Monday, July 24, 2017
  If you get results

I was thinking about the economics of the Aberree operation.

The masthead looked like this in every issue:

Subscription $2 a year. Circulation according to NW Ayer was 11k. So the gross income was around $22k plus a little from advertising. The major expenses would be postage on the magazines and rental on the downtown shop. Call those $2000 a year. Offset film, plates, and paper, probably another thousand. Replacing equipment, unknown; Hart wrote about upgrading his press and camera fairly often. Safe bet that they were clearing $15k before taxes. In those years $6k supported a family decently, $15k was enough to buy a new house and new car. So the Harts had a pretty good thing going.

The advertising rate caught my attention. $1 a column inch if you get results, double if you don't.

Wait! Isn't that backwards? Isn't effective advertising worth more? Shouldn't you be charging more for advertising that works?

First of all the publisher wouldn't KNOW if the advertiser was getting results. They didn't use blind boxes or similar methods that flowed through the magazine.

Well, what was Hart doing? He was encouraging the advertisers to be smart, gradienting them toward writing effective ads. He was helping them to improve their own business.


  Thanks, Ralph 466

Emerson's ghost is collapsing in helpless laughter.
The EU should act “within days” if new sanctions the US plans to impose on Russia prove to be damaging to Europe’s trade ties with Moscow, an internal memo seen by the media says. Retaliatory measures may include limiting US jurisdiction over EU companies.
How did this happen?

1. Obama placed sanctions on Russia because we're infinitely evil and omnicidally suicidally loony.

2. Russia responded to the sanctions SANELY by increasing its own internal skills and independence. Graybill's Law.

3. Europe quickly realized that the sanctions were hurting Europe more than Russia. But Europe didn't protest because it's physically impossible to insult Our Lord And Saviour Obama.

4. When the infallible image of Our Lord And Saviour Obama was replaced by the HITLER image of TROLL FUCKTARD HITLER KKK NAZI HITLER TRUMPTARD HITLER COMMIE NAZI TROLL RUSSIANAGGRESSION KKK HITLER RUSSIANHACKING NAZI RUSSIANMEDDLING SATAN HITLER KKK, the actual Trump not only continued the sanctions but expanded them.

5. Europe Is now free to bash RUSSIANCOLLUSION TRUMP for making war against Russia.

Underneath all the wildly counterlogical hyperlunacy, plain old Natural Law is taking hold. Europe has money and needs oil and gas. Russia has oil and gas and needs money. Nature hates monopolies. Nature loves honest commerce.

Net result: The politicians and media who built the image of HITLERTRUMP to expand their power are finding that the actual HillaryTrump is destroying their power and breaking up their empire by continuing Obama's policies, which is what they told us HITLERTRUMP would do by disobeying Obama's policies.

Thanks, Ralph!


Sunday, July 23, 2017
  Why would they want it?

While the unnameable DC things continue to roar at lightspeed beyond all previously known bounds of evil and insanity and stupidity, the alternate media are trying to catch a more honest picture of "interference" with our "elections".
Over the past few months, the story of the Awan brothers has been largely ignored by mainstream media. However, the brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan are at the center of a criminal investigation by U.S. Capital Hill Police. The Awan brothers were Pakistani IT specialists, whom worked for more than 30 house and senate democrats, as well as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The substantial scandal has raised questions about who may have been passed data which the Awans had access to, given Pakistan’s history of collaborating with a number of foreign countries who have demonstrated past willingness to influence U.S. politics.
Okay. This is based on facts and evidence, unlike the RUSSIANHACKING ratshit which is totally delusional beyond delusional beyond delusional. This is actual journalism.

But there's a deeper and simpler question that neither side is asking.


Foreigners have a realistic view of USA STRONG. Most countries understand Deepstate without any prompting because their media and schools never imposed bizarre delusions about "democracy" and "individual" "liberty" and "freedom". They understand from the getgo that government does what it wants to do unless bribed or blackmailed or shot.

This data is unnecessary for bribery. The Clinton mafia has plenty of openly available windows for bribe service, and other politicians have their own "foundations" and PACs. It might conceivably help in blackmail, but the Clinton mafia has a long openly available record of terminating blackmailers. No need for extra data there. You know what will happen if you try blackmail.

