Cozza's careful actions.

An obit for other types of local officials would draw primarily negative comments, and the comments would be perfectly valid.

In doing jury service three times I watched several judges in action. (Not Cozza.) All of them were excellent. Wise, commonsensical and rational. The persecuting and defense attorneys were self-destructively stupid, but the judge worked around their idiocy to achieve sane results.

How does the county attract and keep so many GOOD judges when the city officials are uniformly corrupt and incompetent?
Sunday, January 15, 2017
  Observation was right

A month ago I wrote:
I've noticed that a lot of the globalist squawkers ... newsreaders and entertainers and such ... are treating the name Trump as an obscenity that can't be spoken. Like the Redskins, who must be called "The Washington Football Team".

These monsters are using the words "The President-Elect", with the standard snide acid-mucus resonance.

They haven't planned this move carefully. What will they do after Jan 20? They ABSOLUTELY CAN'T shift from The President-Elect to The President. That would be admitting a fact, which is even more strictly unthinkable than the Redskins or Trump.

Will they call him The Russian Occupier? The Pretender To The Rainbow Throne Which Belongs By Divine Right To Our Most Noble Savioress and Goddess Hillary?
At that point I wasn't entirely sure of the observation. Now one of the globalist demons has verified:
Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, blogged this week:

“If you come to All Saints this Sunday, you’ll notice that we have removed the proper names from our prayers for those in authority. Whereas before we prayed for “Barack, our president,” we are now praying for “our president, our president-elect, and all others in authority.” This practice will continue for at least the near future. We are in a unique situation in my lifetime where we have a president elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people – particularly women and people who, because of his words and actions, he represents an active danger to health and safety.”
Represents an active danger?

As usual the vile filthy bigotdemons have every fact precisely wrong. Their Lord And Savior Barack was officially uncertain about "gay" "marriage" until late in his term when he Evolved and Completed His Personal Journey. If being uncomfortable with "gay" "marriage" is the standard for active danger, Lord And Savior Barack should have been an unspeakable hissing and byword from 2008 until 2014.

Trump is perfectly comfortable with "gay" "marriage" and has said so repeatedly and consistently for many years. He also said that he's not interested in undoing Federal "laws" on this subject.
  Constants and variables 57

Article in Christianity Today tries to quantify persecution against Christians.

I won't argue with the horrible numbers, but I'd parse the list into two distinct segments.

Basic question: Who started the fight?

If you live in a country where Christianity has always been foreign and unwanted, you're starting the fight by declaring yourself to be a Christian. You know what to expect.

If you're a Christian in a country that has been default Christian for centuries, you should expect to be treated normally. A government that starts to persecute Christians is starting the fight.

= = = = =

The article considers North Korea to be the worst offender. Nope. The rules are clear and constant, with no surprises or bait-n-switch. You know from birth that all religion is forbidden. When you declare yourself to be Christian, you are committing a crime by all the rules of culture and government, so you can't call the government's response persecution.

China is on the same side of the divide, though less violent. China has ALWAYS rejected Christian missionaries.

= = = = =

On the other side of the divide, Syria and Iraq were part of Christianity from the start of the religion, and the Christians in those countries were a normal part of society until WE STARTED THE WARS to remove normal governments. Our ISIS subsidiary is wiping out Christians with tremendous efficiency.

US/UK/EU are on the same side though less violent. We have always been majority Christian, and Christians in those countries were a normal part of society until WE STARTED THE WAR to destroy Christianity. Our governments are destroying the people and culture of the country, though not nearly as effectively or thoroughly as our ISIS branch. Obviously they need to improve their performance.
Saturday, January 14, 2017
  Mechanized negotiation

Latest item at Kans State Hist Soc is a pipe tomahawk. Made in France around 1700. Excellent metal work, especially the ferrules around the shaft/stem piece.

We talk idiotically about replacing politics with computers. Injun had better idea.

Pipe tomahawk = mechanical instantiation of 'trust but verify', all in one compact device.

"Mmp. You smoke peace pipe with me. You not smoke peace pipe, me use other part of pipe."


Later, equally irrelevant: Youtube always "recommends" clips for me based on what I just wrote here. Now it's "recommending" a sciency clip about exploding a Pepsi can with liquid nitrogen. I haven't been writing about Pepsi or nitrogen, but I've been writing a LOT about supercold and ice and snow, and the picture on the clip shows a frozen Pepsi can along with an ax-like tool that closely resembles the pipe tomahawk.


  Well, that's one thing I got right.

