Thursday, July 31, 2014
  Common Core arrives

Spokane public schools got their first Common Core textbooks this week, accompanied by the usual partisan idiocy.

Well, no... Actually the partisan idiocy is only halfway usual.

One side is expectable. Repoofs are automatically and violently opposing Common Core because it was introduced by a president with D on his nametag.

The other side is surprising. Normally the teacher unions would automatically and violently support Common Core because it was introduced by a president with D on his nametag, but the unions are generally unhappy with Common Core.

I read the Common Core documents carefully when they appeared last year. At least on paper, the approach is EXACTLY right. Everything I'd dreamed about when I was teaching. Common Core emphasizes usefulness and job training, and the approach to English and Math is both utilitarian and accurate.

The fact that both Repooflicans and unions hate Common Core is perfect proof that Common Core is a wonderful improvement. (Repeating on paper, because there's always a vast gulf between curricular ideals and the implementation in each school.)

While thinking about this I realized .....

The public school curriculum in the '50s and '60s, when I was a student, was simply flatass wrong in most ways. The only piece that could be called correct was the basic facts of math, but the method of teaching those facts was flatass wrong and destructive.

The official English grammar was precisely, totally and bizarrely wrong from stem to stern. The wrongness of school grammar was beyond 2 + 2 = 5 or 7 * 9 = 43. It was more like 2 + 2 = hamburger or 7 * 9 = ☺◊♬♣☂⇑. This is not subjective or arguable. Grammar is a way of describing the world of language just as math is a way of describing the world of measurements, and it's perfectly possible to determine which descriptions are accurate.

Common Core uses an accurate grammatical system, and suggests highly effective ways of teaching it.

If Repoofs and unions had any fucking sense, both would be firmly supporting CC. Obviously neither has any fucking sense.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014
  Where's 15? There's 15.

Idiot illegitimate "governor" Inslee is squawking the standard Gaian line. The Carlton fire is supposedly the largest since statehood Because KKKarbon. We must expect things to get worse every year Because KKKarbon. We must all commit hara-kiri to save The Planet Because KKKarbon. The "fire season" has been growing steadily for the last 15 years Because KKKarbon.

First, let's look at the weather in that part of the state.

I separated out spring temp and prec and annual temp and prec. Where's the 15-year upward trend? Nowhere. Temps went up decisively about 100 years ago, and since then no long-term pattern. Judging solely by the spring data, this year would be slightly easier than usual.

So why did this fire grow faster than usual? Not because of anything extraordinary in this year's weather. It was in fact a human-caused problem, and as fucking always the humans involved CAN BE NAMED. As fucking always the humans are the state's Environmental Genocide Squad, which calls itself DNR to hide its true purposes. Instead of taking steps to halt the fire, they stood around taking pictures, undoubtedly so they could jack off later.

How about illegitimate "governor" Inslee's citation of 15 years? That's easy. Same cause. Environmental terrorists eliminated logging. Here's a description, with plenty of graphs, of Oregon's decline in logging due to terrorism. (I couldn't find similar data for Wash online.) Note especially this graph.

There's your 15 years of increased fires, fuckhead Inslee. Evil KKKarbon didn't do it. You did it.
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
  Another 1914 puzzle

Lots of discussion today about the formal start of WW1. Made me think back to the profoundly ODD document from the Signal Corps that I'd used before.

Previously I noted several big puzzles in this one short passage.

(1) What were we trying to accomplish by nation-building in Siberia? The war was half a world away, in France and Belgium. No action here.

(2) What were the Japs doing as part of the mission? This question is easy to answer: Japan wanted to own Siberia for Rebensraum, and later used the knowledge acquired during our 'introduction' to take over Siberia.

(3) Why did we invite the Japs? They weren't our friends.

(4) The casual mention of "Czecho-Slovak troops" indicates that Czechoslovakia was already a nation well before Armistice Day, or at least an entity with a government that could send troops to fight against Austria-Hungary.

Now another puzzle pops up. Russia was in the middle of its Revolution. Lenin was nominally in charge, though I suspect it took a while for his authority to extend into Siberia. By building telegraph and telephone lines, we were helping the new revolutionary government to extend its authority, which explains why Russian army troops were allowed/ordered to work with us. But it strengthens question (1). What did we hope to gain? Meanwhile, back at Mrs Wilson's Ranch, Mrs Wilson and Colonel House were fighting against real terrorism by a wide variety of Communist and Leftist rebels. This wasn't as much of a paradox as it seems now, because those rebels were not yet taking orders from Moscow ... but they did admire Lenin.
  Decoupling 2

Been working too hard to have any thoughts lately... but here's one that seems worth writing, if only for my own later reference when I have more time.

