Wednesday, December 07, 2016
  Finally a hint of goodness!

Trump has done one DEFINITELY good thing now. Picking an Okie for EPA is pretty good in itself; an Okie who BELIEVES IN FACTS AND SCIENCE is extremely good.

I'm still waiting for the Gotcha, the Lucy-football. So far I don't see a Gotcha on this, but I've been blindsided so many times that I'll keep watching.


  33? 10? No, 5.

BBC website has a silly story about simplifying your wardrobe. Can you make do with only 33 items in your closet? How about only 10? Impossible!

Hmm. By their definition (excluding underwear and socks) I have 5 items of clothing. Older jeans and older flannel shirt for inside the house, newer jeans and newer flannel shirt and newer short-sleeved shirt for outside the house. That's it.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.
  The 15 wall

Following on recent entry about the connection between big national entertainment and MAXIMUM WINNERS.

This ties in with earlier observations about the EMPATHY found in short syndicated radio programs from the '30s and '40s.

Direct comparison between 'Strange as it Seems', a 15-minute syndicated program, and Ripley, a BIG 30-minute network production.......

Strange showed strong empathy with ordinary people who were trying to do their job and mind their own business, no matter which era of history, no matter which part of the country, no matter what belief system they held. Strange also showed contempt toward thieves and takers, ESPECIALLY big corporate or governmental thieves.

Ripley was a globalist. He favored the Empire at every turn, and treated ordinary people with condescension and contempt. He was a WINNER.

Why the correlation?

(1) There's a natural** attention boundary at 15 minutes. Household tasks tend to converge on 15, and mental work tends to require breaks every 15. An entertainment show that goes beyond 15 has to muster up a LOT more resources to hold your attention. More music, more dramatic scripts, more sound effects, more Special Guests.

(2) Only a national network can afford the BIG resources needed to keep you locked in for 30 minutes.

(3) Only MAXIMUM WINNERS made it to the national network. Performers and writers with less ambition and attractiveness stayed in the local or regional settings, making anonymous but excellent short pieces with no big-name credits.

= = = = =

** Question. Is this 15-minute boundary truly natural, or is it a product of modern technology? If natural I'd expect to see more 15-minute segments in natural measuring systems. Ancient water clocks could have reliably indicated quarter hours but apparently didn't. They were either used as alarm clocks for a sleep interval, or calibrated for a 12-hour day. 15 minutes didn't get into the game until much later. At least one Chinese clock was striking quarters in 700 AD, but the practice wasn't common in the West until Westminster, coinciding with the start of modern industry.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"News" about Trump's announcement of the Softbank deal is focusing as always on the question of Trump taking credit. Doesn't matter. Softbank was working on this before Trump, but their CEO is willing to let Trump take the credit. Fine.

The actual impact is far more important. Softbank is a DIRECT competitor to Google. There are other major and successful competitors in China and India, but they haven't tried to expand into USA STRONG. This is the first LOCAL competition to Google.

Softbank's founder has

ideas, directly comparable to Schmidt and Musk and Bezos.

This reminds me of Toyota's expansion into USA STRONG in the '80s. Result: Lots of Americans have good factory jobs which "American" companies are no longer willing to provide. As a bonus, the profits from these jobs are NOT going to the financier class that has sabotaged our industry. Justice.

From a Populist viewpoint it's actually better to have American jobs provided by Jap companies. Jap companies are Fordist, not Goldmanist. They're following the old American style of industrial employment. It works every time it's used. Fordist employment, profits going to non-Chosens.... what's not to like?

This is COMPENSATION or RESTITUTION in a strict Emersonian sense. In 1941 the Japs were trying to sabotage our industries and dams. We mostly prevented them by imprisoning the saboteurs. Now that our industries and dams have been SUCCESSFULLY sabotaged by internal Sorosians, the Japs are RESCUING real American industries and workers from sabotage.

Thanks, Japs! And thanks, Ralph.

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  Language update for Dec

Professor Polistra brings a rather sparse bucket of annoying or tyrannical words....

= = = = =


In an article on "archeological work" to find more about primitive artist James Castle:
"We found darker soil in one corner," said Caroline Herritt, currently in her second year of graduate school at the University of Idaho. "That might mean there is some feature we haven't found yet. We have to keep going to find out."

Feature = poop.

= = = = =


From Spokane-News facebook page: Not a very good picture but look fimular to anyone?

