Saturday, July 23, 2016
  Well, there's one advantage

Walking around, noticed a physical object with a Google logo. Caught my attention. I'm accustomed to seeing Google on everything online, but not on physical stuff. This physical object looked at first like a pack of cigarettes. Hmm. Well, not surprising; Google is trying to own and run everything...

No. Wait.

Tobacco is THE ONE AND ONLY INDUSTRY that is GUARANTEED SAFE from both Google and Amazon.

Must be slightly comforting. All the governments in the world are trying to tax you out of existence without completely taxing you out of existence, but at least Google and Amazon will NOT eat you up.

On closer examination, the object was just a crumpled magazine page with an ad for Google.
  And another new life

Another small breakout from the relentless dead uniformity of the Empire.

Earlier I had observed that the national SW broadcasters of EU countries were firmly aligned with EU, even when the actual countries had moved toward nationalism.

Radio Slovakia followed that pattern until today, carefully ignoring all nationalist tendencies.

Their news just stated that Slovakia is joining Hungary in a border-protection agreement.

  Stop and think, fuckheads

BBC is interviewing some Russian "dissident" who says Russia is a police state because people argue with her. BBC enthusiastically agrees with this assertion.

In a police state,

dissidents are in jail or dead. They are not giving interviews to enemy broadcasters. If you can live and work and talk openly to foreign enemies, you are NOT in a police state.

You may be uncomfortable because the majority of the people approve of the government you dislike. That's not a police state, that's just life.
  THE CONSTANT and variables

The current re-emergence of Populism shows with WILD CLARITY what REALLY MATTERS to the demons who have been running things.

In USA STRONG, you might have thought that the culture stuff REALLY MATTERS to both sides. It's all they talk about. Rs are sexists, homophobes, Creationists, transphobes, Science Deniers, and on and on and on and on and on.

Trump is NONE of those things. He simply ISN'T INTERESTED in those matters and doesn't know anything about them. He tried to talk about religion ONCE and sounded absurdly uninformed. Advisers clearly told him to stop digging the hole. His lack of interest showed up perfectly in the convention under his control. Very little mention of religion, and a full rainbow of bizarre Trans Things speaking easily on his behalf.

You also might have thought that the Welfare State REALLY MATTERS to both sides. Both are constantly harping on Forty-Seven. One side harps on the Forty-Seven Percent Who Vote Themselves Largesse From The Public Treasury. The other side harps on the Forty-Seven Percent Who Can't Get Health.

Trump blows that one out of the water as well. He does care about this point. His views are complex and well-developed. He's mostly in favor of continuing the welfare state.

In EU the Populists are more varied. Some are strongly religious, some aren't. Some are socialistic, some are Randian.

Despite all that variation, the elites of "both" "sides" continue spewing gigatons of radioactive green sludge from their gyroscope heads. The Tourette continues unabated.

All the other stuff has been FACTORED OUT. The SINGLE CONSTANT emerges clearly. It's not culture or religion or welfare that REALLY MATTERS.

It's only GLOBALISM. OMNICIDE. Breaking all walls and boundaries, destroying your own country, making war against every country that offends the Empire. Anyone who even dares to QUESTION killing the poor to enrich the Chosen MUST BE SLAUGHTERED.

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Friday, July 22, 2016
  Not alleged!

Big storm passing through the area. Mostly missed my nbrhd (THANKS, WEATHER GODS!)... just some brief heavy rain and lightning. Other places got GIANT rain, lots of wind and hail and an UNQUESTIONABLE TORNADO.

Picture captured by Spokane-News reader. No doubt about that one. You can see the soil being sucked up from the hilltop.

Needless to say, the Weather "Service" finally got around to issuing their usual incoherent warning after the action was over.

The debris from the tornado was first reported as a brush fire, even though it was raining heavily. We think of brush fires here, but we don't think of tornados.

Just noticed the date. This storm resembles the 7/23/14 storm that focused sharply on my neighborhood. Today's storm is focused farther north, around Mead. Neither resembles the broad daylong devastation of 11/17/15.
  Who's the terrorist?

Media are intentionally sliding past the interesting part of a "terrorist" incident involving the Spokane county jail, giving us an intentionally wrong impression.

