Sunday, May 09, 2021

Weird dream this morning, definitely not 'my kind of dream'.

I was involved in a palace coup that installed Robert MacNamara as president, to restore order after decades of chaos.

Thoughts after waking:

Terrible idea, because Mac's version of order was always aimed at magnifying Mac's personal power, not helping the corporation or the country.

But Mac's way of achieving order would be appropriate. He was a master of backbiting, sneaky tactics and internal blackmail.

What we really need is a Putin, a master of spycraft and sneaky tactics who has a burning need to improve the country, not to serve himself.

Of course we were blessed with a Putin from 1932 to 1945. FDR's goal was the same, and he accomplished it. He restored order to the economy and solved all the problems that government was able to solve. He didn't create any new problems at all.

His sneaky tactics weren't visible or known, but he couldn't have accomplished anything without suppressing and out-extorting Lady Edgar. There might have been a deal: Lady Edgar was given new authority and budget to go after bank robbers and kidnappers, and in return she had to keep her filthy hands off everything else.


Saturday, May 08, 2021
  Laughter is learning

When you treat everything as entertainment, you can live longer and MOST IMPORTANTLY you can learn more.

When everything is EMERGENCY PANIC DEADLY SERIOUS you're not allowed to learn anything.

Learning includes 'science', as I've been pushing lately, and learning also includes the basics of human behavior.

= = = = =

Why was Jordan Peterson unnecessary in the 1930s? Because HARDASS human nature was part of entertainment. There were romantic songs for sure, but there was also a constant theme that marriage is more trouble than it's worth. The unattached life had its own romance. If you weren't MEANT to be married, you had more freedom.

These views were already absent when I grew up in the '50s and '60s. Marriage was automatically assumed to be necessary and wonderful. If you weren't MEANT to be married, you weren't qualified to live. Take one for the team NOW.

= = = = =

Recently my bedtime playlist has included a 1933 series called Mirth Parade. (It doesn't seem to be available free online.) The verbal part of Mirth Parade was low-quality humor by any standards, mainly contrived puns** that reached 10 feet beyond funny to cram in a combination of words. Like many of the syndicated shows, the musical part was brilliant.

An episode about sailing and boats includes two HARDASS representations of romantic reality. Neither song would be singable today. Reality is CRIMETHINK, in 'science' and human behavior.

First a version of the familiar Barnacle Bill, not quite legally obscene but HARDASS real. This is how the world works.

Barnacle Bill.

Second, a totally forgotten lively number about a sailor with a dame in every port.

Two-buck Tim from Timbuktu.

A young man who grew up with the ability to PERCEIVE reality and LAUGH at reality wouldn't need Jordan Peterson to develop him into a Peterson cultist. He'd know how to HANDLE reality.




= = = = =

** Contrived puns...

An advice columnist answers a question.

Q: My husband is Norwegian and he drinks a lot. Should I expect him to be waiting for me when I return from vacation?

A: No, he won't be waiting for you. Norse is Norse and souse is souse, and never the train shall meet.

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Now this is INTERESTING.

Sequential pictures show fungus-like objects on Mars, growing and spreading and 'crusting' just like puffballs on earth.

These are convincingly lifelike in appearance.

Another article "debunks" the claim by pointing out that the claimer has been trying for quite a while to see life on Mars, and isn't NASA. Those are irrelevant. A fact is usually discovered by somebody who was looking for it, and NASA's credibility is trashed after decades of Gaian genocide.

The "debunker" says We have mountains of data showing the conditions of Mars are not conducive to life as we know it. Violently false. Life as we know it flourishes in conditions much worse than Mars.

Even worse, the "debunker" tells us that viruses and immunity are pseudoscience, and Fauci is science.


Simple fact: The fungus claim can't be settled without a chemical sniffer. Visual impressions are evocative, but these particular forms could be 'snow-rollers' or growing crystals.

"Debunking" by a vicious murderous liar, who doesn't even bother to question the pictures, tends to raise the credibility of the fungus claim, but doesn't prove it.

These objects are more decisively lifelike to my eyes.

