Saturday, February 13, 2016
  Litmus Trump

Even if Trump doesn't end up winning, his run has already served a hugely important purpose. It has forced all the monsters in "both" "parties" to expose their monstrosity to public view.

Nice little example: a newpaper cartoon doing the usual "devolution" theme with Lincoln, then Nixon, then Trump.

Good. Now we know what EVOLUTION means to the elite.

Fully evolved Lincoln started a war that SMASHED 1/4 of his own country and permanently impoverished the group he was claiming to help, in order to maximize the profits of the railroad barons.

Partly evolved Nixon didn't start any wars; tried to end a war that LBJ had started; implemented most of the left's domestic goals; got tossed out by the same leftists he loyally served.

Non-evolved Neanderthal throwback Trump can't be properly judged yet because we don't know what he will accomplish, but he does PROMISE not to start any wars, and PROMISES to undo some of the leftist damage that Nixon started.

In simple terms, leaving out the always confusing Nixon:



Now we know what you think, hypersatan.

= = = = =

Secondary thought, maybe less valid: The Dreamer Migrants in Europe are causing a similar litmus test. EU elites have finally dropped their perpetual lies about Freedom and Human Rights. By defending the invasion, the elites have exposed themselves as pure Lincolns. Their sole purpose is to KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE by any and all means available. Ordinary citizens are XENOPHOBIC BUFFOONS who cannot be allowed to live and work.

So maybe the real litmus is BORDERS. Trump has revealed the monsters specifically because he focuses on BUILDING A FUCKING WALL, and slowing down Free Trade and Dreamers.


Friday, February 12, 2016
  Academic freedom? Nope.

Articles about the board vs faculty vs president donnybrook at Mt St Marys are describing the problem as "academic freedom". Nonsense. The president is just a Wall Street asshole who is accustomed to running things the JPMorgan asshole way.

He's implementing goals chosen by the board of regents. The goals make perfect sense. Cut extravagant retirement benefits. Make courses more attractive and more job-relevant. Ease out beginning students who are not up to snuff before the students waste more of THEIR OWN time and the school's time.

All excellent goals, but Newman is obviously not the right man to implement them. You have to talk a language that the audience understands. I don't know of any school, even hard-line commercial DeVry, where a president could talk about "drowning the bunnies and putting a Glock to their heads."

The real problem is that the excellent goals are now unachievable, thanks to their association with the JPMorgan asshole.

Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Obama had two excellent goals, but he remained solidly locked to the Wall Street supersatans who are PULVERIZING AND EATING THE ENTIRE HUMAN SPECIES. As a result his excellent work (Cuba and Persia) will get tossed out along with the MONSTROUS PILE of infinite evil that he did everywhere else.
  Thanks, Ralph 377

The 'natural born' business in the old Constitution probably wasn't meant to be permanent; it was meant to keep Canadian loyalists from sneaking in agents to undo the 1776 revolution. If we had been ACTUALLY USING the old Constitution, we would have amended it out long ago.

It stayed because we stopped using the Constitution in 1861, and because both "parties" found it convenient as a way to throw mud at the opposing "party" without real legal action. Among recent candidates, genuine use of the law would have eliminated George Romney, McCain and Obama.

Now we have a threat of genuine use by Trump against Cruz, and this case is just as clear-cut as George Romney. Cruz was born in Canada, one parent was Canadian, and his parents weren't serving in the military or vacationing. He was a Canadian citizen, just like the agents that the framers wanted to stop.

The Rs now have to stand back and watch while the candidate they HATE proceeds to eliminate the candidate they LOVE, and it's all LEGAL AND PROPER.

Too fucking bad. Both of you "parties" had 200 years to eliminate that obsolete law, and you chose to keep it so you could play illegal games. Now your game finally pukes back on you. HA HA HA.

Thanks, Ralph.


