Thursday, June 22, 2017
  Pointless research, interesting fact.

Pointless research: A software researcher is seeing if you can predict passage of a newly introduced bill in Congress, solely by processing the bill's text.

You don't need analysis. Just ask a Congressional staffer to speak on background. You'll never get the truth from any elected politician, but a staffer who feels like leaking will tell the truth.

Interesting fact:

Because bills fail 96% of the time, a simple “always fail” strategy would almost always be right.

Damn. I knew most bills were pure noise, but I didn't think it was 96%!

If I wanted to analyze it mechanically, I'd compare bills in the Upper Nuthouse and Lower Nuthouse. If a nearly identical bill is running through the pipeline in both "parties" and in both Nuthouses, there's some chance of passage. If the bill is in only one "party" or only one Nuthouse, it's pure noise, designed to score talking points and bring in campaign money.

  Trash bollards

An article by James Pinkerton discusses walls and bollards as defenses against "terrorist" cars. Seems sort of pointless in the context of "terrorism". When the FBI wants to exterminate you, it will find a way. But walls are ALWAYS valid for overall self-defense. Pinkerton suggests multi-purpose bollards...

I was idly Googlestreeting yesterday; on impulse tried Valparaiso, Indiana. The search offered Valparaiso de Goias in Brazil, so looked there instead.

Like much of South America, Valparaiso is all walls. Every house has HIGH walls on all sides, except in the poorest parts of town. The electric meters and mailboxes poke through the wall. Unlike most, Valparaiso has an extra feature. Each house has a solidly built steel bollard with a basket thing on top. These basket things aren't standardized; some have hinged lids, some not, and they vary in size and shape. What are they for?

Ah. Trash collection. Reminds me of an equally open system that was used in Stillwater until the '70s. Each house was required to have a post by the alley with a hook for an open-mesh bag. You put your trash in the bag, and the trashmen manually dumped each bag into the truck as they went through the alley.

Here's a wall that was broken, currently being replaced. You can see how the square electric meters are mounted to become part of a wall, and you can see that even duplexes have walls between the parts of the duplex. All systems are designed around the constant of walls.

Very few cars are visible. Lots of people are walking around. The cars are mostly VW bugs and buses, which aren't nearly as old in Brazil as they would be here. Brazil made bugs until 1986, and buses of the second generation until 2013.

But not all of the vehicles are VWs.

Later thought: Where are the other animals? In a 'loose' part of a USA STRONG town you'll always see dogs and cats. On my morning walks I'll see two dozen cats on the street, a half dozen dogs walking with people, and sometimes a mule deer family. Aside from the horse which counts as a vehicle, I don't see ANY four-legged mammals in the Brazil scenes.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 465

ZH mentions yet another total crash in the "value" of some bitcoin thing.

It's fun to watch the bitcoiners stoutly maintaining that their meaningless number, which they CAN'T OWN AND CONTROL, is a currency.

The first qualification of a currency is that you can receive it in payment for labor or material, and then you can STORE the currency in your OWN place. Wallet, purse, safe, hole in the ground, doesn't matter. It's YOURS.

After you have received and stored a coin, its value is INDEPENDENT of shit like this:
Furthermore, evidence is accumulating that f2pool was actively manipulating transactions bound for the Status ICO, which they participated in themselves, exacerbating the problem. Experts explained weeks ago that bad ICO designs are vulnerable to such attacks, but this appears to be the first time it was actually executed in the wild.

So now, even though the Status ICO is over, there are still a huge number of transactions clogging up the network and the only way to get transactions in is to pay huge fees (which most of the exchanges probably don't want to do). Until it clears out, people are going to be missing ENS auctions, unable to withdraw from many wallets and exchanges, etc. etc. etc.
None of that can affect a green rectangle or a metal circle. It's true that LARGE events like wars and incompetent governments can affect the value of real currency, but the actions of individual traders, or the malfunction of a computer in an exchange, won't bother you at all.

So it's great fun to watch bubblers getting bubbled.

Oddly enough, Emerson didn't mention this form of justice in his essay, though bubbles and manias were newsworthy and famous at the time when he was writing. In fact he seems to get it backwards here:

Proverbs, like the sacred books of each nation, are the sanctuary of the intuitions. That which the droning world, chained to appearances, will not allow the realist to say in his own words, it will suffer him to say in proverbs without contradiction. And this law of laws which the pulpit, the senate, and the college deny, is hourly preached in all markets and all languages by flights of proverbs, whose teaching is as true and as omnipresent as that of birds and flies.

