Friday, October 31, 2014
  Let Tim drive

Just after mentioning the need for a rebirth of LORAN, BBC broadcast a TED-like symposium on self-driving cars. One of Satan's major battlefronts. Remove human autonomy, place everything in the oh-so-exquisitely manicured hands of Tim Cook.

All the TEDers make a point of mentioning that WHO has declared automobiles to be a "public health epidemic". None of the TEDers ask why WHO is wasting its time and energy on Satan's pet shit, instead of NOTICING ACTUAL FUCKING VIRUS EPIDEMICS. I guess that's intrinsically obvious to them. Saving actual lives of actual people in actual African countries is uncooooooooooooooooooooool. Dark lives don't jack up the share value of GOOG and APPL, so they don't exist. Dark lives are less real than "dark matter" to a techboy.

All the TEDers take it as an implicit automatic assumption that GPS and radar and other sensors are unhackable. This is crazy.

GPS is being jammed right now in Korea, as mentioned in previous piece. Radar has been hacked and spoofed and jammed for 70 years. Radar in an automotive context is easy to spoof. Fooling the HiPo's speed radar has been a profitable little industry for 40 years. Acoustic sensors? Navy research has been working for 70 years on jamming and counterjamming and fooling sonar.

And how about the problem of recognizing a pedestrian? I'm rather sensitive to that one, after getting whomped by an SUV in 2008 because the driver was phoning his girlfriend. Could this improve my chances?

"For instance, a pedestrian carrying a device that says I am a pedestrian..."

Serious pedestrians are either poor or old or anti-tech or drunk. We are exactly the people who don't habitually carry "devices". Therefore you'll need to implant "devices" in pedestrians. No other solution. Microchip us like dogs.

Another formerly stupid and weird conspiracy theory, now hardass reality. The 666ers and the schizies were right all along.
  Shortwave's revenge!

Polistra has been hoping for a return of the shortwave bands, which have been effectively abandoned in the rush to Appleize everything.

Now it appears that one useful shortwave service may be about to return, at least in sane countries. BBC briefly notes that GPS systems, like everything else in the digital world, are fragile and hackable. This has reached a dangerous level in Korea, where North is jamming South's reception of GPS and thus ruining the navigation of South ships.

The obvious solution is to bring back LORAN, an analog system that worked for many years. Strictly speaking LORAN's frequencies are medium-wave, not SW. Just above the usual AM broadcast band, sharing the 160 meter ham band. Very little skip in this range; high-power transmitters and mainly groundwave propagation, which means it's harder to jam or spoof.

This article describes the attempt to bring it back under the "new" title of eLORAN. Silly name because LORAN is already electronic, but I guess you need to have a new label for marketing.

It's a classic Parkinson case study. The agencies that should be working on the return are afraid to grab onto a proposal that might distract from their urgent need to expand bureaucracies without expanding operations. The Coast Guard is now part of DHS aka The Deep State, so it's immune from earthly concerns like navigation. Instead, it is continuing to tear down the old LORAN sites.

National suicide rolls on.
Thursday, October 30, 2014
  Fantastic ignorance

The media and Experts still haven't adjusted their procedures to vote-by-mail, which has been standard for about 8 years here in Wash.

JacksonSharpton Riot Partners LLC hasn't adjusted either.
Acting United States Attorney Annette L. Hayes announced today that Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Arlen Storm will lead efforts in the Western District of Washington in connection with the Justice Department’s nationwide Election Day Program with respect to the upcoming November 4, 2014, general elections. AUSA Storm has been appointed to serve as the District Election Officer (DEO) for the Western District of Washington, and in that capacity is responsible for overseeing the District’s handling of complaints of election fraud and voting rights abuses in consultation with Justice Department Headquarters in Washington DC.

In order to respond to complaints of election fraud or voting rights abuses and to ensure that such complaints are directed to the appropriate authorities, Acting United States Attorney Hayes stated that AUSA/DEO Storm will be on duty in this District until voting is complete. He can be reached by members of the public at the following telephone numbers: 206-553-7970 or 253-428-3800.

