Monday, April 06, 2020
  Still disappointed

I've been disappointed that Putin followed everyone else with the Flu Coup, but it looks like his actual orders aren't nearly as strong as his public words.

Russia Insight shows how the Church is praying for protection. Traffic in Moscow looks normal for a big city, and there's no Chinese "distancing" visible. People are moving and gathering normally.

Similar variation is happening in USA, judging by some lists of local reports. All governors except the Dakotas sound equally harsh, but some states are rigidly imprisoned while others are nearly normal.

Washington is in between. There's a lot of social pressure via media, and lots of Security Theater, but nobody is actually arrested. Traffic is about 1/3 of normal, and many jobs are permanently lost.

I'm still disappointed in Putin, and no longer a fan. For many years he was the beacon of sanity, the true alternative. Now he isn't.
Sunday, April 05, 2020
  A new and evocative comparison

Interesting essay in Off-Guardian. Japanese historian Hiroyuki Hamada compares the pre-1900 Edo system in Japan to the current globalism. He ties the latest globalist "flu" coup with previous coups and circuit breakers like 9/11 and TARP.

Hamada gets the Shared Lie setup exactly:
First, we must recognize that there is an industry that commodifies “dissenting voices”. The people who engage in this have no intention of examining the exploitive mechanism of capitalist hierarchy. Some of them typically chose topics of government wrongdoings in contexts of fascist ideologies (jews are taking over the world, for example), space aliens and so on. The angles are calibrated to keep serious inquiries away but they nonetheless garner major followings.
Hamada gets Manweller's Rule:
“Representative democracy” within a capitalist framework can be one of the most strong ways to install values, beliefs and norms of the ruling class into minds of the people whose interests can be significantly curtailed by those ideas. All this can be achieved in the name of “democracy”, “free election” and so on.
He mentions SKILLS, which most radicals miss:
Our thoughts and activities are always subservient to the moneyed transactions guided by the economic networks.

Our economic restrictions can force us to make decisions to do away with our needs—we might abandon our skills, interests, friendships, life styles, philosophies, ideologies, community obligations and so on.

In fact, some of us are forced to live on streets, die of treatable illness, suffer under heavy debt and so on as we struggle.
Not as much emphasis on SKILLS as I'd like, but better than other writers.

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  The Ridhwan clock

The Ridhwan water clock was a fantastic contrivance. Built around 1200 AD in Babylon, it kept accurate time and displayed time in several different ways, both digital and analog.

It was destroyed long before photographs, and Arabs weren't much for painting, so the only remnant is one schematic diagram:

and a couple of conflicting descriptions.

Using the descriptions more than the diagram, I've improvised a semi-modern version.

The clock was supposedly housed in a small dome inside a temple:

Here's a closeup. I haven't fully finished or animated it yet, but feel the need to output some structured beauty as a defense against the battering chaotic tyranny. (See beautyduty.)

The clock is set to current time, 2:45 PM. The pointer on top shows sun position between sunrise and sunset. The set of holes around the sun pointer show the hours at night. An oil lamp hanging from a pointer in parallel with the sun pointer shines through each hole as the night progresses. I'm showing it illuminated here, though it would have been lit only at night.

Hour doors for 1 and 2 have opened digitally. The domes beneath each door rise to show the progress within each hour analogly. The hour from noon to 1 is up and done, the hour from 1 to 2 is up and done, and the hour from 2 to 3 is about 3/4 done.

The crescent moon in front represents minutes in a more refined way, sliding from left to right, and apparently had a scale in front of it on the tank.

On each hour the two falcons grasped by fish receive a lead ball from the pipe above their heads, and both falcons pivot downward to drop the ball against the bell, so every hour is chimed.

Thanks to Ridhwan al-Saati (Ridhwan the Clock Guy) for making this magnificent machine 800 years ago, and thanks to the scholars who described and diagrammed it at some later time.

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  Come on Ma Nature, you're not helping

First week in April, and still snow instead of rain.

This won't make any difference to the virus, which is just a virus like any other. But it WILL make a difference to the theory-driven model-driven HOLOCAUSTERS who will fit the long winter into their GENOCIDAL theories and PSYCHOPATHIC models and decide to kill 100 million more Deplorables to appease Satan.