Data about the internal workings of one party is meaningless and useless for "influencing" "elections" because "elections" do not exist. The only way to alter the outcome of a predetermined mechanism is to eliminate DC from the earth. (Please, God, DO IT!)

A foreign government that wanted to take such a drastic step wouldn't need this type of data. GPS would suffice to guide the missiles or bombs.
  Constants and variables 79, Aberree vs Me edition

Alphia Hart constantly recommended examining your own ideas, but he didn't always succeed in examining his own. Along with a preponderance of powerfully original and unique thoughts, he sometimes let out a standard "liberal" thought, as in this 1957 editorial....

In this case the expectors were right and Hart was wrong. Professional criminals CAN be expected to commit more crimes. At that time medical and actuarial statistics were good predictors because the profits of insurers and hospitals depended on good prediction. Now, of course, the profit motive no longer exists and sanity is LONG gone from penal policy, so stats are no longer reliable.

Hart didn't seem to have much contact with the shady end of society (which may explain why my social circle didn't overlap his!) so he wouldn't have a lot of experience with pro criminals.

He did have direct experience with the A-bomb. He did his WW2 service as a journalist for the Air Force, writing training films and press releases. He was one of the few journalists who directly witnessed and photographed the Bikini atomic test.

Thus his thoughts about bombs are informed by experience:

My experience vs idiocy record runs exactly backwards. I had early and direct experience with professional criminals, but no experience of bombs or war. So I was able to embrace globalist wars with enthusiasm until I unplugged the TV and started thinking; but I was never susceptible to globalist lies about prison and criminals.

Less delicately: When you've had criminals up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about criminals. When you've had A-bombs up your ass, you develop immunity to globalist lies about bombs.


= = = = =

Hart's theory about synchronous hate influencing weather was fanciful at the time, but three separate developments in knowledge and technology make it more plausible now.

1. Neurology is getting a better picture of how the brain works. It's not digital and it's not separate filing cabinets. Nothing is static, everything is flowing. Think of one million people watching Miss Anderson Cooper screeching up RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANHACKING. Inside each of those one million viewers, one billion** synapses are firing off transient electrical impulses in synchrony.

2. Since 1957 TV has grown infinitely more expert at synchronizing with brain patterns. The six-second rhythm phase-locks large portions of your brain to the visual and audial input.

3. Meteorology and bacteriology are converging on one BIG AND CONSEQUENTIAL set of facts. Bacteria shape clouds and ocean currents, and bacteria respond to electromagnetic fields.

You don't need metaphysics or 'butterfly-chaos' stuff. You've got an evil intentionally phase-locked driving force mechanically leveraging 10^15 synapses in perfect synchrony, and you've got uncountable numbers of bacteria capable of sensing a massive electromagnetic field. The connection isn't definite but it's damned plausible.

**Footnote: The number of synapses moved by a large emotion in one brain is probably in the trillions, not billions; but these numbers are flatout incalculable in any case.

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  Marmot? /// EDIT: Marmot.

Peeked out the door for a moment and saw a mysterious critter crossing the road. About the size of a cat but heftier... shape and gait more like a little bear. Not a skunk. Maybe raccoon but didn't have stripes. Solid brown with a big curled tail. Marmot? I know they live around this area, and I've seen them near the river but never up close. Online pictures of marmots look more squirrely and less beary than this fellow.

Later: Googling "Spokane marmot" tuned in more beary pictures. Looks just like this dude. So this is a Spokane marmot, not a Generic marmot.


  Missing denominator

"Conservatives" are constantly agitating for small government and ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX ZERO TAX. Their purpose is obvious. I wrote about it 10 years ago:
For the Republicans a soapbox-car government is ideal because it looks awful, which persuades the voters that government is a bad thing. And then, even when a problem comes up that can only be solved by government, the people are ready to believe the claim that it should be left to the tender mercies of the stock market or the robber barons. So the government can't take over or even regulate in some areas where it's the only practical solution.
BUT measuring the size of government BY ITSELF doesn't tell you anything. Nature gives us a more precise answer. Like all natural measurements, you have to take the BASELINE into account, and you need to measure a RATIO.

In this case the RATIO is obvious. Size of government / Size of territory.

