Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  Storm appendix

In this rainy month most of the storms have followed a consistent pattern. I don't recall seeing this shape before, at least not repetitively or consistently.

A main blob passes through; seems to be done; then an afterthought or appendix. Nature is saying "OK, that's all..... BANG! Gotcha again!"

Of course plants would see it differently: an extra bonus or gift.
Monday, October 24, 2016
  What is a projection?


Species may be listed as threatened based on climate change projections, court says


A projection is a prejudice by definition.

It is a preconceived NOTION applied to an entire group, based on limited or nonexistent facts.

Some prejudices are perfectly valid, some are stupid. 100% of the statements that we currently call "prejudices" are not prejudices at all. They are simple and obvious facts, as close to universal as you can get when judging complex living things.

Some projections can turn out to be valid, but most are guaranteed to be wildly wrong. The people who are paid to make projections, just like Swift's PROJECTORS in Laputa, use linear extrapolation.

Linear extrapolation works for a simple mechanism like a lever or a gear. If the gears have a 1:10 ratio and the driving gear rotates 4 turns, we can project validly that the driven gear will make 40 turns.

Linear extrapolation FAILS every time when applied to real natural phenomena, including economics. Nature never moves like gears or levers. Most of the things we're interested in measuring move in a tanh or irregular sinusoid pattern.

The specific projections of "global warming" are wrong beyond linear vs tanh. "Global warming" is a precisely backwards theory which has been disproved thousands of times in thousands of ways. There's no way you can use a bad theory for prediction or projection. Math won't help.

So: this "court" is allowing the dysgovernment to steal private property and destroy cities and dams based on an INVALID AND FALSE PREJUDICE.


  Paper again

ZeroHedge is worrying about SmartMatic voting machines with obvious ties to Soros. Last time it was the other way around. Commies were worried about Diebold voting machines with ties to Koch.

Both are right in a way, but not in the way they think.

First, we don't need to worry about technology in connection with the presidential "elections". Those "elections" have been 100% fixed from the start in a dozen different ways. Technology can't make the fix worse than 100%.

Second, we shouldn't be worrying about candidates in any election, because all candidates end up serving DeepState. Bureaucracies and corporations can always bring a rebel into line by blackmail and crazifying, or remove a rebel for "ethics violations". Quick and easy.

We SHOULD worry about correct counting of referenda and bond proposals, because those elections can occasionally change or restrict the behavior of bureaucracies.

Third: With voting as with money, you want a procedure that can be checked and verified, a procedure immune to undetectable external influences. In other words, you want PAPER.

It's OK to speed up counting with optical scan machines, as long as the voters are making PHYSICAL MARKS on PHYSICAL PAPER which is RETAINED after the count.

When you lose PAPER and turn everything into bits that can be changed via the web, you guarantee all types of cheating by all sorts of players, especially DeepState.


  Might be worth writing down 2

Another convective thought, maybe worth writing down, maybe obvious to everyone except me.

Note the careful emphasis by "both" "parties" on Clinton CORRUPTION, the Clinton Foundation, pay for play, private email server, misuse of classified documents. All ratshit, all distraction from the real problem.

Identical to the Monica ratshit in the '90s, which was also "bipartisan".

Monica distracted us from Bill Clinton's treasonous sellout to the bankers and outsourcers. Deleting Glass-Steagall, opening industry to Chinese slave labor.

I wasn't quite sure of this until I saw Woodward joining the chorus on the Clinton Foundation. Woodward is DeepState. His "reporting" always serves to SQUIRREL!

Second verse, same as the first, louder and worse.

Fact: Venality is not the problem. Pay-to-play is a constant. Everyone does it because it's the only fucking way to get things done. The real problem is WHAT HILLARY GETS DONE, not HOW SHE DOES IT.

Hillary belongs to the bankers and outsourcers. Pure neocon. Invite and invade. Bomb foreigners, piss them off, bring them in as "Dreamers" to destroy the economy and to provide an excuse for internal tyranny.
  Might be worth writing down

Convective thought. This seems perfectly obvious, but I don't recall reading it anywhere, so maybe it's worth writing down.

Tenure is a proper apprenticeship system, pretty much the only true remnant of old-fashioned apprentice/journeyman/master. It's OJT for new profs.

