Friday, February 24, 2017
  Not the intended audience?

A completely puzzling radio PSA has been playing recently. It features a sound FX that is allegedly familiar. It's not familiar to me.

The FX sounds to me like tapping an engine block with a wrench, followed by spitting on the engine. Kadink kadink Phoof!

The ad is trying to do a Pavlovian association. The wrench and spit sound repeats, followed by a verbal command "Fake the Vöt."

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

Kadink kadink Phoof! Fake the Vöt.

After this goes on for a while, the announcer says something about avoiding food waste.

Obviously I'm not the intended audience because I don't waste a lot of food. Each day I throw away exactly three eggshells and one tomato stem.

Maybe people who waste food keep a pet engine block and wrench in their kitchen, and engage in this strange ceremony of tapping and spitting. Maybe they need to be reminded that Faking the Vöt is a bad idea. Or a good idea. It's beyond me.
  Cambodia and Macedonia fight Soros

Continuing to track the breakup of Sorosia.

Map shows countries moving AWAY from Soros in green, TOWARD Soros in violet.

The new AWAY countries are Cambodia:
"Hun Sen's election strategy is clear: bulldoze what's left of Cambodia's democratic institutions by using laws like this one, while simultaneously intimidating civil society into silence with arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders and threats to de-register troublesome NGOs," the group's Asia director, Phil Robertson, said.
And Macedonia, strongly and specifically:
Shortly after the elections, on 20th December the Public Revenue Office sent financial inspectors to the Open Society Foundation (OSF), an organisation run by American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, and 20 civil society organisations who receive funds from the philanthropic organisation. The formal investigation comes as a result of anti-civil society rhetoric from VMRO-DPMNE politicians, who claim that foreign funded CSOs are attempting to destabilise the country.
And Israel, at least partly:
Israel will stop issuing work visas to Human Rights Watch staff, the NGO said Friday, with the Jewish state accusing the group of being "fundamentally biased" against it. The New York-based watchdog, which has written critical reports about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, applied months ago for a visa for its Israel and Palestine director, American citizen Omar Shakir. On February 20, Israeli authorities informed it the request had been rejected because HRW is "not a real human rights group", the group said in a statement.
No new movements TOWARD Soros today. As far as I can determine only Gambia and the Baltics and South Sudan are adding more evil.

= = = = =

Sidenote on constants and variables: Note the tone of those three paragraphs written by various Sorosian media. In each case the Sorosian organization is treated as default and perfect and heavenly, while all opposition to Soros is evil. (Rhetoric, claimed, scare quotes.) Even Israel is treated as evil in this context, which violates the normal journalistic rule placing Israel at the head of all goodness and angelism. Must have been serious cognitive dissonance for the writer, but the correct hierarchy prevailed. Soros is EVEN MORE ANGELIC than Israel to a journalist.
Thursday, February 23, 2017
  Ten bananas

Headline at BBC:

Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10-a-day

First paragraph:
Eating loads of fruit and vegetables - 10 portions a day - may give us longer lives, say researchers. The study, by Imperial College London, calculated such eating habits could prevent 7.8 million premature deaths each year.
Calculated? 7.8 million? Why not get more precise? 7,843,671.49 premature deaths sounds more scientific.

But did they actually calculate? Later paragraph:
The researchers do not know if eating even more fruit and veg would have even greater health benefits as there is little evidence out there to review.
Got it. Little evidence, therefore we MUST do it.

Admittedly the article has one marginally good point. Unlike most nutrition crap, it specifies the meaning of "portion"......
A portion counts as 80g (3oz) of fruit or veg - the equivalent of a small banana, a pear or three heaped tablespoons of spinach or peas.
This only makes the nonsense more obvious. If you eat ten bananas or ten pears or 30 tablespoons of peas, you're going to get sick.

= = = = =

Graphic serendipity sidenote: I meant to show Happystar eating a huge pile of peas. The result looks more like Happystar is puking the peas.... which fits the sentence above.