Repooflicans and Democrats agree that the territory is the entire world. They don't argue about this point, so we forget it's there. With the whole world in the denominator, the size of the government doesn't matter much.

Nature shows the importance of the denominator.

A small dog patrolling a HUGE territory with NO fences has no time to get acquainted. He can only run back and forth barking all the time. He bites anyone and anything that gets close. This is USA STRONG, regardless of the color and appearance of the "president".

A big dog patrolling a SMALL territory with GOOD fences can relax. He knows everyone who belongs around here, so he tolerates their oddities. He has time to enjoy life, enough spare energy to tolerate visitors until he picks up a signal from the family that a visitor is unwanted. This is Orban.

If you shrink the territory by dividing it into county-size pieces, a small government can be plenty strong enough to handle things.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017
  Another automotive semi-dream

Every now and then I'll pass through an instantaneous semi-dream on the way down to full sleep. The semi-dream is so weird or contradictory that it snaps me back to awakeness.

This afternoon: I was hiding inside the upholstered front seat of a 1941 Chrysler New Yorker 'Highlander Edition'. I was cautiously peeking upward through the seams between sections of the plaid broadcloth, while my pursuers were


I'm constantly amazed at the dream scripter's ability to assemble a richly detailed story line in a few milliseconds.
  Aberree vs Albert

An editorial from the Aberree, September 1961, at the height of Cold War 1. I've chopped and channeled the page into one long column for the best compromise between crowding and legibility.

Sadistic Doom Merchants of Disaster

The only difference between then and now is the officially required "climate" disaster. Cooling then, warming now. Otherwise everything is the same.

Note especially Hart's constant emphasis on the "creative creature", which also comes through in his attitude toward copyrights.
Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff -- and that there may come a time when you'll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can't produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we're certain no one wants to read what we said yesterday and today tomorrow.
It's a Natural Law attitude. He felt that copyrights were a form of hoarding, both implying and impelling a fear that your MAKEFORCE will run dry. Sharia law follows the same path, discouraging hoarding of money and ability. Our purpose in life is to MAKE something useful and distribute it to others. Hoarding (beyond prudence) leads us to lose our MAKEFORCE.

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Friday, July 21, 2017
  Why the fuck not?

Somebody in the Trump circus finally made a CORRECT move in hiring Scaramucci.

Executives are supposed to have a record of success, and Scaramucci is the ONLY man who has succeeded at the ONLY thing we need to be doing.

He pushed the media into a corner. His lawsuit forced CNN to fire some demons.

Government by lawsuit? Why the fuck not? It's exactly how the Soros side works.

Here's what SHOULD HAPPEN: Devote most of the federal budget to hiring ALL THE LAWYERS in the country, and set them loose to bring a SUPERFLOOD of cases in ALL THE FEDERAL DEMONROOMS. Every black-robed demon and all of their demon clerks and demon paralegals should be overwhelmed by ONE NEW SUIT PER SECOND. 86,400 suits per day. Each suit should be crafted to require several years of pleadings and depositions, and all should be aimed directly at the media, individually and corporately.

Properly speaking, Congress should have eliminated the black-robed demons a long long long time ago. They have been demonic since 1803, creating pure crime and infinite evil with every nasty filthy hypercriminal "decision". Since Congress is too fucking stupid to do anything at all, the FLOOD solution is the best available option.

Even more properly, all three groups deserve a FAR worse fate. Until we get our Duterte, total justice ain't gonna happen. In the meantime, keeping all three groups 100% captively occupied on HARMLESS tasks is partial justice.

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  Figured it out.

I've figured out why the Aberree and the Harts resonate so deeply.

Partly it's the Enid connection as abovementioned. They mention places and people that I knew.

Mostly it's a Deplorables vs Insatiables thing. Alphia Hart had direct experience with the most Insatiable people on earth at the time, and had enough self-confidence and gumption to come out of it unharmed. His magazine constantly tried to inspire other Deplorables toward the same gumption. The magazine could have been named How To Gumpt.

= = = = =

Irrelevant language sidenote: Gumption is fake Latin, probably coined sometime around 1720. There are two ways to backform a verb from real Latin nouns in -mption. Exempt from exemption, assume from assumption. Gume sounds like beans and alfalfa, so gumpt is the better choice.

