Wednesday, November 26, 2014
  No, it's not a fucking jar.

Idiot Civic Engagement types are always telling us that we need to "Vote", whatever the fuck that means, so we can "Hold Government Accountable", whatever the fuck that means.

In my 65 years on this earth, I've only observed ONE INSTANCE when the Federal government took back a law in response to the displeasure of the people.

1974. Congress, blindly obeying Comrade Nader and his minion Joan Claybrook, required cars to include shoulder belts, which was a good idea ... and also required the cars to FORCE you to use the belts, which was a terrible idea.

Detroit made shoulder belts unspeakably inconvenient. You had to disentangle several dozen belt parts, figure out which two pieces were the lap belt for your side, buckle those pieces first, then figure out which two pieces were the shoulder belt for your side and buckle those. If you didn't get it right, the car buzzed at you and refused to start.

No excuse for the separate belt pieces. That was Detroit's fault. (Euro carmakers had already perfected the three-point belt with retractors.)

The buzzing and refusing was purely Congress's fault.

"We the people" told Congress what we thought, and Congress retracted the buzzer-refuser law.

That was the one and only time Congress responded to "We The People". Plenty of laws have been revised or repealed because superrich fuckheads objected. Never again would a law be made or revised to suit mere humans.

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  Truth = SEXISM! RACISM! HOMOPHOBIA! as usual.

Erdogan has spoken some obvious truth at an international meeting, and the usual monsters are OUTRAGED as usual.
You cannot make women and men equal; this is against nature. You cannot subject a pregnant woman to the same working conditions as a man. You cannot make a mother who has to breastfeed her child equal to a man. You cannot make women do everything men do like the communist regimes did… This is against her delicate nature. ... Feminists don’t accept the concept of motherhood, but those who do understand are enough for us. We'll continue down this path with them.
Simple truth, expressed rather mildly and moderately. Enough to throw Satan into her usual hissyfit.

= = = = =

Erdogan is the sanest major leader in the world, but not everything he says is true.

His recent comment about Columbus sighting a mosque in Cuba is simply wrong. Apparently Columbus described a hill that resembled a mosque, not an actual mosque.

Still, it's an interesting question. Given the fact that America was always part of the worldwide wanderings of various tribes, it's possible that some of the wanderers had brought Islam from Central Asia.

Best candidate would be the Volga Tatars, who converted to Islam around 900 AD. During the warm period when the Danes were settling Greenland, the Tatars had a major trading empire covering a large segment of Siberia.

The Tatars (or other vectors) would have been northern people, so they probably wouldn't have been anywhere near the Caribbean when Columbus was exploring. Did they leave any artifacts? We haven't found any, but then we weren't looking. In history as in biology, we tend to ignore or discard found objects unless we know what we're looking for.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014
  Only one lesson

As I said on the first day of this mess, the SIMPLE lesson is DASH CAMS! HELMET CAMS! BODY CAMS! ALL COPS ALL THE TIME! These gadgets have already avoided many riots and saved many cops from Satan's Inquisitors. The SIMPLE AND ABSOLUTE FACT is that the cop turns out to be right EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME. When the cops are able to get a VIDEO into the media IMMEDIATELY, SharptonJackson Riot Partners LLC are deflated from the start. But since the cops in this case were too stupid to use cams, we're left with only one COMPLICATED lesson.

This complicated lesson was obvious long before today. Integration was an evil idea spawned by evil monsters. Their genocidal goal was not publicly known in 1954 when the official evil began. Now, thanks to Holder, the precise purpose of the evil is utterly blindingly clear.

Integration has accomplished its single sole solitary purpose. Total bloody chaos. Death of civilization.

Segregation worked before and it will work again. Total segregation is the only answer now.

It didn't have to end this way. When we had industries, we had good jobs for men of all skills. Men who can support a family don't join gangs and riot. But the SAME monsters who forced integration also destroyed our industries, solely to enrich their own evil tribe. Through their EPA operations they made a special point of destroying industries in the most riot-prone areas.

After the industries were gone and labor costs were reduced to zero, the tribe looked around and realized that actual men still had a few places where they could succeed. So the tribe removed men from the military. But there was still just one little place where actual men ... especially actual black men ... might succeed. It wasn't a practical place, because it's a very small labor force. But it was still a goal and a dream for a few actual men. So the tribe is now removing men from professional sports. Job nearly accomplished! Satan is well pleased.

Now the monster tribe grows infinitely richer with every counterfeit trillion pumped into their bloated Cayman Island accounts from the gray dead tits of their horrid grotesque Mama Janet.

Now the ordinary men (both black and white) who used to support families are on welfare, with precisely zero hope of moving upward.

The monster tribe tells those men to attend Harvard and Yale like the tribe does. Those men cannot attend Harvard and Yale no matter how heavy a debt you load on their shoulders. Their skills are more suited to building a country than destroying it, but we only value the destroyers. So the men who used to build the country will now destroy it.