Needless to say, a short winter or an average winter would yield the same output. These theories are like the penny arcade fortune telling machine that always spits out the same card no matter which birthdate you select.


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Saturday, April 04, 2020
  A small bit of praise

While I can't forgive any of the governments at any level for participating in the current ferally insane lockdown holocaust, I have to give the Spokane city government credit for trying to be human.

The new mayor is making a point of emphasizing neighborly assistance, trying to encourage support for small business. The city set up a donation line for utility payments, which is double-matched by Avista. I donated, then after seeing that ONLY 250 OTHER PEOPLE were giving, donated again. The city wrote me a nice note asking if I really meant to donate twice, or just accidentally hit the button. In response to their niceness, I donated yet again.

This shouldn't be mysterious or unusual. It's just good practice for charities... but in previous years the same city did a poor job of welcoming support. They never responded to pleasant inquiries or offers to help. When offers are treated with contempt, you stop offering.
  Shared points

The "global warming" panic and the "branded swine flu" panic share a lot of pattern points.

1. In both cases we're dealing with a natural phenomenon that has been running for billions of years. Earth has natural cycles of climate, going up and down for billions of years. Animals and viruses have been at war for billions of years. It's IMPOSSIBLE to have anything new or "unprecedented" in these patterns. Everything has been seen before, millions of times.

2. In both cases we had already developed good technical defenses, especially over the last 200 years. Against weather, dams and flood control and heating and airconditioning. Against viruses, sanitation and normal public health techniques and vaccines.

3. In both cases we pull out one moment of natural phenomena and give it a Witch Label. We never considered the SAME phenomena to be Witches before, but now we do.

4. In both cases we invent weird new "cures" for the newly witchified natural phenomenon. Zero emissions against witch weather, lockdowns against witch viruses. Both "cures" are explicitly murderous, eliminating major parts of civilization and life. The "cures" sometimes seem to work by coincidence, but mostly they make things worse because they DESTROY CIVILIZATION, INCLUDING THE PARTS OF CIVILIZATION THAT WE NEED TO DEFEND AGAINST THE NATURAL PHENOMENA. Zero carbon tears down dams and turns off HVAC and switches from nuclear power to coal. Lockdowns make sanitation and normal public health much harder to achieve. When you can't get toilet paper and sanitizer, you can't be sanitary by fucking definition. When hospitals can't get masks and drugs, you can't be healthy by fucking definition. Worst of all the lockdowns plus the panic obstruct natural immunity. Immunity requires a preview of the virus, and requires sleep and good diet and confidence and exercise. All forbidden.

5. In both cases the failure of the "cure" justifies even more of the same counterproductive "cure", which will then justify even moremore of the same ...... Good old Parkinson. Good old exponential. Good old HOLOCAUST.

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  Long-overdue Language Update for 2020

In an attempt to regain normalcy and equipoise, Professor Polistra returns with a small mix of new and old word oddities.

= = = = =

Normalcy (emphatically old)

Prof P got curious whether Harding made any references to the Spanish Flu pandemic. A quick google for '1920 campaign speeches' found it without even trying.

From the transcript:
My countrymen, there isn't anything the matter with the world's civilization except that humanity is viewing it through a vision impaired in a cataclysmal war. Poise has been disturbed, and nerves have been racked, and fever has rendered men irrational.

Sometimes there have been draughts upon the dangerous cup of barbarity. Men have wandered far from safe paths, but the human procession still marches in the right direction. Here in the United States we feel the reflex, rather than the hurting wound itself but we still think straight; and we mean to act straight; we mean to hold firmly to all that was ours when war involved us and seek the higher attainments which are the only compensations that so supreme a tragedy may give mankind.

America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality. It's one thing to battle successfully against the world's domination by a military autocracy because the infinite God never intended such a program; but it's quite another thing to revise human nature and suspend the fundamental laws of life and all of life's requirements.

The world needs to be reminded that all human ills are not curable by legislation, and that quantity of statutory enactments and excess of government offer no substitute for quality of citizenship.