First: Voting by mail makes "abuses" physically impossible. Closing polls early? Nope. Preventing people from voting? Nope. Making people feel unwelcome? Nope. Can't happen because THERE IS NO FUCKING POLLING PLACE. There is no way for JacksonSharpton to stand at every single house's mailbox with their standard-equipment baseball bats.

This is THE BEST PART of voting by mail. It removes all power from JacksonSharpton.

Second, corrupt counting is still possible and still happens with mail voting, but there's no way that AUSA Arlen Storm can detect or do anything about corrupt counting on the final day. All he can see is a bunch of workers feeding a bunch of papers into a machine. Corruption would happen either BEFORE the final day, with intentional misprogramming of the machine, or AFTER the day with intentional miscalculation of totals.

Third, voting is absolutely totally irrelevant. All candidates are identical. In theory a referendum can make a real difference, but JacksonSharpton's "Federal Court" division will instantly SMASH any referendum that tries to change things.

So AUSA Arlen Storm's presence is purely nonsensical and wasteful. There's no abuse for him to prevent, there's no way he can see bad counting, and the whole exercise of "voting" is a bizarre piece of antique decoration. "Voting" exists solely to provide talking points for the "two" "parties".

  Blood for

Both political "sides" have a set of truly weird beliefs about the other "side". Especially weird because the "sides" are identical in most ways.

One of the weirdest and most persistent is the left-wing "Blood For Oil" crap. Heard a rather extreme example of it today from some leftist caller on some radio show. He was saying that Ebola was created by CIA to get rid of Africans "so we could get the land."

We've been running this neocon routine for 70 years now, beginning with Korea. At first we were jumping into existing conflicts and wasting huge amounts of money and lives for nothing. More recently we've been creating new conflicts and wasting huge amounts of money and lives for nothing.

WE HAVE NEVER "TAKEN THE FUCKING LAND". We've never taken the fucking oil or the fucking diamonds or the fucking water power or the fucking gold or the fucking titanium or the fucking opium. We've never gotten ANY advantage from our imperial ventures. It's not Blood For Oil, it's just Blood For

Even now, when the neocon ventures are temporarily owned by D-label Obama, the leftists can't give up the idea. This myth is so persistent that it doesn't even switch sides for partisan purposes!

You don't need to add mythical nonsense to your conspiracy theories. Plain old hardass reality is already evil beyond imagining.
  Watch out, Samsung.

Now that Apple's CEO has openly declared him/her/it/self to be infallible, we can expect governmental action in two stages.

(1) It is immediately forbidden to criticize Apple products.

(2) It will soon be forbidden to compete with Apple products.

By 'soon' I mean next week, or however long it takes to set up the enforcement mechanism. Slippery slopes and incrementalism are extinct. It's all precipice now.

Google will be able to adjust quickly by self-outing its executive suite, which is already fully Satanized if not yet publicly Satanized.

Samsung will suffer because Koreans are smarter and high-tech-ier than Americans but Koreans have not yet chopped and poisoned their own culture, not yet smashed their own civilization.

  Verrrry interesting ... and SMART.

Spokane police have installed body cams, which is plenty smart. In these times when SharptonJackson Riot Partners LLC is always hairtrigger-ready to burn a city down when the city dares to arrest an actual criminal, you need VIDEO.

The cops have taken an extra-smart step by publicizing a sample of the bodycam video. This is a test run, but it will give the criminals an unmistakable picture of what they can expect.

The cop who did the test run said: "I think the average, normal citizen or person out there, if they know they are being videoed, it's going to change their behavior or potentially, the behavior they were thinking about doing, because when anyone's on camera they know there's the potential for other people to see it."

Of course it's not the "average normal citizen" who needs to think about these things. The professional criminal and the vibrant cop-puncher need to think. But I understand that cops have to talk that way.
  Verrrry uninteresting .... but wrong.

Verrrry uninteresting:

Speaking of theory falling behind facts, this article is roughly 10,000 years behind systematically observed facts.

