Saturday, October 01, 2016
  Deed handed over

I've been watching the rapid descent of EWTN into Antipope Land since their founder died. As long as Mother Angelica was alive, even though she was lingering in semi-coma, her spirit kept EWTN in line with proper Catholic and Christian thinking. As soon as she physically died, BergoglioSoros started to move in. This article marks the final sellout, the signing of the mortgage. Soul firmly owned by Satansoros.

  So much for bees

The unimaginably infinitely hyperevil dysgovernment of USA STRONG has just added seven species of bees to the kill list, thus guaranteeing their extinction. When an animal is on the kill list (appropriately called the "endangered list" because the animal has now become both endangered and a danger to humans) no responsible property owner wants to have the animal anywhere near his property. The animal has become a tyranny virus, giving the dysgovernment a perfect reason to destroy your property and kill you. The only sane and survivable response is to quietly eliminate the animal, and eliminate the flowers or food that might attract it, BEFORE the dysgovernment realizes the animal is there.


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Friday, September 30, 2016
  Good old moral hazard

Why shouldn't we trust autonomous cars? Aside from the FACT that they are specifically meant to kill, and aside from the FACT that they are hackable by design, there's an obvious problem with letting ONE CENTRAL CORPORATION do all the guidance.

The problem shows up in a simple form with trucks using their standard GPS system to locate low bridges. ONE CENTRAL CORPORATION doesn't have the resources to keep track of everything, and because the ONE CENTRAL CORPORATION is owned by unpunishable monstrosities, it has no incentive to keep track of ANYTHING. It only has incentives to maximize its share value.

KREM reports that trucks are getting stuck under railroad bridges more than ever before.
“Not only was it a delay for the police department but you've got tow truck operators that can be doing other things. The railroad had to shut down trains so the bridge inspector could actually look at it."

Moon said the cause of the collisions has to do with drivers not paying enough attention and misdirection from a GPS.

“Don't trust your GPS. Most of the time when we get these they're not local companies, it’s out-of-town drivers, that are trusting their GPS,” said Moon. “And the GPS, a lot of time, don't factor in bridge heights. More than half the collisions at this location are GPS related."
This data has always been available on commercial maps for truckers. In computer form, Wash DOT provides a specific resource that's more reliable than the nationally designed GPS systems.

Wash DOT has an INCENTIVE to provide good information, because damaged highways are expensive to Wash DOT. Damaged highways cost nothing to Google, so Google has no incentive to provide correct information.

This should not be a fucking mystery.



  Okay, that's it.

Trump has been given MANY chances to grow up and focus on things that ACTUAL VOTERS care about. Every time he focuses for a day then returns to adolescent girlfights.

Conclusion is clear. He's a false-flag plant by Deepstate, specifically designed and instructed and programmed to make the unimaginably evil and unimaginably stupid and beyond-universally psychotic genocidal omnicidal universe-obliterating Hillary look tolerable by comparison.

I'll continue to defend truth and Natural Law, but now I'll consider Trump to be just another enemy of facts and logic and nature.

  Couldn't happen here

A 1939 ad aimed at radio dealers.

Raytheon began as a maker of tubes, then moved into specialized electronic equipment, primarily for gummint work. Though they can't advertise it now, they're still helping police to maintain civilization.

  Appropriate coinage


Brussels set for closer ties with Tunisia as part of transcontinental ‘EU NEIGHBOURHOOD’

Just in case you had the slightest doubt about the purpose of those 'Colour Revolutions'. Chaotize a country then bring it into the empire. Soros at work.

The Express invents a word:
Despite its successes, the ENP, which extends the European Union’s influence out of Europe and into North Africa and the Middle East, has been sharply criticised in the past. As well as the empiracal overtones of the organisation, the closer ties between Eurocrats and controversial overseas regimes has also been condemned.
Empiracal. Probably means imperial, but not really the same thing. Exact opposite of empirical. Empirical means 'validated by experience', which is exactly what Soros wants to destroy. All valid thinking, all valid and normal and Natural Law-based activity, must be eliminated from The Planet. Only evil theories, and the Tribe that develops evil theories, can remain.

