Thursday, March 23, 2017
  I know, teacher! Pick me! Pick me!

Wikileaks poses a little riddle.

This CIA logo as seen #Vault7 has a simple code in the image. Can you crack it?

Leaving aside the binary stuff which is the obvious answer, I see a rebus sequence.


Stealth Knowledge Innovation = SKI,


So the KEY to anything that looks [Rus]SKI is the USA Eagle.

Or more precisely a dead eagle's head, with the body shorted out and melting from CIA sabotage.

  Why is it different?

I'm looking at the User's Manuals for CIA hacking tools in the latest Wikileaks offering. These little files are no different from User's Manuals for other types of software. I've written dozens of manuals with similar patterns, though mine don't look quite as official and don't have labels like TOP SECRET/NOFORN at the top.

Yeah, banality of evil and all that ... but there's something deeper going on here that I couldn't see at first. I had to stop and think. How is this software different from non-evil software? What can it do that my useful educational software and pointless recreational software can't do?

Compare with earlier spy tools. Shortwave receivers and transmitters were used as spy tools. CIA and KGB had their own specific xmtrs and rcvrs. Why weren't they also incurably evil?

Because radios, like guns, can be used offensively and defensively and recreationally. Hacking software is purely offensive. It has no defensive or recreational uses. It serves solely to STEAL information and DAMAGE machinery.

Globalists use tools solely for aggressive and criminal purposes. Localists use tools defensively.
  Missing part of the point

Just noticed a rather old article in BBC's culture section. There's plenty of evidence that "modern" "art" was used as a cultural weapon by CIA. Several CIA-owned foundations helped to fund the "artists" and helped to spread their "work" to Europe and the Soviet Bloc.

Jazz was used similarly without any pretense of secrecy. (See Willis Conover.) Not surprising that "modern" "art" would run the same way.

Many Americans considered "modern" "art" to be a Commie tool. Cleon Skousen included it in his list of Commie attempts to break down American society. He was right about the Commies but misattributed the source to Russia. (And I was dumb enough to go along.)

Commies in America were always working primarily for OSS/CIA/FBI. It's the good old Globalist Tripod. Banks, Intel, Leftists. Some were also working with Russia at times, because Russia has always been happy to help weaken America. But Russia was not the source of these ideas. CIA and internal Leftists have been the CONSISTENT source of chaos.

The BBC article speculates about the purpose:
According to Anfam, it is easy to see why the CIA wished to promote Abstract Expressionism. “It’s a very shrewd and cynical strategy,” he explains, “because it showed that you could do whatever you liked in America.” By the ‘50s, Abstract Expressionism was bound up with the concept of individual freedom: its canvases were understood as expressions of the subjective inner lives of the artists who painted them.

As a result, the movement was a useful foil to Russia’s official Soviet Realist style, which championed representative painting. “America was the land of the free, whereas Russia was locked up, culturally speaking,” Anfam says, characterising the perception that the CIA wished to foster during the Cold War.
Doesn't make sense. Very few Americans want to "do whatever you like", and nobody except the "artists" saw any purpose in scrawling and scratching random shit and calling it "art". Americans and Russians, like all rational people, want art to be a beautiful and orderly representation of reality. The job of art is to ADD order, not subtract. We were getting what we wanted from commercial artists, so we saw no reason to value the CIA-sponsored chaos. Russians were getting a better deal in terms of officially sponsored art, so they had even less reason to want abstract ratshit.

A much simpler explanation: CIA, dark heart of Globalism, wants to spread chaos and death everywhere because CIA is evil. The real target of "modern" "art" was domestic, not foreign. It was convenient to blame the Russkies, and the Russkies were dumb enough to help with the blame.
  The direct approach

Posted at Spokane-news facebook page:
There has been a few solicitors in the Emmerson-Garfield neighborhood. I think they are staking out homes. One is a very average, un-althletic man asking for donations for his soccer team to go to Ireland. White male, about 6 ft, dirty blond hair and a lazy eye. About an hour later, a black man with salted hair and beard was inquiring about home security. He had no badge, did not represent his company, just inquired of our situation. He was wearing a carhart hoodie, jeans, and dirty white shoes. Please send out a post to be watching out for these guys!
Inquiring about home security. Much more efficient than 'casing the joint' by careful observation!

