Friday, September 19, 2014
  To have

"Local" news just interviewed some young dude who had been camping for three days in front of the Apple store so he could be the first to purchase some new telephone thing. He was wildly enthusiastic: "It has 423b43.64zm6456 XRT! And P2059.440737-Ti97 Glapenstrake! Fits perfectly with Verizon's new Spitarklit 65.76! IT'S THE PHONE TO HAVE!"

I probably didn't copy those numbers and tech terms correctly, but that's not the point. IT'S THE PHONE TO HAVE! is the point.

I don't understand any of that.

I have a phone. It is not THE PHONE TO HAVE, but it is THE PHONE THAT I HAVE. Why do I have it? Because it has a modern non-rotary dial, and a handset with microphone and earphone. It has one special feature that I really appreciate: a ringer switch so I can leave it turned off 99.9999% of the time. (Before phones came with this feature, I had to wire up a ringer switch outside the phone, which Ma Bell didn't like.) It even has two features that I don't need: Redial and Hold. Best of all, it's heavy enough to hold down the piece of paper that I use as a 'coaster' under the coffeecup.

In short, this is a thoroughly HAVE-WORTHY phone, and I HAVE IT. I have been HAVING IT for 24 years, and never felt the need to HAVE a newer edition. What more could you want? It's beyond me.

McPolistra and friends had rehearsed a grand celebration, with McDanbo playing her version of a bagpipe and McHappystar doing his version of a jig.

Might as well carry on, with appropriately thrifty Scots faces instead of broad smiles.

Given the specific circumstances of Salmond's ideology, I was dubious about the net result of this separation. Salmond's Scotland would NOT have been good for ordinary people, because a Gaian economy is an abstract financial economy. Gaia = Goldman. Thus Salmond would have continued to run a finance-based economy after offending the financiers. Scotland's potential as an industrial and resource-based economy would NOT have been fulfilled.

At least the referendum was allowed, which may make it easier for other proper nations to resume their proper status.

But that's a meaningless point. The referendums in Crimea and East Ukraine, which came out for separation from Ukraine, were NOT considered legitimate by the same Western monsters who allowed this one. The same formula applies to all referendums in the US. An election that agrees with Satan (or doesn't really change anything) is allowed to be "legitimate". An election that goes against Satan is instantly overturned by black-robed vultures described for some inscrutable reason as "judges".


Thursday, September 18, 2014
  Acoustic puzzle

I heard a series of big explosions from 9:30 to 10 AM. These explosions were clearly coming from NW, sounded like several miles away.

Local news (and by Local News I mean the Spokane-News facebook page) has been covering a house fire fairly close to here. According to these reports there were a number of explosions from stuff in a garage, perhaps stored ammunition, during the exact same time period.

Puzzle: The fire is straight East of me, about one mile. The booms I heard were unquestionably from the NW, not from the East. The only thing I heard from the East was lots of sirens.

A few of the Spokane-News commenters also heard booms from far off to the NW, before the fire to the East was reported.

Were there two separate sets of explosions? Highly unlikely. Much more likely: the explosions from the East (which is strongly uphill from here) passed over me and bounced back from the west bluff of the river.

Frequency-dependent acoustic channeling effect. Maybe.

This is chutzpah to the chutzpah-th power.
The global financial crisis showed that a large number of American families are "extraordinarily vulnerable" to financial setbacks because they have few assets to fall back on, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says.

IN a speech in Washington on Thursday, Yellen said a Fed survey found that an unexpected expense of just $US400 ($A430) would force the majority of American families to borrow money, sell something or simply not pay. "The financial crisis and the Great Recession demonstrated, in a dramatic and unmistakable manner, how extraordinarily vulnerable are the large share of American families with few assets to fall back on."
Perfectly true facts, and excellent advice.

If anyone else had given this advice, it would have been refreshing. Most Experts refuse to acknowledge that saving is a good idea and borrowing is a bad idea.

Coming from the monstrous evil filthy mouth of Chair, it's raw evil and raw chutzpah.

Chair has the UNIQUE ability to do something about these facts. All by its filthy monstrous self, Chair could INSTANTLY remove the Fed's satanic policies of price control on interest. All by its atrocious alien egregious grotesque self, Chair could require banks to pay interest on savings.

