Sunday, December 17, 2017
  Can't argue with Bergoglio!

For once Bergoglio is saying something that makes complete sense.
Pope Francis has urged that "news be communicated with serenity, precision and completeness, using a calm ‎language in favour of a fruitful reflection; thoughtful and clear words, which reject the tempers of ‎allusive, clamorous and ambiguous speech, Pope Francis told representatives of Italian periodicals on Saturday. “It is important that the criteria of judgment and information are offered patiently and methodically so that ‎public opinion is able to understand and discern, and is not stunned and disoriented,” ....

“There is no need to fall into the ‘sins of communications’: misinformation, that is saying only a part which is calumny and which is sensational, or defamation that seeks out things past and old and bringing them to light today.” “They are very grave sins that damage the heart of the journalist and damage the people.”
Journalists don't have hearts or souls, but otherwise it's a proper and timely lecture. I don't catch any of Bergoglio's usual "allusive, clamorous and ambiguous" winks and nudges. He's not implying that "fake news" equals anti-Deepstate and anti-EU news, as he has done before.


Saturday, December 16, 2017
  Invincible Insatiable Ignorance

Stupidest "metadata" study of the minute: (I won't say year, because these studies are all fantastically stupid. The latest one is always guaranteed to be the stupidest yet....)
Rainy weather has long been blamed for achy joints. Unjustly so, according to new research from Harvard Medical School. The analysis, published Dec. 13 in BMJ, found no relationship between rainfall and joint or back pain.

By contrast, the newly published analysis led by Anupam Jena of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy, used a “big data” approach, linking insurance claims from millions of doctor’s visits with daily rainfall totals from thousands of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather stations. The study examined Medicare records of more than 11 million primary care office visits by older Americans between 2008 and 2012.

Deplorables CAN'T visit the doctor on the same day when they have pain. Deplorables have to wait at least a month to see the doctor, so they mostly don't bother. [This is one of the few accidentally good parts of a totally fucked and lethal medical system... it slows down hypochondriacs like me!]

If you had counted ER visits instead of "primary care physician" (whatever the fuck that means) visits, you might have come closer, but older Deplorables don't call an ambulance every time their knees hurt more than usual.

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  Constants and Variables 84, magic hand edition

Going back to the 1887 Henry Lea book on the witch hunters of 500 years ago...

It's clear that the common people in those years were better at analyzing constants and variables than modern TV-injected common people.

The inquisitors, just like the modern Federal Bureau of Inquisition, were tasked with cultivating witches and creating false witnesses. Unlike moderns, they were hampered by popular resistance on one major question:

If witches are as powerful as you say they are, why are witches poor and powerless? If they can do anything they want, why aren't they queens and duchesses? Why aren't they married to bankers and landowners? If witches can control everyone's mind, why are you able to arrest them?

The FBI of 1500 felt the need to develop a theory:

A witch's power magically turns off at the moment when the hand of the law arrests her.

We don't know if this satisfied the people, but it apparently satisfied the constables and judges.

= = = = =

Later thought: I missed the MOST OBVIOUS parallel. Lady Edgar, who founded the modern Inquisition, was an extremely typical Roman in ALL aspects, and surrounded himherself with other typical Romans. The modern Inquisition was nearly all Roman until Lady Edgar died.


Friday, December 15, 2017
  Neighborhood note

The vacant apt at 4001 W Crown is still for sale. The realtor is having trouble keeping up with the increasing vandalism.

I've been passing by the building every morning since I started my regular walk routine in 2011. I've occasionally seen footprints in the snow, but never any actual occupants ... until today. Looked like a young male and female. Came out and closed the door and started walking down the street just like proper residents.

When squatters act like residents, you know things are declining fast.

Later thought: Boarding all the windows and leaving one door unsealed = security FOR squatters. They can occupy one of the first-floor apts, use battery or propane lights and heaters, and nobody can see their activities.


  No, I don't want it, you miserable fuckheads.

Email from Wash State Repoofs:


No, filthy fuckheads, I do not want "my" $2000 and I wouldn't spend it if I got it. I'd save it. I don't have enough income to get refunds anyway, so it doesn't matter if I want it or not. When I did have enough income to get refunds, I didn't want a bigger refund. Most people should pay more taxes so we can get rid of government debts. Ideally the government should operate at a profit so it doesn't have to rely exclusively on taxes.

