Friday, July 03, 2015
  Simple solution, won't happen

Spokane has roared into fire season.

As usual, many brush fires are started by railroad hot boxes. A solvable problem that isn't going to be solved.

As usual, a lot of fires in buildings AND forests are started by transients. Probably not solvable.

As usual, a few fires are caused by pure fire-loving arsonists. Probably not solvable.

As usual, some fires are started by idiot kids lighting fireworks, or idiot adults who think a hot windy day is the perfect time to burn some trash or weld a boat trailer. Has been partly solved. Laws have made a big difference, but I suspect we've reached the asymptotic minimum of idiots. Proposed law: "Shooting a firestarter counts as self-defense." Won't happen.

Two BIG SERIOUS fires have been started by cigarettes on apartment balconies.

The first one was dramatic but not hugely damaging: A downtown high-rise appeared to be a towering inferno, but turned out to be a fire on one balcony. Caused by putting out a cigarette in a potted plant. Because the building is steel and concrete, only the balcony and one room had 'cosmetic' damage.

Yesterday an entire 8-unit building was destroyed by the same start. Cigarette in potted plant. This one was a wooden building with vinyl siding. Nuff said.

Solution: Reverse present laws, require people to smoke INSIDE instead of OUTSIDE.

Won't happen. We'll continue to lose massive amounts of property and lives to serve the idiot puritans.


  Carrier and modulation

Lots of pro-civilization folks are worrying about the wrong end of the "marriage" monstrosity. They're upset about "relativism" and "decadence".

"Relativism" is totally out of date. "Relativism" was three generations ago, serving briefly in 1962 as the soft coating for one stage of hard tyranny.

"Decadence" is somewhat relevant. A culture that survives needs strict limits on public decadence, and poor people need limits more than rich people, as I've discussed too often.

But that's not the purpose of the Supreme Satans. The "marriage" thing is just a carrier, just a convenient crusade that wraps a tasty apple around the poison jackboot.

Why would same-sex couples want civil marriage anyway? That's the important question.

Back in my hippie peacenik days, in the '70s, I knew several same-sex couples of both types. They were happily domestic. In fact those couplings were more comfortable than normal marriages, for a simple and obvious reason. When two people grow up with the same brain structure and the same hormones, they're bound to understand each other better than opposite brains. Mars knows Mars better than Mars knows Venus.

I never heard them complain that their marriage wasn't officially recognized. It wasn't an issue.

Genuine and heartfelt complaints about the condition of civil marriage, then and now, come from the opposite situation. Because Mars and Venus misunderstand each other, they need real help from culture and law to keep things running properly.

Since the '60s, civil marriage has been a deadly trap for heterosexual males. All pain, no gain. Every sane male tries to avoid it. This doesn't matter much for rich folks, but it's desperate for poor females and their poor kids who need sane male husbands and fathers.

In sum, we don't need to improve marriage for same-sex couples, we desperately need to improve it for opposite-sex couples, especially for the poorest and blackest. [Though not quite relevant here, I have to insert: The first step is to rebuild industrial jobs for poor males. Eliminate free trade, outsourcing, and environmentalism. When poor males can earn a decent income, part of the marriage problem will solve itself.]

That's why the "marriage" issue is just a carrier wave, just a transport system. The real signal is TOTAL ABOLITION OF CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS.

Holder already warned us of the gov't purpose a couple years ago. Pay attention.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015
  New world

We have descended into a truly new world.

In the more concrete stings like al-Qaeda and ISIS, government creates an actual monster, turns it loose, then spends millions of lives and trillions of dollars to achieve a transparently impossible "total victory" over the invented monster. This isn't new. USA STRONG has been pulling this trick for a long time.

What's completely new (or else extremely old, as in human sacrifice to propitiate the gods) is imaginary monsters.

We invent instantly disprovable pseudotheories like "global warming", then kill millions and spend trillions to propitiate Gaia.

We hold referenda to accept or reject proposals that have already expired.

We create "rights" and force businesses and schools to create new restrooms and facilities for "transsexuals", a category that is absolutely physically and logically impossible. There are some people who like to dress differently for various reasons; there are lots of people whose secondary sexual characteristics are somewhere between the ends of the spectrum; but there are EXACTLY ZERO people who have changed their gender. It CANNOT HAPPEN.

