Monday, May 02, 2016
  RWD oddness

For at least a month now, the UK Express website has shown a weird RWD error. It happens every day, and always affects the same two rectangles in the template, sort of west-central on the full page.

In a wider focus these two items are correct:

On a closer zoom, the caption of the right rectangle copies onto the left rectangle:

Result is strange!
  Graybill and Gresham

Returning again to Graybill's Law:

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

Let's try to expand the notion of skill-estate.

News item about the alleged developer of Bitcoin got me thinking about Gresham's Law.

The last time we had two INDEPENDENT AND COMPETING currencies was before 1870. Since then we've had one currency .... until Bitcoin. I had a hard time grasping Gresham until Bitcoin.

What Gresham really says is: If two items both claim to be a currency, and one of these two items becomes much more valuable, the valuable item will NO LONGER BE A CURRENCY. It will become a COLLECTIBLE like vintage wine or classic cars. And that's Bitcoin. It claimed to be a currency until its value rose quickly. At that point it became Picassos.

But the current Bitcoin system doesn't even qualify as a collectible asset, because it requires ALL OF THE HOLDERS of the asset to give permission for every transaction. The permission is automatic through computers and nets, but it's still permission.

Bitcoin is not a thing you can buy or sell openly and freely. Thus it's not even PROPERTY. More like a trust-based inheritance.

= = = = =

Now think of currency in a dynamic way.

A coin represents a DELTA of value. If you have HONESTLY acquired a coin, it means you have INCREASED THE VALUE of something. You have cut down a tree, or turned the tree into paper, or helped to print a book with the paper, or arranged books attractively in a store.

We can apply Gresham as a verb to the Graybill world of SKILLS as delta-makers.

The skill that yields the greatest number of coins for a given amount of effort will become a collectible, no longer freely transferred.

What's the highest-value skill? Counterfeiting. Money as pure numbers. What's the SKILL or EFFORT that creates counterfeit money? No skill at all, just access to the treasury. If you belong to the correct tribe you have access to counterfeit money. It's an inherited trust from the start!

Among other traditional skills, what's the lowest-value? Farming. Requires long ownership of property and generations of skill development. Payoff depends on weather, speculators, and the actions of other farmers. BUT farming is critically important to the existence of civilization, so a sane civilization takes steps to subsidize farmers.

Most other skills are in the middle. Pottery, welding, weaving, programming, cooking, selling. These are available to anyone with some innate talent, but the genetic aspect is non-exclusive. Doesn't depend on your name. You can learn them in a year or two of apprenticeship.

These skills qualify as currency. They can be transferred freely to anyone who can use them, and they can be used freely by the recipient. The resulting delta of value depends on all sorts of internal and external factors that don't apply to simple coins, but the basic idea is still the same.

Because these skills can be acquired (comparatively) easily, they don't need subsidies... BUT a sane civilization will take steps to maintain their value, just as it maintains the value of coins.

And there's link between Gresham and Graybill. Our insane "civilization" is depriving ordinary skills of all value. Hyperinflation of skill currency, leaving ONLY ledger money, aristocrat money, vintage money, with any value.

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Sunday, May 01, 2016
  Red flag law

Question to the trannies:

You've been telling us for 50 years that males and females are identical. Since that is an indisputable and unarguable fact in your world, why do you suddenly want to be one instead of the other? What's the difference?

Answer, of course: Facts change suddenly and unpredictably to keep normal people off balance.


Ideological signal law, like the old laws requiring a flagman to walk in front of horseless carriages.

If you're going to flip an unarguable fact to the opposite unarguable fact, you need to signal well in advance. Commies must fill all available media with a large flashing announcement of the change, all day every day for one year, before switching a fact that will have consequences.

Consequences = jailing and slaughtering ordinary people who make the fatal mistake of sticking with last minute's unarguable fact.


  Wouldn't it make more sense.......

Listening to America's Test Kitchen, the only modern radio show that I make a point of hearing every week. They were discussing the origin of cooking with some anthropologists who studied chimps.... Turns out the famous "chimps can cook" study only showed that chimps like cooked food better, and that chimps can be patient to get cooked food. Patience isn't the important variable. Mice and squirrels use plenty of patience, storing food for months without eating it. Doesn't say anything about fire.