Media version: A "sovereign citizen" is being held for a fairly ordinary crime, and his wife is sending what the sheriff calls "paper terrorism" to "obstruct justice".

(1) From the headlines you assume the "sovereign citizen" is KKK Honky Fundy McVeigh Hitler. Nope. He's black, a member of one of those obscure half-Jewish half-Muslim movements. The Black Israelites or the Real Moors.

(2) From the headlines you assume the "paper terrorism" is an actual noxious substance. Anthrax or something. Nope, it's just an unpleasant smell. (I'm guessing it's good old Magic Shave depilatory. That stuff would be available to a black prisoner, and it's strongly ammoniac. Spreads through an entire cellblock in seconds flat.) The FBI analyzed the letters and found nothing poisonous or hazardous, so they returned the letters to the wife. I trust the FBI to get these things right when it's not running a sting.

So. In reality we have people who are scaring themselves into a panic over an unfamiliar smell. I understand this only too well since I was doing it last week! But scaring yourself doesn't mean the source of the smell is a crime. If that's the case, I should call the cops and have my toilet arrested.

The government and media are the real terrorists here. Without government lies and media-induced panic, an unfamiliar smell wouldn't be "terrorism".


  Patient things 3

Convective thought triggered by the previous item about mammals and alcohol.

It's clear that human love of alcohol led to all sorts of technical innovation, INCLUDING the whole idea of storage and increase.

As I noted before, it's likely that the use of fire for cooking arose from spontaneous heat in a pile of barley. Much easier to imagine than the TEDX notion of carrying torches from a Savannah Fire. Fermentation heat is IN THE FOOD. No need to imagine the difficult and rare connection of Burning Savannah and Roasted Sabertooth. Just pile some wet barley on a flat stone, and you can make heat any time you want.

New thought:

Controlled fermentation led to storage. Beer, bread, cheese, sauerkraut, pickles, pemmican. Patient things. Without fermentation the only important thing you can store is grain.

After the practice got going, fermentation required keeping track of the stored items. You can't taste the wine every day to see if it's ready, and you can't risk tasting the pot of kraut after it's too far gone. You need a way to predict which containers are ready to use and which need to be emptied and cleaned. Spotting the location of the rising sun is a good enough calendar to mark planting time, but it won't help you predict when the wine can be opened.

Did fermentation inspire the idea of debt with interest and a specific maturity date? Interest has to be kept under control for the sake of both the banker and the debtor, just as you need to know when to empty and clean out the pots. Jubilee = pot-breaking time?

Barley = beer, barbecue, banking, bucks. All the 'exclusively human' stuff except transportation.

= = = = =

On the GIANT OTHER HAND: Alcohol is poison. No other naturally desirable material kills you so reliably and quickly. There are plenty of faster poisons in nature, but they immediately signal their lethality, so they don't need a culture-scale prohibition.

Well, we were warned about the 'fruit of the tree of knowledge', weren't we? Pick the knowledge, use the advantages of fermentation, but skip the poison fruit.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016
  Trying for the Ig

Via RCS, this little piece of research is clearly aiming for the IgNobel, not the Nobel.

In other words, this study is GOOD science. Done on a small budget, achieving a possibly useful result, and written up with humility. GOOD science.

Nobels are awarded for psychotic delusions, utter vile corruption, infinite falsehood, and feral genocide. SATANIC science.

= = = = =

The study tries to measure the alcohol preferences of cute 'prosimians' like lemurs and lorises. Result: they love booze. (What mammal doesn't?)

This paragraph is just beautiful:
The position of the liquids was randomized and behavioral data were collected blind to the contents, to avoid observational bias. Each of the two aye-ayes participated in a trial once a day for 15 days for a total of 30 trials. The slow loris participated in a trial each day over five days for a total of five trials, as time was limited.
Understated language, but you can imagine the process vividly. "Damn, loris, I just know you're going to take a whole hour to select the liquid, another hour to pick up the tube, and another hour to drink it. Come on! Hurry up! Hurry up! I need to get this study done before my grandchildren get their PhDs! I've already given up on getting mine. Oh shit. Now he's drunk and he's going to take TWO hours for each stage! AAAACCK!"

Seriously, the question is somewhat misplaced. Mammals are lushes. I don't see much point in asking why one mammal plasters easier than another.

