Saturday, April 25, 2015
  More Shepardson readings

Following up on this. After drying and folding laundry, the T-shirts seemed especially crackly and zappy. So I decided to see what my crude little charge-meter shows. Supposedly the meter is detecting negative charge.

Over the crackly T-shirts:

No negative charge.

Then over the non-crackly towels, also pulled and folded a few seconds earlier:

Strong negative charge.

I moved the meter back and forth several times, carefully moving nothing but my shoulder joint, to be sure it wasn't a hand position artifact or something like that. The meter snaps down to zero over the T-shirts each time without requiring a manual discharge. This probably means a definite positive charge in that area, not just a zero charge. (I really need to build a 'clean' two-way meter now that I know the concept works!)

Labels on both sets of items say "100% cotton". I don't believe the labels; both of these items feel more synthetic than pure cotton, in terms of 'slipperiness' and elasticity.



Amid all the way-beyond-Orwell hyperlunacy, it's sort of reassuring and nostalgic to encounter a piece of Satan that's just good old-fashioned Orwell.

Headline in WaPo:

Republicans again appeal to theocracy.

No need to read the story, you can write it yourself.

The First Amendment is Theocracy.

Freedom is Slavery.

Back in George's drab old territory for a moment. Somebody at WaPo is getting lazy.
  Not contradictory after all.

The best of Satan's propaganda techniques is NOT listed among the old classic set of prop tricks, and it wasn't anticipated by Orwell.

The best trick is SYMMETRICAL PASSIVATION. Take an action that is purely our own responsibility, and treat it as an inevitable part of natural cycles, just something that happened. Take an action that is an inevitable part of natural cycles and treat it as purely our own sinful fault.

= = = = =

The former, as committed by NYTimes in today's news:
The war that has engulfed Syria and spread into Iraq has displaced 14 million people, including four million Syrian refugees scattered to neighboring countries, and it has created “host fatigue,” which has further aggravated the crisis, United Nations officials said Friday. In remarks to the United Nations Security Council, the officials also rebuked its 15 members for what they called a failure to exert authority to intervene in the four-year-old Syria war, which has left 220,000 people dead.
In fact the Syria war didn't "engulf". It was intentionally started and funded and armed by USA STRONG with major assistance by NYTimes, both loyally obeying Our Lord And Saviour And Prophet Binyamin Netanyahu [pbuh]. The problem is not LACK of intervention, the problem is CONSTANT MURDEROUS INTERVENTION by the major countries.

= = = = =

The latter from a minor Satan-slave.

Headline: "Florida getting hotter in a bad way."

= = = = =

Nuff said. Part of a natural cycle, so it must be our fault.

= = = = =

Think about this. What is the desired result of BOTH propaganda tricks?

In the former, Satan wants us to "INTERVENE" MORE to stop "natural phenomena" like war. This is crazy three ways at once, but skip that for the moment. The desired consequence is MORE MILITARY ACTION. Always MORE MORE MORE. Never enough. Infinity is a tiny baby step.

In the latter, Satan wants us to ELIMINATE MODERN CIVILIZATION to stop "unnatural phenomena" like "global warming". Also crazy three ways, but skip that for the moment. The desired consequence is ZERO CIVILIZATION.

Take both requirements together and what do you get? A world with INFINITE WAR AND ZERO CIVILIZATION.

After you put it together, the contradiction disappears. Symmetry is beautiful! When everyone is fighting, there is no civilization. Total war solves "global warming". Presto!

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Friday, April 24, 2015
  Where's the loop?

Interesting inside view of the attitudes that drive Satanist "churches" like the United Communist Cadre.

I'm constantly puzzled by the apparent lack of basic marketing skills in those institutions. Not just the Satanist "churches" but the Satanist media as well. It's obvious to outsiders that they are losing money because they've stopped performing their assigned job. Instead of providing information or comfort, they're insulting customers, smashing cultures, inciting riots and starting wars.

Any normal business would understand the connection. A plumber who switched from fixing leaks to spitting on his customers and painting graffiti would go bankrupt. A beautician who switched from makeup and nails to shouting insults would go bankrupt. Plumbers and beauticians undoubtedly feel like spitting and shouting at times. Some customers deserve a good hard cuss-out. But ordinary businesses don't succumb to the impulse. They keep doing their jobs because they'd rather make money.

