Sunday, December 21, 2014
  Constants and Variables 22

Here's an odd constants / variables situation.

Fact: In 1989 Sovietism moved from the Russian sphere to the US sphere, under the careful supervision of Bush The Father.

Sovietism currently infests and blights US, UK, and EU to varying degrees. US is around 80% Soviet, UK around 90%, and EU as an institution around 200%, though some of the EU bloc provinces try to hold back the flood of hypertoxin.

There are two untransferred leftovers of the earlier arrangement. North Korea and Cuba. NK is the real thing, pure unchanged time-capsulized Stalin. Cuba has allowed some capitalism but still calls itself Marxist-Leninist.

This week we have an odd inconsistency in our relations with those two Guiding Lights.

We officially moved closer to Cuba with an exchange of "hikers", which makes perfect sense. Raul Castro stated the obvious: "We must not expect that in order for relations with the United States to improve, Cuba will abandon the ideas that it has struggled for."

Of course. Unnecessary defensiveness. That wasn't the point. We don't change regimes that agree with us. We only invade and SMASH and occupy reactionary deviationist-roader countries that embrace Christianity (eg Russia) or embrace Islam (eg too many to name).

But at the same time we uttered harsh words against North Korea for exemplifying our system at its very best and finest. Censorship is a core USA STRONG value. No word or punctuation or intonation that casts the slightest microdoubt on Our Radiant and Harmonious Lord And Savior The Very Most Reverend Alphonse Sharpton Esquire is allowed to exist in the minds of our citizens, let alone speech or media. We have perfected the arts of blackmail and threat of violence to prohibit blasphemy against Our Radiant and Harmonious Lord And Savior The Very Most Reverend Alphonse Sharpton Esquire. NK is serving its own Most Radiant Lord And Savior in the same Tolerant and Liberal way.

So what's the problem? I don't get it.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014
  Whose mania?

BBC, always good parody material, interviewed some Expert On Terrorism who emitted a bunch of vaguely valid but trivial pop psych junk, along with some absolute lies.

The Expert characterized Breivik and Kaczynski as 'white supremacists'. Precisely wrong. Bizarrely wrong.

Those two are unique among recent serious radicals, in that B & K are NOT rebels. Their belief systems are identical to the belief system of BBC, EU, US, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Obama, Bushes, Clintons, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and every newspaper in the Western world.

B & K were not opposed to the Establishment at all. They merely felt that the Establishment wasn't acting quickly and harshly enough to enforce its beliefs. They tried to help. But their 'help' was vastly less efficient than the Establishment's existing work. B & K killed dozens while the Establishment was (and still is) killing millions.

I suppose they did help the Establishment in a backhanded and frustrating way. After an amateur tries to compete with the system at a retail level, the system always inverts the message of the amateur and uses it as 'justification' to redouble its existing wholesale genocide.
  No wonder.

After making a picture of my house in the context of fixing wind damage, I looked back at an earlier entry here in which I traced the history of the house.

Bored without a new work assignment, I decided to look into the first owners, Jim and Bertha Willis. Found them in the 1940 Census, and found obits for both. Jim was born in Howell County, Mo, and Bertha was born in Hazelton, Kan, near Joplin. After Jim and Bertha moved to Spokane in 1909, they first bought (or built?) a house three blocks south of here. I'm guessing 'built' because that house was built in 1910 and has a distinctly Missoura look. It still exists and I see it every day on my walks. I've noticed it because it's next door to this slow construction project which still isn't finished.

Jim then bought or built this house in 1943 or 1948. (Date uncertain.) It's not clear why they wanted to 'downsize' out of a bigger and better house.

Jim's birthplace in Howell County struck a note, because that's where my father's folks lived before they wandered out to Okla.

Back to the Census. Grandpa and Jim wouldn't be there in 1940, but I hoped to find some indication of the names. Our family's genealogy listed West Plains as the residence of several ancestors, and Jim's obit listed Mountain View. Neither of those cities contained any of either name in 1940. But one township NE of West Plains contained a whole pile of Willises AND a whole pile of my father's folks. They were neighbors!

No wonder this house suits me.

