Tuesday, November 30, 2010
  Change of empathy

My initial response to the sting of Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed etc in Portland was fairly simple: Good. Caught another Muslim pest.

I was changed by this:
Corvallis Mayor Charlie Tomlinson says the alleged arson attack doesn't represent his city.

"It's a mayor's worst nightmare, that someone does something in our city that places us in a negative light."

He must be talking about MoMo, right? Worst nightmare? Local kid tries to kill ten thousand people? No, he's talking about the AMERICAN WHO ATTEMPTED TO DEFEND AMERICA FROM MOMO. LOYALTY IS TOMLINSON'S WORST NIGHTMARE.

Tomlinson again:
"We're a community that honors diversity. But you have to work hard at that. It's an educational thing to let people know that they should support and respect peoples of different faiths or different cultures."

Now my response has basically switched.

Frankly, I understand and empathize with Mo*2, and I can't begin to understand or empathize with the mayor.

From the available accounts, Mo*2 is an engineer type with a strict moral sense and a strong organizational sense.

This piece of shit named Tomlinson is the opposite. Tomlinson-shit is a perfect Orwellian apparatchik. He is totally and completely confused and muddled, responding only to squishy emotion until he receives today's Orders from the Politburo.

In earlier times a strict-minded boy like Mo*2 could find respect, a secure niche, and a wife. We understood that civilization needs organized people.

In earlier times a confused freak like Tomlinson-shit was treated like the turd that he is. We understood that confusers are dangerous.

Now, the strict-minded boy encounters perpetual frustration and finds zero hope of happiness or affection or respect, while the amoral piece of shit moves straight to the top in every governmental, commercial, educational and religious institution.

Thus the strict-minded boy is easy prey for Gothic cults or Arab-style Islam or FBI stings, while the amoral piece of shit gets rich and famous.
Monday, November 29, 2010
  Does that make you think?

Portland media interviewed various neighbors of Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed, the Somali jihadi caught in an FBI sting.

One kid who knows MMMMMMMMM observed that his own father had just been sent to Afghanistan. "It's ironic that my Dad is going over there to fight terrorism when we've got it happening right here."

No, it's not ironic, it's just treasonous. The Islamic Occupation Government under Sultan Bush and Pasha Obama has chosen to conduct expensive and deadly war-like operations in countries with some vague relation to terrorism, while doing very little about it here. By a strange coincidence, those war-like operations just happen to advance the interests of Saudi Arabia, which just happens to be the country that attacked us.

Sunday, November 28, 2010
  First sign of health?

News item:

Arson burns part of the mosque attended by Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed, the young Jihadi who thought he was killing lots of Christians by dialing his cell phone.

Unless I've missed something, this is the first real concrete response to Jihad by real concrete Americans. Nine damned years, and we're just now waking up.

= = = = =

According to Portland TV station KGW, MoMoMoMoMoMoMoMo's profile is deadly perfect, and he's been sending out blatant red flags for YEARS. In junior high, he made a fuss about wanting everything clean, called himself a terrorist and told Americans that he hated Americans. In high school he designed a rocket-propelled grenade for a physics project. In college he was studying engineering. Bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo, bingo.

= = = = =

Sidenote: This guy is even stupider than most of the stupid kids caught by FBI stings. Did he really think it was going to be that easy, with all the work done for him? Dialing for Devastation?

Here's a little hint for ya, Mo: If it seems too evil to be true, it probably is.
  No story / Only story

Hmm... I thought the Magnificent Luminous Gandhian Obama was going to get rid of all the trappings of "Cowboy Bush", those shadowy CIA establishments in various permissive countries.

As usual, Magnificent Luminous Gandhian Obama turns out to be a perfect continuation of Cowboy Bush. And on this particular subject, that's a good thing. Since the DC government long ago lost the guts to punish terrorists on American soil, these 'rendition' operations serve a useful purpose.