For some reason I've been remembering a peculiar item found in Readers Digest in the '50s. It was about a numerologist who officially changed his name to improve the additive properties of the letters. As I remembered it, the original name was Miswald Wrandovakist, and the "luckier" version was Lincoln Disgrowles Wrandavanfgrlmotkets. I no longer trust distant memories, especially when they're bizarrely peculiar, so I finally decided to check it.

Google came through with the original item from a Tucson paper. Though the archived result is messily OCR'd across columns, the name itself is there, and my memory turns out to be mostly right. The "lucky" version given in this source is Lincoln Disgrowles Wrandvanfgrlmotkets. I don't see why my brain would have inserted the a (not o) between Wrand and van, so I'm guessing the Readers Digest did it.

Somehow reassuring.


  Low-quality extortion

Daily Mail has a nice background piece on Fusion GPS, the blackmailer who created the fake "dossier" on Trump. From a skills viewpoint, I find it interesting that the three main players had long and successful careers in mainstream media before they set up this company.


1. Evil blackmail is the main product of MSM. These dudes learned their trade well.

2. Sometimes a corporation finds it convenient to split off a highly talented employee as a "consultant". Not a new practice but has a new purpose.

Previously the "consultant" routine was a workaround for corporate power struggles. When a supervisor disliked a good designer but the upper levels wanted to continue using the designer's output, he would be switched to "consultant".

More recently the "consultant" routine is a workaround for corporate "transparency" and "accountability" laws, which have intentionally resulted in less transparency and accountability. Clearly that's the pattern here. Fusion is a "consultant" so MSM can use the blackmail output without visible control or connection.

3. Aside from politics, this episode illustrates the rapidly failing QUALITY of everything we do in Sorosia. Fusion's blackmail output is remarkably easy to disprove. Serious consumers of extortion products, like KGB or the Sicilian Mafia, would NEVER accept or pay for such raggedy shit.


  Nice to know for sure

Listening to Radio Poland, carried by WRN.ORG. All the "national" stations carried on WRN are actually Soros stations, representing Soros with absolute fidelity while some of their national governments are departing from Soros in various ways.

Feature just now on NATO's preparations for unprovoked and lethal attack on Russia. Notable quote:

"US and NATO placements in Poland will continue on a permanent basis."

Will continue. Permanent basis.

In other words, these monsters know that Trump may sit in the Oval Office but he will not be president. Soros will continue as president on a permanent basis.

Nice to have the facts verified.
Friday, January 13, 2017
  Urban cold island?

Weather Underground's temperature map is an excellent piece of graphics. The colors themselves and the 'deadbands' for shading are well-chosen. You can tell at a glance where the hot and cold areas are.

An unusual pattern shows up just now. Normally supercold comes from the N or NE here, as Arctic air either comes straight down from BC or jumps the Rockies from Montana. Normally the urban area retains heat better than rural. Today it's reversed. Looks like a warm area to the north and a cold spot covering Spokane County. From -5 at Spangle to 17 at Mead = 22 degrees in 22 miles. Most likely a difference in cloudiness, but it's a notably SHARP and contrary gradient.
Thursday, January 12, 2017
  I want one!

Ran into this clip among the CCCР ГЛУХИХ Youtubers. Seems to be a club of deaf Russians devoted to bringing back the Soviet Union, or at least Soviet nostalgia. They feature lots of clips under the title of 15 Republics.

In this clip a lady is showing off a beautiful scale model of the GAZ-13 limo, one of those Packard-Ford-Plymouth hybrids from the early '60s. I WANT ONE!

Later: Ebay has lots of these models at nice prices, but I'll resist the temptation. This isn't a toy I'd really use. Need to stick with buying electronic toys that I'll use creatively. Toys should 'fatten' time, not just occupy space.

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  More silliness about language

More of the usual point-missing, along the same idiot lines as this.
The barks, yacks and wa-hoos of the Guinea baboons reveal distinct human-like vowel sounds... The authors studied the acoustics of 1,335 baboon sounds and the animals' tongue anatomy.

They cast doubt on theories that language developed only after the appearance of humanoids with a low larynx. Instead, they say their research suggests that the human vocal system developed from abilities already present in ancestors such as the Guinea baboon.
Baboons have no particular relevance, and the presence of certain formants has exactly zero relevance to language. Language is a message coded into a time-based sequence of changes in ANY variable, which can be reliably received and decoded into the original message.

Almost everything produces 'human-like vowel sounds' at one time or another. Insects, birds, reptiles, trees creaking in the wind, the wind itself, rushing or dripping water, car engines, door hinges, ad infinitum. Animals are doing language for the same reasons as humans, under the command of the same genes. The inanimate things on this list have nothing to do with language.

Professor Scott Moisik of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in the Netherlands, who was not involved in the new study, said its findings fit with other research — and his own experience listening to primates in zoos and online animal videos.

