Tuesday, March 31, 2015
  Good, by god.

One. Good. Thing.

While fucking up everything else to an unimaginable extent, even beyond Bush's unimaginable fuckups, Obama has steadily pushed, against the normally irresistible pressure of Jew donors, to bring Persia back into a more normal connection with the West. Amid all the unspeakable insanity, ONE. SANE. ACTION. Now it's pretty much official, with a diplomatic agreement among the six powers.

A side piece of sanity: Kerry and Lavrov worked constructively together, even while Kerry has made the standard evil noises about Russia.

For a long time now, Persia has objectively been aiding and assisting civilization in many ways, while serving its own interests in others. Israel has objectively been a violent and vicious and hyperaggressive enemy of civilization on every issue and more. In other words, Persia is a normal nation and Israel is a pure criminal.

= = = = =

April 2, noon: It's official. All sanctions ended, Persian nuclear program modified to steer away from military uses.

Polistra and friends are doing something absolutely unprecedented and likely un-post-cedented as well. Strictly a one-time event, never to be repeated...

We salute USA, and especially Obama, who promised a whole bunch of good stuff and fulfilled ONLY THIS ONE PROMISE... but this is a big one. Clearly took some guts. Bravo.
  Synchronous serendipity

Went to WalMart this morning. As usual the WalMart Experience™ was tiring, so I decided to take the bus back home instead of walking. The bus stop has a little retaining wall where people generally set their bags. Someone has carefully written in colored chalk on the wall:

It's a Beatiful Day! Smile!

Parallel serendipity, inspired by the same beatiful place! Love it.

So I did smile and decided to walk after all. The decision was rewarded by a beatiful sight.

An older lady human was walking her older lady dog. One of those mop-style dogs, Sheltie or spaniel. As the hill got steeper the dog slowed down, troubled by stiff old legs. The lady picked up the dog ... a major armful ... and continued walking. Clearly part of the daily routine.

God's work.


  Bravo BBC!

I like to give credit on the RARE occasions when credit is due. BBC normally follows the same satanic line as US mediasatans. In this case a BBC headline is objectively and correctly written, and deserves a cheer!

Exact quote:

"A law in the US state of Indiana that protects religious freedom has annoyed defenders of gay and lesbian rights."

No scare quotes, no ironic so-calleds or allegeds. Simply an accurate statement of what is happening! Wildly and diametrically different from EVERYTHING in USASATAN.
Monday, March 30, 2015
  Constants and variables 25

Mark Tooley notes that Disciples of Christ, headquartered in Indianapolis, has predictably roared along with Satan's demolition crew against Indiana's doomed last-ditch attempt to slow down the bulldozer.

I hadn't paid much attention to D of C; it was already lost in the '70s when I attended Phillips. Tooley mentions that D of C is fading even faster than the high-dollar Satanist denominations, while C of C is holding strong and growing slightly.

Strikes me just now that CC and DC form a neat separated-twins experiment. What happens when one twin follows Jesus firmly and the other twin succumbs to the serpent?

Bigger Satanic denominations began in a variety of ways, but most of them have been aristocratic for a long time. They didn't leave a Christian twin behind for comparison.

Obeying the evil rich is exactly why the Anglican monstrosity began, and it has never departed from its original mission. It has always blessed and emulated the King's evil ways. Others (Presby, Methodist, UCC) began with a serious Christian intent but soon became the money-changers. If there was a twin for any of these, it faded a long time ago.

The Disciples never became a church for bankers. As of 1960, the people of DC and CC were pretty much the same working-class and middle-class Midwesterners. The only noticeable differences were pianos and wine. (CC famously sticks with offkey a-capella and grape juice.) After 1960, DC started to 'rot from the head', led by theologians in the seminaries. This was clearly visible at Phillips when I was there. Most students, and most teachers in regular academic subjects, were indistinguishable from CC types. Parents paid a lot, and they expected to get proper Christian-flavored teaching for their kids. They got exactly that from the math and physics and English depts, but they got Commie crap and atheism from the "religion" teachers in the seminary.

The fade shouldn't be surprising. When you obey rich fuckheads while claiming to serve normal people, you're bound to fail.


  'Good bones'

Architect-y types like to talk about the 'bones' of a house. I'm not sure what they mean, but this seems like an appropriate use of the term.....

Hoffman Street has a long harmonious stretch of nicely maintained late 50s houses. Judging by names and appearances, many of them are still occupied by the first buyer or his widow.

Hoffman is the best part of my daily walk. If my morning has started badly with poor sleep or inadequate dump or annoying demands from New York employer, Hoffman makes it all better. A strong dose of civilization. The visual equivalent of Albinoni.

One of those houses is getting new siding this week. Not an ideal week for the job, with a couple days of wind-blown rain, but I suspect the house won't be bothered much. It's stripped down to the sheathing now. High-quality 1x8 boards, placed solidly with zero gaps in alternate rows. All perfectly straight and flat after 60 years. You could paint it and you'd think the house was complete.

Good bones.

Most earlier houses (including mine) used poor random-sized scrap lumber for sheathing, and most later houses use soft particleboard. These '50s houses are a dramatic exception.

Peak bones.

= = = = =

Couple weeks later, after the siding is done: ACK! This is awful! The new metal siding is misproportioned and LUMPY. I don't know how they managed that; none of the neighboring houses are lumpy. Even my little house, sided in 1979 by Carter's Weatherizing Job Corps, isn't lumpy. Makes me feel empathetically embarrassed for the nice Hoffman house. She thought she was going to get a sharp new wardrobe, and now she's stuck with garage sale rejects.

And another week: ACK again. The lumpy siding has been painted. I thought maybe they were going to come back and finish, but apparently this is the "done" condition. Lots of missed spots, lots of exclaves and enclaves at trim borders. I couldn't do the siding better, but I could definitely do the painting better. Even more embarrassed for the house.

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  Good reading

An article by Bill Bonner explains what's wrong with the USA STRONG economy in the most concise and complete form. From 1970 sanity to the present fucked misery, in powerful prose and strict facts.


  Anti-scam dramas

Before 1960 there were a LOT of radio and TV shows aimed at consumer protection from SCAMS. Some series, like Hello Sucker and Racket Squad, were fully devoted to the subject; many episodes of general cop shows like Highway Patrol or This is your FBI made the same point.

In recent years this subject has nearly vanished from the mass media, because our economy is 100% scam now. We don't want consumers to be on guard against anything, because anything is everything.

A pleasant exception is this modern series of 15-minute dramas produced by the Postal Inspection Service.

I'm not sure how these were meant to be viewed, or if they were ever aired on broadcast or cable. Maybe they're purely for Youtube.

The characters are sharp and realistic, not genericized or muted. In this episode about a boiler-room stock scam, the boss is exactly the right New York type, and the victims are people you'd find in Spokane or Tulsa. Unlike some ads where the scammer is obviously wrong because we don't dare offend the real types.

Bravo to USPS for doing a true public service which the main media have steadfastly refused to perform.

Incidentally, this series is a precise echo of a 1947 radio series that was also produced in connection with the Postal Inspectors. Only one episode seems to be online at the moment, but ISTR a larger set somewhere.
Sunday, March 29, 2015
  Stupid vs stupid

Article about a stupid Christian politician, written by a stupid satan in typical snide-ass satanese.
Anyway, Big Guy, they were debating a gun bill at a legislative committee meeting at the State Capitol this week so, naturally, Allen brought up religion. (In Arizona, complete lack of logic is natural. But, you know that, too) This was one of those crazy bills in which lawmakers want people to be able to bring concealed weapons into public buildings. Allen got upset because a few people expressed common sense opposition to the idea. Lawmakers here cannot abide common sense. Allen said, "Probably we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebirth," adding "that would never be allowed."

Yes, the idea is fantastically stupid. But it's stupid because it would accelerate Satan's triumph even faster than the current light-speed onrushing. Tachyon time.

Established churches are the quickest way to weaken religion. This was exactly why the 1776'ers didn't want a single established church. Centralized management is bad enough, giving Satan a nice handy single-lever faucet. A centralized church that ties into the centralized government is even worse.

Required attendance is another nice easy tool. When members can choose to stay home, a bad or evil preacher causes the congregation to dissolve. Best of all, after the whole denomination shrinks to a handful of pure-Satan congregations, the denomination itself is no longer attractive to Satan. The whole purpose of infesting these mainline denominations was to grab their cultural and economic power. No economic power, no need to infest.

Automatic justice, beatifully** visible in all the "mainline" denominations where Satan has taken over. Without the choice of staying or leaving, power-mad devils will invade every congregation and contaminate every mind.

Stupid vs stupid. Sometimes this combination multiplies the resultant stupidity, but in this particular case the two stupids cancelled out, with no new harm.

** Serendipitous typo. I'm not going to correct it.
  Appropriate refrain

Old folk songs often had nonsense syllables in their refrains or 'chorus' segments, and often ended with an O.