Nothing wrong with that. Problem is, we're taking the side-effects of this OJT as "science". All other forms of OJT consider the practice work of apprentices to be discardable.

Real development of useful knowledge has always happened OUTSIDE of academe, in business and government. Some of this development is hired out to academics, but the real action remains inside the business or agency. The academic contract is normally a quality control or cross-check.


Sunday, October 23, 2016
  Self-answering question

Do we deserve dogs?

Three sentences from a purely tragic story:

Firefighters then found one child dead inside the home shortly after making entry.

Smoke detectors in the residence had the batteries removed.

The little boy, whose identity has not been released to the public, and his terrier mix were found huddled together.

Do we deserve dogs?

Or more verbosely, why do dogs continue their futile attempt to civilize humans after 100,000 years of failure?


  Constants and variables 51

A brief comment from WikiLeaks:

If WikiLeaks had obtained Clinton emails earlier, US voters could have chosen Sanders v Trump. So do it. Do it now.

Sounds good at first, but shows a misunderstanding of US media. Thinking about this misunderstanding helped me to step back and find the real constant.

WL clearly assumes that US media would have been bothered by the rigging of the primary, and would have helped Bernie. Nope. That wouldn't happen and DIDN'T happen. The rigging was perfectly open and obvious even before WL came along. Media silenced and tinfoiled all reports of rigging.

But wait. Aren't the media leftist? Wouldn't they prefer a consistent leftist like Bernie?

Are they antiwar? No. When Bush was making war in Iraq, media fought him. When Hillary was making war everywhere, media cheered her.

Are they antibank? No. When Bush bailed out the banks, media fought him. When Hillary defended TARP, media cheered her. When Bernie disagreed with Hillary on banks, media fought Bernie and defended Hillary.

Here's the constant. US media are not anythingist. They do not have an ideology.

It's simple. No ideology, no party. Purely family. Medieval dynastic warfare. The Clinton dynasty is good. All other dynasties are bad, even when they agree with the Clinton dynasty. Non-Clintons are not allowed to agree with Clintons because non-Clintons profane and sully the [momentary] Correct Line. When Clinton changes the Correct Line, the NEW line is Correct, even though it was formerly the Trump line, because now it's the Clinton line.
  I take it back

Earlier I sort of halfway praised Venezuela's fantastically stupid Maduro. At least he was permitting a recall referendum. Now I have to take back the slight praise. Maduro is behaving in proper USA STRONG fashion, canceling the referendum.

Leave aside all the usual crap about socialism and democracy. It's just Nature. Call it engineering or biology. A complicated machine or plant or animal survives because of negative feedback. When feedback is nonexistent or blocked, the machine or living creature dies.

Same with an organization, whether political or economic. People need food and dignity. A country can't survive when most of its people are starving and unemployed and dead. A sane chief understands that his own power can't continue when the organization ceases to exist, and finds a way to fix problems before they reach terminal condition.

Maduro is not a sane chief, or more precisely he is not a chief at all. He is accustomed to a globalist system that narrows each country down to one single resource. Graybill's Law. He only sees Exxon's paychecks. His job is not ruling Venezuela, his job is keeping the oil flowing.

Venezuelans are "petitioning for redress" in the vain belief that political solutions are still available. They should be applying feedback to Exxon instead.


Saturday, October 22, 2016
  Seems familiar

Hmm. This seems familiar.

Where have I seen something like it before?


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  Winston's boss

Orwell focused on the drab daily life of 6079 Smith W, who loyally Rectified history and fed the Memory Hole. Just a dull job until he started to think. Orwell didn't spend nearly as much time on the people who designed the Memory Hole. Clearly they enjoyed their job immensely. They were passionate around the Memory Hole space.

Like these modern monsters.
“It doesn’t prevent you posting. It just suggests that the words you’re using could be construed as hateful,” said David Marsh, Head of Technology at UK-based nonprofit, International Alert, a peace building organization.

The Chrome plugin analyzes text as it is being typed. If it recognizes a particular hate speech term, “it just flags it out to you,” explained Marsh in an interview. “It doesn’t stop you posting, but it suggests why that maybe a term that some people might not necessarily want to use online and how that could be construed as hate speech in that particular context.” ... In some instances, hate groups have argued that blocking their rhetoric violates their right to free speech. But Marsh stressed that International Alert is “very careful” to avoid engaging in censorship.