He seems to be trusting the Natural Law wisdom of markets. Presumably he was thinking of real agoras and souks, not abstract tulips and shares; but he should have been aware of the latter. Swift got it right.

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  Rare scoop

BBC just got ahead of ZH on an important event within the typical ZH coverage range. Kalanick resigned from Uber. I don't see it yet on ZH. Heads will roll in the land of the Tylers!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  Question that should be asked

This is a question that should be asked, but I don't hear it.

Ever since Nixon, USA STRONG has delusionally considered China to be our ally. In fact we've become a colony of China, and our elites have close economic and personal links with China. Zuckerberg's dynastic wife is Chinese. Not a descendant of immigrants, a recent direct immigrant.

As the Silk Road thing continues to develop its own GOLD-BASED currency system and its own Web and transportation, we will find it harder to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION while still obeying China. Now it looks like India is joining the military side of the Silk Road. (India was always economically linked to China, so no change there.) Dotheads are intensely involved in our elite occupations (banking, medicine, academia), gradually displacing Jews by force of population.

Until now it's been easy to attack RUSSIANAGGRESSION because we've never formed trade links with Russia, and Russian immigrants haven't moved into the Insatiable ranks. When RUSSIANAGGRESSION and China and India are the same thing, attacking gets a lot harder.

Real value will win in the end. Globalist psychopathic genocide is only supportable when the psychopaths own the whole globe, which seemed to be the inevitable arrow of history just 5 years ago.

Graphic serendipity note: I used the open-outline font because it looked right in context. Thinking about it, open-outline letters are the ideal way to represent a whisper. Formants unfilled by fundamental.

Graphic quibble note: Yes, I know the arrow won't actually fire back on USA STRONG. It's a cartoon.

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  Valid conclusions

Valid stereotypes lead to valid conclusions.

"Local" "news" article about an accused embezzler.

Embezzlers look like this:

The defendant in the story looks like this:

Whoa! All wrong! She can't be an embezzler. Reading the story, turns out she isn't an embezzler in the strict sense. Proper embezzling is done by a bookkeeper or teller who has the power to fiddle with the numbers. This pretty young defendant was misusing the company credit card to pay for personal stuff. She wasn't in a position to juggle the books.

More like theft by deception.
  Notes on Three Sands

I've been "making" a partial model of Three Sands, the iconic oil boom town. Tried to find info in the 1940 Census, because the town peaked around then. [CORRECTION BELOW.] The detailed sheets don't help much. Clearly the Census considered temporary housing to be non-resident, like travelers in hotels. Only the permanent houses that had postal Rural Route numbers were included. Some of the 'upper crust' employees of the town were able to rent real houses.

This page, chopped and channeled as usual, shows what I mean:

Doctor, postmaster, clerk, and some pumpers and roustabouts with families.

This is the only 'pure oil' page from the ED that included 3 Sands. The rest are mostly farmers.

The town was about half in Kay County and half in Noble, mainly laid out along current US 77. (177 moved east.) I put together a map from the Census maps, which might be useful:

= = = = =

A bit later: CORRECTION. No, the town wasn't peaking in '40. It peaked around '28, and the post office was closed in '42. So the census probably gave an accurate sense of the fading remnants.

= = = = =

I've got three buildings so far, crammed together unrealistically here for scale checking. The school, a tenant cottage, and the main shop. All are fairly authentic based on available pix. (I'd already made the tenant cottage, a standard Aladdin unit, for an earlier set.)

Monday, June 19, 2017
  And here we go again.

Every time we start a pointless guaranteed-losing war that destroys millions of people for no reason, we ALWAYS have a heart-rending SINGLE VICTIM ready and waiting to trigger it. There's always some pilot who was supposedly held by the target nation, or some spy hiker who was captured. In every case the heart-renderer was INVADING the target with permission of our misgovernment. He was the forward scout for the unprovoked aggression, turned into a helpless victim.

Now we're doing it again with Warm Beer, a spy who got caught in NK and was either mistreated or poisoned. I'll take Poisoned By CIA for $200, Alex.

  More preciseness

Still in a precise mood.

Headline at ZH:

White House "Weighing" Replacing Sean Spicer

= = = = =

Article in a 1922 Australian electronics journal, about Edison's criteria for a good executive.

