Tuesday, October 17, 2017
  Double idiocy

The warmongers are getting excited about a new highway that China is building to the NK border. They see it as a route for tanks and troops, which would "start WW3".

Stupid. China has plenty of ways to invade and destroy NK by land or sea or air. A new road means TRADE.

This could be seen as an either-or proposition aimed at Kim. You can join the Silk Road or you can die. We're ready for both. You pick.

It wouldn't "start WW3". In fact full Chinese control of NK would damp down the war fires, because idiot Trump would be deprived of a target. Deepstate is NOT going to destroy China because China is our factory and our banker. Deepstate is too busy destroying America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, and a hundred other countries that have no value to Deepstate.
Monday, October 16, 2017

As tiresomely abovementioned, I no longer listen to official "news" or "entertainment" from either "side". I sometimes use the local money-talk station for noise because it tends to skip the usual "sides". For instance, the chartist types often use astrology to analyze the market instead of trying to parse Ben and Janet's infinitely evil word salad.

The PSAs on the station are astonishingly old. Some have been running constantly for 26 years. One mentions the Department of Health, Education And Welfare, which was renamed in 1983. That's OLD.

So a brand-new PSA on a meaningful topic is salient. A new PSA from physical therapists advocates exercise as a counterforce to opioid addiction.

This is an unexpected approach to the problem, cleanly skipping the usual "sides". Best of all, it makes GOOD GODDAMN SENSE.

Checking out the reference mentioned in the ad, the APTA website mainly discusses the use of PT to manage physical pain so you don't need to get addicted to opioids in the first place.

Missing most of the point. The opioid epidemic is mainly about MENTAL pain, not muscle and ligament pain. I know from experience that exercise avoids and counteracts MENTAL pain. A therapist could help you break out of the positive-feedback spasm-loop of suffering and tension and inertia.

It's unusual for an organization to underpromote its own benefits!


  Vertical, not horizontal

Assange is pointing back to a discussion of his own motives by John Sexton in 2010.

Assange had written:
We can marginalise a conspiracy’s ability to act by decreasing total conspiratorial power until it is no longer able to understand, and hence respond effectively to, its environment. We can split the conspiracy, reduce or eliminating important communication between a few high weight links or many low weight links. Traditional attacks on conspiratorial power groupings, such as assassination, have cut high weight links by killing, kidnapping, blackmailing or otherwise marginalizing or isolating some of the conspirators they were connected to …
Sexton responded:
This is the intellectual foundation of his thoughts on leaks. If you break the links between conspirators, you decrease their control. The “traditional” way is to do this is to cut off the head of the snake, but what Assange is suggesting here is that technology has given him another way to accomplish the same goal. Call it the long tail of regime change. Instead of taking out one very high value conspirator, you could attempt to break the links between lots of low level conspirators by making them too paranoid to communicate.
This is a classic mob-breaking routine practiced by police for centuries, but it only works when there are two or three mobs of similar power AND when the police have power. Convince the leaders of Mob 1 that their low-level operators are disobedient; or vice versa convince the low-level operators that their leaders are switching sides. Observe the action. Mob 1 leaders will start to kill the operators. Some of the low-level dudes will flip and snitch because they see that the police can protect them from Mob 1 bosses. More generally the bosses of all mobs will break out of their closed loop and do unusual things which the cops can observe.

In reality the trick doesn't break the horizontal links between the low-level dudes; it breaks the vertical links from low to high. The employees no longer trust the boss to protect them from other mobs, and the bosses no longer trust their employees to follow orders.

The crucial variable, which Assange's analysis doesn't quite hit, is the presence of competing mobs.

The 2009 Climate Crime leak made a small but measurable difference because the low-level operators like journal editors were able to compare the behavior of the Mann Mob with non-criminal scientists. Journal editors are not innocent; they know how the science game works. They recognized that Mann's behavior toward journals was well beyond the normal bounds of ruthless competition, and they got stricter with the criminals.

The DNC leaks have been useless because there isn't a competing mob and there isn't a police force. For 40 years the Clinton Mob has been LITERALLY AND CONCRETELY KILLING EVERYONE WHO EVEN THINKS ABOUT COMPETING WITH THE CLINTON MOB OR PROSECUTING THE CLINTON MOB OR TESTIFYING AGAINST THE CLINTON MOB. Nobody wants to die, so nobody has tried to build up a competing mob, and no prosecutor has volunteered to die. There's no alternative source of power, no Witness Protection Program. Thus the links remain firm, even while Boss Hillary fulfills part of the pattern by running around the country bashing her subordinates. The subordinates bend over and take it because they have NOWHERE TO GO.