  Sort of interesting

One of Polistra's favorite themes is decentralization or subsidiarity. Nature doesn't do top-down. Nature does modular. Another favorite theme is the power of linguistic FORMS. (Not VOCABULARY.) Are people and cultures shaped by the distinction between synthetic and agglutinative languages?

Toss both together and you get a pointless but interesting salad.

Antichrist Francine and Patriarch Kirill are meeting, which is (surprisingly) the FIRST EVER meeting of a Roman leader and a Russian Orthodox leader.

What's the main distinction between Roman and Byzantine? Centralization. Rome rules absolutely over all Roman Catholics. The eastern churches are much more fragmented, with no single leader for all cultural groups and no single set of rules.

Slavic and Latin are both synthetic languages, so agg doesn't get into the picture. But there's one strong distinction between the two families. Both started with a similar level of complexity in nouns and verbs.

Latin languages decided to simplify the nouns. French, Spanish and Italian lost all but a peculiar vestigial remnant of noun cases, and preserved IE verb complexity nearly intact. When verb forms fell together, Latinate languages REBUILT new verb forms. They HUNGERED for complexity in verbs.

Slavic decided to simplify the verbs while keeping the IE noun pattern nearly intact, and even adding a new 'second locative' to some nouns.

Think of nouns as places and verbs as rules. The Eastern tradition has many places and simple basic rules. (Each place has its own rules, some of which are more complex.) The Roman tradition has ONE place and a massively complex basic catechism.

Atrocious analogy but sort of interesting.

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  Toldja so.

Ceasefire in Syria. Despite murderous infinitely insane interference from genocidal wacked-out USA STRONG and our hypercriminal Axis accomplices, Rational Russia and Patient Persia have managed to gain enough territory for the legitimate government to make a ceasefire possible. Victory for the Allied forces.

Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so. Toldja so.
  For some? Who's not some?

Headlines: Dementia rates decrease for some.

But who are the unlucky Not-Some?
Looking at four distinct periods in the late 1970s, late 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, researchers found that there was a progressive decline in incidence of dementia at a given age, with an average reduction of 20 percent per decade since the 1970s, when data was first collected.

The decline was most pronounced with a type of dementia caused by vascular diseases such as stroke.

The researchers noticed that the decline in dementia incidence was limited however to people with high-school education and above.

"Currently, there are no effective treatments to prevent or cure dementia," noted author Sudha Seshadri, professor of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine. "Effective prevention could diminish in some measure the projected explosion in the number of persons affected with the disease in the next few decades."
First: When normal readers see the word dementia we think Alzheimers. The decrease appears to be in the condition that normal readers call senility or hardening of the arteries. Not the same thing. You may have grant-getting reasons to confuse and conflate these two conditions, but you shouldn't publish deceptive conclusions based on your greed.

Second: "Effective prevention could diminish in some measure the projected explosion." If it's declining, how come you're still talking about an explosion? And why are you talking about prevention as something we need to START, when it's clear that the prevention of senility is already well under way thanks to better diet and exercise habits among non-dropouts?

Obviously you're talking crazy because you're demented. You're the unlucky UnSome. But then we already knew that, because you're "scientists".


Thursday, February 11, 2016
  Make or break

I want to repeat and emphasize one point from Graybill's 1889 Populist 'sermon', cited earlier today.

... and the people of [Free-Trade] countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

Critically important.

Men need to make things. We have 'diversified talents', and only a few are being allowed and rewarded in the wreckage of Globalization and Free Trade.

Women need to make families. This talent is only allowed among the rich. Others can still bear children, but they are not allowed to make NORMAL families. The men are unemployed and unsatisfied, the churches and culture are working HARD to rip families apart.

When men can't make things, we either break things or die from alcohol and drugs and despair. When women can't make families, they either break people or die from alcohol and drugs and despair.

And that's where we stand.