When I call on one of my men for a decision, I want it right away. When his department calls on him for a decision, it wants it right away.

Nuff said.


  Perfect comparison

Continuing pointlessly precise mood.

Schools could do a tremendous service if they would teach people how to ask questions that can be answered.

Perfect comparison, adjoining entries clearly referring to the same event:

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When I was an arrogant teenage dickhead I sometimes "corrected" people who didn't need correcting. My dad would respond to such corrections by quoting a line from a '30s radio comedian:

Vass you dere, Charlie?

Dad was actually using the quote backwards from its intended purpose. Now I'm correcting people who don't need correcting again! ... but in this case, thanks to preserved recordings, I know that Baron von Munchausen was using the line to prevent Charlie from detecting his lies. Baron was like modern "journalists" who weaponize authority to protect evil.

Dad was using the quote to cure me of "correcting" the experienced truth. His use was virtuous in purpose, regardless of quotation accuracy.

From the start, one virtue of the blogosphere was a constant enforcement of Dereness. "Journalists" are always lying. Modern "journalists" have taken the art well beyond lying into bizarre delusions. Their lies can be detected by people who vass actually dere, whether in a foreign country or a non-elite city or a non-elite culture or occupation.

In a discussion of any topic, people who have some degree of real experience can spot "correctors" who vassn't dere. Classic case in a ZH discussion yesterday. People who remember pre-1980 America know that income was vastly more equal than now, within a neighborhood and between neighborhoods. One commenter who clearly vassn't dere insisted that we were romanticizing the past. The income gap within neighborhoods must have been more like 10 to 1. He was trying to "correct" our memories. Sorry, doesn't work. Ve vass dere.

Footnote since I'm in a precise mood today: My use of we in previous paragraph doesn't mean I was participating in the discussion. I've avoided signing up as a commenter at ZH because the site has always smelled slightly provocateur-ish. It seems to invite the sort of comments that Deepstate can use as ammunition. We referred only to my presence in pre-1980 America.
Sunday, June 18, 2017
  Beating a dead flip

I'm always writing about old cars and old houses. Suddenly struck by a comparison.

Bad flip, yet again....

Original, my model:

Flipped in 2008 and finally sold this year:

What's the automotive equivalent of a bad flip?


This thing:

is allegedly meant to resemble a late 20s Mercedes. It's actually a Pinto.

A good flip is the exact equivalent of a minimal restoration of an original. Not even a metaphor. Overhaul the engine, replace bad rubber, fix damage, repaint if really needed. That's all.



I mentioned Bucky's Dumbaxion House in previous entry. Looks like the Chinese, current champions of pointless Oh Wow architecture, have one-upped Bucky's dumbness.

A major feature of the Dumbaxion was its ability to rotate. The new Bund Finance building features a hypnotically moving outer wall. Something like a giant curtain blowing in the wind. It's pretty, but WHY?

Moving outer surfaces could be useful. A rippling roof would throw off snow before it could load up and form ice dams. A spinning roller along the foundation could toss away water and bugs. (Of course there's a simple static way to do both jobs. A warm steep roof and a concrete apron.)

The only purpose of the Shanghai wall is to impress Deplorables with the infinite wealth of China's Insatiables.

  Prefab presumption

A postwar issue of a journal for radio and appliance dealers has an article on Prefab Houses, which were supposed to take over the entire housing market. Didn't happen, though prefabs in the original sense were common through the '60s. The article assumed that most prefabs would come with built-in appliances, offering an opportunity for large sales. Didn't happen, though the LATER incarnation of prefabs as 'modular' or 'manufactured' houses based on trailers did generally include appliances.

The article also had a huge list of supposed makers of prefabs, maybe 200 companies scattered across the country. Only a handful of these were actually in the business; I'm guessing the list was compiled from a survey of companies that wanted or wished to be in the prefab industry.

Here's a chopped and channeled selection from the list, marking three notable entries and one GIANT non-entry.

GIANT non-entry: Where's ALADDIN? They were the biggest prefabber at that time, and continued operating until 1981 when the 'modular' trailer stuff took over.

In the second column: Butler, still going strong after specializing in commercial buildings. Butler has become a common noun for 'steel building', like kleenex or xerox.

In the third column: Fuller, operating from Beech in Wichita. That would be Bucky Fuller's Dumbaxion House. Beech built exactly two of them, one of which unfortunately survives. Later on, Fuller's Geodesic Dumb was also turned out in prefab form, for some unfathomable reason.