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  Same forever

Still thinking about Alphia Hart, who seems to have been a truly Emersonian figure. He wasn't immune to fakery and balderdash; he joined the Hubbardites willingly and worked with Hubbard directly for a while. When he realized the damage Hubbard was doing, he pulled out and devoted his life to exposing it.

These documents were gathered by inventor Volney Mathison as part of his dispute with LRon Hubbard, who stole Mathison's meter and claimed it as his own.

The meter is described and schematic'd in US Pat 2684670. (Number mistyped by Volney in the docs.) It's an interesting gadget, essentially a lie detector with one added feature. The electronic part is just a sensitive ohmmeter; the added feature is contained in the electrodes themselves.

Here I've redrawn the ckt in more conventional order. The first two tubes are a diff amp measuring the voltage across the electrodes, which are biased by the voltage divider on the left. The third tube is just a diode protecting the meter from reverse voltage.

Note wire 28 connecting the electrodes.

The skin-contacting electrodes 26 may be made of woven metallic fabric formed into the approximate shape of natural sponges and having characteristics of resiliency and compressibility.

In other words, the electrodes behave something like carbon microphones, decreasing resistance when you squeeze them. So the meter is detecting stress two ways. Skin resistance drops when you sweat, and electrode resistance drops when you squeeze. A useful device for forensics or bio-feedback training. Hubbard grabbed it and built a "religion" around it. Mathison was NOT happy with this, and Hart shared Mathison's dislike.

A 1963 letter from Hart to Mathison:

Note especially the FBI's vector. They became interested when Hubbard offered anti-Communist help to JFK.

Good old FBI. Consistent forever. Lady Edgar was expected to disapprove of Communism, so shehe did what was expected; but heshe HATED real anti-Communists with a bright lavender passion and did everything possible to slow them down.

Same now, with a different Current Enemy. FBI is expected to work against RadicalIslamicTerrorism, so they make gestures in that direction. But when any Deplorable dares to get seriously Christian, the bombs and snipers start firing.

This word/action disconnect was obvious here immediately after 9/11. The media riled us up against RadicalIslamicTerrorism, but the literal concrete barriers went up around the Federal Courthouse. Federal Courthouses were NOT threatened by RadicalIslamicTerrorism.

What's the underlying constant? Sting. AP. In the '50s the "Communists" were a branch of CIA/FBI. In the 2000s the "RadicalIslamicTerrorists" are a branch of CIA/FBI. You can't expect FBI to seriously oppose one of its own departments.

= = = = =

Electronic sidenote 1: Not clear why Volney used a triode with grid tied to plate as the meter protector. A plain diode tube would be cheaper, and solid-state diodes were commercially available in '51. It looks like he originally meant the tube as a cathode follower, then realized he needed the diodeness more than the bufferness?

Electronic sidenote 2: It would be interesting to take the diff amp all the way. Bring the connector 28 back to ground, eliminate the diode, and use a two-way meter. This would read the left-right difference in stress and squeeze.

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  Two obvious typos

(1) After Obama fired Hillary, he was cautiously and gingerly trying to bring the neocons under control. He managed to stop the neocon warmaking against Persia and Cuba.

Trump, who allegedly campaigned on Less War And More Jobs, is making More War and Less Jobs. While the neocons continue to blast and bash him for a few fake words, he's serving the warmongers better than Obama did. He's already restored the warmaking against Persia and now he's adding more wars. So far he hasn't fully undone Cuba. Not sure why. Forgetfulness most likely.

Latest stupidity, via ZH: Sanctions on Venezuela because we think their government is stupid. In this case we may be right. It's fucking hard to beat USA STRONG in the stupid department, but Venezuela has done it.

From the article:

The goal of the sanctions is to prevent the Nicolas Maduro government from having things its way at a July 30 election for a Constituent Assembly that, the U.S. administration believes, would serve to cement Maduro’s power and turn Venezuela into a “full dictatorship.”

Obvious typo. Stuff accidentally inserted into the middle of the sentence. Correct sentence is:

The goal of the sanctions is to cement Maduro’s power and turn Venezuela into a “full dictatorship.”

That's what sanctions do. Sanctions give bad rulers a FACTUAL AND BELIEVABLE cause for their problems, and a reason to stay in power.

