Sunday, May 28, 2017
  Trend that never started

Two page ad in a 1968 issue of Record World:

Hip pocket records? I wasn't into pop music, but I was heavily into electronic stuff at the time. Never heard of hip pocket records, never saw one. The player looks like a nice gadget ... radio and 33/45 turntable, highly portable, similar to the Longines Symphonette. The record appears to be SLIGHTLY smaller than a 45, not small enough for a hip pocket. Even if you could fit it in, it would break when you sat down. No advantage or purpose.

The true advantage of 45s was not the small OD but the large ID. The big hole allowed changers with all the mechanism inside the centerpost, so you didn't have to fiddle with the extra arm or flopper thingamajig needed on a 33 or 78 changer. You could grab a stack of 45s, slap it down on the changer and start listening.

This "innovation" lost the big hole, so it lost the easy changer action.

I had to look it up. The extra arm thingamajig was called, reasonably enough, the overarm. The flopper thingamajig, which I remembered as fairly common, was apparently a Garrard specialty as seen here, but I can't find a proper name for it.


Saturday, May 27, 2017
  Who's VERY BAD?

Trump, attempting in his dim vacant way to make a point that he's heard from other people, says Germans are 'very bad' because they export cars.

Missing every possible point.

Germans are bad in MANY ways. They try to conquer the world every chance they get. We haven't given them a chance lately because we've been filling the Kraut/Jap genocidist niche perfectly. No room for the traditional genocidists.

BUT. German INDUSTRY is VERY GOOD, in exactly the ways that a true Populist should be IMITATING, not criticizing. German industry pays its workers well, doesn't overwork them, puts tremendous amounts of money and effort into APPRENTICE TRAINING, and focuses on quality. The German government has carefully cultivated German industry with tariffs and trade policy.

We are VERY BAD because we have let our own industry collapse. We are VERY BAD because we have focused on finance and debt instead of REAL VALUE MANUFACTURING. We are VERY BAD because we have heavily subsidized mind-crushing universities and downgraded apprentice training. Above all we are VERY BAD because we let EU and WTO and NAFTA and Germany and Japan and China control our trade instead of controlling our own borders and imports.

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  More looniloonilooniloonilooniness

A black-robed loony has decided that Lee Boyd Malvo needs to be resentenced.

If we start with the bizarre loony malassumption that Federal psychosis is "law", then this decision makes a sort of mechanical sense by the terms of the psychosis. The top-level black-robed demons restricted sentencing guidelines for juveniles after Malvo was first sentenced, so the new restrictions must be followed despite the clear prohibition of ex-post-facto "laws" by the obsolete "constitution". This decision probably won't change anything in reality; Malvo will still end up spending life in prison.

I'm more bothered by one bit of memory-holing in the article.

Malvo was 17 when he was arrested in 2002 for a series of shootings that killed 10 people and wounded three in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, causing widespread fear throughout the region. The attacks brought worldwide press coverage amid concern that the hit-and-fly attacks — many carried out from a sniper's nest hidden in a modified car trunk — were possibly carried out by terrorists.
Concern that the attacks were possibly carried out by terrorists?

By your OWN definition Malvo and Muhammad were "terrorists". They were unquestionably Muslim, and they were unquestionably acting explicitly on behalf of Islam, and they unquestionably killed several people. So what's the problem?

Two possible answers. (1) M and M cannot be "terrorists" because they're black. (2) M and M were not operating under orders from the Federal Bureau of Instigation, so they are not officially licensed "terrorists". They're just criminals.

I can't begin to figure out which answer applies, because I'm not crazy.
  Two indirect proofs

British politicians are arguing about blowback wrt the latest "terrorist" attack. The concept of blowback is

and all proper politicians must reject it. Corbyn, who is unfortunately stupid in many ways, is factually correct about blowback. The current wave of "terrorism" started AFTER we began making unprovoked wars against Muslim countries in 1990, and all of its leaders state openly and clearly that they are seeking revenge and justice for our unprovoked attacks. If we will stop bombing innocent Muslim countries because they are Muslim, then Muslims will stop attempting to defend their people from our unprovoked wars. This is a fact.