Fortunately the provider of this news DID practice careful observation. Those are useful descriptions.
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Last year Congress did a rare GOOD thing when it opened the path for lawsuits against Saudi for attacking us on 9/11. Several such suits have been launched, including a big one yesterday.

Aside from bribery and corruption, there's a deep conceptual roadblock that prevents us from seeing the war accurately. In the 20th century we've been accustomed to conflict between nation-states. WW1 was the first big war among the nation-states of Europe that had crystallized in 1870. WW2 was even more purely based on nation-states, and the Cold War continued the pattern.

9/11 announced a return to TRIBAL war. Saudi has never been an 1800-style nation. It's a family enterprise. Some members of the royal family helped CIA to run and finance al-Qaeda and ISIS. Saudi as a national government was not involved, but that should be seen as irrelevant.

Now that the two big empires are breaking up, nations are quickly returning to natural tribal conditions. EU is trying to maintain its quasi-national status in order to keep the German nation-state together, but it will fail just like the Soviet and American quasi-national empires.

Overall a consistent tribal setup is better for ordinary people. The tribal wars of pre-1870 Europe were often long and locally brutal, but they were NOT TOTAL WARS. Royal families didn't want to own the world; they just wanted to kick out another small-scale family.

At the moment our stimulus-response mechanism is still locked into the total war mode. When some members of a royal family attack us, our only choice is digital. Obliterate the entire nation or do nothing. Earlier eras had more analog modes of responding to threats.

We have a similar mismatch in legal proceedings. Most local and state governments are run by tribes (ethnic mafias) now. Italian, Injun, Jew. The 1800s 'secular' worldview declares that genes do not exist, and thus prevents us from RECOGNIZING tribeforce. When we can't RECOGNIZE ethnic tribes, a tribe is free to operate without punishment. Tribes have grabbed this opportunity, leveraging a small influence into control of a vast area which is mostly occupied by other tribes. If we return to the older more 'commercial' legal system of Natural Law or Old English Common Law, monetary influence can be restricted and balanced by monetary recompense.

These Saudi lawsuits could be the camel's nose that tears down the Big Tent of nations and returns us to a more limited and less leveraged arrangement. OJ Simpson was able to use black tribeforce to halt 'digital' jail time but couldn't get away from 'analog' lawsuits for monetary recompense. Same here.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  Wouldn't it be

Listened for about 30 seconds to Bader Ginsburg Gorsuch. Quickly had to save my blood pressure.

There's that word INDEPENDENT again.

Wouldn't it be splendid, just fucking once, to hear a "judge" nominee who is COMPLETELY DEPENDENT on the laws and charters of the country?

Every job has rules that must be obeyed. If I tried to get a programming job by offering to be INDEPENDENT of the compilers and interpreters of C++ and Python, I'd never get a job. If a ditch digger offered to be INDEPENDENT of shovels and wheelbarrows, he'd never be hired. If a plumber said he'd decide INDEPENDENTLY AND NEUTRALLY to let water flood the room, he'd be gone. If a surgeon promised to be NEUTRAL when dealing with cancer, he'd be sued down to bedrock. Even an ordinary lawyer can't be INDEPENDENT of the laws of the state or county.

Why should a judge be NEUTRAL when dealing with the water pressure of corruption or the cancer of abortion?