Scientists say they now understand what makes a voice sound charismatic. Some people have an innate ability to manipulate their vocal frequency to give their voice a richer quality, the US-based researchers said. Such people can then apply additional vocal techniques to take advantage of this. The researchers also found that political leaders with lower voices were perceived as more dominant and attractive.
No duh. Ever hear of Demosthenes? Political leaders have understood these techniques in an explicit way, and have been carefully learning and applying these techniques, ever since leadership arose. Actually the number 10,000 should be more like 100,000,000 since birds and mammals and sound-signaling insects have always understood the same point. Some birds and insects even know how to fake their signals to give an impression of importance.

But wrong:

Jan Schnupp, co-director of Oxford University's auditory neuroscience group said the work was interesting and fun. "Intuitively the research makes a lot of sense to me. Normally, larger people have larger, heavier vocal folds which vibrate more slowly, and therefore produce a lower fundamental frequency.

"So we associate deep voices with an impressively large physique. However, how fast your vocal folds vibrate also depends on how much muscle tension you apply in your larynx. Often muscle tone increases, and hence voice pitch rises simply when people get excited."
Sort of partly true at the level of inanimate physics, but fundamental pitch is NOT the most important factor in our informational and emotional processing of speech, and it's not really the main correlate of physical size. Anyone can produce any fundamental from 80 to 300 cps with practice. But a low fundamental won't help if your RESONANCE indicates a narrow and small body. Speech is almost entirely about manipulating and perceiving resonances. We pay very little attention to the fundamental.

Speech researchers figured this out 80 years ago. Bell Labs was in the forefront of this understanding because Bell phones needed to carry a narrow range of frequencies. Until the digital age, telephones "heard" only between 300 and 3000 cps. In other words, the fundamental of everyone except a screaming baby or a Hindoo was NOT PRESENT on the phone. But this didn't bother us. We understood both the informational and EMOTIONAL content of voices without ever NOTICING that anything was missing.

The acoustical "researchers" who wrote this article apparently haven't heard this news yet. This is like writing about transportation without knowing about horseless carriages.

In one area of medicine, theory belatedly starts to catch up with obvious facts.
The study, published in the online journal Plos Computational Biology, found that four of the 13 patients with persistent vegetative state had a “robust” network of brain activity that would allow conscious thoughts, which was confirmed when they were asked to imagine playing tennis when their brains were scanned using a magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) machine.

Previous work had shown that the “tennis test” could be used to show that some seemingly unconscious and uncommunicative patients with brain damage were in fact capable of understanding the request to imagine playing a game of tennis, which caused certain networks of brain cells to become active.

“We measured brain activity at rest and didn’t ask the patients to do anything. It showed that some unconscious patients with persistent vegetative state had robust brain networks that should support conscious awareness,” Dr Chennu said.
For the first six months of this blog in 2005, I was exclusively focused on the Terry Schiavo case and what it told us about THEORY AND ETHICS.

THEORETICIANS insisted that Terry couldn't be conscious because their THEORIES told them so. They didn't need no steenkin facts. Meanwhile, Terry's parents and friends knew that she was conscious because her ACTUAL OBSERVED responses indicated awareness. (Of course consciousness itself is a mysterious internal thing, but we know from long experience that certain types of behavior are normally connected with awareness.)

ETHICISTS insisted that Terry must die because ETHICISTS are vultures who love to drink blood.

I suppose there's some vindication in the belated awakening of a few "scientists", but it's too late to help Terry and a lot of other people.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
  More Kraki

"Nurse" Kraki Krackho, after suing NJ until it happily got rid of her, is now threatening to sue Maine and stating explicitly that she will not obey state law.

"I don't plan on sticking to the guidelines," Hickox tells TODAY's Matt Lauer. "I am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public."
She insists that she wants to go back to Africa. Maine will certainly be happy to get rid of her, but will Africa take her? Africa is not nearly as fucking stupid as USA STRONG.

What would Kraki say to African patients? "You need to be restricted for three weeks. Of course I didn't need to be restricted. You dare to ask why? Easy. Because you're black and poor and Christian, and I'm white and rich and Communist. I don't need to obey laws because I can afford to hire a Jew lawyer. You don't have any Jew lawyers here, and you couldn't afford to hire one if you did."