Thus: an Empirac is a maniac whose sole purpose in life is to expand the Sorosian empire.


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Thursday, September 29, 2016
  Still works

A direct ancestor of the various alarm apps for modern cellphones. This was advertised in a 1942 trade journal for radio repairmen. No new radios were being made for the duration, so radio shops had to find ways to make a little money while providing a real service.

All radio stations in an area were instructed to stop transmitting when an air raid was known to be approaching so Jap planes couldn't use the signal for RDF. (This makes more sense than the later Conelrad approach.) If you were focusing on the radio you'd realize what happened; but if you were using the radio as background while doing household chores, you probably wouldn't notice the silence.

Hard to tell how the gadget worked. Possibly it rectified and filtered the audio output, and when output dropped to zero for a few seconds it added a feedback loop to the audio for a howl??? It looks too small to include a relay or a physical alarm sounder.

The ad mentions a fact that was common knowledge at the time:

"During one of the early air raid alarms in Los Angeles, owners of radio sets equipped with this device had notice from six to ten minutes before the sirens sounded."

Our postwar narrative has pushed those ACTUAL Jap attacks into the Memory Hole. They interfere with the official idea that the Japs were vulnerable peaceful Zen flower-like pacifists until we viciously and unprovokedly NUKED them for no reason in 1945.

At this late date the little gadget still performs the same service, alarming us to the real meaning of silence.

= = = = =

A similar gadget for another part of the electromagnetic spectrum:

A photocell aimed at the nearest streetlight. When the city cuts the streetlights for a blackout, you're supposed to turn off all externally visible lights. This supposedly did the job automatically. I doubt that it worked well; aiming would be difficult, and there are plenty of moving obstructions. Trucks, tree branches, pedestrians, moths. There are also moving lights that could turn your sign back on.

= = = = =

Sidenote: I looked through patents online to find a diagram for the first gadget. A couple of vaguely similar items, but nothing for that item. Probably wasn't patented. More interesting: Google's patent search has 2600 returns for 'air raid alarm', and 95% of them are recent Chinese patents. The few American patents are all before 1970. Who's ready for an air raid? China.


  Just over the LOOOONG horizon

Some accurate prophecies in this 1967 issue of RCA's technical journal 'Electronic Age'. [First article in PDF]


Just over the horizon. We're finally getting there, but it's a two-generation horizon.

= = = = =

Here's one we're just now hitting:

'Penny-sized'. On the dot.

= = = = =

Here's one that was ALREADY WORKING in 1967, then disappeared!

What happened?



  LP = Legalize Pot

Gary Johnson continues to lead the Legalize Pot Party by example, showing what happens after you toke up for many years. When asked to name a favorite foreign leader, he blanked, and couldn't even complete the phrase 'brain freeze'. "I'm having a brain ...."


VP candidate Weld, serving as guardian at litem and caregiver for the retard, answered the question twice: Shimon Peretz, then Angela Merkel.

Weld passed the basic neuro clinical workup, but his answers are PERFECTLY opposed to everything that "libertarians" supposedly stand for. Peretz is a terrorist who counts as a hero because he belongs to the Tribe. Merkel is a globalist tyrant. These are the same NEOCON answers you'd expect from a Bush or Clinton.

  Old and appropriate war

Congress did something useful for once, and apparently rebelled in a small way against Deepstate. Both "parties" firmly rejected Obama's veto of a bill allowing suits against Saudi.

With Deepstate you never know... it could be that Obama's veto was fake and the override is the desired response. Normally you assume that the final result is what Deepstate wanted, despite appearances. But I'll take it at face value for a moment in order to hit a specific point.

The really interesting part of this bill is not the rebellion, but the reinstatement of an old form of war.

Most people understand by now that Saudi attacked us on 9/11. Most understand that Bush's response was criminally wrong. Instead of counterattacking the aggressor, he attacked two countries that had no part in the attack.

But: A military counterattack against the nation of Saudi would have been wrong in a different way. Though I've used the Pearl Harbor analogy often, it doesn't work well.

