Tuesday, July 28, 2015
  One extra thought

One little thought about Trump. Don't know why I didn't notice this before.

Obviously and generally, his strong point is that he has so much money he can't be bought. He doesn't need to whore after Sheldon Adelson's money like the other Repooflicans. He is free to say what he thinks. A lot of what he thinks is true and important. Some isn't true, but it's still Trump's own actual beliefs, not appeals for Adelson's money.

More direct point that I didn't see before: Trump not only doesn't need Adelson's money; he has been DIRECTLY COMPETING with Adelson himself in Vegas.

So this is a fight between two casino owners. One of them is in the ring personally, working for himself. The other is indirectly controlling the 3,719 little players on the other side without actually paying them. Typical Chosen behavior.
  Less ontology

I've tried to deal with trans shit at the level of basic logic before.

Changing your gender requires renting a Tardis and traveling back to the location of your mother's uterus at the timepoint when the egg that would become you is about to be fertilized. Miniaturize yourself, crawl into your mother's uterus, find the sperm about to penetrate the egg, squash it, and pick a different sperm with the opposite set of sex chromosomes. After this other sperm fertilizes the egg, your entire life will disappear from the start to the present. You never exist[ed]. You are not. Some other brother or sister exist[ed] in your place. The rented Tardis is marooned at this timepoint and will need to be repo'd by Timelord Logistics LLC, which is accustomed to dealing with idiots pursuing vain things, and prices the repo risk into its rates.

Convective thought just now:

There's a less ontological and less sci-fi way of dealing with the question.

All human beings, and in fact all mammals, have singular permanent gender. Some other animals like slugs or jellyfish have mixed or variable gender.

If you claim that your gender is variable, you have voluntarily resigned from the human species. You can no longer claim any of the protections that we give to humans or mammals. You may be able to join a species of slug that belongs on some Endangered list, but I doubt that you'll enjoy the privileges appurtenant thereto. Even Endangered slugs aren't allowed to drive cars, or vote, or marry other humans of any gender, or own property, or have bank accounts. And you won't be able to drink beer for damn sure, even if you're over 21 in slug years.


  This hour's vain thing

Why do the people imagine a vain thing? Good old line from Messiah, or I guess originally from Psalm 2. Pretty much applies to all things in US/UK/EU. Vain in both senses. Vain as in futile, vain as in narcissistic.

This hour's example of a vain thing:

All the stories agree. NSA will stop gathering metadata on phone calls.

Everyone with a grasp on reality knows that this is completely vain as in futile.

Simple fact: NSA does not use laws.

Since its inception, NSA has always monitored everything physically possible, limited only by technology. And NSA's tech has always been several years ahead of vulgar commoner tech.

Why do the media imagine this vain thing? Why do they take counsel together and agree to propagate such a bizarre delusion? Because they're vain as in narcissistic. Not looking at the world, only looking in the mirror and seeing Angelic Marvelousness.

A non-vain headline of the event in question would be more like:

Piece of paper contains words and the acronym NSA.

That's as far as you can go without running off the end of reality.

= = = = =

The next few lines of the Psalm are also instructive.

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

Breaking the bands of reality, casting away the cords of fact and logic and morality.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Hmm. Would be nice, but not much evidence of it.

Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

Who's doing the vexing? Well, ISIS and Boko Haram fit the role of God's Hand in the Old Testament. But they're not vexing the places that are ferociously breaking the bands asunder; instead they're vexing places where most people are still on the Lord's side. Seems like another vain thing as in wasted effort. Need more accurate vex vectors.


Monday, July 27, 2015
  Collision with conventional wisdom

The latest Collectible Auto mag came in the mail. A compendium article on Cars of 1929 ran through familiar material until this paragraph collided head-on with my conventional wisdom:

Two automakers that specialized in hearses and ambulances, Cunningham and Sayers&Scovill, continued to offer passenger cars to the general public, albeit very few and primarily through undertakers -- which must have done wonders for weeding out idle tire-kickers.


Think about that in two ways.

(1) You hear that Graves Mortuary has a snazzy new Sayers Six for sale. You look at it, decide it's nothing special, but pick up a prepaid funeral for your mother-in-law while you're in the store, hoping that the preparation will speed up the Happening part of "If God Forbid Something Should Happen." The Six has served as a loss leader.