When Fuckhead Schumer starts grilling him, the DEPENDENT nominee would respond:

"Tell you what, Lucky Chucky. Here's a mirror so you can look at yourself and jack off. I'm not going to answer your unspeakably idiotic questions because the intelligence of the world will be lowered by several hundred points if I treat your questions as coherent English. Instead, I will handle lawsuits and criminal cases as specified in the Constitution. Any case that is intended to make or revise or repeal laws is illegal and I will force the other members of the court to reject such cases entirely, at gunpoint if needed. If rejecting the case will allow a lower court to make or revise or repeal a law, I will force the lower court to delete its attempted crime, by shooting if necessary. I will hire mercenaries to enforce the LAWS of this country when any employee of the judicial branch attempts to commit a crime by legislating."
  If it's FREE.....

Via Reuters:
Google and its sister company Jigsaw, are stepping up efforts to help keep elections free of online interference after helping to defend one of two important voter information websites that came under cyber attack during last week's Dutch national election.

A Jigsaw spokesman said on Tuesday that it plans to offer a free suite of security tools called Protect Your Election for upcoming national votes in France, South Korea and Germany, then subsequent elections as they occur.
In other words, pro-Soros groups will be given a free picture window to view the activities and emails of anti-Soros groups, and anti-Soros groups will be freely spoofed into thinking they're secure.

I hope the anti-Soros groups have enough sense to develop their own security.

Best security of all: Don't do anything important online. Stick with 'eyeball QSOs' and paper. If you don't want your conversation to be public, don't talk in public. True for 5000 years, still true now.


  In the end it doesn't matter

Unsurprisingly, wiretappers FBI and NSA "didn't find any evidence" that wiretappers FBI and NSA had wiretapped Trump Tower.


Everyone knows that NSA monitors EVERYTHING, and everyone knows that NSA closely analyzes sources that could endanger its budget. When Trump got into politics he showed signs of wanting to pull back from total permanent war and chaOS, so he was a dangerous subversive who needed careful attention.

Everyone ALSO knows that you're not going to get any valid information from FBI or NSA or CIA. If you want information you need LEAKS.

The accusation would have been worth the trouble if Trump already had proof of the surveillance. It's not hard to acquire such proof. But he didn't.

Instead he violated two basic rules of human nature. Don't start a war you can't finish, and don't make accusations you can't prove.

ESPECIALLY when the opposition is devoting all of its attention to the false accusation of "Russian meddling". The cure for a false accuser is to stand back, shut up, and help the truth to appear on its own. Making your own unprovable accusation DESTROYS your ability to point out the opposition's lies.

I'm still TRYING to avoid the obvious conclusion that Trump is a false flag for Deepstate, but at this point I can't find any good evidence against the conclusion.

In the end it doesn't matter if he's a false flag or a hopeless idiot. Globalism has destroyed itself by overreaching. Even if Trump is working for Goldman, there's nothing left for Goldman to globalize and securitize. The EU side is rapidly losing momentum. Brexit is firm. Putin has broken the Soros bubble, and there's no way to reinflate it.


  Signs and omens?

In earlier decades mobsters liked to run 'floating craps games'. I didn't think they were still popular, but obviously I was wrong.
A giant metal die apparently washed up on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene over the weekend. It was found between The Resort and Independence Point, next to the seaplane dock. It appears as though it had been removed it by Monday afternoon, one witness said. “No idea where to, but it would have been challenging,” said Mark Sales, the man who took the photos. “It was about 6’ square and steel.”
Einstein supposedly said "God doesn't play dice." Obviously he was wrong.

Or maybe God is trying to send a signal to these casinos that have displaced productive economic activity. Meteors with a message. You think you're Number One? Your number is up. Live by the die, die by the die.
Monday, March 20, 2017
  Note for map lovers (and Deceptive Headline 2)

The latest item at KSHS is a BIG detailed map of Kansas in 1872. Published by Santa Fe RR to show the huge band of land it was given as a subsidy. Santa Fe sold all of the land to finance its rail construction. Looks like about 1/5 of the state.