I'm sure the patients will understand.

Ellen Sirleaf, the solidly GOOD president of Liberia, is desperately trying to restore order and civilization to a country that was already destroyed by decades of US-supported coups and revolutions. Is Sirleaf going to welcome a self-proclaimed disease vector, a wild monster who is openly fighting FOR the disease instead of AGAINST the disease?

If Africa won't take Kraki, will any hospital take her? I sure as hell wouldn't hire anyone who openly declares that her mission in life is to disobey normal medical procedures.

Meanwhile, idiot Obama is openly associating the word "science" with Kraki's genocidal pro-virus stance, and trying to make a clumsy post-hoc distinction between "science" as it applies to people like Kraki versus "non-science" as it applies to the Army. "Non-science" means standard public health rules that will actually protect the soldiers. Obama is trying to say that both are OK because ____________. (You fill in the blank. He can't.)

Love it. Even some in the Satanic media are beginning to understand that "science" now means mass murder.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
  Fucking country can't do any fucking thing

NPR describes a village in Hawaii that is just waiting and watching as a very slow river of lava approaches. Can't do anything.

If you weren't Americans, you could do something. From PBS:
Other memorable volcanic disasters aren’t so old. In 1973, the eruption of the Eldfell volcano threatened to entomb the nearby fishing village of Heimaey in magma. Boiling rivers of lava engulfed a third of the town before desperate islanders mounted a bold and creative defense against the mountain. Using hastily installed fire hoses and water pumps, the villagers sprayed the encroaching lava with streams of frigid seawater, forcing it to crystallize. The resulting rock dam diverted the lava rivers away from the town and into the sea. Ironically, by the time the eruption was over, the lava had formed a new spit of land that offered improved protection to the town’s harbor.

Note that lava doesn't melt dirt all the way down to the mantle. It pretty much sits on top, presumably after carbonizing and hardening the top few inches. In Hawaii those inches are WET, as witness the fact that none of the grass or trees have burned. Plants are bright green all the way to the exact edge of the lava. In most parts of the world, so much concentrated heat would instantly burn everything for miles around.

So in Hawaii you should be able to do a ditch and dam. Dig a ditch in front of the lava. Gradually curve the ditch away from the town, with the dirt from the ditch piled up between the lava and the town. Dig deeper as you go, pile higher. Path of least resistance.

Nope, none of that is possible. EPA would sue to protect some fucking worm that lives in North Carolina but might someday end up in Hawaii. First Nations Peoples would sue to protect some fucking burial ground. "Nurse" Kraki Krackho would sue because you're unfairly quarantining the lava.

Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Can't do. Can't do. Can't do. Loser. Loser. Loser. Loser.
  Weird ergonomics

Even though ergonomics as a discipline is fairly new, real ergonomics in consumer goods reached a peak around 1980 and has been declining since. Engineers are no longer paying primary attention to usability. Satisfying lawyers and satisfying the EPA Terrorist Army are vastly more important than satisfying the customer.

A truly odd excrescence of this bad trend: The newest buses bought by Spokane Transit have HORIZONTAL STEERING WHEELS, placed up at neck height. I don't mean "more nearly horizontal than car wheels". Bus and truck wheels have always been "more nearly horizontal". I mean EXACTLY FLAT. This is a return to pre-1900 truck practice, and it's completely unnecessary and dangerous. Obviously more difficult for the drivers. There's no way to do a fast one-palm spin, which is a common technique with the usual angled wheel and power steering. The driver has to use the smoker's hold, keeping both hands on the wheel and step-by-step feeding the wheel from one hand to the other. The height of the wheel forces wrists into an uncomfortable and stressful angle.
  Inadequate aptronym alert

Local news:
Raymond Shawn Gunn, 39, is facing charges of unlawfully possessing a firearm, reckless endangerment and malicious mischief in connection with the Oct. 17 shoot-em-up at Jackson Hole Tavern, 122 S. Bowdish Road, according to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. The tavern was closed and employees had just left for the night when the front of the building was sprayed with .40-caliber bullets.

