Wednesday, August 24, 2016
  Pay for play? Nope.

Today's Repooflican talking point is that Hillary's State dept was a 'Pay For Play' setup.

Backwards as usual.

There's nothing wrong with running government like a business, PROVIDED that the business is NON-DISCRIMINATORY. Bribes and taxes are essentially the same thing, so we should apply the same moral standard to both. When money is taken BY COERCION, it should be used UNIFORMLY.

An old-fashioned city council received bribes to get your street repaired or to get a job for your son. This was a form of retail taxation, which opened political power to anyone with a certain amount of money. Non-discriminatory. If you can pay the price you can buy the product.

Hillary's business model is discriminatory, or more precisely fraudulent.

Saudi pays big and gets big results. Israel pays a little and gets even bigger results. China pays big and gets big results.

What would happen if a Christian outfit like World Vision paid the Clinton Foundation, expecting to shape a pro-life State Dept policy in Haiti? Do you think that would work? Not on your fucking life. Hillary would gladly take the money, and then continue to promote abortion.

That's discrimination on religious grounds. That's fraud. Pay for a product and get the opposite.

Compare with other satanic QUANGOs like Google. Google receives lots of money from customers and lots of tax benefits and direct payments from the government. It is a defense contractor specializing in cyberwar against Americans. It is acting like a government, and thus should treat people without discrimination. But it doesn't. It openly uses the customer and tax money to favor satanic causes and suppress Christian and nationalist thinking.

It's fraud. All of us are paying these QUANGOs directly and indirectly, voluntarily and forcibly. Government and QUANGOs should be using forcibly obtained money to DEFEND the people of this country. Instead both are using forcibly obtained money to DESTROY this country.
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wikileaks just dropped a full-fledged bomb from the Hillary emails.

In 2012, Hillary's staff were asking the NFL commissioner and Dr Bill Frist for advice about her "cracked head".

Add this onto Hillary's wife Huma casually saying "She's often confused", and you get a perfectly clear picture. You don't need to play around with videos of struggling up stairs or wiggling in odd ways. These are direct confessions from the insiders.

Meanwhile the idiot Repooflicans are still fussing about corruption. They didn't learn from the 1998 impeachment mess. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK. People know that politicians are corrupt. Trading favors is how you get things done. Making new regulations against trading favors just raises the ante, reserves the trading to the richest of the rich.

= = = = =

Language sidenote: Normally I'd put a same-sex "wife" in quotes. Hillary is a man, so the proper definition of wife applies to Huma. Bill is Hillary's "husband".
  47% vs 49%

An article about Brexit by a Randian runs the usual FORTY-SEVEN PERCENT TAKER MOOCHER LARGESSE shit:
First, I didn’t believe that those countries that were entitlement-focused, such as the Greeks, would ever be as fiscally responsible as, say, the Germans, so the Germans (and other countries where there was a responsible work ethic) would end up subsidizing the Greeks (and to a lesser extent, Spain, Portugal, etc.)
Work ethic? Stats from OECD show the opposite.

Here's a chopped and channeled piece from a chart of annual hours worked. It happens to place Germany next to Greece alphabetically...

Germany 1371, Greece 2042. Greeks work 49% longer than Krauts. Not a minor difference.

In fact Germany has the SHORTEST hours of all the industrial nations for most years. A few times Norway beats Germany by a small margin. US comes in sort of midrange at 1690 for the latest year.

The real difference is SYSTEM, not ethic. Germany is highly systematic about everything, training its workers to maximize their skills and insuring that its products have a competitive advantage in exports. Maximizing the value of each hour = minimizing the hours.


  Should be part of Defensible Spaces thinking

A notable comment in the Spokane-News facebook page brings out a fact that needs more publicity and thinking.
I was down on elder today near valley chapel try to save our aunts home. Their well ran dry so we came with a 3000 gal water truck. The fire kept flaring up all around us but we able to keep the flames from the house.
Their well ran dry. Those folks were extremely lucky to have a relative with access to a 3000 gallon water truck. Not something you can rent or buy easily.