(2) You're arranging the rites for dear Uncle Zeke. Mr Graves is showing you the deluxe solid-oak caskets and cars. You select the strippo Parkwood Pine casket for dear Unc, who you didn't like much anyway, and the Sayers Glendale Eight for yourself. You deserve a fine car as a reward. The Glendale has served as a halo model.

Both scenarios are purely beyond modern imagination. This conjunction of consummation and combustion implies a much more familiar attitude toward death in the 1920s. After the 1918 flu epidemic, the unthinkable was all too easily thinkable.

I tried to trace down the surprising part but so far can't find much on the web.

This long article on Sayers & Scovill mentions the passenger models but doesn't say they were only sold by undertakers. Clearly the passenger models were initially made for use by undertakers as 'first call' cars. S&S continued as an independent hearse-maker until the 1970s; after several mergers, the name is still used on some hearses**.

An ad in Automobile Trade Journal for 1920 features the Sayers Six:

This ad was aimed at potential car dealers, not retail customers, so I wouldn't expect it to say that you're going to be competing with undertakers. It refers delicately to 'notable' vehicles.

Specs in another trade journal indicate that the Sayers Six was extremely typical of the early '20s: 'assembled' car with Continental engine, median length, median horsepower, median price. S&S offered these models for 10 years, so the quantities and profits must have been sufficient to amortize the sunk costs of design and tooling.

= = = = =

** Footnote: The starred sentence is a universal template. XXXX continued as an independent YYYY maker until the 1970s; after several mergers, the XXXX name is still used on some YYYYs. The 1970s were deadly for independent makers of EVERYTHING in America. Nixon's massive increase in enviro and "safety" regulations, combined with the shift from profit to share value, wiped out manufacturing. A few big merged companies held on for a while, keeping old names active without the old employees.


  Darwin bites and metabites

Berezow at RCS has fun with a pot cookie:
For those of you unfamiliar with the Darwin Award, it is given to the "individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives," usually by "eliminat[ing] themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chances of long-term survival." It is in that spirit that I shall discuss the case of a 19-year-old resident of Colorado who met his untimely demise after consuming a pot-infused cookie.
Dickhead ate one entire pot cookie, disobeying the (wildly counterintuitive!) written instructions that each cookie should be divided into 6 portions. Thought he could fly, found out otherwise.

Just like 'Reefer Madness', except 'Reefer Madness' was wrong at the time when it was made. You can't get crazy by smoking the stuff because it hits your brain immediately and you know when you're reaching your limit. A newly made 'Reefer Madness' would be right. When you eat infused cookies or candy, the effect is delayed and you can go too far.

Making laws will be difficult because legislators are already crazy without any pot. Their calvariums are jammed to overflowing with EPA/CDC propaganda that says SMOKE BAD! SMOKE BAD! SMOKE BAD! Thus they will find it impossible to make a law that favors smoke over liquid in any context.

Incidentally, Berezow pulled a sort of meta-Darwin on the authorial level. His assumed superior knowledge came back to bite him. Those who are truly familiar with the Darwin award will know that the Darwin Award website has been dormant for a couple of years, so Darwin Awards aren't being awarded.

Makes sense, of course. In a place that has descended into infinite x infinite x infinite hyperhyperhyperinsanity, the tiniest hint of sanity must be TORTURED AND BURNED. So an award that attempts to laugh at insanity MUST go dormant.

= = = = =

Seriously, I'd think a lawsuit on the instructions would succeed. You can't expect anyone, pothead or not, to eat only 1/6 of a cookie. What's the point of having a unit like a cookie if you're supposed to eat only part of it? For non-potheads a reasonable and expectable dose is 3 or 4 full cookies. For potheads multiply by 10.


Sunday, July 26, 2015
  Hoover vs McGovern

A long and detailed article about the long dispute between FBI head Hoover and Comrade McGovern.

Lots of juicy stuff for partisans, and the article is written from a modern Satanic viewpoint; but it's easy enough to filter out the venom.

