Saturday, February 28, 2015

Net Neutrality wins. Bad move. The idiots who favor Net Neutrality are the same idiots who favor Modern Monetary Theory. In both cases they're ignoring Nature and worshipping Magic.

ANY TIME you force all prices to be the same, you're going to get evil results. You will end up with rationing by SOMETHING OTHER THAN PRICE, which usually ends up being Aristocrats vs Commoners. The Soviet system at its Stalinist peak showed this beautifully. ZIRP-style banking shows it as well. (Can we spell TBTF, boys and girls?)

You MMT types believe you're Aristocrats now, which is why you like the idea. And you probably are Aristocrats at the moment, because you loyally serve Goldman's purposes on Global Warming and Die-Versity.

But in Stalin's world, up becomes down at any moment. Then you'll be on the skinny end of the wire.

In most businesses there's a good reason for quantity discounts. Consider electricity, which is similar to web service. A factory gets a lower rate than a normal consumer for two reasons. (1) The constant overhead of poles, right-of-way, disaster repair, insurance, financing, and central office employees is about the same for each CUSTOMER. Some factors like generator fuel and maintenance do increase with each KILOWATT. So it's POSSIBLE to charge less per KW to a large customer. (2) When you keep a large customer happy, you're generating more than you would otherwise, which lowers the overhead for EVERYONE. So it's HELPFUL to charge less per KW to the factory.

The utility can only offer the discount because it knows who the factory is. The utility may be providing heavier wires and bigger transformers at the factory site: somewhat more expensive materials to avoid vastly more expensive repair costs and to keep the overall demand higher by satisfying the factory.

With guaranteed equal access, anyone could become a "factory" at any moment, so everyone needs to have heavier facilities. More expensive for everyone whether you're using the capability or not.

With a fixed and higher price, the big user has no special advantage, so he will find another way to get the service. Build his own generator, build his own ISP. Now the utility has much less demand overall, which means overhead for each customer and THUS PRICE TO EACH CUSTOMER must increase even more.

Thanks, fucking infantile magic freaks.
  ODD infill.

The lot at G and Providence was originally occupied by a homemade-looking house. Sort of a shotgun plus a back porch converted to a wing plus a back porch converted to a wing plus a back porch conv.... etc.

Around 1998 the house got methed up and torn down. Since then the lot has been vacant. Now a truly odd-looking foundation is going in. It appears to cover almost the whole lot in its full extent; maybe 70 by 30 feet overall. Not a rectangle; a complex shape made of various-size rectangles and ells, all outlined at foundation level showing the floor plan. Reminds me of Tetris tiles. Even stranger, the foundation walls are much wider than the usual castings. They appear to be 2 or 3 feet wide, so the open areas between them are small. The result will be a dozen little separate crawl spaces that can't be ventilated.

Why not just pour a single slab? Maybe there's a reason.

I'll be watching this to see what happens next!

Bit later: Think I've figured it out. What I'm seeing is effectively the floor of the crawl space. The outer foundation, not poured yet, will be taller. These wide 'sidewalks' will be platforms for posts that support the walls in various places. With platforms under all the walls, later posts can be added as needed without having to pour new concrete.

If this is a correct assumption, it's a smart trick. Still seems like a single slab would be easier and cheaper, though.


Friday, February 27, 2015
  Common Core again

Reprinting what I wrote several months ago:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Spokane public schools got their first Common Core textbooks this week, accompanied by the usual partisan idiocy.

Well, no... Actually the partisan idiocy is only halfway usual.

One side is expectable. Repooflicans are automatically and violently opposing Common Core because it was introduced by a president with D on his nametag.

The other side is surprising. Normally the teacher unions would automatically and violently support Common Core because it was introduced by a president with D on his nametag, but the unions are generally unhappy with Common Core.

I read the Common Core documents carefully when they appeared last year. At least on paper, the approach is EXACTLY right. Everything I'd dreamed about when I was teaching. Common Core emphasizes usefulness and job training, and the approach to English and Math is both utilitarian and accurate.

Repooflicans hate it. Teacher unions hate it. Real teachers like it. Those three preferences add up to a pretty good recommendation.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Turns out that the Common Contempt by Repoofs and Unions has led to an added positive development. State Ed Boards and textbook publishers have been slow to pick up CC or generate official curricula, so teachers are free to write or select material that follows the general principles.

Excellent! Teachers almost always know what's good for kids. Educrats never know what's good for kids.