Flowering and fruiting plants are the newbies in this scenario. They developed AFTER the habits and preferences of insects were already set in genetic cement.

So the more important evolutionary questions are: How did plants and yeasts start collaborating to make alcohol? How did they mutually learn that seeds and spores are more attractive when animals wear beer goggles? Why did animals love alcohol before plants and yeasts conspired to make alcohol?

As usual, the only non-contradictory answer is that the whole system was designed in one piece.

= = = = =

Correction after watching some loris videos: Lorises aren't really slow. They're just cautious. I was conflating them with sloths, which are genuinely SSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW.

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  Pre-Cohn entertainment

Listening lately to some New Old Stock episodes of Fibber. These episodes hadn't been part of the usual distribution until recently. An interesting theme emerges. Wallace Wimple, the eponymous Wimp, had always shown what happens to Unwanted people. In these episodes he shows how to handle it.

What happens is this: Wanted Ones will occasionally treat the Unwanted One with a tiny bit of respect, maybe even halfway smile at you for a millisecond. You hungrily gobble up the hint of respect. The Wanted One then presents you with a job to do. You finish the job properly and diligently. The Wanted One takes the result.


Nothing happens after that. No further communication, no thanks, no payment, no respect. The channel is immediately cut off. You are Unperson again.

= = = = =

This episode illustrates what happens. Wimp comes over when Fibber is expecting an Important Lawyer who may offer a Big Deal. Fibber is clearly disappointed, starts to push Wimp away, then realizes he needs an extra thingamajig to serve as a witness for the transaction. Fibber stuffs Wimp into a cabinet and tells him to listen and remember. The Important Lawyer arrives and leaves. Fibber and Molly sit around afterward discussing the results. Suddenly Wimp starts knocking and shouting in the cabinet. Oh. I guess the Unperson thing is still there. Let it out and get rid of it.

This episode shows how to handle it. Wimp shows up and Fibber is disappointed as usual, then realizes he needs a helper to hold the front door while he reinstalls it. Wimp obediently carries the door; Fibber fails to tell him about the footstool; Wimp falls and busts his teeth. Fibber tries to repeat the action. This time Wimp says "I may be a sissy but I'm not a pigeon. You carry it."

Those writers had real empathy for all human types, and tried to give USEFUL advice to all types.

= = = = =

I wish this material had been around when I was younger. I dimly grasped the natural Unwanted/Wanted division around 1963. At that time TV was the only entertainment. Earlier radio programs were not available at all. TV had already settled into its post-Cohn mode of enforcing NYC rules. Everything was seen from the viewpoint of the Wanteds. Unwanteds appeared briefly, performed their appointed task, then disappeared.

TV imposes the lethal myth that anyone can be Wanted if they Do The Right Things and Use The Right Products. Result: confusion, depression, and sometimes suicide when you bump up against the hardass unchanging laws of genetics. This result is, of course, wanted by the Wanteds. When Unwanteds take themselves out, the Wanteds are spared the trouble and expense of prosecuting and executing the Creepy Lone Wolf Terrorist.

= = = = =

Later: An illustration in this morning's news.

Cruz is not a nerd or a sissy, but he's certainly Unwanted. He's the type Brits call a 'swot', a determined overserious grinder. I don't think there's an equivalent American word. In any case, none of his colleagues like him or want him around.

His convention speech showed how to handle it. By refusing to endorse Trump, he was saying "I'm not your pigeon. You carry it." He knows this won't make him Wanted because nothing will switch Unwanted to Wanted. He has saved his soul, and that's the only thing that counts in the end.

Few hours later (6:30 PST): Cruz gets literal. "I'm not your servile puppy dog."

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
  Wind time-bomb 2

An interesting contrast to last week's observation of delayed windstorm damage.

This morning a new time-bomb has struck, at the other end of the same block. Today's house is at the other end of a maintenance spectrum as well. The first victim is a well-kept late-50s rancher. This one is a poorly kept rural-looking mess. It has a big lot full of big stuff: cars, trucks, trailers, swimming pools, swing sets, and unidentifiable items. All of the stuff is bent and broken, some from windstorms and some from other causes. An amazingly perfect museum of ruin.

Today's delayed damage: a giant branch of a deciduous tree decided to break and fall. There hasn't been any meaningful weather lately. BLESSEDLY cooler than normal, some breeze, some rain, but nothing that should cause any problems.