Tow to to to, tow tero.
Acruising we shall go, oho, oho, oho!
With a fa la, fa la, la!
She's following the gypsey laddey, O!

There isn't a modern version of these refrains ... until now!


So the modern ballad (only one is needed and permitted, because only one thought is needed and permitted) runs as follows:

Verse 1:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 2:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 3:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 4:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 5:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 6:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 7:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 8:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 9:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 10:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 11:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

Verse 12:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

.... Verse 9999999999999999999999999999999:
Your a rascist
Your a facist
Your a sexist
Your a homophobe
Your a transphobe
Your a microaggressor

ShareO, RedditO, TweetO, EmailO.

  Assume death ====> Commit genocide

Robert Chesebrough, the first oil millionaire, quoted in a petroleum industry trade journal in 1920.

A few months ago he created something of a stir by announcing that the cannel coal fields of America and the oil shale beds of the Rockies alone would be able to furnish motor fuel for years upon years, even if the petroleum fields as we know them were milked dry.


His major difference with the geologists, however, is on another matter. [He has been saying since 1873] that coal is nothing more than solidified petroleum. Natural gas, he avers, is being made all the time in the depths of the earth where there is intense heat and great pressure.


His exact explanation of the mechanism seems dubious, but his basic understanding that fossil fuels are NOT fossils is correct.

[Our little bacteria are saluting Chesebrough's Vaseline, which came well before Gasoline as a commercial use of petroleum. In more generic terms, oil was healing burns thousands of years before it was turning wheels.]

Through the 20th century Age Of Total Death, geologists continued to run their lifeless theories. It was all a matter of mechanical pressure, and it was all finished. No more oil will ever be made. These theories were highly advantageous to the oil companies. Assumed scarcity = high prices. (When you hear alleged leftists shouting about Peak Oil, ask Cui bono?)

Recently, as biologists finally OPENED THEIR FUCKING EYES and started to PAY ATTENTION TO FUCKING REALITY, they realized that the same bacteria are still down there, still gobbling up organic matter, still turning it into oil and gas.

One consequence of the dead years: We've stopped putting new organic matter into the ground. The Total Obliterators of the EPA Terrorist Army have prohibited us from recharging the reservoirs with trash middens and landfills and septic tanks.

As usual the death-assumers are death-makers.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015
  Earth Hour again!

I think I'll just reprint last year's Earth Hour piece. It's still precisely valid, and I'm low on brainpower this week.

= = = = =

It's Earth Hour again! Polistra and friends salute the power of natural gas, looking up to their Gas-Light Night Telegraph as a symbol and beacon of civilization.

I haven't focused much on the Carbon Cult lately; partly because I've been fairly busy with courseware, mainly because it's clear that the Cult is finally blessedly starting to fade. Extra voices on the side of logic are less necessary now that two of the major Cult nations (Canada and Australia) have switched firmly back to facts, and now that most of the EU has quietly acknowledged the futility of the Cult's apocalypse.

The Cult's central leaders are screaming louder and louder: "We're melting! We're melting! We're melting!" No, wicked witches. We're not melting. It's just you.

I was struck just now by a seeming contradiction that tells the true story. Our idiot media and imbecile Experts are constantly asking Christians and Muslims for proof. Constantly asking religious people to verify the truth of their scriptures. Our idiot media and imbecile Experts have NEVER asked Carbon Cultists for proof. Nobody has EVER asked Michael Mann or Phil Jones to show, by a properly done experiment, that CO2 is the leading variable. Because, of course, they can't. Because, of course, it isn't.

Traditionally, science is required to provide experimental proof. Traditionally, religion is not required to show experimental proof. That's the whole fucking difference between religion and science.

We have a complete reversal.

But! In the long run this is a magnificent reversal, because religion is quickly reaching the point where it WILL be able to provide strict factual proof for the existence of an intelligent Creator. Established post-christian "churches" haven't noticed this trend; they're too busy sucking Satan's barbed and fiery dick.

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  Bored Swiss

This whole package of Safeway swiss cheese has exactly one perfectly round hole through the middle. Looks like someone clamped the block in a drill press and ran it through with a 3/8" bit.

Not exactly Jesus on Toast, but maybe it means something. Or not.
Friday, March 27, 2015
  Boringly classic

On the Kraut airline pilot: "Spectacular gesture" and "change the system". Boringly classic for the manic phase of a bipolar personality ... especially one that decided, because of the manic phase, to skip his lithium.

Nice obvious picture.

And again boringly classic: Privacy laws and Die-Versity laws and "patients rights" laws are genocidal.

Bipolar personalities can accomplish huge bursts of high-quality creativity. If you're making animations or publishing novels, you can use some uncontrolled bipolars.

The perfect job where you DON'T want a bipolar is airline pilot. Other managerial or driver-type jobs are nearly as bad, but airline pilot is ... boringly classic.

Privacy kills as usual.

"Change the system"? The system is locked down tighter than a cockpit door, and the alleged so-called humans at the wheel are exactly 10000 times crazier than you. They're perfectly willing to kill 1.5 million to make their version of a "spectacular gesture". Your piddly little 150 will not begin to impress them.

The one non-boring aspect of this mess is the fast information flow after the event. A similar event in America would be a State Secret. No Comment Because Of Ongoing Investigation For The Next 75 Years. I don't know if Germany has different laws on Ongoing Investigation, or someone decided this was too important for laws.

Later thought: A pilot can't "change the system" but a mass movement by consumers could. Refuse to fly. The airplane was invented after the telephone, so passenger aviation was never necessary. Now that phones include all sorts of video and data-sharing capabilities, aviation is even less needed than it was at the start. If nobody flies, the airlines will disappear and the TSA won't be able to molest you. TSA's budget and workforce will continue to double every year, of course. Parkinson. But you won't be bothered.

Update a few days later: Toldja so. Even after a grotesquely obvious proof, Die-Versity roars back into murderous action. Can't keep ahead of these infinite x infinite x infinite hypersatans.
  No refuge

I somehow ended up reading this little article about Kanazawa, the 'samurai town'. This passage caught my attention:

Then I recalled something Nagashima had said on the tour: “To defend Kanazawa, the Maeda clan encouraged the samurais to focus on arts and craftsmanship instead of fighting. That way they did not pose a threat to the clan with the highest power, and so were not invaded. As a result, there was actually almost no fighting in Kanazawa for 400 years.”

First thought: Hmm. Does this offer a helpful hint for modern non-Satans who are attempting to decouple from our "highest-power clans"? Can we stick to arts and crafts so we're not a threat?

Immediate answer: EXACTLY NOT. Classic difference between authoritarian and totalitarian. The Jap government in those times was authoritarian. Didn't care how you ran your life as long as you paid your taxes and bribes, and posed no direct threat to gov't power. Modern Western Satans are totalitarian. Everything you do, down to the last keystroke, is monitored. Arts and crafts are ESPECIALLY monitored and ferociously punished. If you want to stay in business, you MUST work for Satan. You can't turn aside a commission that would violate your beliefs.

Five Eyes sees all, knows all, exterminates all.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015
  Morality is NOT irrational.

An economic "study" that's making the news rounds this week.....
In the positive “gain” condition, we framed the fruit option positively. We initially presented it as a single piece of fruit, but, half the time that the apes chose it, we provided them with a second piece as well. The negative “loss” condition was identical, except that in this condition we framed the fruit option negatively. Here we presented the fruit option as two pieces of fruit, but, half the time the apes chose it, we took a piece back and only provided the ape with one.

Even though in both conditions apes who chose the fruit option received identical payoffs—a 50-50 chance of getting one or two pieces of fruit—they chose the fruit option significantly more when it was framed positively than when it was framed negatively: apes, too, make irrational economic decisions.
No, idiot. There's nothing irrational about sticking with a vendor you trust. There's nothing irrational about DISLIKING THEFT. There's nothing irrational about PREFERRING TO KEEP WHAT YOU'VE GOT. All of these preferences are NATURAL AND MORAL AND RATIONAL by all traditional definitions of morality AND RATIONALITY.

Down to basics: An economic system is supposed to serve HUMANS, not to serve some abstract theory that CONSTANTLY VIOLATES HUMAN NEEDS. A system of trade and business should be COMPREHENSIBLE AND TRUSTWORTHY to normal humans. It should be a tool they can rely on, not a monster that starves them.

When you design a system that constantly violates normal human senses, a system that consistently FOOLS PEOPLE, you are EXPLICITLY AND INTENTIONALLY designing a GLOBAL SCAM. You are designing a MASSIVE FRAUD. You are committing a TOTAL CRIME.

But this isn't surprising when you consider who defines and formulates modern economics. The thieves design the system to favor the thieves.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
  Ralph would approve

There's something really strange about this year's Gallup poll of happy and unhappy countries. The questions are excellent; no possible argument there. Goes beyond superficial words to probe activities that generate contentment in the broadest sense.