(On economic subjects, the seamless Bush/Obama continuation is a monstrously evil thing: China continues to steal the pitiful remnants of our economy, with the vig on the transaction going to Goldman Sachs. Grand Thief Bugsy Bernanke continues to lavishly reward his high-rolling bathhouse buddies at Goldman Sachs while punishing responsible Americans.)

Russia Today reports:

An RT crew was locked up in a US jail for 32 hours after they covered a rally near the so-called “school of assassins” in Georgia [Gruzya].

Correspondent Kaelyn Forde called the handling “brutal” and international organizations condemned use of police violence against members of the press. But despite all the outrage, the mainstream media has remained silent over the incident.

It started off as a peaceful rally outside a US training camp for Latin American military and police officers. What followed this nonviolent protest caught everyone by surprise: dozens were arrested. Police targeted journalists along with the activists.

I'm basically happy to see us defending our secrets against journalists, even if we can't bring ourselves to shut down CNN and NYTimes for their home-front treason.

Nevertheless, the hypocrisy stinks to hell. We love to Strongly Condemn countries that supposedly treat journalists badly, including Russia. Since this jailing of journalists is done by the Magnificent Luminous Obama, our home-front "journalists" are dead silent. Nothing to see. No story here. If the exact same event had happened under Cowboy Bush, it would have been the ONLY STORY for the next 300 fucking years.
Friday, November 26, 2010
  Silver Bullet gets test-fired!

Polistra has been pushing the 'Silver Bullet' for energy problems, which is the Hyperion miniature nuclear reactor.

Hyperion is built by a company spawned from the Los Alamos energy labs.

Now the Hyperion is getting its first real trial at a related site, the Savannah River lab in South Carolina.

Should hit operational in three years, which isn't bad .... but the real purpose of the Hyperion is to eliminate lengthy licensing delays by concentrating all the nuclear stuff inside one well-protected capsule that can be used and recycled like a big battery.
Thursday, November 25, 2010
  How a real government works

News item:

South Korea's defense minister dismissed for failing to respond to artillery attack from North.

That's how a healthy organization, whether government or church or business, behaves. It corrects an error by getting rid of the people who made the error.

Korea understands the basic purpose of a government, namely to protect the people of their OWN country from attacks, not to protect the "human rights" of SOME OTHER goddamn country.

Compare with what happened in DC after 9/11: Nobody resigned, nobody required to quit. The handful of heroic FBI agents who had tried to warn us of the impending attack were persecuted. In other words, the people who were right got in trouble, while the people who were wrong gained power and prosperity.
Monday, November 22, 2010
  Operation Hemorrhage

This is something of a first, I think ...

Al Qaeda has boasted that a plane printer bomb plot foiled in Britain and Dubai was a 'bargain' which 'cost only $4,200 and was run by less than six brothers'.

In an extraordinary article on the terror group's online magazine Inspire, organisers claim that the thwarted attacks - dubbed Operation Hemorrhage - were part of a new strategy to 'bleed the enemy to death'.

The authors even include a shopping list for the operation - 'two Nokia mobiles, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200'.

'That is all what Operation Hemorrhage cost us,' they add.

Warmaking governments never boast about the cheapness and easiness of their efforts: they always want the enemy to see an overwhelming force whether it exists or not.

In this case, the "brothers" have no need to look impressive, because the West has already surrendered. So they're quite properly boasting about frugality, which is frankly rather attractive and worth emulating.

Attractive? Yes. I'd rather be governed by people who know how to get things done decisively and cheaply.

Worth emulating? Yes. If we chose to spend only $4200 to "defend" against this, we'd be vastly better off. And the simplest way to spend nothing is (1) eliminate all the screening (2) allow passengers and pilots to carry anything they want (3) allow passengers, pilots and freight agents to use their own judgment without fear of discrimination lawsuits.

If the Arab vermin had to assume that every human passenger was ready, willing and able to recognize and kill them, they wouldn't even try.