Saudi is not a nation in the modern sense. Japan is. (And was in 1941 as well.) Saudi is a feudal kingdom, a family-owned corporation with nation-like and religion-like characteristics. Similar to Euro nations before 1700. And the 9/11 attackers were not a nation's army; they were more like the bands of knights and pirates who ran the Euro wars from 900 to 1700 AD. They were sponsored by some members of the royal family but not by the nation as an entity.

Compensatory justice was a common response to those knights and pirates. They were after money and macho, not total national obliteration. The response was to take money and macho from the Duke or Baron who sponsored the knights.

Feral lawyers can perform the modern equivalent of a counter-maraud against the Dukes and Barons of Saudi.

Natural law.



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NASA is trying to solve a problem they created, and the solutions are only making it worse.

For some reason NASA decided to "correct" the Babylonian system of astrology, saying that there should have been 13 signs. At the same time they were trying to tell kids that astrology is bad science.

You can't say "X doesn't exist" and "X should be figured differently" at the same time. Correcting an item implies that the item exists and is worth correcting. It's like saying "Santa Claus doesn't exist AND he was really skinny, not fat."

The specific correction doesn't make sense anyway. The Babylonians had a highly sophisticated set of numbers and measurements based on 12s and 5s and 60s. These factors made it possible to split units in every natural way, by folding in halves and thirds, or by finger-counting. They wouldn't have mixed dissonant 13s into this 12-heavy system.



  Aphid day!

This year's weather has been normal, so the aphids are behaving normally. They've picked the last warm day, sharply and clearly. A few were visible yesterday, which was a few degrees warmer. Now they're dense. The previous pattern of Sept/Oct alternation seems to be sliding toward pure end-of-Sept. Or else last year was so hot that the aphids didn't know what to do.

[This is the seventh time I've noted it here. Aphid Day in 2010 was the first of Oct; in 2011 it was the end of Oct; in 2012 the first of Oct; in 2013 the last part of Oct; in 2014 the end of Sept; in 2015 end of Sept again; now in 2016 end of Sept.]

= = = = = BELOW HERE IS REPRINT of the usual.

Every year in Spokane the end of summer is marked by the swarming of tiny white-winged flies.

Insects don't waste much time in adulthood; lots of bugs live several years as larvae and only a few days as adults.

These flies take it to an extreme. Adults are minimally equipped to get in the air and reproduce. They don't have as much brain power as other flies, nor do they have hard shells. Instead of flying purposefully, they drift with the wind like seeds, and die as soon as they bump into anything even at near-zero drifting speed. Result: for a couple of days, your face and clothes are covered with semi-liquid insects.

Despite their lack of navigation, they must have some kind of superior instinct or 'community intelligence', because picking the last warm day is much harder than picking the first warm day of spring. Termites and ants don't need to calculate their swarming day; they only need a simple neuron to detect when temperature rises past a certain threshold, plus an emitted pheromone to trigger the avalanche.

But how do these flies determine that today is not just warm, but the last warmth for their generation? They must be sensing something besides temperature.

At any rate, they serve as a reliable sign for us, even if our supercomputers can't match their calculations.

Polistra has put it into folk-wisdom format:

White flies swarming, no more warming.

= = = = =

[Artistic note: the swarm in the animation turned out nicely, but Polistra's head looks steroid-swollen and South-Park-ish for unknown reasons. Maybe she's allergic to the bugs.]

[Technical note: According to some sources, these bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids, Prociphilus americanus.]


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  Passenger side airbags

A wonderful story led to an unexpected thought.

Wonderful story here, at Curbside Classics, by one of the regular contributors who KNOWS how to take a photograph and how to tell a story. The picture shows a '40 Ford business coupe with a Jack Russell terrier in the seat.

What's unusual? The dog is NOT DRIVING. He's sitting calmly in the right seat. Most dogs, waiting for the owner to finish shopping or eating, will drive. They will take a chance on being Number One for a while. This dog RESPECTS his owner, and the brief story tells you why. Anyone would respect this owner.