Nice portmanteau. Similar + familiar.

= = = = =


Way overused by techbullies, with a scary flavor.

An article about a techbully who is too psychopathic to deal with the totally permissive NHTSA rules that encourage autonomous pedestrian-squashers.
But early Friday morning, Hotz tweeted that would be canceling the Comma One after an inquiry from the federal government. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association told Hotz it was concerned that his product was a safety risk, and wanted proof it was safe. If Hotz didn't comply, he would risk fines up to $21,000 a day. "Would much rather spend my life building amazing tech than dealing with regulators and lawyers. It isn't worth it," Hotz tweeted.
He's getting the VIP treatment from regulators, and it's still not amazing enough. Fucker.

= = = = =


This is a new innovation in Newspeak. Meddling in an election means "providing information about the Empire's candidate." Before this new innovation, providing information about ANY candidate was described as news. Now it's meddling if the information tends to cast the Empire in a bad light, news otherwise.

= = = = =


Like meddling but worse. Interfering has come to mean providing facts in any context at all, not just elections.
Earlier this autumn, the French government presented a draft law regarding the creation of illegal digital interference on abortion. If it passes, it would condemn websites for “intimidating and/or putting psychological or moral pressures” in order to dissuade someone from getting an abortion.

Politicians backing the legislation say it is mostly aimed at websites that look very similar to official or neutral websites, but do everything to discourage women from getting an abortion, thus tricking users with disinformation.
Disinformation = scientific facts.

= = = = =

Fake News:

See Meddling and Interference and Disinformation.

= = = = =

Begs the question:

Means Answers the question.

In a long article on Australia's decision to stop donating to the Clinton Foundation:

AUSTRALIA has finally ceased pouring millions of dollars into accounts linked to Hillary Clinton’s charities. Which begs the question: Why were we donating to them in the first place?

The rest of the fake news article mentions many possible reasons (appearance of corruption, etc) but doesn't mention the REASON at all. Nations donated to the Clinton Foundation to gain favor with Madam President. As soon as Madam President became just an old sick fag hag with no official power, there was no reason to donate.

= = = = =


means Order.

From Daily Beast, appropriately named:

Italians Vote in Referendum That Will Bring Chaos

Italy voted firmly AGAINST the forces of chaos and Empire, and in favor of order. The only way to get order in a complex system is LOCALLY. Nature understands this, and Natural Law states it literally and specifically. Before God started to create separate beings and places with walls and boundaries, all was void and chaos.

= = = = =

Reee Quireda Miii Niii Mummm Diiissss Triiii Buuuu Tionnnnn:

The RMD is a complex piece of tax law that applies to some retirement plans but not others. Thus it gets a lot of discussion on money-advice shows. For some reason these shows have made a UNIVERSAL RULE to speak the phrase Re ... Quireda ... Mi ... Ni .... Mummmm ... Dis ... Tri ... Bu ... Tionnnn ... in this perfectly explicit style, one phoneme per second, EVERY SINGLE TIME it's mentioned.

When a phrase or word is confusible this treatment is justified. When you're discussing employEEs and employERs, it makes sense to hit the EE and ER hard. When you're discussing ADduction and ABduction in an anatomy course, it makes sense to say A Dee Duction and A Bee Duction.

But the RMD isn't like anything else. There isn't an RND. There isn't a Required Maximum or Median or Mean or Normal Distribution. Granted, the Chinese currency is sometimes called RMB, but that's way out of context for retirement plans.



A nice illustration of why eyewitnesses have always been considered as imprecise measuring tools.

Some "social" "scientists" have recently "discovered" this fact, but police have always known it. Eyewitnesses can alert the authorities to a problem that wouldn't have been spotted otherwise, but when it comes to prosecuting the criminal, physical evidence or unedited video is a whole lot better.

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  Resume normal programming

Just noticed: This is the second time I got seduced into thinking a politician might be somewhat less than evil, and the second time I was UNseduced by Al Gore. The 9/11 scam fooled me into supporting Bush The Son for a few years. I kept defending him, thinking that he must have something good in mind even though all of his actions were bad. Surely there's a good reason for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan instead of obliterating the country that attacked us. Must be poor communication, poor messaging.

Seeing a connection with Al Gore was the last straw in 2006. Gore had been proposing that we should sell some port facilities to the Saudis. Surely Bush would turn that down. Nope. Last straw.