= = = = =

Indirect proof #1:

Okay then. Let's take your premise as given. Blowback doesn't exist. An unprovoked attack must be allowed to proceed without any defense by the attacked people. The attacked people must be abolished and obliterated because the attacker wants to abolish and obliterate them for no particular reason except RAW UNMITIGATED EVIL.

And let's take your OTHER premise as given. You say that Russia is attacking us without provocation. You say that Russia wants to obliterate us because Russia is evil. Let's take that nonsensical counterfactual assumption as a fact as well.

If Russia is attacking us AND if blowback is physically impossible, then our ONLY POSSIBLE ACTION is to surrender and let Russia have its way. We shouldn't be bothering to investigate and prosecute people who want to make peace with the attacker. We should instead be prosecuting all the people who express a dislike for Russia. Disliking the attacker is terrorism by definition. YOU SAID IT YOURSELF, FUCKHEADS.

= = = = =

Indirect proof #2, meta:

If logic still existed, the above sequence would be persuasive. Since nobody can possibly understand the above sequence of facts and logic, facts and logic no longer exist.


  Why do tech-tyrants love globalism?

Tech-tyrants, who call themselves Libertarians, are the wildest and harshest Globalists of all. This is especially STUPID because techies SHOULD understand better than anyone else why GLOBAL is bad and LOCAL is good.

Basic point: Primitive algorithms and primitive computers (both mechanical and electronic) are purely GLOBAL. Sophisticated algorithms and computers are ABLE to be sophisticated because they apply MODULARITY and LOCAL STORAGE and LOCAL MEMORY. Without modularity and reliable internal storage you can't do much.

= = = = =

This little mechanical computer

is all GLOBAL. It has one line of computation, with no separate sub-actions or separate memories.

This slightly more sophisticated computer

has one subroutine and one memory. When you set the X switch down, your entered number stays in place so you can add it repeatedly (loop) to form a primitive type of multiplication. The subroutine and memory are GLOBAL because the whole machine has access to the memorized number.

Better adding machines have several automated subroutines for mult and div, and several registers to hold numbers for loopy usage.

= = = = =

It's the same with programming. Early BASIC and FORTRAN had no provision for modularity or local storage. All variables have to be declared at the start of the program, and any subroutine can use and CHANGE the global variables. No subroutine has any form of SECURITY or PRIVACY because all activities are VISIBLE to every other subroutine, and all numbers can be CHANGED without notice.

After 1980 or so, all computer languages have provisions for LOCAL memory and storage. Numbers or words or arrays are usable and changeable ONLY by the module that creates them. Each separate operator can store its own needed numbers or words, and can rely on them to remain in place until the next time it needs to work on them. You can set up global variables, but the language deliberately makes it HARDER to go global.

= = = = =

Life works the same way, except that life departed from primitive global forms so long ago that none of them survive. Everything from viruses to parrots is almost infinitely modular, with strong borders and boundaries at each level. Each module has its own internal organization and communication. Borders can be opened to let nutrients or signals in and out, but ONLY at the command of the cell or organ or creature INSIDE the border. All border decisions are LOCAL.

= = = = =

Tech-tyrants understand all of this in the context of technology. WHY do they want a PRIMITIVE NON-FUNCTIONAL world without borders, a world without savings, a world without privacy?

Because they're more tyrant than techie.

A better question: Why don't we hear more from tech-loving people who CONSISTENTLY appreciate localism and modularity in everything? They do exist, but it feels like a losing fight.

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Friday, May 26, 2017
  Probably not quite the same thing

"News" item with good advice for once.......
According to WSU veterinarians, while bunnies, fledgling owlets, squirrels, fawns, and others may tug at our heart strings, they don't usually need our help. Their advice to the public remains the same every year, which is to leave all young wildlife alone regardless of whether or not you think they are abandoned by their mothers.

Most young animals do not need human help unless they are obviously injured. ... Fawns are left alone for long periods of time while the doe goes out to feed so she can maintain her milk supply.
I was thinking about turning on the air conditioner for the first time this year, so owlet merged into something else in my senile mind...