The aptronym is obvious, but Ray Gunn actually failed to live up to his name. He should have been using a laser, or perhaps a laser-guided rifle.

Made me think about the irresistible nature of aptronyms. If you're a Gunn, do you feel pressure to become a shooter? Maybe.

My own surname has aptronymic potential, yet I never felt the slightest push toward the occupation it seems to describe. Partly because the occupation is nearly extinct, but mainly because it's not really an occupation-name. The genealogists think it was an Irish place name that got corrupted into English form when it reached America, without any thought for the occupational meaning. Thus I don't have genes from an original worker in the supposedly described craft.

Several different origins of Gunn appear on the web, but the most likely one comes from old Gaelic gunni meaning war or battle. So a Gunn does have warrior genes but not specifically gun-using genes. Gun as a device to explosively propel lead balls appears to have developed later from the same word for battle.

= = = = =

Couple days later: Here's a dead-perfect aptronym that couldn't have resulted from early pressure by the name, because the referent substance didn't exist until she was an adult....
Murder suspect Chrystal L. Huff was booked into Spokane County Jail just after 4 a.m. Wednesday. ... Huff has previous convictions for assault, violating a protection order, obstructing a law enforcement officer and conspiracy to possess a controlled substance.
The article doesn't specify the controlled substance, but the mugshot tells us it's meth. Chrystal Huff is 40 and looks 80. Meth years.
Monday, October 27, 2014
  Hard question

We need to stop and ask one hard question. Medicins Sans Frontiers is unquestionably saving SOME lives in West Africa. But the countries that have stopped Ebola have done it by STRICTLY ENFORCING STANDARD PUBLIC HEALTH RULES, not by heroic medical efforts. Heroic medicine is a desperate post-hoc effort that can't remotely compensate for a failed government.

Public health is NOT about saving a few lives. Real public health officials often have to sacrifice a few lives to save millions.

Are the few saved lives in Africa balanced out by the harm MSF has done in Europe and America? When you bring a virus back to your home country and heedlessly spread it by taking ocean cruises and shopping, you are doing BIG HARM.

This is Neocon Medicine. "We are EXCEPTIONAL. We have a Unique Moral Purpose, so ordinary rules and laws do not apply to us."

Nature doesn't think you're EXCEPTIONAL. The virus sees you as infectable tissue just like any other infectable tissue. In medicine as in economics or war, infantile ego and infinite stupidity are killers.

Yup, sure enough. No prize for predicting this one, though I didn't think it would be this ferocious.
The White House is urging the NY and NJ governors to repeal the mandatory Ebola quarantine order for all medical staff returning from W. Africa, after the quarantined nurse threatened to sue authorities for treating her “like a criminal.”

Quoting an unnamed administration official, the New York Times reported that “top administration officials have been speaking with Mr. Cuomo daily and have also been in touch with Mr. Christie, trying to get them to rescind the order."

New York, New Jersey and Illinois are the three US States that have introduced mandatory 3-week quarantines on everyone who could have had contact with the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea where the epidemic has killed nearly 5,000 people.

The local authorities’ actions after the New York Ebola case were “uncoordinated, very hurried, an immediate reaction to the New York City case that doesn't comport with science,” said a senior administration official who spoke with the NY Times on the condition of anonymity.
If you needed any more proof that the word "science" refers solely to pure national suicide, pure genocide, pure mass murder, absolute raw bloody evil multiplied by infinity, you've got it. Final final final final proof.

Satan's media have grabbed onto the lawsuit by the alleged "nurse" Kraki Krakho**, using him/her as the standard Victim Hammer to break down the walls of common sense. He/she is being depicted as the Noble Virtuous Innocent Carrier of the Virus Of Colour, Unfairly Imprisoned by Evil White Fundy Halliburton Bushitler KKK Klansmen Koch Koch Koch.

The only non-standard piece in this brutally predictable Passion Play is that Cuomo, normally a docile Satanite, is continuing to defend real science and real life against the genocidists. I figured he would jump out of the way after shoving Christie onto the subway tracks.