And now Al Gore is the last straw again in 2016. This seduction was much shorter and much more cautious, but nevertheless it was a seduction. In this case the Al Gore connection is perfectly direct, not just an observed similarity. In this case the scam is far more vicious, a sting operation to EXTERMINATE half the country.

Time to return to default Soviet Citizen mode, the same place I was in before this momentary distraction.

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Monday, December 05, 2016
  Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

I was briefly cautiously optimistic that Trump might turn out to be 0.00000001% different from the Sorosian status quo. He already eliminated that fraction of hope, but until now he didn't actually PUNCH ME IN THE FACE.

Now he has PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE, along with all his other stupid followers.

Meeting with Al Gore to find common ground.

I can't say That's All, because we've already passed that point. I can only say




  Too bad

If Trump's team wanted to fulfill any of their promises (which they obviously don't and won't) they would pay attention to this item from Ghana.
African countries have sought to provide electricity for citizens and businesses to aid development and tackle poverty but the cost of oil-fuelled electricity has been prohibitive. The alternative is to turn to coal, which African governments argue is the best way forward. They made their case clearly ahead of this month’s UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh in Morocco where the recently ratified Paris Agreement, dealing with reducing greenhouse gasses emissions and financing to combat climate change beginning in 2020, was top on the agenda.

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) also took place at a time of momentous political change in the US, where President-elect Donald Trump pledged during his campaign to revive America’s struggling coal industry. His promise led him to overwhelmingly victory in once thriving coal mining communities, helping him to secure key swing states.

Outgoing President Barack Obama is all for increasing access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa by adding more than 30,000 megawatts of electricity generation. But he is not a fan of coal, despite its importance to the US economy, in these sensitive days of the climate change debate. When he launched his Power Initiative in 2013, he clearly said that his administration would no longer back the use of coal abroad for electricity generation unless there were carbon emission controls.
There's the promise. Africa noticed it, and noticed the change from status quo. There's your chance to develop a new trade pattern that would actually help both sides, and a new relationship with Africa.
Nigerian Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun told a recent joint meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank: “We in Nigeria have coal but we have a power problem, yet we’ve been blocked because it is not green. “There is some hypocrisy because we have the entire Western industrialisation built on coal energy.

“They are saying: ‘You have to use solar and wind’, which are the most expensive,” she added.
Sounds like some African leaders are through with the old Mouse That Roared routine. They want to have real business and real industry that doesn't simply supply raw materials to a few Western corporations, and they're willing to skip the old "development aid" that kept the leaders rich and the countries poor.

More power to them in both senses.

Too bad they're putting hope in the nonexistent "Trump" who promised to change things. They haven't figured out that the hologram of horrifying dark populist troll "Trump" was just a trick to bring Western populations down to the misery of Africa, not an actual populist who would bring all populations up to real-value productivity.

Coal isn't the best way to get there; Africa has lots of uranium and thorium which could provide cheaper and cleaner power if Africa can truly cut loose from the Mouse routine and the Gaians who run it. A rich thorium-powered continent with a firm and unbreakable culture can afford to disobey Soros.

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  Relative loci

Jack Shafer writes a mostly fair-minded piece on the latest McCarthyism.

Like everyone else he misses basic scientific questions. Shafer is trying to show that "ignorance" is widespread:

Gallup tells us that 18 percent believe the sun revolves around the earth. (The kicker is that 3 percent had no opinion. How can you have no opinion?!)

Well, actual science has no opinion on that question because it's a meaningless question.

As abovementioned, there is no center. The sun does not revolve around the earth, and the earth does not revolve around the sun. Both are infinitely small participants in an infinitely large set of motions and ellipses and circles.

You can write formulas that treat the sun as the relative center. You can write formulas that treat the earth as the relative center. Both formulas are approximate, both leave out an infinite number of minor influences from other stars and galaxies. Pick the one that is simpler for your desired purpose.

= = = = =

The question of revolving around Russia is similar. My absolute locus is Natural Law, a permanent and experimentally determined 'transfer function' for human behavior. We've known this function for thousands of years. When we see input X, we can safely predict output Y.

Sharia law is the best practical implementation of NL, but I don't see any Muslim country practicing all sides of sharia, so it's a moot point at the moment.

In recent years I've been treating Russia as a relative locus because Putin is closer to Natural Law than the bizarre dysgovernments of EU/US/UK. Putin undoubtedly has his own self-serving reasons for sticking with NL, but that doesn't concern me. I'm only monitoring his actions, not his motives.