You asked for it, you got it.
Monday, November 24, 2014
  Amazing traffic

Astonishingly heavy traffic this morning. In 25 years of walking the same route near-daily, I've never seen this. Normally the corner of Wellesley and Driscoll piles up to a max of 6 cars at peak moments. This morning it was piled beyond the church, probably 60 cars altogether. Some smart drivers were peeling off and heading up steep Litchfield, probably aiming to get onto Wellesley at the roundabout. Never seen that before. This isn't one of those intersections where you need to remember an alternate route for congestion.

Evidence of the supposed "week-long Black Friday?"


  Three foundresses

Not sure how I started thinking about this, but it turns out to be a puzzling question.

Three American churches were started by women. The churches are totally different in theology and practice, and the response of Satan's government and media differs ... but not in proportion.

Ellen White started the 7th-day Adventists. White was typical of the 1840s awakening. Vegetarian, feminist, pacifist**, anti-male, anti-sex, pro-democracy as long as democracy yielded Correct Results. All the evil shit embodied in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th amendments. One of White's close female associates tried to missionize the poor delicate vulnerable endangered Firstseses Nationseses Peopleseses in Oklahoma, but fled in horror when she realized that the Cherokees and Chickasaws had brought their black slaves along on the Trail of Tears. Tells you ALL you need to know.

Mary Baker Eddy started the Christian Scientists. Eddy was a different kind of Commie. She wasn't interested in diet or sex. She basically took Spiritualism (poorly digested Buddhism) and rebranded it with Christian labels. Buddha says the world is an illusion ---> Christ says the world is an illusion. [I can't argue with this ... my grandmother followed the ideas and lived to 100. Maybe it's right.]

Aimee Semple McPherson started the Pentecostal movement. Her own Foursquare denomination faded to a small remnant, but the resulting movement is tremendously powerful. McPherson was NOT the same type of woman as White and Eddy. She was pretty and sexy. She gave men a reason to attend church for the first time in history.

= = = = =

Now. How do modern Commies react to these three movements started by Wyyyymyyyns? It's a good experiment because all three movements collide with the court system at the same point.

Christian Scientists don't get in the news often. Occasionally CS parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" work hard to defend the parents from "unfair" public health laws.

Pentecostals are always in the news, always negatively. Media are always ready to blame Pentecostals for everything and anything, even though Pentecostals were the first Gaians. Occasionally Pentecostal parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" grind the parents to mush.

Adventists don't get in the news much. Occasionally Adventist parents will refuse medical treatment for their kids. The ACLU and Commie "judges" grind the parents to mush.

= = = = =

The difference in response between CS and Pentecostal is normal and expected. Serious Christians are the lowest of the low in this cursed former country. A Christian movement started by a woman you can look at without clawing your eyes out afterward? Even lower than lowest of the low. Immeasurably low.

But why do Adventists fall on the same side as Pentecostals? Their founder was much closer to modern Commies than Mary Baker Eddy was.

Answer: It's not theology. It's only caste and geography. Modern CS types are rich Yankee Commies. Many of them are actually Jews. Top of the status stack. Modern Adventists, though they agree with Commies on many points, are lower-class white Midwesterners. Pentecostals, though they agree with Commies on Gaia, are poor Southerners, both black and white. One drop of Southern blood is enough to make you Untouchable.

= = = = =

** Footnote on pacifism: Adventists are only in harmony with modern Commies part of the time on this issue. Adventists oppose all wars. Modern Commies practice an astrology-based pacifism. Every fourth year on January 20 they scan the skies for a constellation resembling a man with his left hand on a book and his right hand raised. The astrologers carefully examine the details of the constellation Potus. If they detect a D on the shirt of Potus, war is HOLY AND NECESSARY AND GLORIOUS! ALL OF EMPEROR NETANYAHU'S ENEMIES SHALL AND MUST BE VANQUISHED! NOW! But if Potus has an R on his shirt, war is ILLEGAL! SINFUL! EVIL! NASTY! HALLIBURTON! KOCH! KOCH! KOCH! KOCH!
Sunday, November 23, 2014
  More local than I thought

Strong Towns, a rather incomplete but promising localism website, has a quiz to determine the self-sufficiency of your city. They're serious about self-sufficiency. One question is "In case of a revolution, would people in your town know where to gather?"

For Spokane most answers are No. But the question about locally-grown food surprised me. I automatically said No, then started running through my daily diet in detail. In fact everything I eat, with exactly one exception, is either actually local or could be local... provided you expand local to a radius of 30 miles or so to include some farmland.

What do I eat?

Coffee. Absolutely non-local and can't be local. The one exception.

Ramen. Made in Japan from durum wheat grown just south of Spokane. Could be made here.

Eggs, cheese, bread. Actually local in the broad sense.

Tomatoes, squash, broccoli, beans. Safeway gets them from various places but all could be local. My neighbors grow all of these things, and I could if I wanted to.