Convective thought: We generally assume that humans picked up the idea of fire from BIG lightning-caused wildfires. Good old Guk and Ik wandered BAREFOOT through the burned savannah, smelled the cooked sabertooth tiger, sampled it, and then figured out how to "store" fire. The "storing" is the hard part. Guk picks up a branch that's still burning and takes it home. Guk says to Og: "Hmp. Me like hot sabertooth. Me makeum TEDX clip. Show other tribe how do hot sabertooth."

Doesn't make much sense when you examine it.

Wouldn't it make more sense if we learned cooking as part of fermentation? We were definitely fermenting stuff from the start. Fermentation can EASILY get hot enough to spontaneously combust. It's a serious problem in grain elevators.

What do you have then? It's ALREADY food, already in the context of preservation, and it's a controlled smolder in the food itself. To remake the fire, you don't need to wait for a T-storm. In any season, just reproduce the way you fermented the barley. Same size of pile on same stone: presto!

100k years later we re-invented the microwave.

An NYTimes article by Beverly Reed on inequality, FDR, Obama, Trump, Sanders, et al.

Excellent beyond excellent. Perfect. Gets everything right about the modern situation.

Only one quibble, on FDR as usual. Reed says:

Frank largely gives Roosevelt a pass on the New Deal’s own structural inequalities, including its exclusions of women and nonwhite workers.

FDR didn't exclude nonwhites. Let's prove it. I'm using 1940 census pages from Enid, discussed more fully here.

Comparing the black part of town with a white working-class section. One actual census page from each neighborhood, chopped and channeled to show only sex, race, age and occupation. Note that the black page has more workers overall; and note especially that the black page has 7 WPA/NYA workers while the white page has only one. The race side of the above article is wrong.

Of the 7 black WPA workers, one was female. Overall in 1940, about half as many females as males were employed, so the gender side of Reed's claim may be valid.... but at least in Enid it appears that black women didn't need the WPA. Six of the black women were employed, which is around the national average. Only two of the white women were employed.


  BBC restrains itself briefly

BBC is facing a slight bit of 'quality-control' pressure, which might be shaping its content. This morning it featured a program on America's national identity. Astonishingly they made it through the first 44 minutes of the program without any of the usual Satanic gotchas. Pretty much the RNC/Reagan view of America, without the screechy warbly Two Centuries Hate tone that would normally accompany such a view. The only miscue is the basic British misunderstanding of federal/state separation. Even the best and most objective Brits can't quite grasp decentralization.

At :45 the Gotcha started, and spewed with extra force. The last quarter hour is overflowing with the usual toxins. Trump (Drumpf, of course) is the evil demagogue who will eliminate all that makes America good. Slavery is an unending evil. Etc, etc, etc.

How did they manage to produce 44 minutes of toxin-free content? Must have been horribly stressful.
  I call him Doesn't Like Demagogue

Satan Bloomberg makes a commencement speech. Like all tyrants he hates opposition and firmly instructs the students to avoid supporting heterodoxy, which he calls "demagoguery". The students enjoy this part because they know he's talking about XENOPHOBIC BUFFOON TROLL TRUMP CHALK CHALK CHALK.

Bloomberg then instructs the students to stop being students...
“The fact that some university boards and administrations now bow to pressure and shield students from these ideas through “safe spaces,” “code words” and “trigger warnings” is, in my view, a terrible mistake,” Bloomberg said. “The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations — not run away from them. A microaggression is exactly that: micro.
He correctly places the blame on the admin and faculty, but unfortunately he's not talking to the admin. He's talking to the students, who are just being adolescents.

So he has given them a conflicting and pointless message.

1. Diligently Study Correct Party Line. Diligently Suppress Oldthink Chalk Heterodoxy.

2. When your administrators encourage you to diligently study Party Line, don't let them encourage you.

Students can't obey both of these commands at once.

Rebellion is the purpose of adolescence among social mammals. It keeps things lively and sorts out the serious misfits. FUNCTIONAL CIVILIZATIONS provide many devices to channel rebellion into useful energy. Apprenticeship is the best for most people. Military conscription also works. The Mormon missionary experience is highly effective.

