Friday, November 21, 2014
  Tree pain?

After the July gustnado, I started to notice a wood-related smell around here. It's neither a burning smell nor a turpentinish sap smell. More like a dark sugary woody smell. Maple, brown sugar, molasses. Somewhere in that realm. Translated to music, it might be by Sibelius. I'd never picked it up before.


It was all-pervasive from August until last week's deepfreeze. It stopped during the 10-degree week. Now, with temps in the 30s, the smell is returning but not as strong.

It runs well up into the air. When I'm coming down the Shadle hill on Hoffman or Rowan, the smell starts about halfway down. (Since Shadle hill is about 100 feet high, halfway down is treetop level for this neighborhood.)

It's strongest near a broken tree, whether the tree is still in the ground or laying in a trailer.

I've never caught this smell near a deliberately cut tree. Only a violently torn tree.

Unavoidable hypothesis:

This is a tree's cry for help. More likely given the strength, it's a response from other trees to the presence of an injured tree, something like the ethylene signals exchanged by fruits.

But what's the purpose? Healing? Sedation? A last lullaby to a lost friend? Or more prosaic, just sweetly inviting carpenter ants to finish the job?

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  Burning burning burning hunk of shit


Nuff said.


Thursday, November 20, 2014
  Grammar dream

Recording this for my own memory...

Odd dream this morning. Everyone was supposedly using facultative verb forms, but I couldn't figure out why they were facultative. They sounded like subjunctives to me. Antique sentences like "If I be worthy of your regard."

Facultative does resemble other grammatical terms. Optative, gerundive, infinitive ... facultative.

But it's not a grammatical term. Google doesn't find any examples. Facultative basically means optional, which may be how it tied into the above series. Google did find some instances of the word in discussions of grammar, but those were just mentioning forms that can be used in some circumstances, like the plural in Korean.

The episode seemed to be marked as important, so I want to hold it for later consideration.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
  Wog words again

BBC has gained some new NPR stations for its World Service feed, so they're inviting American listeners to check in with pictures of landscape and weather reports. BBC always has trouble with Wog Words but the announcer was doing pretty well with Vernal, Utah and Buffalo, NY. He blew it just now with a report from a Spokane listener. The name came out in Spanish! Spo-Kah-Nay.

Related: In place names that have unexpected local pronunciations, stress pattern is the most common oddity. In America the local version is typically more spondaic, more equal, than the outsider version. In Britain the local is usually more unequal, leading in the extreme to omitted syllables. (Cholmondeley = Chumley.)

There are exceptions. Recently a BBC newsreader was interviewing rock singer Chrissie Hynde, who was born in Akron. The newsreader, perhaps recognizing the usual American pattern, pronounced it in spondaic form: Ack Ron. Hynde didn't stop to correct it, but did exaggerate the proper trochaic ACKrn several times thereafter. Nice. (Sidenote: I found myself surprisedly appreciating Hynde's attitude toward life. Firmly leftist but completely factual. Where leftism is delusional, Hynde made a point of opposing the delusions.)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

After getting chores, work and an excellent dump out of the way, I opened the front door to suck in some nice cold crisp air. Still fully dark at 6AM. Crescent moon. Wonderful air.

Huh? Whazzat????? A white light and red light bouncing up and down and moving across my field of view? UFO? Tiny car with off-center wheels? Eyes going bad?

Nope. It was a jogger wearing an LED-equipped helmet. White on front, red behind, just like a car or bicycle.

Smart idea! He may look silly, but he's NOT going to get whomped by an SUV. Silly beats squashed any day.


  New equation

I really don't need to get riled about this particular piece of suicidal insanity. Karma will take care of it very nicely:
Nearly a year has passed since two Gonzaga University students stopped an intruder by going and getting a gun before the intruder forced himself inside the apartment. The two students were living in university owned apartments off the main campus at the time of the incident.

Across campus, there are new blue signs posted. The school said those signs are a result of that gun incident last year. Now, any building, on or off campus, that is owned by the university is marked with a blue sign.