In terms of practical Wash state politics, I only want one thing. Remove alien demon Ferguson from the office of Attorney General and replace the demon with NOTHING AT ALL. You are not capable of finding a non-demon; your previous Attorney General McKenna was almost equally demonic.

The current demon is wasting state resources by filing a new lawsuit every minute against Trump actions. Immigration, trannies in the military, Net Neutrality. Most of these Trump actions are attempting to undo executive orders by Obama in his last year in office, which means they're restoring the status quo during MOST OF OBAMA.

Demon Ferguson has been in office since 2012, and he wasn't filing any lawsuits against the earlier Obama policies WHICH ARE THE SAME AS THE TRUMP POLICIES. The Trump orders, WHICH ARE THE SAME AS THE STATUS QUO BEFORE 2015, are wrong because the wrong party is enacting them.

This is insane. This isn't ideology or politics, it's plain old bigotry.
  Rectangular to polar conversion

In an attempt to break up the pointless Columbus arguments, I've often tried to focus on the world as seen from the North Pole.
Even thinking within a purely White European perspective and a specifically Northern perspective, there's no reason to defend Columbus. He never touched North America. He found some Caribbean islands and thought they were part of Indonesia.

History has verified the vastly earlier and deeper Euro connection made by the Norsemen, which is wildly unsurprising.

If you look at the world from the North Pole, you can see that America, Asia, Europe and Greenland have always been linked by ice and linked by the Northern tribes. No need for epic journeys of exploration. The longest land-to-land jump is Faeroes to Iceland, about 200 miles. Many of the jumps are a short walk on ice or an easy day of rowing. Eskimos to Yakuts to Lapps, all pretty much the same people, and they've been migrating and trading forever.

The Danes settled Greenland by 1000 AD, and from the west side of Greenland it's overland to either side of Hudson's Bay. River crossings, not ocean crossings. Here, for instance, is Ellesmere Island as seen from Greenland.

Plain fact: There wasn't any discovery of this hemisphere. It's a null concept. As long as people have been wandering the world, they've been circling through both sides of the globe.
= = = = =

The new Silk Road shows this change of focus clearly.

The original Silk Road connected China and Indonesia to Venice and Madrid and Lisbon. At that time the flow of resources was one-way going west. Columbus and Magellan were sent out to find a shortcut for the Silk Road, so that Venice and Lisbon could get resources from Indonesia and China without passing through Turkish and Arab territory.

They blew it, but their mistake led to a new and better source of tropical goodies for Europe.

Columbus and Magellan worked with a rectangular view of the world, and reinforced a rectangular view. They obviated the Silk Road and factored both China and Russia out of the world-trade picture for several centuries.

When you see the world like this:

the paths from Europe to NYC or Europe to Cuba are dominant.

But when you see the world like this:

the Silk Road and the Arctic are dominant, and the Americas are no longer needed.

As I noted above, the circumferential trade and migration around the Arctic is OLDER than the horizontal trade between Madrid and Cuba or London and NYC. The new Silk Road reverses Magellan's factoring and falls back to the older form.

When you see the world in polar form, it's clear that the Eastern Hemisphere no longer needs the Americas. When you can carry resources BOTH WAYS between China and Europe overland without interference, you don't need a shortcut. When you can drill oil and move oil around the Arctic, you don't need Suez and Panama and Houston and New Orleans.

= = = = =

Later thought: Looking at that LITTLE red ring around the Arctic raises a couple of questions. Why is Canada sticking with USA STRONG's loony evil crusade against RUSSIAN_HACKING? Canada has a big part of the ring, and could benefit by turning its oil pipelines northward instead of southward. MUCH shorter pipe that way. Same for Denmark, which is idiotically fighting the Russian Nordstream pipeline through the Baltic Sea. There's a lot of Danish territory on that ring. Greenland, Faeroes. If the West was still capitalist, those links would be seen as beautiful opportunities. The West is no longer capitalist. We're debtist. Those links would increase actual business, which is the ULTIMATE SIN ABOVE ALL SINS in the eyes of the banking tribe.