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  Reprint on Don't Be There

Reprinting this item from 2018 to maintain my own resolve.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Puppet show. APs versus APs. Both dangling from Deepstate strings. One set is called "Patriot Prayer Puppets", other side is called "Antifa Puppets".

The script says Antifa wins, so Antifa wins.

The lower-level participants are unaware of the scripting. They believe they're "moving the world" or some such shit. The only thing they're doing is strengthening Deepstate. Deepstate uses CONFLICT to justify more spying, more tyranny, more extermination. Parkinson, Parkinson, Parkinson. PAY ATTENTION.

At this moment the Antifa participants are accidentally more honest, since they are OPENLY defending CIA, NSA, Goldman, and Military. They doublethink that they are "resisting" something or other by openly supporting CIA, NSA, Goldman, and Military. Perhaps one or two of them will realize the doubleness and give up, but I doubt it.

If you want to "change the world", there's absolutely no ACTIVE way to do it. The best you can do is AVOID strengthening Deepstate. All you can do is STAY THE FUCK AWAY from these atrocious fake puppet shows. Don't invite "controversial" speakers, don't join protests, don't join movements. Speak the truth when possible, do your duty.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Survive. Be medieval. Be useful.

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Friday, May 07, 2021
  Which came first?

Mentioning chickens in previous item reminded me... Girls were sometimes called chickens in 1930s and 1940s radio shows. NOT chicks. Chicken wasn't nearly as common as dame or doll or gal, but it appeared now and then in jokes and songs.

Chick seems to have started in the '50s, probably with the Beats.

This online discussion completely misses the chicken to chick transition, mainly assuming that chick came from chica.


  Good slogan, not easy to follow

Slogan seen on Tumblr:

Buy art by living artists. The dead ones don't need the money.

Well said. What's more, buying 'great masters' doesn't help any artists at all. It only puts more money into a corrupt trading system that mainly serves as money-laundering.

Unfortunately the living artists and living manufacturers are completely skipping a wide range of good products. Nobody is composing classical music. Nobody is building practical and attractive cars. All four-wheeled vehicles are web-connected and grotesque. Nobody is building analog electronics.

If you want attractive and non-Satanic products, you often have to buy old stuff. I wrestle with this question. There's no simple answer. I try to buy from smaller vendors, and avoid anything connected to Amazon or China, but often the "smaller" vendor is just a cover story for reshipping Amazon.


  Confusion to the enemies

The new 'Persuasion' website on Substack is trying to mute the harangues and lectures and condescension from Satan.

This article is nominally about Google creating 'eco-friendly' routes for drivers, but the author is really pleading for less screeching.
Paternalistic actions by corporations, often built on these heuristics, can also have unexpected consequences. Epicurious, the food and cooking website, recently decided to stop publishing new recipes with beef to promote sustainability. But performative actions like this can actually create a backlash against the very cause they are promoting. People simply resent being manipulated, which can turn them off to environmental causes more broadly.
Correct. Teaching and selling by example ALWAYS works better than teaching and selling by lecture. Equally true of teaching math, selling cars, and selling religion.

Create a living example, or a living lab experiment, or a living demonstration of the product. Make the example available. ALLOW the student or buyer to EXPERIENCE the skill or religion or product. No screeching necessary.

This isn't new. Wisdom has ALWAYS advised teaching by example.

Consider the Mormons. You never see a lecture or troll or screech by LDS types online. They're smarter than most of us (including me). Mormons just live their ordinary happy lives. The neighbors NOTICE a happy and functional family, with no drug problems or misbehaving kids, and the neighbors then NOTICE that the functional family is LDS.

That's real persuasion.

Fortunately the Gaians and Faucians aren't going to listen to this good advice. They have total demonic power, and they're fully committed to persuasion at the point of a carbon-neutral gun, or persuasion by a carbon-neutral muzzle. Two kinds of muzzle, same result. Physical compliance plus total rejection of the idea and total STUBBORN adoption of opposite ideas.

In this case the opposite ideas are sane and normal and genuinely scientific, so the result is good for our minds and deadly for our bodies.