Serious Christians have been pointlessly protesting against the accelerated advance of Satan in this former country formerly called America. Romans are wasting time and money in the institutions falsely termed "courts", trying to pursue legal processes in a place where all legality has disappeared.

They should borrow a page ... or rather a book ... from Islam, which has detailed regulations for living as Muslims in a "country" that has abandoned God.

Decouple as much as possible. Instead of worrying about the state definition of marriage, simply ignore the state. Perform your own ceremonies, recognize your own ceremonies, don't acquire state marriage licenses, don't recognize state marriage licenses. Form your own medical system and health insurance system. (The Amish provide a good example of this technique.) Don't take state subsidies, don't use tax exemptions for churches. Anything that gives the state a reciprocal claim on your loyalty should be disconnected.
Monday, July 28, 2014
  Kudos to Avista

Avista has completed powering up all the houses that lost power in Wednesday's storm. They got my house up in just 20 hours, even though I was in the direct path of the storm.

This was a huge job, and Avista did it with tremendous efficiency and lots of public information. Not as large as the icestorm of '96, which took out the whole town, but plenty large. This was more like a tornado, cutting a two-mile-wide swath across the northern quarter of town. Within that area, every block had a dozen fallen trees, some of which hit power lines.

Meanwhile in the NON-EFFICIENT and NON-SANE parts of the city, alleged "mayor" Condon is roaring ahead with his utterly loony and wacked and GENOCIDAL plan to PLANT TEN THOUSAND NEW PINE TREES. Alleged "mayor" Condon is obviously Bloomberg's little bitch. As far as I can tell, ALL metropolitan mayors are Bloomberg's little bitches. Not surprising. Like the old Dillinger line, that's where the money is for mayors. Adhere to Gaian doctrine, agree to PULVERIZE your own city and KILL all your citizens, and you get Bloomberg's filthy silver.
Saturday, July 26, 2014
  DAMN, that was bad.

DAMN. That was BAD.

The Weather Bureau has more trouble forecasting in continental-influenced years like this one. And they missed this purely continental storm.

They were warning for strong thunderstorms, so I was ready for that. Unplugged the computer, closed the doors and windows, cooked supper early to avoid possible power outage.

But they didn't warn for 75 MPH wind.

It came without any natural warning. I heard a few THUMPS before I heard wind. Those THUMPS were, of course, trees dropping. The wind came all at once, step-function style. It roared, punctuated by more THUMPS. I opened the front door to see what in the holy fuck was happening, because it didn't sound like wind. Stood there transfixed, which was not smart; I should have taken cover. Watched the nearest stand of trees thrashing and bending as they always do in a big wind. The wind kept getting stronger, and then it was full of hail and rain, which made its force unstoppable. One of the trees bent 90 degrees and fell as I watched. THUMP. Just like I'd imagined it would.

And then it was over. Maybe 5 minutes.

My house is okay. The only damage is a piece of metal siding popped loose.

Back in 2011, after another continental year, I had the trees removed from my yard. They would have squashed me this time if they'd still been around. In that same year I had the fence braced, and it remains stubbornly vertical. Also thanks to the neighbor on the west, who removed several trees in that same year. One of those trees would have been directly aimed at my house if it had still been around.

The people who didn't go for Zero Problems in previous years have Big Problems this year.

This neighborhood looks like the aftermath of a 'selective tornado'. Worst damage is along N-S and diagonal blocks. Not bad on the e-w streets. Two houses are pretty much totalled; several garages are crushed.

= = = = =

Some things realized during the power-out and web-out periods:

(1) If you want news, you're NOT going to get it from radio. Local stations put all their 'news' effort into TV. Even when their TV reporters have produced stories on the disaster, the radio side of the same station doesn't use the material. If you really want any sort of information or entertainment, you need the web.

(2) Without information and entertainment, I was forced to spend more time working, which is good. But without the web, I couldn't find answers to questions that arose while working. Details of SVG and HTML5 and Responsive Web Design aren't found in books. Up-to-date info on web-related topics is only found in discussion forums on the web. And without the web I couldn't turn in my work. I finally found a landline phone number for the publisher and explained what was happening, so they wouldn't think my two days of unresponsiveness was a strike or illness or something.