We invent "crimes" like nooses and campus rapes and church arsons and "terrorist" shootings that DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL. These are complete and total fictions. Badly written fictions. We then treat the fictional noose or rape or arson or shooting as COMPLETELY REAL, even in the same sentence where we finally admit it didn't happen.

Today's example, the fictional "shooting" in the DC Navy Yard.

On the news just now:

"This incident brought back memories of a similar incident in 2013."

No it didn't. The 2013 incident was not similar to this incident because the 2013 incident happened and this incident did not happen. This incident is not an incident. It is pure fiction. It isn't ANY FUCKING THING AT ALL. It can't bring back memories because it didn't happen. It is NOTHING. It is a DELUSION, a HALLUCINATION, a sign of terminal mental disorder in media and government.

But Satan's media and Satan's government will NEVER say that. No, we must CHANGE EVERYTHING to guarantee that this horrible incident NEVER doesn't happen again. NEVER NOT AGAIN! The incident justifies doubling the government's workforce and budget, and justifies an infinite increase in ALL-CONSUMING ALL-SQUASHING TYRANNY.

Sidenote: If philosophers were sane, this would be a good time for philosophers to mobilize and give media/govt a hard lesson in ontology. But philosophers led the parade to insanity 100 years ago, so no help.


  Asked and answered.

= = = = =

= = = = =

Asked and answered.
  The Communist brand

The following is dramatically and officially clear now:

(1) Nations that call themselves Communist are strongly in favor of traditional natural-law morality.

(2) Nations that call themselves Capitalist or Christian are lethally and satanically opposed to traditional natural-law morality.

If you want real family values officially enforced, you want a Communist country.

This was clear, but not yet official, 30 years ago for sure. Maybe earlier.

My eyes were opened to the fact in 1986 when I got to know some Chinese grad students in engineering. They described a Chinese government and culture that worked together to keep marriages intact and avoid divorce. At the same time I happened to read a book by some Western feminist monster, harshly criticizing Russian women for refusing to obey feminist dogma.

I'm worried now about Cuba, another country with the Communist brand and strong traditional Catholic morality. Obama threatens to bring "human rights" to Cuba.

Remember the last time we brought "human rights" to Cuba? At that time it meant wide-open gambling and prostitution run by the NYC Mafia.

Watch out, Cubans. We're coming to ruin you again.


  Credit where credit is due

On the latest "epidemic" of black churches burning, the media are doing an amazingly good job of TRYING to emphasize the truth. The usual Sharptonites are jumping to KKKonKKKlusions as always. Official spokesman are saying No Comment in a way that helps the Sharptonites.

But ABC and others are stating the facts! Namely, this isn't especially unusual. Churches are old buildings that tend to burn rather often. Many times the reason is insurance-arson, not race-arson. Out of this set of 7, only 2 could be arson of any type. The church that Sharptonites were especially focusing on as KKK is definitely lightning.

The last time one of these "epidemics" occurred, the media got caught with their hands full of matches, so maybe they feel a little obligation now.

Obligation or not, two cheers to the media for quietly resisting Sharpton!

If one or two of these do turn out to be race-arson, so be it. At least we're getting a correct picture instead of the usual KILL WHITEY pile-on.
Wednesday, July 01, 2015
  Point of consistency

The last few major crimes by the Supreme Satans are frustratingly inconsistent from my secular natural-law position.

1. Romneycare can proceed. This is a proper decision in strictly technical terms. Congress passed Romneycare, so the "court" can't interfere. In practical terms this is bad because Romneycare is bad. Obama had the chance to do Medicare For All, but instead he gave this total monopoly to insurors.

2. "Marriage": Illegal and improper on every imaginable level plus all levels not yet imagined. Infinite tyranny. End of civilization. Absolute prohibition of Christianity and Islam.

3. EPA has to go through more hoops before enforcing mercury limits. Technically correct but practically bad. Limits on mercury are EXACTLY the sort of rules EPA should be making, instead of killing millions and wasting trillions with the Gaian sacraments. This is a good and appropriate law against ACTUAL POLLUTION, and it should have been allowed to proceed.

4. Using an effective drug for death penalty is OK. This is a purely good decision, and it's already removed the roadblocks to several punishments.

From my FDR-ish viewpoint, 1 and 3 are conflicted and frustrating, 2 is raw bloody evil, and 4 is good.