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  Brilliant experiment, brilliant description

Paleontologists at Yale are using casts of the inner ears of dinosaurs to infer the lifestyle of the dinos.

Because we've been making such casts of modern skulls for a long time, we know how the configuration of the vestibular system correlates with motion patterns of living animals.
The form of the vestibular system is a window into understanding bodies in motion.

One vestibular cluster corresponded with "sophisticated" fliers, species with a high level of aerial maneuverability. This included birds of prey and many songbirds.

Another cluster centered around "simple" fliers like modern fowl, which fly in quick, straight bursts, and soaring seabirds and vultures. Most significantly, the inner ears of birdlike dinosaurs called troodontids, pterosaurs, Hesperornis, and the "dino-bird" Archaeopteryx fall within this cluster.
In other words, dinobirds were chickens.

We also know how the configuration of the cochlea correlates with frequency range of living animals.
Bhullar said the data suggest that the cochlear shape's transformation in ancestral reptiles coincided with the development of high-pitched location, danger, and hatching calls in juveniles.

It implies that adults used their new inner ear feature to parent their young, the researchers said.

"All archosaurs sing to each other and have very complex vocal repertoires," Bhullar said. "We can reasonably infer that the common ancestors of crocodiles and birds also sang. But what we didn't know was when that occurred in the evolutionary line leading to them. We've discovered a transitional cochlea in the stem archosaur Euparkeria, suggesting that archosaur ancestors began to sing when they were swift little predators a bit like reptilian foxes."
An important distinction on the production side might complicate these inferences about the reception side. The configuration of the vocal tract determines the style of singing.

Default mammals, with spine and head horizontal, have very little resonance. The larynx is immediately followed by the mouth, which is typically open on both sides. There's no cavity or tube or column after the larynx.

Humans, with spine and head vertical, are built like a pipe organ or train whistle. The pharynx is a closed Helmholtz resonator above the larynx, with the mouth branching off and providing another closed resonator.

Birds are bugles. The mouthpiece or reed is at the bottom of a long resonator with muscular control. The beak is open on both sides like a cat, but the beak isn't needed as a resonator.

Resonators phase-lock the song into discrete notes.

The cochlear inferences are mixing fox-type and bird-type dinos together, which misses an important part of the signaling and coding ability. Bird-like discrete notes make language possible. Fox-like howling is a signal, but doesn't allow for detailed coding by discrete symbols.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021
  Astrometeorology 2: James Ferguson

Following from intro to the subject.

I'm going to slide into this sideways, starting from the junction point of entertainment and science exemplified by the Magic Lantern. Reminder: The magic lantern was an animated video system. Its slide-projector descendants were rigid.

James Ferguson was a highly unusual character in the aristocratic world of British science. His family was poor but smart. He was born in 1710 and immediately showed talent in mechanics, improving and inventing devices for the family farm. He was apprenticed out to a variety of farmers, millers, and aristocrats. Some mistreated him, others recognized his talents in math and astronomy and gave him room to develop. At age 30 he finally found his niche, the unique occupation that mixed math and mechanics and astronomy.

Orreries. Planet simulators. We'll return to those in the next part. First some entertainment.

Ferguson joined the fashion for electrical entertainment, building and demonstrating gadgets that used electrostatic fields to form complex animation.

Polistra likes this one:

A static-powered mill.

The negative emitter of the static machine is brought near a delicate mill made of paper. The 'electrical spray' repels the paper vanes, causing the mill to rotate. As each vane rotates, it loses the charge it had acquired from the spray, returning to neutral. A neat parallel to the potential energy of gravity in an overshot water mill.

= = = = =

The Electrical Sportsman is a more complex gimmick, perhaps not made by Ferguson.

The emitter from the static machine is connected to the center pole of the Leyden jar under the birds. As charge builds up, the birds tied to the pole repel each other, and float out and up on their wires. When the voltage is high enough to discharge to the gun, a spark shows at the end of the gun, and the bullet is repelled toward the birds. The center pole discharges, letting the birds fall back down as if shot.

In the next part I'll dig back into the history of astrometeorology, starting from Ferguson's geocentric orrery.