Nobody else in the world can do these things. Only Chair can do them. But Chair is NOT doing them. Instead, Chair is criticizing ordinary people for RESPONDING RATIONALLY to the satanic policies that Chair and the entire Tribe Of Chairs have imposed on this unfortunate miserable hyperfucked former country.
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
  Fighting the grimness

Noticed on this morning's walk: First Christmas lights. Sept 17 is mighty early for Xmas lights. The people who did it are meticulous maintainers with a formal yard and a gem-like 1961 house. They're the exact opposite of casual forget-to-turn-it-off types. So an early start can be taken as meaningful.

Their house is right next to two of the houses that were squashed by this summer's gustnado. Those two houses are still draped in blue**, with some signs of rebuilding but not fully underway yet.

I suspect the illuminators are trying to counter the sense of grim destruction that lingers around here, trying to fight entropy.

God's work.

= = = = =

** Afterthought: Blue is house blood. When you see that unique shade of dark blue, you know this is an injured house that needs help.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014
  The only good invasion

Boots on the ground in Liberia.

Ideally we shouldn't be invading anywhere, but since President McCain is already invading and occupying everything, this is the 'least bad' type of invasion. I only wish we could be more consistent and honest.

Liberia is a US colony. Always has been. Call it that. Be honest. Liberia has always depended on us for support, and sometimes we've given support.

Ebola has the potential to completely destroy Liberia and neighboring countries. Though there's no cure, organized treatment can save at least half of the lives that would otherwise be lost. (A vaccine is ready for use but hasn't been mass produced yet because saving an African life isn't nearly as profitable as lengthening a Western dick or addicting anxious Americans to drugs that cause Alzheimers.)

Our Army isn't at the vanguard of medical research, but that's not the requirement here. Properly organized clinics with disciplined treatment are needed, and our Army does that job brilliantly.

If we were honest and consistent, we'd openly declare that we can and must intervene in our colonies, and we'd stop bashing Russia for intervening in its colony Ukraine. It's the same thing.
Sunday, September 14, 2014
  For once the Elephant in the Room is valid

"Elephant in the room" is a tired cliche that needs to be tossed. But before we toss it, let's take note of the FIRST TIME IT'S TRULY APPLICABLE.

Headline: Bill would sanction countries involved in ivory trade.

Good! Finally going to take some steps against China, since China is THE ONLY COUNTRY that buys elephant tusks. China has an oversupply of men thanks to the one-child policy, which caused millions of parents to abort girl babies. When men are oversupplied, they don't have enough places to insert their dicks, and they feel inadequate. When Chinese men feel inadequate, they buy all sorts of traditional phallic "medicines" to stiffen their dicks. This accounts for nearly all of today's vanishing species.

So. How are we going to symbolically wither China's dicks?

From the text of the bill itself...
If consultations with a government under subsection (a) are not satisfactorily concluded within 90 days or if a government refuses to enter into consultations, the President shall direct the Secretary to prohibit the importation into the United States of products of wildlife, fish, and plants from that country until the earliest ... etc.
Cute. We'll retaliate by cutting off imports of wildlife, fish and plants.

How much wildlife, fish and plants do we get from China?

We don't get meaningful amounts of wildlife from anywhere.

We get small amounts of tilapia, scallops and oysters from China.

We get somewhere around $20 million of plants (listed as "nursery stock, cut bulbs, etc.") from China.

Major sanctions! Cut our imports of tilapia, scallops, oysters and nursery stock!

Ouch! That will soften those boys in a hurry! Look Jane! See Dick wilt. Wilt, wilt, wilt.

Better idea: Make use of our finest intellectual resources. Use CGI to reprocess all TV, movies and web productions that will end up in China. Substitute Janet Yellen for all female stars.


  Aptrocar alert!

Seattle news:
Police say the women walked into the Niketown in the 1500 block of 6th Avenue at around 12:30 p.m. and began stuffing clothing and other items inside shopping bags. Niketown staff suspected the pair planned to shoplift from the store, so one employee called 911 while another group of staffers gathered around the store's front doors in an effort to deter the suspects.

Police say when one of the suspects spotted employees clustered around the store's exit, she grabbed a metal foot measuring device and brandished it at staff members. The suspects dropped the foot measuring tool as they exited the store. They got away in a white Ford Escape.

Bonus: Finally a weapon that appeals to metrologists! "Don't size me, bro!" "Open that door or I'll shorten your toebox!"
  Bad! Good! Bad! Good!

Okay, let's see if we can get this straight.

1. Separating Scotland from England is bad.

2. Separating Czechia from Slovakia was good.

3. Rejoining Crimea to Russia is bad.

4. Rejoining East Germany to West Germany was good.

All of these are stated as absolute rules, with the implication that every other separation or rejoining should also be bad or good. Immediately after implying that all separations are good, the same Expert implies that all separations are bad.