Objectively, 1,2,3 are consistent in showing abject obedience to the Corporate Masters. This is most likely the real point of consistency. Supreme Satans always serve Goldman. 4 doesn't seem to affect Corporate Masters either way, so common sense mistakenly leaked through.

But all of these crimes are direct punches in the face to 'standard' Catholics. You can see this on the front page of National Catholic Register. 1 makes things hard for Catholic hospitals; 2 is correctly seen as pure evil; 3 is bad because EPA is perfectly holy and angelic to Antipope Francine; and 4 is bad because Catholics like criminals, I guess. I can't begin to figure out why Romans oppose capital punishment. It ruins their credibility on all other issues.
  Surprise surprise x 3

= = = = =

= = = = =

Surprise surprise 1. A fancy McMansion subdivision goes into the middle of a forest and then gets burned. Surprise surprise 2. The houses with cedar roofs burned. Slate and tile roofs didn't burn. Surprise surprise 3. Google ad placement is smart as usual. You can almost hear the ad saying "I tried to tell you!"

Non-flammable roofs wouldn't help in a full-scale firestorm, but in the more common situation where embers are blowing around, the roof makes ALL the difference.
  Of course this won't persuade anyone.

It's nice to see attempts to impose facts on the bitslave types. It won't work, but it leaves the bitiots without ANY excuse for their criminal activity.

We already know from simple logic that the entire purpose of Bitcoin is fraudulent. When you run the entire currency system THROUGH the web (which is another name for NSA), you're not HIDING the system from NSA. You are GUARANTEEING that NSA knows about all your transactions.

We also know from simple logic that the system DOES NOT FAVOR the poor. The only way to create "value" is by buying lots and lots of expensive computer setups and running them hot and heavy to make some equations.

This is not "value"; it's just an indication of your own riches, EXACTLY like the creation of "value" by central banks. The counterfeit equations created by QE processes go directly into the bank accounts of the Chosen.

Now an article in Vice estimates the energy usage of EACH single transaction in Bitcoin, and finds that EACH transaction, EACH single sale, uses the same electricity as 1.5 DAYS of an average American household.

= = = = =

Compare this with a plain paper transaction.

In many parts of the world ordinary trading uses no technology. People who use TRULY SECURE paper currency are not leaving an NSA trail. Most importantly, they are creating REAL VALUE by making or fixing or cleaning or painting or growing things. These are activities that anyone can do regardless of income.


And a paper currency transaction uses no energy AT ALL.

= = = = =

Even if we consider a more modern transaction via cash register, the energy usage is minuscule compared to Bitcoin.

Let's try a somewhat high estimate, based on a business that makes fairly sparse transactions. A small service business like a barber shop or dentist office will make about 10 sales per hour. A basic cash register uses about 1 KWH. Thus each transaction accounts for about 0.1 KWH. (The transaction itself is much less, but the register is running all the time, so I let each payment account for 1/10 of an hour.) Using the household usage figure in the article, 30 KWH per day, this means each transaction is about .003 of a household day, or 0.3% of a household day.

Thus the Bitcoin transaction uses about 450 times as much energy as a cash-register transaction.

= = = = =

Summing up:

If you want real security and low energy usage, use paper currency with no records. Zero NSA, zero energy.

If you want 'normal' and 'legitimate' operations, use paper currency in cash registers. Because you're reporting your income to IRS and other agencies, NSA can access the overall figures but can't identify the customers. Energy 0.3% of a household day.

If you want absolute intimacy with NSA and wildly profligate EVIL KKKARBON, use Bitcoin. Inside the belly of the beast. Energy 150% of a household day.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
  Leap-second problem? No.

= = = = =

= = = = =

Part of Statcounter's record of this blog. I looked at the same info a couple hours earlier, and these super-long reads weren't there. The "multiple reads spread over days" notice caught my attention!

I suppose this could be an intentional change in their way of recording things, but it seems mighty weird.

Later: I guess it's an intentional change. Still weird.
  Everybody's cranky

This long El Nino hot spell is affecting everyone.

I saw a squirrel acting like a cat. He hid in a bush, watched three crows eating something on the ground, then POUNCED at the crows, driving them away. He didn't eat whatever they were eating; he just needed to assert his authority.

I understand.

= = = = =


This long CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE CHANGE is affecting everyone.

