Thursday, October 23, 2014
  You'd think....

After all these decades of absurdity, it's amazing that anyone still thinks you can accomplish anything by moving clock hands.
Children’s health would benefit if Britain switched to continental time by moving the clocks forward an hour, say researchers.

Lighter evenings would increase the amount of time children engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity each day by an average of two minutes, a study showed.
Two minutes! Yes! Huzzah! Calloo callay! Instant salvation!

There's a serious problem with kids lacking sunlight, as Polistra noted plaintively here. Rickets has returned to London. But you aren't going to touch the problem by fiddling with clocks. Bad culture and misused science cause the problem. The bad culture needs no description; the misused science is an overemphasis on melanoma. In fact melanoma from typical outside play is almost nonexistent. Recent increases in melanoma come specifically and solely from artificial tanning. (This should be obvious from simple logic. Kids no longer play outside, and melanoma among young people is increasing. Therefore sunlight is not the cause of the increase.)

If you really want a clock-based solution, change school hours. You can do this far more flexibly than the crude DST crap. In high-latitude cool places like England or Wash, you could expand and contract both ends of the school day. Run school 7AM to 1PM in summer, and 9:30AM to 2PM in winter. Improve traffic safety and give more illuminated outside play.
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
  Constants and Variables 21

More disproof of the idiot Rand/Romney/Rush 47% largesse shit. SS benefits are getting a very small COLA again this year. For many years now, SS benefits have not been keeping up with inflation. In the '90s Congress even started taxing SS benefits.

If the 47% largesse shit had any truth at all, Congress wouldn't be able to restrict COLA and wouldn't be able to add tax. Us wrinklies are the most reliable and watchful voters, so by this theory we should be the most powerful part of the 47. We should easily stop any politician who dares to monkey with our benefits.

In fact Congress finds it easy to do these sensible things, and nobody even complains.

There's only one sensible move connected to SS that Congress is ACTUALLY AFRAID of making. Removing the 100k cap on the payroll tax would make the SS system solvent and 'profitable' for many years to come. Extremely sensible and NECESSARY move.

Congress won't touch it.

Conclusion: Congress isn't bothered by the big blob of reliably voting geezers. Congress is DEATHLY afraid of a handful of super-rich fuckheads who are NOT on SS.

Votes are less than zero. Raw power is more than 100%.

Bullets count. Ballots do not count.
  Mid-size poop

An evil creature has departed for Hades today. Party time in Roy Cohn's corporate HQ!

Ben Bradlee wasn't among the maximum evildoers, but his mid-sized evil had a broader effect than most.

Before Bradlee, newspapers competed on various sides of politics with clear labels. In most cities you could choose between left and right papers, or choose opposite sides of the local corrupt mayor. You knew what you were getting. After Bradlee, more than 100% of newspapers were more than 100% leftist, and more than 100% of them firmly claimed to be "non-partisan". Choice disappeared.

Part of the blame for this belongs to the non-leftist politicians who still fail to understand the situation. Nixon was the first to fail in this way. Despite his naturally suspicious temperament, he went ahead and used dirty tricks that LBJ and JFK had perfected. He assumed that he would get away with it because LBJ and JFK had gotten away with it.

Even now Repooflican politicians haven't figured it out. They continue to use the terminology of competing brands while doing exactly the same things as the other "side". This means that Repooflicans are nothing more than a convenient blame-carrier. When the D politicians do the same things and it leads to national collapse, the D pols and their captive newspapers can blame Rs for the failure.

If you're doing the same thing, just go ahead and wear the same label. Be "Democrats". This will eliminate the scapegoating. Journalists will not start telling the truth, of course, but they won't be able to play Bradlee's evil game any longer.
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
  Ma Nature's aphid bakery?

This fall we've had a full month of aphids instead of the usual week of aphids.

This summer we had a full month of 90s instead of the usual week of 90s.

Silly but tempting hypothesis: Each time a day hits 90, Ma Nature slips a new set of aphids in the "oven", and they "cook" until fall turns off the heat. Each daily batch then pops out of the "oven" and swarms in sequence.