Unexpected thought: Why is Trump hated by Deepstate? It goes beyond localism, which he may or may not believe in. It's much simpler. Deepstate expects presidents to be Number Two. Sit on the right side. Not supposed to drive. Nothing new about this... Emerson saw it in 1840.
The farmer imagines power and place are fine things. But the President has paid dear for his White House. It has cost him all of his peace and the best of his manly attributes. To preserve for a short time so conspicuous an appearance before the world, he is content to eat dust before the real masters who stand erect behind his throne.
Trump is accustomed to being Number One in his operation. He wants to drive. This is forbidden. Only one president in recent memory actually took the wheel. FDR. He wasn't expected to drive, but he had enough CONCENTRATION and PERSONAL FORCE and CONNECTIONS to make it happen.

Trump has personal force, but he obviously lacks concentration and connections. All USA STRONG connections are Deepstate. He would have support from Putin and Orban and a few other Euros, but those connections don't matter here.


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  Both sides backwards

ZH is focusing on an incident at KU where a pile of 'safespacers' invaded a meeting of YAF and cussed out the YAFers.

Both sides are operating in reverse. The safespacers are reversed on purpose, under orders from Soros. The YAFers (and conservatives in general) don't seem to understand the situation.

Basic fact: Safe spaces are good. Segregation is good. Life is about borders, boundaries, and walls. Every cell, organ, tissue, plant and animal spends most of its energy maintaining a safe space. Inside the space life can create order from chaos. Outside the space, chaos reigns.

What were the YAFers doing? Maintaining a safe space. Holding a meeting inside a room with walls and doors and windows. Walls and doors are meant to keep chaos out.

What were the Sorosians doing? Breaking the safe space. Literally and legally burglarizing. Breaking and entering. Bringing chaos in. Eliminating the physical boundary, and then pushing into the personal safe space of the YAFers and halting all thought.

The ideal purpose of college is to provide a safe space for experimentation and thought of various sorts. Not necessarily for "robust debate"; that's a minor part of experimentation and thinking. If you want safety for ideas, you need walls and doors and DECORUM. You need old-fashioned social rules. Constant rules. Regulated dress and behavior.

The alleged safespacers are claiming the right goal, but their actions are the exact opposite. They want to have "individual" dress and behavior, changeable at any moment, because "individual" dress and behavior destroy safe spaces.



Tuesday, September 27, 2016
  Why did these unrelated events ..... Oh. Not unrelated.

After finding the American Radio History website a few days ago, I've been cheerfully browsing through this immense library. It has publications from 1900 to the present, covering all aspects of electronics and radio and TV. Unlike Googlebooks, it doesn't stop when Steamboat Willie says to stop.

Decided to use this library to answer a question that has been bugging me for a long time.

Around 1961 I picked up a taste for classical music from my father. Everyone must have known that I was a classical fan. My uncle worked for a big KC station, and when the station decided to give up on classics, he brought home hundreds of their records and let me have a good-sized pile of them. One of our neighbors managed the local small AM station, and when the station decided to give up on classics, he brought home hundreds of their records and let me have a good-sized pile of them.

Why did two unrelated stations make the same decision at the same time? Both decided that classical was finished, never to return.

In modern times it would be a corporate decision by Clear Channel. No further explanation needed. In modern times everything is a total monopoly. Not the case in 1961.

Another big change happened at the same time. Radio suddenly gave up on drama and comedy.

I had always attributed the latter change to the triumph of TV, but when I think about what replaced both classical and drama, the answer becomes blindingly clear.

It's verified by this article in a 1961 trade journal.....

Rock-n-roll. The Teen Market. Radio gave up adults. As a teen with elderly tastes, I wasn't part of The Teen Market, so I was left behind along with the adults. BUT: I was lucky enough to have friends and relatives in radio, so I ended up with a fine 'consolation prize'. A long-lasting gift.



KXLY showed views of the 'debate watch parties'. These are Party Loyalists, not ordinary people. Screencaps from each:

I greyed out a button to eliminate an obvious clue, but it wouldn't matter.

In one word: D = Academic, R = Catholic.

What do they have in common? Both groups are showing disgust and disappointment in their respective candidates. No enthusiasm. All of them are thinking "Shit. Is this the best we can do?"
  Only one side exists

Another lovely example of unbiased fair objective journalism.