I saw a cat with a squirrel background. Um hid in a FORBIDDEN NAME, watched three crows eating something on the ground, then POUNCED at the crows RACISM RACISM RACISM. Um didn't eat whatever they were eating ROSA PARKS LUNCH COUNTER SELMA SELMA SELMA LIVING SAINT JOHN L. LEWIS OUR SAVIOR AND PROPHET; um just needed to define.


  We're there now

= = = = = =

= = = = = =

Orwell would love us. I mean hate us. I mean love us. I mean hate us. Please, Mr O'Brien, what is the Correct Line as of this picosecond? Love us. Thank you. Now will you take those rats away from my face? No. I mean hate us. I mean love us. I mean haAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

= = = = = =

What's the point of this little weirdness?

Remember where Room 101 was? Minilove.

We're there now.

Orwell's point was that shifting sands of certainty gave infinite power to the Party. Only the well-connected Party insiders had the cultural habits and information access to ride the waves. The modern version is stronger and broader. Complex fast-moving rules still favor government officials because the officials are making the rules; but they also favor the super-rich and big corporations who can afford an army of Compliance Monitors and Oppo Researchers. If you aren't in a position to make the rules or blackmail the rule-makers, you're in trouble.

Some politicians on the side of civilization haven't figured this out. They still believe ... or claim to believe for the sake of gaining money ... that "democracy", whatever the fuck that means, can be used. "Democracy", whatever the fuck that means, doesn't exist.

Power comes from bucks, bombs, and blackmail.

In simple situations where money itself is the issue, money can make a difference. But money given by a Heretic only makes things worse for all Heretics. It is LETHALLY counterproductive. Consider Brendan Eich, or consider this.

There's no practical way to gather a fleet of ICBMs with 100-megaton warheads. I pray daily that USA STRONG will get so fucking crazy that Putin will finally do us a favor, but unfortunately Putin is sane and Russia is cautious. Remember Stanislav Petrov.

That leaves blackmail. Blackmail got us into this mess, and blackmail is the only way that might get us out.


  Wrong concern

One of the ZeroHedge types is worrying about accidental problems in stock-trading caused by the end-of-June leap second.

If we're going to worry about this at all, we should be more worried about intentional scams.

Long before atomic clocks, scammers found ways to use mismatched clocks to run horse-betting rackets. Gather some marks in a room. Feed them a fake broadcast of race results. Either delay the actual radio for a few minutes by audiotape, or pick up the results by ticker and read it in broadcasting style. Because of the delay, you know the results before the bets are placed. There are several ways to skin the marks after they're convinced, but the central point is that you can shape "reality" as seen by the marks.

This trick wouldn't be possible now. You'd have to gather up everyone's Devices, or possibly wi-fi-hack them all to change the time. Neither would work properly.

But in the world of HFT, one second is plenty long enough to reshape reality, provided you know which systems are going to miss the second.

Nice example of careerism here. A seriously confused ramble from a sheriff. He's worried about "right-wingers", and he's also worried about a "war on police".

The "war on police" is NOT coming from the "right-wingers" he's worried about. The "war on police" is coming from the OTHER side.

Confused but understandable.

Where does a sheriff get his money? Partly from the county taxpayers, and heavily from the side that's creating the "war on police", i.e. the Feds.

He also knows that his re-election depends strictly on the same Sharpton-worshipping media who implement the "war on police".

No point in getting riled about this. He's competent. He does his basic job of catching criminals properly. Anyone who managed to get elected in his place would have to say the same idiotic things to stay in office. Given current conditions, a replacement is guaranteed to be worse.

Unfortunately but NOT accidentally, these remarks may have the effect of CREATING the situation he claims to be worried about. Now that he has slapped the "right-wingers" in the face, a response that the media will instantly define as a "war on police" WILL be coming from the side he wants it to come from.
Sunday, June 28, 2015
  OPT 4

Randomish observation. When I was younger, my sleeping and dumping patterns were strongly influenced by circumstances and behavior. I knew which weather conditions or moods or foods or work shifts would lead to better sleep and better dumps. If sleep or dumps were poor, I could properly blame myself most of the time.

Now, at 65, it's all cyclical. None of the external or internal conditions make any difference. If this week is a short-sleep week, it's going to be a short-sleep week. If this is a big-dump week, nothing gets in the way.

I don't know if this is elderly rigidity or just plain optimality. It could be that I've finally tuned my diet and habits and moods to the point where small differences stay inside the 'good enough' range, leaving the month-scale cycles of the gut biome as the primary controller. ... But that's just another way of saying 'elderly rigidity', isn't it?