Why does this feedback loop fail with newspapers and "churches"? Why is the error signal disconnected?

One possible answer by analogy with universities. Big univs don't need to serve students because they have endowments and federal research grants. Big donors are Satanists, and federal agencies don't care if students learn.

Rich "churches" also have endowments, and also respond to the same rich fuckheads. It doesn't matter if the seats are empty on Sunday, as long as starvation and riots and wars keep expanding.

Newspapers don't quite fit the pattern. They don't need the money that comes from subscribers, but they do need to prove that they are being read by large numbers of people. Corporate advertisers want to see Maximum Satan poisoning the pages, but local advertisers (ie plumbers and beauticians) want to see the opposite. So the simple explanation doesn't work.
  Wooden seismometer

Woke up after a nice LONG sleep. Noticed that the floorboards were creaking more than usual, in a way that usually happens after a windstorm has pushed the house around ... or after the small earthquakes in 2000. Checked the Weather Bureau. Nope, no wind overnight, no big changes of temperature.

Then I noticed this:
According to United States Geological Survey, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit just southeast of Sandpoint near Lake Pend Oreille at 7:32 p.m. Their website shows that more than 350 people from 51 area codes reported feeling shaking. A second earthquake occurred just hours later and north of Sandpoint's quake. According to USGS, at 10:43 p.m. a magnitude 4.2 hit near Ponderay. Their website shows almost 600 people from 75 zip codes said they felt it. People in areas as far south as Orofino and all the way up to the Canadian border, as well as in Washington with residents Colville and Spokane reporting feeling movement.
So there was an earthquake! Didn't wake me, didn't even show up in a dream. Thanks, old house, for serving as a recorder! No thanks to my internal predictor, which didn't give me any hint of an approaching quake in the last few days.

Bit later: Lots of people felt it, especially in the north part of town.

Later again: Maybe the quake did influence a dream. I woke around 11 to pee, which would have been just after the biggest of the three quakes. Wasn't thinking about anything except peeing, but one odd bit of dream lingered in memory. In the dream I had removed my glasses and set them down on the desk with a THUMP, hard enough to knock the nosepieces off. I was halfway surprised in the morning when I found my actual eyeglasses intact and normal. (The 2000 quake swarm generally showed as a THUMP after a rumble, sort of like reversed thunder.)

I'm always amazed by the instant creativity of the dream-generator. The time interval between physical arrival of a sound at the cochlea and interpretation in the cortex is about 2 seconds. The dream-scripter has to pick up the sound separately from a reflex channel and develop an appropriate bit of stage business to make the sound plausible by the time it hits awareness. Could you develop an animation and pass it into the visual channel in 2 seconds? I sure as fuck couldn't. But the dream-scripter can. Needless to say, this was "evolved" by "random mutations" and "natural selection". All the experts say that, and all the experts will SLAM YOU IN FUCKING JAIL for saying otherwise, so that's what I say too.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get Religion discusses an attempt to repurpose urban 'mainline' church buildings now that the churches have turned to Satan and repelled their Christian members. Some of these buildings occupy high-value locations, which inspires developers to consider turning them into condos. Not an easy job because of enviro shit about asbestos and Brownfields. The buildings that would be worth preserving tend to have Historical District restrictions that make them un-convertible. This leaves some of them in a limbo of high "implied value" but no real value. Trading churches, not worshipping churches.

Made me think ... Several of the church buildings around here already have sections that would convert quickly to apts.

Driscoll Baptist, a simple but graceful late-50s design like most of this neighborhood, has an office and classroom wing that looks just like a late-50s apt:

St Charles Catholic, a wild modernistic Eero Saarinen-tyype deesiign, has a coonveent seection that looks like a motel or apts; and as a convent, it's already residential in character. (Doesn't show very well on this Streetview; up close it could pass for a Patel.)

These would be comparatively cheap to convert. No Historical crap or Brownfield crap, buildings kept up to date. But these churches are NOT going the same way as urban churches. Both are tremendously active. And this area is properly valued, so there's no pressure from developers anyway. No fake value to arbitrage. It's just a calm safe place where ordinary people can afford to live a good ordinary life.