The headline says 30,000 FREE HOMES! Well, they weren't FREE. You could get into a 7 percent mortgage without a down payment. Deceptive. Lots of Easterners took the deal, paid the mortgage payments for a while, then failed because they weren't farmers and most of the land wasn't suitable for small-scale farming. Santa Fe was then FREE to sell the same land again.
  Deceptive headline

The headline and summary of an analysis of "climate change" "research" is deceptive. The headline says "No publication bias found", and the abstract is equally firm.

The actual article is nearly opposite to the headline. It finds that the 2009 leak was useful. Before the leak, Mann and Jones and their criminal gang were running wild, publishing all sorts of nonsense and lies and receiving plenty of money, power and glory for their crimes. After the leak exposed them as gangsters, published articles became far more cautious, emphasizing non-significant results and failures.
However, our meta-analysis did find multiple lines of evidence of biases within our sample of articles, which were perpetuated in journals of all impact factors and related largely to how science is communicated: The large, statistically significant effects were typically showcased in abstracts and summary paragraphs, whereas the lesser effects, especially those that were not statistically significant, were often buried in the main body of reports.


We also discovered a temporal pattern to reporting biases, which appeared to be related to seminal events in the climate change community and may reflect a socio-economic driver in the publication record. First, there was a conspicuous rise in the number of climate change publications in the 2 years following IPCC 2007, which likely reflects the rise in popularity (among public and funding agencies) for this field of research and the increased appetite among journal editors to publish these articles. Concurrent with increased publication rateswas an increase in reported effect sizes in abstracts. Perhaps a coincidence, the apparent popularity of climate change articles (i.e., number of published articles and reported effect sizes) plummeted shortly after Climategate, when the world media focused its scrutiny on this field of research, and perhaps, popularity in this field waned.
In other words, as I said yesterday, exposing corruption reduces the blackmail power of gangsters. Supply of information grows and demand shrinks, thus collapsing the value of blackmail.

Or in other other words, the article demonstrated its own point! How to put a fashionable title on a not-so-fashionable article.


  Ankita Rao is an enemy of logic and health.

What in the HOLY FUCK is wrong with these monsters other than EVERYTHING?

A monster named Ankita Rao spews evil in the predictable evil-source Motherboard.

Rao accurately describes two SIMPLE HISTORICAL FACTS.

HISTORICAL FACT 1: In 1975 Indira Gandhi used the public health agencies to forcibly sterilize 6 million men, mainly Muslim.

HISTORICAL FACT 2: In 2011 our CIA used the public health agencies in Pakistan to run a fake vaccination campaign as a sting to find Sheikh Osama.

Ankita Rao lists these two FACTS and then spews:
This misinformation is a kind of virus in itself. Fighting dangerous conspiracy theories, as India has found, is its own important battle, as important and challenging as actually stamping out the poliovirus for good.
Comrade O'Brien LOVES Comrade Rao. Immediately after listing the HISTORICAL FACTS about the lethal evil of public health agencies, Comrade Rao tells us that HISTORICAL FACTS are misinformation, and anyone who recognizes HISTORICAL FACTS as HISTORICAL FACTS is a paranoid lunatic.

No, Comrade Rao. You are the paranoid lunatic. Theory is theory and fact is fact. The ordinary people of India and Pakistan are SANE AND RATIONAL despite your evil efforts to INFECT them with your infinite evil and infinite insanity. Natural Law vaccinates them against your infinite evil.

= = = = =

Later thought: We have the same ACTUAL CONSPIRACY here. Public health works to advance tyrannical dictatorship. The Centers For Dissident Control (CDC) requires doctors to ask ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL QUESTIONS as part of medical history. Those questions destroyed my trust in doctors. Before those questions appeared, I was (reluctantly!) willing to take medical advice. Now I'm not.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017
  When you see

I haven't done one of these nice simple Asked And Answered items in a while...

Nuff said.

(Do you suppose the 'network error failed part way' because the question used a semicolon instead of a colon?)


  Where's the advertisement?