= = = = =

Later: The point I wanted to make at the start but lost in my stupid math analogy.... Russia doesn't NEED to 'hack' or 'interfere' with EU/US/UK. All it has to do is passively provide an alternate way of thinking.

In 1960 when USA offered reasonable prosperity and opportunity, Russia had to work a lot harder to attract people. USSR had to pay and honeytrap its supporters in the West. USA didn't have to pay or honeytrap people in Hungary or Latvia; we just sent out VOA with a fairly accurate picture of our prosperity and opportunity and let the Latvians observe the difference. Now, after the Switchover, the situation is reversed. We can't even attract foreigners by paying them, and Russia simply shows us a sane country that supports its own people and outlaws Soros fronts. We observe the difference and choose accordingly.

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The viral video of tardigrades screwing is deeply impressive. The researchers say that the mating act lasts about an hour, and clearly involves a complex 'script' in which both partners** know what they** should do at each point.


Tardigrades are unbelievably simple. Each complete critter has somewhere between 1000 and 10000 cells. That sounds like a lot, but an average typist hits 10000 letters in an hour.

You can count the cells in this picture. You can build a structure of similar complexity in a day.

The entire animal is about the same size as ONE NEURON in a typical insect. Tardigrades do have an organized nervous system, similar in form to insects, containing a few hundred neurons.

Early analog computers typically had a few hundred neuron-like elements. They couldn't remotely approach this hour-long orchestrated dance, let alone the other eating, walking, and circadian scheduling scripts needed for an animal.

Where does the tardigrade keep its intelligence? Is it in the neurons, or entirely outside the animal?

= = = = =

** Linguistic note: I'm lethally allergic to gender-neutral language for humans, but it's appropriate for actual mixed-gender animals like tardigrades.


  Hooray for quitters!

Governments and corporations work properly when the leaders are willing to quit. Lifetime appointments and dynasties destroy feedback.

I've been saying for a long time that we need more quitters, and now we have two outstanding examples. Cameron in England and Renzi in Italy.

Both sensed that their rule no longer had the CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE. They did THREE THINGS. They ASKED the people, and then they LISTENED to the people, and then they GOT THE FUCK OUT when the people said No. All three steps are UNPRECEDENTED AND STUNNING.

This is truly TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for an error.

None of this ever happens in the USA STRONG dysgovernment. Our dynasties and bureaucracies continue forever and ever and ever. We never ASK the people what they want, we never LISTEN to the people, and nobody ever QUITS when it's clear that the people are ready to revolt. Our monsters always say "I take responsibility" after "mistakes were made", but our monsters never actually TAKE responsibility. They only TALK responsibility, which is NOT THE SAME THING.


Sunday, December 04, 2016
  Still wondering about Wilson

I'm still trying to figure out how and why Wilson's globalism halted quickly after Wilson was gone, while Truman's globalism continues expanding even after it no longer serves a purpose. The latter is normal default Parkinsonian behavior for bureaucracies. The former is wildly abnormal and needs an explanation.

Wilson created vast bureaucracies in shipbuilding and food, both of which expanded massively to cover pretty much all business in the USA. Both were gone by 1920. Folded up and went home.

This collection of rulings and regulations by the US Food Administration shows the vast expansion toward perpetuity. The last section was written in mid-October 1918. Not even a hint that Armistice was approaching.


Oct 15, just three weeks before Armistice. Extending their power to cover all restaurants and dining cars, with mandatory orders covering each type of food, with exemptions for certain forms of sandwiches, and exemptions to the exemptions for poached eggs on toast or shit on a shingle.... etc, etc, etc.

Herbert Hoover, champion globalist and Leninist, was in charge of this monstrosity. Why did he give it up?

A look at Harding's admin doesn't help. Most of this stuff was repealed or canceled just before the 1920 election. Harding pulled occupation troops out of Europe but didn't seem to play a part in cranking down the bureaucracy.

As abovementioned, the Army was operating on the opposite set of assumptions. Our counterproductive "nation-building" in Russia was structured on a postwar basis BEFORE Armistice. We were working with Czechoslovak troops, named as such, before the Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved. Clearly the Army had a more realistic picture of the real schedule and the real outcome.

Contrast with the endgame of WW2, where the Army AND the regulatory bureaucrats knew in February that the war would be over in August.