For now,




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  Interesting experiment, unsatisfying description

Via Gizmodo:
The Parker Solar Probe, Collinson realized, had actually travelled through Venus’s atmosphere, providing the first direct measurement of the Venusian atmosphere in nearly 30 years. Parker had detected natural low-frequency radio emissions, which are associated with planetary ionospheres—an atmospheric region packed with plasma, or charged gases.

By measuring the frequency of this emission, we can directly calculate the density of the ionosphere around Parker, finding it to be far less dense than previous missions have encountered,” wrote the scientists in their paper. “This supports the theory that the ionosphere of Venus varies substantially over the 11 year solar cycle.”
Makes sense, and doesn't even need to be called a theory. We know that Earth's ionosphere varies with the sun's activity, so we expect that the same happens even more on Venus, which is closer to the sun.

"Low-frequency emissions" is vague. Without an audio recording it's hard to tell what this means. I suspect it means the hisses and scratches of an active ionosphere, familiar to SWLs and hams. Hisses and scratches may be LF as seen in a long-term spectrum analysis, but they're mainly transients, so mainly HF as heard by the ears. LF without any other description implies a low hum or gradual seismic wave, not a discharge or transient.

Big Science always describes things in a timeless way, by spectra or by statistics. Humans don't sense the world in a timeless way, and useful thinking always requires a time axis.

Later: this NASA video includes audio. The sound is warbly, not hissy. It's described as a "data sonification", which is completely meaningless without more specs. Is it similar to a plain AM receiver, or is it a way of representing something or other with sound?


  Random auto export thought

Stirred by seeing a Packard limo of the Clipper era in an Egyptian movie:

These limos were never seen here. Packard exported most of them.

"Thinking" more, I realized that Cadillacs are never seen in foreign pictures. This applies to movies, and also to old street shots from various places. In every country without its own carmakers, US cars were common in the 30s and 40s. But the luxury end of the US range was NOT Caddy. Buicks were the top GM car in most countries, and Packards were also more common than here.

Why Buick? One possible explanation is the Canadian McLaughlin Buick company. McLaughlin made its own cars at first, then allied with Buick, then became a GM division. Because of Canada's close ties to England, McLaughlin took care of GM's exports to England and other RHD countries. British royalty chose Buicks, and the rest followed.

Asia was RHD following British colonial tradition. China and Korea switched to LHD, but the rest of Asia is still mainly RHD. So a ruler or rich asshole in those countries was more likely to buy Buicks.

Footnote for clarity: GM had its own divisions in England and Germany, but those plants didn't make US brands. They made Vauxhalls and Opels, which were completely different from US cars until very recently.
Tuesday, May 04, 2021
  Interesting experiment, uninteresting result

An article in New Superstitionist describes an interesting experiment with an uninteresting result....
Bats are born knowing the speed of sound. This may not be shocking, as they rely on echolocation to find food and avoid crashing into trees in the dark. But unlike birds that learn their songs, or lions that learn to hunt, bats seem to be born knowing how to echolocate.
The comparison doesn't work well, and the experiment shows why, but the author doesn't understand why.
To see whether bats can adjust their echolocation to accommodate changes in the speed of sound, Eran Amichai and Yossi Yovel at Tel Aviv University in Israel trained eight adult Kuhl’s pipistrelle bats (Pipistrellus kuhlii) to fly to a perch within a chamber pumped full of oxygen and helium. Because helium is less dense than other atmospheric gases, sound travels faster through it.

The helium interfered with the bats’ echolocation timing and caused them to aim short of the perch. At first, this was expected, but the adult bats never learned to adjust.
The basic distinction is clear, whether you explain it by evolution or design. In Nature the speed of sound is constant, so there's no reason to evolve or design a mechanism that adapts to the speed of sound. Hearing CAN be rigid at this level, so it is.

Other behaviors depend on the situation right here and now. Hunting is different when the main prey is deer or squirrels. The speed of prey is variable.


Monday, May 03, 2021
  Speaking of rules

Partial reprint from last July.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Thus I'm left with two explanations that aren't immediately disprovable.