Universities were originally designed as a channeler for aristocrats. Give their intellectual rebellion something hard to push against, and simultaneously guide them to develop their own leadership. Current universities fail both sides, and Bloomberg's conflicting recommendations will only make it worse.
Saturday, April 30, 2016
  Unusually skilled photos

A new item at KSHS. A set of photographs from 1912, taken with a much more discerning eye than the usual amateur snaps. Most are focused on work and skills.

These caught my attention:

#4 is a cobbler with the specialized tools of his trade mounted on orange crates.

#9 is either a print shop or a telegraph office; or putting those two together, the newspaper. There's an expensive typewriter mounted on an orange crate with a neat homemade sound-stopper pad; and a possible side-paddle telegraph key on the table. Hard to tell, but it does have a wire coming from it. The two men look more newsish than telegraphish.

#10 is the Camera Shop, photobombed by a cat.

#12 is the town dog, who has clearly built up a nice useful set of friends.

#25 is a complete boggler. A man is proudly standing in front of a barber shop with his fantastic homemade portable machine. He's clearly vending something.... but WHAT? Not popcorn. Mini-donuts? Pecans? But if pecans, why all the bricks or ingots that appear to be inputs to the machine? Vending gold nuggets? Nah. [Later after fiddling with the photo: I guess it's popcorn after all. Still doesn't explain the ingots.]


  An odd shared lie

Convective thought, triggered by this.

Christians and "scientists" disagree on many matters but share one STRONG contradictory belief-pair. Both parts of the pair are false, and the two sides of the pair are mismatched.

(1) Humans are innately identical AND (2) Humans are totally different from other animals.

In reality:

(1) Humans are innately different AND (2) Humans share many** characteristics with other animals.

Most people understand reality quite well, even while verbally assenting to the Christian or "scientific" lies.

The Christian reason for adopting this belief-pair seems to make sense to Christians. Apparently Christians need to treat normal behavior and criminal behavior as identical because Original Sin; and Christians need to assert that we're made in God's image because ??????. I can't begin to comprehend any of this. It's word-salad.

The "scientists" adopt the belief-pair in order to fulfill the prophecies of their strange Statistics cargo cult. The Stats God requires a null hypothesis to misguide your experiments. For #1 the null hypothesis requires all humans to be identical. This is at least internally consistent at the verbal level. For #2 the null hypothesis states that animals don't share any of our characteristics. This is a reverse use of the null but doesn't get noticed. The real need for #2 is simple ego and arrogance.

= = = = =

** I suspect many is extremely close to all, but there's not quite enough evidence for all yet. Rapidly converging.

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  Same thing, isn't it?

Article in RT discussing the Western war against Russia. One Russian made a point about our propaganda from RFE/RL...
They don’t seem interested in the ordinary Russian. They are aimed at people like me. The one or two percent who speak English well enough to understand their content. Their Russian-language stuff is very poor. Anyway, they just bombard us with stuff about how terrible life in Russia is. They obviously hope the English-speaking, and well-traveled, elite will rise up against our government, out of embarrassment or something. It’s stupid. They’d be much smarter if they targeted us with reasons why America is so great, if it really is so. Telling us how awful our own country is makes us want to love it more.
Sounds familiar. It's the same approach they're using against TROLLS of all sorts, and currently against Trump fans. Insult us deeply, hurt us, spit on us, try to make us feel ashamed. Doesn't work. It only shows us the horrible evil of USA STRONG.

When you have truth, you speak truth. When you have nothing but lies, you insult the truth-tellers and turn them into permanent hardass enemies.

As usual it comes down to idea-based nation vs people-based nation.

In the '50s RFE used more effective methods, focusing more on telling the truth about America. Truth was possible in the '50s for two reasons. (1) In the '50s life in USA was generally better than life in USSR. (2) USA and USSR were both idea-based. We thought our idea was better. No matter which was superior, a war of ideas made sense when both governments were riding on ideas.

Now USA STRONG is collapsing BECAUSE IT'S BUILT ON IDEAS. Russia, freed of dependence on ideas by its own previous collapse, is just the nation of the Russian people, and Putin rules on that basis.

