Thursday, April 17, 2014
  Do we deserve to be in the same world with dogs?

This comparison is unfair ... "results not typical", as the diet ads say ... but still it says something about the two species.

News item 1:
Authorities confirmed Wednesday that a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy was able to get away with avoiding work for months because he made it look like he was working. Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich claimed Deputy Todd Saunders ran random license plate numbers when he was not on the streets.

Officials say he was a master at fooling his colleagues into believing he was doing honest police work. “He was running license plates, he was checking names but what we didn’t know, he wasn't running those plates out on the street. He was doing that at the lady's house,” said Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.
News item 2:
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office K9 Laslo is still recovering after being attacked on April 7th by a pit bull while he and his partner Deputy Jeff Thurman where investigating a report of a burglary and assault.

On Wednesday, Deputy Thurman said Laslo was scheduled to have surgery on Monday, but over the weekend his condition improved significantly and the surgery was cancelled. Thurman said Laslo is finding it hard to sit still as he recovers, and every morning runs out to the patrol car and puts his nose to the door handle expecting to go to work.

  Missing the point, innit?


Cameron puts God back into politics with plea for 'evangelical' Britain

Hmm. The whole point of evangelism, as commanded repeatedly and clearly and consistently in the New Testament, is to teach by example. Jesus ordered his followers to live a life that speaks for itself, a life that doesn't need words.

What does Cameron's life say?

A squishy squirmy larva who officially requires sodomy and buggery, who makes war against countries that didn't invade Britain, who runs an economy strictly for the benefit of the money-changers.

Pretty good example of something for damn sure, but it's exactly the opposite of everything old JC wanted his followers to do.
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Following up and extending the Switchover notion.

Western media and cultural organizations are unerring compasses, or more precisely goniometers. They will always point toward Satan, always pray to Satan.

Before 1989 these Western goniometers always cast an admiring eye on Moscow, and took instructions from the Central Committee in Moscow. What they were admiring and receiving was both literally and figuratively a Foreign Service, a broadcast of radio waves and influence aimed purely overseas.

Western goniometers were picking up and retransmitting a set of rules and principles that the Party designed for export. These rules and principles were specifically meant to weaken and destabilize Western families, governments, religion and civilization.

Disarmament, die-versity, avant-garde art, environmentalism, normalizing deviance, normalizing crime. Everything your TV commands you to believe. It all came from Moscow before 1989.

= = = = =

But at the same time, Moscow's Domestic Service was pushing a very different set of principles, designed to strengthen Russian civilization and ethnic solidarity. Internally, the Party was more or less rolling in sync with normal Russian tendencies. Collective ownership and collective action are normal Russian tendencies. Coop farming and coop business started when Tsar Alexander 2 freed the serfs in 1861, and easily morphed into collectives after the 1917 revolution. Strong families and strong religion are also normal Russian tendencies, and (after an initial failed attempt around 1920) the Party didn't try very hard to kill them.

= = = = =

After 1989, Moscow was initially preoccupied with raw survival and couldn't bother with ideology. It stopped sending all external messages, by radio or through money and organizational channels.

When that happened, DC and London and NYC were cut off from their source of ideological software updates, so they simply continued running Satan's ROM BIOS, continued smashing religion and families, continued freeing criminals and jailing the innocent, continued starving the poor and enriching Goldman.

= = = = =

In the last few years Putin has started sending a message again. This time the message is consistent in both directions, emphasizing the unbroken civilization and unbroken religion of Russians. This message clearly satisfies a hunger within Russia, and it stirs a hunger outside Russia.

So the situation is reversed now. Satanists in the West are no longer receiving anything. Now they're the transmitters of evil, the auto-update of chaos.

And non-Satanists in the West are starting to point our antennas at Moscow. We understand that Putin is presenting an ideal, not the messy recovering-from-collapse situation of Russia at the moment. Above all, we know that his ideal represents the correct arrow of history, the KNOWN AND PROVEN rules and principles that CREATE AND DEVELOP civilization.