The contradiction between 3 and 4 is especially annoying because the situations are closely parallel, and because the loudest complainers about Russia repossessing Crimea are East Germans, who benefitted massively from West repossessing East.

Experts, of course, are not thinking about the welfare of the people in those countries. Experts are only trying to maximize their own political power and wealth.

Leaving the experts aside, is there a usable absolute rule? I doubt it.

But there are several STRONG general rules, with some exceptions and some limits for each. GENERALLY: Smaller units are better than larger units. Mono-ethnic countries are better than multi-ethnic countries. An entity that has been independent through most of history should be independent. An entity that has been part of a bigger country through most of history should remain in that position.
  Mencken's birthday

Mencken got most things right, though he had a little too much Nietzsche in his blood. Sometimes he honored the ordinary man and wished governments were more ordinary. Sometimes he showed raw contempt for the "inferior man" who simply wanted security and safety. In other words, he "took his own visions and hallucinations too seriously."

He got this aspect of government exactly right:

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. (See ISIS)

But he underestimated what would happen when those idealists with the "urge to save humanity" would get total power:

If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl.

Try forgiving a sinner or winking in modern America and you'll end up in jail. No trial or evidence needed.

Saturday, September 13, 2014
  Anaptronym alert

In a brief account of world responses to Scotland's referendum on secession:
India's foreign minister, Sushma Swaraj, looked baffled when asked to comment on the possible break-up of the United Kingdom . "Break-up of the United Kingdom? I don't think there is any possibility of that. God forbid!" she said, before a whispered aside from an aide prompted another terse but bewildered line. "It's for Scotland to decide, I have nothing to say on this."
I don't know Hindi but I'm pretty sure, from Indo-European roots, that Swaraj means something like "self-government".

So we have Mrs Self-Government completely unaware of self-government.

  Inferred Intent

Puzzling question: Why did the US gov't invent ISIS? Basic generic answer for any of our invented "threats" is good old Parkinson. A new "threat" gives our army and military contractors a good "reason" to increase their budget and workforce.

But that doesn't explain the specific characteristics of ISIS. Why did we need such a fierce and all-conquering "enemy" when a lesser one would have accomplished the standard Parkinson goal?

Polistra's Law of Inferred Intent. Look at the full picture of consequences and you can see the intention.

What is the special consequence here? We are resuming our old alliances with all those old dictators, after spending 20 years breaking them down and arming the rebels. We are even resuming our pre-1979 alliance with Persia after spending 30 years calling it the Heart Of Evil.

We needed a tremendous justification for such a reunion, after we've spilled so many trillions of dollars and millions of lives to break those dictators. We needed a "reason" so large that it would force everyone to forget the decades of destruction.

Our new SOB ISIS was necessary to bring back our old SOBs.

We could simply have sent Bashar a greeting card. "All is forgiven, Bashy babe. I remember the good times. Won't you take me back, dear old sweetheart?" But that would be sane and practical. Can't do that.
  Constants and variables 20

Bankers are making a fantastically silly argument against Scottish independence.

Meanwhile, a study by Deutsche Bank said a Yes vote for Scottish independence would "go down in history as a political and economic mistake" on a par with Winston Churchill’s decision in 1925 to return the pound to the Gold Standard or the failures by the Federal Reserve in America that triggered the Great Depression in the 1930s. It warned that Scotland risked a similar depression if voters backed the Yes campaign on Thursday...
A false statement and a nonexistent analogy, all in one. Magnificently wrong.

The '30s depression was not caused by any single action of any single bank or government. It was caused by widespread idiocy. The Western world had devoted too much of its business resources to false value during the '10s and '20s. When the false value collapsed, as it always does, all the businesses that depended on it collapsed. Businesses that hadn't fallen for the fraud continued to run on real value, and formed the foundation for rebuilding the stupid ones.

Even if you assume the initial statement is true, it has exactly zero connection to Scottish independence. How in the fuck do you get from gold standard to secession?

Let's see if I can be as smart as a banker.

"The Hindenburg disaster was caused by the announcer shouting Oh The Humanity. Therefore you should vote No on independence so you won't explode."

The tragedy is that Deutsche Bank knew it could count on the servile media to accept and amplify its bizarre nonsense.

Secession will undoubtedly cause great stresses and strains in the banking system, but it could free up Scotland from England's current pursuit of false value. If Scotland loses major bankers, it would be able to rely more on oil and industry, which would improve the life of ordinary Scots.