Of course the best approach of all would be two simple laws: (1) When a human kills an Arab, he receives a bounty, not a punishment. (2) When an Arab kills a human, we depopulate a randomly chosen Arab country.

But the "strategy to bleed the enemy to death" is not new at all. It's part of Sheikh Osama's explicitly stated and tremendously successful plan:
Mujahidin, be patient and think of the hereafter, for this path in life requires sacrifices, maybe with your life. You scare the enemy but they do not scare you, and you are well aware that the burning issues of the umma today are the jihads in Palestine and in Iraq. So be very sure to help them, be sure to know that there is a rare and golden opportunity today to make America bleed in Iraq, in economic, human, and psychological terms. So don't waste this opportunity and regret it afterwards.

Saturday, November 20, 2010
  Sleeping through Nothing

[Title is a sequel to this, this, and this.]

Back in August, after the cable TV box was zapped by a power outage, I decided it was time to quit cable, time to remove the constant and addictive irritant of the fake "debate" between Soros Red Label and Soros Blue Label.

After a brief period of re-appreciating the offerings of plain old network TV, I gradually stopped watching altogether, ending a 10-year spell of TV habituation.

Now the TV only lights up for one hour on Sunday night, for the one program that is still worth watching: AFV. I'll sometimes try to watch local news at 5 PM while eating, but I can only take a few minutes of the concentrated triviality.

What started the addiction in 2000? Partly it was 9/11, with the urgent desire to see what's going to happen next. Partly it was AFV, which was available every night in 2000, but later dropped back to one night a week. Partly a variety of interesting trash shows (Springer, Ricki Lake, etc) which later disappeared entirely.

What ended the addiction? I can pin this down precisely.

First the murderous "Global Warming" super-crime, constant and overall, infecting every millisecond of entertainment and news.

And then three specific strikes:

Strike 1, the Duke false accuser case.
Strike 2, Balloon Boy.
Strike 3, the BP oil spill.

In each of these four stories, all "sides" conspired to expand a blazingly and transparently false premise, causing real injury.

This is not the same as tabloid sensationalism. Tabloids expand a basically true but trivial story into a soap opera, wasting paper and bandwidth but not really hurting anyone. These stories did real damage to people and reputations, and of course the "War On Carbon" continues to destroy millions of jobs and kill thousands of people.

CNN is the worst, and Anderson Cooper is the worst of the worst. During the BP spill, CNN (followed by Fox and MSNBC) spread the false notion that the Gulf Coast was a solid mass of "toxic" oil several feet deep, or maybe several miles deep. (Measurements don't matter in a myth.) Cooper then had the monumental chutzpah to visit the coast, commiserating with the business owners whose livelihood he had personally destroyed for the sole purpose of his own sadistic glory.

That was the final straw.
Friday, November 19, 2010
  The usual

News item:

Republicans made major gains in the midterm election, running vowing to "repeal and replace" the health law passed with solely Democratic votes earlier this year.

But while a large majority of GOP voters told exit pollsters they strongly support the idea of starting from scratch on the health overhaul issue, major players in the health care industry -- usually strong Republican allies -- are a lot less enthused about the idea. ... The health insurance industry, in fact, wants to make more than just fine-tuning changes. It's been among the most outspoken critics of the measure. But even insurers haven't come out in favor of scrapping the whole law and starting over -- particularly not when it stands to get millions of new customers.

Well. Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise.

Always the same pattern. First the Satanist-Leninist poison vendors set up the carefully crafted set of false assumptions and false logic. Then Soros Red Label and Soros Blue Label "politicians" pretend to argue about the pattern of false assumptions. Red Label says the false assumption is good, Blue Label says the false assumption is bad. Or vice versa, doesn't matter. Finally, after the resulting bill has been passed into "law" and reached the point where it can't practically be changed, the Satanist-Leninist poison vendors pretend to be "surprised" by the truth.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

As long as we're running wars through the court system now, we really shouldn't start arbitrarily at 1998. First we need to take care of a LONG backlog of "due process" that we failed to provide during all those centuries when we were mistakenly and non-progressively fighting wars with bullets and bombs.