  Shy localists? Not in Peru!

British and USA STRONG pollsters have been tripped up by sane localists who understand correctly that privacy and "laws" are extinct, and that pollsters will turn in heretics for further inquisition. This form of sanity has been called "shy conservatives" or "shy populists".

Nothing shy about these populists in Peru....
One woman has been killed and some 40 people were arrested in a Peruvian shantytown after an angry mob tried to lynch two pollsters whom residents believed were butchering local children to take their organs, authorities said Friday.
Good. Should be who not whom, but still good. Local justice.
False rumors on social media claiming dead children had been found with their organs missing fanned mass hysteria in the shantytown Huaycan on the outskirts of Lima, prompting residents to target two employees of a polling company who had been conducting door-to-door marketing surveys, said Police General Hugo Begazo.
Since "false" in Sorosian means true in the real world, we know the rumors were true.

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  EU wins in Austria // EU loses in Italy.

Looks like the Empire's candidate has won in Austria. Not good because it breaks a trend, but probably insignificant in the long run. A collapsing Empire can't be halted by one non-administrative office in one country. England has broken away, Hollande has failed, Merkel is failing, and everything east of Austria is clearly aligning with the new Allies and kicking out Soros.

[Update: And EU loses big in Italy, a more consequential election that was directly ABOUT the Empire.]

Natural trends don't care about our attempts to help or halt them. Globalism, "global warming", all the same.

Clearly the earth is moving away from a brief cold period back toward a more typical warmth. This movement is indicated by changes in weather patterns and increased CO2 outgassing. Nature doesn't care about our futile and idiotic attempts to slow the change by pushing the needle on one of those indicators.

The natural magnetic flow of civilization is turning away from the brief period of insane empires, back toward a more typical decentralized mode. This movement is indicated by changes of government in various countries. If Austria tries to push the needle backwards, or if Trump fails to carry his part of the natural flow forward, it doesn't matter much. The flow will continue.

I could even speculate that the two movements are connected. Individual countries can deal with new patterns of rain/snow/cold/warm better when they're not locked into the absolute insanity of USA STRONG and EU. We need to adjust our infrastructure to work better with OBSERVED FACTS, and to use the SKILLS AND TALENTS of ACTUAL HUMANS. We haven't been doing that for the last 30 years. Instead we've been adjusting our infrastructure to increase Soros's wealth, based on Soros's fraudulent claims that eliminating skills and industry and dams was "human rights" and "sequestering carbon".

Perhaps we understand instinctively that there's no longer any room for genosuicide. We are finally tired of pouring all of our human and natural resources into Soros's bank account. Our natural affinity for natural forms of government reasserts itself.

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Idiocy from Reuters, which normally does a better job of objective analysis.
Sanders, who attacked U.S. trade policy in his race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Trump's deal with Carrier set a "very dangerous precedent" of having taxpayers subsidize multi-billion dollar corporations to "beg them" to keep jobs in the country.

On Saturday, he challenged Trump over his Rexnord tweet. "What are you going to do, @realDonaldTrump? Stand up for working people or give the company a massive tax break?" Sanders tweeted in response to Trump's post.

Sanders supports tougher policies on corporations for outsourcing.
NO HE DOESN'T. You just quoted him in the previous sentence as FAVORING OUTSOURCING.

If Sanders doesn't think standing up for working people is standing up for working people when Trump does it, then Sanders doesn't favor standing up for working people. He just hates Trump.

Standard Soros bigotry. It's always about Who, not What. Actions are never treated as actions. The action is good when Our Team does it, bad when Other Team does it. Bigotry by definition.

Granted, there is a serious question here. Is Trump only playing Whackamole? Push down in one place visibly, allow the corporations to push up elsewhere invisibly? At the moment Trump is using the powers available via Pence as governor, not using the powers available to an on-the-job president. Would he do the same thing as president?

Reuters didn't ask those questions, just accepted Sanders's bad logic as gospel.

Reuters concludes:

"It is unclear what steps would have to be taken by federal authorities before Trump could retaliate against individual companies shifting jobs abroad."

No it's not unclear. A law would do it. A regulation would do it. An executive order would do it. The Feds ALWAYS favor one company over another via laws and regulations and executive orders. That's the SINGLE SOLE SOLITARY PURPOSE of laws and regulations and executive orders. Nothing else. It's UNCLEAR in your idiot head because you can't even imagine government using its power to stand up for working people. You can only imagine bending over for Soros.