I have no idea what the real "oven" might be; supposedly these aphids develop by asexual cloning inside their unfertilized mothers, but aphid reproduction seems to be largely unexplored and mysterious.
  Which is it? has been running a radio ad featuring a pet shop where the owner is trying to get things done while several parrots raucously echo everything he says. The point, I guess, is that Wix makes things easier than having several parrots raucously echoing everything you say.

At the end a parrot says "Rrraawwwk. Fuck off!"

I suppose the parrot is meant to say "Wiiiix! Dotcom!" but I can't hear it that way.
  BIG GOOD news

BBC reports on the BIGGEST GOOD NEWS of the decade. It's a little hard to spot the BIGness because this is part of a gradual chain of research with some partial successes and many failures. But this is finally THE BIG ONE.

In short:

Self-provided stem cells have regenerated a broken spinal cord, and a fully paralyzed man can walk again.

In long:
Darek Fidyka, 40, was paralysed after being stabbed repeatedly in the back in the 2010 attack. He said walking again - with the support of a frame - was "an incredible feeling", adding: "When you can't feel almost half your body, you are helpless, but when it starts coming back it's like you were born again."

Prof Geoff Raisman, chair of neural regeneration at University College London's Institute of Neurology, led the UK research team.

The treatment used olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) - specialist cells that form part of the sense of smell. OECs act as pathway cells that enable nerve fibres in the olfactory system to be continually renewed. In the first of two operations, surgeons removed one of the patient's olfactory bulbs and grew the cells in culture.

Note especially that this patient was paralyzed for a few years, which means his muscles and innards had already atrophied to some extent.

Okay, you murderous bloodthirsty embryonic stem cell wackos. Give up now. Come out with your hands up. You're surrounded. The non-murderers have finished the job that you never even started.

Note also that the success was PRIVATELY FUNDED, because the evil fucking governments were all focused solely on the evil murderous useless ESC project. Killing babies is their SOLE PURPOSE.
The groundbreaking research was supported by the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) and the UK Stem Cell Foundation (UKSCF) UKSCF was set up in 2007 to speed up progress of promising stem cell research - the charity has to date contributed £2.5m. NSIF was set up by chef David Nicholls after his son Daniel was paralysed from the arms down in a swimming accident in 2003. To date the charity has given £1m to fund the research in London and a further £240,000 for the work in Poland.
A few private millions have accomplished what government billions couldn't. No fucking surprise.

UKSCF has a donation site here. I tried to send an appropriately BIG donation, but it didn't work. Might be Firefox problem, might be the UK-specific website, which didn't understand my US street address and zipcode. NSIF has a donation site here, and my donation worked (clumsily) through that channel. Hint to both organizations: If you want more donations, use Paypal! Donors want to donate. Donors don't want to spend 15 minutes struggling with a process that fails in the end.
Monday, October 20, 2014

Saw an actual deer in the front yard this morning. I was vacuuming and focusing on the floor; caught something in peripheral vision that seemed too large for a dog; looked up just in time to see Bambi trotting past the porch. I've never seen a regular deer before in the flesh. Seen various off-brand ruminants in zoos, but not a plain old Bambi.
  Good idiot

Ron Paul is frustrating. His goals and dreams are good. The America he wants is a good America, and some of his plans and methods would deliver a better America.

But he always relies on economic theory instead of human nature at crucial points. Nice example in today's column on the draft....
The very worst form of national service is, of course, the military draft, which forces young people to kill or be killed on government orders. The draft lowers the cost of an interventionist foreign policy because government need not compete with private employers for recruits. Anyone who refuses a draft notice runs the risk of being jailed, so government can provide lower pay and benefits to draftees than to volunteers.
Three sentences. The first and last are perfectly true. The middle sentence disagrees with human nature and blows up the whole argument.

In fact a draft makes neocon foreign policy HARDER, not EASIER.

When a broad cross-section of men are in the Army unwillingly, they don't take a lot of crap. We pulled out of Vietnam because most Americans had a stake in the war and most Americans could see it was shit.