= = = = =

Artistic sidenote: I've used this picture too many times before, but it actually fits this text!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Most of our real environmental problems are caused by China's need for growth.

Pollution is pretty well controlled in US/EU. China's unfiltered coal plants are causing most of the REAL pollution.

Hunting and fishing are pretty well controlled in US/EU, which means there are no REAL endangered species in those areas. Africa has major REAL species extinctions, which are caused ENTIRELY by Chinese men seeking to extend their dicks with traditional 'medicines'.

Both cases: China's need for growth. GDP, EDP. All the same.
  Гром победы, раздавайся!

This was the anthem of the Empire at the time when the Russian America colony was active. (This isn't the more familiar God Save the Tsar as heard in the 1812 Overture.)

Polistra loves it. An anthem about the PEOPLE, not about some abstract theory.

Semi-relevant sidenote: One advantage of a BIG classical anthem like this one, or like Uruguay's full-fledged opera, is that you can't screw it up. It takes professionals, or divinely inspired amateurs, to attempt it at all. "Singable" anthems (like Britain and France) invite sloppy or parodic performances. The US anthem is the worst of both worlds because it's simple enough to invite evil rock-n-rollers and crotch-grabbing assholes, but it's not really singable. (The tune Anacreon In Heaven was intended as a sort of 'contest piece' to demonstrate the talents of small singing ensembles. It was NOT meant to be easy!)
Sunday, April 13, 2014

Headline today:

IPCC: emissions cuts are about ethics as well as economics


ECONOMICS, of course, is just a subset of ETHICS. It means only STARVE THE POOR. ENRICH THE GOLDMANS.


  How abstract is zero?

I've noticed that older radio and TV shows were carefully grammar-checked for a few select schoolmarm fetishes, but not all. Specifically, the pre-1960 network censors were fussy about lie-lay and have and none is.

= = = = =

Lie-lay is the simplest fetish. No real speaker of English ever says "Let's lie down for a while" or "I lay there without sleeping." Lay has adopted both transitive and intransitive meanings, which is thoroughly normal and unambiguous. Lie is confusing in two directions: its present form is the same word as 'tell a falsehood', and its past form is the same word as lay. By the normal logic of language it deserved to disappear, and it did.

= = = = =

The have fetish results from a truly ignorant misunderstanding of grammar. Have is two separate words. It can be a transitive verb meaning 'possess', or it can be a verb-tense morpheme. No real speaker of English confuses these two words, but the censors do confuse them. The radio-TV censors wrote bizarre dialog like "Have you a match? Sorry, I haven't a match." In these sentences, have is an ordinary free-standing verb, so it should properly team up with do like any other transitive verb. "Do you have a match? Sorry, I don't have a match." The schoolmarms and their censorious followers confusedly believe that have is some kind of chimera, simultaneously a free-standing verb and a morpheme.

Old Miss Marley showed the construction of this confusion. She was quick to pounce on a student who said "I don't have a pencil." She would respond: "No, that is incorrect. Would you say 'I don't have gone to the store'? Of course you wouldn't. So you can't say 'I don't have a pencil.' You must say 'I haven't a pencil.' You must speak ekritly."

= = = = =

The none is vs none are question is more difficult. As mentioned yesterday, number words began as specific groups of specific things. Three-Rocks and Three-Wolves are entirely different pieces of the world, so they received different words. Generalizing to Three-Objects happened much later, and never happened at all for some isolated cultures.

At that early level of abstraction, how do you think about No-Rocks or No-Wolves? Both are purely imaginary. You can't see No-Rocks. You know what Rocks and Wolves are, perhaps you remember them being somewhere else, perhaps you remember them being here before, but you don't see them here and now.