And now the best recommendation of all. A hypersatan writing in Unpopular Anti-science bitches that CC doesn't contain sex ed! In other words, it doesn't enforce the Ten Commie Commandments:

1. Thou shalt worship Betty Friedan as thy Sole Lord[ess] and Saviour[ess].
2. Thou shalt invent 58 new "genders".
3. Thou shalt abort.
4. Thou shalt abort.
5. Thou shalt abort.
6. Thou shalt abort.
7. Thou shalt abort.
8. Thou shalt abort.
9. Thou shalt abort.
10. Thou shalt abort.


  il Dottore Clouseau

Lots of sparks zapping around the Italian surgeon who is proposing Full Body Transplants. BBC-satan interviewed Dr Canavero and got almost everything wrong.

Canavero's personality doesn't help. He has the perky cockiness of Inspector Clouseau, which isn't reassuring.

BBC-satan was mainly concerned about "Human" "Rights", whatever the fuck that means. Bothered by the "lack of consent", even though Canavero has dozens of volunteers waiting.

Surprisingly the Guardian got it mostly right. Connecting nerves is a small problem now. Making both ends run in sync AFTER the connection is much harder.

The biggest problem is not the spine but the Vagus nerve, which controls pretty much everything that matters. Heartbeat, gut bacteria signals, breathing, larynx. You can miss quite a few spinal connections to leg or arm muscles and still have a useful body. The brain can readjust many of those connections in software. Not so with the vagus.

Guardian also notes that limb transplants are turning out to be dubious. Even when the connections are good, the recipient often hates the new arm and decides to have it re-removed. Expand that to the whole body, and what happens? Not much fun.

Biggest problem, not mentioned by either BBC-satan or Guardian:


Self-produced stem cells have ALREADY succeeded in reanimating a quadriplegic body. I guess it's understandable that the Brit media haven't heard of this success. It was done by Dr Geoff Raisman in a mysterious distant obscure place called LONDON.

More seriously, Raisman succeeded with stem cells derived from the patient's own nasal nerves, which means he didn't use Real Science, i.e. embryonic stem cells. No murder needed, thus his method must be TROLL DENIALISTIST PSEUDOSCIENCE HALLIBURTON BUSHITLER KOCH KOCH KOCH KOCH KOCH KOCH.

Real Science is genocide. Nothing less counts.

= = = = =

Artistic sidenote: I've used this doctor character before, as an ecofreak or bureaucrat. But he was meant to be a doctor, and he looks amazingly like Canavero. The genius artist who built this character is German, so I doubt that the resemblance was intentional.
  Mighty moon

Still a few days before full moon, but already getting powerful. I can feel it in my own moods, and the city police and fire depts are clearly feeling it.........

Screencap, only slightly condensed:

  Language update: phrases

Professor Polistra has been impressed ... or depressed ... this month by a series of trite phrase constructions instead of simple words.

= = = = =

Prepositions as list-formers

A time-consuming syntactic device. Not new and not necessarily bad. It's always been around, but it's spreading like wildfire lately. Runs counter to the more general modern trend of attaching prepositions to the verb. Never heard in casual speech, and rarely seen in writing. Seems to exist mainly in the carefully rehearsed speech of activists and 'experts' who habitually provide lengthy standardized answers to interviewers.

"...hampered by a lack of courage, of vision, of consistency, of dynamism."

instead of

"...hampered by a lack of courage, vision, consistency, and dynamism."

"We have rights in regard to our bodies, in regard to our children, in regard to our families."

instead of

"We have rights in regard to our bodies, our children, and our families."

= = = = =

Abbreviations that don't abbreviate:

Most Latinate and Slavic languages use either /i/ or /e/ for and. Thus no abbreviation is necessary. The word is already one letter, one keystroke. Despite this, you'll often see & in a brand or company name or in Twitter posts.

Even sillier: 2k15 for this year. Doesn't save any strokes, harder to write by hand, harder to understand. It made some sense to abbreviate 2000 as 2k, and it became common because of the Y2K thing. Makes no sense to abbreviate anything else with k.

= = = = =

Hit by a bus:

This has become THE ONLY cliche for "die unexpectedly". It's all over the place. It's also statistically stupid. Bus vs pedestrian accidents are rare.

In Spokane cars hit people once per day. Buses hit people once per year. Bus drivers are professionals, and the downward vision from a bus is much better than the downward vision from an SUV or massive pickup.

Seems to connect nicely with the anti-bus bias noted a few days ago.

= = = = =

Greek Default Crisis:

This exact phrase has become standard. Perhaps because it's correct in two [clap] two [clap] two ways at once.

It's the crisis about an inevitable Greek default on bonds due to** LBO Raider Germany; and it's also the default crisis for Greece. It's been happening over and over for 70 years.

Putting it sort of mathly: It's the Greek DefaultCrisis and it's also the Default GreekCrisis.