It reduces to simple and REAL politics. Unlike today's Robust Debates that bid up the cost and lethality of a government activity in ONE DIRECTION, there was an actual TWO-SIDED debate during the lifetimes of Hoover and McGovern.

The two sides were simple and firmly defined. McGovern was a Communist and Hoover was an anti-Communist. McGovern did everything he could to interfere with Hoover's anti-Commie activity. Hoover did everything he could to interfere with McGovern's Commie activity.

Real opposition, real debate. American Commies were right about Vietnam and wrong about most other things. They started the ball rolling toward Satan's current victory, though most of them (like McGovern) were strongly traditional and strongly moral people in private life. Hoover was wrong about Vietnam and right about most other stuff, though he was apparently non-traditional in his private life.

Even in public both men were more complicated than their sides, and more complicated than modern partisans (including me!) would prefer. McGovern favored small business, which put him at odds with other Commies. Hoover strongly favored racial equality, which put him at odds with government moves like the justified internment of Japs. Hoover acted against Comrade MLK, not because he thought racial equality was bad, but because Comrade MLK and his associates were Commies who were using the racial equality movement for their own anti-American purposes.
  No surprise

Fuckhead Obama is LECTURING the leader of Kenya on the necessity of suicide.

Fortunately, the president of Kenya isn't going along for the evil ride. He is politely demurring. "No thanks, I wouldn't care for any suicide just now. Maybe later."

In the same speech, Fuckhead Obama notes correctly that Africa is rising.

Chutzpah as usual. Fuckhead Obama misses the fucking point. Kenyatta does not miss the fucking point.

Here we have a perfect comparison of two systems.

One system, Natural Law, was developed over many thousands of years of painful experimentation. It was written down as formal laws 5000 years ago.

The other system, Suicide, has been developed for about 100 years, and was written down as formal law EXACTLY ONE MONTH AGO.

Africa is rising BECAUSE it is strict about following EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE, which determined 5000 years ago that civilization requires BOUNDARIES and DIVISION OF LABOR. This is how Nature made the world. Boundaries, division of labor, decentralized control.

US/UK/EU is collapsing BECAUSE it has abandoned all aspects of EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE. We try to operate in violation of ALL facts in ALL areas. We eliminate all boundaries, eliminate all division of labor, smash all feedback loops. We violate geographic facts, cultural facts, economic facts, biological facts, mechanical facts. We replace all KNOWN AND EXPERIMENTALLY DETERMINED facts with our own hyperwacked delusions and theories, the product of unspeakably unimaginably demented and horribly diseased calvariums.

It should be no surprise that Nature works. Nature has been working forever. It should be no surprise that TOTAL DELUSION fails, and it's grotesquely obvious that TOTAL DELUSION is in the process of failing here and now.

If you want to survive, which written law do you choose? 5000 years of proven survival, or ONE MONTH of proven failure?

Kenyatta understands this. That's why Kenya is rising.

Fuckhead Obama does not understand this. Nobody else at any level of the US/UK/EU power structure understands it either. That's why US/UK/EU is falling.

Morality is another name for survival.


Saturday, July 25, 2015
  Effective begging

Nice contrast to the ineffective begging two weeks ago.

Same bus stop, same time of morning. This time a car pulls into the parking lot near me. A female human hops out of the car and comes over to me. HUH? What's happening? Females NEVER approach me for friendly purposes. Is this a process server? Random shooter? Nope. A Jehovah's Witness doing God's work. She gives a 10-second spiel, decides that the pamphlet "Has science replaced the Bible?" is the correct one. Hands it to me. I say something like "You got that right! THANKS!" and she runs back to her car and goes off to save more souls.

She did everything right. First of all, being a female... but that's not something you can just choose. Either you got it or you don't. Takes guts to approach an unknown male. Second, she worked FAST. Satan is working FAST, so God's people also need to work FAST. Third, she had the social acumen to figure out that I'm the sciencey type.

If I had time and social acumen, I would have told her that she didn't really need to convert me. I'm already on her side in a general way. Not the Witness theology as such, but the concept that the Bible is a science textbook is pretty much all I write about lately.

So the begging was highly effective but sort of redundant.

Still, God's work for damn sure.

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Friday, July 24, 2015
  Surface-mounted crimethink

I always keep a copy of Collectible Auto mag in front of me when I eat. Today's copy featured Chevies of the early '30s.