= = = = =

Semi-related sidenotes: (1) It's unlikely that my father's folks ever lived inside the urbane cosmopolitan metropolis of West Plains. Once he told about visiting some of them in the late '40s. They ran a ramshackle semi-farm "way out in the sticks" and they had never gotten around to building an outhouse. Peeing off the porch and pooping in the bushes was good enough for them. (2) The Census for Howell County included a place called Shanty Town. Haven't yet figured out where it was. It consisted mainly of Alsups and DeBoards, both of whom clearly favored VERY large families. (3) Broadly, Howell County resembles the Okla counties I searched earlier. Single-person households were extremely rare, maybe 2% of all households. Income correlated negatively with number of children, and domestic servants were common in middle-class homes. (4) One pattern that I didn't see in Okla: A correlation between names and income. Occupants of the more expensive houses or farms had hard clattery Yankee names like Victor or Ted or Katy or Rebecca. Radio names. Everyone else had soft Missoura names like Earl or Wade or Eula or Pearline.


Friday, December 19, 2014
  Old motto, new motto

Old motto (carved on building): Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

New motto (in a radio ad): For rain, snow, or whatever else Mother Nature throws at us, we bring our A-Game.

Whatever, dude. At least it's realistic. UPS and FedEx have taken over the Appointed Rounds franchise. Post Office has been demoted to the When-We-Feel-Like-It Rounds League.

= = = = =

The wiki article about the old motto brings out a fact I didn't know before: The old motto wasn't really about the US Post Office. It was Herodotus describing the Persian Post Office in 500 BC! [I suspect most educated people already knew this, but I didn't.]
  I don't buy it

BBC reports on an interesting observation by adventurous naturalists.
Remarkably, the warblers' evacuation commenced while the closest tornado was still hundreds of miles away. Weather conditions in the nesting area were still nothing out of the ordinary.

The most likely tip-off was the deep rumble that tornadoes produce, well below what humans can hear. Noise in this "infrasound" range travels thousands of kilometres, and may serve as something of an early warning system for animals that can pick it up.
I don't buy it. Infrasound is carried by the ground. If we were talking about moles or earthworms or toads, might be plausible. But little birds rarely touch the ground. Even if they did, it would be impossible to sort out this particular rumble from all the vastly closer and stronger rumbles from cars, trains, air conditioners, rock-n-roll, etc.

Electrostatic changes are much more likely. A severe storm system involves huge changes in charge patterns, easily detectable by airborne critters. Birds are constantly taking readings of electromagnetic fields for navigation. Electricity is literally in their wheelhouse.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014
  Probably seemed like a good idea

Regular dentist appt this afternoon, cleaning as usual. No cavities as CURRENTLY usual; but before I switched to more home-cooked food, there was always a cavity. Two years on new diet makes a pretty fair comparison.

One thing was NOT as usual. Dentist has installed an all-digital X-ray system. Instead of the little rectangle of film on the bitepiece, there's a BIG cube containing an optical array, with a fiberoptic cable trailing back to a computer.

The selling point is obvious. The technician can examine the result immediately, no developing needed. Unfortunately, the clumsiness of the BIG cube with a plastic bag flopping around and a fiberoptic cable pulling in all directions means that some areas of the mouth basically can't be reached. Each exposure needed two tries. Some positions required me to hold the bitepiece with my hand instead of biting down.

Net result: The X-ray series previously took about 10 minutes by the ancient primitive useless analog method. Today it took 40 minutes by the modern wonderful digital method.

Yes indeedy! A real time-saver!

It's clear that the maker of this gadget didn't run enough beta testing ... or in this case, bita testing.

The next "election" is Jeb vs Hillary.

Too bad... Jeb vs Elizabeth Warren would be the first non-fake election (note lack of quote marks) in several decades. First real choice between the dynastic succession and an actual human.

It would also be interesting for a superficial reason: it would be the first election since FDR vs Landon with both candidates always wearing eyeglasses.

Truman was the last president who was always seen with specs. Most presidents are sometimes seen with peepers, but not as a standard part of the iconic picture.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
  Harmonious infill

I've been watching one triangular lot in this neighborhood that was vacant since the area was platted in 1910. The owner has tried several different tactics to get it sold and built. First he subdivided it into three little lots. Didn't work. Then he cleared about half of the dense stand of pines to make it more attractive. Didn't work. Two weeks later, Nature cleared the rest of the trees with a gustnado. Finally worked. In October a foundation was poured, and now the house is pretty much finished.