The only way to break out of a default default crisis is to change your habits. Listen to Dave Ramsey. Or more appropriately, listen to South Korea. SoKo is geographically similar to Greece, and similarly lacks natural resources. Not much oil, not much farmland. In 1962 SK decided that it was tired of being first a colony of Japan and then a colony of USA STRONG. SK understood that SAVING, NOT BORROWING, is the way out of default defaults. They practically forced SAVINGS with a TWENTY PERCENT interest rate. The people happily responded. The pool of investable money grew quickly, and it was used constructively by government and by the chaebols (Ford-style paternalistic companies.) Result: an economic powerhouse.

** due to: Also correct two ways.


Thursday, February 26, 2015
  One Weird Trick

One weird trick:

Tornado cures the heartbreak of psoriasis!

Well, not exactly. But there is a chain of causation.

For many years I'd been noticing little patches of white fungus or psoriasis or something like that. Mainly on ears and elbows.

Just after this summer's gustnado, something changed in my house's plumbing. I'm guessing the long power outage messed up the city's filtering system, letting sand through the pipes. The sand partly blocked the hot side of the shower.

At that point I was busy catching up on work after the week without power and the two weeks without web service. I didn't want to add the interruption of plumbers, so I made do with trickly showers.

By the time I could stop and think again, I'd figured out a nice quick method of using the trickle. Less soap, more active rinsing. Previously I'd just stand there and let the water carry off the soap. Now I have to rub and splash like a Hudson engine.

After a few months of this, I realized the white fungus or psoriasis or whatever was all gone! Presumably the active rinsing is what makes the difference, or maybe the scanty soap. In any case, a long-lasting annoyance has disappeared.

One weird trickle! Thanks, tornado!


  Not shared-lie?

Can this Irish Times article be true?
The row between the White House and Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has intensified with US officials saying his outspoken condemnation of efforts to secure an Iranian nuclear deal had injected destructive partisanship into US-Israeli relations.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, engaged in international talks with Tehran on its nuclear program, said Mr Netanyahu may be wrong. Mr Kerry told a congressional hearing: “He may have a judgment that just may not be correct here.”
If so, it's an astonishing and encouraging exception to the Shared-Lie rule. Until I read this one item, I was getting ready to growl about this extreme and ultimate Shared-Lie.

Until now, it appeared that Kerry and Our Lord And Saviour Bibi Netanyahu [pbuh] were working together to plan an unprovoked attack on Persia, EVEN AFTER the entire premise of the attack had been dissolved and deleted by the South African leak of Mossad info.

I was getting ready to write some biting satire on that Horrible KKK Anti-Semitic Hate Group called Mossad, which DARED to question the Holy Word Of Our Lord And Saviour Bibi Netanyahu [pbuh]. We must investigate Hate Group KKK Mossad! Bring in Bnai Brith! Bring in the "Southern" "Poverty" "Law" "Center"! These groups undoubtedly have all the dirt on Hate Group KKK Mossad! .... Whoopsie. This Hate Group KKK Mossad seems to be the official intelligence agency of the Nation of Israel?????? No!!!!! No!!!!! Can't be!

Now I can't write any of that. Well, I did anyway because I think it's a good biting satire, but it DOESN'T WORK.

I'm sort of holding my breath to see if this Irish Times article is a proper interpretation, because it's so far removed from normal USA STRONG procedure that it requires considerable evidence.

Incifuckingdentally, I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well-written article on why people hate buses. The point, nicely stated, is that there isn't an obvious or single answer to the question. Only a consistent theme from various surveys: People who have never ridden a bus hate buses MUCH more than people who ride a bus often.

One of the observations should give STA a clue. Get rid of the downtown Plaza which is a visible gathering place for "those awful bus-riding weirdos". In fact the Plaza regulars are mostly "awful NON-bus-riding weirdos", so they're false advertising for buses. But people who drive past the Plaza don't know this. They see the regulars, make a rational assumption, and form a rational prejudice.

The main point of the article strongly agrees with my experience. Twice in my life I could have kept a job if I had overcome busism.

1973, OKC. Car failed, and I couldn't afford to fix it. The bus line was damn near door-to-door. I could have walked a half block from house to bus stop, then two blocks from downtown stop to workplace. It would have been more convenient than driving, when you consider downtown parking; and it would have been cheaper on a monthly basis if not daily. I don't know why the bus was a totally unacceptable choice. At that time I didn't have any of the misconceptions listed in the article, and the choice of keeping my job should have overruled those misconceptions anyway.