Think of a wide multi-pipeline running mostly on land around the edge of the Arctic. It would need serious maintenance and security, but it would be a steady permanent carrier for oil and gas in both directions.


Thursday, December 14, 2017
  Religion's little revenge

Hearing the usual secular Xmas music from businesses and commercial radio stations and giant annoying yard displays.

All of the secular songs refer to Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas or Saint Nick or the reindeer. They think they're escaping from Horrible Religion by skipping the songs that name Jesus or Mary.

Oops! I'm pretty sure Saint Nicholas wasn't sainted by CIA or EPA or ACLU or Soros or other secular godheads. Saint means Sanctus, holy.

Well then, we'll just say Happy Holidays! Oops again. You just said the days are holy.


  Pakistan kicks out Soros!

I was scraping the barrel to find slight moves in the positive direction. Finally a SOLID MOVE by a BIG COUNTRY!

From Reuters:

Pakistan has told at least 10 foreign-funded aid groups to close, an umbrella agency said on Wednesday, including a charity founded by hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, the group said.

Time to revise the map and add Pakistan to God's side:


Wednesday, December 13, 2017
  Se-lu 19, me-not-lu edition

Switching to a new computer has given me a severe attack of assuma. I've done this switchover routine often enough to develop a set of firm assumptions about the best way to do it, the problems to expect, etc. Most of those assumptions are wrong as usual.

The biggest assumption of all is the good old 'sunk cost' or 'amortization' rule. After I've invested a couple of days in the tiresome process, I don't want to switch back, because switching back will "waste the time investment."

This is just DUMB.

I need to use Poser to revise an animation for courseware. Poser isn't properly installed yet on the new, and I'm waiting on Smith Micro to respond to the error ticket.

The sunk cost rule says Keep Waiting.



It may take two or three days to get a response from Smith Micro. It will take about 30 minutes to move the various plugs and peripherals between the two computers so I can use Poser on the old one.

There are situations where amortization is a valid concern. This ain't it.

= = = = =

Later: Did the round trip with the plugs and such, modified and rendered the animation, copied some other stuff that I'd forgotten the first time. Total task EXACTLY 30 minutes.

And later again: Still suffering from assuma. I ass-u-me-d that the installer for Poser wasn't on this computer, because I hadn't intentionally copied it. Turns out that it was already here in an obscure location, because last year's transfer of 'system-level' stuff included it. Running the installer made Poser run properly. I didn't need to check with Smith Micro after all.


  Inner light

Speaking loosely of astrology, and speaking tightly of the beauty duty....

Xmas lights have returned to this neighborhood after two years of stormy exhaustion. The dominant fashion this year is lights inside the window, not lights on the eaves or trees. One of the nice Cape Cod types with a usable attic has created serious beauty ... perhaps without even trying. The attic has a big window facing the street. The owners have strung white LEDs randomly on the angled ceiling just inside the window.

From the street the effect is stunning, recalling the Ptolemaic starry firmament. A proper New Testament image achieved subtly, without the trite cradles and shepherds and big cross-shaped stars.
  Where are the Carverites?

Recently I've written some items along this theme:


"Scientists" jail you for questioning "science".

Astrologers don't jail you for questioning astrology.

MDs force you to follow orders by withholding life-sustaining prescriptions. (In any other context this would be called extortion.)

Alternative healers don't force you to do anything.

Social "scientists" design and operate torture chambers.

Psychics and faith healers don't.

Non-smokers jail you for smoking in the wrong place, which is pretty much every place.

Smokers don't jail you for not smoking.

= = = = END REPRINT.

You can hear the difference clearly among the various commentators on stocks and money. The "strictly scientific" types, who consider themselves to be rational realists, are ALL IN for BUY BITCOIN BUY AMZN BUY TSLA BUY AMZN BUY TSLA. The astrologers, who listen to the stars instead of the TV, are loudly and powerfully condemning the bitcoin bubble for exactly the right reasons.

"Science" is just another fashion, just another bubble, just another evil racket. "Scientists" are racketeers or at best the unknowing shills for vile nasty bigots and criminals.

Astrologers and "non-traditional" types are rational and skeptical.

Granted, there have been plenty of hucksters among the astrologers and visionaries.

Right now the simple observers, the true scientists, are found on the astrology side of the fence.