  Money where mouth

Attempting to boost the feeling of gratitude, I checked to see if any good teachers are trying to set up a project that deserves support. This one caught my attention, and I immediately completed its funding:
The heavy rains we are experiencing this winter (January/February 2016) have caused numerous mudslides in our area, and flooding near students' homes. The students had the chance to watch the effects of a mudslide here on our own school campus that sent muddy sand and silt in a dramatic swirl around the storm drain near our classroom. Needless to say they are pumped up to learn more about how erosion works. We will use the tubs ordered, fortified with plywood underneath, tilted up on two by four boards. The tubs will be filled part way with sand, gravel and silt. We will fill plastic cups with water and try out different sized holes in the cups drizzling water down onto the sand in the stream tables as the first phase of our study. Students will measure, observe and identify variables they want to pursue for further study in small groups. Student skills of observation, and critical thinking will be enhanced through this project.
Starting with real-life personal experience, learning through hands-on teamwork with sand and water. No theory, just muscle memory.

Exactly right.


= = = = =

Then I noticed from other parts of the description that the students are probably illegal migrants. (Not explicit but clear enough.)


As I said in previous item, the school doesn't deserve Federal funding because it's helping to violate Federal law... but a great teacher with kids who are there through no fault of their own deserves NON-FEDERAL funding. I'm glad to help.


  Need to control my impatience

Trump strikes a blow for science and facts, getting rid of Obama's science-denying and civilization-crushing "transgender" ratshit.


This move was surprising, since Trump had NOT been promising any action on this front. His pre-political career and his stated agenda showed no interest in cultural issues and no eagerness to undo bad "laws" in this area.

He's under-delivering on the no-war side and over-delivering on the domestic sanity side.

After 30 years of Federal governments doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING WRONG, 30 years of TOTAL INSANITY, I'm inclined to get a little greedy now that the door to rationality is open. Come on! More! More! Faster! Above all he needs to start INSTANTLY defunding sanctuary cities, school systems, counties, and states. Any entity that violates federal law doesn't need federal money. It has declared financial independence and should be treated as such.

I need to control the greed, need to be grateful for every step back toward civilization.


  Self-explanatory meth

Brief headline in typical form at Spokane-News:

300 West Sprague, Reported subject armed with a knife beating on his bicycle refusing to leave the location. SPD en route

The joy of meth, tersely and definitively contained in one neat sentence.
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
  Maximally random thought

Probably the randomest and trivialest thought I've ever written... but I don't recall reading it or hearing it anywhere.

We have four limbs with relatively equal first and second sections, then a hand/foot with five digits. This layout is the most common among LAND vertebrates. Most amphibians and reptiles share these proportions. Many other mammals share this pattern.

Observation: The animals we get along with, our domestic partners and our food, DON'T share this pattern. Ruminants have strangely distorted legs that are mostly one toe, with all the other stuff either absent or shortened. Dogs and cats have short first bone, long second bone, and modified paws with vestigial thumb. Birds have wings and talons. Fish have fins.

The animals that share our proportions and limb functions, the animals that hold and manipulate objects the same way we hold and manipulate, are NOT our partners. We don't get along with mice or raccoons or lizards or monkeys, and (at least in cultures descended from the Old Testament) we don't eat them.

Hypothesis: Was the OT rule about kosher/haram animals a hand-based avoidance of cannibalism? Were hands associated with intelligence?


  FEC cunthead DOESN'T get it

In perfect constrast to previous item about Occupy founder Micah White, here's a cunthead who PRECISELY doesn't get it, who has all facts and logic exactly backwards.

Cunthead Ann Ravel, resigning from the pointless FEC:
“I respectfully urge you to prioritize campaign finance reform to remedy the significant problems identified during the last election cycle,” Ravel wrote, noting Trump’s own criticism of the campaign finance system during his race for president. “Disclosure laws need to be strengthened; the mistaken jurisprudence of Citizens United reexamined; public financing of candidates ought to be expanded to reduce reliance on the wealthy; and commissioners who will carry out the mandates of the law should be appointed to the expired terms at the FEC.”
Trump's election ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED all of those goals, with NO HELP from the idiotic useless FEC. He canceled out the role of money.