It's nicely proportioned but plain. Sort of L-shaped with the garage dominant. No modern nonsense; no pseudo-Palladian arches, no parody retro. It's not trying to be anything but pleasant and livable. Reminds me of something....

On this morning's walk I put on my 'architecture glasses' and examined the nearby houses objectively. Aha! The new house matches about 80% of the late-50s houses on its block. They're L-shaped with garage dominant, nicely proportioned but plain. The only real difference is in the windows. This new house has smaller windows with heavier frames, implying better security and insulation.

Good work!

UK Telegraph discusses a current British controversy on this subject, with modern genocidal Satanic architects asserting their untrammeled "right" to sicken people or roast people or crush people. Normal humans and even some writers are starting to fight back.

Harmony is crucial. Even if you don't objectively understand why a house is right, you know when it's right.


  Two-front war

Some booms happen without government participation, and others are created or enabled by subsidies or price controls. The shale boom is in the latter category, though it wasn't obvious until this month. OPEC had been holding oil prices high for so long that we forgot it was an artificial control. This month the price floor was yanked away, allowing supply and demand to roar back into control.

Clearly the yanking was intended to hurt specific targets.

Russia first, because Russia was sinning against Goldman in every possible way. Russia has been trying to decentralize the world by (re)developing a separate trading and currency zone that doesn't depend on Goldman. Russia has been making a strong point of natural-law culture.

Persia second, for the same reasons.

Within the US, the states that have been bubbling with shale are mainly frugal and traditional. Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas. The first two are governed in classic cold-people style. Live with massive reserves, don't borrow. Highly offensive to Goldman. The other states are not as strong in the frugal category but stronger in the traditional category. Look at a list of states where Goldman's "Federal court" subsidiary has been smashing civilization most actively, and you'll find a lot of shale.


Monday, December 15, 2014
  Wild question

Wild thought.

Is our soul our bacteria? Is our awareness exactly our gut feeling?

Supposedly heaven is up in the clouds and hell is down amid the rocks. Most belief systems share this notion, with varying embroidery.

We now know that different types of bacteria populate the clouds and the rocks.

Do the rules of right living, the natural laws of halal or kosher, favor bacteria more like heaven's bacteria? Does a disobedient life lead to a biome more like hell's life forms?

And does our gut-soul, after decomposition, get distributed by wind and water, ending up in its 'family home'?

The food rules of natural law unquestionably influence the gut biome. That's pretty much the whole point of those rules!

Do the other rules in natural law also influence the biome? No alcohol, avoid excess, avoid laziness, work for the benefit of others. Alcohol is obvious, and we're starting to understand the mutual connections between doing good things and having good bacteria.

Seems like a question worth exploring. Maybe the long-sought connection between science and religion will come from an uncomfortable direction. Maybe those Catalans have a point with their Caganer and Tio de Nadal.

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  New record

We've accelerated the old Eastasia/Eurasia doublethink to a warp speed that Orwell couldn't have envisioned.

Sentence spoken by newscaster just now:

"The US ended its involvement in Afghanistan last week; some troops will remain to carry out operations against Taliban and al-Qaeda."

In other words, "The war is done; the war continues."

Doublethink in 30 milliseconds without pausing for breath. New record.
  Simple logic

Highly interesting bit of research from Dartmouth.
The findings shed new light on the "deep biosphere," or the vast subterranean realm whose single-celled residents are estimated to be roughly equal in number and diversity to all the microbes inhabiting the surface's land, water and air. .....

They also analyzed Thermotoga community DNA from the environment (so-called metagenomes) from North America and Australia that are available in public databases. The results reveal extensive gene flow across all the sampled environments, suggesting the bacteria do not stay isolated in the oil reservoirs but instead have long migrated to and colonized the reservoirs and contributed to their genetic make-up.
Think about this. Bacteria don't just eat, they excrete. If all of the underground organic deposits are packed with bacteria, this means the current composition of oil and gas is almost entirely the product of bacteria. Those bacteria are still there, still eating and pooping. What do bacteria do besides eat and poop? They reproduce and colonize to infinity. When they're done with one reservoir, they expand to find more organic stuff nearby.