The DNC leaks have affected the thinking of ordinary people, but ordinary people have exactly zero power so they're not worth discussing.

= = = = =

We can see plenty of link-breaking at the larger scale of USA STRONG vs Russia, but this has nothing to do with leaks or tactics. The presence of a competing mob was SUFFICIENT to make the change.

As soon as Russia and China began setting up a SANE mob which allows its low-level operatives to SURVIVE AND THRIVE, our low-level operatives began to switch sides. Everyone is tired of the USA STRONG total obliteration approach. Normal mob leaders offer a rational behaviorist reward-punishment paradigm. Obey and prosper; or disobey and die. We're beyond all that. We're EXCEPTIONAL. We simply KILL everything EXCEPT Saudi and Israel. Now even Saudi and Israel are wary of being the exceptions to the total obliteration rule; they no longer trust our exceptionality. When a psychotic killer is on a roll, nobody is safe.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017
  Brits had it right

It's common in tech or mech fields to find British and American terminology overlapping in odd ways.

Here's one I hadn't noticed before. From the same 1935 magazine as the Hivac submini tube in previous item...

The flat-jawed clip is a bulldog and the sharp-jawed clip is a crocodile, which makes sense.

Americans call the flat-jawed version a crocodile and the sharp-jawed version an alligator, which doesn't make sense.

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The city has finished redoing Crown St. At first it looked like they were only going to patch the worst spots, but in fact they turned the whole six block stretch into a perfectly smooth seamless asphalt carpet. Pretty.

The machines were still rumbling back and forth late last night, so there's a fair chance that I'm the first 'civilian' to walk the whole new surface. Meaningless but sort of momentarily nice, like those bucket list achievements that don't achieve anything. Being the first person with misspelled Chinese tattoos on both ankles to summit Everest.**

I'm not worried about buckets. I've been steadily producing software and graphic tools that help people to do art and science for 35 years, and I'll keep doing it until the last synapse fizzles out. It's a tiny and insignificant contribution to the world, but at least it's a net increase in order and value, not a net decrease or a net zero.

Speaking of new surfaces and meaningless discoveries, today is Nibiru 2, the day when the "world as we know it" will end.

Crown Street as I knew it has ended, and a new world of (the top three inches of) Crown Street has been born.

Is that all?

Enough for me.

= = = = =

** Language sidenote: Being the first person to climb Everest without calling the achievement "summiting" would be a real achievement. I don't have a problem with verbing a noun but I have a big problem with snobbing and arroganting a verb.

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  Earlier than thought

I've been piddling around with submini tubes for a while. Credit for their invention goes to American tubemakers like Raytheon, who developed the size for onboard navigation and fusing in missiles and torpedos. Subminis became popular after the war in hearing aids and portable radios. Their reign was brief because transistors took over both duties around 1957. Russians continued using the subminis MUCH longer. Sputnik used subminis in its transmitter. Most of the NOS subminis on the market now are Russian, made in the '60s and '70s.

As usual the credit is wrong, and as usual in electronics the Brits got there first. An article in Practical Wireless in Oct 1935 shows a portable receiver built with subminis.

The British version may have been slightly larger than the WW2 Raytheon version. For dubious comparison, here's a picture from the 10/35 mag:

And here's my hand with a similarly familiar object and two of the postwar Raytheon subminis.

Best comparison is on the fingers. The Brit tube, leaving off the plugs, appears to span 1.8 fingers, while the Raytheon spans about 1.5 fingers. The Brit hand has fatter fingers than my hand, so the difference may be slightly greater.

In any case, these Brit tubes are NOT the 7-pin minis that were far more common in radios and TVs. The 7-pin covers about 2.8 of my fingers.

The Brit Hivac tubes are in between the sizes, but closer to the Raytheon submini.


  How it's supposed to work

Austria is holding a 'snap election' today, which shows how a Parliamentary system is SUPPOSED TO WORK.

From DW:
Austrians on Sunday began casting their ballots in snap elections that are being closely watched as a further gauge of rising populist sentiment in the European Union.