Real values = real value.
  Perfecting a technique

The "crisis" of migrants from North Africa is the most perfect and pure instance of Sailer's Invade and Invite. Previously, EU/US/UK had been Invading and Inviting in different places. For USA, the Invading was in the Middle East and the Inviting was mainly from Mexico and Central America. There's no connection between those populations, so it was hard to see the connection between the Inviting and Invading.

In Sailer's formulation, the two actions are not exactly connected or symmetrical anyway. They're simply two ways of accomplishing the same purpose. Destroying the skills and culture and economy of two places at once, making the world safe for military contractors and financial manipulation.

Now EU has managed to run the Invading and Inviting in the same place, like a pump. Invade Libya, invite Libyan refugees. Invade Syria, invite Syrian refugees.

So naturally we've got a Robust Debate on how to reduce the problem.

The blazingly obvious logical factual answer is STOP INVADING AND STOP INVITING.

Of course logic and facts are unthinkable and unacceptable. Robust Debates serve only one purpose: Bid up the cost and lethality of lunacy. So we are Robust Debating whether to spend 1000 times as much on expanding the war and rescuing the refugees, or only 999.99 times as much on expanding the war and rescuing the refugees. After the Robust Debate, we will compromise and spend 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times as much on expanding the war and rescuing the refugees. All perfectly sensible.
  Simple solution

I noted earlier a major disconnect between the mechanical or visceral parts of governments and the Big Name Offices. In every case I can think of, the mechanical parts, the permanent bureaucrats, work properly and sanely, while the Named Politicians are far beyond Satan.

A more recent example: Hypersatan Holder has partnered with Hypermonster Sharpton in slaughtering cops and burning down cities for fun and profit. Simultaneously, the mechanical parts of Holder's own department have been investigating each of those "I can't breath" incidents and finding that the cop was fully and legally justified.

Well, the solution is simple, but I don't know how we can make it happen. Just omit the Named Politicians and let the mechanism run on its own.

This happens fairly often in Euro countries with a parliamentary system. Belgium recently went without Named Politicians for a full year as they idiotically haggled about an election result. Did Belgium collapse? Hardly.

Right now Wash State has a good chance to prove the point, at least on one minor elective office. State Auditor Kelley, a D-label politician, has been indicted on fraud and tax evasion charges from a business he ran before he was elected. D-labels don't get indicted for this sort of stuff, so we can assume there's something vastly more serious and shameful under the surface. Perhaps he's a Christian or a heterosexual. Even the D-label "governor" has firmly asked Kelley to get the hell out, but Kelley refuses. He claims he's just taking a vacation to "get rid of the distraction".

Solution. Just leave the office vacant, and soon it will become clear that the Auditor's staff are perfectly capable of running their work, whatever it is.
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
  Amazing number

An amazing number in a Stockman article:
There are currently an estimated 70 million empty high rise apartment units in China, for example, because under the baleful influence of unlimited credit these apartments were built for asset appreciation, not occupancy. In fact, most of China’s tens of million of punters who have invested in these units have taken pains to keep them empty and spanking new; like contemporary works of art, appreciation potential can be impaired by damage and scrapes.
In other words, those 70 million units are 'trading apartments, not living apartments'.

If they actually became 'living apts', how would it affect China? From this wiki page, China has about 455 million households, averaging exactly 3 people per household.

So the 70 million empties could hold 1/6 of all China's households.

The average of 3 also amazed me. Obvious effect of the one-child policy, but I'd figured the usual Chinese household included at least one grandma or auntie. Nope. In fact all of the richer countries, even in Catholic parts of the world, have between 2.5 and 3.5 people per household. It's a remarkably constant number.
  Kudos to KREM

One case of measles has popped up in Spokane. Measles isn't an especially big deal, or at least it wasn't when I was a kid ... but now that commies have been permitted to skip vaccinations, every disease is more of a threat.

Media can play a positive or negative role in restoring a sane approach to public health. The response of the major media outlets to this one case is instructive.

All but KREM have simply passed along the worse-than-useless crap provided by local health agencies. This statement is full of condescending officialese and empty of information.


TRAVELED? Were INFECTED GENDERLESS INDIVIDUAL wandering all over town trying to spread THEIR germs? Did they TRAVEL first class or coach?

It sounds like a reluctant agency response to a FOIA request, covering the agency's ass with a rash of black spots and REDACTEDs. The only information you can derive from this nonsense is "You are shit. You do not deserve information."