And finally, Panhandle in Amarillo made the Homettes that I "drew" and used extensively.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

If you wanted a conspiracy theory you could build this one pretty easily... All of these skyscrapers torched by Environmentally Beneficial Rocket Fuel Cladding housed mainly Muslims.

When you apply Cui Bono, the theory doesn't work well. In Dubai the builders and regulators were also Muslim, and even in London a pretty fair part of the city government is Arab or Muslim.

The one CERTAIN connection is that the cladding was installed to satisfy Gaia's hunger for burnt sacrifices. Wrapping a building in rocket fuel is a damn good way to achieve a massive burnt sacrifice and gain environmental indulgence points. If the dead Deplorables are Muslim or Christian, higher point value.

Still, it might be interesting to see who supplied the rocket fuel to these particular builders. Is there a strong connection to bankers or neocons or CIA?


Also, this happens to be Entry # 7500 in this blog. Not worth a proper celebration, just one of those old meaningless landmark numbers, like 100000 on the odometer.

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  Constants ??? variables ???, ??? edition ???

Trying to parse a constant out of a puzzle.

Reviewing the basics. Since 1946 the Deepstate in USA STRONG has been leading the Globalist side, pushing constantly for total Empire. All fashionable and high-status people (the Insatiables) are for Globalism, because Insatiables are naturally Globalist by temperament. I WANT IT ALL AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE. ALL MINE MINE MINE MINE. ALL ME ME ME ME ME. I CONTAIN THE UNIVERSE. I AM THE UNIVERSE.

The other side is more variable and less uniform. China and Russia are the counterforces, with a variety of alliances and ideologies since 1946. Both are very old countries, both are former builders of empires who were cured of the disease a long time ago. For at least 200 years both have been fending off Globalists. France, England, Germany, Japan, and USA STRONG have all taken a turn at conquering both Russia and China, and FAILED EVERY TIME. But we keep trying because we're incurably Insatiable, incapable of learning, infinitely dumber than the dumbest bacterium.

= = = = =

Now the puzzles. Nixon and Trump. Both ended up serving Empire loyally, but both are HATED AND BANISHED by Empire.

Nixon turned out to be the best advancer of all the Imperial goals. The Soros agenda was organized and implemented by Nixon before Soros came anywhere near politics. Global Warming, abortion, Die-Versity, all the various "rights" movements, replacement of Real Value by pure math and finance. All firmly started and implemented by Nixon, later picked up by Soros and others.

We don't have much data on Trump yet, but his actual behavior and his actual orders are strictly continuous from Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama.

Both Nixon and Trump made noises that sounded non-Imperial. Nixon claimed the support of the Silent Majority and promised to pull out of Vietnam. In fact he squashed the Silent Majority with forced busing and affirmative action and environmentalism and finance, and moved even farther into Southeast Asia until the war failed.

Are the noises the main problem? No. Obama also made non-Imperial noises during the 2008 campaign, and actually performed two small non-Imperial actions: normalizing relations with Cuba and Persia. Trump is quickly and firmly moving to undo those actions. Persia was smart enough to get ahead of the inevitable by forming CONTRACTS with major corporations. Cuba wasn't smart.

So the noises aren't the issue. It's more personal, pure blind factless prejudice.

But why? Trump and Nixon are opposite character types: Nixon the suspicious catlike introvert, Trump the rambunctious Labrador extrovert, barking all night and wagging his tail and knocking things over without realizing it.

Nixon was a lifelong politician, making enemies of Insatiables since exactly 1946. He gave Globalists good reason to hate him when he tried to prosecute Crown Prince Alger Hiss. The other participants in that insult were taken out more forcefully; Nixon was allowed to live and assume power, which means he must have submitted to blackmail before 1968. Trump had no history at all, no old insults and grudges. He didn't even get into the field of politics until last year.

No answers, just questions.

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Friday, June 16, 2017
  Good-luck charm

I ordered a center-zero microammeter for an electronics project. It came from Lilly Electronics in China. (I try to buy American when possible, but with new electronics stuff it's basically impossible.) Lilly packed this thing:

in with the meter. Presumably these go in every package. It's a nice old-fashioned touch, even if I have no idea what it is or what the Chinese means!

It's not jewelry for humans; way too small. I'm going to call it jewelry for electronics. I'll hang it on one of the pots of the completed project, sort of like the seal on the red ribbon of old documents.