Although conservative Sebastian Kurz, 31, is forecast to win more than 30 percent of the vote with his revamped Austrian People's Party (ÖVP), the far-right, anti-immigration Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) is considered a strong contender for second place and could thus be a possible coalition partner in a new government.

Kurz has taken some of the wind from the sails of the FPÖ under Heinz-Christian Strache by adopting similar positions on radically curbing immigration to those held by the far-right party. The FPÖ has thus been forced to try to shed its radical image, focusing instead on social issues, jobs and pensions in a bid to enter the mainstream.
Demonic DW portrays 'taking the wind from the sails' as a loss for the sane forces, but in fact this is how a sane attitude adjusts the government in a functional feedback loop. When the currently powerful party is failing to satisfy the needs of the country, a new party forms to carry the inhibitory signal. After the new party threatens to become a majority, the old party LEARNS FROM EXPERIENCE and adopts the message.

None of this could ever happen in USA STRONG. We lost the game in 1787 when we switched from Parliament to tyranny. The 1787 system is explicitly designed to avoid change and eliminate feedback. There is no mechanism for adaptation, no way to get rid of a bad leader, no incentive for a bad ruler to change his ways.

We had one brief exception in the '30s, when FDR acted as a one-man Parliament. He saw new parties developing under Huey Long and Father Coughlin and leftist labor unions, saw that they were ready and willing to work OUTSIDE the system, and 'took the wind from their sails' by doing the right thing. After FDR died the globalists regained full control and restored the fake "two" "party" setup, guaranteeing that no feedback or adjustment could ever break their monopoly, no president would ever do the right thing.


  Se-lu 14, Roussilon edition

Assange is driving home the point that CataLUnya provides a blueprint for other movements, even if it doesn't directly succeed.

I'm not convinced it was a necessary movement or a worthwhile goal, given the existing autonomy of CataLUnya, but I agree with the blueprint point.

Assange is treating it as a case study for Gandhian methods. It's not especially new in that department.

In my peculiar terms, CataLUnya formed a NEW blueprint for GETTING OUTSIDE THE PROBLEM to solve the problem. Half of the ethnic group lives in France, so the leaders of the half in Spain mobilized the French half to provide communication and printing services when Spain shut down services within its borders. This had the side effect of vectoring the French half toward revolution mode.

Any movement that stays INSIDE THE PROBLEM stands no chance of success. Best current example: Bitcoin is touted as a way to conduct transactions outside Deepstate. This is PRIMA FACIE DUMB. When you are EXCLUSIVELY RELYING ON NSA'S WEB to conduct business, you are DEEPER INSIDE the system than ordinary commerce with its mix of paper currency, paper checks and digital checks. You have NO EXTERNAL GROUND POINT, no way of verifying what happened after NSA alters or deletes your INTERNAL records.

The proper soLUtion always involves more paper and less computers.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017
  Math switchover

NatGeo article describes Viking burial garments embroidered with Arabic words for Allah and Ali.

This isn't entirely new; earlier finds indicated quite a bit of trade and mixing among the Northern tribes and Arabs.

Adopting part of a foreign religion without being conquered is EXTREMELY unusual.

From the start, tribal leaders have motivated US to fight THEM because THEM has the wrong god, or the wrong number of gods, or uses the wrong words to worship the same god, or says the words in a different way, or spells the words differently while saying them the same way.

In reality most wars are personal. A tribal leader is crazy Insatiable, so he gets addicted to conquering Deplorables. Conquering is addictive because it rarely works for long. Deplorables may not be ready for rape, but after the rape they get PRICKLY.

So the Insatiable, being Insatiable, has to find new Deplorables to rape. He usually knows that his people don't share his craziness, so he uses Resources or Religion as an understandable motivation.

WW1 and WW2 broke the pattern. In both cases the sides were thoroughly mixed in religion and ethnicity, and in both cases the Krauts and Japs stripped off the religious disguise to reveal pure tribal craziness.

In 1946 the leaders of US/UK donned their religious robes again. We were the Believers making war against the Atheists.

Appropriate for a digital age. Previous math wars had been 1 god vs 3 gods or 3 gods vs Lotsa gods. Now we were 1 or 3 gods, mainly led and fueled by the 1 god tribe, fighting against 0 gods.

After the 1989 Switchover the math switched while remaining digital. Now we are the atheists, the 0 gods side, fighting to kill all non-zero gods. Muslims are bad because they have 1, Russians are bad because they have 3. Some of the warleaders on our side are 3 gods types; for them, Russia is bad because it has the wrong logical symbol joining two of its 3 godparts. Ask Fatima about this. The 0 gods leaders are happy to have this slight symbolic disagreement, as long as the 3-ites keep pushing for war.