Again there is a real question whether Trump has the INTENTION to do any of this. But there's no question at all about a president's CAPACITY to take any step he wants. Executive orders are the only way ANYTHING AT ALL gets done in DC.
Saturday, December 03, 2016
  Singh for your supper?

Modi's sudden ban on the most common paper bills (equiv to our $10 and $20) has brought India to chaos. He seems to be happy with this condition. Not an unintended consequence.

Now we have a public announcement of a fact that has been known to insiders for a long time: The paper money used in many countries contains trace amounts of tallow.

BBC notes ... approvingly, of course ... a vegan restaurant that has started to discriminate against customers using paper money. Who likes to use paper money? Dotheads. Who is likely to patronize a vegan restaurant? Dotheads.



Nevertheless, the parallel is interesting. We have simultaneous efforts in two places to discourage Dotheads from using paper money. In India the effort is universal and forceful. Elsewhere it's a matter of self-selection. But the result is the same.
Friday, December 02, 2016
  Group Health returns to competence

I noticed this popup on the front page of the GHC website:
You may experience delays in Pharmacy Services

Your health is our priority — and that includes having the tools and resources to make good health seamless as well as safe.

We're in the process of upgrading our computer system in Pharmacy Services, and you may experience delays in filling prescriptions while we complete this important work.

Please expect longer-than-usual wait times in our pharmacies. ... etc, etc...
Leads me to think that my recent bad experience was not unique .... that the months of incompetence must have been a fairly typical symptom of a larger problem. The new ordering software is strict where the old was loose, and it makes clear that the earlier "standing order prescription", which had worked smoothly for six years before the incompetence started, has been restored.



This neighborhood is rapidly getting less secure and more violent. Theft, shootings, broken windows.

I saw this coming when Copkiller Condon was first elected in 2011:
Probably no way to pin down the cause, but the area of newness appears to be 'propagating' from Wellesley, which was beautifully repaved and residewalked last year. This quarter of town has received lots of repaving and other attention during Verner's term as mayor. Before she took office the city mostly ignored the NW; now we have a number of fresh improvements, which may have spread the 'delta' of improvement to homeowners including me. (Something like the opposite of the Broken Window Effect.)

Unfortunately Verner lost yesterday's election to a mindless Repooflican ZERO TAX hack named Condon.

So here's another safe prediction: Under Repooflican ZERO TAX hack Condon the city will go back to its old ways, pouring millions into the areas where rich dickheads build their McMansions and letting working-class areas rot. This is a sad day for most of Spokane.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =


Thursday, December 01, 2016
  More on GenRad's unique heritage

Still thinking about GenRad. The company continues under the name IET, but it has faded from its former prominence.

Why was it prominent? It provided a service that traditionally (since Hammurabi!) belonged to governments. GenRad made certified reference components and certified test instruments. When you bought GenRad, you paid an extremely high price for provenance and documentation, which enabled you to use the components and instruments for official and legalistic purposes.

The reference components were built with special care from unique materials to insure stability, and their initial calibration was carefully documented.

In the '20s, these components included almost everything you needed to build a radio. Capacitors, resistors, inductors...

GR offered modules containing major portions of the circuitry,

and smaller bits like sockets and connectors and switches and knobs.

The only thing they didn't make was tubes.

Other manufacturers in other fields make standardized instruments and measuring tools, but I can't think of any parallel to GR's reference components, active parts of the usual end product.

Did anyone sell a reference agitator for a washing machine? A reference exhaust valve for a car? A traceable roofing nail? A calibrated curtain rod?

Manufacturers certainly develop their own internal standards for all of those devices, but they don't sell the standards.

= = = = =

Irrelevant tech note: I'm surprised that GR was still mounting the screw-type lamp plug on its power supply unit in 1928. Around 1910 some houses were wired with lamp sockets in the wall. Terrible idea in every way. Easy shock, constant twisting of cords. By 1917 the screw-base had already been replaced by the two-pin plug on appliances, and adapters like this became semi-permanent in older houses.

When your corporate mission is enforcing standards, you should enforce the best standards.


  Watching cautiously

For the first time since June, Trump has said and done the right thing. Made a deal to keep jobs in Indiana, and openly stated that he will continue to keep jobs here. Benefits for companies that comply, punishment for offenders. That's PROPER INDUSTRIAL POLICY. Carrots and sticks.