More and more upper-middle-class people are moving out into the forest, escaping from the Vibrancy of the city. But they're ALSO escaping from city water and sewer and fire and police. A city water system has massive spare capacity, and city fire trucks have their own tanks. Defending one house isn't going to deplete the city water system, but it can easily deplete a private well.

Public info about defensible spaces should pay more attention to this fact. (Require well systems to have a large backup tank?)

A more obvious fact was also shown in the aftermath of Sunday's fires. One house had a narrow escape, getting the heat but not the flames. The VINYL SIDING on one side melted off. This is an old story that shouldn't be a story at all. VINYL SIDING melts and burns the entire house in response to much smaller heatings like a barbecue grill or a cigarette in a flowerpot. VINYL SIDING should be illegal. The whole point of siding is to PROTECT the house, not to DESTROY the house.


Monday, August 22, 2016
  Logic vs tigers

It's rather nice to have an utterly out-of-control loony speaking for globalism.
The European Union is an antidote to rising Nationalism in Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, said today. “We have to fight against nationalism, we have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists.”

He quoted former French president Francois Mitterrand as saying nationalism added to nationalism would end in war. “This is still true so we have to fight against nationalism. Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians”.
This is the same omnicidal shit globalists have been saying since the refounding of globalism in 1946. This was the argument for both UN and EU.

Borders were not invented by politicians. Borders were invented by Nature. Life is borders. Politicians have been trying to BREAK borders ever since politicians became a profession.

Juncker says nationalism leads to war.

Exactly precisely diametrically omnicidally wrong.

War happens,

when one national leader WANTS TO ELIMINATE A BORDER. War happens when nationalism is replaced by globalism.

An aggressor makes war when he wants to eat up other nations and include them in his own body.

No different from a hawk eating a squirrel or a tiger eating a deer. The tiger wants to eliminate the BOUNDARY and thus the LIFE of the deer, so he can incorporate the deer's proteins and amino acids into his own cells.

The tiger uses claws and teeth to eliminate the deer's boundary. Germany uses blackmail and economic crime and soldiers to eliminate Russia's boundary.

Globalists have managed to prevent normal humans from seeing this analogy. They paint a nice GENE-FREE picture of identical humans getting along inside the Empire's belly. Unfortunately, humans are not GENE-FREE until they are dead. Real humans always resist a real Empire, because the Empire's commands are completely unnatural.

Real result: War is not replaced by peace. War is replaced by revolts, which the Empire happily puts down. The Empire's real goal is OMNICIDE. Everyone except Juncker and Soros is dead.

Simple logic.

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  Saw the other side

On this morning's walk I finally saw BOTH sides of the lethal lie that all humans are identical, the lie that you can do anything you want if you try hard enough.

I've always seen the first side. I'm retarded in physical stamina and social skills. Superior people, teachers and parents and friends, always accused me of not trying hard enough. No, goddamnit, I was trying TOO hard. In Sport I was pushing my scrawny body beyond its narrow limits. I was fainting and puking and getting sick, but I kept trying and NOTHING happened. In social settings I was doing everything the Superior people suggested, saying all the right things and making all the right moves. In return I got nothing but disgust and insults. Females ran away at top speed. (Maybe I was helping to develop THEIR athletic abilities!)

Now I see the opposite side. In the academic areas where I was superior, nobody accused me of not trying hard enough. BUT IN FACT I WAS NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH. I was lazing along, making As without effort, not developing new skills. A few times I did push the limits, explaining how the textbook was wrong, and the teachers slapped me down. Okay, asshole, I'll stop trying.

Net result: The lie proves itself right. By encouraging people to try what will fail and skip what will succeed, everyone ends up identically mediocre.

Some kids clearly had better mentors or better parents who understood the reality of genes and skills, and guided the kid toward developing the good parts and skipping the bad parts. Non-academic parents were less susceptible to delusions. A farmer's son knew from birth that he was a farmer, and he was RIGHT.


  Self-explanatory orgasm

BBC's female newsreader is orgasming every time she mentions the Olympics. She wonders why Olympic fever doesn't translate to increased exercise and Sport activity by ordinary humans.