I think Emerson would approve of the procedure. He would certainly understand the result. Happy countries include a complete cross-section of governmental systems, unhappy countries include a complete cross-section of governmental systems.

Partisans and ideologues want to convince us that elections and systems matter. Nope. Dead wrong. Revolutionaries are evener deader wronger, because the result of every revolution is years of chaos followed by return of harsher tyranny.

The true life and satisfactions of man seem to elude the utmost rigors or felicities of condition, and to establish themselves with great indifferency under all varieties of circumstances. Under all governments the influence of character remains the same; in Turkey and in New England about alike.

But this year's results have some seriously misplaced happies. All of the top ten this year are Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, and Brazil is WAY down the list. This simply doesn't make sense.

I dare you to find a picture or video from Brazil that DOESN'T show people enjoying life to the max. Nobody on earth spends so much time dancing and celebrating life. Even Google Streetview shows it. Almost every randomly selected block includes people strolling around and smiling.

Same goes for Korea. No matter what Koreans are doing, they're enjoying it. Even when they're protesting and fighting police, both sides are enjoying the fight. But Korea is way down the list.

The bottom end makes more sense. Countries where NudelmanPyatt War Partners LLC has fulfilled a highly profitable bloody chaos contract are extremely unhappy or dead. And Slavic countries are unhappy regardless of conditions. Tragedy is a vitamin for Slavs. They eat and breathe dark heavy gloom, which is why they endure.


  Special toxic language update

Professor Polistra brings a peculiar mix of linguistic oddities and radioactive toxins this week. She needs the hazmat suit to handle the latter.

= = = = =

Frack Ahhh:

According to BBC, this is what Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was involved in. Since BBC hates fracking, it's easy to see why they fired Clarkson for making an appreciative noise about fracking.

= = = = =


Pronunciation of Vanuatu, according to one ABC radio announcer. Unusual for an American announcer to screw up pronunciation so badly; normally this job is reserved for BBC.

= = = = =

In kilter:

A wonderful back-formation in a column about Richard 3's relevance to modern politicians.

"The Tripadvisor monarch, unearthed in a Leicester car park, is also an oddly modern symbol for a country whose preoccupations run in kilter with the anxieties of his lifetime."

Must be something about R3 that inspires linguistic thinking. Prof Polistra was also inspired to think freshly about negation and de-negation.

= = = = =

= = = = =

= = = = =

= = = = =

= = = = =

= = = = =

= = = = =

TOXIC SLUDGE BELOW THIS LINE= = = = = = = = = = = =


In the infinitely evil jargon of physicists, understand means destroy.

The LHC, which is the most evil thing ever built, suffered a short-circuit this week which will delay its latest attempt to understand the universe.

CERN director Rolf Heuer said: "All the signs are good for a great Run Two. In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks' delay in humankind's quest to understand our Universe is little more than the blink of an eye."

Nature is trying to tell you something by placing these difficulties in your path, Rolfie. Of course you aren't listening because infinitely evil all-consuming all-obliterating entities do not listen to their victims.

= = = = =


In the infinitely x infinitely x infinitely evil jargon of Gaia-worshippers, knowledge means total destruction of your mind. An infinitely x infinitely x infinitely evil entity operating under the title of "KATHERINE JEFFERTS-SCHORI" has emitted the following infinitely poisonous toxin:

“Episcopalians understand the life of the mind is a gift of God and to deny the best of current knowledge is not using the gifts God has given you. In that sense, yes, it could be understood as a moral issue.”

Torquemada strongly approves of entity JEFFERTS-SCHORI. He also used torture and murder to enrich and empower the monarchs and elites of his time, eliminating the denialismimimists of his time to preserve "sacred knowledge". But according to most records, Torquemada only killed about 2000 heretics, while you are killing millions of innocent poor people who can no longer find decent jobs or afford to heat their houses in winter.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
  More crap = less crap?

An implementation of Parkinson's Law that I hadn't noticed before. It's obvious in education lately, where everybody is bidding up the length of the school day and the school year.

The operant theory: Our kids are intellectually malnourished by the crap we're feeding them. THEREFORE we need to feed them more of the same crap. After we shovel enough crap into their minds, the crap will magically turn into better nourishment.

Spokane is following this theory, adding a half-hour to all school days next year. Now Arnie is getting into the act, pushing for increased funding for "After-school programs", which means MORE CRAP.

Doesn't work with food, doesn't work with labor hours, doesn't work with school hours.

With food, the solution for poor nutrition and obesity is NOT more food. You need to eat less processed food so your digestive system has to work harder. Everything has to enter the mouth and gut together: chewing, mood, fibers, flavors, smells.

Same with education. Change the diet to less processed facts and more direct digestion of fresh crunchy reality. Everything has to enter the muscles and senses together: actions, mood, facts, flavors, smells.

Of course the More Crap tendency has no real connection with education. The advocates aren't really trying to improve learning. They only want to justify hiring more teachers so they can hire more educrats and more union thugs. Good old Parkinson.


  Why didn't I turn greaser?

Purely personal and pointless. I've been thinking about this "in written form", so might as well write it.

After a typical midlife thingamajig or burnout around age 35, I've been hardass for 30 years. You mind your business, I'll mind mine.

Before the burnout I was trying to be nice, good citizen, hardworking, socially sensitive, all that shit. When I retardedly realized that niceness led nowhere: no love, no respect, no money, no satisfaction ... I stopped.

Recently I wondered: How would my life have gone if I'd turned hardass at 20?

By that point I already understood that hardass boys got the girls. Specifically, the girls I wanted were exactly the semi-tough chicks who loyally stuck with hardasses. I didn't want the abstraction-soaked bohemian womonpersons who were "appropriate" for my "position in life". And they didn't want me either.

I also understood that college was not leading to a career. I liked working on cars and fixing radios. I ferociously hated the university version of math and physics and "Poims, Poits and Poit-ry" as the lit-ra-tyuah professor put it. I had enough raw IQ to get those things done, but it was pure hell, leading perilously close to suicide several times. "Appropriate" and "position in life" again.

Best of all, after a year in jail in 1969, I had jail skills and jail credentials.

Means, motive, opportunity. Why didn't I switch style from nerd to greaser? Why didn't I learn the fine points of fighting instead of practicing non-violence? Why didn't I apply my car skills to rigging 409s for speed instead of rigging VWs for economy?

All of those changes were available in terms of basic skills and talent. I might have ended up with a wife who was worth working for. More likely I would have been shot by rival hardasses.

Pointless speculation, with one exception. After placing the hardass-me on the timeline at 20, I can sort of tune it forward and examine the dissonance or consonance.

Resultant understanding: The burnout at 35 didn't create a new hardass personality; it melted off the squishy hippieshit plastic coating to expose a hardass that was always there.

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Utah has fully decided to use the firing squad as an option in executing murderers.

Finally a state fights back EFFECTIVELY against one flank of Satan's War of Total Annihilation. The constant multi-directional squeeze on methods of execution was meant to force all states into an abject surrender to criminals. So far it's worked in NEARLY all states, but Satan didn't expect a state to sneak around the onrushing bulldozer of bloody chaos. The firing squad hasn't been used in recent decades, so Satan didn't bother to make war against it.

Again, BRAVO!

This should be a lesson. You CANNOT fight Satan head-on, but you CAN SOMETIMES undermine his work with unexpected moves. Will other states learn from this technique in other parts of the War? I doubt it. Part of Okla's legislature is trying an end-run around the devastation of "marriage", but real implementation doesn't look likely.

  Let's see ... how do we blame Putin for this one?

News item:
Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, will announce plans to bolster the Falkland Islands garrison amid fears of a renewed threat from Argentina. The south American nation is feared to be increasing military expenditure, according to reports. Senior ministers in the country have also made a series of increasingly aggressive statements about the islands in recent years.
Amazing! UK is responding to a threat from a country with an actual history of attacking Britain, instead of creating fictional "threats"! This threat may or may not be real, but at least it's plausible. Not purely imaginary.

Even more amazing, UK Telegraph DOESN'T manage to blame Putin! Apparently this essential job was entrusted to the Express this time:
It is thought that Defence Secretary Michael Fallon will announce reinforcements of troops and equipment in response to a Ministry of Defence review which suggested an attack on the South Atlantic archipelago was more likely. Russia is reportedly planning a deal to lease 12 bombers to Argentina as the country re-arms more than 30 years after the Falklands War.
Because Argentina might lease some weapons from Russia in the future, Putin is solely to blame for Argentina's historically typical decision. His picture, not Kirchner's picture, accompanies the Express article.

Here's a broader and longer view of the situation. Argentina's planes are mainly American and French, but British pressure caused America and France to embargo Argentina. So they had to look elsewhere for new planes and replacement parts, which meant Israel, Russia and China. Russia is most eager to sell stuff because of American embargos against Russia. In other words, the West lost a steady customer and forced Argentina into Russia's market. Now we're calling Russia the aggressor (as always) for trying to work around our blockades.