The problems of maintained civilization are not to be solved by a transfer of responsibility from citizenship to government and no eminent page in history was ever drafted to the standards of mediocrity. Nor, no government worthy of the name which is directed by influence on the one hand or moved by intimidation on the other. My best judgement of America's need is to steady down, to get squarely on our feet, to make sure of the right path. Let's get out of the fevered delirium of war with the hallucination that all the money in the world is to be made in the madness of war and the wildness of its aftermath. Let us stop to consider that tranquility at home is more precious than peace abroad and that both our good fortune and our eminence are dependent on the normal forward stride of all the American people. We want to go on, secure and unafraid, holding fast to the American inheritance, and confident of the supreme American fulfillment.
We never heard this speech in school. We were INSTRUCTED that the only notable thing about his Normalcy campaign was the "fact" that Normalcy was not a word.

Well, it wasn't a word until Harding made it a word.

Normal was strictly math jargon until 1900 when Freudians brought it into common usage. Normality started a bit later, and it's pretty clear that Harding coined Normalcy. Harding was a powerful writer and speaker with slightly offbeat grammar. (See cataclysmal.) Unsurprisingly, FDR had the same tendencies.

So Normalcy wasn't a word until Harding said it, but it was a word AFTER he said it. A word in common usage is a word, no matter how many grammarrhoids claim it isn't.

= = = = =

Marshall Law (new)

Now that Martial Law is grim reality in most places, people have forgotten how to spell it.

Even Strategic Culture, generally well edited, has this headline:

Standing on the Precipice of Marshall Law

[Later: They edited the headline.]

We're not on the precipice, dummies. We already jumped. It's time to get rid of partisan nonsense about what could happen if we "elect" the wrong candidate. No matter which candidate we "elected", all the "conspiracy" "theories" have turned out to be wildly understated as usual.

= = = = =

The Couch Precinct and Judge Deady (old)

From a humorous account of the dictaphone:

It will pronounce a long sentence with as much feeling as Judge Deady. It never makes a mistake in repeating. Its ability in that direction has stood every test, except that of voting in the Couch precinct.

The Couch Precinct was in Sacramento, as seen in this directory.

It was usually called the Couch Tavern Precinct, which gives a clue to its tendencies but doesn't explain the voting.

Judge Deady shaped the laws of Oregon when it became a state. His rhetorical abilities aren't mentioned in online sources.

= = = = =

Trick and Professional (new)

From DW coverage of the Thuringia coup by Merkel:

...Politicians must be professionals. When you see that AfD by a kind of trick is gaining power in the coalition, you must hinder it.

Trick = voting.

Professional = no voting allowed.

= = = = =

Health epidemics (new)

From a Tesla 'disclosure'....

Furthermore, unexpected changes in business conditions, materials pricing, labor issues, wars, governmental changes, tariffs, natural disasters, health epidemics...

Come to think of it, the phrase isn't redundant. We are forced to believe that we're in a health epidemic when we're actually in a Marshall Law epidemic.

= = = = =

Disway (new)

Ultimately, the #Russiagate tactic did not disway voters from electing Trump.

Pretty good portmanteau word.

= = = = =

Extablishment (new)

Excape and excetera have always been common, but extablishment is a new and viral extension of the same principle.

= = = = =

Vibrate (old)

In the 1800s vibrate simply meant move, not oscillate.

From the Sholes and Schwalbach typewriter patent:

First, in combining a series of connecting wires or ligaments with a series of type-bars of a type-writing machine, pivoted and set so they may vibrate and all strike at the same place,

... with a pivot at one end and a key on the other, with a vibratory frame composed of a vibratory bar or arm attached to each end of a connecting-bar pivoted in line across over the key-levers so they may vibrate in vertical planes ...


Friday, April 03, 2020
  Bitcoin point-missing and point-catching

Most point-missing on bitcoin is fully intentional, coming from the fraudsters and scamsters who promote this nonsense.

Via Eurekalert, here's a misunderstanding by academics who are trying to explain the nonsense objectively.
The concept of cryptocurrency has settled in general public for some time. This financial instrument has both enthusiastic supporters and implacable opponents. What does this term mean? Simply put, a cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual means of payment that exists only in a computer system and therefore has no physical equivalents in the form of banknotes or coins. More technically, it is a type of decentralized register consisting of independent devices, based on blockchain technology, using cryptographic solutions and storing assets information in contractual units. All transactions carried out in the world of cryptocurrencies are anonymous, but each of them is publicly available.
Nope. Simply put and wrongly put.