Start with King George III and General Cornwallis from 1775, then General Ross from 1812, then Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee from 1861, then Kaiser Wilhelm and King Victor Emmanuel from 1918, then Hitler and Tojo, then Kim Il-sung, then Ho Chi-minh. For each and every war, we must also try every single one of the alleged enlisted men and alleged sailors on the allegedly opposing side. Since all of those men are dead, we'll need to have several years of preliminary hearings for each of these ten million trials, to appoint a Dream Team of high-voltage lawyers for each alleged in absentia defendant.

Finally, after we find all of those alleged defendants innocent and give their families appropriate Punitive Damages, we'll be done.

No. We're already done. Finished. Squashed. Fucked.

We were fucked on 9/12/01 when Sultan Bush decided not to obliterate the Arabian Peninsula. At that point we surrendered, so it doesn't matter what happens now.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  4loko ban

Interesting example of federalism working as it should.

The beverage is clearly dangerous even though it's made of ordinary components. Alcohol alone is self-limiting for most people. By the time you've consumed enough to go berserk, you're either asleep or dead. But the 4loko combination removes the natural feedback loop (another of those broken circles that bedevil our times) thus guaranteeing wildness. And the company has been marketing the product toward likely berserkers, thus making its claims of ignorance absurd.

For example, this year Spokane has suffered a dramatic sequence of berserk driving. Every two weeks or so, a young dickhead zooms off a curve and smashes into a house or power pole at 100 MPH. Previously this happened twice a year, not twice a month. Several of these crashes were known to involve 4loko.

After a whole party of college kids got close to death, Wash gov Gregoire decided to ban the product. A similar event happened in North Carolina.

Now the manufacturer has decided to alter the product, before the FDA gets around to acting.

If the states had behaved as usual, waiting for the Feds to act, the manufacturer would undoubtedly have been able to play money games with Congress and FDA. Many more youngsters would have caused damage and death.

= = = = =

The important point about federalism, or any kind of decentralized control: When all power is in one place, it's dead easy for corporations to corrupt the power. When the power is more evenly distributed among thousands of localities, a national-level corporation has to work very hard, and spend vastly more money, to corrupt every one of the local governments.

It's certainly true that local businesses (eg casinos) can corrupt local governments, but those forms of corruption are limited to one area, which makes them easier to spot and easier to escape.
  Bravo Inhofe, again

James Inhofe, the only legitimate Senator, shows yet again why he owns that title.

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe is going down swinging, insisting he’ll still send earmarks to his state even though his fellow Senate Republicans are poised to adopt a two-year ban on pet projects.

"I'm going to look out for my state of Oklahoma," Inhofe told POLITICO. "Obviously, that's what the Constitution says I’m going to do, and I'm going to do it. Let's keep in mind this is over. I'll be the last conservative standing."

As always, Inhofe The Only Senator is both correct and courageous, and I wouldn't count on the "going down" part.

For many years he's been the ONLY honest human being in DC on the "Global Warming" crime. Other members of Congress have voted against cap-n-trade on practical grounds without taking a stand against genocide; only Inhofe has named the crime. This year for the first time, a few of the newcomers are equally clear, which wouldn't have happened without the Luther-like steadiness of Inhofe.

On pork and earmarks, the problem is more subtle. It's not that earmarking is right or wrong as such; it's more that the focus on eliminating pork leaves members with no concrete way to "do business" with their constituents. Without the ability to bring home visible projects and jobs, they must show their loyalty to abstract Party rhetoric.

And that's exactly what the Two Soros Labels want. Loyalty to Wall Street, loyalty to meaningless talking points, unquestioning loyalty to the vast and suicidal projects of the Empire, but no loyalty or connection to the states and people.