We've been VERY BUSY creating enemies where none existed before.


Monday, March 23, 2015
  In a sane country this would be....

Ted Cruz makes a big splash, saying some important and true things about the "Global Warming" megacrime along with some standard useless R boilerplate about IRS, Romneycare and Common Core.


UPDATE: Cruz's wife is a director of Goldman. This explains why he's allowed to run, but it also discredits everything he says. Goldman is one of the main drivers of the "Global Warming" megacrime. Thus his words are a false-flag trick, designed to pull fact-lovers into a guaranteed-to-fail (legally impossible) campaign.


Basic problem: He can't hold office. He was born in Canada, and his parents weren't simply visiting there.

In a sane country with a functional political system, this would result in a quick change to the Constitution. Rs and Ds would decide that both were dead tired of fucking around with the natural-born clause. Both would quickly pass an amendment, then use party blackmail to force enough state legislatures to go along. It could happen in a couple months if "both" "sides" wanted it.

The natural-born restriction wasn't meant to be a permanent part of the national OS; it was part of the cold boot routine for a brand-new system. The 14-year minimum of residence in the clause was meant to exclude latecomers and turncoats. Only fighters who had been with the Revolution from the start would be qualified.

It hasn't been used even when it was clearly applicable. George Romney was unquestionably foreign-born. His parents and grandparents were Mexican nationals. In 1962 nobody even mentioned the problem; he was tossed out of the race not because he was foreign, but because he showed signs of competence and sanity. He would have been a pretty decent President. We can't allow that. Intolerable. Unacceptable. All options on the table except using the Constitution correctly.

USA STRONG is not a sane nation. We will keep the clause, and Cruz will stay in the race, and the media and his defenders will throw nonsense at each other, and Hillary will be the next President.


  Not unfair

During jury duty in Dec, I got tired of two Gonzaga graduates who used their Jesuit training to endlessly quibble about unimportant points. The jury could have finished a day earlier if these two dudes hadn't been grinding logic into sawdust. And when they weren't debating the case, they were debating football with the same volume and casuistry.

I formed the undoubtedly unfair stereotype that football substitutes for sex in Roman brains.

Listening today to an interesting conversation about Benedictine traditions on local EWTN station. Deep understanding of frugality in all things, which I deeply appreciate. One of the monks was telling his vision of heaven .... "I'm focusing on the part of Genesis where God is walking with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening, discussing whatever needs to be discussed. In modern times what might God discuss with us? Probably the Seahawks."

Well. Not an unfair stereotype after all.

Might even be an example of 'prophetic hearing' by the monk. If God (as transduced by the monk) has a NY accent, the subject he was actually discussing with Adam and Eve would sound a lot like Seahawks.
  Calling all Tardises!

Escaped timelord! Approach with caution and apprehend suspect! That is all!

Sunday, March 22, 2015
  Richard III bes here

Odd thought, somehow triggered by writing "Install ye" and "Install ye not" on the buttons in the silly cartoon for Richard III's EULA-gy. I hadn't noticed this in ordinary English, but casting it into an unfamiliar style grabbed me.....

Far as I can tell, all languages consider positive action or positive answers to be default and unmarked. Not doing a thing is the choice that requires an extra word or prefix. No, not, isn't, in-, un-, an-. The positive condition is the shorter word or shorter sentence. It's easier to describe action than INaction. It takes less energy to describe the more energetic condition.


One possibility: NOT-DOING is the overwhelming default in Nature. At this moment, like all other moments, you are DOING only one or two of the infinite number of linguistically named actions available to you. Thus you are NOT-DOING essentially everything. Because our nervous system ignores default or unchanging conditions, we notice and name departures from default. DOINGS get words. We'd rather not describe the NOT-DOINGS at all, so we punish them with prefixes when we're forced by circumstances to notice them.

Maybe this rule is why Frugality is at the bottom of the status stack. Frugal is a highly unusual and uncomfortable word, violating the abovementioned rule. It describes a NON-action without having any negative prefixes. Choosing to borrow and spend and consume should typically be the unprefixed word. Choosing NOT to borrow and spend and consume should be punished by having to carry around a shameful prefix.

Car buyers who want simplicity are officially punished with penalty cars.

Simple-living people get chased out of everywhere. We are UNwanted UNpersons. We are Piles Of Stuff.

The Goldman Coup of 2008 was explicitly a WAR ON FRUGALITY. The precise purpose was to punish savers HARD. The frugocide has continued unabated for 7 years. Anyone complaining? Nope. [Sidenote: This protest in Cyprus sounds like it might be the first real battle by savers, but on closer look it doesn't count. The protesters are really speculators, not savers.]

You can't even find the phrase "war on frugality". Try googling it. You'll get two pages of mostly random combinations, several positive references, and exactly one CORRECT usage, written in early 2009. Nobody else picked up the idea because everyone wants to kill frugality. Even the supposed leftists and populists who claim to oppose Goldman are not favoring frugality; they dislike the Goldman approach because it's NOT BORROWING FAST ENOUGH. They want MORE BLOODY DESTRUCTION, not less. See MMT, Bill Black, Stephanie Kelton.

Frugality in speech is equally bad. Quiet people? Loners, oddballs, serial killers, terrorists. All should commit suicide.

I wanted frugality in sound to help me sleep. I wanted FDR sound, Sharia sound, with the peaks pulled down and the valleys brought up to fill the curve. Nope, can't have it. Existing software called "Normalizer" does the exact opposite. It gives you Goldman sound! Morgan sound! Rand sound! Friedman sound! Maxima expanded BEYOND INFINITY! Minima SMASHED to zero! So I had to write my own frugalizer, and it worked.

Frugality in general action? There isn't a verb for it in Standard English. No way to say that you are happily accomplishing your purpose in life without committing any defined activities. Some black dialects do include a precise verb, indicating a saner and more natural approach to life. See the sophisticated distinction between he here and he be here and he bes here. Three gradations of purpose vs activity.

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  Paused barking

Polistra likes to take note of non-barking dogs. Having noted the year-long idiot barking of the Hitlerizing Campaign against Putin, she now observes that the Campaign has gone silent. Exactly since Putin re-surfaced from his two-week vacation or sick leave, UK papers stopped publishing "news" about Putin's supposed brain damage or wife-beating or mistresses or cloven hooves or third eye or constant farting.

Yet another Lusitania tried and failed? Or did Putin do something during that vacation that forced the idiots to stop? Did he create a defensive blackmail threat against them?

Meanwhile, the real action continues without pause. NudelmanPyatt War Partners LLC continue to invade Ukraine and the Baltics with Western weapons and soldiers, and Russia continues to respond with defensive moves.


  Bones, royal, scoliotic, one [1] lot, FOB Leicester

The reburial of Richard 3 includes a subtle but tremendously important sidelight.
At noon, the cortege is due to leave the University of Leicester, where the archaeologists and academics have studied and guarded the monarch’s mortal remains since they were excavated from a council car park in August 2012. The procession has been organised so that Richard Buckley, the lead archaeologist on the project, and the legal guardian of the remains until he hands over responsibility at the door of the cathedral, can keep the coffin in his sight at all times.
The concept of legal custody during shipment doesn't get mentioned much nowadays, so it's especially dramatic to see it invoked in this strange quasi-religious ceremony.

Mentioned or not, the concept has always been tremendously important to the history and development of commerce.

When I worked for a company that bought and sold and installed heavy equipment, I would often see 'FOB Cleveland' or 'FOB Pittsburgh' on the invoices or railroad bills of lading. I knew it stood for Free** On Board, but that was all. I never needed to understand it, so I didn't bother.

With more understanding, it's clear that FOB is the fulcrum of all credit and banking. A sea voyage is always a risky affair, and it was vastly more so 800 years ago. It took a long time and a lot of legislation and case law to pin down the exact place and moment when risk changes hands in each situation. Centuries of work and experimentation led to the current situation, sending and receiving shipments without thinking about it.

When you hand a package over the rail of a ship, or onto the scale at a grain elevator, or into the hatch of a Greyhound, you are entrusting the package to the shipping or storage firm. The fulfillment of contracts hinges on a reliable transfer of responsibility and ownership at that point. All the mechanics of risk handling, and thus the business of credit and insurance, pivot on that point of transfer.

You don't see the letters FOB often now, but the process is actually a lot more common now than 30 years ago. Every time you sign the UPS guy's little Ipad thing you are transferring ownership. Every time you blindly click "I agree" on those tiresome software EULAs, you are picking up the risks and responsibilities just as the ship's captain does when he receives a pallet from the harbor crane.

Richard Buckley clearly grasps the importance of FOB in the context of his duties. Good work.