Barley. The stuff I buy is not local but barley is grown around here for beer.

Donuts. Made locally from durum wheat.

Tomato soup. See tomatoes.

If nationwide distribution and global trade went away, I'd have to find a substitute for coffee, but that's all.


  Why backwards?

In "science" "news" this morning: A new "study" by the Centers for Dissident Control says heavy drinkers are rarely alcoholics.

That's not news, of course. Everyone knows how alcohol works. Some folks are automatically and permanently addicted at the first drop. Others can fall into a heavy habit and then quit easily and leave alcohol behind.

What grabbed my attention was the accompanying icon.

A fairly fashionable middle class lady.

Now, boys and girls. What is the Official Icon of Smoking? Yes, that's right. An unshaven bum. Every time. Never a fashionable lady.

How do actual bums get to be bums? By drinking, not by smoking. Generally they also smoke because one habit tends to reinforce the other, but drinking is the unquestionable INDEPENDENT VARIABLE for losing your bearings in life.

Why in the fuck do we put so much hysterical effort into anti-smoking propaganda but no effort at all into anti-alcohol propaganda?

Both habits have social benefits in moderation, and both are harmful in excess. The difference in harm is DRAMATIC.

Heavy smoking shortens your life by 5 years without destroying your brain. (In fact nicotine slows down cognitive decline.)

Heavy drinking shortens your life by 30 years and ruins your brain long before that.

Given the basic facts, we should be concentrating most of our efforts on alcohol.

Why don't we? It can't be a difference in corporate lobbying. In recent decades tobacco lobbying has always been bigger and better organized than alcohol.

North vs South? Now we're getting somewhere. Tobacco is an exclusively southern industry, while distilleries and breweries are northern or border-state industries.

But maybe it's not inconsistent at all. What's the one overriding goal of media and governments in this cursed former so-called "country"? Maximum death. Blood and guts. Absolute chaos. How do you get maximum death and chaos? Alcohol.


Friday, November 21, 2014
  Tree pain?

After the July gustnado, I started to notice a wood-related smell around here. It's neither a burning smell nor a turpentinish sap smell. More like a dark sugary woody smell. Maple, brown sugar, molasses. Somewhere in that realm. Translated to music, it might be by Sibelius. Brand new smell, never sensed it before.


It was all-pervasive from August until last week's deepfreeze. It stopped during the 10-degree week. Now, with temps in the 30s, the smell is returning but not as strong.

It runs well up into the air. When I'm coming down the Shadle hill on Hoffman or Rowan, the smell starts about halfway down. (Since Shadle hill is about 100 feet high, halfway down is treetop level for this neighborhood.)

It's strongest near a broken tree, whether the tree is still in the ground or laying in a trailer.

I've never caught this smell near a deliberately cut tree. Only a violently torn tree.

Unavoidable hypothesis:

This is a tree's cry for help. More likely given the strength, it's a response from other trees to the presence of an injured tree, something like the ethylene signals exchanged by fruits.

But what's the purpose? Healing? Sedation? A last lullaby to a lost friend? Or more prosaic, just sweetly inviting carpenter ants to finish the job?

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  Burning burning burning hunk of shit


Nuff said.


Thursday, November 20, 2014
  Grammar dream

Recording this for my own memory...

Odd dream this morning. Everyone was supposedly using facultative verb forms, but I couldn't figure out why they were facultative. They sounded like subjunctives to me. Antique sentences like "If I be worthy of your regard."

Facultative does resemble other grammatical terms. Optative, gerundive, infinitive ... facultative.

But it's not a grammatical term. Google doesn't find any examples. Facultative basically means optional, which may be how it tied into the above series. Google did find some instances of the word in discussions of grammar, but those were just mentioning forms that can be used in some circumstances, like the plural in Korean.

The episode seemed to be marked as important, so I want to hold it for later consideration.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
  Wog words again

BBC has gained some new NPR stations for its World Service feed, so they're inviting American listeners to check in with pictures of landscape and weather reports. BBC always has trouble with Wog Words but the announcer was doing pretty well with Vernal, Utah and Buffalo, NY. He blew it just now with a report from a Spokane listener. The name came out in Spanish! Spo-Kah-Nay.

Related: In place names that have unexpected local pronunciations, stress pattern is the most common oddity. In America the local version is typically more spondaic, more equal, than the outsider version. In Britain the local is usually more unequal, leading in the extreme to omitted syllables. (Cholmondeley = Chumley.)

There are exceptions. Recently a BBC newsreader was interviewing rock singer Chrissie Hynde, who was born in Akron. The newsreader, perhaps recognizing the usual American pattern, pronounced it in spondaic form: Ack Ron. Hynde didn't stop to correct it, but did exaggerate the proper trochaic ACKrn several times thereafter. Nice. (Sidenote: I found myself surprisedly appreciating Hynde's attitude toward life. Firmly leftist but completely factual. Where leftism is delusional, Hynde made a point of opposing the delusions.)



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