The branch fell across a chain-link fence and an old Chevy van. It bent the fence which was already bent in the same place. The van had been precariously perched on a jackstand with the rear axle off, and the branch knocked the van off the jackstand.

In other words, the tree that was already damaged damaged a fence that was already damaged and damaged a van that was already damaged.

Bad luck? Not really. Guaranteed luck. (I understand this only too well; I was in a similar position for several years and finally pulled all the way out of it in 2011. Goddamn hard work, but worth it.)

The previously mentioned time-bomb was pure bad luck. Those homeowners had been doing all the right things, but the Nov windstorm was so big that roofers were unavailable to fix the original damage.


  Who's a dictatorship?

Our politicians constantly call Venezuela a socialist dictatorship.

I've already debunked the socialist part of this idiocy. (Yes, it's socialist. No, that's not the problem.)

Now the other part.....

Venezuela Recall Referendum Moves a Step Closer, Opposition Says

A referendum to oust Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro moved a step closer after electoral authorities validated enough votes in a petition to move to the next stage in the process, a leading opposition politician said.

A dictatorship doesn't allow a referendum to recall the dictator, and a dictatorship doesn't have living and active opposition politicians,

which means Venezuela is not a dictatorship.

Hmm. Can we think of a country that DOESN'T allow a referendum for ANY PURPOSE AT ALL, including recall of the President? Yes. Therefore USA STRONG is a dictatorship.

From the Bush family website: "It was one of Donald Trump's favorite conspiracy theories - that Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11, and the U.S. government is covering it up."

No, Bush family fuckheads.

A conspiracy theory,

is an attempt to find shadowy secret reasons and motivations BEHIND the obvious.

In this case no theory is needed. The hijackers were Saudi. Their leader was Saudi. Assuming that the hijacking was a Saudi operation is simple and Ockhamy and direct and obvious.

Birdshit is a bird operation. A head-on crash is an automobile operation. Pearl Harbor was a Jap operation. 9/11 was a Saudi operation.

Saudis did it. You can't get any more non-shadowy and non-secret than that.

Any other assumption is a conspiracy theory. Some of those theories are partly right because the evidence, though incomplete, is obvious. CIA likely had some involvement in 9/11 because CIA was running Sheikh Osama, and because there's no evidence that Osama stopped being a CIA agent. Other theories such as Afghan or Iraqi involvement have exactly zero supporting evidence.

Our misgovernment was using clearly false conspiracy theories when it made war against Afghanistan and Iraq in response to the Saudi attack.
  Constants and no variables 2

Sometimes you're stuck in someone else's constant. The victims of globalization are stuck. We can't move to a non-globalized place because non-globalized places are either nonexistent or inaccessible. The victims of an airplane hijack are stuck. Jumping out is no better than riding the plane until the bomb explodes.

Other times you're NOT stuck. When a church is hijacked by Satan, the non-Satanic members can jump out EASILY. No parachute needed.

Some members and congregations do jump, either by joining an existing non-Satan church or by developing a schismatic alternate church.

Some don't. They delusionally believe that Satan is variable, that their church can "reform" or return to normal.

Methodism was hijacked a long time ago, and just now made it official by appointing a Bishop Of Gender.

Delusional response:
Therefore, we call upon the Council of Bishops to do one of the following: [1] To do all within its power to rectify this breach of our covenant by issuing a strong statement opposing Oliveto's election, and petitioning the Judicial Council to rule the election null and void. Or [2], expedite the appointment of the members to its "Special Commission," and to revise the commission's mandate....
The mandate will not be revised. The church will not oppose the Bishop Of Gender. Satan is driving the vehicle, and Satan does not use the brake pedal or reverse gear. Your ONLY choice is to JUMP. In this case JUMPING is perfectly easy and perfectly good. You won't have to scrape the pavement at 60 MPH or freefall 30,000 feet to the ground. You will simply regain full control of your soul.

Why is that so difficult? I truly don't get it.
  Constants and variables, idiot personal edition

A couple weeks ago I noticed what seemed to be a leak around the toilet. It never happened again, so it wasn't a leak; probably a splashout caused by slow drainage. Liquid Plumr speeded up the drain, which might or might not have helped. The "leak" called my attention to a persistent smell, which turned out to be from the tank, not the bowl. The bowl was emitting a bad smell because it was receiving smelly water, not because the bowl itself was dirtier than usual. The inner wall of the tank is orangish, presumably some kind of mold, and it's the source of the smell.