= = = = =

** The word Free makes the concept more confusing than it needs to be. In fact the WHOLE PURPOSE of FOB is to guarantee that the shipment is NEVER FREE of control, never floating in the void between owners, for even a microsecond.
Saturday, March 21, 2015
  FInland gets it exactly

Finland gets education exactly right. Though Finland is already near the top of those international ratings, beaten only (of course) by Orientals, it feels the need to do things differently.

This is courageous. Doing things differently will help their students to be more effective adults, but it may well drop Finland's position on those TEST-BASED rankings and scales.
“We therefore have to make the changes in education that are necessary for industry and modern society.”

Subject-specific lessons – an hour of history in the morning, an hour of geography in the afternoon – are already being phased out for 16-year-olds in the city’s upper schools. They are being replaced by what the Finns call “phenomenon” teaching – or teaching by topic. For instance, a teenager studying a vocational course might take “cafeteria services” lessons, which would include elements of maths, languages (to help serve foreign customers), writing skills and communication skills.

There are other changes too, not least to the traditional format that sees rows of pupils sitting passively in front of their teacher, listening to lessons or waiting to be questioned. Instead there will be a more collaborative approach, with pupils working in smaller groups to solve problems while improving their communication skills.
Sounds familiar. As Polistra proposed a couple years ago:
What is the deepest distinction between conservative and liberal? Right-wing thinking starts with the accurate understanding that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. Left-wing thinking starts with the genocidal lie that PEOPLE ARE IDENTICAL.

How do we educate based on the accurate view? Job training.

You have to begin with three or four years of mainly identical rote practice in reading and writing. No way to avoid it. After that, at age 8 or 9, each person shows and knows his proper talents and tendencies. So we should take those distinct passions and use them to the max. Put each kid in a broad training program to develop his own proper skill set, which he understands and likes. Take care of all the necessary subjects within the job-oriented training, in context, at times when they can be used and appreciated.

Example: We find that your talents and passions are aimed at cooking. We give you constant practice in the essential skills of food preparation and restaurant/bakery/grocery work, adding more complexity and subtlety each year. Along the road, we take every available opportunity to discuss those other 'subjects' within the context of your passion. History: We have records and recipes from every culture and nation starting with the Babylonians, and we have riots and revolutions caused by inadequate food supplies. Math: Ratios and proportions, metrology a la Fanny Farmer, rate of change in the oven, pricing and taxes on the menu. Economics: Bread gave us the first written economic observations in 300 AD, and wheat is still part of Goldman's evil manipulations. English: There's plenty of good writing about food, and lots of opportunities to watch and produce Youtube howto videos. Chemistry: Cooking IS chemistry. Acids and bases, oxidation and combustion, alteration of proteins and vitamins. Physics: Elasticity of gluten, thermodynamics of burners, viscosity in stirring, friction in non-stick pans.
Same idea, same example, almost same sentences.

Of course this isn't new and isn't Polistra's idea. This is the way MOST education was done before the 20th Century Dark Age brought in mechanical memorization.

In ed as in science, the Dark Age is finally starting to fade IN SOME PLACES.

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  Sleeping through tanh

Finally! SIX BLESSED HOURS of sleep, after weeks of halting at 3.5 hours and being unable to resume. Good old Tanh, the formula of Life, turned out to be the answer.

Specifically: I finally found a proper way to compress the audio in my bedtime OTR playlist. I've been trying various shareware progs for years, with no real luck.

Most of the available "normalizers" act linearly without altering the internal shape of the waves. This method fails because the algorithms don't account for silence. They run a straightforward RMS of the whole file, which means that a clip with pauses will have an apparent mean that's considerably lower than its actual sound. It will then end up WAY too loud after processing. A 'peaky' clip has the same problem in the other direction.

Non-sleep finally raised my grumpy energy to a threshold where it overflowed into coding energy.

I've always known what's needed. Reduce the deltas. The old AM broadcast compression circuit was just right. A non-linear AGC (soft-clipping or diode clipping) with syllable-length attack and release, leading to an overall equalization within the wave. Louder cycles should come down a bit, and softer cycles should come up to 'fill in' the envelope.

Turns out I didn't need the attack and release. After I got the non-linear equalization properly tuned, it's unquestionably good enough.

Here's a short bit of waveform to show what I mean by equalizing.

Original is above, equalized is below. You can see that the peaks end up about the same and the low zones 'fill in' to some extent. It's not dramatic in the graph, but it's ENOUGH. I can turn down the physical volume knob on the speaker; I can still understand the speech without straining; then after I've faded into dreamland, nothing is salient or surprising enough to wake me. Even 'peaky' clips (like wartime news reports with a mix of studio and SW remotes) stay firmly clamped within the same range.

I won't bother to upload the entire script because it's customized to run a batch job on my own folders, and it doesn't have a GUI or anything.

But in case someone wants to use the formula, here's the relevant bit of Python code:

= = = = =

# Overall idea: Normalize and floatify so that
# highest peak becomes 1, then tanh the normalized array.

# First run through to find highest peak:
for i in range(RealBlock):
    if SourceArray[i] > Peak: Peak = SourceArray[i]

# Now Peak holds the highest actual DAC value.

# Normalize and tanh all at once:

for i in range(RealBlock):
    NormedArray[i]= 1.2 * math.tanh( 1.2 * float(SourceArray[i]) / float(Peak) )

# Now put back in DAC-style numbers, multiplying by a constant Standard Peak
# which is about 1/3 of full range:
for i in range(RealBlock):
    SourceArray[i] = int(float(NormedArray[i]) * float(StandardPeak))

# Place the result in Dest file

= = = = =

Note: It's coincidence that 1.2 appears twice. The outer 1.2 brings the level back up after the tanh takes it down by about .75, and the 1.2 inside the tanh function serves to shape the equalizing. This parameter was 'tuned' by trial and error.

You might be able to rework the essential formula into a macro for Audacity or Sox or Ffmpeg or whatever.

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  Clarkson gets it exactly right.

Jeremy Clarkson, thanking the million supporters (including me) who signed a Change.org petition, says:
The simple truth of the matter is this: Protest never works. Because we are all plankton. And the world is run by whales. Oh, you can be a big and important plankton but that doesn't make a jot of difference if a whale has decided to eat you up. You can get a million other plankton to dress up and wave banners but Mr Whale won't even notice.
My first thought was: Well, not exactly... Protest DOES work if you are a Person Of Correct Colour or a Person of Correct Gendour. Even one Correct Person can move the ocean by expressing a mild wish, let alone a protest.

Second thought: But that's a null point. If you are a Person Of Correct Colour or a Person Of Correct Gendour, you don't need to say ANYTHING because the mediasatans are already obeying your Holy Commands perfectly. Mediasatans are more than 100% Correct Gendour, so they automatically know the Correct Line As Of The Current Picosecond in matters of Gendour. Only a few mediasatans are Persons Of Correct Colour, but they have a direct line to Our Lord And Savior The Very Most Reverend Professor Doctor Saint Alphonse Sharpton Junior [pbuh][pbuh][pbuh], who will instruct them in any question that involves Correct Colour. Their instructional portals are always wide open, ready to receive Saint Alphonse's magic instructional wand.

So Clarkson is exactly right. Protest doesn't work. In any situation where protest might work, it doesn't need to happen, so it doesn't happen.
Friday, March 20, 2015
  Superheting to the test

Thinking about the delusional British attempt to transform Brit kids into Chinese kids by applying Chinese teaching methods.

A sloppy analogy struck me. (Splap!)

This is superhet teaching, while the alternate method (experience and discovery, and to some extent Common Core) is TRF teaching.

I'll let Danbo demonstrate both. (Assuming AM, amplitude modulation)

Radio signals are a sneaky way of carrying an audio frequency superimposed on a MUCH higher radio frequency. You could imagine the radio frequency as being like a color, and the audio frequency as being like a slow vibration imposed on the color. The left band in this picture represents an available spectrum of radio signals.

In a simple 'tuned radio frequency' (TRF) receiver, you use a filter to pick out the desired color, and then use a detector to read or hear the audio. When you tune across the band, you are picking one signal and bringing it directly into the detector, complete with its original color (radio freq). The detector catches the audio.

= = = = =

In a superheterodyne (superhet) receiver, the original signal is MIXED or modulated with a sine-wave generated by a Local Oscillator. The OSC frequency is always above the tuned input signal, and the OSC slides its frequency in parallel with the tuning to keep the DIFFERENCE between the two CONSTANT. For instance, you might be tuning from 500 to 1500 kilocycles, and the OSC would slide its output from 600 to 1600 to maintain a constant DIFFERENCE at 100. The MIXER or modulator outputs the 100 kc difference, which still has the slow wiggles of audio riding on it. Note that one variable aspect of the original signal has been completely LOST. Color is constantly gray, but the slow wiggles of audio are still present and detectable.

The advantage of the superhet's complexity is not intuitively obvious. When you have a result that's always on the same radio frequency, you can filter and process the result in consistent ways, without having to vary the parameters of your processors. The TRF result still carries a wide range of radio freqs (colors) along with the audio, so it's harder to filter and process it consistently.