"I think also with the continuation of the gun violence in schools, I think more students are appreciating the fact that there are no guns on campus," Garbuio said. "They feel a sense of security and safety knowing that we banned them."
Hear that, massacrists? Gonzaga has specially marked gun-free zones for customer convenience! Blue-shot specials! No need to guess any more!

To the modern "mind", security and safety means Guaranteed Death. Old Orwell would be proud. You've added a new equation to his list.
Sunday, November 16, 2014
  Grammar test

Quick grammar and logic test.

If you can disentangle this sentence you get an A in grammar.

If you understand the event itself after disentangling the sentence, you get an A in modern dyslogic.

Reminds me of a poster my father had in his office in the '50s. It was a classic Chinese ink drawing of a man about to commit hara-kiri with a sword. Caption:

Confucius say: Man who is not completely confused doesn't understand situation.

Of course no teacher could have a poster like that now. Offendeds of four different species would burn down the building and string him up, thus posthumously proving his point.
  Moral hazard

Several of the Big Stories this year involve good old Moral Hazard.

This morning we have More Grim News from ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State, which has supposedly beheaded another meddler. We're supposed to get all Outraged because this meddler had traveled into a war zone where he didn't belong, thus causing the war to last longer.

The British government shows the confusion most clearly. They're trying to shut off the flow of British would-be jihadis by controlling visas and passports; and at the same time they're encouraging British "aid workers" to meddle in foreign wars.

Simple and awful fact: Wars end when one or both sides are either dead; or too tired and hungry to fight; or completely out of weapons.

"Aid workers" postpone those natural consequences. "Aid workers" do not aid anyone. They may save a few lives, but those lives will only enable one or both sides to fight longer. "Aid workers" multiply mass death.

Same with Ebola. Individual doctors save a few lives, but only a competent and strict LOCAL GOVERNMENT can stop the advance of an epidemic. Saving a few lives uses LOCAL energy and resources that might otherwise have helped to save thousands.

And when one of these doctors or nurses returns home and starts spreading the virus in her home country, it's no longer a complex Moral Hazard issue. It's plain and simple murder.

= = = = =

Somewhat later thought: No, it's not primarily a question of Moral Hazard. It's just sanity. Our tyrannical mastermonsters have eliminated inductive logic. If you're in a bar at closing time, you shouldn't be surprised to find yourself in the middle of a knife fight or an unwanted sexual encounter. If you've placed yourself in the middle of a war where people are beheading other people, you shouldn't be surprised to find your head on the chopping block. Until 20 years ago, those statements were so obvious they were hardly worth the trouble of saying. Now

  Well, ithn't that jutht THWEET?

A darling foursome of official satanfags made an exquisite Honeymoon Tour of Fag Central and courted the Big City Fags. In return, they got a Fabulous++ rating for the city's Ecoterrorist Bonds, and sold $200 million of Ecoterrorism to satanic sponsors in Fag Central.
In two gleaming Bay Area skyscrapers in the heart of the city’s financial district, Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart, along with the city’s financial gurus, pleaded for favorable ratings for what will be the largest bond issuance in the city’s history – with a type of bond that was first used in the country just last year.

And now, the San Francisco meeting, where Spokane’s Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley and Rick Romero, who leads the Public Works department, made a case to credit analysts that Spokane is fiscally sound and that the project the city was embarking on – a massive retrofitting of its wastewater and stormwater systems – fit the new type of funding aimed at environmentally beneficial projects. Their appeal worked.
What do we get from this, other than nausea and wild feral disgust? We get mosquitoes and a long-lasting unpayable debt to Fag Central.

I renounced my citizenship of USA STRONG a long long time ago. Now I renounce my citizenship of this atrocious evil monstrous city as well. Not that it matters. Citizenship does not exist anyway. Renouncing a nonexistent concept is a null act. All actions not ordered by Bloomberg are null acts.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014
  See what happens?

In UK Telegraph:

"Political correctness officially went mad on November 14, 2014. It happened when Dr Matt Taylor, the man who helped put a rocket on a comet, choked back tears as he apologised for wearing a risqué shirt."

Nope. Political correctness passed through the stratosphere into Satanic tyranny 30 years ago, in the mid-80s, and has been getting worse ever since. The grievance-mongers are fully official in all Western countries, and have been smashing civilization for 30 years.