None comes in at this point. "None of the wolves are here" doesn't really refer to Zero-Wolves. In detail it means "I know what Wolves are, and I know that Wolves are elsewhere, but they're not here at the moment." "None of the water is here" doesn't really refer to Zero-Water. In detail it means "I know what Water is, and I know that Water is around somewhere, but it's not here at the moment."

Normal speakers of English use none as a macro for sentences like those, and normal speakers of English know exactly when to say none are versus none is.

The schoolmarms insist on none is because _____ ....... Well, I can't even fill in the blank. I have no idea what strange confusion leads them to this fetish.

Perhaps they are imagining a free-standing contextless none, but this is impossible. None always refers to a specific noun that exists elsewhere. You know what this noun is, and you know whether it's singular or plural. For countable nouns, none are. For substances like water or data, none is.

= = = = =

Thus it's easy to see why Zero as a cardinal came later than the other cardinals, came first to the Hindoos who are innately strong in math, and came only as an import to most other cultures. Even after you've generalized from Three-Rocks to Three-Objects, how do you generalize to Zero-Objects? Try it: "I know what Objects are, and I know that Objects are around somewhere, but they're not here at the moment." Really? No Objects? No Things? When has that ever happened?

= = = = =

Irrelevant sidenote: It's sort of interesting that Hindoos are comfortable with a belief system in which Matter is an illusion. The concept of No-Objects seems to be generally easier for them. Chicken and egg?


Saturday, April 12, 2014
  Bad old

Obama is yet again pushing those tired and fraudulent numbers about female wage inequality. Says "Let's not return to the bad old workplace policies of the Mad Men era."

Okay. Here's a graph of overall income inequality, taken from Stockman's incomparable blog. I've marked 1966 for the Mad Men era.

Hmm. Bad old policies? Looks to me like those bad old policies were VASTLY BETTER for ordinary Americans, including ordinary female Americans. Ordinary Americans have been losing ground since then, both absolutely and by comparison to the Goldman class.

Well Barry, it's nice to see yet again that you are Massa Goldman's best and most loyal houseboy.


  Constants and variables 11

Defining a word often requires finding the constants and variables. Headline in UK Telegraph:

Ed Miliband’s hope to be Britain’s first Jewish PM

Immediately I thought "Hey! What about Disraeli? Doesn't he count?"

And Miliband immediately answered the question:
Mr Miliband said he was aware of the historical significance of becoming Britain’s first Jewish prime minister if he wins the next election, despite his atheism. Disraeli, the Conservative prime minister, had a Jewish heritage but was a practising Anglican.
Expressing the constants and variables in mathy terms:

[Jewish genes] + [hard-line Satanist/Gramscian beliefs] = [Jewish identity]

[Jewish genes] + [Christian beliefs] = [Unperson]

Or in one sentence: You don't have any identity unless you're a stark raving psychotic. Only bonkers genocidists exist.

We've seen a similar formula in America with Lorena Sanchez, "the first Hispanic" to serve in Congress, even though non-Satanist Hispanics have represented New Mexico and Arizona since statehood. They didn't exist.

And Ben "Nighthorse" Campbell was "the first Indian in Congress", even though Robert Kerr (a Cherokee) served with great distinction and productivity in the '30s and '40s. Kerr's influence and ideas made Oklahoma far more drought-resistant than neighboring states.

And of course we haven't had an Indian as President or VP yet, even though Charles Curtis of the Kanza tribe was VP under Hoover.

Those previous Hispanics and Indians didn't exist. Only wackos exist in this utterly wacked-out schizo world.
Friday, April 11, 2014
  They're at it again

Some sort of pointless event is commemorating something about LBJ and "civil" "rights" and 1965. All the commie media are relentlessly homing in on this event, as they always do. Their toxified cranial organs contain ONLY ONE SUBJECT. 1965. "Civil" "Rights". Selma Alabama. Bull Connor. Edmund Pettis Bridge. And of course

And most of all,

Look here, you grotesque monstrosities. If you're going to obsess over a subject belonging to our generation, you've got the WRONG FUCKING SUBJECT.