BBC has a brief feature on Elizabethan insults, pointing out that our TROLLS are weak tea by comparison. Good point and fairly done.

After the feature, the announcers are joshing: "You lie like a cucumber! Certainly more lively than you have bad experience or you lie all the time. You lie like a cucumber, you lie like Trump. Hahahahahaha. You lie like a cucumber, you lie like Trump. Hahahahaha."

Only one comparison exists. Other comparison is

Monday, September 26, 2016
  MOOC's grandma

As I've noted often, 'futurists' always envision a new communication system as Serving The Public Good, helping to spread High Culture And Education to the Benighted Masses. Never happens that way. In real life a new system develops and grows with porn or pro wrestling.

After pro wrestling takes over, the futurists keep trying new subsystems. Here's an odd forgotten subsystem, in the form of a UHF band allocation in 1964.

From a trade journal for cable TV operators, who were still new, still feeling their way through unfamiliar terrain.

This part of a page gives the sense:

The Instructional Television Fixed Service band, starting at 2500 Mc. It was specifically meant for internal usage within one school system or university. Because it was internal, two-way communication would be practical. And because the band was specified as non-broadcast, legal secrecy provisions were enforced. Unauthorized listeners weren't allowed to divulge what they saw or heard, so private discussions and medical training were possible. (And yes, those provisions did work in 1963 because we had a culture of trust. Diversity and litigation hadn't yet destroyed the culture.)

Needless to say 1, this never happened. Schools were happy enough with direct teaching and in-class movie projectors, and they were basically right. The expense and complexity of this vision weren't worth the gain. Hands-on teaching, even when the teachers aren't superstars, is always better.

Needless to say 2, the 2500 Mc band is now used for satellite radio. Porn and pro wrestling.

Needless to say 3, the same idea has come back via the web as MOOC, with the same vision of superstar lectures. Secrecy provisions are enforced physically by VPN systems, because trust is extinct.

Needless to say 4, MOOC is already passing its peak as colleges start to realize, yet again, that direct teaching works.



After the illegitimate aliens criminally posing as the "city" "council" pulled the rug out from the legitimate police chief and forced a "search" to resume, the "search" is over. The same LEGITIMATE chief, Meidl, was renamed.

I'm not sure why aliens would agree to do the right thing; presumably some form of alien blackmail was used. In any case, Spokane finally has a SETTLED chain of command, with a good chief who can proceed on firm ground.

Maybe we'll get some improvement in security now, though I doubt it. Sorosians are still alive and active, ready to pounce if the police dare to arrest any actual criminals.
  Now we're getting somewhere!

The latest mass shooting was done by a LAWYER, who got taken out by the cops. There were several collateral casualties, but those are worth it.

One down, 1,199,999 to go.
  Not the best analogy

Listening to EWTN radio running its pledge drive. As usual the Romans are evangelizing on the basis of something called the Eucharist. They say that loving this Eucharist thing is the key to religion. I'm always rooting and cheering for religion, even though I'm spiritually retarded and incapable of getting it; so I'm always open to a route that might bring me into religion.

One of the announcers gave an analogy that probably won't bring me any closer to this Eucharist thing.

"If you've just spent an hour in a room full of enriched uranium, you won't know it immediately, but you'll know it later. It's the same with the Eucharist. Spend an hour in adoration, and you won't know it immediately but you'll know it later."

Hmm. Might want to rethink the metaphor just a bit. Or maybe it's exactly correct......

= = = = =

Good teachers and salesmen know that the best way to sell an experience is to let the customer try the experience. The customer needs to feel that he's discovered it for himself. It's his idea, not the salesman's idea.

An electronics teacher sets up a lab session where the students can SOLDER UP a simple circuit and see it work. If this type of experience resonates with your genes, one soldering session will hook you forever.

A salesman offers a test drive of a car or a demo version of software. If this experience resonates with your genes, the trial will hook you.

Rome puts the Eucharist thing at the END of the selling and training. You're supposed to go through a whole bunch of other stuff first, and then you get to try out the experience. You can't just walk in and get the wine and crackers. Makes me think the Eucharist thing is not really the 'solder' of the church.