'Teaching to the test' is superhet. (Sloppy part of the analogy!) Low-frequency students require a high-frequency Local Oscillator (tutoring and preparation) to bring their signal up into the gray range where the test can process it tightly and consistently. High-freq students require some damping to bring their signal down to gray.

TRF teaching (discovery, discussion, experience) leaves more of the original color or flavor on the student, and focuses strictly on DETECTING and amplifying the useful or meaningful music or information. You try to find which parts of this student's talent set can become job skills, without trying to reshape his PURPOSE into a dull uniform gray, and without trying to perform the more refined filtering that constant color enables.

Rigidity makes statistics work better, just as rigidity makes filters work better. With radio this is a good thing; with teaching it's just dumb. The proper goal of education is adults who are more competent in work and life than they would have been without education. Reliable and consistent stats are NOT the proper goal of education. Or the proper goal of anything, for that matter.

= = = = =

Footnote for clarity: I'm not saying we shouldn't do testing or evaluation. Obviously we need quality control on both the student and the teacher. I'm saying we need to break predictability, stop mixing everything into constant gray, so neither the student nor the teacher can form the horrible habit of asking "Will this be on the test?"

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Thursday, March 19, 2015
  Backwards as usual

Satan dba Elon Musk is pushing his infinitely evil business, predicting that his self-driving cars will soon be the only legal form of transport.

The usual techboys cheer him on. One commenter sounds eminently reasonable but misses the whole point of history:

"Perhaps human-driven vehicles will go the way of the horse eventually, with the vast majority of use cases being for certain commercial use, or for hobby/recreation. As a fan of Top Gear I'd certainly hope that it remains relevant for enthusiasts."

Precisely backwards. Dead wrong. Horses are SELF-DRIVING VEHICLES. If you had a good horse and a regular route, you could go to sleep and let the horse take you where you were going. You could put your kids in the wagon and let the horse take them to school. Automobiles require a fully attentive and competent driver, but nevertheless they quickly dominated the market because being in control is more fun.

Having a purpose makes life worth living.

Or more precisely,

  You shouldn't be surprised.

Lots of hoohaw about a tiff between a newly handicapped woman and a neighbor who objected to the reserved parking spot.

Sorry. You can't have it both ways. Most people are naturally willing to help, but after 20 years of shouting by the Disabled Activists, most people are dead tired of being shouted at. Now we're ready to shout back, even when helping would be called for.

It's an exact repetition of what happened with wyyyymyyyynns. Most men were naturally willing to treat women nicely, but after 20 years of shouting by feminists, we said Fuck it. You want to be treated the same, fine. That's what you'll get.

When you allow Commie fuckheads to bully normal people into submission on your behalf, you CANNOT be surprised to find that some people get tired of bullying.

Of course the activist LEADERS are not surprised at all. Fully intended consequence as always. War is exactly what they want.
  I guess I shouldn't complain about this....

...but nevertheless, AAAAArrrrggghhh!

At the same time when Common Core is starting to bring real improvement to US math ed, Brits are zooming backwards in the most fantastically stupid way.

The classroom has been reconfigured to resemble a Shanghai classroom. The carpet has been taken up, desks which are normally clustered in friendly groups are in straight rows, and all eyes are on Lu and her touchscreen. She is one of 30 Shanghai teachers currently working in primary schools across England, flown in by the Department for Education in the hope they can work their mathematical magic on a generation of children and raise flagging standards.

Almost all Shanghai pupils reach a similarly high standard and there are few gaps in achievement (unlike in England where there is a wide range in attainment). Lu and her colleagues are here to show us how they achieve their extraordinary results.
Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.



Orientals are tremendously better with numbers than Caucasians. That's why they do better in the abstract parts of math.

But Caucasians, especially Brits, are tremendously better at the problem-solving side of science and technology. That's why Brits were responsible for nearly ALL inventions since 1700.

Genetic differences are NOT CAUSED BY INSTRUCTION METHODS. Genetic differences are caused by GENES. That's why they're called GENE-ETIC DIFFERENCES, not INSTRUCTION-ETIC DIFFERENCES. Rigid lectures work well enough in Shanghai because Orientals master numerical skills easily REGARDLESS OF METHOD. By applying the rigid Chinese lecture method, you will RUIN YOUR OWN TALENTS and GAIN NOTHING.

Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

The worst idea in history is the Commie lie that all humans are identical passive grains of sand. It is literally deadly on both ends. It starts by assuming that life is death, and every time it's applied it magically transforms millions of lives to deaths.

There's your fucking mathematical magic, you fucking monsters.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015
  More sanity that won't happen

News item:
Evolution and the Big Bang Theory have always been controversial lessons in school, so much so that Senator Mary Souza (R – Coeur d'Alene) is trying to make it easier for parents to take kids out when that time comes up. “We really want to empower parents to get back into the relationship with teachers, and with administrators and school boards to become active participants in their children's education," she said. Souza authored the bill, which basically gives parents the authority to pull their kids from class if the material interferes with the parent's beliefs.
The proposal is almost trivial. Just formalizing a procedure that already happens informally in largely rural states where sane people form a majority. It wouldn't happen in wacked insane asylums like NY, but those places are unsalvageable.

Even so, the wacked-out ones are screeching and word-salading against this proposal.

Heard on radio just now: "What happens when these kids get to college? They've missed large parts of science."


Think in terms of zero-sum memory usage. A kid who has spent less time in public school science classes will be MORE ready to learn real science, because the 'science connections' in his mind haven't been shorted out by useless nonsense.

And that's even WITHOUT considering the civilization-smashing megacrimes like "global warming" and "multiverses" and "quantum physics". I'm just talking about the standard public-school methods of teaching science. Repeat a superficial set of verbal factoids every year. Same factoids over and over. Never let the kid engage in real observation or experimentation.

A kid who is out of class during those hours, riding his bike or throwing rocks or climbing trees, will do vastly more OBSERVATION and THINKING about the real world than he would get from the endless repetition of subject headings in "science" class.


  Paging Doc Percy again

I'd been wondering when this would happen.
The patent application, which has the name "Nanoparticle Phoresis", describes a wearable device that "can automatically modify or destroy one or more targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect". These targets could include enzymes, hormones, proteins, cells or other molecules that, when present in the blood, may affect a medical condition or the health of the person wearing the device. The wearable device is able to modify or destroy the cells by transmitting energy into the blood vessels. The transmitted energy could be a radio frequency pulse, a time-varying magnetic field, an acoustic pulse, an infrared or visible light signal.
Must be something else going on, something outside the list of could-bes. Each of the listed inputs is already available in medical devices, though not necessarily in wearables. Static and magnetic pulses are very old, used commonly by neurologists before 1900, disappearing through the Scientific Dark Age of the 20th century, and reappearing as TENS and TCDS techniques recently. Acoustic? Lithotripty.

The destination of the particles must be the key, and the illustration showing the device on an arm is obviously a cover story.

Given the infinitely evil nature of Google, I think we're seeing the instantiation of Walker Percy's nightmare lapsometer. The destination of the 'activated' particles is going to be in the brain.

Most of Percy's 1971 dystopia Love in the Ruins has already been instantiated, right down to Barack and Michele Obama driving a Toyota Prius. Smartphones bear a loose resemblance to the Lapsometer as modified by Art Immelmann, but this device gets there exactly.
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
  Old Soviet joke, and more

BBC was doing a vox pop with Israelis on the street, getting their opinions about how the country is going, and opinions about Our Lord And Saviour Bibi Netanyahu.

Israeli politicians offer SERIOUSLY DIFFERENT policy goals, and Israeli citizens have SERIOUSLY DIFFERENT opinions about how their country is going. Some are happy with Bibi's bullying and warmongering, some are highly unhappy with his bullying and warmongering. They want a leader who pays attention to their OWN problems. Even more shocking, ordinary Israelis FELT FREE to express their DIFFERENT opinions to the BBC interviewer.

As an American, I find this hard to understand. What are these mysterious "policies" and "opinions"? We do not need DIFFERENT choices about how our own country is run, because our country is EXCEPTIONAL. Best education in the world, best health care in the world, best morality in the world, best stings and agents provocateurs, best Sharpton, broadest income inequality, best abortions, best genocide, flattest Piles Of Stuff. We are allowed the infinite freedom of shouting BENGHAZI if we are of the R tribe, or shouting KOCH if we are of the D tribe. These mantras are all the freedom anyone could possibly need or ask. Why would you ever need or want to express a critical "opinion" about "policy"?

Reminds me of Old Soviet Joke.

American: We are free to criticize Nixon.

Soviet Russian: Same here. We are also free to criticize Nixon.

Modern version:

Israeli: We are free to criticize Netanyahu.

Soviet American: Same here. We are also free to praise Netanyahu.