= = = = =

** Apologies to real crackhos for the comparison. Real crackhos may sometimes infect their johns, but they don't ARROGANTLY SUE TO PROTECT THEIR "RIGHTS" TO INFECT OTHERS. In fact they often feel guilty about their drug-controlled behavior. I'd rather deal with a real whore than a ligitious leftist any old day.
Sunday, October 26, 2014
  Testable theory //// EDIT: Tested.

A dog's hatred of vacuum cleaners is usually explained on the basis of noise. Not the only possible connection. Different vacuums make very different sounds, but all have one thing in common.

Trying to fit myself into a dog's perspective ... I hate the vacuum because it creates confusion and chaos. It snatches up the millions of unique and interesting smells that properly reside in millions of places on the floor, and mixes them all into one big fast-moving everything-smell. Sort of like putting kaleidoscope glasses on a human.

The hypothesis should be easy to test.

Do deaf dogs hate vacuum cleaners?

Update: I should have checked Youtube before asking! Most questions about behavior and culture are answered decisively on Youtube. The clear (and cute) answer is:

Deaf dogs love vacuums, or at least think vacuums are interesting. So the conventional assumption is right. It's the noise, not the smell!

Later: After watching a wider variety of dog vs vacuum clips, the correlation disappears. Some normal-hearing dogs like vacuums, and many of them fight the vacuum even when it's turned off. Maybe it's the snake-like shape, not the noise or the smell. Mammals certainly have an inborn fear and hatred of snakes.
  Random Percy thought

I was thinking (yet again) of Walker Percy's perfect 1971 prediction of modern America. He pinned Al Sharpton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Toyota Priuseseses, along with nearly all of the idiocies and evil that brought those people and things into prominence. He pinned down the misuse of science to justify political insanity. Near the end he has iPhones creating chaos through fiendishly dirty autocorrects.

One character that I hadn't been able to match was the Satan type, a pharmaceutical salesman named Art Immelmann. The name is rife with metaphors, the ethnicity is obviously accurate, but who is his modern equivalent? Big Pharma is a fairly dirty business, but it does some actual good along with the dirt. Not Satanic. Immelmann isn't a lawyer or banker, which would seem like better choices.

Got it. The iPhone connection leads to the proper correlation. He's a tech magnate like Eric Schmidt or Steve Jobs or Elon Musk or ... Jeffrey Immelt. He stole the protagonist's invention, which was a portable diagnostic tool for physical and character ailments, and turned it into an iPhone.

He's Apple.

Immediate update: Just after writing the above, I went to find some local news about last night's storm, and bumped into this piece on Elon Musk. He's warning about the danger of letting software control our lives. Though he's not quoting Percy, he's envisioning exactly the same final scene I just mentioned, and he's TAKING PERCY'S SIDE! Amazing. Even a techie can see the light sometimes.

So I need to remove Musk from the above list!
  Sewage/wine etc

It's always interesting in a grim clinical way to watch the Hierarchy Rules of modern Satanists.

Until yesterday, Ebola was officially a Virus Of Colour, entitled to all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto. Ebola was free to do any fucking thing it wanted, with no interference by vaccines or public health rules. Ebola Vectors were also free to do anything they wanted without any interference by police or authorities. Take an ocean cruise, ride public transport, anything you feel like doing is fine because you are carrying a Virus Of Colour. Any cop or doctor who dared to interfere with the Virus Of Colour was

Yesterday the picture changed entirely. For unknown reasons, Gov Cuomo decided to treat Ebola the same as any other virus, subject to all historically proven public health rules. Other NY Satans are OUTRAGED SHOCKED STUNNED by this UNPRECEDENTED UNACCEPTABLE INTOLERABLE imposition of actual science and actual common sense upon an Unarmed African-American Teenvirus.

What's more, Cuomo was joined in the statement by Christie of NJ. Very smart move by Christie. He knows that even though his beliefs and policies are identical to any other Commie, he is an Unperson because he wears the Scarlet R on his shirt. But by speaking in unison with Correct Leader Cuomo, his common sense becomes quasi-acceptable.