In fact the 'solder' is the community. If you walk into a church and feel USEFUL and RESPECTED, you'll stick around. If you don't feel USEFUL and TOTALLY 100.00000% RESPECTED, there's no purpose.

Back when I still had the delusion that I might be wanted or wantable, I tried several churches. The experience was always WORSE than ordinary life. I felt instantly rejected, instantly outside, instantly punched in the face. An hour with enriched uranium. Why bother? I can get those feelings anywhere.
  Our only hope

I wonder what density it will take before Soros media reach saturation and stop covering shooters and "terrorists" and "protests" by Soros-driven cults? One per second? Ten per second? 1000/sec?

Whatever that number is, I hope it gets there fast. Our only hope is complete shutdown of media. Ideally shutdown and execution, but that isn't likely.
Sunday, September 25, 2016
  What's wrong with this picture?

Kansas State Hist Soc hasn't put up any interesting stuff for a while. Today they added a picture that BOTHERS me in terms of jobs and skills. This is the Greeley County Treasurer in 1920.

What's wrong with this picture? Everything!

The safe is open, ledgers are randomly scattered around, the desk needs varnish, there's no evidence of a system (in-boxes, out-boxes, WIP boxes) and the lights clearly aren't placed to illuminate work. The walls have a few cartoons and slogans but no tax tables or property maps.

I'm LIGHT YEARS AWAY from a compulsive neatnik, but if I were being PAID to run an accounting office, I'd organize it. Make it look like some ACCOUNTING is possible, and then DO some accounting.

The treasurer himself has the same Gypsyish out-of-square look as the office. Straw hat but no coat, slouching at the desk like he's not sure what a desk is for. Probably true.


  Bantam just for reference

Just popping this up because it might not otherwise be found through searching. From an old radio periodical, a 1931 or so Bantam (American Austin) panel truck, not labeled as such in the PDF.

Can't help wondering if those hundreds of passers-by ended up with the idea that tubes were steam-powered.
  Optocouplers and elbows

After a break during the surgery stuff, digging back into electronics.

Irritated by the failure of digital audio to break out of linearity, decided to build a tube-based audio compressor and normalizer.

Found an interesting device, but not a usable schematic, in this PDF of 'Audio' magazine, Nov 1961. The rest of the magazine turned out to be much more interesting than the compressor!

1961. Golden age for equipment, shitpile age for music. Classical was Brahms and Wagner, played with the same vigor and sharpness and precision as a drunk snail slogging through hot glue. Only the conductor counted, and all the conductors were psychotic civilization-destroying modernist maniacs who HATED structure and pattern and humanity. The mission of a conductor was to FORCE reactionary retard audiences to swallow avant-garde brain poison and DIE DIE DIE.

Most interesting item was an article by John Campbell, editor of Analog Sci-Fi mag. (p 52 of PDF.) Campbell was arguing against the sine/linear approach to sound. Got everything right. Understood the hearing and speech mechanisms correctly, which very few "scientists" did at that time. His argument didn't change anything.

Shepardson already got it right in 1901. His argument didn't change anything.

Engineers of all sorts and "scientists" of all sorts and "economists" have always been stuck in linear mode, even when they are perfectly capable of handling the non-linear math.

In fairness, Campbell's specific complaint was overblown at the time. Analog audio did a pretty good job of matching the non-linearity of our hearing, and the engineers of that time did an equally good job of understanding and cultivating non-linear behavior. Tubes are natively non-linear, and volume control pots were built to give a log-shaped response.

All of this has dissolved in the digital era. Now Campbell's complaint is understated. Everything, including the volume control sliders on players and computers, is linear. There are ways to do volume compression in software, including my effort which works fairly well; but it's not available as a standard part of players. Even when it works, it doesn't work as well as analog compressors.

Thus my impulse to build an electronic compressor.

= = = = =

WHY is linear so dominant in technology? Nature is totally non-linear.

Oddly, non-linear physical mechanisms were better understood 100 years ago. This 1901 book gives a clear picture of how a 'bent lever' or bell crank provides a log-shaped response. Printing presses used complex sets of non-linear levers to apply hefty force for a brief part of the cycle.