Major belief systems try to generate Utopian novels and stories, showing the beauty and perfection of life after the Golden Dawn of Our Belief System. Most of these novels are forgotten because they are crude and preachy. Instead we remember the Dystopian novels showing the reality of the belief system.

What about SorOS?

SorOS is unique. Most belief systems push you into a period of doubt and cognitive dissonance, then resolve the dissonance with the giant major chord of Our Holy Belief System. SorOS skips the second step because he doesn't need you or want you. ChaOS is all you get, and then you die. Only SorOS exists. SorOS is the universe and the universe is SorOS.

No doubt about the Dystopian novel. Percy's Love in the Ruins covers all the bases. Percy illustrates a system that intentionally throws all brains into chaOS without a resolving chord.

Well, what would the Utopian novel look like?

I suppose Flatland's Monarch of Pointland gets close. It's old-fashioned and creaky, but it portrays a universe with exactly one entity. Not an attractive picture unless you're SorOS.

In other words, the Utopian novel of SorOS is logically and physically impossible. There's no way to advertise or romanticize a world where you are dead and gone.


  No, it's not "accountability"

A lot of conservative and libertarian types are missing the point about whistleblowers. They talk about the disinfectant of sunlight. They foolishly assume that myths like "democracy" and "laws" exist. They hope public knowledge will create this mysterious "accountability" which has never existed before and never will exist.

Nope. That's not the point, and that's not why whistleblowers and unofficial leakers are important.

One word: Blackmail.

More words: Knowledge is like any other commodity. When supply is tightly restricted and demand is high, value goes up.

Conspiracies need BLACKMAIL to function. This is literally and concretely true for intel outfits like CIA or GCHQ, which use their knowledge to kill and force compliance. When their secret methods and sources and circuits are publicly known, their power is reduced. It's true in a more subtle way for conspiracies like Michael Mann's climate criminals. When conspirators KNOW how to falsify data and misuse graphs and manipulate peer review, the conspirators can leverage their knowledge to gain power.

Even polling is blackmail, as the DNC leaks showed us. Polls were intentionally distorted by oversampling to create an impression of unbreakable consensus and power, which demoralized the Sanders faction and "disproved" the obvious cheating. No, we didn't win those caucuses by corrupt miscounting; you can see from the polls that you were losing anyway.

When competitors and ordinary folks ALSO know what the conspirators know, the knowledge loses its blackmail value and the conspirators lose their magic criminal superpowers.

That's why leaks are important. Leaks break the monopoly of rarity and increase the supply.

That's also why you need to maintain and trust your own independent knowledge of the universe. When you have your own direct experiential knowledge, you decrease the demand for the criminal's knowledge.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017
  Truly unprecedented

Meanwhile, in the insane beyond insane beyond insane world of Federal omnicidal hyperdemonic turbocriminals, one turbocriminal has declared that Trump's perfectly legal and perfectly normal revision of immigration law is wrong because Trump planned to do it.

The decision itself is automatic and drably predictable. Federal criminals destroy law and kill the universe. All good things must be SMASHED AND STOMPED INTO OBLIVION. That's their job. Omnicide. Obliterating civilization. But this particular omnicidist adds a new element to the predictable omnicide.
The Maryland ruling was made by U.S. District [Criminal] Theodore D. Chuang. Like [Criminal] Watson, he [illegally and fraudulently and criminally] "determined" that Trump's executive order was "the realization of the long-envisioned Muslim ban" and also pointed to comments made by Trump throughout his campaign.
This goes beyond beyond beyond beyond all the previous beyond beyond beyond. A simple and transparently legal law is illegal BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED and BECAUSE IT WAS A CAMPAIGN PROMISE by a politician.

This new element is part of the SorOS project. The goal of SorOS is absolute chaOS and total death. Perfectly random and INANIMATE acts, similar in intelligence to the wandering of air molecules or the roiling of a cloud, are permissible. All intelligence is forbidden.

Trump had a PURPOSE in mind when he slightly revised existing law on immigration, so his slight revision is ABSOLUTELY VERBOTEN.