= = = = =

The preceding dismal mood was sponsored by a strong dream in afternoon nap. I was walking around the neighborhood and realized most of the houses were being taken down and replaced by THE TEMPLES. THE TEMPLES were gigantic, resembling Babylon, and they were encroaching quickly on the neighborhood. I wanted to take a close look at them, but kept ending up inside various houses, and had to navigate out of the houses through a maze of crudely built doors and walls. Maze stuff is a standard ingredient of my scary dreams. THE TEMPLES are definitely not standard. Not part of my usual imagination. Between THE TEMPLES and the remaining houses was a growing pile of trash, with some evicted neighbors living on and in the trash. Favela.


  Probably wouldn't make it here

This is a clothing item that would get blocked from sale in USA STRONG. If Homeland Security didn't block it, feminists would.
  That's just dumb.

For some reason I just now noticed this article in DiscoverMag, listing some trivia about the human voice. Most of it is dumb, one part is notably dumb:
On the other end of the musical spectrum, the lowest note ever sung was a G (-7) (0.189 hertz) by singer Tim Storms. Eight octaves below the lowest G on a piano, the note is actually outside of human hearing. It was captured using a low-frequency microphone and then verified via precision sound analysis.
0.189 Hz is the dumb way of saying Five Seconds Per Cycle.

First: anyone can flap their larynx at super-slow repetition rates. It takes a little concentration and awareness, but there's no real lower limit. If you could avoid doing anything else with the larynx like swallowing or coughing or talking, you could probably "sing" at a rate of one cycle per day or (the dumb way) 11.5 μHz.

Second: You can't call this singing or even vocalization. The resonance of the mouth and nose has a lower bound which is probably around 20-30 cps. SURPRISINGLY, this is about the same as the lower end of our hearing. HMM. I WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENED? MUST BE A TOTALLY RANDOM COINCIDENCE. Flapping slower than 20 cps doesn't create a steady resonance above the larynx. Air is not bouncing back from the palate to the larynx. So this isn't vocalizing. It sounds like a series of pulses, similar to a series of unvoiced pulses with the tongue. (t--t--t--t--t) In other words, you're using the larynx as an articulator, not a vibrator. Each pulse creates a slight resonance, but these slight resonances don't 'stream' together to make a steady wave.

Here's my illustration of single larynx flaps at a rate of about 2 per second. You can hear the momentary resonances from each, but there's no way you could call this singing or talking.


  In time of peace prepare for war

Another item from the Kansas State Historical Society archives. A couple pages from an 1889 Populist pamphlet called In Time of Peace Prepare For War by JM Graybill of Leavenworth.

Picture, cropped and sharpened:

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

And as usual I've brought the text out of the image. I've disentangled some of Graybill's complex sentences but otherwise left the meaning alone.

The first paragraph is laying out a definition, which was true and uncontroversial in 1889, true and XENOPHOBIC BUFFOON KOCH KKK BUSHITLER RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE TRANSPHOBE KOCH KOCH KOCH now.

By the term "natural inequalities in the fortunes of men" is meant all those differences in their inherited mental and physical capabilities; those conditions to which they are born, from which result all those differences of education, training and preparation for the acquisition of the necessities of life; and those differences in the condition of men which can be traced to the exertion of unrestrained power, the institution of despotic government, law of primogeniture, and church united with the State in past ages, from the results of which the moderns, even in free America, are not yet entirely disentangled.

In the second paragraph Graybill is arguing with a commonly agreed lie, which is still a commonly agreed lie now. The paragraph reads like a direct answer to some specified book, but I don't see a ref to the actual book.

With regard to the statement that "a protective tariff increases the natural inequalities in the fortunes of men", the history of the condition of communities, States or Nations will show and sustain the opposite view: that the extremes in the fortunes of men in free trade countries are greater, and with much less prospect of equalizing them. Free trade increases these inequalities.

England draws the substance of all unprotected countries to itself, which is the end, aim and object of all its treaties, armaments and policy. All those nations which have followed England's lead in adopting free trade have no manufactures, or if they have any left they are in a declining condition, and the people of such countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

[China has now taken the 1889 role of England.]