Fact 1: Money is crucial when candidates and parties are identically toxic. The only way to get voters to swallow Cyanide Brand A instead of Cyanide Brand B is by spending billions of dollars advertising Cyanide Brand A.

Fact 2: Every new rule and regulation on campaigns makes things worse, because all the rules and regulations are INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to make life harder for independent candidates. FEC is a perfect fraud.

Trump broke the whole paradigm by offering SOMETHING DIFFERENT, which sounded less toxic than the universal poison of all other politicians.

When you offer a real change, you don't need a lot of money. And when you don't absorb a lot of money, voters recognize that you're not owned by the corporations and banks who were placing all their bets on other candidates.

Admittedly Trump's name recognition came from decades of previous publicity that was unavailable to an ordinary citizen, but none of the publicity had been in the political realm and very little was paid advertising. I don't recall ever hearing or seeing ads for Trump brands on radio or TV.
  Occupy founder GETS IT.

BBC talks with Micah White, one of the founders of Occupy, who has some understanding of reality. He's breaking out of the pluponent idiocy.


In a certain sense Trump IS the Occupy candidate. He actually got money out of politics. ... The left must realize that the revolutionaries are on the Right and the Left is anti-revolutionary. ... Donald Trump's victory should embolden us. It is possible to imagine a revolutionary movement taking power because we just saw it happen.


You are PRO-WAR and PRO-GLOBALIST and PRO-CORPORATE protesters. You are PLUPONENTS, explicitly employed by Soros, agitating for even more war and poverty and inequality. Trump's voters are AGAINST Soros and war and poverty and inequality.

Micah White (at least in this interview) doesn't offer a new vision and doesn't say what the goals of a left-populist movement should be. He will have to face some uncomfortable realities. He will have to embrace FACTS about blacks and whites. He will need to figure out that poor people, ESPECIALLY black poor people, need FIRM POLICE AND FIRM SOCIAL VALUES. The Left has been killing cops and killing religion and killing culture for 50 years, which has DESTROYED poor American blacks and empowered a handful of (mostly Jamaican) rich blacks.

Even more uncomfortable, he will need to figure out that Die-Versity and Gender Fluids and Immigration and Environmentalism are SLAUGHTERING poor people. Education is not the solution because education is not the problem. Henry Ford was the solution, and Fordism can still return to solve the same problems.

Again, Trump is generally on the side of Fordism, and is already taking steps to bring back jobs that a poor MAN can do. We don't know how serious he is, and we especially don't know how long the Leftist establishment will let him live.

If Micah White is serious, he should try to restrain the Leftist establishment and focus on the actual interests of actual poor people. When Trump moves in the correct direction, grab the correct direction, pull it even harder, and rebrand it without destroying it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
  Why we build dams

Latest item at KSHS is a series of photos taken in Topeka just after the 1951 flood. Each picture has a detailed description on the back.

One of them says:

6 days after crest. All new houses in this area. This picture between N Logan and N Kansas Ave, and between Paramore and Evelyn, 9 houses washed away, 14 others washed out of position and lodged in other locations. Water 15' deep on morning of July 12.

Manhattan got inundated, Topeka got smashed. This is why Tuttle Creek and Milford Dams were built a few years later. Since the dams, a couple of smaller floods but no smashers.

DAMS WORK.... when you maintain them and use them PROPERLY. They don't work when you fill and drain them to satisfy the omnicidal EPA.


  How did they reach that number????

A real puzzle...
Dr. Sajid Ravasia, a psychiatrist who works for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, and Dr. Debra Ravasia, a gynecologist, jointly filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in federal court on Jan. 18. They list between $500,000 and $1 million in personal assets to be split among the thousands who may assert a claim for up to $191.2 million.
191 MILLION? That's a Federal-scale number. That's the same amount that the idiot dysgovernment of Spokane is spending on malarial flood-generating pits to satisfy the bloodlust of EPA.