Clearly none of these academics have ever done bookkeeping, and clearly they don't understand what REAL currency is.

"Existing only in a computer" is not a relevant variable. Real currency can certainly exist only in a computer. Before computers, real currency existed only in real ledgers, which evolved from clay tablets to wood sticks to paper books. Transactions were made and marked by various devices, from beads to gold coins to paper bills to checks.

When real currency was transferred from paper books to computers, only the physical form of the record changed (again). The overall structure of modular and private ledgers for each account and business remained intact.

Bitcoin is EXACTLY NOT "decentralized". It's EXACTLY centralized. Blockchain intentionally destroys the modularity and privacy of real ledgers by forcing all ledgers to be global variables. A global variable can be changed by the global controller, forcing all businesses and individuals to adopt the same number. This can't happen in a modular system.

HOWEVER! The same article catches one point that I hadn't noticed before.
The first of them - Bitcoin - was proposed in 2008 by a person or group of people nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto. This event coincided with the epicenter of the global financial crisis.
As an old bookkeeper and programmer, I was able to spot the fraud instantly, and as an old Deepstate-watcher, the NSA and CIA connections leaped out with Sucker-Filter transparency. But I didn't notice the temporal synchronization. (I had the impression that bitcoin started in 2012.) So bitcoin was an integral part of the 2008 globalist coup. Crash real business, replace real business with the Dow, replace real modular ledgers with global ledgers for total control.

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Berenson's surmise (or source) seems to be verified. The holocausters have decided to use the month of April to save face. Declare victory and come home. Holocauster Inslee extended his House Arrest order to May 4, one month. This is the first time he's specified an end date. (Of course house arrest doesn't apply to actual criminals, who are free as a bird. It only applies to normal law-abiding citizens.)

I'm going to follow another of Berenson's themes, which fits the overall theme of GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY. Earlier Berenson had said he would be happy to thank the monsters for giving us a reprieve, and give them the credit for "solving" the problem, if that's the only way of getting paroled. Whatever it takes to GET SHIT DONE.

There is no justice or truth, there is only DUTY. God gave each of us an infinite gift, and we owe a finite but constant payment. Life is a contract and a test. We're not required to guess the motives of incalculably unimaginably wicked demons, we're only required to do what we can to maintain civilization.

So I've placed Polistra and Angrystar in jail, with a calendar to mark every day of the remaining month. And I'll try to leave the subject up there, creating a SEPARATE MENTAL SPACE, so I can get back to doing my own GOD-ASSIGNED DUTIES. Make more value and beauty.

When the sentence appeared to be a death sentence, there was no point in carrying on normally. Now that we're short, it's time to resume normal life as much as possible.

It's always easier to tolerate jail when you can see the end of the sentence. I know from experience.

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Thursday, April 02, 2020
  Tiresome reprint

What does God think of the total shutdown?


First and most perfectly, in sharia law:
The Almighty has created this world as a trial and test for man; every person has therefore been made to depend on others for his living. No one in this world can live independently as regards his needs and requirements. A person of the highest rank turns to the most ordinary to fulfill them. In other words, every single person has an important role to play, without which this world cannot continue.

This role depends upon his abilities, intelligence and inclinations as well as upon his means and resources, which vary from person to person. In fact, it is because of this variation that a society comes into being. Consequently, laborers and workers, artisans and craftsmen, tillers and peasants are as indispensable as scholars and thinkers, savants and sages, leaders and rulers. Every individual is an integral component of the society and contributes to its formation according to his abilities.

By creating various classes of people, the Almighty is testing whether the big and the small, the high and the low create a society based on co-operation and respect or create disorder in the world by disregarding the role each person has been ordained to play.


Our gradual chronic shutdown of half the economy that started in 1975 was already a steady violation of God's rules. This year's acute shutdown of the entire economy is a total and absolute sin and crime against God's rules.


  If you really WANT

A strong comparison, with FACTS, from Off-Guardian.

The argument about "leveling the curve" is based on preventing hospitals from overstressing their capacity.

BUT: In some places and some years, the ordinary unbranded flu overstresses hospital capacity. The same thing is happening this year. Some cities are overstressed. Most, including Spokane, are not. This is a typical situation.