CA has this luscious picture of the '32:

Two not-quite-separate thoughts from one picture.

= = = = =

Thought #1: From about 1890 through 1965, the USA government AND schools AND corporations AND culture in general made a point of reconciling the North and

Ragtime composers found out that Yankee Doodle mixed well with

and put together some remarkably clever compositions using both.

Corporations tried to achieve the same balance. Chevy's 1931 model was called the Independence, and this '32 was called the

Needless to say, we wouldn't think of engaging in the ancient obsolete nasty practice of healing and reconciliation. Now we do healing and reconciliation, which means restarting the war with more blood and more bombs and more burning. It will be interesting to watch Barrett-Jackson's auction listings. If somebody tries to sell a

will Barrett-Jackson require it to be burned instead of sold? I bet yes.

= = = = =

Thought #2:

As I looked at the unnameable picture, I was struck by the way EVERYTHING was mounted on the surface. Headlights, horns, radiator cap, spare tire, axles, springs. Just after 1932 this began to change, at first tentatively by the odd little Willys and the ugly Airflow. Those two cars didn't really move the trend, but Lincoln's magnificent '36 Zephyr did the job. By 1940 only the wheels and door handles were outside the envelope on most cars.

I've been playing with a modern replication of Houghton's Phono-Faradic device which supposedly cured tinnitus.

The original as shown in Houghton's article:

And my digital animation made a couple years ago:

Note that everything is surface-mounted just like the Unnameable. Switches, pots, pendulums. All wide open. This was true of electronic devices from 1830 to 1920, a bit earlier than the change in cars. Basically all components except the batteries were right out there on the surface where you could remove and adjust and even modify them. After 1920, cabinets started to get smoother and streamlinier, and only the knobs were on the surface. All working parts were inside the box. Every year thereafter, the user lost power and lost skills. Now you can't even be trusted with knobs. Every function is controlled and hacked from the Cloud, which is another name for Big Trans-Sibling.

In replicating Houghton (with a 555 instead of a pendulum) my first thought was to go modern and put everything inside a standard plastic box; but then Serendipity called and I found a wooden speaker box that enables me to replicate the surfacey form of the original as well. More on this later after it's done.

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  Weird fire day

(1) In London, schoolkids celebrated the end of semester by burning their books outside. Caused a grass fire, melted power lines, cut electricity to a major part of London.

(2) In Idaho, a touring bicyclist stopped on a forest trail to poop. Decided for some stupid reason to burn the TP after using it. Started a forest fire, burned 73 acres.

More arguments for a total ban on all outside flames. Switch the laws to require smoking INSIDE instead of OUTSIDE.
  One more mantra fades

Another trade now joins the rapidly increasing collection of arts and crafts that MUST do evil. Pharmacists MUST dispense abortion pills.

A convective thought pops up.

Science has made religion its enemy. Religious people and sane people now reject science for perfectly rational reasons. Science has left the arena of facts and logic, and now adheres to vile filthy genocidal madness.

Until now, religious people tended to favor business. Evangelicals have been trained by Soviet Agent Ayn Rand to recite the mantra that capitalism is good capitalism is good capitalism is good taxation is theft taxation is theft taxation is theft.

Big corporations and bankers have been doing pure evil for quite a while now. Some evangelicals seem to realize this, but they haven't really changed their perspective on business as such.

Now that ALL businesses big and small are required to do evil, the connection will become more obvious and transparent. People will find that their employers can no longer afford the liability costs of hiring Christians.

As this trend expands, religion and business will finally become enemies.

There is an answer to this, but it's not going to happen before the revolution.


  Malaria and the BIG question

Probably the biggest news of the year. If 2015 is going to be remembered for something other than Satan's ferocious victory slaughter, this would be it. A vaccine for malaria has completed 30 years of testing and improvement, and is (more or less?) ready for market.

The commenters at the Telegraph article are arguing along the usual lines. Idiot Malthusians versus observers of actual reality. Exp versus tanh. When you know most of your kids will die quickly, you produce a lot of babies. When you know your kids will survive, you produce less.

But they're all missing the bigger point. Malaria weakens more than it kills.