1. A bar bet between Bezos and Soros. Hold my beer while I destroy the world. Who can reach the ultimate finish line first?

2. A test of all humans and human leaders, performed by God or Satan or an alien civilization.

For now I'm going to run with the test, because at least it provides a survival purpose for those of us who are trying in various ways to expose and oppose the holocaust.

It also fits with the old Sharia view of Natural Law.
The Almighty has created this world as a trial and test for man; every person has therefore been made to depend on others for his living. No one in this world can live independently as regards his needs and requirements. A person of the highest rank turns to the most ordinary to fulfill them. In other words, every single person has an important role to play, without which this world cannot continue.

This role depends upon his abilities, intelligence and inclinations as well as upon his means and resources, which vary from person to person. In fact, it is because of this variation that a society comes into being. Consequently, laborers and workers, artisans and craftsmen, tillers and peasants are as indispensable as scholars and thinkers, savants and sages, leaders and rulers. Every individual is an integral component of the society and contributes to its formation according to his abilities.

By creating various classes of people, the Almighty is testing whether the big and the small, the high and the low create a society based on co-operation and respect or create disorder in the world by disregarding the role each person has been ordained to play.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

It's a direct contract between God and humans. God gave us the infinite gift of life and order and beauty. In return we're expected to maintain and increase order and beauty. Pay for value. Equipoise.

This still makes more sense than the Christian crap about "original sin" and "image of God". It explains the setup with no unnecessary entities.

Here's an instantiation of the test code, from one of the hadiths:

Whoever of you sees an evil must then change it with his hand. If he is not able to do so, then he must change it with his tongue. And if he is not able to do so, then he must change it with his heart. And that is the least of faith.

Directly follows from the variation in abilities and RESOURCES.

When Bezos and Soros cranked up the most massive evil in the history of the world, EVERYONE who could have changed it by hand (economic and political bullypower) joined the evil. Legislatures, courts, churches, businesses. ALL eagerly joined the holocaust. NONE even momentarily pretended to oppose.

This doesn't relieve the duty for those of us who can only oppose by tongue or heart. We still have the duty because we received the gift. Pay for value. Equipoise.

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  The old inverse rule works

Interesting item from Wolfstreet. One of the offshoots of the holocaust is a shortage in the semiconductor industry, for reasons that aren't quite clear.

Intel is making clear and sane moves to counteract the shortage. It's building more factories in US, and halting the share buybacks that were its main source of profit for the last few years. More real work, less finance. Good!

My father used to say "If you want Democrat policies, vote for a Republican. If you want Republican policies, vote for a Democrat." Now R and D are meaningless, but his inverse rule seems to be showing up as Populist vs Globalist.

Trump scampaigned as a Populist, and did everything possible to advance Globalism. Our imports from China increased during Trump after holding steady during Obama.

Biden campaigned as a Globalist, and certainly is a Globalist. But now the pressure from NYC is off. Corporations no longer have to avoid the slightest hint that they might be making Trump look good. Now increased employment will make Biden look good, so it's permissible.

Fine with me. I don't give a fuck how you justify the right result. Just DO the right thing.



Satan always starts a sentence with Ummmmmmmm......

This has been obvious for at least 15 years. It became grotesquely murderously obvious during the holocaust. Any time you see this demonword (or variants) at the start of a written message, you know without reading the rest that the message was written by Satan, using force and verbal violence to destroy truth and culture and civilization.

For clarity, this doesn't apply to speech. Humans often start sentences with various hesitation sounds, without knowing it or intending any meaning.

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  Beautiful AI point-hitting

The vast majority of questions on Quora are either absurd or stings. The vast majority of answers (including most of mine) are snarky and nasty. Snarky can be fun.

Here's a rare example of a serious question that brought a variety of serious and SIGNIFICANT answers.

Why are so many software engineers against the Internet of Things?

All the answers are worth reading. This one hits the proper points neatly:
One trend is to collect more and more data about the Internet users and find more and more creative ways to monetize this data in more and more creatively unethical ways.

The other one is to switch more and more services and products from purchase model to rental model.