How often do two words look the same AND describe objects that also look the same?

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  Gresham vs Graybill vs Bitcoin, reprinted.

Looking at the latest shit about Bitcoin, I thought "Hey, I should write about this in terms of Economics As A Verb." Then I realized I'd already done it. So I'll just republish or pop the earlier item as is.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Returning again to Graybill's Law:

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

Let's try to expand the notion of skill-estate.

News item about the alleged developer of Bitcoin got me thinking about Gresham's Law.

The last time we had two INDEPENDENT AND COMPETING currencies was before 1870. Since then we've had one currency .... until Bitcoin. I had a hard time grasping Gresham until Bitcoin.

What Gresham really says is: If two items both claim to be currency, and one of the items becomes much more valuable, the valuable item will NO LONGER BE A CURRENCY. It will become a COLLECTIBLE like vintage wine or classic cars. And that's Bitcoin. It claimed to be a currency until its value rose quickly. At that point it became Picassos.

But the current Bitcoin system doesn't even qualify as a collectible asset, because it requires ALL OF THE HOLDERS of the asset to give permission for every transaction. The permission is automatic through computers and nets, but it's still permission.

Bitcoin is not a thing you can buy or sell openly and freely. Thus it's not even PROPERTY. More like a trust-based inheritance.

= = = = =

Now think of currency in a dynamic way.

A coin represents a DELTA of value. If you have HONESTLY acquired a coin, it means you have INCREASED THE VALUE of something. You have cut down a tree, or turned the tree into paper, or helped to print a book with the paper, or arranged books attractively in a store to raise the sale price.

We can apply Gresham as a verb to the Graybill world of SKILLS as delta-makers.

The skill that yields the greatest number of coins for a given amount of effort will become a collectible, no longer freely transferred.

What's the highest-value skill? Counterfeiting. Money as pure numbers. What's the SKILL or EFFORT that creates counterfeit money? No skill at all, just access to the treasury. If you belong to the correct tribe you have access to counterfeit money. It's an inherited trust from the start!

Among other traditional skills, what's the lowest-value? Farming. Requires long ownership of property and generations of skill development. Payoff depends on weather, speculators, and the actions of other farmers. BUT farming is critically important to the existence of civilization, so a sane civilization takes steps to subsidize farmers.

Most other skills are in the middle. Pottery, welding, weaving, programming, cooking, selling. These are available to anyone with some innate talent, but the genetic aspect is non-exclusive. Doesn't depend on your name. You can learn them in a year or two of apprenticeship.

These skills qualify as currency. They can be transferred freely to anyone who can use them, and they can be used freely by the recipient. The resulting delta of value depends on all sorts of internal and external factors that don't apply to simple coins, but the basic idea is still the same.

Because these skills can be acquired (comparatively) easily, they don't need subsidies... BUT a sane civilization will take steps to maintain their value, just as it maintains the value of coins.

And there's the link between Gresham and Graybill. Our insane "civilization" is depriving ordinary skills of all value. Hyperinflation of skill currency, leaving ONLY ledger money, aristocrat money, vintage money, with any value. The only skill that counts is the skill of being born into the correct ethnic group.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

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  Good, by god.

Good news:
Republican multimillionaire Greg Gianforte won Montana's only U.S. House seat on Thursday despite being charged a day earlier with assault after witnesses said he grabbed a reporter by the neck and threw him to the ground.

Instead, the win reaffirmed Montana's voters support for Trump's young presidency in a conservative-leaning state that voted overwhelmingly for him in November.

Gianforte dropped out of sight after he was cited by police and ignored calls on Thursday by national Republicans for him to apologize to the reporter.
GOOD, by fucking god.

Not despite, because.

The AP "reporters" couldn't allow themselves to understand the real reason for the victory. It's not primarily about Trump, because most Trump supporters now understand that Trump is not a Trump supporter. It's mostly about "reporters". We're onto your infinite infinite wickedness and your depravity beyond all conceivable bounds. We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you slammed to the ground. As you might say in a different context, slamming you to the ground is only a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny baby step in the correct direction.