Apparently the debts are not connected to actual medical practice. The male dothead is a psychiatrist working for a hospital. The female dothead was running some kind of spa and weight loss clinic, which was the source of the problem.

How in the hell do you run up 200 million in debt? How did the 8000 creditors ALLOW such an accumulation without suing much earlier? 8000 people is 3% of the population of Spokane. The mean debt to each of them would be about 24k. Wouldn't you NOTICE such a number? Where was the BBB? Where was the accountant? Is this evidence of official Dothead Privilege?


  Maybe positive

An interesting hint in a short item from Reuters:
Turkey sees the new administration of U.S. President Donald Trump as being more understanding and sensitive on the issue of extraditing U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Tuesday.... Yildirim said talks were continuing with U.S. officials on the extradition of Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of orchestrating an attempted coup in Turkey last July.

Monday, February 20, 2017
  Thanks, Ralph 454

Politicians are so firmly locked into their old delusions and bigotries that they are ruining their own careers. This is GOOD.

(1) EU leaders are continuing to spew volcanic curses on Trump and nationalism. They forget that a definite majority of their own people are even MORE FIRMLY opposed to migration than Trump is. Politicians who spit on their own people don't hold power easily.

(2) USA Democrats are pushing hard toward impeachment. What are they thinking? Didn't they see what happened when Repoofs tried to impeach Clinton in 1998?

Impeachment DOESN'T WORK AND CAN'T WORK. When the Const was written in 1787, the founders stupidly believed that politics without parties was a good idea. The VP was supposed to be the guy who lost the election, so you could bring in a different "faction" by removing the P. That didn't last long. Since 1800 both have been chosen together by the winning party, which means that impeaching the P gives you the VP of the same party. Why would you want to do that?

Do the Dems think they can raise money by making noise about impeachment? That worked for the Repoofs in 1998 but it won't work now. Whether you like Trump or not, his primary and general victories PROVED that money is no longer the most important factor. He beat 16 Repoofs with near-zero money, and beat Hillary with comparatively small spending.

If you want to win now, you need to present a convincing argument to working-class Americans that you can SERVE THEIR INTERESTS, not the interests of Goldman or Soros or Saudi or Mexico or China or "gender fluids".


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  Constants and variables 63

Via Eurekalert, a Chinese study on decreasing severe weather.
In one of the most comprehensive studies on trends in local severe weather patterns to date, an international team of researchers found that the frequency of hail storms, thunderstorms and high wind events has decreased by nearly 50 percent on average throughout China since 1960.

"The frequency of thunderstorms and high winds decreased gradually over the time period we studied, but not hail," said Qinghong Zhang. "This is something we don't fully understand at this point but plan to investigate more."
To their credit, the Chinese researchers are real scientists, considering a variety of causes. USA "scientists" are blind bigots, locked into worshipping Gaia. (For instance.)

Pollution makes sense as the major cause. More particles means more seeding, more steady precipitation AND more even distribution of charge. Less chance to build up heavy clouds and heavy charge differences, thus less severe thunderstorms. More particles also means more even distribution of temperature over both space and time, thus flatter thermal gradients, thus less push and pull for wind.

= = = = =

Here's a chart of tornados and wind over a similar period in USA, from NOAA.

I'd like to find a chart of US particulate pollution from a similar period, focusing on tornado territory. Closest I can find for now is this from AEI.

The lower line is national. Pollution has decreased steadily nationwide since 1920. Nationally the EPA didn't change the curve much, which is typical of all Federal "solutions". The purpose of a "solution" is to preserve the problem and increase bureaucratic workforce. Parkinson.