“What we want to be very careful about is not closing down that space for people to debate things,”
Could be construed as hate speech. Minitrue.

Peace building organization. Minipax.


  Dead-end idea

More futuristic thinking from good old Hugo Gernsback.

A bone-conduction headphone for hearing-impaired people with conductive losses. Unfortunate picture; looks like old Gramps is getting electrocuted or forcibly Alzheimered.

Simple instructions. Magnetic headphones were being obsolesced by speakers in the early '30s, so most households had a leftover pair of phones. Take off one phone, pad the side of the headband, and glue a washer onto the diaphragm of the other phone. Presto! Bone conduction!

It definitely worked, but it didn't go anywhere.

Oopz, it did. Aftershokz. The new verzion lookz even dumber, but now it'z mispeledz and haz a Z at the end so itz COOOOOOLZ.


  Toldja so, techtyrants

Latest big hack turns out to be running via 'internet of things'.

Wasn't me!

The cartoon is a bit of a stretch, but the rule is obvious:

When your things are not tied to Central Control, your things are strictly under YOUR control. The Empire can't use your things to sabotage you, or to sabotage anyone else.

I've made a strong point of avoiding and eliminating software. I can't go all the way, but I've stayed minimal. My computer and its peripherals (printer, mouse, keyboard) are tied to the Net. Everything else in my house is either mechanical or analog-era electronics, not only disconnected but totally incapable of being connected.

This DDOS showed another big problem. Because Twitter was mostly down, every website that used Twitter resources was down.

I tried to avoid this in my final courseware project last year. The NYC publisher insisted on using JS code running from Twitter because it was the easiest way to keep up with the latest COOOOOL look for buttons and blanks. I pushed hard against it but lost the battle. Fashion beats function every time. Now their courseware is down along with everything else that uses external resources.

Google and Twitter have extended their tentacles into everything by providing these various resources and codebits and fonts. Even when you're not intentionally searching via Google or communicating via Twitter, you're using them.

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Friday, October 21, 2016
  Amazingly rational

At the end of the 1945 'prophecy' in previous item, the author goes beyond the communication system:
Tiny electronic devices will avert automobile and airplane collisions; electric eyes will automatically turn on auto headlights as darkness... tourists traveling from NY to Calif will transfer the responsibility of guiding the steering wheel to a photoelectric cell which will scan a white line on the highway and follow it.
Another familiar prediction. Automatic dimming came true in 1952 but never worked right, which should have taught a lesson. Didn't. Lessons are never learned.

Even though computing was not part of the 'vision' then, the prediction still holds true for REAL LIFE USAGE. Averting collisions and following a straight interstate. That's as far as automation can go, if it's INTENDED TO HELP PEOPLE.

The Tribe wants autonomous cars for an entirely different reason, so it's pushing for 100% autonomy.

Needless to say, the Federal dysgovernment is rolling out the lavender carpet to "regulate" this goal into existence speedily. Whatever the Tribe wants, the Tribe gets. And infinitely infinitely more. You need Tribal numbers to enumerate what the Tribe gets.

Despite all this, a remarkably realistic article by Niedermeyer Junior gets it mostly right. The first comment under the article gets it EXACTLY right, and deserves quoting:
As Google's engineers acknowledge, unless and until all vehicles are autonomous, the maximum speed for autonomous vehicles will be about 25 mph. That's a truth that Tesla doesn't wish to acknowledge. The alternative to forced retirement of all non-autonomous vehicles is to build a separate right of way for autonomous vehicles. How much would that cost and, more importantly, who would pay for it? Conceptually, autonomous vehicles operating in their own right of way is equivalent to public transit. We already have the technology for public transit, and expanding and improving it would be easier and cheaper than building an entirely new right of way for autonomous vehicles.
Amen, amen, amen. Correct and rational, therefore it won't happen. The Tribe HATES HATES HATES public transit because public transit requires the Tribe to get in the same basket with Deplorables. Intolerable, unacceptable, all options on the table. The Tribe does not drive. Driving is for Deplorables. Chauffeurs are necessarily Deplorable, so a chauffeur-driven limo is still unacceptable. The only acceptable answer is autonomous cars, and (as abovementioned) autonomous cars will not coexist with Deplorable-driven cars. You can finish the syllogism.