  Won't happen but should

The Bureau of Instigation is refusing a subpoena from Congress. Normal and predictable. FBI's sole mission for 80 nasty slimy grotesque years is to create and commit crimes, and this is a crime. Doing their job as usual.

But this particular crime SHOULD be the final justification to execute the agency. Eliminate its budget, eliminate all "laws" that justify its existence, bomb its buildings, and shoot all of its employees.

In other words, treat FBI the same way it treats Americans. This would not be mere Emersonian justice. This would be

Won't happen, but we can always dream wonderful heavenly dreams.


Thursday, May 25, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 460

Emersonian justice at its finest.

A couple of headlines as seen at ZH:

Trump didn't really intend to change anything, and his ACTUAL executive orders wouldn't change anything if allowed to take effect. They are continuations of current policy with minor adjustments in language.

But the Globalist monsters saw their opportunity to use the hologram of KKK HITLER MUSSOLINI KKK HITLER TRUMP TROLL HITLER HITLER HITLER as a weapon against Deplorables. They want to make DEAD SURE that no action REMOTELY RESEMBLING SANITY has the TINIEST PICOCHANCE of success. In the process of fighting and publicizing the "Trump" nationalist that DOESN'T REALLY EXIST, they persuaded many people around the world that "Trump" was planning to do the right thing.

So people elsewhere are responding properly to a nationalist policy, even though the actual Trump had no intention of making the slightest move toward nationalism.

Thanks, Ralph!

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  Cocky Bachy? Nope.

Yesterday I got cocky about sticking with Bach in the '60s while other hippies were guzzling CIA-sponsored musical chaos-toxin.

Decided to check the cockiness. What was CIA pushing in the classical realm? Tried a few keywords. Mostly consistent with the jazz and art preferences. Modern chaOS is good, classical structure is bad. Pierre Boulez was among their favorites, unsurprisingly paired with Leonard Bernstein.

Baroque as a search term didn't yield much, which is sort of reassuring. In the period covered by these Wikileaks documents, CIA was clearly sponsoring 'Crofut & Cooper Folk & Baroque', apparently an academic duo that tried to corrupt Baroque music into folk shit. Lots of attention to this one group, very little else under 'baroque'.

This paucity is especially notable in baseline terms. The 70s, though reputedly bad for pop music, were a GOLDEN era for Baroque. Pinnock, Hogwood, Ehmann and others were restoring crystalline order and precision to the performance of Baroque after a century of muddy blurry variable-rhythm Brahmsian performance.

Seems to be a pattern in CIA's special cultivations. In jazz they were sponsoring Dick Goodwin and the Millikan University Lab Band, in semi-classical they had this Crofut & Cooper. Obscure and academic. In the commercial world sponsors want big audiences, but CIA clearly wasn't looking for maximum propaganda output. Was CIA more concerned with input? Was one of the performers paid to develop contacts with members of the small audiences in various countries?
  Metrology day 3

I won't try to fudge the date on this one to May 20, but it still follows directly from Metrology Day 2, where I observed that cultures GROUNDED to Natural Law are immune to Sorosian confusion.

The previous observation is a definite correlation. Here's a more hazy and less obvious correlation.

= = = = =

Grounded cultures are unafraid of closeness and touch. If people want to hold hands, fine. A certain amount of rough stuff and horseplay is also fine among friends.

Ungrounded cultures are SCARED SHITLESS of all contact. The digital principle of leverage applies. One touch and you've crossed the line.

= = = = =

Think of Africans, Persians and Russians. All grounded in Natural Law, and all comfortable with closeness.

US/UK/EU: all deathly afraid of any touch.

= = = = =

Okay, got the correlation.

How about causation? Which comes first, grounding or comfort? I think both are parallel results of a single underlying tendency toward connection. Like all human traits, talents and tendencies, this is about half innate and half learned. Genes are part of it but genes can be overcome by training. Russians and Swedes are genetically similar but opposite in grounding and coziness.

USA STRONG and Brazil are a good test case. Both contain a similar mixture of Euro and native and African genes. Brazil is solidly cozy, and USA STRONG is solidly isolated.