The problem has needed attention for a long time, especially in places where the hospitals are constantly understaffed and underfunded. An occasional overload in some places can be handled, provided the entire system is running smoothly.

BUT: We never addressed it by shutting down the entire country.


Shutting everything breaks supply chains and makes everything harder to accomplish, as people who work for suppliers and transportation gradually starve and die, and stressed-out people with inadequate food and sleep get sick and die of EVERY DISEASE.

If you really WANT overcrowded hospitals, breaking everything and creating starvation and stress is exactly the way to get there.

THEREFORE: Our dysgovernment really WANTS overcrowded hospitals, because it really WANTS to kill everyone.
  Even the dogs are snitches

Getting weirder and weirder. On my usual morning walks the people remain friendly, and I remain especially friendly to keep the mood up. Maintaining civilization is a GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY, especially when the dysgovernment is smashing everything to bits.

This morning an unleashed dog attacked me then followed me for a while. Didn't quite bite me but tried.

Shit like this makes you wonder if it's worth the trouble.

In fairness, the dog is probably another casualty of the HOLOCAUST that deprives all Deplorables of jobs and money and housing. His owner probably died and he escaped to tell people about it.


  Default witches

What will Deepstate do with all the leftover witch hunters if/when the hunt is turned off?

They're pulling the same cognitive dissonance trick that they pulled in 9/11.

9/11: You must hate Muslims, but don't snitch on them. Let us make the arrests.

Swine Flu: You must hate #covidiots, but don't snitch on them. Let us make the arrests.

Since I was fully sickened by the 9/11 hunt, I remember how the CD ramped up the hatred. Here's horrible evidence of my sickness in 2007. So I need to have a bit of empathy for the current #covidiot-hunters. (But not for the HOLOCAUSTAL leaders.)

The after-orgasm resting period varies among hunts. In 1918 and 1945 when Krauts were the witches, we reversed field immediately after the war, catching the hunters off-guard. Same for Japs in 1945. Hiroshima gave Deepstate the opportunity to turn Japs into victims and heroes as we returned to our natural default Russki hunt.

After 9/11 there wasn't a real reversal. We've continued killing Muslims for 20 years. Even after we returned to default Russki witches in 2016, we continued killing Muslims. We never declared that Muslims are now our friends... except, of course, for Saudi Muslims, who are our permanent bosses no matter how many times they crash our economy and bomb our cities.

Later: The position of China in our pantheon of gods and devils is a lot more complicated. Since 1900 we've mainly considered China as a huge potential market for our industries, not an enemy or a friend. Even after China became our industries, we still considered China as a huge potential market for our industries. We weren't fighting for or against China in WW1. In WW2 we were supposedly defending China, but we still didn't talk about it. In 1950 China became our true main adversary. We were fighting against China in Korea and Vietnam while pretending to fight Russia. China is still our biggest adversary, but now we're completely subjugated and subservient, just as with Saudi.
  Nice resonance

From Curiosities of clocks and watches:
The Bourse or Exchange which Sir Thomas Gresham built had in its lofty tower one of such inferior make, that its inaccuracy often caused the citizens of London grievously to complain. At the Cornhill ward inquest in 1598, and again in 1624, were "the dyall and clock of the Exchange pr'sented" and in 1624 "the Exchange clocke was presented for not being kept well, it standing in one of the most eminent places in the cittie, and being the worst kept of any clocke in that cittie."

This clock had four dials, chimes, and four wind dials. The chimes played at three, six, nine, and twelve o'clock. On Sunday, the One hundred and fourth Psalm; Monday, God save the King; Tuesday, Waterloo March; Wednesday, There's nae luck about the house; Thursday, See the conquering hero comes; Friday, Life let us cherish; and Saturday, The Foot Guards' March.
Four dials and four wind dials:

Tick tock tick tock round and round go the dials....

Do physical gears ever move around, trade places, couple and decouple? Of course, all the time. See planetary transmissions.

= = = = =

Irrelevant language footnote: Presented in the context of an inquest seemed odd, but then I realized that we retain the noun form in presentment.


Wednesday, April 01, 2020
  Trying for hope

Alex Berenson is a rare bird: A former NYT journalist who tries to do what journalists were ideally meant to do. He looks at facts without preconceptions and tries to assemble them into a valid pattern. He has another old-fashioned characteristic: He doesn't take shit. When Twitterites come after him with the usual credential and citation toxins, he hands them unquestionable evidence and citations.

