Saturday, February 24, 2018
  Digital trap

I like to think of myself as an unreconstructed analog critter, solidly planted in the world of mechanisms and paper, unaffected by the digital demons. Nope. Wrong.

The latest module in courseware involves some complicated and rather vague images of the brainstem in cross-section. I'm trying to liven them up and label the various regions and nuclei in ways that stand out. It's fairly hard; I have to collate and study lots of online pics to find the named landmarks and transpose them to the existing images. Every text has its own way of schematizing this material.

When I'm in this stage of work, I like to print off the best of the sources, so I can see the image on paper while I'm forming up the labels and pointers digitally. It's easier than trying to click back and forth between several different graphics programs.

One of the online images was just right except that it was upside down, with the dorsal side down instead of up. So I flipped it in Irfan, then printed it off. When I pulled the paper out of the printer .... Hey! What's wrong? It's right-side-up after all. But I specifically turned it upside down ....

Oh. The printer always spits out the top of the image first, so the upside-down JPG came out of the printer looking right-side up.

But it DOESN'T MATTER. I didn't need to flip it in the first fucking place. You can turn a piece of paper any way you want without hitting any keystrokes. So I did.


  Graybill, Cuba, Cops

Reviewing Graybill's Law:

The people of Free-Trade countries are therefore driven into the few occupations which are left, by reason of the destruction of their formerly more varied pursuits. Hence those diversified talents with which men are endowed are not developed but remain latent and unused, an incalculable detriment to the prosperity of their respective countries.

Globalism removes SKILLS from the colonies. Each colony must have only one SKILL or only one PRODUCT, and each colony must be totally dependent on the master land for all other skills and products. If the master land wants to destroy a colony, it can then stop buying or using the ONE skill, and the colony collapses. Total dependency, total vulnerability.

Two good examples in today's news:

(1) Cuba. During the first part of our blockade, Cuba became a colony of Russia. When Russia was killed by Soros in 1991, Cuba was left alone. Instead of dying, Cuba broke Graybill's Law and quickly developed its own skills. Obama briefly tried to halt our blockade, but President Clinton (alias "Trump") has restored it. Now Cuba is returning to its close association with Russia, this time from a position of strength. Cuba is buying 25 diesel locomotives from Russia. If Obama's open door had remained open, an American company like NRE could have sold the locomotives. Graybill hurts everyone.

(2) School shootings. Since the fake 9/11 event, "our" dysgovernment has been working hard to destroy our self-defense knowledge and skills. Agencies like DHS and TSA specialize in turning ordinary self-sufficient people into useless blobs of protoplasm. We are told to do nothing, to make ourselves maximally vulnerable to all sorts of criminals and natural disasters and accidents. Shelter in place. Do nothing to protect yourself. Just call the "first responders". The "first responders" have the necessary skills (ie armies of lawyers) to get the job done. The job = exterminating Deplorables.

It's always been tautologically obvious that the "first responders" are not "first". The people who are involved in the crime or disaster are first. Now we see that the "first responders" aren't even "responders". They have official orders to stand back and let the situation happen. Anything that exterminates Deplorables is good for the Insatiables.

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Friday, February 23, 2018
  An unsung tool

I've been ripping Microsoft up one side and down the other for their criminally terrible MALWARE known as Windows 10.

In fairness I should praise another recent MS product that is the exact opposite. They don't publicize it much, and they categorize it as a 'toy'. Again it's the exact opposite of a toy. It's a wonderful TOOL that speeds workflow and does EXACTLY what you want it to do. Unlike Win 10 which is always in TOTAL COMMAND of the abject slave user, SyncToy is a tool that follows your orders.

SyncToy is a backup controller that runs on the basis of 'folder pairs' between the source (hard disk) and the destination (USB or similar). You can form as many folder pairs as you want, and you can define each pair to overwrite, add, or modify in both directions. I find the choice labeled Contribute works best: overwrite if file with same name has changed content, rename if same content has been renamed, and simply write if file is new.

I started using it on the current courseware project back in July, and have been using it several times per day. It typically alters 50 to 100 files on each use, and at this point it's examining a total of 21K files to see which are unmatched. Each complete run takes about two minutes.

Remarkably efficient and adaptable!


  Culling the genepool vs flooding the genepool

Convective thought.

One of the day-trader advisers on the money talk station is forcefully pushing EXCELLENT advice for trading and money in general: Think first about NOT LOSING. After you're fully sure you WON'T LOSE, then you could start thinking about what you might gain.

The ultimate failure of this advice is jumping off a bridge, or "going out in a blaze of glory". The loss is guaranteed, the gain is utterly meaningless because you aren't around to see it.