I got a Lysol deodorizer thing and dropped it in. The immediate smell went away after a few flushes, but the smell seemed to persist around the house. I got worried that maybe there was a leak into the crawl space.

Nope. One good sneeze and nose-blow got rid of the persistent smell, and showed me that the toilet itself was no longer smelly.

The persistent smell was in my idiotic sinuses. The mold or whatever remained there, which made me think the whole house had the smell.

Idiot. Maybe I'll learn something from this. Probably not.
  Constants and no variables 1

A little insight into the "mind" of demons.

BBCdemon is interviewing a think-tank economistdemon about the need for Proper Politicians (ie Hillary) to fake a pro-American policy so they can steal votes in places like Pennsylvania. The two demons were quite open about the fakeness, because "Globalization is not an option. Of course the UK chose a different path heh heh heh heh snort snort snort." Since G'n is not an option, we CAN'T possibly change trade policy or immigration policy, just as we can't change gravity. We'll have to produce better propaganda and maybe give these deluded TROLLS a few extra pennies in welfare.

Amazing. In one sentence: G'n is not an option of course G'n is an option. This isn't exactly Orwell's doublethink. The demons are not holding both sides open at the same time. Rather, Is An Option is spoken but doesn't exist. How does this happen?

The broader phenomenon is a TOTAL LACK OF VARIABLES. The whole world is a constant, conforming perfectly to the Right Side Of History.

If you are OldThinker, observing plain old factual history, you can easily see that G'n is not gravity. It's a POLICY CHOICE made by evil corporatist governments. The current phase of G'n was DECIDED fairly recently, after the 1990 Switchover. Since it is a policy CHOICE that is killing massive numbers of normal people, a sane government would DECIDE to reverse the policy CHOICE, as Britain is now trying to do. (Or maybe just faking, as these demons imply.)

We do not have a sane government. Our sadistic psychotic government kills massive numbers of normal people and loves it.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016
  Stealth eyeshadow

This is a natural WOW.

Most squids use controlled color and controlled luminescence to blend into the background or to express emotions and messages. The 'glass squid' uses light in an opposite way. Like many ocean creatures but unlike other squids, it's transparent .... EXCEPT for its big eyes in their big sockets. The eyes cast shadows on the ocean floor, defeating the purpose of transparency. Can't sneak up on fish when they can see the shadow coming. What to do? Cast a negative shadow. Use diffused light to illuminate the shadowed area.


The light starts with bioluminescent bacteria like many other deep ocean critters, and the glass squid uses fiberoptics to channel and diffuse it.

WOW again.

Nature always gets there first.


  This is worrisome

This could drop my Trump vote. Trump is thinking of placing Mnuchin, a Goldman and Soros demon, as Treasury Sec. Unless there's REALLY SOLID evidence that Mnuchin is a FORMER Goldman and Soros demon, ready to expose and prosecute the monsters based on what he knows, Trump is no better than anyone else, maybe worse. Maybe just another Soros AP. So far there's no indication of FORMERness at all.

We need a total revolution. We need an Erdogan. We need to remove NYC and DC from the surface of the earth.
  Printing came before writing?

This personal ramble led to a broader ramble.

When we think about the history of symbolic representation we normally focus on painting and writing. Using pigments to leave a trace on a hard surface.

What if we think of engraving first? Scratching, scraping, indenting. I'm going to run wild in TEDX mode here.........

Good old Guk is trying to leave a message showing Ik where the big meat is, so that Ik can help Guk haul it across the Savannah back to the cave. Does Guk get out his paints and paintbrush? Not at first. He would use his finger or toe to draw an indented diagram or map in the sand, pointing directly to the big meat. After this habit became ... ingrained ... Guk might accidentally run his toe onto a hard surface, where the dirt would leave a trail. Aha! What happens if I take a stick, dip it into the dirt, and use it to draw the map on the cliffside? And what happens if I spit on the stick first to make the dirt hold together? Much easier to see than the scratching in the dirt, and less likely to get erased when the Sabertooth Tiger stalks the Savannah.