Only a few thousand people were involved in the whole "civil" "rights" crap, and only a few hundred were present at THE SINGLE SOLITARY ONLY EVENT IN ALL OF HISTORY, THE ONLY THING THAT EVER HAPPENED.

In the beginning was the Big Bang, and then there was Selma Alabama. That's it. That's the entire history of the universe.

Could there be something else of importance? Hmm. How about Vietnam?

Every single male of this generation was affected by Vietnam one way or another. The normal guys let the draft happen, served their two years, and came back dead or disabled or drugged up or (at best) bored. The gung-ho patriot guys enlisted and served four or six years, and came back dead or disabled or drugged up or (at best) twisted. The hippieshit idiots like me chose jail over enlistment, and came back drugged up or twisted. The girls anxiously watched as their boyfriends or husbands or brothers came back dead or disabled or drugged up or twisted or (at best) bored.


So what happened? Apparently it didn't happen. It's rarely mentioned. Certainly not an obsession. Instead you tell us and tell us and tell us and tell us over and over and over and over about this absurd little non-event that affected essentially nobody.

What in the fuck is wrong with you? Other than every fucking thing?

Lesus save us. Mohammed save us. Buddha save us.
  All weapons are weapons but some weapons...

For several years Ukraine's government had failed to pay Russia for natural gas. Now Russia has shut off the utilities for non-payment.

In DC, some neocon Dalek is saying "We condemn Russia's use of energy as a weapon against Ukraine."

Well then, Dalek, I guess you should also condemn America's use of energy as a weapon against Russia in the 1980s. Our manipulation of Saudi oil prices plus our sabotage of Russia's pipelines (including the very same pipeline we're discussing now) were the weapons that brought down the Soviet regime in Russia. The Soviet regime then relocated to America and unfortunately remains in control here.

What? You're not condemning past uses of energy as a weapon? Only this one?

Well then, Dalek, you're not really condemning anything. You're just making Dalek noises.

In fact Russia is ceasing to use energy as a weapon. While the Ukrainian government was loyal, Russia subsidized their unpaid bills. That was a weapon to keep them loyal. Now that they're no longer loyal, no need for the weapon. Treat them like any other nation and require them to pay their bills.
Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Spokane jury took less than four hours to find Gail Gerlach not guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Brendon Kaluza-Graham. Shortly after the jury's verdict was read, Gail and his wife Sharon embraced in the courtroom, looking visibly relieved.
Civilization 1, Satan 0.

A few hours later, the jury separately decided that the self-defense shooting was justified, which requires the idiot state to reimburse Gerlach for his legal costs.

Civilization 2, Satan 0.

It won't change things in the illegitimate "court" system. Persecuting Attorney Tucker will continue to serve Satan loyally. He is permanently and totally devoted to raw evil.

But criminals, who are generally sane and capable of learning, will notice that their loyal accomplice and consigliere Tucker doesn't have the community on his side.

I'm proud of this city.
  Lipton's yak

Reading another stupid "study" on improving nutrition, it struck me that Portion and Serving are extremely peculiar units. They are new instances of an otherwise ancient and vestigial type of measurement.

Measurements began with specific terms for quantities of different things.

Pre-literate languages generally have separate words for three sticks, three goats, three men, three women, three yaks, and so on. Broader concepts of three objects developed much later. The separate-word stage remains in a few old industries or trades. We still have separate barrels for oil and beer and water, separate ounces for gold and pharmaceuticals, separate gallons for plant containers, and so on. All of these are vestigial leftovers EXCEPT portion and serving, which are newly created type-specific units.

When "studies" find that we now need 56,328.3169 Portions of fruits and vegetables per day if we want to survive another day, the "studies" never tell us which type of Portion or Serving they mean. Peanut portion? Walnut portion? Almond portion? Roma tomato portion? Fresh broccoli portion? Frozen broccoli portion? Campbell's soup portion? Lipton soup portion? Heinz soup portion?