Israeli: But that's not the same. This joke doesn't work. Let me out of here!

Soviet American: Does not compute. Does not compute. Does not compute.

= = = = =

Update next day: Well, nothing changed. Those strange and incomprehensible "different" "policies" and "different" "opinions", impossible for an American to fathom, turn out to be just as meaningless in Israel as they are here.

Futility is the nemesis of democracies.


  Basic shit

Tired of reading the idiot comparisons to tobacco in connection with the "global warming" fraud. The analogy is always a vicious smear against Non-Experts who are Not Doing Basic Research. All of the Experts who are being paid billions for Basic Research tell us that carbon causes the end of the universe. Just like all of the Experts who were paid billions for Basic Research on cancer always told us that tobacco causes cancer. Denialismismists deny the Holy Scripture of Experts in both cases.


Listen to this 15-minute public service announcement from 1948. Produced by the American Cancer Society, clearly designed to fit into a soap-opera slot in afternoon radio.

The plot: For a long time John Doe has been noticing a medical research building in his neighborhood where one window is lit up at all hours of the night. He calls the window the Square Moon because it's just as constant as the real moon.

One day John finds a Thing on his lip. He makes an appointment to see Doc immediately (at 8 PM!). Doc says it looks like it could be cancer, and cuts a little sample of the Thing to send off for testing. John is understandably worried.

Days later, still worried and unable to sleep, John walks into the research building and finds the lab behind the Square Moon. He walks in (where's Security?) and starts chatting with the researcher. Finds out that the scientist is working on frog neurons instead of Things On Lips. John is understandably pissed.

The following dialog starts at about 7:30......

= = = = =

John Doe: Here I am, and hundreds of thousands of others, walking around with cancer. Praying for a cure, looking to science for life itself, and what's happening? You chaps haven't gotten any further than playing around with frogs! Will that cure my cancer?

Scientist: No. No it won't. Here, have a cigarette. [click] [fffffff] [aaaahhhh]

John Doe: Thank you.

Scientist: You've got a good case of nerves.

John Doe: Wouldn't you? In my spot?

= = = = =

From there, Scientist proceeds to explain the concept of Basic Research, which means of course that lots of Scientists get to play with frogs and make lots of money. Of course he doesn't put it that way.

This wasn't from the Denialists. This was from the American Cancer Society itself, effectively endorsing the medical benefits of smoking.

In 1948 there was nothing mysterious about the connection between tobacco and cancer. It wasn't a Basic Research kind of thing that required lots of money for Scientists to fuck around with frogs. Everyone knew a smoker who had acquired lung cancer. Many died, and some survived after removal of one lung. The tobacco companies tried to cover up the facts, and ACS also tried to cover up the facts because playing with frogs is more fun.

Incidentally, I thought about writing this a week ago and looked up a reliable place to href the clip. The search results a week ago included a historical archive at ACS itself, which seemed like the best href. Now, a week later, Google doesn't find that link. Maybe I'm just failing to see it, but I looked rather carefully. Did Google realize the link was being found by a Heretic?


Monday, March 16, 2015
  Reversion to the meanest

Back in Cold War 1 you could count on finding real alternatives to the American media. Shortwave wasn't as easy or reliable as the Web; it took a little bit of equipment and skill; but if you were willing to work at it, you could pick up genuinely different viewpoints on all important matters. Some of those different viewpoints were clearly false propaganda, and some were true propaganda. Again, with a little work you could figure it out.

In Cold War 2 the Web has eliminated the skill and the sport of shortwave listening. For a long time the Web did a beautiful job of bringing genuine alternatives to everyone at minimal cost. Now the differences are narrowing.

When Russia Today started out, it offered an anti-American (thus true) view on economics, "global warming", culture, and war. Two of those subjects have fallen away. Even though Russia itself is firmly Christian, RT has slid back to the CNN/ABC/CBS/AllNewspapers view on matters like same-sex "marriage" or Unarmed African-American Teens In Ferguson. And even though Russia is a strongly oil-based economy, RT now sounds like NPR or BBC on "global warming".

You can still rely on RT to tell the truth about American/Israeli bullying and aggression, but that's about it.

Same with Al Jazeera, though I haven't been following it as closely. Several years ago AJ was a counterforce for truth on most subjects; now it's just another MSNBC.

What's happening? These foreign outlets have hired quite a few anchors and reporters from American satanmedia. Were those Americans more like moles than defectors? Or is the whole system completely rigged everywhere?
Sunday, March 15, 2015
  Sane, but won't happen

Oklahoma often comes up with sane solutions. Previously some of those solutions (eg FDIC) went national. Now, of course, sanity is perfectly illegal and more.

Still, it's nice to see some last-gasp symbolic efforts toward sanity by people who are actually in office. It takes real guts to withstand infinite blackmail and death threats.
Sparked by controversy over same-sex marriages, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would abolish government-issued Oklahoma marriage licenses. “The point of my legislation is to take the state out of the process and leave marriage in the hands of the clergy,” said state Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, the bill’s House author. “Marriage was historically a religious covenant first and a government-recognized contract second. Under my bill, the state is not allowing or disallowing same-sex marriage. It is simply leaving it up to the clergy.”
In a supposedly secular government, this is the only rational way to do it. Government should never participate in a religious function. That's the precise meaning of the First Amendment.

Even if this bill makes it through the other house and the governor, Federal satans will instantly squash it. And of course, lawyersatans have already jumped in:
The legislation has sparked controversy, both in the Legislature and with groups such as Americans United for Separation of Church and State. ... Americans United released a statement opposing the bill, saying it is biased against same-sex couples and nontheists, including atheists.
We're infinitely beyond Orwell now. Sanity is Dead Before Arrival. A law that SPECIFICALLY AND EXACTLY AND EXPLICITLY SEPARATES CHURCH AND STATE is sued down to bedrock by an organization called "Americans United for Separation of Church and State".
Saturday, March 14, 2015
  Why aren't they resisting?

Watching the satanic forces chainsawing through sports and fraternities. Can't work up any sympathy for either of those institutions. Football is bad. Frats are bad. Both should have gone down a hundred years ago, for a thousand excellent reasons.

Maybe I feel a little Schadenfreude, but it's too late for that.

Trouble is, they're going down for thoughtcrime. Not for being generally obnoxious bullies that ruined the lives of the non-privileged, but solely for using a few words without owning the Correct Genetic Certification to use those words.

I could do the old "They came for" routine, but it's too late for that. Satan has already achieved infinite and total victory and more. There are no more slippery slopes, no Ifs and subjunctives. Game over and more.

The only real question in my mind is the same question that I asked when the 2008 ZIRPnado CRASHED through the walls and dams of frugality and storage, leaving sane people AND SANE COMPANIES totally vulnerable to total theft. The total theft then occurred. And more.

In that case I wondered, and still wonder, why giant pension funds and insurance companies meekly went along with the destruction.

I understand why nobody is concerned with ordinary savers. We don't have lobbyists. We don't exist. We can lose 5 years of living expenses (as I actually did) to ZIRP theft, and it didn't happen. Null entity. Pile of stuff.

But companies like Allstate do exist. Agencies like CALPERS do exist. They have tons of lobbyists and lawyers. Taken together, the companies and agencies and unions that lost from ZIRP are about equal, maybe larger, than the companies and agencies that gained from ZIRP. Why were the losers silent? Why didn't their lobbyists have any effect? Why didn't their lawyers sue Bugsy Bernanke?

In this case a similar question. Football is a GIANT industry, and all the rich fuckheads in the country were frat fuckheads in college. Why aren't any of them fighting?
  CC = CR

Still thinking about math teaching. Now that Common Core is well underway, a pretty fair sampling of short videos have showed up online, from real math teachers in real classrooms.

I'm IMPRESSED. From reading the standards I knew CC could become a vast improvement over existing methods, but I hadn't seen it in action before.

This demo of the block multiplication method almost knocked me over. It's a trick that any good teacher COULD have developed at any time ... but they DIDN'T. Hell, I could have developed it when I was teaching math. But I DIDN'T. Some anonymous writer in the CC staff DID develop it, and it WORKS. I wish this had been around when I was a kid.

CC wants lots of interaction and discussion, and it wants fast work. That's the magic recipe for effective learning. The recipe has never been officially recommended before, though the best teachers have always used it. In these clips the better teachers have met these requirements with good old Call and Response. Don't wait for raised hands; get a volley going between solo and chorus. I suspect it works best when you've got some black kids in the class, because they know C & R from church and can 'phase-lock' everyone else.

Among these clips, oddly enough the least effective C & R teacher is a big black lady who undoubtedly gives a fine Word-of-knowledge down at Zion Fire Baptism Holiness Temple. But in the classroom she's restrained and stiff, waiting for hands. Maybe she was over-corrected in college Ed classes. Come on big lady, loosen up. Swing it. The kids will benefit greatly from Fire-Baptism Subtraction, and you'll enjoy the work more. Might even subtract a few demons, and we SURE AS HELL could use some of that.