Scratching in clay was even more permanent. Hmm. What happens if I snap off a stick to make a sharp linear edge, and push it into the clay instead of scratching? I can use this stick to make a regular and reliable set of notches to count how many times I helped you haul big meat, so I can show you how many times you need to help me haul big meat. Hmm again. What happens if you give me a fish for each notch instead of helping me? That's just as good. I like fish. Presto. Economics and money.

After the single-stick puncher felt boring and slow, what came next? A stamp or seal. A bundle of sticks oriented properly to make the symbols for each number or sound. Then at some point the bundle turned into a baked 'positive' clay that would reliably punch the entire symbol.

Presto. Typewriter. Printing.

Aside from my fanciful stories, the basic sequence is definite. For proper symbolic writing, cuneiform engraving came before pen and ink. Numbers came before phonemes. Commerce came before literature.


  More from 1945

Another article from the big 1945 Electronics journal that somehow snuck past Steamboat Willie to get into Googlebooks as a full copy.

This is a set of postwar recommendations for television, which was already running full speed in Britain (always ahead of us on electronics) but still experimental in USA STRONG. Written by Virginia Bradley, who had been working for Philco's experimental TV station before the war interrupted everything. I assume Virginia is a man's name like Evelyn Waugh, because EVERYONE KNOWS that wymmynses were not allowed to work until Betty Friedan [pbuh] broke the glass ceiling. Several of the engineers writing on highly technical topics in this 1945 journal are also men with female names.

I pasted the text into a big image that won't fit properly here, and pasted the accompanying chart similarly. Bringing out small pieces of each to show how deeply Mr Bradley understood the nature of a visual medium, even before it had been properly implemented.

This analysis of human perception is especially smart:

DuMont picked up this idea quickly. The Big Three were slower, but after 1970 they really got into it. They figured out that tachistoscopic switching keeps your brain LOCKED IN. This is the biggest reason to stay clear of TV.

The part under 'remote origination' turned out pretty well, except that we no longer have fairs and parades. Instead of fairs we have Hollywood Transexual Award Ceremonies, and instead of parades we have High-Speed Chases.

Under 'commentators', note Mr Bradley's strong emphasis on graphs and visual aids. This SHOULD have been TV's main advantage over radio, but it never happened. In fact commentators and discussers are NOT ALLOWED to use graphs and visual aids because graphs may convey a truth that can't be interrupted and demonized. Silencing and obliterating truth has turned out to be the single sole solitary mission of TV.

And especially note this: "Televising pretty girls is a programming must. They will be employed as announcers and for purely decorative effect." We know for sure now that Mr Bradley was a man, because no wymmymmynses could POSSIBLY express such a vile vicious bigoted KKK Hitler Halliburton piece of xenophobic KKK Hitler buffoonery. Everyone knows that Betty Friedan [pbuh] does not allow pretty girls to exist, let alone be seen on TV. And TV obeyed Betty Friedan [pbuh] perfectly until KKK Hitler Murdoch came along and recognized Mr Bradley's basic wisdom. Until 1990 all announcers were ugly ignorant male Communists. Now, post-Murdoch, we have a mix of pretty girls and screechy fags, but they're still ignorant Communists. Some things never change.
Monday, July 18, 2016
  Why it's necessary

Browsing again. Last time I looked, nothing worthy was listed. This time I found a proper 'hands-on' project and funded it. A teacher was requesting funds for something called Rekenrek. Hadn't heard of it, so looked it up... it's just a one-string abacus for mastering addition. Excellent idea.

While looking it up, came across a perfect illustration of what happens when you DON'T learn math with hands and eyes:

That clinched it. Had to buy Rekenreks for this teacher.
  In Babylon

Totally personal, just recording this for my own reference.

Was reading again about Babylonian legal and social structures. Interesting in terms of Natural Law, and interesting to see how little has changed in 7000 years.

Question popped up. What job would I have held in Babylon? Strip off all superficials of technology and tools, and get down to raw SKILLS. When I was young, what joblike activity really held my attention? Not what I enjoyed, or what I seemed to be good at. What job intrinsically compelled me to DO IT THE RIGHT WAY? What skill automatically forced me to COMPLETE THE TASK with good quality?