SorOS in one sentence. Life is forbidden. Purpose is impossible. Order is destroyed on sight. Only death is allowed.


  What is this??????

A scary phenomenon. Part of the sky is missing, and is being replaced by an unknown entity of ???negative sky-ness???? I have a vague memory of something like this happening a long time ago, perhaps in a previous life.

Later: The sun was just a tease. It was followed by a fierce short storm, providing a typical Grand Finale to a LONG** period of rain. Now MAYBE we'll get a week or two of relatively dry weather. I need it desperately. Weather PTSD.

** Long = six weeks with only a few scattered dry days.

A clumsy Excel using Weather Bureau data for Nov 1 through Mar 18. Blue is any precip, red is snow. Nov, Dec, Jan show a more 'ordinary' pattern of precip once a week. Feb and Mar show a relentless soaking.


  More ambiguous grouping

Continuing the theme of ambiguous grouping...

Article at Quartz describes a labor lawsuit that turned on a badly positioned comma. The court decided in favor of truck drivers against a dairy.....
On March 13, a US court of appeals determined that certain clauses of Maine’s overtime laws are grammatically ambiguous. Because of that lack of clarity, the five drivers won their appeal and were found eligible for overtime.

According to state law, the following types of activities are among those that don’t qualify for overtime pay:

The canning, processing, preserving,
freezing, drying, marketing, storing,
packing for shipment or distribution of:
(1) Agricultural produce;
(2) Meat and fish products; and
(3) Perishable foods.

Is packing (for shipment or distribution) a single activity that is exempt from overtime pay? Or are packing and distributing two different activities, and both exempt? If lawmakers had used a serial comma, it would have been clear that distribution was an overtime-exempt activity on its own. But without the comma, wrote US appeals judge David J. Barron, the law is ambiguous... the judge ruled in favor of the drivers. They were working overtime hours, and the law didn't clearly exempt them from overtime pay, so they deserved overtime pay.

Problems like this could be resolved at the start if legislatures hired some programmers to write parallel versions of the code.

In Python:

# = = = = =

def IsExempt(activity,product):

    ExemptActivities = [
    "packing for shipment",

    ExemptProducts = [
    "Agricultural produce",
    "Meat products",
    "Fish products",
    "Perishable foods"]

    decision = 0

    if  (activity in ExemptActivities) and (product in ExemptProducts):
        decision = "No overtime"

        decision = "overtime"

    return decision

    # end definition of function IsExempt

# = = = = =

# Test for a specified combination.....

activity = "distribution"
product = "Perishable foods"

print "for %s of %s, %s" % (activity, product, IsExempt(activity,product) )

# = = = = =

(The above is real code. You can copy it and run it.)

The programmers could then test all of the potential activities and products to see if the result was as intended. Later on, courts could use the same code to resolve questions reliably without using arguable and changeable grammar rules.

The best part: You don't even need a computer. After testing, the Python version can be read with perfect reliability by humans.


  Santorum gets it.

Some truth carried by a bad source:
Donald Trump’s insistence that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, despite what the FBI and the Senate Intelligence Committee have said, is now “hurting” him, warned former Pennsylvania senator and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Santorum, who supported Trump for president and backs many of his policies, also said it’s time for Trump to leave the campaign behind and act like a president. “We’re not in an election anymore, and it’s not his opponent he’s throwing off,” Santorum said of Trump during an appearance on CNN. “I think it’s him that he’s throwing off.”
I suppose the quote is correct but the background is false.

Santorum isn't just a supporter or backer. Santorum is a REAL Populist who understands the problems and solutions deeply and accurately. He has been consistently observing problems and proposing solutions for 20 years. He helped Trump to SAY the right things, but it's still completely unclear that Trump UNDERSTANDS anything.

Aside from populism and globalism, there's a basic question of leadership. One of Trump's big selling points was his alleged leadership ability as a businessman who GETS THINGS DONE.