The all-volunteer Army includes ONLY men who are naturally inclined toward military service by genes and/or culture. These men have formed a priestly caste, highly capable and efficient at military tasks and unsuited for civilian life. They will obey all orders because obeying orders is their life and passion. Very few Americans have close connections with the priestly class, so even if the soldiers were mutinous their attitude wouldn't affect the country.
  More ethics

In today's National Suicide News:
Olympic National Park is planning to build public observation areas at the site of the former Glines Canyon Dam so the public can learn about ongoing efforts to restore the Elwha River. ... work on the observation areas would start this fall.
On the egregiously rare occasions when we kill a murderer, we invite "observers" to be somewhere near the execution, but we draw the curtains at the moment of death. Nobody gets to see justice being done.

Observing the execution of a country is different. We pay $300 million to kill a clean energy-producing dam so we can get more of our power from dirty coal. Then we proudly spend extra millions to insure that everyone can see the Death of a Nation in glorious Technicolor.

  Happy Birthday Sputnik part 2

While I was shopping on Ebay for 'Soviet radios', this thing came up. It's not a radio, but it's closely related to radio. It was expensive ($150) but it tickles so many of my passions that I just had to buy it. Life's short and all that.

Электронный конструктор was a school electronics learning 'toy', aimed apparently at junior high level. It was made in 1983. Excellent illustration of the Soviet approach to education. Hands on, muscle memory, little theory. All the right things. At the same time, of course, American education was nothing but rote memorization of insane theories. We still haven't broken out of the idiot rote model, though a few scattered bright spots are popping up.

This difference arises from different levels of CONFIDENCE by government. Learning by discovery puts kids in direct contact with REALITY. If you're confident that your system will survive a brush with reality, you allow learning by discovery. If you're afraid that your kids might question your system after encountering reality, you keep them in a rote bubble.

I'd imagine Экон was used in school sort of like this:

The base part was designed to look like a radio.

Экон has four 'rooms'.

Just under the handle is a compartment for 6 AA batteries.

The right side room holds a speaker and volume control, with an audio amplifier behind it:

On left in this picture (lower right on the case) is a tuning capacitor. This is a heavy-duty ceramic cap, suitable for high-voltage use. It doesn't match the other battery-duty components; must have been military surplus or something.

A little booklet included 30 different circuits to build, ranging from a signal generator to a siren to several simple AM radios.

Here's the clever part. You build the circuit by inserting the correct pattern of modules in the middle room, like a jigsaw puzzle or a chess problem. Each module is hollow and contains what it says on the top. Straight wires, T-junctions, caps, resistors, transistors, one push-button switch. Each module can be inserted 4 different ways.

The lower room contains the antenna/inductor, which was designed to serve either as the input tuned circuit and antenna for a receiver, or as the inductive side of a Hartley oscillator. This big antenna module is removable but in practice it always stayed right there, with custom connections along the middle partition. Under the antenna is a 'dead' row with no actual connections, to hold leftover modules.

Экон gives you a nice initial introduction to circuitry. You learn to compare the schematic with reality, and you get an INTRINSIC REWARD when it works. Hear the siren, tune the stations. After Экон you're more ready for serious breadboarding, where you need to select components and solder everything.

Even the box lid has been MAINTAINED.

= = = = =

What's the moral of the story?


(1) When kids are educated through HANDS and MUSCLE MEMORY, they gain a deep and unremovable knowledge. Soviet math and science education did this. American math and science education relied on rote memory, which is shallow and removable. (Our response to Sputnik led to even more rote memory of even crazier theories.)

When you've learned through direct sensory and muscle experience, you know how things work. You can thus develop new strategies when you encounter new situations. You are SELF-SUFFICIENT.

(2) Making things. Before WW2 Americans made everything we used, and paid Americans to make things. After WW2 America started outsourcing. Solid-state electronics was the pioneer of outsourcing. At the same moment as Sputnik, Japan became very good at making transistor radios, and we unconditionally surrendered to them. We allowed our own radio industry to collapse, because the Sacred Theory Of Open Borders must be obeyed AT ALL COSTS, especially including national suicide. Russia didn't make the same mistake. A close examination of the internal parts of this gadget, and the internal parts of the VEF shortwave radio, shows that all the components are Russian-made. They look different from American (Chinese) parts.