We don't need to be thinking about a simple increase in African numbers; we should be pondering an increase in African physical and mental strength.

At this point in history, Africa is on the upswing. Many countries have finally grown tired of the post-colonial excuses and dependence. They're taking control of their own destiny.

Africa is the LAST STRONGHOLD of non-Satanic people. The only place where Satan can be slowed down for a few femtoseconds.

As malaria fades, more Africans will be mentally and physically available to solve their own problems. Will they live within a culture and government that wants them to solve problems, or will they live within a culture and government that needs more subsidy-suckers and Global Warming Victims and cannon fodder?

The biggest question of all, for the entire world and especially Africa, is the old song. How ya gonna keep em down on the farm after they've seen Nairobeeeee? Or Shanghaiiiii? Or even Pareeeee?

How do we make small-scale farming more profitable and interesting than city life? More protected from predatory bankers and speculators? More attractive for families to stay on the same plot of land?

That's the BIG question.


  NASA returns to shit

The Pluto crew at NASA has raised the bar for gaining positive public attention. It's no mystery. Just be human. Skip the tech shit and give things meaningful names. Treat your target like a newly discovered friend instead of a newly written piece of code. NO THEORIES, JUST CAREFUL OBSERVATION PLUS A DASH OF WONDERMENT.


The heart. The whale. Tombaugh Plain, which incidentally looks remarkably like a brain. Maybe it should have been called the Sea of Cortex.

Now the latest from the pointless exoplanet crew returns to boring standard, showing the distinction even more dramatically.
We can think of Kepler-452b as an older, bigger cousin to Earth, providing an opportunity to understand and reflect upon Earth's evolving environment," said Jon Jenkins, the Kepler data analysis lead at NASA's Ames Research Center.
452-b. The only people who get excited about names like 452-b are autistic supernerds. And note also the IMMEDIATE reference to good old GLOBAL WARMING and EVOLUTION and ENVIRONMENT. Four doses of standard evil NASA poison in one sentence.

Examining Pluto makes sense because Pluto is reachable. We could send a manned mission there with existing Russian technology. (There's no such thing as American technology. We only manufacture chaos and genocide.) It would be a stretch, but it's POSSIBLE.

There is exactly ZERO chance that we'll ever reach, or even COMMUNICATE, with a planet 1400 LIGHT YEARS AWAY. We don't even know if it still exists. This is PURE THEORY, PURE SCI-FI.


= = = = =

A bit later: The Pluto crew has answered the weak riposte by the exonerds. A magnificently beautiful picture of the part they're calling Sputnik Plain. Nice touch, honoring the REAL pioneers from both sides despite idiotic USA STRONG invasions and aggressions against Russia.

The Pluto team says the picture is showing a flow of exotic ices. Take that, exonerds! Which would you rather have in your kitchen, a glass of rp4896.4i9^t#zq80 or a glass of exotic ices?

Exonerds should slink back to their coding cubicles and just 7463&3.77#2^7fQ5 for a while.


Thursday, July 23, 2015
  Simple answer

There's no way to stop abortion with "law", because "law" is extinct.

But there is a way to manipulate the forces of insanity to eliminate abortion.

The educrat monsters are trying to expand their empire both downward and upward. Now that pre-K is officially required, prepreK is next. Encourage them to keep going FAST, which is no problem because Satan always moves FAST.

When prepreprepreK reaches birth, it will have to keep going for one more school year = 9 months. After that, it bumps into a physical limit that even monsters can't break.

Educrats always defend their gains with ACTUAL ARMED FORCE, unlike the Milifairy which refuses to use force.

Any attempt to decrease the population of prepreprepreprepreK students, by abortion or miscarriage or contraception, will be instantly stopped.

Do you imagine that this will make Christian opposition to abortion OK? Don't be silly. Educrat opposition to abortion is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from Christian opposition to abortion. How could you even think of comparing the actions of Correct Persons with the actions of Unpersons? Shame on you.

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Today is the anniversary of the Big Wind, a gustnado or microburst that ripped up this neighborhood.

Looking back at the night before it, I notice this cranky item complaining that the Weather Bureau didn't see the nice rain approaching. Clearly my mood was responding to the severity of the approaching delta.