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Saturday, June 27, 2015
  More quitters

I see the Greek prettyboys have finally done what they should have done first. Decided to GET OUT of EU hell. They're doing it the bankshot way, of course, via a referendum, but they're still doing it.

Good. Now let's have more.

We need more quitters.

We need more people and institutions and countries who are instantly ready to GET OUT of whatever traps them. We need to save our own souls first.

Science would be in better shape if careerism didn't dominate. If students and postdocs and faculty were more willing to say "No, this project is crap and I'm not going to participate", we'd have a lot less crap.

Same applies in business and politics. Entirely too often we hear the truth about Satan from FORMER officials who spent 30 years ferociously advancing Satan. If the official had quit the first time Satan asked for his help, his talent wouldn't have been serving Satan.

What's the key?

Debt vs savings.

It's blazingly obvious with Greece, which has been living like an aristocrat on Kraut credit instead of living as a free peasant. Other small EU countries who chose the realistic peasant path (eg Slovakia) are especially irritated at Greece.

More subtle in academia. Before Tenure took over in 1970, professoring was a fairly leisurely occupation. It didn't pay very well, but it also didn't require lots of time. Many profs had 'old money' or inherited property. They lived better with the money from profing, but they could survive for a while without it. Result: a lot less crap and (comparatively) more careful and thoughtful research. Now that graduates start with a lifetime of debt, maximum employment and maximum grants are desperately necessary for survival.

= = = = =

ZIRP is no mystery, no mere accident of math. ZIRP is an intentional pogrom against savers, designed to force everyone into debt servitude.


Friday, June 26, 2015
  The next development

The latest unspeakable _______ from the black-robed Satans is not at all surprising. Its purpose, though not the details, became inevitable when the tyrannical ball started rolling in 1962. The details, the "marriage" bit, are sort of incidental. Some other newly created "right" would have served equally well. We should focus on the overall pattern. Create "new rights" for a few fashionable aristocrats who already have maximum status and privilege. Use the "new rights" to squash everyone else. Squash the poor first.

Surprising or not, this written "decision" has given infinite permission to government and media and corporations and NGOs, and to post-Christian "religious" institutions. Those groups are now absolutely free to imprison and kill Christians and Muslims. Nothing can slow them down. That's the purpose and point. Total pogrom. Free kill.

I'm watching specifically for one development. USA STRONG doesn't like to be seen killing its own civilians directly. It prefers bankshots.

For 30 years USA STRONG has been running first one, then two, big AP's against Muslims. In concise terms, AQ and ISIS were created to kill Muslims and blame Muslims.

There isn't a parallel AP running against Christians yet. Westboro Baptist looks like an AP, but it's too small, too weird and too family-based to expand into the needed ISIS-like monster.

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  Another way of putting it 3

Since I'm into different ways of saying old things this week, here's another.

Emerson (and lots of other wise writers) put it this way:
If the government is cruel, the governor's life is not safe. If you tax too high, the revenue will yield nothing. If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will not convict. Nothing arbitrary, nothing artificial can endure. The true life and satisfactions of man seem to elude the utmost rigors or felicities of condition, and to establish themselves with great indifferency under all varieties of circumstances. Under all governments the influence of character remains the same;
Another way, more appropriate for the soil conservation metaphor:

Power, like any other resource, has to be used carefully.

Overfishing and overhunting and overfarming and overpowering. Each form of overuse leads to the destruction of the resource and then the destruction of the users. Overpowering leads first to a bankrupt economy, then quickly to a totally dead land. Ruling people is fun when you can steal their money and punch them in the face and stomp on them and hear them screeeeeeeam for mercy.

When there's no more money and no more faces, no more fun. Aw poop.

Overuse isn't inevitable. It happens when each farmer or fisher or hunter or dictator feels alone and omnipotent.

Cautious use happens when each user can see that others are competing for the resource, AND when each user understands that the others have guns.

Both conditions are necessary.

During the 1945-1989 Cold War, Russia and USA STRONG were cautious. Neither went wild with aggressive use of power, because both understood that the other guy had a gun.

After 1989 when Sovietism moved to DC, USA STRONG felt alone and omnipotent. USA STRONG ran wild internally and externally, smashing normal economics and ruining civilization for the benefit of the Chosen, and killing millions for the benefit of Israel.