This is the epitome of SHORT-TERM THINKING. What does a youngster lose? 60 or 70 years of life, during which he will have plenty of chances to forget this moment's pain, plenty of chances to have fun and MAKE THINGS and increase the order and value of the universe. The loss is especially dramatic for bridge-jumpers, who tend to be more intelligent and creative than average.

Convective question: Darwinians tell us that death removes misfits and leaves the better survivors, by definition. If this is true, why is short-term thinking INCREASING instead of DECREASING?

Answer: Because of an intentionally evil program/pogrom by Deepstate and media. Media demons specialize in cultivating the SHORTEST POSSIBLE thinking. One second is too long for TV. We're down to 30 msec now, which is pretty much the neural limit of shortness.

The demons in charge of the program/pogrom are not short-termers. They know exactly what they're doing.


Thursday, February 22, 2018
  Filthy fraud

A Sorosian demon in New Zealand is serving Soros loyally. As usual the Sorosian demon starts with a real problem:
Minister of Justice Andrew Little has laid out a vision for criminal justice reform which sees sentencing law relaxed and a rejection of "tough on crime"-style politics.

Little said "so-called law-and-order" policies have been a 30-year failure and locking up more people with longer sentences hasn't made New Zealand safer.

"New Zealand needs to completely change the way criminal justice works," he said. "It is a big challenge we are facing. It's not an issue that's been a short time in the making.
True everywhere. The automatic use of prison as a response to all actions defined as crimes is counterproductive, intentionally so. As usual governments are "solving" a problem with methods deliberately designed to increase the problem, so governments can expand their budget and power to "solve" the problem with methods deliberately designed to increase the problem, so governments can expand their budget and power to "solve" the problem with methods deliberately designed to increase the problem, so governments can expand...

He said he wanted a "national conversation" which sought out the best ideas but also led to a better informed nation that understood "tough-on-crime" policies were leaving a legacy of failure.
National conversation = Soros commands, Deplorables die.

This particular demon fails to specify exactly what he will do instead of prison, which is another alarm bell.

Here's the closest he gets to a concrete proposal:
"The bits that are occupied by prisoners are, frankly, frightful. The whole environment is not one where you are going to feel, 'this is a time and a place where I can get to grips with myself and turn my life around'.

He said the training room at Waikeria was "literally a concrete box. "It's not an environment where you can learn. There's nothing therapeutic about it at all."
His only concrete proposal is that we need less concrete. What instead? Rainbow curtains? Pussy hats? Ballet slippers?

= = = = =

I've given practical proposals many times. Not necessarily the best ideas, but unquestionably functional ideas.


1. Laws should agree with Natural Law. Actions that directly take things or physically harm people should be punished or deterred. Actions like drinking, drugging, prostitution or saying unfashionable things should be ignored by the court system.

2. Restore restorative justice. Most takings should be "undone" by givings, not by prison time. Only use prison when the restitution fails.

3. Distinguish SHARPLY between circumstantial law-breakers and professional criminals. It's easy. Youngsters who are recruited by a gang leader shouldn't be in jail at all. Professional criminals should be in jail for life. Unlike most aspects of life, this is binary. Very little gray area between the two.

4. The circumstantial law-breakers should be doing GENUINELY USEFUL PHYSICAL WORK which FEELS useful. Every task should reach a noticeable conclusion or completion at the end of each day. This probably requires something like bound apprenticeship, which was both common and effective before 1920.

It's conceivable that Demon Little's National Conversation will consider these goals, but in practice the chance is somewhere around 0.000000000000000000%.

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The rapture visionaries are all over Billy Graham's death, considering it a sign of the imminent end.

I observed before that the visionaries are uniquely and genuinely inclusive. Their likes and subscriptions include fellow believers of all races and both genders, pretty much equally. Obviously they're not complying with Die-Versity "Guidelines"; they're just focused on a single PURPOSE. When you're working together toward a GOAL, Die-Versity disappears.

Their embrace of Graham indicates an equally inclusive approach to denominations. Most serious believers are Teutonically precise about microscopic details of theology. If your theology disagrees with mine by one comma, you're headed for hell, and my comma needs to splinter away from your semicolon and form a new denomination.

Not the rapturites. The Graham outfit is strictly Establishment, strictly Mainline. Graham consorted with presidents and banksters, and helped to bless and encourage their aggressions and thefts. For the visionaries, Graham is a Christian who spreads the word, and that's all.
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  Talking about not walking, talking about not talking

Now that we're having yet another pointless Robust Debate** about guns, I started thinking and bumped into a realization.

I'm not especially interested in the issue of guns. Not my department. Gun-free zones are definitely a bad idea, but more regulations might not hurt. Probably wouldn't help either.