Here's the radar that I posted to accompany the crankiness:

Yes, there's rain in the picture, but there's also at least three FUCKING MICROBURSTS in the picture, WHICH I DIDN'T FUCKING NOTICE. Sorry, Weather Bureau. I was cranking at the mote but missing the LITERAL LOGS that were about to fall.

Next day, a few hours before the blast, I felt the need for solace and prayer, so I posted this item, showing the colors of the Russian America flag. Invoking the only moderately sane place on Earth.

And then it happened. I'll reprint part of the description, which was written a few days later after power and web were restored:
DAMN. That was BAD.

The Weather Bureau has more trouble forecasting in continental-influenced years like this one. And they missed this purely continental storm.

They were warning for strong thunderstorms, so I was ready for that. Unplugged the computer, closed the doors and windows, cooked supper early to avoid possible power outage.

But they didn't warn for 75 MPH wind.

It came without any natural warning. I heard a few THUMPS before I heard wind. Those THUMPS were, of course, trees dropping. The wind came all at once, step-function style. It roared, punctuated by more THUMPS. I opened the front door to see what in the holy fuck was happening, because it didn't sound like wind. Stood there transfixed, which was not smart; I should have taken cover. Watched the nearest stand of trees thrashing and bending as they always do in a big wind. The wind kept getting stronger, and then it was full of hail and rain, which made its force unstoppable. One of the trees bent 90 degrees and fell as I watched. THUMP. Just like I'd imagined it would.

And then it was over. Maybe 5 minutes.

My house is okay. The only damage is a piece of metal siding popped loose.

Back in 2011, after another continental year, I had the trees removed from my yard. They would have squashed me this time if they'd still been around. In that same year I had the fence braced, and it remains stubbornly vertical. Also thanks to the neighbor on the west, who removed several trees in that same year. One of those trees would have been directly aimed at my house if it had still been around.

The people who didn't go for Zero Problems in previous years have Big Problems this year.
Those Big Problems, roughly 10 squashed houses and garages, took several months to repair. Now the neighborhood looks about the same as before, except for several trees that remain broken and unremoved.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Local news features a story about armed civilians protecting National Guard recruiters, since the illegitimate illegal infinitely insane so-called alleged quote "Federal" "Government" unquote still refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. refuses to allow soldiers to carry guns. No, it doesn't get any saner with repetition. It just gets worse.

Some state governors have amazingly opted into common sense for Natl Guard within their states, and so far the "Feds" haven't kicked back. This won't last.** As mentioned before, opting away from Satan is not allowed, while opting into Satan is always allowed.

Several times in the feature, the reporter used the term "Armed Forces" without even noticing that it's obsolete. He said the "armed civilians are protecting the Armed Forces", which is precisely false. The armed civilians are protecting the Unarmed Non-Forces.

As with Trump, I have to ask a basic marketing question. Surely the recruiters can see that being publicly vulnerable, showing yourself to the whole world as an open target for anyone who wants to shoot you, is NOT GOOD ADVERTISING for potential soldiers.

Join us for guaranteed suicide! Want to experience the pleasure of dying a slow death without any chance of preventing it or shooting back? Sign up for the Unarmed Non-Forces!

Do they want suicidal soldiers? Is that the whole point?

Assume intent from actions.

**7/25 addendum: Well, that didn't take long.
  A proof by contradiction

Sudden realization about Snow Trump vs the 700 Repooflican Dwarfs. A classic proof by contradiction.

If we start with the assumption that votes are the marketing target for candidates, the actions of the 700 Repooflican Dwarfs make no sense at all. They are working amazingly hard to gain the vote of Our Prophet Binyamin Netanyahu, and to gain the votes of Mexican druglords. They are working amazingly hard to utterly repel and disgust American voters, to guarantee that American voters never never never consider even LOOKING at any Repoof candidate again.

Why does this make no sense? Our Prophet Binyamin Netanyahu does not vote in primaries. Mexican druglords do not vote in primaries. American voters vote in primaries.

Still assuming that votes are the target, Trump makes slightly more sense. Along with the 700 Dwarfs he is trying to gain the vote of Our Lord And Prophet Netanyahu, but he is ALSO appealing to American voters, and strongly repelling Mexican druglords.