The fact that you are orgasming is the explanation. The Olympics are exactly like EU and UN. Specifically and explicitly celebrating GLOBALISM. A few bizarre alien humanoids exert infinite power and gain infinite money by destroying ordinary cities. The IOC humanoids are exactly the same type as the EU and UN humanoids. None of them are remotely related to Earthlings.

Ordinary humans do not join in when their imperial oppressors have an orgasm. Ordinary people are TERMINALLY TIRED of your trillion-dollar tyranny. Cities no longer fall for the Olympic LBO. They understand that the purpose of the Olympics is to suck the life out of a city and enrich the IOC monsters.

If you really want kids to get more exercise, you would need to eliminate several other fronts of your omnicidal war against civilization. People will get outside and play when they feel SAFE.

You'd have to stop the copkilling by Sharpton-infested media and US "government". You'd have to undo decades of regulation and litigation that eliminated playgrounds and recess in schools. You'd have to stop empowering media panics and false accusers who make the outdoors feel unsafe to parents.

All of these actions are YOURS, BBC newsreader. You play a major part in forcing kids to sit indoors. Now you have the chutzpah to complain about your victory.



You are enemy aliens.

  Fire time

Some fires around town yesterday. A cold front brought 25g35 winds briefly. Not enough to damage anything directly, but enough to start fires. Probably the last such event of this blessedly mild and comparatively non-fiery summer. One fire took a few houses on the northeast side of town.

This side of town was missed, which is unusual. Showing the colors in thanks.

Sunday, August 21, 2016
  Terse, concise, definitive

Two statements from African church officials show what Moral Rigor means.

From an Anglican:
Archbishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon of Nigeria accused Western churches of not having African churches' "best interests at heart" because they "present us as being 50 years behind the rest of the world. Their view of progressivism places them at the forefront of historical and social development — with us Africans bringing up the rear."

But he promised African leaders: "We will never allow ourselves, or our identity, or our churches, to be defined by the pride of those who see us as lagging behind them in our economies, our politics, our communities, our families, and our theology."

And from a Roman:
The archbishop is absolutely right to recognize the paternalism and condescension that imbues the ‘progress’ that seeks to redefine marriage,” Father Shenan J. Boquet, a Catholic priest and president of Human Life International (HLI), told LifeSiteNews. “Cardinal Sarah and many other Catholic bishops in Africa are also standing strong against this ideological colonization from the West, as they see the rot within Western culture and love their own people too much to remain silent as it is imported into Africa."

If Africans reject 'aid' from the West that comes with such destructive strings attached, and continue to defend life and family while stopping government corruption and developing the structures that make flourishing possible, Africa will be leading the world before long.
The last paragraph is a simple and complete manifesto for African independence. Africa could be leading the world into a resumption of Natural Law, which is another name for SURVIVAL.

"Developing the structures" is the hard part. Africans are good at morality and survival, but haven't shown much talent for developing structures.
  One small step

While continuing to beat the war drums against Russia, Obama is FINALLY starting to prosecute Chinese spies. This is THIRTY YEARS LATE. China has been MASSIVELY spying on our industries and military and academic research since the mid-80s. Janet Reno tried to prosecute one Chinese spy but got shut down HARD by the Clintons.

Now we have one complete and successful prosecution:
A U.S. Justice Department statement says 45-year-old Wenxia Man, also known as Wency Man of San Diego was convicted of the crime on June 9. Prosecutors say evidence shows that between March of 2011 and June of 2013, Man conspired with a contact in China named Zhang Xinsheng to send equipment that included engines used in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, the F-16 fighter jet, and the MQ-9 Reaper/Predator B Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Note that the trial happened in June and this is August. US media paid no attention to the event in June. Google's aggregator shows just one article in CNNMoney.

Simple fact: China has been our enemy since we tried to nation-build Chiang in 1946. Mao was able to portray us as a hostile occupying force because we were.

One small positive step. We know Hillary will undo this step because we know what the Clintons did before.
  First sign of real Brexit

Britain's OFFICIAL media are showing the first sign of independence from the Kraut occupiers. It's a small point, but an important disagreement.