In this specific case the problem is not secession itself. The problem is SNP leader Salmond, who is a secessionist AND a Gaian wacko. If his party continues to run Scotland, the necessary and beneficial switch from financialism to industrialism will not happen.


  What does Nature say about it?

Why is it so easy to switch into war mode for no particular purpose?

I've witnessed this in myself, much to my present chagrin. I could see the wrongness of Vietnam, and carried that value through the 80s and 90s. Then 9/11 knocked out the props, and I went along with everything Bush wanted for several years. It wasn't until 2006 that the Dubai Ports fiasco broke through the warfog. At that point I stopped thinking that Bush was "on the right side but communicating his aims poorly." I had to conclude that he was not working for America.

What does Nature say about pointless wars? And what do the old books say?

Nature is clear. Our close relatives shed plenty of blood in eating but not much in fighting. Birds and mammals often have disputes about territory and dominance but they rarely kill in those fights. They would much rather talk. Most fights are accomplished with visual, aural and olfactory symbols. Birds and mammals never venture into distant areas and start wars purely to create chaos. Termites are closer to humans in this respect.

The old books are much less clear.

The first part of the Old Testament is jampacked with Wilson/Bush/Obama-style wars for ideology. Jehovah wanted his people to defeat all other beliefs. But after the fall of the second temple in 70 AD, Jehovah's people switched from aggressive to defensive.

A similar division is recorded in the Koran. In the early parts, Mohammed was making war to spread his beliefs. In the later part, he's much more concerned with building a complete moral system in existing territories, with unbelievers subordinate but not dead.

Christianity's bipolar nature is more continuous. The scriptures don't start with territorial expansion; they were written in the same period when Judaism was turning defensive, and contain that spirit. But through the last 2000 years plenty of pointless wars have been fought nominally to spread Christianity. And right now all the pointless wars are started by nominal Christians who are working for nominal Jews.
  There's the Whoopsie.......

Last week Polistra analyzed the mechanism of modern propaganda:

....The Memory Hole, as seen in stories like the MH17 crash or Unarmed African-American Teenager or Bashar Assad's supposed use of chemical weapons. All paid news sources on "all" "sides" blindly and rigidly follow the official line. Their overmodulated copy-pasted roaring grows and grows .... until some unpaid report brings out the Whoopsie. There's evidence that the Kiev forces shot down MH17; or it turns out that Unarmed African-American Teenager was a hardass thug with a long criminal record, as all sane people knew to begin with; or it looks like the anti-Assad forces were using the chem weapons AND Assad was perfectly willing to give up his chem weapons.

After the Whoopsie, there is still no paid news source opposing the official line. And of course there is no admission of error. Instead, the story just fades out, drops through the Hole, to be replaced by the next lethal lie.

Okay. Now we have a Whoopsie right in the middle of the buildup. Will it stop anything?
Obama administration officials repeatedly warned the family of murdered journalist James Foley that they might face criminal charges for supporting terrorism if they paid a ransom to the Islamic State jihadists who were holding and, ultimately, beheaded their son, his mother and brother said this week. “We were told that several times and we took it as a threat and it was appalling,” Foley's mother Diane said in an interview with ABC News. “I think our efforts to get Jim freed were an annoyance,” she elaborated in another interview with CNN. “It didn't seem to be in [US] strategic interest, if you will.”
In plain words, the government NEEDED a dead Foley. He had to be the Lusitania or the Maine or the Tonkin Gulf for the latest unnecessary and aggressive war.

This isn't exactly unprecedented; the Tonkin Gulf was exposed as fake the day after LBJ used it to start the Vietnam war. But the coverage by CNN and ABC is interesting and a little encouraging. It shows that even with Our Lord And Savior Obama in the president's office, some media are still capable of questioning the official line.
Friday, September 12, 2014
  I'm stupid.

I stupidly threw away a Kodak printer because I couldn't get it out of a "3527 Printhead jammed" error. I saw a broken piece on a drive belt and ass-u-med that was the problem. It may have been A problem, but it wasn't THE reason for the printhead blockage.

The correct fix is shown in this clip, which has been around for a while. I even watched this clip while looking for solutions, but didn't understand EXACTLY what the guy in the clip was saying.

I tossed the old printer and bought a "new" used one. The "new" one came today, and as soon as I turned it on, it showed the SAME DAMN ERROR. I didn't feel like tossing yet another printer, and figured that this one was not likely to have the same missing bit on the belt.