Thus the people of unprotected countries are forced into the business of transportation, merchandising, law, the church, or farming.


This policy narrows and restricts the ordinary opportunities of men, and all pursuits are overdone, wages and returns are reduced, and poverty must and does ensue as the lot of the toiling millions.

The lawyer class and the trading class absorb the concentrated benefits of such nations, live well, are educated, and generally are enriched at the expense of the uneducated classes.

Travelers to Spain, Turkey, Ireland or India, and other countries that are well known to be "free trade nations", will, if they are honest, sustain the statement that the lower classes and substratum of poor farmers and laborers ... the latter being, of course, almost the entire population ... are very poor and degraded, neither possessing or knowing anything of those comforts considered quite ordinary in protected countries among the laboring people.

A nation which protects itself against competition from the outside world, in order that wages may enable its own people to exist in comfort, is in the line of duty, just as a man who follows the biblical injunction to provide for his own family.

Or in other fucking words, BORDERS ARE PART OF NATURE.

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  Lying is strong?

"Strong men are sensitive. Strong men weep and wilt all the time."

This brand of Orwellian civilization-smashing toxin has been around for a couple of generations, but it's not ancient. Pretty much began in The Sixties, under the jackboots of Hag Steinem and Hag Friedan.

The latest version from weepy wilty Jeb:
Donald Trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people. It's not strong to insult women. It's not strong to castigate Hispanics. It's not strong to ridicule the disabled. And it's certainly not strong to call people like John McCain ... losers.
Nonsense. Speaking truth is evidence of strength. Lying is evidence of weakness. Trump speaks at least SOME truth, which tells you that he's strong.

Why does truth indicate strength? Easy. It comes down to debt vs savings.

Jeb, like most other Repoofs, is indebted to big donors like Sheldon Adelson. Adelson doesn't actually pay Jeb, of course, but Jeb wants to please Adelson in the HOPE of getting paid. Thus he must say what Adelson wants to hear.

Trump, unlike most politicians, has enough money and skills to run his own campaign. Thus he is FREE to speak the truth. This doesn't guarantee that everything he says is true or valid, because he may have his own reasons for skipping the truth, or he may be uninformed about some matters. But it does ALLOW him to say unfashionable things, which means true things.

"The truth shall make you free" is nonsense. Knowing the truth only makes you hopelessly pissed when you're stuck in a tyranny of unimaginably insane superlies. The inverse, "Freedom shall make you true", is a valid statement.
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
  Constants and variables 38


NATO boots in Central Europe to tackle Russian threat
NATO will deploy troops to frontline states menaced by Russia’s actions in Ukraine, defense ministers agreed Wednesday, in what the head of the alliance called “the most significant boost to our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.”
Russia's actions in Ukraine are defensive. USA STRONG started that war. Russia isn't doing anything to menace Europe.

What makes this insane beyond insane beyond insane is that these same countries are ACTUALLY BEING ATTACKED from the south by the Dreamer Migrants. But this ACTUAL INVASION is sponsored and required by Germany, so it's officially okay.

No. After writing that sentence I see the simple truth. Not insanity at all. Just the Fourth Reich. Germany has conquered and occupied Europe AGAIN, so the Kraut-sponsored occupation troops from the south SHALL NOT BE RESISTED. Russia is just a convenient scapegoat AGAIN.

Same old Kraut shit. It's not Nazi shit, because Kaiser Wilhelm played the same game.

Constants and variables, fuckhead.
  Calling Dr Freud

Kasich having a Dean moment after doing better than expected in NH:

"There's so much that's gonna happen!!!! If you don't have a seat belt, go get one!"

I know what he's trying to say, but the clear meaning of his actual words is "I'm about to crash."

Too bad. Kasich is an eminently sane and sensible politician who would have been a good Repoof candidate in '08 or '12. The idiot party ignored all sane candidates and chose infinitely evil monsters both times, and now they're reaping the infinitely deserved harvest of their evil.
  Thanks and thanks

Paid income tax today. While reading the W2s and scanning through the checkbook to be sure I'd sent the quarterly estimates, I noticed several things.