The answer caught me by surprise. Grading papers and processing McBee Cards for my father. For about two years he had me do all of his mechanical grading and record-keeping. I dug into that task decisively, pushing for PERFECTION. Both the grading and McBee-keying involved punching and clipping paper, which was a satisfying and decisive physical action.

Reminds me of ..... CUNEIFORM!

No doubt about it. In Babylon I would have been a Scribe, recording debts and transactions on clay. More or less a bookkeeper in modern terms.

(Later sidenote: A few months ago I pictured Polistra as an ancient scribe when discussing the history of math and writing. I wasn't thinking consciously about this personal connection with the act of engraving or incising, but it was obviously there.)

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  What are they trying to do?

The low-budget syndicated network USA Radio News has always sounded low-budget. Previously they were trying to mimic Fox, with the same fake focus on "right-wing" stuff provided by RNC's daily emails.

This week they've adopted a new sound that I can't figure out. It's a mix of the Fox-fake stuff with a COMPLETELY random assortment of stories from everywhere. A fire in Brooklyn, a golf-cart accident in Richmond. Their announcers are talking into an old speakerphone with loose wires and corroded plugs, sitting in a rolling travel trailer with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Reminds me of the way low-power student FM stations sounded in the '50s.

There's NO WAY you can sound this bad with any type of modern technology. Every Youtube vlogger sounds MUCH better than this, with the forgivable exception of deaf girls who can't monitor their own sound. Even I can sound better with my Campbell's Condense/d/r Soup Microphone.

You have to TRY HARD to sound that bad.


Oh. Got it. AP. Just as BLM makes black people look horrible and ISIS makes Muslims look horrible, USA Radio News is designed to make Repooflicans sound horrible. Disorganized loose-wired trailer trash. It's all there in my description, isn't it?

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  When did this change?

I'm reading an old-car book while eating breakfast as usual.

One theme popped out of a book on the '30s: Innovation started in the middle, not the top or bottom. The base models of Chevy and Ford were simply last year's car. The Deluxe models got this year's new styling and improved engines. Superexpensive cars like Stutz and Duesenberg and Pierce didn't change at all. They were 5 years behind. When Packard introduced its middle-class 120 model, the 120 got new features like independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes. The senior limos had to wait.

Now we expect innovation to start from the top. Early adopters are rich and high-status. In the auto world, Tesla proves the point.

This article on the start of the Net, like most such articles, follows the modern assumption and completely omits CompuServe. The article traces the high-status Berkeley and EU academics who "invented" the Net, totally ignoring the millions of CServe users who were ALREADY ENJOYING all the features of the modern Net when the academics finally got around to "inventing" those features. When CServe users were forcibly switched to the HTTP net, we felt downgraded. The REAL CHANGE happened after 2005 when broadband connections made video possible. It wasn't the protocol, it was the hardware.

CompuServe marked the end of the old "middle first" innovation rule. (Neither way is absolute, but both are pretty fair generalities.)

What caused the shift?

Before 1980, PROFIT drove corporations. Giving a new development to the top end won't amortize it. Each sale has high profit, but quantities are low. Giving it first to the base loss leader model won't amortize either, because the loss leader has near zero profit. You want to start with the second tier, the Pontiac or Mercury level, where quantity times unit profit will pay down the development costs.

After 1980, SHARE VALUE drives corporations. Amortizing no longer depends on profit; it's solely in the stock sales. Middle-class people don't buy stocks. High-status people buy stocks, so that's where you focus your buzz and sizzle.

Come to think of it, we no longer have a Pontiac or Mercury. Nuff said.

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Decided to read the 28 pages. The contents don't strike me as new or interesting. What's interesting is the ABSENT info.

28 says that FBI was not focusing on Saudi connections before 9/11. Not true. FBI agents were watching plenty of Saudis who appeared to be working with Osama. The San Diego connection has been discussed thoroughly before.

28 draws specific connections to Saudi intel officers. Okay. What about US intel officers? Saudi is our "ally", which means Saudi intel, US intel, and Israeli intel often work together.

Interesting sentence: A representative of the FBI's redacted testified in closed hearings that prior to 9/11 the FBI "received no reporting from any member of the Intelligence Community" that there is a redacted presence in the US.

When you "receive no reporting" from intel, you're saying that the item "not reported" is true.

= = = = =

Start with two simple facts.