Well, I take it back. All this talk about Russian threats and RUSSIANAGGRESSION is right. Federal agents conducted massive raids yesterday around the Spokane area and arrested a bunch of serious criminals, drug traffickers, gun-runners, etc.

Look at the long list of Russian names:

Marcos Ramirez-Mercado
Jose Alfredo Mendoza-Vaca
Milton Oswaldo Pena
Giovanni Pena
Federico Ramos-Perez
Jose Antonio Rojas-Calvillo
Donald Reed Daniels
Juan Jose Navarro-Martinez
Jorge Armando Hernandez-Vera
Francisco Martinez-Perez
Enrique Eduardo Rodriguez-Mercado
Angel Rodriguez Amezcua
Sergio L. Lopez
Nahum Martinez-Guadarrama
Victor Alexander Rangel
Trevor Edward Fedele
Edward Wayne Fedele
Edson Marcos Ramirez
Joel Lyman
Mireya Hernandez
Olton Leon Gaines
Horacio Luna-Cano

A regular roll call of the Supreme Soviet. Straight out of a Tolstoy novel. We obviously don't need a wall on the Southern border, we need to block the Bering Strait! Now!

  I don't buy it

A commentator was claiming that most legislators dislike the publicity-seeking camera hogs. Supposedly there are plenty of backbenchers who hate to see McCain, Graham, Schumer and Pelosi making news and wasting time and soiling the reputation of non-hogs.

Sorry, I don't buy it.

In other fields there are good reasons why the sane workers keep quiet, mainly because it wouldn't make any fucking difference. A sane scientist in engineering or agronomy or materials knows that "journalists" won't listen to sanity. A sane scientist working in industry can't speak at all because he's working under strict NDAs to protect competitive advantage.

Those limitations aren't present in legislatures. Sane legislators, if they exist, have a UNIQUE source of power.


A quorum strike could halt all action until the camera hogs stop wasting time with endless "investigations" of Benghazi or Flynn or RUSSIANMEDDLING.

Quorum strikes don't happen, therefore sane legislators don't exist.
  Constants and variables, life and death edition

Okay, let's compare USA STRONG, where Soros controls everything, versus Kenya, which has kicked Soros NGOs out of its borders.

USA STRONG is currently experiencing mass suicide by non-Sorosians, and a successful project of mass assassination by Sorosians.

Two [clap] two [clap] two genocides in one! Much more energy-efficient than the old one-sided method.

Kenya's biggest political story: One party is annoyed because the other party favors one printing company for printing ballots.

Yes indeed, aren't we lucky to be living in a First World Democracy with Peace and Freedom and Justice abounding for all? Boy howdy, I'm surely glad I don't live in a Third World Dictatorship with constant coups and assassinations.

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  Are they taking a break?

I unplugged TV many years ago, and shut off radio news lately. I check the websites of "local" TV stations briefly, just to see if they have room for even one story that ISN'T about TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Until two days ago I didn't need to bother reading, because ALL the stories on the front page were TRUMPPUTIN TRUMPAGGRESSION RUSSIANAGGRESSION RUSSIANHACKING RUSSIANMEDDLING RUSSIANINTERFERENCE.

Suddenly those stories have stopped. Even KXLY, the ferociously demonic affiliate of the Lee Harvey Oswald network, has ZERO stories on the ONLY CONCEIVABLE subject.

Is it possible that somebody woke up and decided that it wasn't wise to spend EVERY SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK OF EVERY MONTH explicitly ordering your minions to assassinate non-globalists?

Nah. Now that their assassination orders have ACTUALLY BEEN CARRIED OUT, they are too busy jacking off on images of Deplorable blood and guts. No energy left to push the ONLY CONCEIVABLE STORY. Have to let the automatic storybots fill in non-news like local suicides and overdoses and daily bridge-jumps.

I pity the janitor at KXLY's demoncoven, who has to clean up projectile splatters of testicular and vaginal fluids from ceilings and walls.

After the buzz wears off, I'm sure the violent foreplay will resume with redoubled and requadrupled and reoctupled and re2^1000000000000000000pled force.

A few hours later: Wasn't even a whole day. KXLY demons are back to erupting plutonium-laced toxic sludge all over the landscape as usual. I guess the taste of blood gives demons extra energy or something. Vile nasty filthy unnameable hyperevil.



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