Before 1946 we were more comfy but never as tight as Brazil. The change started in '46 when we ceded control of culture to Globalist Experts. The Experts (authors, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, "judges") worked together to break loose all ties to the ground of God, and to treat all normal contact as crime.

Globalism requires USA STRONG to be the Consumer and Debtor. We can't be perfect Consumers and Debtors unless we're starved of all contact with reality, morality and emotion.

Casual contact provides a steady slow discharge of both affection and anger. Productive MANUAL jobs channel emotions into the satisfaction of completion. Zero contact and zero production: all emotions build without discharge. Result: Violent unsatisfied desires. The unsatisfied affection is channeled into consumption; the unsatisfied anger into violent crime and permanent wars, both justifying STRONG tyranny.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
  Price != value 2

I wonder if the sudden jump of prices around here has made realtors complacent. Checking Zillow again, I noticed this house is for sale. I see it constantly on walks, and had sort of kept it in mind. The price, like all prices this year, is out of my range. Too bad.

It's a solid house, not deteriorated by winter. Roof and siding and windows are all good.

The inside pics by Zillow show that the interior is equally solid and straight.... BUT you have to look twice to figure out that the house is solid, because tenants or squatters left a horrible mess inside. No damage, not even major spills or dirt; just a whole bunch of STUFF scattered around.

I'm a grubby old bachelor with no housecleaning skill. I could make that house presentable in about one hour of tossing and vacuuming.

WHY didn't the realtor hire a cleaner who could toss and scrub everything up to spotless condition in 30 minutes? Complacency.

[The dirt is so visually dramatic but superficial that it raises the possibility of DE-staging, intentional temporary lowering of value????? The asking price on this one is well below the county's assessed value, while all other houses are asking WAY above the assessed value. I can't see any proper reason for the distinction.]


  O'Scrip just like Scrip

BBC has a feature on an Irish bank closure in 1970. Bank employees went on strike for 6 months, but commerce continued normally because pubs organized to clear checks without banks.

Sounds remarkably similar to the 1933 bank closure here. FDR closed all banks for 3 months so his regulators could sort out the solvent and insolvent banks. I've discussed how businesses developed ways to print and handle scrip (which was basically fixed-value checks); and I've noticed that the change had no visible impact on ordinary commerce.

Do we need banks at all?


Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  More pied pipers

Seems to be an epidemic of FAST bait-n-switches lately. Trump was the biggest, promising to fight globalism, then turning into Hillary after two weeks of faint verbiage in the right direction.

Now the New Zealand self-promoter Kim Dotcom promises a BIG REVEAL about the Fortmarcying of Seth Rich, then gives us a meaningless contentless statement.

Trump's motive is still a mystery to me, but Kim's motive is clear now that the action is done.

He's in legal trouble, and the persecutors offered him a break if he would help them pull more Deplorables out of the basket so we can be slaughtered.

Classic FBI trick, going back 80 years. FBI generally "forgets" the promise to the low-level thug, pulling its own bait-n-switch. Sane thugs have figured out that it's better for soul and survival to hold firm and take the full jail sentence.

I see Trump has followed the standard stupid line, calling "terrorists" losers.

What's the best way to turn losers into "terrorists"?

Call "terrorists" losers.

More importantly, it DOESN'T MATTER what you call them. Completely null point. We are actively GENERATING "terrorists" by bombing Muslim countries. That's why we bomb Muslim countries. We are actively funding and organizing and planning "terrorist" actions in Muslim countries through CIA, and in America through the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

Maybe these terminological distinctions matter to New Yorkers. New Yorkers seem to be extraordinarily fussy about using properly registered trademarks like Coward and Loser and RadicalIslamicTerrorism. Trademarks aren't important to humans. Revenge and justice are important to humans.
  Random antiquity

Old TV and radio shows often featured an 'intellectual bum' character who spoke precise antique English when he wasn't too drunk to say anything at all. I've never met any examples of this type. The 'outlaw intellectual' was common in Okla, and I probably fit the template ... but none of us talked like King James.

I wonder if anyone still speaks antique English in public and gets away with it? Not just in semi-private contexts like blog posts and sermons, but in business meetings and restaurants?