= = = = =

(2) Now that the fake news about Alien McCain's "eye surgery" has turned out to be inoperative, the media monsters are putting out another obvious typo.

McCain has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Correct sentence:

McCain has been diagnosed as an aggressive form of cancer.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Looking through another volume of the NW Ayer newspaper almanacs. This one is 1962. Checked Enid and found an unexpected aberree/ation!

Aberree? Metaphysical? 11k circulation? Huh? Enid and Metaphysical don't go together.

Turns out to be even more interesting. There's a tribute site for Aberree. From the intro:
The Aberree was a 'zine, or newletter, published from 1954 through 1965. The editor, Alphia Hart, and the publisher, Agnes Hart, put out ten issues a year.

The Aberree started out as "the non-serious voice of Scientology" and ultimately encompassed all kinds of spiritual and self-help interests, from psychic phenomena and UFOs to improving eyesight.

The Aberree shows that convention and uniformity weren't the whole story of the 50s, by a long shot. It also shows that Scientology, which has grown famous for its attempts to silence dissent and criticism, was trying to squelch debate 50 years ago ... with similarly ineffective tactics.
Looks like the Harts suffered real harm from the slings and arrows of Hubbard. In '62 they worked from a little storefront at 207 N. Wash on the respectable side of downtown, but they lived out by the cemetery on N. Monroe, a couple blocks from a house I rented briefly in '72 when I was dead broke. Zillow and Googlestreet agree that the Monroe address is currently a vacant lot, but a closeup look via Googlestreet shows a house with the correct address on the front. It would have rented for $20 in '62. A house and a vacant lot at the same time! Still metaphysical after all these years! In any case, a decade of lawsuits must have impoverished the Harts.

Unexpectedly, the magazine wasn't a mimeographed newsletter. It was professionally done, with excellent art on the cover. Offset ... I don't think Cromwell was doing offset then, and Cromwell wouldn't have touched the work anyway. Cromwell would have considered Hart to be An Eccentric And Disreputable Operator With Whom The Cromwell Establishment Shall Have Nothing To Do.

Maybe the Harts did their own printing, plus some side jobs? Or maybe they used Daugherty, who was definitely a metaphysical printer? I can't find any advertising of the former, nor any mention of the latter.

A few paragraphs from their 'Globicides' column in 1954:
Three Arkansas men have formed a corporation -- called the Planet Mars Development Corp. -- to subdivide and sell land if and when that planet is reached. In the ABERREE last month, our Martian correspondent said: "kyst b yg k lm zx't, exerp. tg. mnyt plxmvhy stkr plzth."

It took 20 U.S. military officers 20 days to burn 35 million dollars in obsolete military money in an incinerator recently. But they'll learn: two officers in the Pentagon can "burn up" 10 times that in real money in 20 seconds.
Did I write that? Might as well.

And another piece:
The book alleges that Russia went ahead of the U.S. in atomic research in 1953 because of political squabbles, and much of the blame is laid at the door of Dr. Philip Oppenheimer, who helped to father the A-bomb. This could be true, in which case no nation is safe, and the next war will be won with the first blast, and a world of radioactive desert, so often pictured by science fiction writers, will be a reality.

Then, too, there is the possibility that the charge is false, and merely a motivator for continued research into bigger and better death-dealing weapons.
Did I write that? Might as well.

Reincarnation? Who knows.

Later: It appears that Alphia had been a photographer for the Daily Oklahoman from 1936 to 1940. I can't tell for sure if it's the same man, but the name is rare and the locations and dates and occupations fit together nicely. Hard to imagine two separate Alphia Harts both in Okla and both working in journalism. His work is archived at Okla Hist Soc.

... And the assumption is verified by this page of the Aberree. This page verifies that they did their own printing.

= = = = =

Sidenote 1: It makes me itchy to think that I lived in Enid for 10 years while the Harts were (probably) still alive and kicking, drove past their house often, yet never heard of them or knew them. I was SOCIAL in those days, knowing a wide range of people, and my circle should have overlapped the Hart circle. But it didn't. Maybe they faded or died before 1970?