That's exactly the right way to MAXIMIZE paranoia and MINIMIZE compliance. Good job of destroying public health, public health agency!

= = = = =

KREM told the story in normal English, adding several sidebar stories with general info about vaccination.

Turns out THEY are not a GENDERLESS INDIVIDUAL, he's a man; and he didn't TRAVEL TO FOLLOWING LOCATIONS, he went to work and then went to a gym for exercise. More importantly, he tried to get treatment FOUR times after he felt sick. He didn't simply TRAVEL to those four LOCATIONS; he had to keep trying because they were too incompetent to recognize measles.

And that last part is the information we really need. Measles is not tremendously lethal, but the high fever can do real damage if you don't control it. Knowing that local hospitals are too fucking stupid to recognize the disease, you can be ready to control the fever with aspirin or something stronger.

Those sidebar stories are also important. When we sense a scarcity of any substance from gasoline to information, we get fearful and take desperate steps to stock up on the substance, often picking up bad stuff along the way. But when we sense abundance, we relax. We don't go hunting for extra supplies.

That's how you MINIMIZE paranoia.
  Read-only concepts?

Caution: Incipient half-thought. Writing it down before it completely fades....

Thinking again about Semantic Secession. You can't recapture an organization or symbol after Satan snatches it. "Working within the system" doesn't work. After a church or a sacrament or a word has been possessed, your only choice is to secede. Get out, find or create a new church or concept or word. Don't let Satan squeeze you into a corner.

This is a new idea in the context of Satan, but it's old and routine in the context of inflation. When a monetary unit gets hopelessly inflated, the only choice is to create a new unit. When a grading system gets hopelessly inflated so that everyone is getting A's, the only cure is to create a new system with fresh symbols and fresh mappings. (ie you can't simply replace A with Aardvark, B with Bumblebee, etc.)

New incipient thought:

Some concepts and symbols and words are impervious to alteration. Their Read-Only flag is set to TRUE.

Obvious example in the world of cars. Model names like Biscayne and BelAir get inflated. BelAir starts as a special sport coupe and eventually slides down the scale and disappears as new sport coupes pop into the top of the stack. But model NUMBERS don't slide. Packard's 110-120-160-180 didn't slide. AMC's 220-330-etc in the 1960s didn't slide.

Codes don't get inflated or corrupted either. Nobody has ever snatched Morse.

Various groups have defined their own meanings and flavors for combinations of letters, but those secondary definitions didn't amount to total possession. Nobody has ever been sued for failing to say 73 at the end of a friendly conversation, and nobody has been jailed because his way of sending 73 sounded like

to some Satanic tyrant-fuckhead.

Is there a possible solution here? I dunno, but it seems worth mentioning in case somebody else can expand on it.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015
  Nowism and cars

Got thinking about the application of 'nowism' in automotive history. We apply today's values and taboos to the past in an oddly selective way.

We don't use nowism to define what's a passenger car. Since 1980 we've come to consider pickups and big SUVs as passenger cars. Pickups have always been around, and big Suburbans or Carryalls have always been around (though MUCH less common before 1980). We didn't classify them as cars before, so we still don't classify pre-1980 Carryalls or Jeep wagons as cars. If we did, Willys/Kaiser would be treated as a major carmaker. Instead, we normally say that Willys/Kaiser "quit the auto business" in 1955 because they stopped making sedans in 1955.

We do use nowism with the issue of fuel economy. We imagine that people bought Ramblers in the '50s for gas economy. We treat free-wheeling as a gas-saving device.

Nope, wrong twice. People bought Ramblers because they were easier to handle and park, and after experiencing a Rambler they continued because Ramblers were durable and well-made.

Free-wheeling was not about economy. It was a direct answer to GM's Synchromesh, and in fact it was superior to Synchromesh. Free-wheeling let you shift into any gear at any speed, and allowed some clutchless shifting.

Fuel economy simply wasn't important for most people in most years. Not because "gas was cheap"; that's another piece of nowism, failing to account for inflation. Gas has always been about the same price in proportion to wages. Before the '70s, even misers didn't think about saving gas. It just wasn't a big deal.