Orlov again. Russia was able to pick up the pieces because it was originally a people-based nation before Lenin tacked on the ideas. America has never been a nation coinciding with an ethnic group. It began with contradictory and nonsensical ideas, so it has nothing to fall back on.

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Friday, April 29, 2016
  No, that's not the status quo.

A pretty good writeup of the unsurprising "discovery" that reptiles have REM sleep just like mammals.
"The status quo, until our study, was that these features of sleep only exist in mammals and in birds," neuroscientist Gilles Laurent told the Christian Science Monitor. Laurent is the director for the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany, and an author on the new paper. Although birds, mammals and reptiles share a common ancestor — birds, being descendants of dinosaurs, are actually more closely related to lizards than they are to us — it was thought that the former two may have evolved their sleep patterns independently, since reptiles didn't seem to share it.
Actually, no. Laurent and the author are both missing the MOST INTERESTING part of the status quo. Cuttlefish and octopuses also dream, in a way that looks remarkably like our dreaming... with an extra bonus that you can see the dream from the outside on the dreamer's LCD skin.

And that blows the "evolution" crap all to hell.

For ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE the only possible answer is that ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE were present in the original design. Some animals use more of the original, some use less. The blueprint was drawn just once, and it includes provisions for partial or modular construction.


  New approach

1912: Inland Empire interurban builds hydro dam at Nine Mile Falls, boasts that it has two separate 66KV lines running from Nine Mile into Spokane.

2016: Along the same Nine Mile-to-downtown corridor, Avista is repairing and replacing some poles, supposedly to make recovery easier after a windstorm. They have evolved a new version of the two-line method. Cut off the old pole, leave the part that holds the Comcast and phone lines, add a new pole next to it for the high-voltage line. Senior pole, junior pole.

= = = = =

I was already thinking about this corridor since I'm "building" another set of interurban-related Poser scenes. One of the pieces is a semi-realistic version of the Inland frequency changer substations. These cottages contained dynamotors that converted the streetcar's high voltage DC to 110V AC for household use.

Unlike the rest of the streetcar equipment, two of these cottages are still around in this neighborhood. After the streetcar system died in the '30s, WWP/Avista continued to maintain them as storage buildings, finally sold them to private buyers around 2007. One of them was immediately occupied and expanded without ruining the original part. The other was remodeled in an overly ambitious Wrightian style on spec. It was occupied for a little while but has mostly been vacant. Moral of the story: When a building is already right, don't try to make it Wright.


  Sane China

China has joined Russia in banning foreign NGOs. This is proper national behavior. Many of these NGOs are run by Soros, others are basically spying for USA STRONG. All are bad for China. (These particular NGOs are bad for EVERYONE, but that's not relevant to the main point.)

If we had any sense we would have banned Chinese "visitors" and "students" a long time ago.

We don't have any sense because we're locked into the old genocidal leftist lie. Because we can't allow ourselves to see ethnicity, we misunderstand all human behavior.

Nations based on ethnicity are sane and long-lasting. An ethnic group NATURALLY wants to defend its own territory and integrity, so a nation that coincides with a tribe is working in resonance with Nature. China is basically monoethnic. Its western provinces include other tribes but those tribes don't participate in government. They are occupied colonies and they behave accordingly.

Nations based on ideas are crazy and temporary because ideas are crazy and temporary. USA STRONG was able to fight hard in WW2 because FDR had replaced Wilson delusion and Morgan greed with a government that was SERVING ITS OWN PEOPLE. After 1960 the USA STRONG governments returned to Wilson delusion and Morgan greed, and soon lost legitimacy. Nobody has a strong natural desire to defend "Democracy", especially when "Democracy" is obviously dead. When you see the alleged representatives persistently serving China and Mexico and Israel after repeated "elections" that tried to alter their actions, you cease to believe in "Democracy".


  Here's how

Idiotic governments and NGOs are meeting yet again, supposedly to think of new ways to stop elephant poachers.

Needless to fucking say, they will think of new ways to make the trade even stronger and more profitable. This is their goal.

If a government really wanted to stop the ivory trade, the correct method is as follows. Flood the market with poisoned ivory. Use the warehouses of ivory that the value-raising idiots have been confiscating. Instead of burning it to guarantee maximum value, infuse it with anti-Viagra. Send it back out through the black market and earn a little money as a nice side-effect. Make Chinese dicks permanently uninflatable, transform Chinese males into genderless uncompetitive souls who HATE GAMBLING with a lavender passion. In other words, turn them into Swedes.