However: I know from living in Oklahoma that pollution decreased strongly during the 1970s as EPA shut down most of the refineries. I often drove from I-35 to Enid. In 1970 you could see the Champlin refinery from about 5 miles away. In 1980 you could see it from 20 miles away. (Of course it was no longer a refinery, but at least you could see the structure.)

Given that tornados and severe T-storms are Okie specialties, the observation may be relevant.


  Missing most of the point

ZH features the latest feminist fad, "affirmative consent". The author and commenters miss the point. Post-1968 feminism is ferociously anti-male in its RHETORIC, but the actual EFFECT is about class and status, not gender. This was already clear in 1978 with sexual harassment "laws", and affirmative consent continues along the same path.

Raw nature defines status by raw physical attractiveness. Civilization tried to level the playing field, providing alternate paths to status. Men could gain status by working and producing, women could gain status by good parenting and nest-making. Feminism explicitly deletes both of those leveling mechanisms, deleting civilization and allowing raw nature to roar back in.

High-status males understand feminism. They know that "harassment" doesn't exist and "affirmative consent" isn't needed when you have what it takes.
Sunday, February 19, 2017
  That's more like it.

Trump has apparently decided to do the Erdogan thing FAST.
Trump had appointed Craig Deare last month to head the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division. On Friday, Deare was escorted out of the building where he worked.

...Deare's termination was linked to remarks he made Thursday at a private talk at a Washington think tank, where he slammed the Trump administration for its policies on Latin America and its start to relations with Mexico.
Excellent. When you're dealing with an unsalvageable Sorosian Deepstate determined to retain and regain power, you have to start hardass and stay hardass.

FAST and PUBLIC and HARD. Plenty of public frogmarched firings at the start will intimidate the other bureaucrats for a while.

= = = = =

Meanwhile, the real Erdogan continues fumigating the Sorosians in Turkey.
  Really dumb idea

This has to be the dumbest health policy idea since Romneycare.
Precisely because it is so hard to regulate and prevent the spread of these pseudo-scientific non-treatments, we should be cracking down on one of their lucrative revenue streams by ending the tax-free status of workplace benefits plans that cover them. People should, at the very least, have to pay tax on pseudo-scientific treatments covered by their benefits plans.
Basic problem: The usual definition of "pseudoscientific" is totally independent of actual science. It's purely a matter of fashion and status and grants.

Electrotherapy (magnetic fields or passing current through the body) was normal and mainstream from 1840 to 1920, then pseudoscientific quackery from 1920 through 1980, now normal and mainstream again. Psychiatry has been totally and definitively disproved from the start, but it continues to be "scientific" because the Tribe owns it. Diet advice switches back and forth at a dizzying pace. A doctor who tells you to avoid fat is "scientific" today, "pseudo" tomorrow, "scientific" the next day.

What happens if you tax a bad treatment for a while, then "learn" that the same treatment is now good and necessary? Do you refund the taxes from the bad time? Conversely, do you retroactively tax a treatment that has switched from necessity to quackery?


Saturday, February 18, 2017
  Why is life?

This may not be the Best Video Ever, but I can't think of anything better at the moment....

Life is Purpose. Life is learning to do something and teaching it.

Not sure why this particular clip is so damn good. Maybe because it's not enhanced with narration or Kevin McLeod music. The human just follows the dogs around. Papa dog never looks at the human, which is unusual for a Lab ... he's purely focused on teaching the kids.

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  Ecuador fights Soros

Article in Telesur, pointed by Wikileaks for its own Assange reasons, turns out to be more broadly interesting.
This government is the first to scrutinize NGOs, but their scrutiny has not been limited to Accion Ecologica. In 2012, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa boldly declared that NGOs have been entering the country like never before during the previous decade. Many, backed by foreign states and foreign money, are out to destabilize the state, Ecuadorean leaders stated.

“Their interest is not the country, impoverished sectors, natural resources or strengthening democracies,” said Paola Pabon, director of the National Ministry of Political Management, which is responsible for tracking NGOs, in an interview with teleSUR last year. “What interests them is having control over governments, having influence over civil society to create elements of destabilization.”
Exactly. So Ecuador took positive action, expelling many NGOs.