= = = = =

Sidenote 2: The Hart niche was partly refilled by Glenn Hauser, who has been writing and taping a SWL report since the '70s. He moved to Enid around 1980, taking advantage of an oil bust to pick up a nice big house. Enid is prime SW territory, optimally positioned to catch skip from Europe and Asia and South America. Like the Harts, Glenn has his own unique worldview and his own unique vocabulary.

Conclusion: Enid is also prime Unique Worldview territory.

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  Prediction puzzle

Sort of a statistical puzzle.

The Weather Bureau does a poor job of predicting long all-day rain or snow events, which were common this winter and spring. They miss by many hours, sometimes miss entirely.

But they always do an excellent job with convective 'popup' events. Last night they predicted that the Spokane area would be affected by scattered T-storms from 2 to 5 AM. At the time of the prediction, nothing was showing on radar. At 2:11 the first little burst of rain; several more little bursts and a few lightning strokes; all done and moved out at 4:35. Just like they said!

Intuitively it seems like prediction should work the opposite way. All-day events should be easier to get right, and convection should be tricky.


  Even more sanity! Bravo Elon!

Never thought I'd say BRAVO ELON, but I have to be consistent on FACTS, not PERSONALITIES.

Musk explained that he believes schools aren't doing enough to help children grasp why they're learning each subject.

"You just sort of get dumped into math. Why are you learning that? It seems like, 'Why am I being asked to do these strange problems?'" Musk said. "Our brain has evolved to discard information that it thinks has irrelevance."

Musk suggested learning be focused around solving a specific problem, such as building a satellite or taking apart an engine. Then students will encounter and master subjects such as math and physics on the path to solving their problem. Understanding how to use a wrench or screwdriver will have a clear purpose.
ON. THE. DOT. His examples are too techy and male; the projects should include cooking and sewing and gardening and such; but otherwise ON THE DOT.

Good teachers have been trying to pull USA STRONG education in this direction for 150 years. USA STRONG education never budges. Math remains purposeless and abstract, and "science" is just memorizing false "facts".

The big point: Books and teachers can lie, but SKILLS DON'T LIE. When you develop a skill, you are FORCED to learn the truth because you are learning directly from Nature. When you are simply reading the lies of official "scientists", expressed in the usual firm and flat and authoritative tone, you have no way of knowing that the "scientists" are lying. When you deal directly with Nature, you get the truth and you BECOME the truth.

Musk has supreme credentials. Techtyrants and "journalists" and governments obey him blindly. Will they obey his wishes on this? As with yesterday's similarly credentialed surprising sanity, the answer is NO. Some things are so SACRED that even advice from a top-status genetic aristocrat can't change them.

= = = = =

Later thought: Trump's mouth has also read a speech along the same lines, favoring apprenticeship. Trump has the power to make these things happen, but IN FACT Trump's Education Department is pushing in the opposite direction. Common Core was the last best chance to make these things happen. The union thugs hate Common Core EVEN THOUGH it was proposed by Obama. Some things are sacred. Repoofs hate Common Core BECAUSE it was proposed by Obama. Repoofs don't matter, but union thugs have real power. Common Core will fade and die.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  Hadn't stopped to ask this......

Two statements.

1. Ever since 1990, USA STRONG has been destroying and chaotizing every country that displeases Israel.

2. Ever since 1990, USA STRONG has been destroying and chaotizing every country that displeases Saudi.

Both of the above statements are true, because Saudi and Israel want to destroy the exact same list of countries.

Sometimes I've blamed Saudi, sometimes I've blamed Israel, but I never stopped to ask the basic question:

WHY are those two lists identical?

Saudi and Israel would seem to have totally separate REASONS for wanting to destroy a country.

Supposedly Saudi is acting on the Sunni/Shia difference, which is really an ethnic difference.

Supposedly Israel "feels threatened" by the countries on the list, so it wants to eliminate them as threats.

When the result is the same, you have to wonder if the two apparent motivations are really one.

But what is it?

In the end it doesn't matter, because we shouldn't be working for ANY other country. We shouldn't be starting wars for ANY reason.


  God's satellite

In the Reuters article that I quoted yesterday:
The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) submitted to Duterte on Monday is the culmination of a rocky 20-year peace process between the government of the predominantly Christian Philippines and the Muslim separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It aims to turn predominantly Muslim parts

Predominantly is an extreme understatement. Filipinos are FEROCIOUSLY religious.