Polistra demonstrates a bent crank in her new printshop/mill. Polistra is moving the lever back and forth linearly, not sinusoidally. The orange ruler shows the effective length of the short arm. This length is basically the cosine of the angle. It starts moving slowly, then gains some speed toward the upper end of the stroke. Happystar's size represents the lifting or pulling ability of the short arm. This varies with the reciprocal of the effective length, so it's sharply non-linear. Much more force is available at the upper end of the stroke where the travel is slowest. This is exactly the action you need for a press or paper cutter, so it's not surprising that many simple presses and cutters have a lever like this.

A crankshaft behaves the same way, though it's harder to see because the long lever is sort of 'implicit' in a crankshaft. A camshaft does NOT behave the same way; it applies the same force at all angles, or more precisely it doesn't apply force at all. A camshaft simply provides a limit for the motion of its follower, and springs or gravity apply the force.

School science and physics classes in the '60s didn't mention bell cranks. They stopped at linear levers, because everything had to be linear. A full hands-on understanding of non-linear cranks would have provided a splendid starting point for non-linear electronic devices and non-linear sensory response.

For an even more familiar analogy, you can start with your own bones and joints. We have four definite bent cranks that we use all the time. Knees and elbows. (Other joints have some bentcrankness but it's more subtle.) Designed by Nature for a purpose opposite to the printing press. Kick and punch. Start with maximum force to overcome inertia, end with maximum speed.

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  Third eye?

Odd note: surgery for navel hernia seems to have improved my vision. More precisely, my vision in the morning is no longer blurry for the first half-hour. It's sharp from the start.

Best guess: Since the operation I've been sleeping facing upward. My normal right-facing position has been uncomfortable. The usual right-facing position pushes the right eye against the pillow. Facing upward, even with the head falling over to the right, doesn't push the eye. The previous blurriness was in the right eye.

In the last couple days I finally felt loose enough to try right-facing sleep for a while, but it doesn't stick. I'm facing up again when I wake. Body seems to prefer the new habit, so maybe I should listen and obey.



Here's what happens when you SHOW YOUR WORK.

Until this morning, BBC's coverage of the NC shooting was standard Sorosian infinite evil.

"Evil KKK Putin Troll Trump cops aggressively shoot UNARMEDBLACKTEEN UNARMEDBLACKTEEN UNARMEDBLACKTEEN UNARMEDBLACKTEEN without any reason except KKK Putin Trump Trump Trump Trump Hitler Hitler Hitler."

This morning, after seeing the bodycam, BBC has changed its tune. For the first time since 1945, BBC has managed to come within galactic distance of an actual fact.
Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, have released officer bodycam and dashcam footage of a controversial shooting of a black man on Tuesday. They also released pictures of a handgun and marijuana that police say Keith Lamont Scott possessed. Calls for the footage to be released increased in the four days since Mr Scott was shot, and comes after the release of footage shot by his wife. The family of Mr Scott says he was carrying a book and not a gun. Charlotte police chief Kerr Putney told reporters the victim was "absolutely in possession of a handgun".
No longer UNARMEDBLACKTEEN. Just "a black man". And the statements by the police are given without the usual razor-wire fence of so-called alleged and I quote .... unquote so-called self-styled self-described.

More than anything else, bodycams are an EMPATHY TOOL.

Everyone gets to see FROM COPS-EYE VIEW the tricky and ambiguous nature of violent situations, and everyone starts to understand how cops must make a life-and-death decision in 10 milliseconds. What was that object in the suspect's hand? Looks like a gun to me. Would you want to wait for a more precise determination, or would you want to STOP him?

When the police make the correct decision, which is about 90% of the time, we can understand it. When the police are clearly wrong, which is about 10% of the time, we can understand it.

Without the bodycam, Soros and Sharpton own the world. With the bodycam, even BBC, the deepest of Deepstate, has to pause and think.



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Carbon Cult
Defensible spaces
Experiential education
Grand Blueprint
Гром победы
Language updates
Natural law = Sharia law
New toys

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