1. Sheikh Osama was a CIA asset. That's how he became powerful and militarized.

2. The bin Laden family is important in Saudi. They have lots of government connections because Saudi, like USA, is an oligarchy.

From those two facts, you would expect a full story about Osama-related activities to mention lots of US intel connections and lots of Saudi government connections.

This report mentions the latter. The former may be in the redactions, but I doubt it. The sentences don't read that way.

Add the jaunty assurance from current Saudi officials that this is nothing to worry about.

Reasonable conclusion: These pages are a distraction, a "look over there!"
Sunday, July 17, 2016
  Happy 75, Jeep!

Polistra in her Bantam (Jeep's mom) and Happystar in an original Jeep salute Jeep on its 75th birthday.

The anniversary is in November, but I really wanted to mark a corporate decision by Chrysler to EXPAND the Willys plant. While other parts of the US auto industry are failing or moving overseas, the Willys plant in Toledo just keeps going and slowly growing.

Both the car and the company are remarkably patient. The car's external design has remained recognizable, with only gradual changes, since 1941. Nothing else matches it. VW lost this race a long time ago. The internal configuration preserved a good 1933 setup through dozens of fashionable changes by other carmakers. When others were finally ready to return to sanity, Willys showed the way.

The company is remarkable in a different way. Most mergers fail, and many mergers involve 'poison pills' in one direction or the other. The company being swallowed forces the swallower to pay more than it should, or more commonly the swallower loads down the prey with lethal debt. Willys is the opposite: a vitamin pill. It has been swallowed four times (cumulatively, like the old fishy foodchain cartoon), and each time it SAVED the outermost swallower from failure.

Happy birthday, patient vitamin Jeep!


  Just dumb.

Hillary is just dumb. No way around it.

Now she's proposing an "amendment" to "do something" about campaign finance.

(1) "Amendments" no longer happen, because everyone understands that the document is no longer used or valid.

(2) Every change to a law makes the law even more complicated, which gives even more advantage to the Chosen.

(3) Most people understand (2) by now.

(4) There's still a GOOD workaround, which doesn't require changing the regulations to favor the Chosen. A candidate can DECIDE to use very little or zero PAC money, and we can DETERMINE whether he's honest about the decision. Both Trump and Sanders made this decision, and both followed through. Not quite zero, but minimal. This decision was a major selling point for both.

Conclusion: An "amendment" is useless, worse than useless, and unnecessary.
  False front

This is obviously a false front.
FBI officials have scanned the irises of nearly 460,000 people in a pilot program that may soon replace fingerprints. While iris-scanning technology has been around for more than 25 years, it's just now getting to where it's fast, easy and relatively bug-free. ...
This is not about IDing criminals.

(1) Irises don't leave oil on doorknobs and coffeecups. Fingerprints do. If you didn't get a nice well-focused picture of the criminal's face, irises won't help.

(2) It doesn't work on introverts like me, who never raise their eyes to camera height.

(3) Professional criminals do not have ears that fall off when touched, which means they are physically capable of wearing sunglasses, even perhaps MIRRORED sunglasses.

Real purpose? Most likely a simple binary decision. If we can scan your eyes, you're OK. If we can't, it means you're an introvert (= terrorist) or a Luddite (= terrorist).

Radar right now:

It's a weathervane made of weather!
  Just a thought

We have a string of "attempted coups" by rebels who haven't planned their project well, and who clearly don't understand the people they claim to represent.

Are these coups being run by Pokemon? Are the Pokemon coders having a good Cartman chuckle as they open their giant bonus paychecks from Soros?

Alternate thought. A park full of Pokemonoids holding their thingamajigs forward and wandering randomly.... Zombie Roombas. Randomly seeking all parts of the world, eventually covering the entire land surface. The Roombas think they're searching for stupid anime images that don't exist, but their total coverage, with thingamajigs always monitoring and sending rich data back to HQ, is actually serving another purpose. What purpose? Dunno. I just know they look like zombie Roombas.

Next day: That was fast. Instant verification of the latter hypothesis. Social "Scientists" (ie Inquisitors) have already classified NON-zombies as HATER XENOPHOBE BUFFOON CREEPY TROLL TERRORIST LONERS. If you are not a zombie Roomba you need to be EXTERMINATED.



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