What are the NGOs doing?
USAID sends hundreds of millions to local projects in Ecuador, some less explicitly political, but some indirectly benefiting opposition groups, according to U.S. Ambassador in Ecuador Adam Namm. BBG affiliate, TeleAmazonas, has been accused of fomenting strong opposition rhetoric against Correa. And the NED spends over US$1 million annually on dozens of local programs with broad objectives like “promoting citizen oversight of elected officials,” “monitoring due process and the independence of the judicial system,” "monitoring the use of public resources in government advertising" and "facilitating dialogue and consensus on democracy."
In other words, HACKING ELECTIONS.

So I'll add Ecuador to my map of countries that are moving away from Soros (green) and toward Soros (violet).

Also, browsing a little in the Soros documents, it's blazingly clear that the South Sudan revolution was PURE Soros from start to finish. I was fooled by this one, even after supposedly "learning" that modern revolutions are fake. Shame on me.


  Way beyond potholes

Reprinting an item from last year. The phenomenon is even worse this year, because Copkiller Condon was even more negligent. He followed an algorithmic rule instead of direct observation, and failed to use

Now the problem has gone way beyond potholes and dips; this year about half of all the asphalt is hopelessly cracked up. I'd estimate 40% of all streets need complete repaving.

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Bloomberg-sucking Copkiller Condon decided to neglect the most basic function of city government, making streets safe for cars and people. Hard mountains of ice have been piling up on side streets for a month.

Emersonian justice, aka Budget Karma, is already showing up, and the winter is only half over. Now that we have a temporary thaw, some of the ice mountains have melted, leaving valleys underneath.

Good old glacial subsidence.

I can see the same process on a smaller scale in my tiny front yard. I don't have a paved sidewalk, so I shovel a path through the grass. In the spots where I let snow and ice harden, my footsteps push the ice down. After it thaws, those spots are dips.

On the streets:

Cars hit the ice mountains, punching them down:

After thaw, the punched-down pavement stays down.

Well, Bloomberg's Best Little Bitchboy, you thought you were saving money for your next tithe to Your Lord And Prophet Bloomberg? Nope. You'll have to spend even more in the spring fixing all these deep valleys.

= = = = = END REPRINT

I started to observe this pattern among Sorosians last year.

Sorosian protesters always wear TRAPEZOIDAL glasses and have TRAPEZOIDAL mouths.

My recent parody on Sorosian "scientists" made it more explicit:

An imperfect example in yesterday's news.

The mouth is showing the upper teeth, which isn't Breed Standard. Must show only the lower teeth.

= = = = =

Another connection occurred to me just now. Many people have been wondering about the TRAPEZOID hand posture that Sorosian EU leaders use consistently and naturally. Speculation often connects this sign with the Masonic frustum that appears on USA STRONG currency along with 'New World Order' in Latin.

I'm not convinced by the Masonic connection. It's true that Freemasonry used to be a strong global cult with its own ideology and rituals, but the current incarnation of globalism specifically COMPETES with Masons. Antichrist Bergoglio, servant of Soros, recently acted strongly to REMOVE a Masonic faction from the Order of Malta.

The current version of globalism involves a lot of Jews because it's based in banks, but Jews aren't the foundation of the pyramid. The same banks formed the dark heart of globalism in Wilsonian times, when the banks were largely Protestant. Infinite greed is the foundation, no matter which ethnic group currently dominates the greedosphere.

= = = = =

Later geometrical correction: Most of these shapes, including the proper Masonic G icon, are more like rhomboids than trapezoids. The EU hand sign is definitely rhomboid.

Demographic sidenote: It's clear that the dark heart is quickly shifting from Jews to Dotheads. Similar talents and tendencies, VASTLY greater numbers. Jews are trying to hold back the Dothead invasion by throwing Dotheads to the regulatory wolves, but this strategy can't last.



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