After the Soros/Gulen coup in Turkey, BBC joined the other US/EU media in stating, as usual FLATLY AND CASUALLY AS A KNOWN FACT LIKE GRAVITY, that the coup was faked by Erdogan to increase his power.

Two weeks later, BBC and some US media accepted the real fact that the coup was GENUINE, organized by Gulenists. (Of course they can't say Soros, but at least the basics are right.)

Kraut media haven't changed. DW still treats the coup as dubious if not certainly fake.

This morning BBC admitted that it KNEW the truth IMMEDIATELY. Their Ankara correspondent is telling about the night of the coup. He says clearly that it was a failed coup by part of the military, put down mainly by the TURKISH PEOPLE, who support Erdogan.

Okay, correspondent. You knew the truth because you had SEEN the truth first-hand. You knew your bosses were lying and suppressing YOUR truth. Why didn't you blow the whistle?

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Saturday, August 20, 2016
  Non-barking lawyers

Weaponized "autonomous" cars are starting to spread into daily life, preparing to cull the Unwanteds. Normally a corporate intrusion into a new area, especially an area with NO WRITTEN LEGISLATION, would spur liability lawyers into fierce action. Lawyers have been swarming around auto liability for decades.

Where are they?

Is it just a Tribal matter? Google and Tesla are part of the Tribe. Uber is half-Tribal, probably good enough. The real auto industry is emphatically non-Tribal. Ford is especially hated by the Tribe, and has been a favorite target for lawyers.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Ford rolls out its autonomous car. Will the lawyers wake up? Or is culling the Unwanteds such an important goal that even Ford will be allowed to participate?


  Thinking out loud

Caveat: Just thinking out loud, no claims of validity or data!

I noticed that the old radio and TV cop shows NEVER mention the words misdemeanor and felony. Once or twice you'll hear the phrase penitentiary offense, which is ambiguous. Why was this distinction skipped?

I don't have an answer, but I started thinking about the distinction ...

Before 1975 a lot of people had experience with misdemeanors. Most working-class people live on the 'shady side', where alcohol and unemployment lead to a certain amount of trouble. This is a permanent constant. Before 1975, trouble generally brought short sentences for cooldown or soberup time. A week of dry discipline can make a real difference.

After 1975, as globalism started to grind into American life, good and useful jobs got scarce. Trouble multiplied. The correct solution was to back off the globalizing. Of course we couldn't do that.

Instead, we started to move more offenses into the felony category, and started to eliminate flexible and short sentences. Judges and juries were NOT ALLOWED to distinguish between professional criminals and temporary lawbreakers. Common sense was illegal.

This approach was helpful for a while, because many judges had been skipping common sense in the other direction, giving short sentences and easy paroles to pros. The new strictness kept more of the pros inside.

Meanwhile, "privacy" laws and "inmate rights" movements grew. Lethal "privacy" laws made it impossible for judges and juries to count the crimes of a pro. When he was first caught under adult rules, he had already committed a dozen major crimes which officially didn't exist. So he was allowed to continue improving his skills.

The "rights" campaigners make it impossible to use common sense in selective enforcement. Laws against jaywalking and loitering formerly allowed cops to discipline crime-seeking behavior by known crime-seekers, while ignoring similar behavior by ordinary people. When normal natural discrimination is impossible, the cops have to catch EVERYONE regardless of known tendencies. Britain is taking this one step beyond, with loitering laws that SPECIFICALLY EXEMPT known criminals. Can't punish existing criminals; have to create new criminals.

Net result: A lot of shady types who need occasional discipline have UNFAIRLY AND UNJUSTLY ended up as permanent inmates, and a lot of pros who should be permanent or executed are getting UNFAIRLY AND UNJUSTLY SHORT sentences.

Soros is taking advantage of this situation, trying to get inmates released into the custody of Sorosian NGOs where they can be weaponized for Sorosian ends. It's a classic racket. Globalism pushes people into trouble; laws written by globalists insure that the trouble puts non-pros in prison; globalists use the resentment at unjust punishment to create a private army.

We need to break all parts of this racket. Break out of globalism and restore local industries so working-class people can rebuild a normal culture (even if it's shady!). Break the rigidity of sentencing that turns momentary trouble into permanent crime. Eliminate the NGOs that trade release for loyalty.