So those Vikings represent a peculiar exception to a nearly universal trend of history. Especially notable because the Vikings were pretty fair Insatiables, famous for taking over entire continents including this one.

= = = = =

Later thought: The embroidered letters might be indications of respect, but in context they look more like notches on a gun or medals on a uniform, indicating "I helped to ocnquer Allah and Ali." Burial symbols generally honor victory, not assimilation.


  Paying the price of freedom? No, it's the other way.

The commenters on a ZH article about the failure of cable TV got into some meaningful discussion along with the usual crap. One said:

I've actually calculated what I saved since I cut the cable: $20,000+. No joke.

Okay, let's try it. Fortunately I marked the moment when I unplugged the cable.

From August 2010 to now is 86 months. Eliminating cable TV saved $80 a month at that time. Presumably Comcast bills have gone up since then, but using $80 gives a total saving of $6880.

Pretty damn impressive. Since I live on $12K a year, that's about seven months of living. One extra month of income in each cable-free year. More importantly, it's 86 months of FREEDOM from the hard-wired toxic injection of TV.

Repooflicans love to squawk about Paying The Price Of Freedom. In fact you have to pay for slavery in the modern world. Freedom is cheaper.


  Motes and beams

Last month I wrote this set of pairings:
"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.)

Alternative doctors (naturopaths, chiropractors, etc) don't force you to do anything.

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

Bankers jail you for using cash.

Goldbugs don't jail you for using debit cards.

Globalists bomb you for questioning the Empire.

Localists don't bomb you for being a globalist.
= = = = =

Yesterday I commented in detail on the "sonic attack" hate-hoax, more or less dismissing it but remaining objective because this is my proper area of expertise.

Later ZH had a headline: This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don't Buy It

Yup, I'm an expert and I don't buy it.

Some experts in acoustics and phonetics are in fact working for NSA and Apple and Google. Their jargon is easy to recognize in the NSA stuff released by Wikileaks, and their work is easy to see elsewhere.

In terms of the pairings above, does that make me an astrologer? Yes. If an analogous title existed I'd happily use it. (Faith acoustician? Phonologer?)

The important distinction in the pairings above is not the professional title but the willingness to serve power. The first group in each pair is willing to use their expertise or passion aggressively. The second group is not willing to serve power. They are defending people against power, lending their knowledge and skills to people who are just trying to live an ordinary life.


Friday, October 13, 2017
  Health attack? Or just scrambler?

Somebody has published a wave that is supposedly the Cuba "sonic attack" or hate-hoax. Not much info about how this was recorded, if in fact it was recorded.

It seems to have a 7100 cps peak, amplitude modulated randomly at a much slower near-syllabic rate. It doesn't bother my ears.

Spectrum of the original:

Piece of the waveform, showing the modulation in speech-fundamental range:

The MP3 sampling rate is 44k, so 7k is getting up into 'aliased' territory which makes the spectrum sort of dubious.

Slowing it down drastically so that the carrier is about 300 cps:

Slowed-down segment

This does bother my ears.

In this form you can hear that the modulation is basically a beat between two nearly identical carriers, shifting ever so slightly in freq.

Without any context I'd guess that this was a scrambler, using something like FSK plus a random component to create the audio equivalent of a one-time pad cipher.

Since we don't have any context, that's as far as I can go. This could have been a VLF radio signal emitted by the embassy, which was rectified and resonated accidentally by some metal surfaces. Or it could be an intentional audio signal.

7k is not an especially meaningful freq in terms of cochlear function or auditory processing. It's well above all the freqs we need or analyze for speech. Landline telephones cut off at 3k, and AM radio cuts off at 5k, without losing intelligibility. The only nearby landmark is 8k, which resonates at the first curve of the cochlea. Long-term exposure to 8k damages the hair cells more than other freqs, and a typical noise-induced hearing problem has a peak loss at 8k.

But this would be counterproductive if you were trying to drive the enemy crazy. The damage produced by long-term exposure to 8k would gradually make the victims more immune to the signal, not more sensitive to it.

If I had the job of driving Yanks crazy with audio I'd go the other way, down to 20 or 30 cps. A subsonic rumble makes you jumpy and edgy without being consciously heard. You don't know it's there until it stops, when you suddenly feel relieved and relaxed.