  Excellent science writing

Nice piece on Pi Day in the Satan-Review, written by a columnist who has a close acquaintance with the idea. His wife's father is the originator of Pi Day! Good mix of personal and mathematical info, no errors or misleading crap.

= = = = =

In my current cranky mood I'm inclined to focus on the bad side of pi. As typically used in physics courses, pi is an unnecessary barrier to learning and thinking. Physics texts express every angle, and every angular velocity and angular distance, in terms of radians instead of degrees. This prevents you from seeing repetitions and phase relationships because pi is irrational and not evenly divisible. Degrees are the right size to let you count and estimate in whole numbers, and base 60 makes them nicely divisible by all the common fractions.

Yes, you can write things like pi/2 or pi/6, but these are deceptive because the whole circle is 2pi, not pi. Thus pi/2 looks like it should mean a half circle, but in fact it's a quarter circle.

Putting it another way, degrees help you cut a pie. Pi doesn't help you cut a pie.

Quick example, misusing recent picture because it's handy:

How far does Happystar rotate each way? If you're thinking in degrees, you can see it and calculate it mentally. Two and a quarter full circles. Twice 360 plus 90 = 810 degrees.

If you're thinking in physics terms, Happystar rotates 14.137 radians each way. This number can't be divided into full circles. You can't reach it by estimating. It doesn't tell you anything about REPETITION, and doesn't give you a feel for what's REALLY HAPPENING here.

"Scientists" always fail to consider cycles and periodicity. I don't know which way the causation runs. Do they miss periodicity because they're accustomed to thinking in non-divisible measurements? Or are they comfy with radians because they don't think in periods? In either case they're costing us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives with their essential misunderstanding of Nature. Motherfucking mass-murdering all-consuming all-destroying psychopathic monsters.
  Atrocious science writing

NASA, the Big Megathug of the "global warming" megacrime, has launched a mission to investigate ... something??? But there's no way to tell from the writeup whether this ... something??? ... is theory or fact. No way to tell if it's an idea that some fraudulent fuckhead created to waste trillions of dollars, or a routine event that has already affected our lives.

The ... something??? ... is called ......

Magnetic reconnection occurs when magnetic fields connect, disconnect and reconfigure explosively, releasing bursts of energy that can reach the order of billions of megatons of trinitrotoluene (commonly known as TNT). These explosions can send particles surging through space near the speed of light.
Well, I'm fucking glad to receive the brand new and exciting information that trinitrotoluene is commonly known as TNT. EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS THIS, and everybody who might read a science article has a general sense of megatons in the context of nuclear bombs. It's as old and familiar as grams or kilometers. YOU DON'T FUCKING NEED TO TELL US THIS.

But what I DIDN'T know, and STILL DON'T KNOW after reading this crap, is whether your magnetic reconnections are a known and real phenomenon or a schizy delusion. If they're as big as you say, it seems like we should have experienced them, and you should be able to point to some event in Earth's long history that was probably caused by these things.
Friday, March 13, 2015

Vaguely outlining the first stage of an idea, tied closely to earlier thoughts on economics as a verb.

Caveat: The goal is important, but the method I'm suggesting here is non-functional. It clearly won't work. Maybe it will trigger a better idea by a better thinker.

Goal: Seems like there should be a way to re-establish real value without going all the way back to barter. A way to have a portable currency that tells you something about the source of its value. Most big stores won't care, but for those who do care, this currency would allow you to trace how it was generated. This will eliminate fungibility. It will give more discriminative power to merchants, who can encourage specific types of work by pricing things differently. (eg Your money comes from speculation? You pay double.)

Method: First step is to take 'fractional reserve' away from banks. Loans are a destroyer of value, NOT a source of value, so new currency shouldn't be created by loans. Value is created by LABOR and INVESTMENT IN PRODUCTIVE FACILITIES, regardless of whether the investment came from borrowing or saving. And it's better all the way around when everything comes from saving.

So: new value should be created each time someone is paid for LABOR. When the automaker pays an assembly-line worker for a week of wrench-turning, or when you pay the dog groomer for an hour of careful nail-cutting and hair-trimming. New value.

New-value payment should be in the form of a physical thing with built-in data. Smart card or similar. You can then use the smart card directly to pay for your gas and hamburgers, or you can pour its value into your account where it MAINTAINS ITS SOURCE INFO. Your account will then mostly contain value that you created yourself by working, plus a mix of other things like tax refunds and inheritance. Because the tax refund came back from money you created, the gov't would have to preserve your labor-signature on the refund check.

Here's where the idea blows up: When I pay you for fixing my roof, I'm paying with value that I've already generated. How would this system recognize that I'm creating or crediting new value by paying you, while simultaneously decreasing or debiting my own stored labor-value? If my account doesn't decrease by the amount I pay you, I've got a bottomless cup. I don't have an answer for this question yet.

= = = = =

Later thought: The first part of the goal, snatching currency creation from the banks and handing it to the real creators, is dead easy. The mechanism already exists in many countries and has a painfully obvious name. Value-Added Tax. Whether you actually impose the tax or not, use the basis numbers for VAT to control the money supply, and take banks and the Fed out of the loop. As for the second part, preferential rewards for real creators, how about imposing the VAT backwards? If you are generating value by labor or retail sales, you don't pay the VAT. If you are destroying value by speculating or lending, you pay the VAT for everyone else.

= = = = =

Another sidenote: This short feature on the history of the 2-dollar bill mentions that for many years the Two did tell you something about the source of its value. Racetracks and whores used Twos almost exclusively. When you spent a Two, it told the recipient how you spent your time.


  Constants and variables 24

Been thinking a lot about analog vs digital in all the possible aspects. Nature is purely analog from the bottom up. It's all waves. We like to impose steps on Nature, and we often fool ourselves into thinking those steps are real. We call them particles or numbers or decisions.

Most are purely arbitrary and symbolic, imposed by human intelligence, but Nature does provide a few step functions in the form of thresholds and limits.

I've been observing one of those real steps lately. Since the end of paid work project in early Feb, I've dropped into a bad broken sleep pattern, and can't seem to pop out. I'll get 4 hours of solid sleep at the usual time. No matter how hard I try to distract and relax, sleep refuses to resume. So I get up after wasting an hour on futile resumption, then after 6 hours of activity the remainder of sleep finally clicks in, at an inconvenient time wrt regular mealtimes and dumptimes. Net result: Semi-functional all the time. Wasted "overhead" of ramping up and down and futile resumption.

Every 10 days or so the pattern is interrupted by a normal 6-hour sleep. This morning was one of those blessed normals, and I was able to observe two step-like differences.

First, the extra hour of good sleep is crucial for healing. During the broken period, skin on hands is dry and cracked, refusing to heal. Broken sleep = broken skin. This morning the cracks are fully healed, just like they never happened. One solid night is enough.

Second, the extra hour opens up brain pathways that remain closed on short-sleep days. Example: Listening to EWTN radio discussing Lent and meatless Fridays. Remembered junior-high cafeteria, which always catered to Romans by serving macaroni and cheese** on Fridays. (Back then all Fridays were meatless for Romans.) Wondered why this was considered necessary in the public school, since nearly all Catholic kids attended the parochial school, which was .... pause to fetch a name that I hadn't thought about in 50 years .... Seven Dolors.

On short-sleep days, the request to fetch old name would have failed. I can't reach some parts of memory.

= = = = =

** The cafeteria's non-Friday equivalent of mac and cheese was John Marzetti. Poor old John. His corpse miraculously provided an endless source of rectangular food-like bricks. Always seemed to me that the religious connection was backwards, because there was nothing miraculous or Lazarine about mac and cheese.

= = = = =

Addendum 7/25/2015: Another filled-in memory after several days of good sleep.

Whenever something reminds me of incompetent teaching, I think about Miss _______, the 10th grade history teacher at Manhattan High. She mispronounced everything, but that wasn't the worst part. Her American history course focused heavily on the battles of the French and Indian War but barely reached WW2 in the last week of school. Nothing at all happened after 1945. No Korea, no school integration, no JFK assassination, no Vietnam.

One day, after attending a History Conference, Miss _____ started class with a sort of Special Bulletin, informing us of a fact she had picked up at the Conference. "We need to watch very carefully the new leader in China, Mister Mayo Tiss Tongue. Mr Tongue may be causing trouble for America soon." Well, Mr Tongue had been in power for exactly as long as the students had been alive, so Mr Tongue was NOT fresh information to any of us who had been watching TV news. Obviously Mr Tongue was fresh news to Miss ______.

For many years I had completely lost Miss _____'s name. I tried Irish names like Gallagher and McGhee, but they weren't right. This morning, while mentally zooming through the story again, Miss Berger recovered her name. No pause, no hesitation. The name is just calmly back in its slot.

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