I've never owned a gun and only handled a gun once. When I was night auditor at the Trail Motel in the '70s, a guest called shortly after he checked out and said he had forgotten his gun under the pillow. Would I fetch it and keep it until he could return and pick it up? So I did as he asked. I handled the gun with a towel to avoid fingerprints.

Why have I always avoided guns?

Partly because I don't trust myself.

Partly because I had observed my late friend Larry who ALWAYS owned and carried guns. In the years when Larry and I were living in the same city and running in (more or less) the same circles, Larry was ALWAYS encountering situations where he needed the gun. I don't think he ever shot it, but he sometimes pulled it or made sure the enemy knew it was there. I knew most of those places, had been in them at various times, but NEVER encountered a situation where I felt a threat.

Conclusion: Larry got himself into situations where he needed a gun, or felt he needed a gun, BECAUSE he had the gun. I didn't have any defenses so I didn't walk into such situations or talk into such situations.

Classic example of moral hazard.

= = = = =

**Robust Debate, of course, means the same thing as National Conversation. Soros gives instructions to Insatiables. Insatiables crank up the ovens and exterminate Deplorables.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018
  Why swords?

Almost every night there's an item like this.

300 W 8th, near Detox, male was reported to be armed with a 4 foot machete. Officers now have him detained.

Why the fascination with swords? They're useless as a weapon, compared with a gun or even an ordinary knife. You can't conceal a 4-foot sword. You can't surprise your victim by pulling it out of your belt. You can't run with it unless you're on a horse like medieval knights. You can't throw it. Everyone can see it from a long distance. All you can do is stand there and swing it around and wait for the cops to come.

(Self-explanatory sentence department: Of course most of the news item is unnecessary. "Near Detox" is the only Shannon information in the item. The rest is automatic.)

Update next night:

300 W 8th at Detox, disorderly male reported, punching cars in the parking lot and trying to rip open doors to the building.
Monday, February 19, 2018
  Serious point-missing

The standard Repoof response to Inquisitor Mueller's indictment is to call it meaningless and absurd.

Technically true. The people who are indicted can't be actually prosecuted, so it's not a consequential indictment against those people.

Misses the important point. Those Russian propagandists aren't the target. Russia has never been the real target of the witch hunt.

Inquisitor Mueller has now established a "legal" precedent for treating ANY EXPRESSION OF OPINION as "impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the United States by dishonest means." Now that he has written this insanity into "law", all other inquisitors are free to use it, and no court** will question it. He has provided a "legal" ground for the pogrom against Deplorables.

= = = = =

**Why won't courts question it? Mueller belongs to the Clinton mob. The Clinton mob kills people who threaten its absolute control. No judge wants to be Fortmarcied.


  Hypothesis that may be valid within limits

Here's a hypothesis. I don't think it's anywhere near universal, because many glaring exceptions pop up immediately. Still, it works within a limited range.

Hypothesis: If you want a more accountable government, you want a government that provides more services for everyone.

= = = = =

Inspiration for hypothesis: Snowplows.

Voting no longer works to eliminate generalized corruption and evil, because corruption and evil are funded nationally by Soros and Bloomberg. Global money can always overcome local money.

BUT: a government that fails to keep the streets clear and drivable will be voted out of office REGARDLESS of money. If the next election isn't imminent, the government will try HARD to fix the problem. It won't sit back and enjoy its Bloomberg endowment.

Why? Two reasons. (1) Voting may not exist, but phone calls do exist. Bureaucrats don't like hearing thousands of shouts and cusswords. (2) More importantly, bureaucrats have to drive the same streets as everyone else. Even if the mayor's exclusive gated neighborhood gets plowed before the rest, he still has to drive outside his neighborhood to shop and work.

Insatiables and Deplorables suffer together when the streets are unusable.

= = = = =

I've noticed something similar in comparing US vs UK medical practice. In my two recent encounters with minor surgery, the US doctors provided skimpy and partly wrong information about what to expect and what to do after the surgery. I got complete and accurate information from NHS websites.

USA STRONG medicine is bureaucratic and quasi-governmental. The responsibility and the funding are separate. Most of the money comes from insurance companies which respond NEGATIVELY to the concerns of the patients and doctors. Insurers want to see no medical care at all, and work hard to reach that goal. Evidence? 300,000 deaths from medical errors each year = increased share value for insurers. The ruling class has strictly private medicine, and can afford enough lawyers to overrule the insurers and regulators.

NHS is bureaucratic and mostly governmental. The responsibility and the funding are together. As with snowplows, the same system serves everyone. If patients are dying like flies, it means taxpayers and bureaucrats are dying like flies.