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  iSimplify, iSimplify, iSimplify.....

The basic concept of a personal wireless telephone is VERY old. As I noted earlier, the idea started percolating in 1910, immediately after voice communication by radio was practical.

Just after WW2, amid the burst of open-source government creativity that was soon halted by Truman's globalist tyranny, a specific proposal was made by FCC. This specific proposal sounds remarkably familiar....

Bringing out a couple of sentences:

...the walkie-talkie will contact a physician from a central exchange while he is en route by automobile to a patient's home; the farmer's wife who formerly summoned her husband to the noon-day meal with a clanging dinner bell will call him on 460 megacycles; hunters exploring the far reaches of forests or swamps in search of wild game and fish will be in contact by radio with a central hunting and fishing lodge; department stores, dairies, laundries and similar business concerns will communicate directly with their delivery trucks en route....

Most of these specific activities are either obsolete or illegal now, but you get the idea.

Cellphones as developed in the '80s began with a different essential concept but ended up matching this description.

This 1945 proposal was INTRINSICALLY LOCAL, naturally decentral, strictly BASE TO REMOTE, with each base communicating on low power to its OWN remotes. The central office or house or lodge would use regular phone lines for communicating outside the family or business.

Modern cellphone activity is ALMOST ENTIRELY BASE TO REMOTE, which is why these little scenarios sound so familiar. I don't have stats, but I'd guess 90% of cellphone activity is base-to-remote. Parents tracking kids, businesses tracking deliveries, gamers communicating with Game Central or whatever it is. Very small hub-spoke patterns with at most a few hundred spokes.

The post-1980 implementation DID NOT START with base to remote; it developed from the phone company's long-distance operations, so it's INTRINSICALLY GLOBAL. Modern cellphones are ALWAYS IN CONTACT with the nationwide network, which means the nationwide network can always find you and monitor you.

Under the 1945 system global monitoring and global hacking would have been hugely expensive and impractical. Under the existing system global monitoring and global hacking are the core and base of the business.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016
  Perfect illustration

Conspiracy theories and facts have traded places.

Definitions for clarity:

A conspiracy theory may be essentially true, but it always brings in complicated "secret meetings" and external forces that are NOT VISIBLY INVOLVED OR LINKED.

A fact is true, and it assumes only the VISIBLY OBSERVED forces. The pattern is usually quite simple.

Nice illustration in this headline:

Hillary: Putin, WikiLeaks, Trump Plot to Hack Vote

This is a conspiracy theory by definition.

Is the presidential election rigged? Of course. But Putin and WikiLeaks and Trump are external forces that aren't needed to explain the fact.

Simple fact: the election doesn't need to be rigged via "voter fraud" or "hacking" because it's already rigged at a more basic level. Rigged from both ends.

One end is the Electoral College, specifically designed to place the final choice in the hands of a few people in one room. A few dozen people gathered together can be influenced easily, while millions of separate voters are INFINITELY harder to influence.

The other end is the two parties. Normally both parties choose candidates who agree on all important issues. It doesn't matter which one "wins" because the result serves DeepState either way.

This year we have an unusual situation that does require external explanation, and I still don't see the explanation. Jeb was the expected identical candidate. Jeb was probably going to "win" because of the automatic 8-year rule, but it didn't matter. DeepState would fully control Jeb/Hillary.

Trump broke the expectation, eliminating the Coke/Pepsi situation and insuring that Hillary would be a STRONG winner with a MASSIVE MANDATE TO KILL ALL MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD.

So the question that really needs an external explanation, perhaps getting into conspiracy territory, is why DeepState decided not to trust Jeb. He looked like Pepsi from the outside, but he must have seemed untrustworthy to DeepState.

Of course this doesn't matter either, because the people who might be able to ask and answer this question ... or any question ... will soon be slaughtered.

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  Coulda hada GR

Pointless rambling about Ramblers.