(3) Auto-defrost refrigerators do NOT keep food cool for even an hour. Their coolness is solely produced by blowing air, and the walls of the chamber are usually warmer than room temp. When power goes off, food quickly ends up warmer than room temp.

Later thought. Here's the point. This was a COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE disaster. ALL of the problems were caused by TALL CONIFERS. Short trees (maple, oak, apple) didn't cause any problems. Most remained intact, some lost branches but couldn't smash any houses. Houses without tall trees nearby are fine, except for a few ripped shingles and popped siding slats. Easy repairs.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  Showing the flag

Just figured it was a good time to show the flag of the Colony. It's also a good time to reconstitute the Empire that once contained this colony.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014
  Live by judges, die by judges

"The fact is that the legislative record provides little indication one way or the other of congressional intent, but the statutory text does. (It) plainly makes subsidies available only on exchanges established by states. And in the absence of any contrary indications, that text is conclusive evidence of Congress’s intent," wrote the two judges in the majority, Thomas Griffith and Arthur Randolph, both appointed by Republican presidents.

"To hold otherwise would be to say that enacted legislation, on its own, does not command our respect — an utterly untenable proposition," their opinion said.

The panel's dissenting judge Harry Edwards, appointed by Democratic president Jimmy Carter, said the majority's judgment "defies the will of Congress and the permissible interpretations of the agencies to whom Congress has delegated the authority to interpret and enforce the terms of the ACA."

Let's see if we can untangle this. Romneycare is an R law, partly written by R Heritage Foundation and implemented by R Romney, and rebranded as a D law by D Obama for unknown idiotic reasons.

In this "decision", Satan with a red dress on disapproves of the R law rebranded as a D law, while Satan with a blue dress on approves of the R law rebranded as a D law.

Yes, makes perfect sense if you're 100 light years beyond insane, or if you're a DC alien.

In pure practical terms, I'm happy to see every obstacle placed in the path of this Wall Street monstrosity. Anything that makes life difficult for these thieves who are stealing half my income and giving nothing in return is good. Anything that creates a headache for Wall Street and DC is good. Anything that drops the share price of the evil monopolistic corporations who wrote this to create a windfall for themselves is good.

In more abstract terms, pretending for a moment that it might be possible in some mysterious alternate universe to treat any of this shit as remotely resembling law or logic:

When I write code, whether it's C or Python or JS, I don't assume that a bizarre collection of black-robed weirdnesses will magically fix it. Instead, I have to make sure that the code works in Firefox and IE and Chrome and all the other places where it might run. If it looks wrong in IE, I have to find a way to make it work properly in IE.

Legislators should do the same. If their laws do not run properly on some of the exchanges that were intended by the law, it's up to the legislators to rewrite the law so it does run properly in all the situations where it's supposed to run.

  Doesn't any fucking body ever fucking LOOK at any fucking THING???????????????????????????????????

Radar right now shows a nice solid blob of rain approaching Spokane, and more importantly approaching both of the major wildfires.

The Weather Bureau doesn't look at their own fucking radar:

And local news this morning is talking about the firefighters "working against time" to slow down the fires.

Is this union rules or just plain old idiocy?


= = = = =

7:30: Rain is here! Nice steady soaking rain. Good for the plants, good for the fires, and evidently good for my fucking mood as well.
  Precisely fucking backwards as fucking always

Headline: "In his strongest intervention since the disaster, Cameron compares Russia's aggression to that of Nazi Germany."

A speech isn't an intervention, but leave that aside.

The most important question in any warlike situation is Who Started The Fight? And in this case we have REAL EVIDENCE that Nudelman Chaos Partners LLC started this fight, acting as a contractor for the alleged so-called "government" in DC. Nudelman arranged and financed riots that brought down a pro-Russian gov't in Ukraine, then installed Nudelman's agent Yatsenyuk. The ethnic Russian population in Ukraine didn't like this, and started seceding. At that point Russia started aiding them.

There is a parallel to the Sudetenland situation, but Dave has his history backwards.

Through the '30s, Germany had been stirring up chaos and creating subservient states in Eastern Europe, using the same LBO tricks that the EU and Nudelman are using now. Create indebtedness, impose an agent to supervise the payback. Germany stirred up chaos in Sudetenland, then moved its own government in.

However: the analogy isn't complete. In 1938 the West didn't defend its own allies against German tricks and agents, while in 2014 Russia is defending its own ethnic allies against EU/Nudelman tricks and agents.

If Churchill had been in power in 1938, the correct analogy would have been complete. Hitler becomes EU/Nudelman, Churchill becomes Putin.

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