Concern with gas mileage pops up temporarily when gas is felt to be scarce, not when gas is expensive. It was crucial during WW2 because of rationing, and it came back in 1973 when Nixon sacrificed our economy to support Israel and got impeached by Jews as a reward. Since then, MPG has been important to Planet-Savers who imagine that oil is scarce, but it's still not a big deal for most drivers.
  No mystery

"Science" "news":
Tiny babies are more sensitive to pain than adults, according to a study of infants' brains which overturns the medical consensus. Until now doctors have assumed that the brains of very young babies are not developed enough to feel pain.
The reason for the consensus is no mystery. Abortion requires an official belief that babies aren't human. If you can't maintain the belief you can't maintain at-will abortion.

Everybody outside The Profession knows that all living things feel pain. This is an obvious fact. Facts do not exist. As long as The Profession has its Consensus, profitable genocide can continue. Therefore the Consensus will continue.

The real mystery: Why was a blatantly true and factual study allowed to publish? And how many minutes will it take for The Profession to bomb these facts down to bedrock?

Tick, tick, tick......


Monday, April 20, 2015
  Seeing and using the switchover

There's something missing in the switchover of east and west.

Background: The export version of Leninism has morphed into Gramsci and taken over the West. Within Russia the domestic Soviet system was just a veneer on top of tsarism, and now that the veneer is gone, tsarism is back.

Before the switchover, Russia's external propaganda carefully cultivated Western leftists AND Western supercapitalists. Agent Saul Alinsky and Agent Ayn Rand created an extreme cognitive dissonance between two natural tendencies in the West. It worked. The satanic synthesis is Gramsci. Smash civilization, smash the poor, give everything to the super-rich.

= = = = =

Modern Russian propaganda seems to have missed the switchover. RT and Sputnik are still aiming at hippies, agreeing with everything MSNBC/Fox/CNN/ABC/CBS/ETC say on all topics except Ukraine. They love Earth Day, hate fracking, love Sharpton, hate cops.

They won't get very far this way. Putin himself understands the switchover correctly. He knows that Russia's maintenance of traditions and re-embrace of the Orthodox faith are the best selling points; but his message doesn't seem to be coming through the existing channels.

Islam's propagandists initially missed the same point, and now understand it.

Al-Qaeda was appealing to Commies through Adam Gadahn-Pearlman. This didn't work very well for one blazingly obvious reason: Commies are firmly ferociously savagely sadistically in charge in the West. They complain and pretend to be rebels, but they know that they've won the battle here. Why would they need to fight and die for God when they've already won for Satan? It's silly.

ISIS turned around and started appealing to serious Christians and traditionalists who are being disrespected and prosecuted and starved by the in-charge Commies. Result: Lots of recruits.

= = = = =

In looking for something I'd said earlier about Earth Day, I bumped into this unbelievably fucking stupid statement from 2005:

"Adam Gadahn, identified as an environmentalist and Mohammedan (redundant, I know) says...."

Even when blindly following the neocon myths about Islam, how did I make that bizarre connection? I simply wasn't paying fucking attention.

But I pulled out of the stupidity temporarily in 2007, seeing the problem rather clearly for a moment:
The text itself is obviously the work of Pearlman/Gadahn or some similar Western Leninist converted to Mohammed. It's rather well done, but not as smooth and persuasive as Ahmadinejad's propaganda. It's an interesting mix of Marx and Mohammed, with an essentially valid critique of modern China-über-Alles global capitalism, which has in fact declined to a dangerously corrupt condition.

Most of the persuasion is aimed at the Leninist choir, with one interesting and up-to-date exception: "And the reeling of many of you under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes and real estate mortgages..."

Fortunately, Pearlman/Gadahn is a birthright Commie who grew up in a tight leftist community, so he doesn't quite understand the feelings of non-Communist westerners. I say fortunately, because a less restricted mind would have seen a more promising crack for his propagandistic wedge in our sense of utter and total corruption. A writer who was raised in a Christian environment, even if he converted to Marx and then to Mohammed, would have made great use of Wide-Stance Craig and similar incidents. The question would be easy to ask and hard to answer: Is Western democracy doing anything for you?

In short, we are in a critical position, similar to the 1930's in the failure of both democracy and capitalism. Democracy is failing in the same way as before: Hoover was seen as paralyzed and helpless, Bush is seen as paralyzed and helpless. Capitalism is failing in a different direction now, but still failing for all except the billionaires.

We are ripe for a replacement.