This is less modern and less abstract than three yaks versus three women! It's more like having a distinct word for three of the yaks that live in Og's field, and a separate word for three of the yaks that live in Guk's field, and a separate word for three of the yaks that live in Bup's field.

= = = = =

A separate thought branching from the same general subject. Probably a weak idea, but seems interesting at the moment....

We always talk about 'new advances in electronics', and even more annoyingly we always attribute these advances to quantum crap. Nope, completely wrong. There hasn't been an advance in electronics since 1940. All the elements of digital and analog circuitry were well-developed in 1940. Every improvement since then has come from advances in materials. Junction transistors, integrated circuits, CMOS transistors, memory structures, constant shrinkage of space and increase in circuit density. All achieved through new methods for mixing and layering and processing and carving stuff, especially stuff formed into fibers.

Weak parallel: We also talk about new understandings in nutrition, and more annoyingly we attribute these advances to DNA and genetics. Nope, completely wrong. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars were understood well enough in 1940, though not quite as well as electronics. Most of our recent advances have come from understanding the material properties of food. We've realized that the old dream of complete nutrition in one pill per day is impossible. Digestion depends crucially on how the nutrients are contained in the fibers and bulk of actual real meat and fruit and nuts. Our enzymes and acids and symbiotic bacteria are designed to process the material of real food into necessary nutrients. If we don't let them engage in these processes, digestion fails, and then life fails.
  They squeezed!

Six months ago I hopefully noted an intention by UK government to issue infrastructure bonds that would meet Islamic standards.

Amazingly, the UK gov't has actually carried through on its expressed intention!

Via London's City AM:
Britain could become the first truly global Islamic finance centre if the government sets its mind to attracting infrastructure investment.

Chancellor George Osborne is raising £200m with a sharia-compliant bond, a sukuk, and is trying to encourage investors to move to London. Gatehouse Bank [an Islamic bank] expects this bond issue to show the extent of pent up demand in Britain. The bank alone expects to buy £30m to £40m of the sukuk, and predicts bids for the debt to run into the billions of pounds.

In part the problem is finding investment opportunities which meet stringent sharia standards. This requires the return on investment to be based on a hard, tangible asset – for instance, a rental property, or industrial machinery.
Repeating what I wrote earlier, which now applies definitely instead of hopefully:


(1) Tapping new investors is only a small part of the advantage. The big part is the plain fact that Islamic economics works, while the US/UK/EU Goldman System fails. (Of course Goldman economics succeeds magnificently for Goldman. The parasite destroys the host country to enrich itself.)

(2) When you disconnect the bond's return from LIBOR and those other Goldman-invented measurements and derivatives and options and futures and indexes and puts and calls, you also disconnect the power of Goldman. LIBOR was invented solely to provide a single control knob for the entire banking system, a knob that Goldman turns.

(3) When you treat government more like a business with the goal of producing a natural profit, you end up with a government that can do its proper job. When you keep a reserve and stay on the savings side of the ledger, you're not vulnerable to Goldman's crashes and commands. Failed governments operate solely on the borrowing side, which means they must obey their creditors instead of their people. Polistra has discussed this in detail before.

Islam requires investments to be based on real profit or increase from a real enterprise, not on abstract counterfeit numbers that Goldman can dial up or down. I can't find details on the nature of the 'enterprise' for this sukuk; it could be just a gimmick so the big Qatar sultan types can give lip service to sharia. Unfortunately there's a lot of gimmickry in these things. But if this sukUK isn't fake, it's an interesting start toward a sane economic system in one of the craziest countries on Earth. Now let's have MORE SANITY, PLEASE.

= = = = = END REPRINT

Well, it wasn't a gimmick. It was genuine! BRAVO!



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