During those years Russia still had guns but wasn't visible as a competitor. Now that Russia has recovered from our 1989 stomping and re-enters the fight, USA STRONG has gone into a hopefully terminal convulsion of stealing and punching and stomping.

I'm praying hard. Hey you gods! Jehovah? Allah? Zoroaster? Sedna? No, not Jesus. We know which side she's on. Mostly Allah. Time's up. Close this bar. Now.

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  Language update for June

Professor Polistra wanted to gather a larger bucket of linguistic shit, but the first item is 'time-sensitive' as they say on junk-mail envelopes. So it's time to dump the bucket.......

= = = = =

Woman with a white background:

Heard on Deutsche Welle in discussion of Dolezal.

Parallel to A Background In Incarceration, meaning A Long Criminal Record.

Clearly an attempted workaround of the basic logical problem. Satan insists that Race Does Not Exist, and Satan also requires you to rigidly and precisely enumerate people by race to guarantee Correct Proportions in every profession, subsidy, apartment, etc.

If race is only a background, it becomes something like a college degree. You can acquire it if you want, and you can choose to use it or not. Dolezal chose not to use her white background, like an accountant who decides to be a taxi driver.

Intended consequence: This devalues backgrounds that require actual work, like college degrees or criminal records or job experience. A racial background can be acquired or deleted magically by saying the words, provided you have the Correct Party Credentials. How do you know if you have the Correct Credentials? Easy. If you have to ask that question, you don't have them.

= = = = =


Seems to be spreading among a certain type of literate light-hearted female writer.

"From my perch in Fairbanks, the sun sets at 12:45 a.m. and rises at 2:58 a.m."

"From my perch in Nine Mile, the fire appears to be out."

It's a pleasant birdlike image, not a tired metaphor yet.

= = = = =

Once and a while:

Not a common usage, just a noteworthy private interpretation seen in a comment. Taking it literally leads into interesting territory. "X happens once and a while" would mean "X happens only once, AND X happens continuously. I'm focusing on the cases when X happens only once." I'll bet Bulgarian, with its multiple aspects, could handle this better.

Some private interps make great sense, like explicatives or working progress. This one doesn't make much sense, so it probably won't spread.

= = = = = = = = =


From BBC: "The shooting in Charleston continues to resonate in American media."

Another piece of passivation.

Resonating is a passive mechanical process, a tuned echo that doesn't depend on human decision. The American media are voluntarily USING this shooting, as they use all events, to fuel universal war and bloody chaos and mass death. Every newspaper and TV station can CHOOSE whether to cover a story or not. When a story is a couple weeks old and no longer contains any ACTUAL EVENTS, continuing to focus on the story is pure propaganda, pure mass murder. And BBC knows this, because it is also CHOOSING to wallow in the story for murderous purposes.

It would be more appropriate to apply mechanical metaphors to the shooter. He's just one of the conscripts in Sharpton's race war. Until now the conscripts have been black thugs who resonated with a year of media hammering by shooting white cops. Now we have a white thug conscript. We can be infinitely certain that the war will grow as Sharpton's media continue the hammering, and dissatisfied adolescents continue to respond as per specification.

= = = = = = = = =

Special note: Professor Polistra thinks it's a good time to start thinking about some Slavic terms like партизан, самиздат, and ионосферное распространение.


  More sanity

Another good source of information and sanity is the Spokane News page.

Information: The volunteer moderators try to post important police and fire actions, but they're not always around. Other contributors fill in with reports of actual events happening near them. Result: a complete picture of what's happening here, unfiltered by the satanic agenda of the regular media. Almost every event has a directly involved eyewitness. This is what journalism was supposed to do.

Sanity: Many of the regular contributors are night-shift bartenders and waitresses and store clerks. They have a completely realistic view of human nature. They've seen it all, and they know the difference between real trouble and fake trouble. They often say things like "Well, what do you expect?"

You'll NEVER hear that from the satanic media. The concept that behavior leads to inevitable consequences does NOT fit anyone's agenda. We must always find some way to blame a currently unfashionable IDEOLOGY. The Wrong Party or The Wrong Religion is always the cause of everything bad.... except, of course, for things that are actually caused by the currently Correct ideology. Those must be blamed on Nature or Carbon or Fate.

I don't know if local Facebook "news" sites are typical or common, but I'm EXCEEDINGLY GRATEFUL to have this one serving Spokane.

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