1. Interest on savings was $73.00. If the Chosen hadn't been stealing all interest for the last 7 years, the interest would have been more like $4000. My income from SS and software work was $16k. In other words, the Chosen are stealing 25% of my proper income each year. Thanks, Chosen! I appreciate the favor. If you hadn't been stealing 1/4 of my income, I might have been able to buy a better house or remodel this one. That would have been a lot of trouble. Now I'm spared from the trouble, and several construction workers are spared from the work and income the remodeling would have created. Hooray for the wealth effect! Much better for the country when all that money goes into stock buybacks and trillion-dollar bonuses for criminals.

2. Medical care is no big deal since I turned 65 and got on Medicare. After Romneycare and before 65, Group Health was charging me an extra $200 a month for "pregnancy services and child dental services", which I could not POSSIBLY use under any circumstances. Of course the charge didn't provide ACTUAL dental services for the poor sucker who was paying the $200. If that amount had been covering ACTUAL dental services for the sucker, it would have made a real difference. I pay a lot for (uncovered) dentistry, thanks to bad tooth-genes and a misspent childhood. How much? This year, which is fairly typical, I paid $1200 for one crown and two cleanings. The monthly $200 to Group Health would have covered that amount easily, still leaving room for the "pregnancy services", i.e. ABORTIONS FOR CRACKHOS.

So: I offer a sincere thanks to FDR for SS and to LBJ for Medicare. I offer a snide sardonic bitter vicious thanks to more recent governments for the atrocious immoral nation-destroying Romneycare and for allowing the Chosen to steal 1/4 of my income.


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Trump vs Sanders. If this holds up through the primaries, it will be the first REAL election in my lifetime. Two truth-telling men who are NOT partybots. All previous elections were either a meaningless pair of identical GoldmanBots, or an Anointed GoldmanBot nominally "opposed" by an elderly Goldman placefiller.

Trying to look back before my time... Maybe 1908, Taft vs Jennings Bryan, resembles this year. Nothing since. Still, not the same pattern. Adjusted to 1908, this year is more like Bryan vs Debs.
  Asked and answered, all in one

= = = = =

When I do these Asked and Answered things, I normally have to highlight two separate headlines. This time the Q and A are conveniently together on one line.


  A discipline that needs a name

A beautifully written article by Greg Gilbert, on how the existing Bible was transmitted through layers of copies. Explores the details and methods and problems of preserving meaning across translations and copies.

This discipline has always been important in genetics, genealogy, court proceedings [chain of evidence], libraries and seminaries. Recently its importance has spread from text to images and sounds and videos, as we try to determine which picture was photoshopped, which sound file was filtered, which DVD was pirated, which code was virused.

But we still don't have a name for the rigorous study of copying. Information theory sort of bumps into this discipline at a few points, but information theory is pretty near useless.

Archivology? Not good enough. Copyology? Nah. Evidence-chain-ology? Bleah.

= = = = =

Later, after perusing this list of ologies, found a couple of existing words that come close.

Bibliotics: study of documents to determine authenticity.

Close, but authenticity is generally a question of provenance, not the text itself. Also sounds too much like Bible.

Stemmatology: study of relationships between texts.

On the dot but sounds like it's about plants.
  Seriously missing the point

Seen via ZeroHedge, an essay on a very old topic. The author completely misses the NEW aspects of our current hypertyranny.
For that matter, just try reciting the Declaration of Independence, which rejects tyranny, establishes Americans as sovereign beings, recognizes God as a Supreme power, portrays the government as evil, and provides a detailed laundry list of abuses that are as relevant today as they were 240 years ago. My guess is that you won’t last long before you get thrown out, shut up, threatened with arrest or at the very least accused of being a radical, a troublemaker, a sovereign citizen, a conspiratorialist or an extremist.
Nothing new about that, and in fact nothing unusual or outrageous. The Declaration was a call to revolution. After the revolution is over, the government doesn't want to hear people calling for revolution. Plain logic.