1988, PSU. I had been walking to work, then stupidly moved a few blocks away to a location that was much harder to walk from. More hills. Again the bus was damn near door-to-door. I actually tried the bus once, found it was tremendously more convenient and less tiring, then instantly went back to walking.

Why? I simply fucking DO NOT KNOW. The only thing I can think of now is that I hated the jobs and was looking for a way to quit without seeming to make the choice myself. Absolutely crazy.
  Couple of bright spots

Trying to break up my sleepless retarded grumpiness by noting a couple of little improvements.

(1) Spokane Transit has finally set up a proper website after two years of crap. Their checkout was generic and dumb, requiring you to enter all of your information twice (for billing and shipping ... WHY would anyone have a separate "shipping" address for a regular envelope?????) and then confirming purchase with an email from "" which inevitably ended up in the spam box. Now the shipping and billing address are automatic, and the notification comes from a meaningful email. Much better user experience.

Thanks, STA!

(2) FrontPorchRepublic is one of the 'populist' websites that I WANT to enjoy reading, because their nominal theme is God's work. In the last couple years they lost all their good writers and declined into a weird combination of abstract Catholic mysticism and standard Gaian idiocy. They reached an absolute low point last month with a long article consisting of pure Gaian platitudes written with oily unctuous arrogance, which seemed to be recommending that we lowly peons must shut up and Trust Our Academic Elites.

Now they've finally pulled out of the sanctimonious Goldman-serving shit with a FULLY SANE article that ACTUALLY QUESTIONS Gaian orthodoxy for the first time.

Thanks, FPR!

(3) The Harmonious Infill House, built on a lot forcibly cleared by the July windstorm, is now occupied. A nice civilized neighborhood takes quiet revenge on harsh Nature. In a broader sense the non-ironic return of late 1950s house forms is civilization's revenge against arrogant avant-garde critics of suburbia. "Functional" architecture turned out to be wildly non-functional.

Infill is a city's salvation.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
  Fine shared lie

Headline in UK Telegraph: Bennett believes Britain should appease Putin. [Bennett is apparently some sort of politician; doesn't really matter.]

Classic example of a Shared Lie. Everyone accepts a shared lie as absolute fact, and then everyone has Robust Debates about whether we should respond to the "fact" with $999,999,999.9 trillion of wasted money and lives or only $999,999,999.8 trillion of wasted money and lives.

Everyone agrees that RussiaAggression started WW3. Everyone agrees that Nudelman Pyatt War Partners LLC set up the coup in Ukraine as a Time-reversed Response to future RussiaAggression against Ukraine. The coup wasn't a war-starting action because RussiaAggression had already started the war in the future. Similar to the way modern carbon emissions cause all warming episodes in the history of the world.

Thus everyone also agrees that RussiaAggression started WW1 and WW2, and RussiaAggression attacked France in 1812. Germany and Japan and France were just innocent pacifist victims minding their own business and knitting delicate stockings, when RussiaAggression aggressively aggressed them into huge world aggression wars of aggression RussiaAggression aggression aggression.

These truths are self-evident, like gravity.

Well then, was this unfortunate Bennett disagreeing with gravity? Was she unfurling Neville's umbrella? Of course not. Inconceivable. She was only saying that UK/US/EU might spend a minute or two talking with RussiaAggression before we bomb RussiaAggression down to bedrock for starting all wars in history including the Big Bang.

And this, of course, is also inconceivable. You can't insert irrelevant subjects like negotiation in a Robust Debate. If you're going to participate, you must propose MORE bombs and bullets and troops than the last speaker, and then the next speaker must propose MORE bombs and bullets and troops than you did. Robust Debates are auctions to bid up the cost of the war, and thus bid up the budget of the Defense Department and the profits of the Defense Contractors and the share value of NudelmanPyatt War Partners LLC.

  Century of locusts

Thinking again about 'fight like a plant', and mixing with my observations about the One Necessary War (ie WW2) and the need for hardass propaganda to force a nation to fight an Unnecessary War (ie all other wars).

Krauts and Japs, the constant aggressors in XX century. Both are highly refined cultures when not in War Mode. Both turn into an entirely different creature for War.

What does this remind me of? Locusts.

Locusts are not a separate species. Grasshoppers transform into locusts for War Mode. Locusts look different and act different, but they're the same creature that formerly behaved in a more normal way. Look different + Act different = Gene switch.

Why are locusts able to destroy plants so effectively? Perhaps because their switched genes create a different output pattern of smells and sounds. Plants encounter normal grasshoppers all the time, so they already have adequate repel/kill defenses against them. Locusts appear as an entirely new threat, so plants don't have time to prepare chemical weapons, or time to warn nearby plants of the threat. By the time those responses could happen, the whole field is dead.