That'll do it. Ivory will immediately lose all value.


Thursday, April 28, 2016
  Where are they?

While most of the traditional 'conspiracy theories' have turned out to be even worse than the schizies imagined, the Martian style is still unproven. I'm waiting.

Convective thought.

Martian believers have been around for a long time, but until ~30 years ago they were remarkably functional. Now they go around shooting people.

Thinking back to the 40s and 50s, among my distant relatives and among the parents of friends, I can count four women who were solidly outside of reality. One was a classic Martianist, all were schizy. These four women were NOT in institutions. They functioned as mothers and wives, with some help from husbands and kids. In fact their kids ended up stronger and saner than most because they had to take real responsibility early in life.

What's the difference? Why so many functional Martianists 50 years ago and so many terrorist Martianists now? Where are the moderate Martianists?

Gone to Haldol every one. Modern psychotropic drugs. Once you get on them, you can't get off; and if you miss a dose, everything runs wild. The bounceback effect.

In objective terms the Martian belief system is no different from the Christian or Dawkins belief systems. Each system attributes a single cause to phenomena that aren't immediately obvious, and each system builds a ladder of logic to connect the single cause to everything else. It's Martians all the way down, or it's Jesus all the way down, or it's Random Evolution all the way down.

Martians and Jesus and Random are equally** nonexistent, but we give wildly divergent status to their believers. Martianists end up in institutions, Christians end up unemployed and suicidal, and Dawkinsians end up in charge of everyone else.

= = = = =

**Well, it's unfair to say 'equally'. Martians haven't been observed yet, but as we learn more about Mars through the rovers we grow more certain that Mars contains some form of life. Jesus was an actual man but the current ghostly version of him is unobserved and unlikely. Random is TOTALLY DISPROVED NONSENSE, therefore its believers have the highest power and status.
  No DOI

BBC briefly mentioned a new MRI study that shows remarkable similarity in semantic mapping.

A longer article in 'The Scientist' went on to ask a more interesting question.

It's not overly surprising that seven Berkeley grad students and their professor have similar brain patterns. College is a sieve, and grad students in such a high-falutin subject have been sieved with great precision to match the prof himself.

Example: The short piece in BBC says "Volunteers - including lead author Alex Huth - listened to more than two hours of stories from a US radio programme while remaining still inside a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner."

Ping. "A US radio programme" = The Moth Story Hour. My semantic mapping is close enough to these folks that I was able to map the vague description into the exact referent.

And sure enough, the longer article verifies.

More interesting question: 'The Scientist' did some actual journalism, asking several unconnected researchers about the GOOD trend away from theory-driven research toward data-driven.

Anjan Chatterjee ... The fundamental issue with data-driven approaches is they “can ferret out patterns, but that tells you nothing at all about the meaning of those patterns.”

Well, yes. That's called SCIENCE. Picking out the meaning of those patterns is what you're supposed to do. In fact, that's what the semantic-mapping section of your brain is supposed to do. The theory-driven approach never leads to meaning; it only leads to finer and finer slicing of a question, which keeps the grants rolling in. The question is never answered, because that would stop the grants.

This small piece of data does lead to an interesting hypothesis. If categories of things resonate in standardized areas of the brain, it means that the things we make or use were written into our brain before we made or used them.

Let's check earlier research:
And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.
I can't find a DOI number for this research, but I'm pretty sure it answers the relevant theoretical question. We knew the parts of our universe ab initio.

= = = = =

Closely related sidenote: You don't even need to adduce language to see the need for an innate classification of objects. Food tells the story more directly. As Polistra discussed earlier, we had to know innately what's good to eat. We're no different from any other animal in this respect. If we had to wait for culture and language, we would have died long before we ever reached culture and language. If each individual had to learn from scratch that rocks and sticks are not good eating, while apples and tomatoes and bird eggs ARE good eating, each individual would die immediately. This requires an innate set of categories.