The logic was applied IMMEDIATELY with the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798, and has been constant ever since. Unusually psychotic presidents like Madman Lincoln and Madman Wilson enforced the preference more fiercely than others, but every administration has found a way to punish calls for revolution. AND THEY SHOULD. Governments, like any other entity, need to defend themselves.

We have a vastly harsher and completely unprecedented tyranny now.


Using the wrong PRONOUN when addressing a Person Of Gender is illegal in NYC. Earlier versions of aristocracy had similar laws, but there was an important difference. In the days of Dukes and Earls and Baronets, you could SEE that the duke was a duke, and you knew the correct set of words and gestures for the commoner-to-duke relation. Now you can't tell if a Trans Thing is a Trans Thing, unless it's an especially sloppy and incompetent Trans Thing. You can't see, you can't ask. You just have to KNOW by some mysterious process of mind-reading. Is it an actual he? An actual she? A he who looks like a she and wants to be called she? Or a he who looks like a she and wants to be called he? Or a she who looks like a he and wants to be called he? Or an in-between thing who looks like a ve and wants to be called r567ngo296sgn? YOU DON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU'RE IN JAIL.

THIS IS WORSE THAN COMRADE O'BRIEN. Poor old 6079 Smith W had to accommodate the instant switchbacks of Party Truth, but in that case the Party provided notification of the switchbacks. The information was available if you were nimble enough to track it. Now you're up the creek no matter which way you paddle.

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  See what happens when you LOOK?

THIS IS AMAZING. Microbiologists have known for a long time that bacteria can sense more light or less light, and migrate toward more light. Now they've tried a specific experiment with cyanobacteria, and determined that the entire cell acts like an eyeball with input on one side focusing light on the other.

The link includes a short video. The most obvious action in the video doesn't say anything about focus. Cells move into a bright point of laser light and then back off. OW! THAT HURTS! I'M GETTING THE FUCK** OUT OF HERE!

The interesting part is what happens AFTER each cell says OW! It knows how to avoid the point of painful light. It REMEMBERS where the light is and slides sideways to get around it.

Unsurprising from the Grand Blueprint viewpoint. If we have a gene that purposes memory and a focusable eye, then everybody has a gene that purposes memory and a focusable eye. We already know that molluscs and arthropods and chordates use the purposegenes to make brains and eyes. Why not bacteria, and why not use the entire body?

= = = = =

** Well, bacteria wouldn't say that. Maybe "I'M SPLITTIN FROM HERE!"


Monday, February 08, 2016
  Thanks, Ralph 25, 26, 27 .... 376.

Australian officials have decided to axe 350 jobs from its government-backed science bureaucracy last week, as they switch from climate research into ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming.

This deserves to be counted as 350 separate acts of Emersonian justice.

Partly because the hypercriminals being punished are SO BEAUTIFULLY DESERVING of punishment. (Ideally 1000 years of torture, but firing will have to do for now.)

Mainly because it explodes the usual Parkinsonian certainties of bureaucracy.

Normally an agency that has "settled" its original mission seamlessly switches to a new mission that will waste even more money and slaughter even more poor people than the original. In this case the new Aussie government is SO TOTALLY COMMITTED to Gaian genocide, SO RIGIDLY ORTHODOX SATANIST, that it no longer needs theologians to justify its genocide. Instead of switching the theologians to justify new genocides based on "biodiversity" or "environmental justice", it simply canned them.

Got environmental justice anyway.


Later thought: Most of these theologians are wacked-out mass-murdering turbopsychotics. But given human variability, it's theoretically conceivable that one or two might be honest scientists who were sticking to the party line to maintain their career. Now that the career is gone, the power of NDAs may weaken. Could get interesting but won't.