As I continue binge-reading old electronics mags, I'm feeling guilty about helping to ruin American industry. Some of these mags focus heavily on acoustics, with plenty of pictures and articles about acoustics labs and speech labs. Since I worked much of my life in such labs, I pay close attention to these articles.

The labs shown in the magazines always used GenRad instrumentation, made in Boston by a company with close ties to MIT and Bolt Beranek. This makes sense. GR made all the tools you need for those labs, and the tools were designed to work together.

In 20 years of work at three universities, I never used any GR equipment; can't even remember seeing any GR stuff. Everything was Brüel & Kjær, made in Denmark.

Brüel & Kjær equipment was notoriously fragile, designed to fail. Their sound-level meters had capacitor mics energized by a 200 volt charge. When used in high humidity they quickly and permanently zapped. Pennsylvania always has high humidity, so the BK equipment in the Penn State acoustics lab was permanently fried.

Atrocious design.

I don't know if GR equipment was better overall because I never used or repaired it, but it's clear that GR sound level meters of similar vintage were more convenient in form:

Note that the weighting control is part of the main box on the GR meter. The BK had a "detachable" module for weighting and filtering, but in practice you always needed the "detachable" module. So the BK meter was long and unwieldy and wiggly, with scratchy plugs between the modules, and the fried mic wasn't pivotable.

Looking at the schematic, the GenRad was designed to take several different types of mic including dynamic, piezo and condenser. You could pick to suit your conditions.

Every component in Brüel & Kjær was peculiar and unique, so every repair required ordering parts from Denmark. The GR schematic shows several specific-value resistors, but the tubes and transistors are standard. Ordering the specific Rs from Boston would have been a lot faster and more convenient than ordering from Denmark. No international customs, no exchange rates.

Given all of those practical considerations, why was Brüel & Kjær the ONLY CONCEIVABLE equipment? Why was there no GenRad?

If I had known there was a better alternative, I could have influenced purchasing decisions toward GR. But I didn't know, so I didn't influence.

It had to be the natural academic preference for COOL foreign stuff. I shared that attitude for many years, which is why I drove fragile and literally fry-able VW deathtraps instead of sturdy Ramblers. Same comparison. The Rambler American was similar in size and gas economy to a Beetle, but much more convenient and resilient and SAFE and comfortable. Parts were easier to order.

Practicality doesn't count when COOOLness is at stake. Brüel & Kjær had COOL ümlæuts and WEIRD kj combinations, while GenRad only had dull generic English words. General. Radio. Rambler. American.

I'm deeply sorry.

= = = = =

Next day: GR gave me a little gift despite my treachery. I'd halted my experimentation with submini tubes during the two months around hernia surgery. Now that I'm pretty much healed, I tried to resume the fiddling but wasn't getting anywhere. One of the GR sound level meters included two of the same 6418 tubes I've been using, and the schematic showed me a detail of proper connection that wasn't obvious from the data sheets. Followed their lead, and presto! Circuit works!


  Only ad for Italia?

I've never seen an ad for the Hudson Italia before. Never seen a pic outside of car-history books. This ad in March '54 Electronics wasn't exactly for the car ... it was using the car as "a look into the future."

Unfortunately Hudson's future disappeared at the exact time when this mag was being printed. Hudson's future was to provide a Detroit factory for Nash. No more Italia, no more Jet, no more Hornet.

Given the situation in 1954, with GM and Ford muscling everyone else out of the business, the AMC merger was probably the least-awful solution. Many Hudson employees and dealers were able to keep working. Without the merger Hudson would have totally collapsed.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  Opposite vectors

Our State Department stirs up chaos and evil in every country except Israel, serving Soros loyally and precisely. The Russian equivalent is at least listening to the Russian Orthodox Church.
On 11 October 2016, the meeting of the Working Group took place at the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations (DECR) under the co-chairmanship of Mr. Grigory Karasin, State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, DECR chairman.

Participating in the meeting from the Russian Orthodox Church were Bishop Antony of Bogorodsk, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Administration for Institutions Abroad; Mr. Vladimir Legoida, chairman of the Synodal Department for Church’s Relations with Society and Mass Media; and Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, DECR deputy chairman. The meeting discussed various aspects of common work done since the 20th meeting and outlined priority areas in cooperation between the ROC and the MFA for the nearest future.
Granted that this sounds like typical bureaucratic verbiage, thus assuming the substance is a lot less than the words ... it's still a dramatic difference of FOCUS and DIRECTION between US/EU/UK and Russia.