Right now the witch hunters and universe-exterminating genocidal hypermaniacs are found on the other side of the fence.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
  Tech note on EasyTransfer

My 2014 computer has been gradually failing for a while. I bought a newer one exactly a year ago and started transferring stuff, then got busy and left it aside. The main problem with the old one was in the USB connections and audio, which have been flaky all year. This week the sound gave up entirely, so it was time to finish the transfer.

Remembered that the EasyTransfer setup was tricky, so looked for possible better solutions. Zinstall promised fast and convenient transfer with any Ethernet cable, so I bought it.

Nope. Doesn't work. Zinstall requires BOTH computers to be connected to the Web AND connected to each other. Each computer has just one Ethernet plug, so the BOTH/AND is impossible. Also, Zinstall requires you to UNINSTALL your antivirus on both computers. I ain't gonna do that. Too much trouble.

After two hours of screwing around behind the desk, plugging and unplugging monitor and keyboard and mouse and Ethernet and Web, decided to try the old method after all.

Using a Belkin cable that I've had for many years, the regular Windows EasyTransfer finished the transfer in 15 minutes. Most of the job was already done last year. No web connection needed, no uninstall of antivirus.

Even if you had enough plugs to make the BOTH/AND work, the Zinstall program doesn't have any special advantages over the builtin EasyTransfer. Both have pretty much the same set of choices for transferring everything or just selected items.

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  Was this Agnes?

Among the new arrivals at American Radio History is a typical local 'radio guide' from Los Angeles in 1944. Not especially interesting except for the cartoon on one of its regular features.

Why is this interesting?

The style looks a LOT like Alphia Hart's wife Agnes, who did the page art for the Aberree.

Agnes met Alphia in the Hubbard organization in Phoenix around 1950, and the rest is history.

Was this Agnes? Sure looks like it. Identical style and flavor, similar purpose for art. Locations and dates are "not inconsistent" as they say.

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Monday, December 11, 2017
  Copyduty, beautyduty

Going back to Alphia Hart's attitude about copyright, which started my thoughts about the need to switch from "rights" to duties. When I wrote this a few months ago I hadn't quite assembled the theme:

= = = = = START REPRINT:

Reviewing Hart's view of copyright, which was unique in 1954:

Copyrighting everything you write is a confession that you have little faith in your ability to continue producing salable stuff--and that there may come a time when you'll have to fall back on your own, protected material to make a living. When we can't produce new copy for The ABERREE, The ABERREE ceases to exist, because we're certain no one wants to read what we said yesterday and today tomorrow.

I reached a similar conclusion a long time ago in making courseware. The restrictions of 'digital rights' get stricter and more tangled every year, but they don't bother me because I have CONFIDENCE in my own ability to produce new images and animations.

= = = = = END REPRINT.

Now framing it as "rights" to duties: The newer Disney versions of copyright law show the insanity of "inherent rights" more perfectly than other applications. In this dyslogical delusion, every "creative" product has the "inherent right" to be held and sold. When everything is automatically "protected" without any form of registration or payment for title, raw force is the only determinant of title. In plain reality, the Disney law gives total freedom to the mafia with the largest army of consiglieri, which mysteriously and astonishingly turns out to be Disney.

When you start with the GOD-ASSIGNED DUTY to create order and value, the selling is secondary. You can try to sell your created products for money, and customers can buy them. You can't sell the DUTY OF CREATION to a publisher because the publisher didn't create the item. You can pay the publisher to disseminate your product, or you can persuade the publisher to bet on your product, splitting the profit by negotiation. The publisher is not the owner, it's just providing a service for you. (This is parallel to the sharia paradigm of capitalism, which STRONGLY encourages you to USE your capital instead of hoarding it. Land should be USED for growing crops. Money should be USED to make products for people to USE. Skill should be USED to invent and develop more products and services for others to USE.)