Human locustation can sometimes be cured. WW1 didn't cure the Krauts of locustation. It left the impulse in place, ready to be stirred up again. It's not yet clear if WW2 cured the Krauts; they seem to be relapsing after a brief remission. WW2 unquestionably and permanently cured the Japs.

Now that US/UK/EU have become locustized against Russia, is there any chance of cure before we eat the world and guarantee our own destruction? Doubtful.

What does a cured locustation feel like? I can sense it in myself. From 1990 to 2007 I was locustized against Arabs. Ready to do anything within my power to end Arabs. After I started writing this blog and organizing thoughts, I came to see that the locustation hormone was coming from false sources. All of us were being locustized via false and distorted "facts", solely to increase the budgets of the war machine and increase the share value of war's financiers. We were not actually being attacked, so we didn't need to be in War Mode. My immune response, now aimed against the locustizers and against the susceptible parts of my own fucking idiot self, is just as harsh as the locustation itself.

Emerson: "As no man thoroughly understands a truth until he has first contended against it..."

Is this an epigenetic change? It would be worth looking.

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Monday, February 23, 2015
  Till your own patch, dammit.

Why do important people with GENUINE and MEANINGFUL accomplishments suddenly turn their efforts in guaranteed useless directions?

= = = = =

Dmitry Orlov, who gave us the ONLY clear thinking about the Cold War and the transfer of Sovietism, is now selling a nice school-reform effort that won't go anywhere. Outside the unsalvageable big cities, schools are FINALLY AND AMAZINGLY beginning to move in correct directions. Community colleges are pushing vocational training focused on manufacturing. Public and charter schools are developing excellent job-based science and tech programs. Common Core will increase this positive movement. These schools don't need an external push, and the NYC schools won't change no matter what happens. Even Giuliani couldn't fix them.

= = = = =

Which brings us to Giuliani. He should be the ideal D candidate by any objective standard. You say "black lives matter"? Giuliani's revolutionary changes in policing ACTUALLY saved thousands of ACTUAL black lives, which current D politicians are trying to KILL by undoing Giuliani's policing reforms and destroying civilization. Culturally, Rudy is also perfectly aligned with D tendencies. He seems to be a fag; he hates religion and worships Gaia; he loves every sort of avant-garde coooooool shit.

So what's he doing now? Defending his GENUINE AND HEROIC police reforms against Sharpton and Holder and other lethal enemies of black people? No. He's neglecting all of his own GENUINE work and all of his own GENUINE tastes and opinions. Instead, he's unconvincingly quoting Sean Hannity's fantastically stupid and pointless OPINION about Obama's OPINION, in a vain effort to gain support from a party that he firmly opposes on all imaginable points.

= = = = =

**Footnote on fantastically pointless: SOME harsh comments about Obama would be valid and objective criticisms IF we were still in the 2012 election. In 2012 you could validly and objectively call Obama incompetent and indecisive. Those are meaningful judgments about any executive, and they are objectively true about Obama. Commenting on his "love for America" or his "Christianity" is neither objective nor relevant. We have no way of seeing inside a man's soul, and those qualities have nothing to do with an executive unless he's leading a church or the America-Lovers Club. But Obama is not on the ballot in 2016, so NO opinion about him is worth discussing AT ALL.
Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale from the Torch:

A sleeping homeless man rolled into the Spokane River near Mission street bridge Saturday afternoon. The man was sleeping under the bridge when he rolled into the river. He was able to grab a branch and prevent himself from flowing down the river. A person in a nearby apartment complex witnessed the incident and called the fire dispatch. Two firefighters arrived at the scene and were able to pull him out of the water.

The "nearby apartment complex":

Hmm. Doesn't look like the sort of place where you live to gain maximum altitude and maximum prestige. Looks more like the sort of place where you live because you're lucky to have rent every month.

One of those somewhat more lucky people paid attention and cared about the somewhat less lucky homeless dude.

As I was saying, Point A to Point B. When you've reached Point B, you can still see Point A and you remember what it was like.
  Commies fighting commies

Beautiful news of the latest ratfight:
The United Nations' top climate change official will miss a key meeting in Kenya with Indian police investigating a sexual harassment complaint against him. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel-Prize winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has withdrawn from next week's talks due to "issues demanding his attention", the UN body said on Sunday.

His cancellation comes after Delhi police said Dr Pachauri, 74, was accused of sexually harassing a 29-year-old researcher from his Delhi-based think tank The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

"A lady had lodged an FIR [first information report] against him for sexual harassment ... about a week ago and the matter is under investigation now," Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said.
My cautious and measured response:




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