Today he has a new thought which sounds like he's listening to a source. He thinks the massacre will be over around the end of April. The old declare victory and come home routine.

I'm not getting my hopes up .... but sanity and survival from day to day requires some glimmer of hope, so I'm watching. Berenson says that the "messaging" will soon change, focusing on the end of April. Sure enough the latest toxic poison from Holocauster Inslee focuses on the month of April.

We shall see.

I'm returning to my earlier observation about Saudi.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Every decade or so we get a Circuit Breaker, an event that removes all the masks of fake "opposition" and allows all the rulers to work together for genocide.

The Swine Flu this year. TARP in 2008. 9/11 in 2001. Fall of USSR in 1990.

The series doesn't extend before 1990 with similar events. Earlier big events didn't have the same flavor of "opposition" before, consolidation after.

Soros was deeply involved in TARP and 1990, but not obviously part of the other two.

The only constant element in all four is Saudi.

The Swine Flu circuit breaker happened just after Saudi switched sides and joined Russia. TARP supposedly happened because Saudi investors threatened to pull their backing from Wall Street. 9/11 was ALL Saudi. 1990 resulted from our multi-front campaign against Russia, with Saudi playing a major role in running AlQaeda and in cutting oil prices.

The oil shocks of 1973 and 1979 were also Saudi events, but weren't Circuit Breakers. No consolidation. American people and politicians were free to complain about the shortages.

1990 and 2020 are thus symmetrical. In 1990 Saudi joined USA to cut oil prices to ruin Russia. In 2020 Saudi joined Russia to cut oil prices to ruin USA.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Saudi joined Russia. Remember Putin's peace ultimatum. He told US and EU to stop making war, with an unspecified OR ELSE. Now the OR ELSE shows up. A collapse of oil prices that triggered the overdue collapse of the Dow, plus something unknown coming from China. Maybe the virus itself is part of the OR ELSE. For sure the Chinese "distancing" crap is part of the OR ELSE.

What's really happening under the surface: USA and EU are pulling troops out of Iraq and other places "to help with the virus". We are responding to Putin's peace ultimatum in a face-saving way.

I have no idea if any of this is true, but it does begin to form a pattern.

  Le bug

Trying as always to counter fake surprise and fake newness....

Do you think electronic bugging and hacking and spying are new?

A hidden microphone behind a picture in 1886.

From La Lumiere Electrique, p365 of PDF.

Le premier (fig. 10), dissimulé sous l'apparence d'un tableau contient un microphone dans une position horizontale, enfermé dans une boite sur la plaque vibrante de laquelle est peint un paysage. L'inclinaison du tableau donne une très grande sensibilité au microphone, tous les sons sont reproduits dans le récepteur avec une très grande fidélité.
War and crime and blackmail are always the main sources of invention.


  Was Britain the worst part of EU?

In general all "independence" movements and "revolutions" are Soros holocausts. There may be exceptions, but it's getting harder and harder to find them. Every "revolution" converges to Soros sooner or later.

I always support the color "revolutions" initially, and I always learn the truth later. You'd think I would metalearn from twenty learnings in a row, but I don't. Hope springs eternal in the idiot heart.

I'm still not convinced about Brexit, but a couple of data points are pulling toward Soros.

1. EU suddenly switched directions and started to protect its borders JUST AFTER Brexit. Before, EU was solidly committed to letting all migrants in. I wondered if Britain was the main force keeping the borders open.

2. Boris has been going all in with Gaian tyranny, and now with "flu" tyranny, enthusiastically competing with Macron for highest killcount.

Did Boris want out because EU was constraining his tyrannical bloodfetish?

Not convinced yet, but getting there....

  Spiked getting spinier

Spiked UK, after briefly weakening, has found its spine and regained its immune response to HOLOCAUSTAL EVIL.