So far this policy change hasn't been countermanded. Will be fun to measure its short half-life.

= = = = =

Another hierarchy in a totally different context:
AUBURN, Wash. -- Like all religions, the Sikh faith is steeped in tradition. One of the most revered is the carrying of a Kirpan, a sword or dagger, at all times. "People will even wear it in the shower. It's kind of hard for others to understand," said Jaswinder Singh, spokesman for the Gurudwara Sikh Center of Seattle. The concept of the Kirpan is taught to children at an early age. The dagger is considered an instrument of social justice.

A few weeks ago at Auburn's Gildo Rey Elementary, a Sikh family approached the school telling them their little boy would be carrying a Kirpan every day.

District administrators are citing state and federal guidelines that allow certain exceptions to Washington's "zero tolerance" for weapons policy. They say there are plenty of Sikhs, both students and staff, who have carried Kirpans to school for years without incident.

"The knife can't come out. It can't be shown around. It needs to be underneath their clothing," said Auburn Assistant Superintendent of Schools Ryan Foster. "That allows them to express their religion without jeopardizing anyone's feeling of safety. If there are any problems, we will take it to the family, but we don't expect any."
Here in Sharptonia, those magic words SOCIAL JUSTICE opened the idiot brain-like organs of the Epsilon Educrats. "Social Justice! Oh! Social Justice! That means Communism! Good!"

In countries where real Sikhs live in large numbers, the real meaning of those words is known. Sikhs are excellent and fierce warriors. British colonial armies were full of Sikhs because Sikhs like to fight. Social justice means vengeance.

Meanwhile, Unkids who belong to Unreligions will still end up in actual non-symbolic jail for drawing a picture of a knife in art class, even if the knife looks just like a kirpan. Especially if the knife looks like a kirpan. That would be Taking The Symbols Of A Correct Religion In Vain.
Saturday, October 25, 2014
  Fall back, fall back 3

While UK considers moving toward permanent DST for insane reasons, Russia makes a small but meaningful return toward sanity:

"Russia has turned back its clocks to winter time and has reverted to the full 11 zones from Kamchatka in the Pacific to Kaliningrad that were reduced to nine by the previous president, Dmitry Medvedev. In July, Russia's President Vladimir Putin signed a law bringing back winter time but canceled the summer time shift."

Clocks are unnatural, of course. But we know from 100 years of experience that the twice-annual DST flipflop is doubly unnatural. Disrupts our sleeping and pooping routines, with bad results; and uses MORE electricity than constant clocks. Returning to 'finer' zones is another move toward improved health and sanity. Clocks never match sun time, but broader zones pull people even farther from sun time.
  That was weird.

Computer did something weird and virus-y. I noticed that the net wasn't running. Not unusual in itself. Comcast often turns off at some point on Saturday morning. System maintenance or something. I rebooted to see if the modem was somehow unsync'd from the system. After the reboot, the system date was April 3, 2014, and all the stuff in the systray was gone. Comcast was on, but all the usual American websites were showing as "uncertified". UK websites were okay.

4/3 was before I bought this computer, and before its software was installed. When I bought it in August, the date of the system files was 5/14/2014. So 4/3 shouldn't be a 'default date' for the machine.

Ran a System Restore to the last probably-good restore point, which seemed to straighten things out, but the date was still 4/3. Manually changed the date to 10/25, and it seems to be sticking there so far.

Ran AVG to see if any viruses showed. Nothing. But AVG had lost its paid registration and thought it was the Free edition. I don't know how long that had been happening; if it had been running as Free for a while, it could have missed something. I know from earlier experience that the Free edition isn't strong enough.

I wasn't doing anything unusual this morning; the usual web locations, the usual graphics stuff. Amapi, UVmapper, Poser.

Google shows April 3, 2014 as the date when the SSL Heartbleed thing was discovered, which is probably significant in Hackerland. But Google doesn't find any specific viruses that actually reset your date to 4/3.

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