Between these two trends there is a lot of sentiment among the tech crowd that the wide spread of IoT devices will provide a lot more potential for misuse in both directions.

In the first trend it will enable household IoT devices to gather a lot more private data without your consent. Would you like your IoT bed to tell Google how much sex you have? And if your partner(s) have their phones with them, Google might even find out who you have sex with! Isn’t technology wonderful?
Creatively unethical is a perfect hit.

Real programmers have been arguing against other uses and fantasies of AI as well. Programmers know how these things work, so we know how they can be misused, and we also know which goals are physically impossible fantasies.

How come nobody listens to these Experts? I thought Experts were in charge of the world?

The reality, of course, is that expertise is NOT the relevant variable. Deepstate is the only variable. Experts who agree with Deepstate are experts. Experts who disagree with Deepstate are Anti-Science Anti-Intellectual Deniers Who Must Be Exterminated.


Sunday, May 02, 2021
  The biggest One Exception, still there!

I needed a beacon, so I checked in with Tanzania.

Still free and sane, despite the death of Magufuli. His death was suspicious, but apparently it wasn't a full-fledged coup by Satan. It might have been a coup by another politician who simply wanted to take the power. In any case it's clear that the blessed country hasn't changed.



  Not surprising

Article in the misnamed "Conversation" outlines the development of voice profiling as used by Deepstate.
In one Amazon patent, a device with the Alexa assistant picks up a woman’s speech irregularities that imply a cold through using “an analysis of pitch, pulse, voicing, jittering, and/or harmonicity of a user’s voice, as determined from processing the voice data.” From that conclusion, Alexa asks if the woman wants a recipe for chicken soup. When she says no, it offers to sell her cough drops with one-hour delivery.
None of this is surprising. I was working on this stuff in academia in the '80s. At the time I didn't foresee the evil reality. After I caught the shadows of NSA working in the same areas and sometimes subsidizing the academic side for replication, I shied away from that line of work. It could have beneficial uses, but frankly the beneficial uses haven't materialized. Only the Deepstate uses.


  Who said it? Nobody said it.

I was vaguely thinking about the BushRush style, which became the only form of public discourse after 1990.

It definitely started with Bush Senior in politics and Rush in media. Never complete a thought. Always jump unexpectedly to a new subject. Psychopath mode.

Above all NEVER APOLOGIZE and never explain. If the current statement clashes with what you said 7 seconds ago, you might "clarify" that what you said 7 seconds ago was just parody and irony. Beyond 7 seconds, no need to worry because the audience has automatically memoryholed it for you.

Now everyone in public life speaks the same way. Disconnected ramblings, changing at every moment, constantly shifting the subject and switching the truth. Trump's scampaign speeches were perfect.

It's one version of Room 101, but it wasn't directly foreseen by Orwell.

When was the last time you heard anyone in politics or media or ESPECIALLY SCIENCE say "I was wrong"? (The whole point of science, according to the textbooks, is admitting when previous results and theories are wrong!)

Just for fun I tried googling "I was wrong". 90% of the items were about some rock-and-roll noisemaker who had a hit "song" with that title. The other 10% were mocking televangelist Jim Bakker for saying "I was wrong".

That's it. Nothing else. Nobody except Jim Bakker said "I was wrong" in public during the period that Google examines.

See also flat assertion, the core of this technique.

= = = = =

Self-calibrating: I went back through the archives of this blog to find verbatim "I was wrong". (Not looking for other ways of saying the same meaning.) There are about 20 instances of "I was wrong". About 1/3 of them were apologizing for a previous attitude or assumption which was actually right. In other words, I was converging to fashionable neocon idiocy and apologizing for being unfashionable before. The other 2/3, especially after turning off the TV in 2011, were in the correct direction.

One major exception in the later period: When Brexit finally happened in 2019, I was happy to see Boris getting it done, which I had never expected. "I was wrong" that it couldn't happen. Soon I realized that "I was wrong" about being happy. As soon as Boris got Brexit, he started ruining Britain even faster than EU had been ruining it. He wanted Brexit, and pushed it through to completion, so he could be free of EU constraints on his own power.

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