"When I hear a cat on YouTube produce a vocalization that very much sounds like 'oh long Johnson,' or the 'no no no' cat, or a dog that gets pretty-darned close in imitating 'I love you' ... I am led to believe that, to use the words of Boe and company, 'speech precursors' (however rudimentary or limited) go back further than 25 million years ago."
I'm glad to see an official scientist using Youtube as a resource. All sorts of ACTUAL OBSERVATIONS are available there, most of which go way beyond the tired handful of official observations that neurologists and behaviorists have been overusing for decades.
[Moisik] and colleague Dan Dediu noted that vowels are just part of the equation — and called for more research on tougher-to-make consonants.
But now he's blown his advantage. Acoustically, consonants DON'T EXIST. What we normally describe as a consonant is just a time-dependent reshaping of the vowel formants, sometimes including a moment of silence. It's entirely possible to "make" "consonants" without any actual contact of lips or tongue. It happens all the time in real speech. Ventriloquists formalized and expanded the technique. There's nothing special or "tough to make" about consonants, because consonants are not a category or entity at all.

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  Raking spreads

Local media are noticing that roof raking is starting to spread. I'm still not seeing it in the neighborhood. Last year we ended up with about 6 nearby houses raking, and they raked in time to prevent ice dams.

At this point it may be too late for some houses. I learned the lesson the hard way in 2008. If you wait until the dam is several inches thick, there's no cure. Since then I've been obsessive about raking after every significant snowfall.

It's directly parallel to plowing. If you plow early and use

early, the streets remain usable with MUCH less work.

Bit later: Aha! A new raker, almost across the street. I'll assume 'trendiness' for this one. Good thorough job.


  Analog sand

More rambling on analog vs digital, inspired by the atrocious performance of Spokane's "city" dysgovernment this winter.

Instead of responding to the actual condition of the streets, Copkiller Condon responds to a numerical algorithm. When X inches are officially piled up and Y inches are scheduled to fall, start Phase 1 Plow Event. When 2X inches are on the ground and 2Y inches are scheduled, start Phase 2 Plow Event.

Nature doesn't work that way. If you don't DIRECTLY SENSE when the snow is starting to harden and mountainize, you end up with nearly unplowable streets that take 2X hours and 3X trucks to handle. And if you fail to use

you need 4X as much plowing and 6X as much useless EPA-approved "deicer". When used numerically the plows act like Zambonis, polishing the ice to a perfect sparkle, and the "deicer" adds greasiness to the polished ice.

I suppose Copkiller Condon feels constrained by regulations and litigations. In the modern Sorosian setup, you don't feel safe unless your performance is enumerable down to the 3rd decimal place. BUT the previous mayor broke out of those limits and altered her habits to match Nature. Verner somehow relearned the value of

to prevent Zambonication. Sand is PATIENT. It sits there for weeks, directly providing traction and absorbing solar heat to melt ice. No chemical reaction, so it doesn't get tired.

Copkiller Condon doesn't care about safety or convenience for flyover Spokane. His filthy little Bloomberg-loving carpetbagger heart is still in New York.

= = = = =

Analog thinking corresponds closely to Common Law. Digital thinking corresponds to Chosen Law. Copkiller Condon lives in an atmosphere of Chosen Law.

Let's show the difference visually. I rigged up a simple relaxation oscillator using a 555 chip. Relaxation oscillators are common in Nature, driving heartbeats and circadian cycles.

On the left is my newly acquired old Triplett analog meter; on the right my Chinese digital meter.

The analog meter lets you see the ACTION. Charge builds up, reaches a threshold, then gets discharged down to zero, like a neuron or a toilet.

The digital meter doesn't tell you anything about the action. It's just a bunch of numbers. You can see 17.57 appearing often, which is probably the maximum charge. But the PATTERN is completely missing.

Natural law responds to OBSERVED ACTIONS AND TENDENCIES, and treats them PROPORTIONALLY TO BASELINES. Juries can watch the needle on the defendant's life. Juries understand the difference between permanent criminals and normal humans, and punish accordingly.

Chosen law responds to PRECISE NUMBERS and PRECISE WORDS. If the law specifies that Grand Theft begins at $100, a thief can steal $99.99 with no problem. If the law specifies that "adult" begins at 18, a murder committed at age 17.99 goes free and unrecorded.

Economists are totally useless because they don't follow the needle. They ignore baselines and proportions and medians, using only data that can be jammed into a closed-form equation. They analyze the data using time-free stats, a jumble of numbers like the digital meter.

Basic point:

Running your life by precise language or precise digits pulls you away from common sense and common law.

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