Good article on Sweden.
So, here is my advice to all European politicians. Listen to those showing composure in the debate, such as Sweden’s former chief epidemiologist, Johan Giesecke. Try not to score cheap political points by ‘demonstrating clear leadership’ and giving the impression that you’re doing something. Keep a cool head despite all of us being aware that the infection can be fatal for some people. Death is part of life – a fact that every society has understood since the beginning of humanity. Don’t kill even more people by refusing to prioritise. Don’t kill off an entire global economy resulting in far greater suffering and far more deaths just because of a demand for totalitarian leadership. Shutting down society solves none of the problems we are facing. It just exacerbates them.

The author is still a little short of the EVIL truth. Shutdowns aren't simply a mistaken overresponse. Shutdowns PREVENT THE FORMATION OF IMMUNITY, thus GUARANTEEING that the first encounter with a larger dose will be worse.
  Surfing a tsunami

In the last few years my vestibular system has been acting up, especially when I get overstressed or undersleeped. It's a useful negative feedback signal.

Last night around 5pm, just after I made the AVOIDABLE MISTAKE of paying attention to the panicators, I got a huge wobble.

No, wait. This isn't normal. It's going on for 30 seconds, and it feels truly physical, not just perceptual. Sure enough, the hanging pot in the living room was swinging to beat the band. I checked SpokaneNews facebook, and again sure enough, lots of reports were coming in.

The pattern of the reports is interesting. The South Hill, mounted on granite, didn't feel much. Everyone who lives over the aquifer got rocked.

In other words, we were surfing a tsunami in the aquifer.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  A quickie

I'm not playing basketball, but I am getting a good walk every day, and TRYING to avoid the incoming tyranny and panic. My best shit shield is making art. See MAKEFORCE.

Here's a quick little Poser set, mainly assembled from existing pieces, maybe useful to artists who want to do a 1918 comparison.

A 1918 Army ambulance,

and a Signal Corps truck with authentic equipment inside.

The set at ShareCG.


  Good to see

Neighborhood kids are playing basketball in the street, not worrying about Metric Yardsticks and Chinese Tyranny.

Fresh air. Confidence. Exercise. Sane and healthy. These kids will shake off the virus much better than the snitching chickenshits. (Chickensnitches?) Guaranteed.


  The biggest oddity

And the most extremely variant variable ever, which makes it the metabiggest metavariable.

Until now, Sweden has been the UNQUESTIONED LEADER in all Sorosian trends. No borders, no gender, no common sense. Break all rules of Natural Law, violate all traditions and experiential learning. Other Sorosian countries watched Sweden eagerly and followed blindly.

Now Sweden is the SOLE counterexample to the most genocidal trend of all. Sweden stuck with TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE-BASED PUBLIC HEALTH, and the low death count PROVES it right.

Of course this shouldn't be a surprise. Public health has been handling THIS TYPE OF EPIDEMIC for a hundred years, and the methods have been honed and perfected. There was NO FUCKING REASON to do anything different. The only FUCKING REASON was the bloodthirsty need for a HOLOCAUST.

Even more variantly variant, Sorosian media are NOT doing what I'd expect. BBC is looking at Sweden's NON-EXPERIMENT objectively, not lying about it, not MemoryHoling it, actually ASKING if it's worth repeating elsewhere.

Harding again:

America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality but sustainment in triumphant nationality.


= = = = =

Footnote: Japan and Korea are also following NORMAL PUBLIC HEALTH, but they're so biologically distinct from Euro types that they don't form a useful comparison against most of EU/US/UK. Viruses interact differently with different races. Sweden is a valid comparison, constant except for this one single difference.



I'm doing my usual end-of-month stuff. Archive and backup monthly folders, run CCleaner, scan AVG, reboot.

Noticed a couple of oddities. CCleaner has jumped onto the bandwagon of medicalizing everything with a new feature:

Must admit the feature is a good idea. It autoruns several steps that you could manually choose in CCleaner.

And Windows 7 ran a short update during the reboot. I've kept 7 because it ALLOWS you to turn off updates. 10 spends half its time updating and half its time spying on you, leaving no CPU cycles for actual work. You can't turn anything off. When you try, Win 10 pretends to obey, then quietly turns everything back on.

But I thought MS had stopped OFFERING updates for 7 a long time ago. Can't tell what's new from the log files. New spying tools? Prison bedcheck?

I also added recent months to the blog size record...

...which has asymptoted strongly in the last 10 years, exactly since I discarded the TV. You wouldn't think a complex measurement like letters per month could stabilize so firmly, but it did.

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