So I googled everything again and watched that clip again, after opening up the inner cover and taking out the printhead. This time I realized EXACTLY what the guy in the clip is saying. He's not really showing the innards, so the visual aspect is lacking.

Let me try to add something to what he's saying, to focus tightly on the EXACT problem. Maybe this will help others who ass-u-med the same thing that I ass-u-med. (Probably nobody else is equally stupid, but just in case!)

The critical item is the one-inch square that is exactly centered inside the printhead holder. This square looks like it should be there; it's popped up exactly in the place where the printhead fits. Because it's popped up, it's preventing the carrier from moving out of this location. The problem is that the one-inch square SHOULDN'T be popped up, and it SHOULDN'T be exactly in that place. You need to use a screwdriver to hold the square DOWN far enough to clear the carrier. This isn't easy because the square sort of wiggles around. While holding DOWN, simultaneously use a finger or a second screwdriver on the front edge to push the square STRAIGHT BACK. This doesn't seem right; the square acts like it's not supposed to go backwards; but this IS right, and the square DOES obligingly move back when you push it.

Immediately put the printhead back in the carrier, to prevent the square from popping up again. Immediately load cartridges in the printhead, then close the inner lid. Don't bother to screw it back down; it's much easier to fiddle with the innards when this lid remains loose. Close the outer lid and turn the printer on. It will then run through a normal startup routine. It will ask to have the "new" printhead calibrated, which is normal because you have in fact put a "new" printhead in. Go ahead and do that, then you're ready to print.

= = = = =

Looking back on both situations, I think this problem happens with a rather old printer with 'loose joints', when you operate or ship the printer without cartridges in the printhead. Without the carts, the printhead isn't heavy enough to keep the one-inch square from popping into its locked and upright position. Good advice (for stupid me anyway): Keep cartridges in the printhead at all times. Better advice: Buy a brand-new printer. Think I'm going to do that.
  Not a "crisis"

This is being described as a "constitutional crisis".

Incorrect. It is not a "constitutional crisis". It is simply a crime that needs to be punished.

A criminal syndicate, operating on behalf of the Teachers Union thugs, is attempting to extort several billion dollars from Wash state taxpayers to enrich the Teachers Union thugs. This criminal syndicate was formerly known as the "state supreme court", but as soon as it committed this criminal act, it ceased to be a "court" and became nothing more than an extortionist hitman.

This hitman wants the Wash State Legislature to assist in the crime by writing the checks to steal the money from the state taxpayers.

At this point the State Legislature is still a legitimate part of state government. It now has two choices.

(1) Participate in the billion-dollar extortion.

(2) Declare the syndicate formerly known as the "state supreme court" to be a criminal organization. Jail all of its members and employees. Delete all parts of state constitution and laws that refer to this syndicate as the "state supreme court" and give it illegitimate power. Delete all decisions formerly made by this criminal organization.

If the legislature chooses to be an accomplice, it will also cease to be a legitimate part of state government, and will simply be another hitman operating on behalf of the Teachers Union thugs.

If the legislature chooses (2), it will still be legitimate.

Of course this choice doesn't exist. Subjunctives are extinct. The legislature will choose extortion and will cease to be a legislature. Thugs always win.
  Nature doesn't like 'spiritual'

Following up on yesterday's half-formed thought. I knew there was something missing but couldn't spot it. Now I've spotted it, with the help of some RCR columns about 'spirituality' and 'mindfulness'.

Yesterday I said that without civilization we are reduced to Raw Nature, which is nothing more than gonads and bullying. F=ma. Force = mass * attractiveness. No room for subjunctives or potentials.

In other recent items I've made the point that the rules of culture and religion are experimentally observed products of Nature, not arbitrary or theological.

Contradiction? Yes, as stated. But I already made the point in the earlier items. Forgot it in my dismal mood yesterday. Here's the difference, and here's why 'spirituality' fails.

Nature does give us definite feedback on bad behavior, but the feedback is not always individual, and when it is individual it's too late to matter.

This is where priests and prophets and religious structures come in. They make long-term observations of large groups, and preserve the observations over many generations while refining them.

Books like Genesis and Leviticus, and later testaments like the Koran and hadiths, are the logbooks and reports of these long and broad observations of human experimentation.

If you insist on being 'spiritual but not religious', you are tossing aside all of this painstaking and costly SCIENTIFIC observation. You may be objectively observing your own internal and social feedback, but Nature isn't giving you anywhere near the full picture.

To get past the paywall and experience the full picture of Nature's purposes, you must be 'religious'.

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