One basic fact: Marketers and political operatives are NOT dumb. Marketers know what they're doing. When you have 701 products competing for customers, you will never see 700 of the products wildly repelling and disgusting all customers, and the other 1 product repelling most customers.

Conclusion: Votes are not the target. Mafia money is the target. The money of Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Vegas Mafia and the Macao Mafia, is unquestionably the main target. Another likely target is the money and opinion of Carlos Slim, who owns part of the Media Mafia and part of the Mexican Mafia.

The 700 Dwarfs need money, so they are talking exclusively to Sheldon Adelson and Carlos Slim, while pretending to talk to voters. Trump doesn't need money, so he can say anything he wants.
  Thanks, Ralph 9

At one point Esolen tries to reassure the keepers of tradition:
Our Lord has granted us one of the most precious blessings in war. Our enemies are ignorant. They are clever—they have brains, as all human beings do. But imagine a rickety fence against a cannon: that’s our contemporary journalist against Chesterton. Imagine a squirt gun against a battering ram: that’s our contemporary educator against Pope Benedict.
Not far from Emerson:
The history of persecution is a history of attempts to cheat nature, to make water run uphill, to twist a rope of sand.
It's hard to see the benefit of the enemy's negative intelligence when the enemy so obviously owns the tanks and bombs. But occasionally it shows up even within the ranks of the enemy. This is from a Robust Debate within Satan's Anglican division:
The first motion, on combating climate change, anticipates the global summit that is due to take place in Paris in December. It urges governments to “agree long-term pathways to a low-carbon future” and endorses the World Bank’s call for the ending of fossil-fuel subsidies. It also looks inward, requesting the development of new “eco-theological resources” and encouraging parishes and dioceses to encourage a fast for climate change on the first day of each month.

The second motion, on investments, says that “urgent action to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels” is required... It welcomes the recent disinvestment by the Church’s national investment bodies (NIBs) from oil sands and thermal coal and urges them to “engage ROBUSTLY with companies and policy-makers on the need to act to support the transition to a low-carbon economy”.

For some, the threat of disinvestment did not go far enough. The Revd Hugh Lee wished to amend the motion to threaten disinvestment from oil companies within three years “unless they have committed to ceasing oil exploration and reducing production consistently with limiting the global temperature rise to two degrees celcius”.

Clive Scowen described the threat of disinvestment as “rather peculiar”. He argued that oil companies “like nothing better than be shot of troublesome activist shareholders. It will not leave the boards of BP and Shell quaking in their boots but singing in their bars.”
Robust Debate as usual. Start with total genocide (except the Chosen), bid it up by a factor of 10 at each step. KILLING EVERYTHING (except the Chosen) is NOT ENOUGH! ONLY A TINY BABY STEP! WE MUST KILL 10 TIMES EVERYTHING (except the Chosen)! NO! THAT'S JUST A TINY BABY STEP TOWARD A TINY BABY STEP! KILL 100 TIMES EVERYTHING (except the Chosen)!

But note the unwelcome intrusion of Scowen, who seems to have been visited by a strange hallucination of momentary common sense. Plain fact: Disinvestment enriches the rich, like everything else Satan does. Disinvestment will actually increase the activities of oil companies.

Needless to say, he is shouted down and Robust Debate continues in the Correct Direction. Kill everything but the Chosen, AND make life easier for oil companies.

Thanks, Ralph.



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Polistra was named after the original townsite of Manhattan (the one in Kansas). When I was growing up in Manhattan, I spent a lot of time exploring by foot, bike, and car. I discovered the ruins of an old mill along Wildcat Creek, and decided (inaccurately) that it was the remains of the original site of Polistra. Accurate or not, I've always liked the name, with its echoes of Poland (an under-appreciated friend of freedom) and stars. ==== The title icon is explained here. ==== Switchover: This 2007 entry marks a sharp change in worldview from neocon to pure populist. ===== The long illustrated story of Polistra's Dream is a time-travel fable, attempting to answer the dangerous revision of New Deal history propagated by Amity Shlaes. The Dream has 8 episodes, linked in a chain from the first. This entry explains the Shlaes connection.

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