Polistra has been asking: Would Sharia really be all that much worse? She hasn't started trying on burqas yet, but that point is not far off.

FDR understood the danger perfectly, and took dramatic steps to co-opt and counter the appeals of both Soviet Communism and German Fascism.

Needless to say, Bush wouldn't even know how to sense the danger, let alone how to counter it.

So we are comparatively lucky so far, in that our modern Leftists have abandoned the economic side of Marxism, and thus abandoned their previous appeal to the poor. And we are comparatively lucky that Osama's main ambassador to the West has such a narrow understanding of Western problems and Western thinking. We can't count on the enemies to remain incompetent, though.
That's remarkably clear, even a bit prophetic. It was just before the 2008 Goldman Coup that drastically increased poverty and focused our attention on it; and it was also before Satan's final victory march got rolling in 2009. After that one moment of clarity I dropped back into neocon idiocy for a while, then started reading independent sources about the broad tendencies of Islam and got slightly less stupid. Maybe it will be permanent.

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  Some old perception programs

While organizing my courseware files I ran across a set of little programs that I'd written in 2000. These are automated auditory perception experiments. Each runs from an adjustable parameters file, and each generates a report for each session.

They were written to serve a specific class while I was working on an unrelated paid project. IIRC the school's computers were running Win 98 at the time. Sound output was not a standard or typical part of computers then, so the instructions talked about adjusting your Sound Blaster board!

Just for fun I tried them on my current Win 7 system, and they still worked... Mostly. To be exact, the sound outputs and operating sequence were good, but the text instructions and buttons were misaligned on new 'flexible-DPI' display. One of the progs was defective, indicating that it hadn't been properly tried before.

I adjusted all the text boxes and buttons, fixed the defective one, recompiled using Borland, and now everything behaves properly on Win 7.

= = = = =

There are six little progs:

CALIB gives you a standard tone to adjust your volume.

LOUDNESS is a loudness comparison (pick the louder tone)

SCALING is a loudness scaling (first is 100, you fill in value for second)

DURATION compares duration of two tones (pick the longer)

GAPTONE gives a tone with varying gap. Do you perceive the gap?

GAPNOISE same for white noise.

= = = = =

Good illustration of what I was saying here about the difference between Win API and web-based crap. When you have a 'well-built' EXE that runs on one version of Win, it will continue to run on newer machines with minimal adjustment.

And a nice bit of synchrony: Comparing new and old in the file directory, I had more trouble than usual in determining which was which. Realized that the old EXE files were dated 4/20/00 and the new ones are 4/20/15. Astrology, anyone?

Here's the ZIP containing the new 'suite' and a readme. It's in the same folder with the AUDIN stuff, closely related in subject and date.
  Aptronym alert

A Washington State University student was arrested Saturday afternoon for allegedly issuing threats which led to the evacuation of the student recreation center. The WSU Police Department reports the incident began around noon when Dmitry Dementyve walked into the SRC. Witnesses told officers he was acting odd and playing loud music on his phone when he told some students that 'we are all going to die today and that WSU is going to die today.'
Nuff said.
  Constants and variables 26

Wash state has a standardized test for Biology, along with other stuff like reading and math. Statewide, schools performed miserably on the Bio test. Only 34% passed. The average for all schools in Spokane is 31%, even worse.

Now, boys and girls. What's the purpose of a standardized test? It's not really a test for the kids. It's a test for the schools and educrats and teachers.

When the test-takers fail, you're supposed to figure out how to bring the test-takers up to the standard. You're NOT supposed to get rid of the fucking test.

Needless to say, the Teachers Union wants to get rid of the test, and needless to say, alleged legislator Timmah Ormsby, a loyal Union slave, goes along with this point.
Regardless of whether schools can find a way to succeed on the exam, Ormsby thinks “the value is suspect at best.” He admits he’s not a fan of testing anyway, but in this case “it’s creating a real crisis. It’s a real stone around the neck of these kids and their ability to be successful.”
Of course you're not a fan of testing, Timmah. Testing forces teachers to be competent.

Trouble is, we have an actual experiment. We have some REAL SCIENCE happening inside one school, which results in REAL [meta]SCIENCE at the level of the test. We have some COMPETENT teachers who force us to see by comparison that the OTHER TEACHERS are NOT COMPETENT.