What happened in this case was sort of backwards from PC, but it doesn't represent progress or a return to sanity.

As you can tell by reading any randomly chosen line in any entry here, I lost patience with PC 30 years ago. I try to hold back the Offendeds with every word I write. When a tyrant tells me not to say X, I say X even louder and harder. I try to offend the Offendeds in the places where they need to be pushed back, though it doesn't make any fucking difference except to my own pointless integrity.

But the shirt in question is offensive to my extremely old-fashioned eyes. It's just vulgar. By the PROPER standards of civilization in ANY era, you don't wear your fantasies on your work shirt. If you do, you should fully expect to be fired.

This is what happens when the Offendeds run completely wild and own everything. Would-be exponents of normal civilization lose their bearings. There's no way to distinguish what should be proper from what shouldn't. Your mere existence is sinful in the eyes of the authorities, so you end up fighting for something that serves the cause of the enemy.
  Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia Eurasia

During the first Cold War, BBC stubbornly refused to acknowledge Russian spies, even though the British intel and defense and science organizations were thoroughly penetrated and riddled with outright spies for Russia. Most were British fags, a few were actual Russians posing as Brits.

BBC was stoutly defending the Soviet line.

Now BBC is detailing the lives of 1950's Russian spies. Now those spies exist, even though they didn't exist before.

BBC is still stoutly defending the Soviet line.

Only difference: US and UK are Soviet headquarters now. Russia is the anti-Soviet force. So Russia is now BBC's enemy.

So I guess the Eastasia/Eurasia thing doesn't really apply to this. Nothing arbitrary about this switch; it's the same evil people consistently responding to a change in the world's alignment. The Eastasia/Eurasia trope does fit our sudden switches between rebel and government sides in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. In those places we don't really favor either side; we switch things around constantly to maintain bloody chaos, which is our real goal. Maximum death, maximum blood. Vampires.
Friday, November 14, 2014
  Halfway there

Romans are considering a highly sensible and sane move. Now that the official "marriage" certificate is fully owned by Satan, it's time to decouple real marriage from official "marriage". Priests would not deal with the civil authorities, would not sign the certificate.

Halfway there. The correct and complete move is SEMANTIC SECESSION. Abandon the word "marriage" and all the usual ceremonies. Let the fags and hags own official "marriage" and all the usual crap. If you want a proper natural mating, do it strictly within the church and REFUSE the official certificate.

This would also circumvent the official clampdown on bridal shops and bakeries and photographers who dare to defend natural law from Satan's encroachments. If the natural-law businesses are dealing only with "mating" or whatever new term is chosen, the unnatural-law people who want a "wedding" cake or a "marriage" photo would simply use their own businesses. Those businesses already exist. Just as a bicycle shop can't get in trouble for refusing to sell a car, a "mating cake" shop can't get in trouble for refusing to sell a "wedding cake". Different products.

Even before the fags and hags snatched it, there was no reason for a male to get into official "marriage". The feminists had already turned official "marriage" into a hostile trap for males. Guaranteed loss, thievery, torture and pain, no gain at all.
  Two headlines

Two headlines this morning.

Obama's immigration plan: 10 executive actions being weighed by the president

Obama seeks to push Myanmar toward democracy

"Democracy" for them, autocracy for us. Of course "democracy" really means permanent chaos, as we can see in a dozen countries where we have already completed the transition to "democracy".

Neocon triumphalism marches on.

Grotesque evil putrid brain-damaged alien satanic monsters.
  Perfect truth 2

When did Putin fully comprehend the tyranny of American triumphalism?

In 2006 Bush invited Russia to join the G8. Was Bush expecting to deal on level terms with a sovereign country, or was Bush trying to groom a slave?

This picture will do. Putin was showing Bush his first car, a '72 Zaporozhets. Bush was clearly saying "I'm taller than you, my car is bigger than yours, my oligarchs are richer than your oligarchs. Loser loser loser nyah nyah nyah."


Irrelevant sidenote: If that's the original license plate, it appears that the loyal little Zaz was trying to warn its owner about a major threat on the western horizon!



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