Think about those satellite maps showing North Korea as black while the rest of the "developed" world is bright......

What if God has a satellite showing him the brightness of faith across the globe?

  Surprising sanity!

An article by Daniel Sarewitz, amazingly published in Unnature, says it all.

The core point:
Decades of scholarship suggest that fundamental science is most effective in contributing to social goals when it is pursued in the context of practical problem solving. .... The history of modern innovations such as vaccines, aircraft or the Internet mostly shows ... that important contributions of basic science are grounded in ‘use-inspired’ research, not in leaving scientists to their own devices.

After 20 years of trying to promote this idea, I am no longer surprised that scientists are reluctant to accept it. In advancing beliefs that support their political interests, scientists are simply acting like a special interest group, no different from dairy farmers or chief executives.

But the myth of the miracle machine harms science and society because it shields scientists from accountability, governance and being responsive to human needs. A major reason that pervasive problems such as poor quality publications, hyper-competition and hype have been allowed to fester is the miracle-machine ideology: give us money, leave us alone and we’ll solve the world’s problems.
I suppose I should modestly say that Sarewitz is making the same points I've been making for 20 years but doing it vastly better. Well, he's not doing it better or worse. The difference is that Sarewitz has the credentials to get his sanity published in Unnature, while I don't have any credentials.

Credentials or not, will his article have any influence? No. He's trying to teach a toxic pile of unteachable death-loving alien omnicidists. They have built an unbreakable structure of power and money around their infinite evil. Government, foundations, accrediting agencies, "journalists", Nobel and other awards, all reinforce the same infinite evil.

Perfect contrast to Duterte's sanity. Duterte is able to IMPOSE sanity on his country because he has both legalistic and practical power. He holds the office of President, and he has demonstrated repeatedly that he will personally shoot criminals and crazies. In a world of criminals and crazies, that's the only way to get anything done.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017
  Grounded scrip

Writing this....
"Money Value Transfer Services" are the salvation for sanity. Essentially the same thing as scrip. These services are REAL banks running the old-fashioned way, within an ethnic trust network or a local trust network, OUTSIDE of the official lunacy network. The REAL banker handles verbal or written drafts and deposits up to the limits of his present assets and liabilities; at regular intervals the bankers in the network reconcile and clear transactions. If the limits are observed and clearing is done properly, very little official currency changes hands. These REAL banking systems can continue to operate even after official cash is gone, just as scrip operated during a period when official cash was unavailable.
... led to another thought.

Hawala or scrip is the economic implementation of a principle that's painfully familiar and even trivial in other areas.

Decentralizing works ONLY when the modules or units share a common ground.

A trust network holds up ONLY when the units are built with a shared purpose. Ideally each unit should be physically incapable of harming the network.

When you can count on the units to follow the same rule in the same situation, you don't need a heavy controller sending commands to the units, and you don't need a lot of communication between the units.

When the modules have different grounds or different limits or different operating systems, you need a strong central controller, and even then the overall system will be inefficient. Most energy will be chewed up in the contradictory and redundant operations of the bureaucratic control system.

= = = = =

In electronics the common ground is literal, and the modules may also need to agree on limits of output voltage and input impedance, or may need to be sync'd to a common phase. It's easy to design modules that are physically incapable of violating the limits.

= = = = =

In law and morality, the common ground is a shared immersion in the same system of commandments and taboos. Natural Law works best because Natural Law was scientifically settled by 50k years of experimentation. Other systems and charters and constitutions are generally designed to violate Natural Law, so they don't hold up. (Our insane constitution held up for only 16 years, 1787 to 1803.)

Chaotizers understand this principle better than anyone. After you eliminate the common operating system, the common understanding of reality, the units will DEMAND a strong controller.

= = = = =

With hawala or scrip, the separate bankers share a common PURPOSE of helping the ethnic group or township. A banker isn't quite physically incapable of breaking trust, but he knows that the group or township will physically break his legs if he goes wrong, so he remains trustworthy.

Hawala has both sticks and carrots. The banker earns a small fee on each transaction. The American scrip system didn't last long enough to grow carrots, but a fee structure would undoubtedly evolve given more time and experience.