  Antichrist doing what antichrists do

Antichrist Bergoglio is getting down to business. He wants to revise official "Church" policy to forbid capital punishment. Loyally obeying his satanboss Soros, he also wants to eliminate EVERY form of effective punishment.....
There is an additional factor of interest for American readers. In 2014, Pope Francis said that the use of long-term solitary confinement is a kind of torture. This position is also held by many psychologists, who have noted that solitary incarnation can have a profoundly negative impact on mental health. Long-term solitary confinement is the most prominent alternative to the death penalty proffered by American corrections officials, especially for habitual unmanageable inmates.
So it's not really a question of morality. It's just a question of who's giving the orders. When Deepstate is paying the bill, harsh treatment is godlike and angelic. When civilization is giving the orders, harsh treatment is unthinkable.

Weaponizing criminals is a major piece of the Sorosian project, and now Antichrist has officially enlisted the ENTIRE CHURCH in this part of the Sorosian project. He already enlisted the ENTIRE CHURCH in weaponizing migrants.

At some points in history the Church acted as a counterforce to evil. Now it's one of the strongest pluponents of evil, adding the mass (lit/fig) and momentum of millions of idiot followers to the acceleration of wickedness.

Later: Noticed the typo by NCR: solitary incarnation. Does this mean the prisoners turn into Jesus when in solitary? If that's the case, the "church" should want more of it.


  What are you telling us?

The yappers and advertisers on money-talk shows and websites are constantly trying to impress us with how hard they work. They brag about having 12 careers at once and sleeping 30 minutes a day.

I'm not impressed. Either you're simply lying, or you're telling us that you don't know how to manage money.

The goal of working hard is to reach the point when you don't have to work hard. If you have a valuable skill, and you know how to live simply and avoid gambling, you can reach that point fairly soon.

Why should I listen to your advice about managing money when you don't know how to manage your own?


Thursday, October 12, 2017
  Moodquake verified

Yesterday around 4PM I acquired one of those sudden dark moods that sometimes come 18 hours before a nearby quake. I posted a short item here, then deleted it. (Title was "Just for the record", if anyone feels like checking the Google cache.) Writing then deleting can help to get rid of a mood. Didn't help; good sleep cured the mood.

What about nearby quakes? Yes. This time it wasn't just a trash bin tipping over next to my window!

PNSN shows a long swarm of significant quakes south of Yakima, starting at noon today. 20 hours after the mood started.

The location doesn't seem to be special; it's not near Hanford and not near active volcanos.

10 hours later, the swarm resumes:

  RT is Bernie, aberreedux

RT has an article on the death of a Russian faith healer who became prominent in the later years of the Soviet era.

The tone of the article shows the REAL attitude of RT, not the bigoted ASSUMPTIONS about RT. In fact RT agrees with Western 'progressives' on nearly everything except hating Russia... and in this case it comes damn close to hating Russia.
It’s the height of Perestroika. Old certainties are fading fast, not least faith in the Soviet healthcare system, free and available, but short on new generation drugs, high-tech equipment and magic. Glasnost allows the vacuum to be filled at speed. There are still only five channels – if you live in a big enough city – but they are no longer exclusively broadcasting repetitive party propaganda. Chumak really is a breath of fresh air, yet he also receives authority from being on stuffy state television. ...

The magic could not last. Chumak managed to monetize his gift by mass-producing “charged” water** and creams, but by the time he and his ilk were officially banned by the Ministry of Health for “advocating pseudoscience” in 1993, interest was on the wane anyway. One part of the audience cringed at their earlier selves rushing to fill jars in time, another moved on to a new generation of psychics, who made corpses levitate or claimed that they were reincarnations of Jesus, rendering Chumak’s persona staid, his magic underpowered. Chumak did not retire to penury, but returned to playing to his core fans in smaller venues, and charging clinically diagnosed patients hundreds of dollars for one-to-one healing sessions – much like working psychics around the world.
Note that the ban came in 1993 during the Sorosian period, not during the Soviet period. Who's the bigger atheist?

RT clearly doesn't respect the ordinary Russians who were seeking transcendence. Sounds a lot like US media or US 'progressives'.