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Friday, August 19, 2016
  Antichrist and Soros, partial allies

It's clear that the Catholic bishops and Antichrist Francine agree strongly with Soros on some issues. They are helping Soros to weaponize criminals and migrants. Was Soros paying for this assistance?

Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. ... $200,000 over two years (renewal; general support) A general support grant to Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) will support its mission to promote the dignity and protect the rights of immigrants across the U.S. Founded in 1988, CLINIC is a subsidiary corporation of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). CLINIC seeks to promote the dignity and safeguard the rights of immigrants, without distinction based upon age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or any other grounds.
Problem: USCCB still holds to an anti-Satan position on abortion for some mysterious reason. Soros groups are displeased by this, but they have a workaround:
EOF’s third gender justice priority is to support efforts to protect the gains of the reproductive rights movement while crafting new policy solutions to problems faced by poor women, women of color, immigrant women, LGBTQ people, and men who face structural inequality because of their gender or gender identity. Choice USA plays a critical role in building support for reproductive rights among young people. It advocates for health and education policies that address the needs of youth and trains young people to be vocal advocates for reproductive rights. The recommended grant to the Groundswell Fund also seeks to strengthen advocacy for reproductive rights while drawing attention to the concerns of marginalized women that extend beyond access to an abortion (e.g., banning the shackling of pregnant, incarcerated women and drug policy reform).
Use the weaponized criminals and Persons Of Gender to push against pro-life efforts.


Thursday, August 18, 2016
  Why so many total losses?

News from the Baton Rouge flood says 40,000 houses will need to be replaced.

Shouldn't happen. This isn't a tidal wave or flash flood that pushes houses off their foundations. This is water rising in place. Most pictures show one to two feet of water. Houses got very wet but weren't struck or pushed by any force.

A house built with flooding in mind, standing tall on a high crawl space, wouldn't have suffered at all; but I don't see any houses built that way. All the pictures show flat-on-the-ground slab houses. Just plain stupid in a natural flood plain.

Older houses didn't need to be replaced when they got wet. Here's a googlestreet from around 10th and Colo St in Manhattan. The southeast quarter of Manhattan was flooded FOUR times from 1903 to 1951. These are all wood-frame houses. Some were around for all four floods, most went through '35 and '51. All are still present and solid. A few might have been replaced at various times, but the vast majority are still there.

What's the difference? Plaster vs drywall? Rock-wool vs fiberglass or cellulose insulation? Wood sheathing vs particleboard?


  Really? Yep.

Smithsonian has an article about the hand-over-heart salute to the flag. This wasn't the original method; previously we raised right hands toward the flag. In the '30s the raised hand was also used in Germany, so we had to be different.

Didn't sound right, so I started looking through old books. Found two different education journals from 1918: South Dakota Educator and Popular Educator.

Got a lot more than salutes! There's a dramatic difference between the two magazines. SD Educator was about 70% Wilsonian propaganda and 30% info for teachers. The info for teachers was the same atrocious shit we got in the '50s and '60s. Rote memorization of useless, invalid and completely wrong nonsense.

Nice example in "English":

The author is recommending the usual VIOLENTLY WRONG Latinate grammar. Also as usual, there's bonus wrongness beyond the "It is I" shit. Look at the last sentence.

= = = = =

Popular Educator was unbelievably GOOD. Every single lesson is done PROPERLY. Start with job skills and life skills: cooking food, sewing clothes, gardening, handling money. All of the usual "subjects" are branched from the skills.

It's SO DAMN GOOD that I'm tempted to cite every page, but I'll hold it down to two:

Using food to explore math, language, geography, and scientific method. Every bit of the "subjects" is valid and useful. Every bit of the presentation is informal and lively. No Latin shit, no rote formulas.

= = = = =

But I joyfully digress. What about the salute?

Sure enough, amid a project that had the kids making their own costumes and writing their own scripts. This isn't exactly the Kraut form; the hands are pointing in various directions, not uniformly downward. Several are cupped upward to receive blessings. [Quiz question: Who does the camera love? No points for correct answer. I'll bet she had an interesting life.]



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