= = = = =

When you make things internally and repair things internally and educate for self-sufficiency, you maximize your survival.

And we can see the difference RIGHT NOW. BBC reports that Russian farmers and manufacturers are quickly picking up the slack now that imported food has been stopped by our sanctions. (By the way, isn't it just wonderfully ethical that we attack Russia and then slap Russia with sanctions for DARING to answer our attack? Fucking chutzpah as fucking always.)

From BBC:
But there has been no broader backlash. In fact one poll published this week revealed that most Russians believe sanctions can actually boost the economy; two in five told the Levada Centre they would accept an even bigger ban on foreign imports if necessary. That is partly because supermarket shelves have not emptied here - it is their content that has changed. At one central Moscow store this week the dairy counter was full of packages labelled Edam, Gouda and Ricotta - but on closer inspection much of it was made here in Russia.
Incidentally, Toldja so.

Summing up:

Protectionism protects more than your industries and jobs and economy. Above all it protects your CIVILIZATION and your HUMAN CAPITAL. If you're accustomed to making things and fixing things internally, you KNOW HOW to make things and fix things, and you KNOW HOW to adapt to new situations. Those skills don't disappear quickly.

= = = = =

Poser model is here.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014
  Wind or not?

I'm wondering if there was a moderate windstorm last night. I didn't notice anything, didn't get awakened by noise. Nothing shows on the Weather Bureau's records, but they're at airports and rarely reflect what happens in Spokane, so that doesn't mean much.

This morning my back yard was covered with pine needles. Since I had my own trees removed 3 years ago, needles can only hit my yard with a pretty decent wind. Also, the Spokane-News facebook page is carrying lots of mentions of power outages in North Central and far east Valley locations, plus one tree down in Deer Park. Puzzling.
  The other end

At the other end of the scale from Rome's Satanization, we have the deeply and solidly Christian president of Liberia.

Ellen Sirleaf is humbly pleading with the Western principalities and powers for more assistance. She also apologized to the mayor of Dallas for sending Ebola to Dallas.

Think about that. She didn't need to apologize. It wasn't her fault that Duncan came to Dallas. It was partly Duncan's own fault for lying about his condition, partly the fault of the airlines and Western authorities for maintaining evil Free Trade and Open Borders against all rules of Nature and common sense.

Yet she humbly apologized.

Christ in action.

One part of her 'Dear World' letter:
There is no coincidence Ebola has taken hold in three fragile states – Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - all battling to overcome the effects of interconnected wars. In Liberia, our civil war ended only eleven years ago. It destroyed our public infrastructure, crushed our economy and led to an exodus of educated professionals. A country that had some 3,000 qualified doctors at the start of the war was dependent by its end on barely three dozen. In the last few years, Liberia was bouncing back. We realized there was a long way to go, but the future was looking bright.

Now Ebola threatens to erase that hard work. Our economy was set to be larger and stronger this year, offering more jobs to Liberians and raising living standards. Ebola is not just a health crisis – across West Africa, a generation of young people risk being lost to an economic catastrophe as harvests are missed, markets are shut and borders are closed.
As US/UK/EU continue to stir up new revolutions and new chaos in all parts of the world, this tells us what we are doing. The disasters we create are coming back to infect us. Nature always instructs monsters, and Nature eventually destroys monsters.
  So furiously rage together

Satan's toxic hordes are RAGING RAGING RAGING at the HERETICAL bishops who DARED to question Satan's unquenchable and unstoppable PROGRESSIVE ENLIGHTENMENT for even one picosecond.

I predict that the handful of weakly and vaguely nonSatanic bishops will bend over and take Satan's red-hot poisoned dick in a few days. Satan does NOT allow delay or dissent.

Update: BBC is interviewing some insiders. One is an "archbishop" who was part of the synod. He/she/it just now stated that he/she/it voted against the "welcome", NOT because it was Satanic, but because it was NOT SATANIC ENOUGH.

As fucking always. Satan always gets MORE THAN 100%. MORE THAN ALL. MORE THAN INFINITY.
Saturday, October 18, 2014
  Whose dream?