= = = = =

An excellent essay by Gregory Wolfe published this week in Imaginative Conservative brings beauty into the realm of duty:
Whereas I once believed that the decadence of the West could only be turned around through politics and intellectual dialectics, I am now convinced that authentic renewal can only emerge out of the imaginative visions of the artist and the mystic. This does not mean that I have withdrawn into some anti-intellectual Palace of Art. Rather, it involves the conviction that politics and rhetoric are not autonomous forces, but are shaped by the pre-political roots of culture: myth, metaphor, and spiritual experience as recorded by the artist and the saint.
No argument with the above. Some argument with this part:
Thus I was forced to account for the fact that many conservatives had succumbed to philistinism. Why did they utter these blanket condemnations of “modern art”? Why would anyone demand that art—a subtle medium, characterized by the indirections of irony, ambiguity, and hidden meaning—preach the “truth” directly? Why categorize artists and writers as good or bad in terms of ideology, rather than of imaginative vision?

The root of the problem, I believe, is a misunderstanding of, or aversion to, the nature of the imagination itself. Part of this can be traced to the Puritan and pragmatic strains in the American character. Conservatives have, by and large, focused their energies on political action and the theoretical work necessary to undertake action. The indirection of art, with its lack of moralizing and categorizing, strikes the pragmatic mind as being unedifying, and thus as inessential. Insofar as the great artists and writers of the past are admired, it is for their support of some idea, rather than for the complex, many-sided vision of their art.
Here Wolfe is short on knowledge. Part of the Repoof condemnation of "modern art" was specifically GENERATED by CIA as part of its campaign to use chaos as a universal smasher and wrecker of civilization. CIA's salesmen to conservatives (eg Buckley and Skousen) made sure that conservatives spent lots of energy attacking COOL shit. When everyone sees that Repooflicans are UNCOOL and Democrats are COOL, Deepstate wins public support.

On the question of indirection and subtlety, there's no difference between the sides. Since the '70s, ALL publicly visible "art" has been moralistic and preachy, devoted solely to political action. Nearly all of this comes from the Left because the Left owns all the media. There are a few equally preachy and clunky productions from the non-Left (eg Christian movies and Christian rock music) but those preachy and clunky productions lack the quality and punch of the Left's preachy and clunky productions, so the Left wins it all.

Above all, I don't buy the basic assertion that art is supposed to have "irony, ambiguity, and hidden meaning", because I don't buy the implication that only trained and professional artists can produce art.

Everyone can produce beauty. Everyone is MEANT to produce beauty.

A janitor who buffs a tile floor to a mirror finish every night produces INFINITELY more beauty than any professional artist of any description. His beautiful floor allows YOUR imagination free rein to see the sun and the furniture and the people from a new angle. A car body man or a house renovator who restores order after the chaos of a crash or a flood is generating INFINITELY more beauty than the TV "comedian" demon who mocks the car body man for being UNCOOL. The repaired house or car grants you the ambiguity and indirection of USING the house or car to satisfy your own creative ends. Before the repair the house or car was incapable of serving your desires.

Life is purpose. We are indescribably complex artworks, created directly or indirectly by an indescribable source of purpose and order. Our DUTY is to make more life, more order, more value, and more BEAUTY.

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  Se-lu 18, insolvent edition

Headlines in the 'econ' websites: Bulgaria confiscated a large amount of Bitcoin in a raid on criminals last year, and now the Bitcoin is "worth" enough to pay off a meaningful fraction of Bulgaria's national debt.

Let's return to the definitions of solve and solvent:
I always pay paper cash in stores now, partly because it's fast and certain, partly to remind myself that I'm firmly SOLVENT and don't need the bad old credit.

SOLVENT. Seems like a completely inappropriate word for 'got money'. How did that happen?

The etymology is beautiful.

The original Latin solvere meant 'loosen, untie knots, split apart.'

The most common meaning is untying the knot of a problem. Latin solve = Greek analyze = determine where to cut the rope. Slightly less literal but still easy.

Solvent as 'got money' was later and more metaphorical. Around 1600 when banks and currencies started to branch away from gold, solvent came to mean able to cut the ropes of debts, able to clean up obligations.
Is Bulgaria more solvent now? No, because trying to "sell" 3 billion at once will mess up the wildly swinging "market" for Bitcoin. The value will drop in the middle of the transaction.

Same thing happens when gov't confiscates old-fashioned criminal assets like heroin or stolen jewels. The heroin can only be sold on the criminal market, so it has no value in legit circles. The gov't is obligated to return the stolen jewels, not fence them.