= = = = =

Later thought: Accountable is literal here, as in accounting. When the DR and CR are in the same ledger, the account has to be balanced. Negative feedback keeps things centered, keeps the balance nulled. When the DR and CR are in separate books (as in securitized debt or insurancized medicine or Sorosized government or offshorized economy) the spending and death and corruption are not limited.

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  New belief systems

Traditionally the line between faith and science was well-defined but never sharp.

Faith is believing in something that can't be seen and observed directly, but appears as a rational inference from reality.

Science is believing in observed and measured facts.

There's always an indeterminate area between those zones, containing phenomena that seemingly could be measurable but haven't been measured (yet). All three zones are well defined. Sophisticated believers on both sides could reliably place a statement into each category, or into the gray zone. You could build a rational structure around the definitely religious axioms and the definitely scientific facts.

What we have now in the Sorosian lands is an entirely different arrangement. Look at any "mainstream" source of fake news.

EVERY SINGLE NEWS ITEM is built around the axiom of RUSSIAN_HACKING. Even the school shooting pivots around RUSSIAN_HACKING. Most of the items are talking about talking. (Horrified at what Trump says.) Bernie joins the chorus, talking about not talking. (Horrified at what Trump didn't say.)

Is RUSSIAN_HACKING a faith axiom or a scientific observation? Neither. It's a plain old lie, and its falseness has already been proved. It was never true. Everyone who spreads the lie KNOWS that it's a lie, and they continue to spread it.

Now let's look at an aggregator from the religious world.

Less absolute but still strong. Most items pivot around "transgender".

Even the school shooting pivots around "transgender".

Is "transgender" a faith axiom or a scientific observation? Neither. It's a plain old lie, contrary to all the well-known scientific rules of human genetics and biology. Some invertebrates do in fact change their gender, but mammals don't. Nature doesn't care if you believe you can change. You can't.

So we have HUGE belief systems growing and developing around TOTALLY DISPROVED OBVIOUS LIES.
Sunday, February 18, 2018
  Old sound more common now

Most of the questions on are either (1) completely jumbled and incomprehensible, (2) immediately googleable, or (3) seeking sneaky shortcuts around the law.

Among the useful questions are generational differences, as in "What's a sound you have to explain to younger people?"

Many answers to the latter question are phonograph sounds. It struck me just now that ONE phonograph sound is actually MORE recognizable and MORE common now than in the era of real phonographs. Namely the VOOOOOOP sound made by a needle scraping across the record. You hear it all the time as a sound effect in radio talk shows and Youtube clips. It's an audio emoticon for "Let's start this again."

When records were real, the VOOOOOP was rare because it DESTROYED THE RECORD. It didn't give you a chance to start over, it just made the record unplayable.

A case of semantic shifting in the realm of audio emoticons.
  People are better 3

More self-destructive stupidity by Deepstate... All branches of the USA STRONG dysgovernment are responding to the epidemic of leaks and counterleaks by CLAMPING DOWN HARD on security clearances and so on.

Deepstate only goes one way. Always clamp, never loosen. The result is perfectly predictable.

People know what's right and wrong. Laws against Naturally wrong activities work well, because normal people don't want to steal and kill. Laws against Naturally good or neutral activities only generate black markets and create criminals.

We should have learned from alcohol prohibition. FDR showed us (yet again) the ONLY example of government loosening when he broke prohibition. Even before FDR died, Deepstate had already resurrected the clamp by moving it to marijuana. Deepstate has profited immensely from the new clamp, and is currently trying to undo the loosening in many states.

A clampdown on information will have the same effect as all others.

It will make leaking far more valuable.

Leaks will be used for blackmail more than before. Leaks will be used for internal bitch-fights among the bureaucratic eunuchs even more. These INTENDED CONSEQUENCES will then "justify" an even stronger clampdown, which will make the INTENDED CONSEQUENCES even more valuable, which will then "justify" an even stronger....


  People are better 2

Continuing on the theme that people are better than their leaders....

ArsTechnica is a good place to watch the leadership class in action. The website featured a predictable Federal decision against Truthteller Damore. The decision is not scary. The Federal dysgovernment outlawed truth in 1946. Truth is a capital crime. When you tell the truth in public, you know what to expect from the black-robed demons and the Bureau of Inquisition.

The scary part is the unofficial Inquisition by the commenters. The first commenter stated a truth, DELICATELY AND CAUTIOUSLY, just as Damore had done. The rest of the thread is a massive brutal vicious violent riot against the cautious truthteller.

These are not people. These are leaders, or young leaders in training. Insatiables slaughtering Deplorables, just as in the first Inquisition 500 years ago. Same sides, same violence, same total destruction of truth and logic and civilization.



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