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While the infinitely evil West collapses and avalanches and landslides and implodes into insanity beyond all imaginable imaginations of demonic satanic monstrosity, Duterte shows us a remarkable example of SANITY.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte vowed on Monday to fast-track new legislation for autonomy in the country's most volatile region, advancing a protracted process to end decades of rebellion and thwart rising Islamist militancy.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) submitted to Duterte on Monday is the culmination of a rocky 20-year peace process between the government of the predominantly Christian Philippines and the Muslim separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

It aims to turn predominantly Muslim parts of the southern island of Mindanao into an autonomous region with its own executive, legislature and fiscal powers.

DECENTRALIZE. If areas disagree in important ways, DECOUPLE them to the necessary degree, so they can work together on areas of harmony.

Duterte isn't quite the SANEST leader in the world; Orban of Hungary probably stays at #1. But this move takes Duterte up the scale.

Teach us, Orban. Teach us, Duterte.

= = = = =

Afterthought for clarity: This purpose for decentralizing seemed at first to clash with the purpose I was describing in next entry... Decentralized modules work best when they share a common purpose. It's not a contradiction. Duterte is separating the Muslim group of communities from the Christian group of communities, so that the communities within each group can form their own trust network. Trying to mesh both groups into one network led to constant conflict requiring heavy government action.



Linked from ZH:

EU report finds that criminals are sane. Unfortunately the finding is in the context of an insane drive to get rid of cash.

The report analyzes all sorts of money transfer mechanisms, from regular banks to prepaid debit cards to currency exchange to "Money Value Transfer Services" to Bitcoin. The finding is consistent: Sane people prefer paper cash for sane reasons.

Therefore EU must eliminate cash, because disease vectors for sanity are UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE ALL OPTIONS ON THE TABLE.

As for the tech-tyrant claims of anonymity with Bitcoin:
Few investigations have been conducted on virtual currencies which seem to be rarely used by criminal organisations. While they may have a high intent to use due to VCs characteristics (anonymity in particular), the level of capability is lower due to high technology required.
No, idiots. Organized crime and organized political groups are not short on tech ability. They are short on lunacy. They are onto your evil game. They understand what techfans do not understand: Virtual currency (Bitcoin) runs directly through NSA. Every transaction can be seen by every government. Encryption may conceal the amount of a transaction, but it doesn't conceal the source and destination of the transaction. Traffic analysis can always locate the participants in a transaction.

Why bother with the risk when paper is vastly more CERTAIN, faster, and less risky? It's an easy decision. Paper doesn't fail when one branch of an Autist Club decides to split from another branch of an Autist Club. Paper doesn't fail when a server goes down. Paper doesn't take several minutes to complete a transaction. Paper doesn't go directly through NSA.

Clearly the techboys are unteachable. In this and many other issues, their decisions run directly contrary to TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE.

= = = = =

Sidenote 1: Max Keiser, the loudest and earliest booster of Bitcoin, has been sliding quickly into every standard Sorosian doctrine. A year ago he was about 50% Soros, now he's 100. He agrees with the globalists on everything, while still maintaining a facial expression and voice tone of "rebellion". Max used to explain and expose frauds like NSA front-running and the stock-trader's preference for chaos. Now he only exposes TRUMPHITLER and MAYHITLER and BREXITHITLER.

Sidenote 2: "Money Value Transfer Services" are the salvation for sanity. Essentially the same thing as scrip. These services are REAL banks running the old-fashioned way, within an ethnic trust network or a local trust network, OUTSIDE of the official lunacy network. The REAL banker handles verbal or written drafts and deposits up to the limits of his present assets and liabilities; at regular intervals the bankers in the network reconcile and clear transactions. If the limits are observed and clearing is done properly, very little official currency changes hands. These REAL banking systems can continue to operate even after official cash is gone, just as scrip operated during a period when official cash was unavailable. I expanded this point into a full entry.

Sidenote 2.1: Looking through the Wikipedia article on Hawala linked above. Interesting historical connections to French and Italian law, showing that Arab traders were teaching Euros about real value a thousand years ago. But the Wikipedia articles on 'informal banking' never mention the American and Irish scrip systems. Seems like an odd omission.



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