Sometimes on the way into sleep I'll pop into a mini-dream that is so weird or nonsensical that it wakes me up immediately and I have to start over. Most of those pop-ins are visual and not easily described or written. This one was nicely verbal and linear and writable, with a bonus that the subject of thought was itself parallel to the process of phase shift!

It went like this... using italics to represent the exact moment when dream mode switched in.....

= = = = =

Grr. The FM radio is drifting. Stuck between stations. That's annoying. Should I get up and try to tune it? No. In the first years of FM, most radios had separate AM and FM and FM/AFC settings on the bandswitch. There wasn't any meaningful difference between the latter two; you didn't need to turn off the phase-locking to tune the radio. Back around 1961 I had an odd FM-only radio that had only two controls, the tuning and the FM to AFC switch. The radio was made by Blonder-Tongue. Now there's a name you couldn't use nowadays. Censors would pick it off immediately. Blonder-Tongue is a lot like the Spanish movie "Seven Celias and a Charlatan", but I doubt that the readers would WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? THAT DIDN'T MAKE ANY DAMN SENSE! There's no such movie, Spanish or otherwise, it wouldn't be "a lot like Blonder-Tongue" if it did exist, and I wouldn't know about it anyway!

= = = = =

After fully waking, I googled a bit. (1) Blonder-Tongue did make an FM-only radio that was similar to the one I owned, but the one I owned was a Sarkes-Tarzian like this. I don't know why it was 'rebranded' in dream mode. (2) B-T didn't get picked off by the censors. It's still active 50 years later, still making the same main product line of VHF amplifiers and antenna splitting systems. (3) There never was a movie called "Seven Celias and a Charlatan". Sounds interesting, though. I'd watch it! [As always, I wish to hell I could channel some of that dream-time creativity into wake-time. If you paid me a thousand bucks to come up with an interesting title for a Spanish movie, I'd just draw a complete blank.]

= = = = =

Here is a fascinating article on the history of Sarkes Tarzian. Like Atwater Kent, it wasn't two guys named Mr Sarkes and Mr Tarzian, it was one guy named Sarkes Tarzian. His company was most famous for components; nearly all TVs and radios of the 50s had some S-T parts in their chassis. After the brief venture into complete radios, they stopped manufacturing in 1970. The company, still run by the Tarzian family, is now a holding company for several radio and TV stations.

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  Terachutzpah 2

Couple weeks ago I noted the most perfect and infinite example of chutzpah, coming naturally from the Tribe that invented chutzpah. In that case Chair Yellen was bemoaning the vulnerability of Americans without savings or other resources. It's a perfectly valid bemoan, but Chair Yellen has the UNIQUE AND TOTAL POWER to solve the problem. All by itself, Chair can issue a simple four-word order: "Stop controlling interest rates." This would solve the problem of low savings. Nobody else in the world can do it. Chair can do it instantly any time Chair wants.

Did Chair solve the problem? Did Chair issue the four-word command? No. Chair simply complained about the problem in the same way as powerless little nobodies like me.


Now Chair is at it again. This time Chair has outputted a longer and broader speech about income inequality. Again a perfectly valid complaint. I've skimmed through the speech, and it's the same stuff I've been saying for 8 years, the same stuff that smarter people have been saying for much longer.

Dammit, Chair, stop rubbing it in! We know you are Of Royal Blood and Totally Privileged to do any fucking thing you want without punishment. This means that you COULD solve these problems without punishment. NO FUCKING BODY FUCKING ELSE IN THE FUCKING WORLD CAN FUCKING DO IT. Instead, you grotesquely pretend to be some ordinary Non-Royal Redneck who is suffering under the yoke of Royal Oppression. "Boy howdy, I really hate what those Fed Reserve assholes are doing to us. Don't you just hate it too? I wish there was something we could do about Fed policies, but there isn't. We just have to take what they dish out."

This is way beyond chutzpah. No word for it.
Friday, October 17, 2014
  Works both ways

Old-fashioned tyrants displaced their evil decisions into bureaucracies so the decision could be treated as an "unavoidable" fact of nature. Just good old Due Process. Modern tyrants do the same thing with computers. "I wash my hands of this decision. The computer did it."