= = = = =

**Footnote: Didn't have to look hard to find charged water in the Aberree. From Dec 1964:


  Third thought on CataLUnya

My initial response to CataLUnya's independence was strongly positive. On second thought I backed off and tempered the response, remembering the Sorosian pattern of color revolutions.

I'm still not sure if it's Soros, but now I'm sure it's an unnecessary waste of energy. CataLUnya has NOT been oppressed or squashed in recent years. It already has vastly more autonomy than any of our "states".

If the split could be accomplished smoothly, like Czechia and Slovakia splitting in 1991, it would be worth the trouble. But Spain isn't going to allow an amicable divorce. War is needed, and war is NOT worth the trouble in this case.


  Corporate personhood again

Earlier I made the point that proper leftists should be USING the idea that a corporation is a person, instead of trying to delete the idea. If a corporation has the same rights and responsibilities as a person, then you can prosecute a company for murdering other companies through LBOs or regulatory capture. LBO is direct murder, regulatory control is murder through a hitman impersonating a policeman.

Using the same literal connection might help to understand a couple of puzzles in recent years.

Puzzle 1: Why did insurance companies and pension funds allow ZIRP to happen? Insurers and pensions, taken together, are larger than the banks who gained from ZIRP. They have plenty of lobbyists. They could see EASILY that ZIRP would destroy them.

Puzzle 2: Why did insurers allow Obamacare to happen? Predicting business risk is their CORE SKILL. Why didn't they use it?

Puzzle 3: Why did football companies encourage their players to insult their OWN AUDIENCE for a year before they finally figured out the problem?

In personhood terms, all three are intentional corporate SUICIDE. Why does a company ... or a whole class of companies .... voluntarily choose to lose its own profitability?

The standard myth of capitalism says that corporate persons are cold rational machines, acting solely to increase their own profits, while human beings are squishy irrational randomizers, acting on the basis of momentary hormone secretions.

I don't know if that was ever true, but it's completely backwards now.

Living people are no longer willing to die for a cause. All the causes that formerly commanded love and devotion have betrayed us and fucked us over and over and over and over. Fuck them.

This rational cynicism doesn't apply among corporate persons, who are still romantically ready to die for SOMETHING. In these specific cases the SOMETHING seems to be Deepstate, but I don't think that's necessarily the only True Faith or True Lover.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017
  Thanks, EPA genocidists!

Via KHQ, today's message from the Natl Fire "Protection" Assn....

Did you know fire is actually getting faster? 40 years ago we had as much as 17 minutes to escape a fire, today we have less than 3.

No surprise. EPA first removed asbestos from buildings, then switched every single fireproof material to an incendiary material. Their most Nobel achievement of all is the "green" cladding of high-rise buildings with ROCKET FUEL.

EPA's mission, like the rest of the Federal Dysgovernment, is to exterminate all Deplorables and infinitely enrich the Tribe. Maximum vulnerability, zero self-defense.

No, wait. I should remove the quotes from "Protection" above. The name is grammatically proper as it stands. The National Fire Protection Association protects fire from all attempts to extinguish it.

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  What happens when you PAY ATTENTION.....

Two days ago I noted that the kids in this neighborhood are playing outside more, not spending all their time welded to the iPhone. This change forced my attention because the outside play is NOISY and ANNOYING. I had to stop and think: Which is better for the kids? Noisy and annoying exercise in the sunlight, or constant consumption of Deepstate toxin? Easy choice, so I stifled my natural GET OFF THE GODDAMN LAWN response.

Well, what about adults? For many years ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY was welded to their phones ALL THE TIME. No matter what secondary activity they might be accidentally doing, their primary duty was the phone. It was a 100% monopoly ... except me.

I had the vague sense that the monopoly wasn't quite as monopolous now, so I paid attention on this morning's store walk.

Some of the drivers weren't visible because of tinted windows, so the visible and countable sample was about 30 drivers, 20 shoppers, 10 walkers, 5 Golden Ringtones.

ABSOLUTELY NOBODY was using a cellphone. NOT ONE.

At least among this one-time sample, the perfect monopoly has become a perfect zeropoly.


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  BBC Travel comes through again

I wonder how long the Travel department can last. They constantly violate Deepstate rules. Twice now they've featured Oklahoma and GOT IT RIGHT, without any of the obligatory mockery of Deplorables.

Today they feature a leftover Soviet cable tram in Gruziya. Obviously I can't verify this one by experience; but the attitude in the piece is equally unfashionable and heretical. Straight-up Orlov.



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