In other words, oil is constantly being created. It's not a finite resource.

Simple logic. Unarguable.

= = = = =

Afterthought: These bacteria are the planet's gut biome, aren't they? Asphalt, tar, crude, methane.... remind you of anything?

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A brief note appears in the news among the infinite repetition of toxic shit about fake torture, fake Congressional "debates", fake money, fake bank regulation, protests over fake "police brutality", fake rapes, etc.
Bowing to pressure, Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned Saturday, paving the way for a new government to lead the country into long overdue legislative and local elections. He thanked President Michel Martelly, parliament, ministers and the Haitian people as he gave an account of his accomplishments. They included everything from increasing the percentage of children enrolled in school, augmenting tourism and foreign investments, and cutting insecurity and extreme poverty.
This is HUGE NEWS. Not specifically because Lamothe resigned, but because Haiti has developed a REAL PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENT that can ADAPT TO CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES by the PARLIAMENTARY device of resignation and calling for new elections.

We can't do that here. We are stuck with one President for life. His name changes every 8 years but he's the same President. He never resigns and there is never an election. It's all fake.

Haiti has a REAL government now, after 200 years of total corruption.

We do NOT have a real government.

Haiti is now better governed than USA STRONG.

I checked a couple of neutral-ish sources to see if this made sense. World Bank:
The government relies on formal international economic assistance for fiscal sustainability, with over half of its annual budget coming from outside sources. The Martelly administration in 2011 launched a campaign aimed at drawing foreign investment into Haiti as a means for sustainable development. To that end, the Martelly government in 2012 created a Commission for Commercial Code Reform, effected reforms to the justice sector, and inaugurated the Caracol industrial park in Haiti's north coast. In 2012, private investment exceeded donor assistance for the first time since the 2010 earthquake.
Exactly what I was hoping for yesterday when I wrote "When investors are seeking a wide variety of sources, SOME of those sources will be in poor countries with clever people and good land. After those clever people get started toward self-sufficiency, they will be able to break loose from their idiot dictators with their idiot scripts."

I didn't realize this was already happening, literally under our noses.

BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO to Haiti for breaking out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

Now I hope and pray they won't be kicked back into the old ways by a Goldman war. Real investment is intolerable and unacceptable to Goldman. All options on the table.

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  Some Muslims are more equal

Listening to BBC running a one-sided rant against Erdogan. The story is a bit obscure, involving Erdogan's firm clampdown on a 'parallel state' run by Fethulah Gulen. Gulen is a super-rich cult leader who is currently based in Pennsylvania, not far from NYC.

I asked myself why BBC is taking the side of one Muslim against another. Normally BBC views all actual believers with equally vicious vile contempt. Real Christians, real Muslims, even non-secular Jews, all treated as filthy untouchable bigots. What's special and wonderful about these Gulen-style Muslims, and why is Erdogan the enemy in this conflict?

Given the proximity to NYC, my first impulse was to look for a Casino Connection.

Five seconds on Google. Asya Bank. Owned and run by Gulen's bunch, tightly connected to Goldman. And Erdogan is running a real-value economy, strongly emphasizing manufacturing over banking.

When you know how something works, you don't need details. The details will always follow a known pattern.

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When my mind gets dried out and tasteless, a dose of the proper music will rehydrate it. For some reason I never think of this in advance; there isn't a thirst sense for this deficiency. When the correct 'vitamin' appears, I know it.

Happened this morning. After long weeks of work punctuated by jury duty, my brain was clogged and slow. Tuned across the FM band and hit the Hummel E♭ major trumpet concerto. That was the correct vitamin. Decisive, incisive, sharp. Single melodic line, no counterpoint. You could hum or whistle the whole thing without missing a note.

As the clarity penetrated, I could feel the notes 're-syncing' sloppy associative paths in my mind. Like the sorting mechanism in a linotype, where patterns of slots guide the molds back into their proper channels.

Afterward, my brain was unclogged and decisive and sharp ... or as sharp as it gets, which isn't saying much nowadays.

An afternoon nap provided remarkable evidence of the unclogging. A single image was turned into a hundred variations. Some were black-and-white on paper, some were color, some were living characters. A cornucopia of systematic creativity, stored and then poured out. As always, this creativity is unavailable to the waking brain.



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