We obey Satan, Russia listens to God.


  No, not paradox

Forgot to retune radio, ended up listening to Dennis Prager for a while. I try to avoid both the standard Repoofs and the standard Commies; both are globalist. Prager is discussing culture vs politics with Ben Shapiro. Nice calm discussion with some good points.

Prager made a point that seems paradoxical: The hippieshit generation grew up with "clean" and "moral" television like Father Knows Best as our main cultural influence, yet we turned radical. Where did the radical come from? Prager said it came from school.

Hell no. It came from TV. Father Knows Best was NOT typical of 1950s TV. There was an inflection point in 1956, trailing behind the Roy Cohn Coup in 1954. After Cohn and his fag boyfriend Welch conspired to ruin secret fag McCarthy, everything changed in TV. The globalist commie writers who had been unemployed or cautious came roaring back with a PURE VENGEANCE. After 1956 TV looked the same, but all plotlines were explicitly designed to rip apart Natural Law culture. COMPLEX MORAL CONUNDRUMS formed the core of every story, intended to create cognitive dissonance. All permanent certainties were pulverized.

Plain numerical fact: TV was rare before 1954. Most TV stations went on the air between '54 and '56, and most households got a TV in those years. The pre-Cohn version of TV reached only about 20% of America. So when you say "1950's TV" you're practically speaking about post-56 TV, in other words post-Cohn TV.


  Little levitation

When transferring clothes from washer to dryer, I clean out the lint filter and slap the dust on top of the dryer. Occasionally I put the piled-up dust in the wastebasket. Coot-proofing trick, minimizes squatting and rising actions.

This morning a moving object caught my attention. Moth? Spider? No, a small blob of dust was hovering an inch away from the main pile and an inch above the dryer. I couldn't see a 'tether'; it was just balanced by static attractions and repulsions. It stayed there long enough to get a video.

Because the video is awful as always, here's a preview pointing to the (slightly lighter color) levitator. (Incidentally, the dust is actually blue, not brown. This camera turns everything red when light is dim.)

At the end of the clip I blew a little puff of air, not aimed at the dust; that was enough to break the balance and snap the levitator back onto the larger pile.

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  Nice to have it official 2

BBC on Assange:
Ecuador has acknowledged it partly restricted internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is taking refuge at its London embassy. It said Mr Assange had in recent weeks released material that could have an impact on the US presidential election.

Ecuador also said its move was not the result of pressure from Washington. The US denied WikiLeaks accusations that it had asked Ecuador to stop the site publishing documents about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
MATERIAL THAT COULD HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE ELECTION used to be called "news". In the standard delusional myth of the West, "democracy" requires "informed citizens" who acquire information before "voting" in an "election".

It's nice to see BBC abandoning this myth entirely. They are now officially admitting that "news" is illegal and "elections" do not exist.

Deutsche Welle, which normally matches BBC's satanism, comes up slightly short this time, allowing something resembling a fact to leak through:
The whistleblower site accuses Ecuador of cutting off Assange's internet at the behest of US officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry. The United States denied the allegation. ...

President Rafael Correa has expressed a preference for Clinton. "For the United States, I'd like the winner to be Hillary, whom I also know personally and appreciate very much," Correa told the Russian propaganda broadcaster RT in an interview in September.

The Obama administration has embarked on an anti-whistleblower campaign. In summer, Chelsea[sic] Manning attempted suicide in the prison where she[sic] is serving a 35-year sentence for revealing a US helicopter attack on civilians in Iraq. Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden fled to Russia after he exposed the extent of US spying on the electronic communications of people around the world.
DW is making oblique reference to the potential conceivable theoretical possibility that Obama may not be God. I'm sure they will be punished.


  Nice to have it official

Happy to see the vile stinking filthy bigot named Glenn Thrush exposed by Wikileaks. His vileness and stinkingness and filth and bigotry were obvious for a long time, as I noted back in February. It's good to have official confirmation of his employment status.



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