Refreshingly, displacement can work both ways. Google's ad-popping algorithm is capable of doing and saying things that a human would get in deep trouble for..........

You can hear the algorithm thinking: "Banned Book Week + acronym = BBW. What's that an acronym for? Ah! FAT! What do we have in our ad stock for FAT? Zulily!"

Sidenote: Yum. Pretty. For too many years 'plus-size' models looked like Janet Reno. Clearly the selectors just couldn't stand to let them be pretty. Sort of like the way Detroit treated compact cars at first. After Toyota bonked Detroit upside the head, Detroit finally learned the lesson that Nash had figured out much earlier: Pretty is pretty regardless of size. Quality is quality regardless of size.
  Why did Stalin turn against us 2

I just put something together. I don't know if this result is the truth, but it certainly makes more sense than any other interpretation of the full set of events.

In 2010 I wrote this:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Polistra has been wondering why Stalin put so much effort into subverting the US after WW2.

From our side it didn't make sense; we had been working in partnership with Russia in the war, and our people had tremendous sympathy for the Russian people who had borne the brunt of defeating Hitler. (One of five Russians died, one of five Russian towns was destroyed.) The Marshall Plan could have helped Russia recover, but Stalin chose instead to make us an enemy.

Surely old Joe didn't expect to fully Sovietize America in his lifetime. He also remembered from 1920's experience that a big socialist economy can't stay alive unless some big capitalist economies remain in other countries, to provide surplus food in emergencies and fancy goodies for the nomenklatura. Unlike today's idiotic American commie rulers, Joe didn't believe his own propaganda. Given all those certainties, what the hell was he trying to do?

A newly available radio series offers a possible answer. War Telescope, now available at, was a series of 15-minute programs on NBC, aired weekly through the war years, hosted by Elmer Peterson and Morgan Beatty. All of the segments provide a mix of insight into wartime life and speculation about the coming peace. Many of these insights have been lost in current thinking.

"A European View of the War", aired 2/26/44, may contain the answer to the Stalin puzzle. It focuses on the diplomatic community in Europe, who considered America to be an unstable and unreliable ally. [Robert Parker's 1944 book echoes these concerns.] Our military had saved Europe's ass in WW1 and WW2, but before and between the wars our government had failed to form an intelligent and coherent foreign policy. Would we hold steady after this war, helping the other Allies to conclusively and decisively punish Germany? Or would our financiers and industrialists fall back to their natural preference for Germany, carrying Congress with them as they had done in the 1930s?

From this angle it's easy to see why Stalin wanted to have a firm hand on American policy, wanted to insure that the United Nations Organization served Russia more than America. From this angle, letting America return to normal meant letting Germany return to power. It wasn't mainly about Communism; it was mainly about Russian and European national interest.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now, after comparing the 1944 cartoon Краденое солнце and the current cartoon series Маша и Медведь, I suddenly see a larger picture. [Note: The alligator in Краденое солнце was unquestionably Germany. I don't know if Masha is consciously intended to represent America, but her destructive behavior and the bear's sane response form a perfect metaphor in any case.]

Larger picture: Preventing America from linking with a resurgent Germany may have been part of the bear's purpose, but the MAIN purpose of the Cold War was to prevent America from BECOMING the next resurgent Germany.

What actually happened during the Cold War? America didn't start any wars. We got involved in Korea and Vietnam, where we were fighting against China while fooling ourselves into thinking we were fighting Russia. Thus we were serving Russia's purposes. Keeping China occupied and keeping ourselves weak. Both sides were fomenting coups to develop proxy dictators in various third-world countries, but those coups were quick and led to increased stability, not to permanent chaos.

What actually happened after the Cold War? Exactly what the bear had feared, and exactly what the bear had been preventing. We are now Imperial Germany and Imperial Japan, starting wars around the world (but especially around Russia!) for no rational or national purpose. Some of these wars serve Israel's purposes, some are just pure blood-fetish. We are pure violence, pure crime.

The bear was right.



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