Fucking constants and fucking variables, as fucking always.

ONE SCHOOL understands the point of the test, AND understands the point of science overall. Ferris High understands it.
Ferris High School is a notable exception. The school has the highest end-of-course passing rate in Spokane Public Schools – 85 percent last year – and is being held up as a successful example statewide. Science teachers there credit a collaborative approach, monthly practice for the exam and after-school study sessions prior to the June test.

“We also let students know what score is expected,” said Darci Hastings, a science teacher. “You can’t win a game unless you know how it’s scored. ... We focus on big-picture concepts. It’s more scientific thinking than memorization.

Hastings teaches a biomed class that students and teachers have found boosts biology test scores by almost 10 percentage points.
This shouldn't be a surprise. Job-oriented and job-like training WORKS. Memorization DOES NOT WORK. Proved billions of times for thousands of years, but American schools refuse to learn.

Except for a blessed few like Ferris.

Bravo to Ferris.

= = = = =

Later: Looks like I've conflated the score on the standardized test with the score on some kind of test-prep class ... but that doesn't change the basic point. Everyone except Ferris wants to eliminate the test and remain incompetent, while Ferris proved that learning is actually possible.


Sunday, April 19, 2015
  Language update for -ft

Professor Polistra does a poor imitation of Comrade Bacall as she brings us a thought about grammatical living fossils, plus a few newly noted word-turds.

= = = = = Newly noted = = = = =

Background in incarceration:

Fresh PC euphemism from Satan's best mediabitch KXLY.

"She has a background in incarceration and other challenges."

Or in non-satanese: "She is a troublemaker with a criminal record."

= = = = =


This is like MeenMarTheCountryFormerlyKnownAsBurma. The phrase turn of the century means 1900. Permanent mapping. Hard-wired. Can't be changed. When you try to use it for 2000, you generate unneeded confusion which always requires an explicit explanation. Easy solution: If you mean the year 2000 but don't want to say two thousand for some stupid reason, say the millenium. That phrase has been remapped, because the first millenium happened before most written history and literature.

Odd inconsistency: While we feel the need to misuse hundred-year-old terms for one particular year, we've abandoned the hundred-year-old decade names. The '00 decade never found a proper name, which apparently broke the habit. Now we're halfway through a decade that has an unambiguous name from the previous century (the Teens) but we never say it.

Later addon: Another pair of 'marooned in time' words is prewar/postwar. On paper these should apply to every war, but in fact they apply exclusively to WW2. In this case there's more involved than the semi-regular operation of language. All of USA STRONG's wars since 1945 have been subsections of one continuous and eternal war. You can find a start for each unprovoked invasion, but the starts are so close together and so frequent that pre- is meaningless. It's like marking off a pre-breath and during-breath for each breath you take. And you can't find an end at all because each of these sub-wars is specifically designed to go on forever.

= = = = =


Doesn't mean a survey. When it's done by Climate Murderers, survey means "completely faked computer model formatted to look like a survey". Just like their definitions of science, logic, and data.

= = = = =

Free-range kids:

Retronym. Used to be kids. Now we need a special word to denote kids who are raised humanely and sanely, just as we need a special word for chickens who are raised humanely and sanely.

= = = = = Living fossil = = = = =


Prof P was observing an attempted 'urban farmstead' in her neighborhood. The 'urban farmers' are hard-working but they don't have a green thumb. They planted about 25 fruit trees in their front yard several years ago, and the trees aren't doing well. Half are dead, and the others simply haven't ... throven? Haven't thruv? Thrave? Thraften? Thrift?


Thrift is the result-noun of thrive. Thrift is what happens when you're thriving, and thrift is what enables you to keep thriving in bad times. Nature understands this connection, and natural economics is purely based on this connection!

English is full of result-nouns that fit this pattern. [Noun] is what happens when you're [Verb]ing. Result-nouns were formerly a living part of the grammatical system. Now the formative impulse is gone, but the nouns remain. Lots of them end in -ft.

Some are still solidly connected to their verbs, as in theft from thieving or draft from draw or gift from give.

Some of the verbs have obsolesced, like reeve/rift; some of the nouns have obsolesced, like weave/weft.

Thrift and drift and heft came a-drift from thrive and drive and heave. Noun and verb are both current, but we don't feel the connection. In the case of thrift, this is unfortunate.

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