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  Thanks, Ralph 24

The Masters of Counterfeiting don't always get what they want. US and Saudi have been fucking around with oil prices and currency values, trying to ruin Russia. Here's what happens, as seen from Australia:
The transformation comes as record harvests, the strong dollar and cheap oil are combining to shake up the multi-billion-dollar global wheat market. Bulging silos are pushing producers to seek new markets, and cheap oil is bringing down transportation costs. The surging greenback is undermining farmers in the US, the world’s second-largest exporter of the dollar-denominated commodity behind Canada, ­making grain from Russia to ­Argentina more competitive.

This crop year, Russia is poised to become the world’s largest ­exporter. US wheat exports are forecast to slump to a 44-year low, to 21.8 million tonnes, according to the USDA, while Canada is projected to export 20.5 million tonnes, from 24.1 million the year before.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Eat it, Masters.


  Dumb question

Following from previous item.

A completely open question. I have no idea where this goes, but I want to start thinking about it. Maybe this will get somebody else thinking about it.

Fact: Evil geniuses can't be conquered by knowledge because they claim to have a monopoly on knowledge. They can't be conquered by money because they control the counterfeit press. They can't be conquered by force, either physical or cyber.

Question: Is there a way to rebuild math and "science" and coding to enforce or agree with morality? Perhaps start with economics, where current theories explicitly force and justify evil behavior.

No. As soon as I wrote it down, I saw that it's hopelessly dumb. This is just a variation on the fallacy I noted in previous item. If only they knew....

Even worse! I was thinking like Elon Musk! Self-driving cars. Eliminate sloppy humans from the equation. Jesus.

In fact real science ALREADY agrees with morality in most cases. Consider the forest fire problem. Governments have DENIED real science. Real forestry agrees with old wisdom. Don't force the forest to remain unburned; don't cut everything down; use trees appropriately and replant. Nothing new.

Govts DENIED all of this and applied the Endangered Species evil, which is EXPLICITLY contrary to Darwin. They know what's good. They choose to be evil because evil accomplishes their evil purposes. Endangered Species eliminates non-financial industries, kills the people who work in non-financial industries, creates mayhem and chaos in non-financial places, and magnifies the budget and workforce of government agencies. All of those goals are GOOD if you have a negative moral IQ.


  If only they knew? Nope, they know.

A typical pro-"science" article says that better science education and less "denial" would have prevented the Flint water problem.

Nonsense. As I pointed out before, governments have been aware of this specific problem at least since 1920. More broadly, governments have been choosing sources to find cleaner water for THOUSANDS of years. See Roman aqueducts.

Lack of knowledge is NOT the problem in Flint. All the necessary "science" and knowledge is firmly in place. Corruption is the problem.

BIG POINT: When you focus your efforts and BUDGETS on trying to improve knowledge, you are MISUSING AND WASTING finite effort and budget.

Knowledge is not the problem. Evil is the problem.

Directly parallel to the everlasting waste of education. If only we can impart more math knowledge to black kids, they will be the next Tim Cook or Eric Schmidt!

No. No amount of math knowledge will turn a black kid into Cook or Musk. Black kids are strong in morality and weak in math. You can't switch those talents around to create an evil genius, and we SHOULDN'T be trying to create more evil geniuses in the first place.

The problem in both cases is that we've allowed our governments and businesses to be run by evil geniuses with high abstract IQ and negative moral IQ. These evil geniuses have used all the "sciences", ESPECIALLY the "science" called economics, to SMASH normal civilization, deprive normal people of jobs and status, and starve the poor.



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Sunday, February 07, 2016
  Following in Madman Lincoln's big shoes

Every now and then, even a chain-owned mediasatan accidentally publishes plain truth. KREM, normally locked into vacubrain mode, has published a straightforward account of how Inslee burned down a major part of the state last summer. No weasel words, no shying away from 'controversy'. Just the facts.

Inslee is following in a long tradition of Federal and state arson. He likes to blame "Climate Change", but this map shows that the problem is strictly governmental. I posted this before at the height of the arson season, and it deserves to be posted again.