= = = = =

Distantly related sidenote: Using MRI to map the structures of the brain is fine, but using MRI to map activity in the brain is dubious. We've known since 1880 that applying magnetic fields to the brain CHANGES what the brain is doing. This knowledge was suppressed by the Freudians and the pill-pushers, but it's been re-"discovered" recently with effective and curative results. Mapping the brain's activity while shaping the brain's activity is like measuring a car's top speed uphill without noticing the hill.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016
  Tiny house advocate gets it right

Hansen says the average person can build a tiny home for around $20,000, and if you use recycled materials the cost is even less. Building a tiny home isn't just for the experts as just about anyone can do it. "Anyone can do it, anyone can have it, and you can do it in probably a year or less," Hansen said. He's working to develop a blueprint that would give specific instructions and a list of materials needed to build your own tiny house. He's also working on one of his own, which he'll give to his sister.

The tiny house began as a project at Riverside High School. Students were learning to build the home in exchange for credits in math, science and English. That program is now on hold but Hansen says teaching students how to build a tiny home could empower them to live debt free.

"A high school student if they started when they were a freshman, they could have something like this when they graduate high school," he said.
That last sentence is the best part. If the house becomes the central project for your school time, you will actually LEARN something in school. You'll graduate with a place to live and skills to live with.

Beautiful idea!

Most tiny house advocates are either pointlessly serving the rich or stupidly serving the homeless. (Recreating tramp camps. NOT what the homeless need.) Hansen is REALISTIC.

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  Not just an act?

Trump is back on solid ground after either (1) allowing new adviser Manafort to get out of control, or (2) letting Manafort play a head-fake. Can't tell which.

In any case, his foreign policy speech today is a clear and solid and consistent statement of POPULISM. Everything must be calibrated to the INTERESTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not to the interests of BANKS or CORPORATIONS or SOME OTHER FUCKING COUNTRY.

That is exactly and totally what Populism means. Jennings Bryan would approve. Bob Taft would approve.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
  Shoot for the stars, Spokane!

Nice bit of comic timing on the Spokane-News facebook page....

= = = = =


  Small victories

In Spokane itself, Satan took over the "City" "Council" several years ago, driving out a couple of weak non-satans and forcibly replacing them with satans.

Now the Valley council is working the other way. Voters picked a majority of non-satans, and the two remaining satans have voluntarily quit, spewing the requisite megagallon of toxic tourette sludge across the landscape.

This is EXTREMELY UNUSUAL. Satan rarely retreats.

I hope the majority non-satans have the guts to forcibly replace the satans with new non-satans.
  Status morse

Curbside Classic has a feature on a peculiarly mismatched '64 Chevy this morning. Got thinking about GM's long-standing habit of marking status by adding more elements to a sequence. It's an ancient technique but still functional. More notches on your bow, more ribbons on your uniform, more feathers in your headdress = higher status. For many years you could reliably distinguish Chevy's top model by counting taillights. You could distinguish Buick's Roadmaster by counting portholes. Chrysler got into the game briefly and halfheartedly, with one light for Plymouth, two for Dodge, and three for DeSoto. Ford, the populist company, never played the counting game.

Studie played it just once but it was hardly worth the expense.

For some reason I started reading those lights in Morse.

Chevy hit the Morse Aptronym jackpot in '65.

The Chevy II had .. .. = ii.

The SS (and other Impalas) had ... ... = ss.

If you read vertically and diagonally, you can see more complicated patterns.

'60 CaDDy = DD. '57 Plymouth = NA. The absolute zenith of Morsable cars was the '42-48 Buick. If you start from the reflector and read through taillight, directionals/stop, taillight and reflector, you get ENKAE. Doesn't spell anything, but it's complex enough that it could have been used for steganography. Some modern cars with patterns of LEDs and sequential flashers could send whole paragraphs.

Polistra is talking about Caddies.

Question: Is there a car that could spell its own name if it wanted to? I can't find any 'serious' examples. All four-cycle engines are 'Otto-cycle' engines, especially in German; but no actual car was called Otto. Brazil had a modified Lotus called the Emme. That's about it for fully symmetrical names. I think the longest Morse palindrome is 'waiting', but that's an unlikely car name except maybe in Japan. Austin comes DAMN close with just a slight gap in symmetry.



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