"Now, Robert, prithee vouchsafe unto us thy meditations upon the KerMac SuperCenter account, if thou wilt."

For many years Quakers had their own peculiar pronouns, which sounded antique but weren't proper grammar of any era. I'm pretty sure they gave up the practice.
  Selling chaOS

Reprinting part of a note from two months ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

There's plenty of evidence that "modern" "art" was used as a cultural weapon by CIA. Several CIA-owned foundations helped to fund the "artists" and helped to spread their "work" to Europe and the Soviet Bloc.

Jazz was used similarly without any pretense of secrecy. (See Willis Conover.) Not surprising that "modern" "art" would run the same way.

Many Americans considered "modern" "art" to be a Commie tool. Cleon Skousen included it in his list of Commie attempts to break down American society. He was right about the Commies but misattributed the source to Russia. (And I was dumb enough to go along with him.)

Commies in America were always working primarily for OSS/CIA/FBI. It's the good old Globalist Tripod. Banks, Intel, Leftists. Some were also working with Russia at times, because Russia has always been happy to help weaken America. But Russia was not the source of these ideas. CIA and internal Leftists have been the CONSISTENT source of chaos.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

This picture of the Monterey Jazz Festival appeared in a 1964 issue of Billboard mag:

See it? The attractive chaos of jAZz was clearly indicated and sold by the marquee. A 1964 audience was still orderly, but they were making the largest chaotic gesture permissible within their gradient limits. All had removed their gray flannel suit jackets to reveal (shock!) shirt sleeves and uniformly narrow ties. Oooooh!

CIA's masters** of chaos must have been impatient to move the needle faster, but they had to work with the human material at hand. Now, of course, thanks to Apple and Tesla and Google, the material itself can be uniformly chaotized.

= = = = =

** Footnote: Who were they? Today we can identify the prime movers of omnicide easily because everything is a monopoly. It wasn't so simple in the '50s and '60s. There were many centers of business power and cultural power. Presumably CIA had a designated department of artistic and musical destruction.

Aha. Searching Wikileaks archives for jazz yields a cornucopia from the '70s. The bureaucratic center of these activities was the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in Dept of State. At that time CIA/State was clearly running the Dick Goodwin Quintet and the Millikan University Lab Band. Both ensembles have dozens of reviews and progress reports. Every international festival gets close attention. Fifth Dimension was happy to do a concert for CIA. Even in 2007, CIA was still organizing jazz festivals with 'cool' outfits like Playboy.

= = = = =

Personal note: In the hippie era I never understood the appeal of rock-n-roll or jazz. I stuck with Bach and Schütz. Other hippies chided me for unprogressive pro-Establishment tastes. (Where's that at, man?) Now I get the last laugh. They were slurping up CIA's toxins without knowing it.


Monday, May 22, 2017



In general anti-satan writers don't last long. They turn insipid or flip to Satan or just fade out.

The anti-satan satirists at Babylon Bee have NOT faded or flipped. They continue to poke barbs at boring Christian types like Calvinists or Prosperity Gospelers, and occasionally fire high-velocity silver bullets at real Satans.

One of those silver bullets makes a SERIOUS point that nobody else has hit before.
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit Thursday against longtime florist Willie Pace for refusing to openly weep tears of joy at the mere thought of a same-sex wedding after a lesbian couple came into his shop to order flowers for their upcoming ceremony.
Satan Ferguson hasn't actually filed this specific lawsuit as of this morning. He will soon. Guaranfuckingteed.

The serious point: We have reached EXACTLY the same level of tyranny as Dear Leader Kim, who arrested people for crying an INCORRECT NUMBER OF TEARS at his father's grand public funeral. Merely assenting to evil is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH. Quoting evil verbatim is only a TINY TINY TINY TINY BABY STEP. The only BARELY SUFFICIENT action is to allow EVERY SYNAPSE OF YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, AND MORE, to perform EXACTLY the assigned pattern of electrochemical zips and zaps, accurate to the nanosecond. Your brain is Soros's brain. Brains that are not Soros's brain are EXTERMINATED.

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