Using an interactive map found here.

Screencap from a large view:

Screencap from closeup:

Lightning sparked fires on both sides of the border. Fires died out in Canada and exploded in USA STRONG. Can't be "Climate Change". Can only be insane govts on the US side.

How does Inslee respond to the ranchers who were wiped out? Out Of An Abundance Of Caution we're going to prevent you from expressing your anger. Fucker.

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  Water > H2O?

I caught the tail end of a BBC feature on a study that may lend more credence to the 'power of water' in homeopathy. Wasn't listening enough to catch the name, so started looking online. BBC was probably referring to Pollack's work on creating and using structure in water. That's plenty surprising.

While wandering, I slipped into this Facebook page from a water-based religion. Most mystical hippieshit runs right past me, along with Sport and Gambling. No connection at all with those topics. Don't know, don't care, don't need to know.

This water-worship has a lot of uninteresting mystical shit as well, but its main point HALTED ME IN MY TRACKS.

"Water carries our thoughts and prayers. As you are water yourself, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world."

If you want a tangible and appreciable representation of God, you can't beat water.

Maybe it's just because I was already thinking about the middle-class springs and spas that were all over the Midwest until the Panic of '93 slapped down the middle-class. These springs had an appeal that went beyond their shabby hotels and pergolas.

These three 'non-traditional' approaches come from different angles and undoubtedly miss part of the truth, but all converge on the sense that water > water.


  Soviet profit

Repoofs and tech tyrants continually repeat the mantra Taxation is Socialism. I'm terminally tired of this shit.

I already had my eyes opened to Soviet reality in the realms of tech and education. Our shared image of Soviet economics is probably just as wrong.

Specifically wondered about the Soviet approach to savings and profit. Did workers have money to save? Did they like to save? Did they get interest on savings? Did the Soviet system have room for profit and self-employed craftsmen?

Info is surprisingly scarce. I could only find part of the answer, in this 1968 US document. Written, oddly enough, by the Census Bureau. A fairly complete picture of Soviet economics as of 1968.

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This page hits the savings question. Yes, workers did have money to save and they liked to save. But interest rates aren't mentioned. Apparently the Personal Savings Banks operated like the long-extinct US Postal Savings system. The banks bought treasury bonds and 'retailed' them to savers, keeping a fraction of the interest as profit. They also provided money-order service and small loans.

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This page gives a taste of the personal income tax, which was not the primary source of revenue. Rates preferred married with children, just like US taxation. Also note the provisions for self-employed artisans. They did exist, but tax policy tried to discourage them.

NOTE THAT THE TOP RATE IN THIS SYSTEM IS 6%. Our TYPICAL tax burden in 1968 (after typical exemptions) was around 10%, and our TOP RATE was 75%. In other words, TAXATION IS CAPITALISM.

Banking by businesses had to run through branches of the single National Bank (Gosbank). Gosbank was both bank and accountant, with authority to audit any business that seemed to be getting shady, and to shut off credit to a business that was failing. (Equiv to our bankruptcy.)

Stroybank was the Soviet equivalent of the stock market. Stroybank allocated capital investment to major enterprises, so it was the main instrument of central planning. Businesses were expected to earn a profit on operations. A VAT tax on profit was the main source of state revenue, which encouraged the state to plan in the direction of profit for most businesses. When an enterprise was engaged in innovation, it was explicitly freed from the need for profit until it had production up and running.

20 years ago the above paragraph would have sounded hopelessly tyrannical to me. Now, after direct experience in LBOs, and after watching tech tyrants like Martin Shkreli and Tim Cook, it sounds pretty damn good. Any business that tried to overprice necessities, or offshore its labor away from Russian workers, would have been shut down HARD.

As I've noted endlessly before, our Soviet agents brought us an 'export model' of communism, which was designed to destroy us. They succeeded magnificently. The better part of the Soviet system was kept internally, which is proper governmental behavior. We could use some of this better part right about now.

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