Therefore: Bitcoin is not an asset for people who are operating legally. It doesn't make you more solvent because it can't be used reliably to untie or loosen the ropes of debt. The Bulgarian government is stuck with an "asset" that it can only hold and watch. Unlike heroin and jewels, it doesn't even have direct sensory enjoyment value.


  The only peacemaker

Putin goes to Syria and declares peace. The war is mostly finished, and Russia is pulling out most of its troops.

If the world had a Peace Prize, he should get it. The Nobel monstrosity is the exact opposite of a peace prize, so he shouldn't get it and he won't.

Since Nobel's death in 1896 there have been exactly two intentional and successful PEACEMAKINGS. WW2 was finished by Russia, US, and Britain working together. This action by Russia alone is the second peacemaking.

All the other wars in those years ended without a deliberate and successful effort to end the war. Most ended in a forfeit when one of the warring parties simply gave up. Some (eg Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq) never properly ended.


Will we hear about it through our mediademons? No. It doesn't exist. It didn't happen.

Instead, we are still hearing about the witch hunts pursuing absolutely nothing and ruining millions of lives for absolutely no purpose.

We are pure crime. We are pure evil. We are pure sin. We deserve to be removed from the universe.

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  Lost Shepardson

Shepardson in 1901 discussed feeding plants with electric charge, treating the subject as common knowledge. It's not common knowledge now!

How long had it been common knowledge?

Here's an enticingly brief description of a French application in 1755.

Transcribed: In the apparatus illustrated below, a hydraulic motor was employed to drive two frictional electrical machines which supplied electricity to the flower stand mounted on insulators. The apparatus was built in 1755.

The "hydraulic motor" is an unclear term, and the picture doesn't help. The static generators look like Vandegraaff types, apparently charging up the entire base for the potted plants, thus creating a strong field between the plants and the ambient air.

But what happens when the shoppers touch the railing? More likely the static machines were 'sprinkling' charge over the plants. The picture lends some credence to this guess.

From a newly posted Gernsback mag at American Radio History.

= = = = =

Later: Immediate answers to the questions posed by Shepardson, and to the practicalities of 'electric cultivation', in another issue of the same newly posted Gernsback mag. See p 39 of the PDF for a detailed set of experiments and answers.

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  Deliver us from bad metrology

The latest idiocy from Antichrist Bergoglio shows that he is a perfect source of error and falsehood and evil on all subjects.

When he spews fashionable ratshit in secular areas, like "global warming" or "nuclear proliferation", we can sort of halfway understand why he's wrong but we can't forgive the constant spewing of AUTHORITATIVE AND INFALLIBLE LIES from an alien monster who is still unfortunately obeyed by millions of useless idiots. He should MIND HIS OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.

This one is NOT understandable, because it's a falsehood at the precise base of his authority. Unlike Bergoglio, Jesus didn't give a lot of direct orders. One of his few direct commands is to pray in the form that we typically call the Lord's Prayer.

Bergoglio wants to authorize a mistranslation of a text that has been carefully translated by sane and godly people over the ages.

When Bergoglio gives commands on shit that he doesn't know at all, Roman writers respond in typical partisan fashion. The Sorosian bishopdemons and their Sorosian sycophantdemons agree ferociously with Bergoglio, so they cheer. The few remaining Christians in the "church" disagree cautiously, basically saying that he should mind his own fucking business.

In this case the response from Roman writers is especially strong and consistent, because this IS his business.

Jason Bermender clears the question with pure metrology. Know your baseline, calibrate your instruments, know the limits and faults of your instruments. The baseline is the Jewish and Greek traditions that JC was trying to reform. The instruments are the original texts. The limits and faults are the translators and translations in various languages.
To render the main verb of the sixth petition as “fall” is not only a mistranslation of the Latin and Greek texts but also an imposition of an improper theological viewpoint without trying to understand the meaning of εἰσενέγκῃς/inducas in its proper context. In other words, understanding εἰσενέγκῃς/inducas as “fall” is based upon a reaction to the modern understanding of the word “lead” apart from its proper theological context. It is better to try to understand what εἰσενέγκῃς means in its context instead of trying to change a theological phrase or notion that is uncomfortable to us because Job’s sufferings permitted by God, a virgin giving birth, a man coming back from the dead, and God becoming man are all just as jarring.
Good work. Spiritual metrology.

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