Starting fights you can't win is NOT part of GETTING THINGS DONE. It's the exact opposite. When you're wasting time and effort on an unwinnable battle, you are losing the confidence of your own supporters. We WANT to support a man who works toward correct solutions, but we can't support an idiot who wastes everyone's time with stupid distractions.
Friday, March 17, 2017
  Inaptronym of the year

Recalled for E.Coli contamination:
A second child in Washington has become seriously ill after eating a soy nut butter product included in the nationwide illness outbreak and food recall.

The Washington State Department of Health is urging the people of Washington to double-check their shelves for any variety of I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter, I.M. Healthy Granola, or Dixie Diner's Club Carb Not Beanit Butter, and to throw it out immediately regardless of purchase date or the date listed on the container.

I.M. Healthy. Inaptronym of the year.

Also, the mysterious Dixie Diner's Club Carb Not Beanit Butter has to be the most ambiguously grouped name ever. You can pair up the words in all sorts of ways to get different meanings. Is it a Carb made by the Diner's Club in Dixie, which is not Beanit but Butter? Or is it a Club Carb owned by the Dixie Diner, which is not Beanit Butter? Is a Club Carb a fizzy carb like Club Soda, or is it a carb that clubs you into a sugar coma like Sachertorte? And if it's not Beanit Butter, what IS it? A pyramid? A llama? A samovar? A hammock? Since Beanit Butter is not an actual thing, saying this is NOT Beanit Butter tells you less than nothing.

It's the perfect opposite of Jabberwocky, where solid syntax tells you what each unknown word means. Here all the words except Beanit are familiar, but the syntax is perfectly opaque.
  Violation of puritan norms

It's a basic fact. Smoking improves the voice, until you reach the age when it ruins the voice. Singers and announcers have always smoked, and announcers were often required to smoke.

The fact hasn't changed but puritanical idiocy forces us to ignore the fact ... until now. BBC website has a feature about the actors who do dubbing and voice-overs for big names. The article includes pictures of 7 voice-over artists. Two of them are shown smoking, and the article makes no attempt to counteract the attractiveness of those pictures.

Later thought: The voice-over stars obviously posed with a cigarette and wanted the picture to appear for positive publicity. This tells us that producers who hire voice-overs still understand the basic fact and still want to hire smokers. Nice to know that common sense beats puritanism in some places.
  Tacit agreement fading

In the 1930 depression, big business quickly felt public pressure to behave responsibly, and generally complied. The profit motive requires a business to treat employees and public with some degree of fairness.

In the 2008 depression, big business has no reason to respond to public pressure. Profit has been replaced by share value, which means "customers" are no longer customers. Goldman is the customer, and Goldman wants perfect 100% mathematics. No money can be wasted on products or humans.

I wonder if the Goldman paradigm is starting to loosen up. Amazon, which grew without paying any taxes, is finally starting to collect sales tax for point of purchase. At the start of 2017 they were collecting in 39 states, and they're quickly adding the rest. The states added this year are mainly 'red states'. Amazon felt no need to support Uncools until this year.

Needless to say, Repooflican eunuchs are complaining about supporting states. They want ALL money to flow into the Goldman black hole.

Sales tax has always been nominally required on all purchases regardless of state boundaries. The feds have never bothered to enforce this, which made some sense before Amazon and before computers. Cross-border taxes impose a heavy overhead on a small or medium business. You need to have an account in each state where you might sell stuff, you have to keep up with the forms and rates in each state and city, and you have to submit quarterly or monthly reports to each of those states. For a bookstore or hobby shop that occasionally received a mail order, the overhead was WAY out of proportion to the profit.

Back in the 70s when I was bookkeeper for a construction company, we did business in 5 states at various times. Keeping up with cross-border taxes occupied me for two or three days per month. If we had tried to be ready for business in all 50 states, the work would have required two bookkeepers.

In the digital era this overhead fades to near zero, so there's no reason for the tacit arrangement now.

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