It's possible that Carrier got more than it gave; possible that Trump allowed it to move 10k jobs away from other plants in order to keep the advertised 1k. We need to watch carefully.

If he can keep Wall Street happy and simultaneously re-grow REAL VALUE industry, that's fine. I'd love to see Wall Street confiscated and jailed, but the main point is the REAL VALUE elsewhere.

REAL VALUE emphatically includes REAL BANKING, ie paying interest for savings and charging interest for loans. So far Trump hasn't said or done anything in that department.


  Big pond, small ears

Noticed a long-lasting constant in radio entertainment. True from the '40s to the present. Probably applies to TV as well, but I haven't watched TV steadily so can't make any conclusions.

Constant: Whenever a radio program makes an implicit or explicit assumption about its listeners, the program assumes that the listeners are WINNERS, top-status types.

Losers are those annoying tiny smelly insect-like little tiny people who annoy you by buzzing around loserishly and making incomprehensible loserish buzzing sounds. You know all about those annoying tiny little buzzy losers because you are a WINNER.

This assumption is FALSE BY DEFINITION, since winners are not listeners. Winners are on the active end of the circuit. Winners start out as winners. They are attractive or impressive from birth. People want to be around them, want to obey their orders. Winners thus spend most of their time talking and giving orders, while others listen or obey.

Globalism has amplified this problem to the final extreme. In the '40s most radio was local, and most announcers were winners on a local scale. When you've made it to the microphone of a 250 watt station in Minot, you have to go home and listen to Mom and Uncle Louie and Neighbor Henrietta. You don't have a choice. If you get too high and mighty, the microphone will be yanked out of your hand.

Feedback disappears when you are talking on an international network. You live among other winners. Louie and Henrietta have no power over you.

We can see the apotheosis in the Soros media fiasco. NYTimes hires Liz Spayd to determine why it isn't WINNING as totally as it should be, since by the inalterable order of Nature NYTimes should be receiving subscription fees from the entire world. Liz actually reaches the right conclusion: NYTimes doesn't rule the entire world as ferociously as it wants because it doesn't listen. What happens next? NYTimes doesn't listen to Liz Spayd. It continues roaring and screeching the voices in its own delusional head because it can only hear the voices in its own delusional head.

= = = = =

Why is the winner-assumption harmful? Because it leads non-winners to expect impossible outcomes. Sooner or later you wake up and smell the lukewarm coffee. At best you learn to enjoy lukewarm coffee and try to forget the years you wasted working toward an impossible goal. At worst you jump from a roof or bridge or parking structure. At even worser than worst you decide to take some people along when you jump.


  More cutoff? /// Edit: NO.

Another information cutoff. I'm not sure about the purpose of this one; it may just be a glitch or a software fuckup, but the timing is suspicious and I've learned over the years that my natural paranoia is wildly inadequate. Reality is always worse.

Starting a few days ago, the Weather Bureau stopped providing detailed weather info.

Previously they gave a nice record of temp, wind, conditions, precip, at least hourly. This reading was especially useful for wind. (Online radar from shows rain and snow, but there's no equivalent 'wind radar'.)

Here's a chart that I clipped back in June, when the Weather Bureau actually EXPANDED their coverage to include time intervals shorter than one hour.

For several days now, the charts have been gone. When I try to reach the charts, I get this:

Four snow readings and nothing else.

This reminds me of WW2 restrictions on information. Newspapers weren't allowed to publish forecasts because the enemy might gain an advantage by reading them. Suicidally stupid! Farmers and builders were less efficient without immediate forecasts, and the enemy had their own ways of forecasting, just as we had our own ways of forecasting Jap and Kraut weather for our bombers.

= = = = =

Later: The data itself is still available directly through the MesoWest system, though it's a lot less convenient. For instance, this sensor in Spokane provides pretty much the same tables and graphs that NWS formerly carried.

12/2: False alarm. Weather Bureau is back, with a slightly altered format. Must have been a pause during software switchover.


  Who's the customer?

Reddit joins the crowd, cutting off half of its users.

If you're still thinking in terms of profit, this makes no sense. Why lose half of your customers?

Wrong assumption. The readers of Sorosian media are not the customers. Soros is the customer. Soros wants to EXTERMINATE half of the world, so Sorosian media play their part. The customer is always right.




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