= = = = =

"Total loyalty is possible only when fidelity is emptied of all concrete content, from which changes of mind might naturally arise." --- Hannah Arendt
Saturday, November 13, 2010
  Radar reader

One of the reasons I like Spokane's NPR station ... and the main reason I pledged this year after a looooong gap of politically based non-support ... is that KPBX follows the old notion of broadcasting as public service. Part of public service is keeping a live announcer on duty all the time. Their announcers give accurate weather reports based on live radar and the Weather Bureau hourly updates. Best of all, they've perfected an art that would have been appreciated in radio's golden age: they read the radar aloud, sketching out a verbal picture of where the rain is and where it's going.

Local commercial stations have live announcers only during morning drive-time, and their weather is either (1) focused mainly on Seattle, or (2) focused mainly on the needs of ski resorts, or (3) garbled and incomprehensible, or (4) out of date by a full day, or (5) just plain goddamn wrong. (Commercial stations exist solely to carry Football. When Football is not on, they keep the frequency occupied with some sort of modulated carrier. Sometimes even unmodulated carrier. They don't know and don't care.)

Obviously I can check the radar and the Weather Service online, but that's not as much fun as listening to Amanda Loder's word pictures.

Lots of news this morning about the MyAnnMarTheCountryFormerlyKnownAsBurma-ese government releasing Auuuung Saaaaan Suuuu Chyiii or whatever from prison.

Got me wondering. Who is the nearest American equivalent? Who is our "pro-democracy activist"? Defined as a charismatic leader who represents the will of the people, who actually starts a new party outside of the two official brands, the "ruling party" brand and the "opposition party" brand, which we have here just as in MyAnnMarTheCountryFormerlyKnownAsBurma.

Currently the nearest choice is Glenn Beck. He's certainly forming a movement around himself, some of which has spilled over into the totally co-opted Tea Party quasi-organization. But Beck doesn't seem eager to form a real party, with slates of candidates running at each level. And he still appears on Fox, which is an integral part of the Soros-Leninist structure. I'll see him as a serious dissident when Fox fires him and "crazifies" him.

The only precise equivalent in recent times is Ross Perot. He started a real party, running candidates at all levels. Several of those candidates won, and Perot came in a close third in national voting. His agenda was firmly Nationalist, isolationist and pro-industry, representing the natural tendencies of most Americans at most times in our history, and firmly opposing the trans-national progressive agenda of the Two Soros Labels. Perot's basic reason for running may seem trivial, but was actually crucial: he knew things about the Bush family. And the form of his defeat measures the true degree of his threat to the System: the Bush family succeeded in "crazifying" him, which is how we silence dissidents in our soft totalitarian arrangement.
Friday, November 12, 2010
  High-speed derail

Newly elected Repooflican governors in several states have immediately surrendered a NEWLY FORMING AMERICAN INDUSTRY to China, setting a Guinness Record for SPEEDY ECONOMIC TREASON.

"That train is dead," announced Republican John Kasich at his first press conference as Ohio's governor-elect. "I said it during the campaign: It is dead. We are not gonna have it." Kasich has said he will reject $400 million in federal funds meant to establish passenger rail service from Cleveland to Columbus and Cincinnati.

And Wisconsin's Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker says he will turn down more than $800 million in federal funds for high-speed trains between Milwaukee and Madison.

Rejecting the high-speed-rail funds could prove to be quite costly to the incoming governors and their states' taxpayers, and not just in the thousands of jobs that killing the rail projects cost.

In Wisconsin, for example, if Walker turns away the federal funds, his state's taxpayers will be on the hook for close to $100 million in costs already incurred and in improvements that must be made...

If the new governors do not want the federal funding, [transportation secy] LaHood says the money will be reallocated to other states that want improved, cleaner and more efficient transportation options and the thousands of jobs the high-speed-rail projects would create.

Caught in the middle of the backlash are workers for companies such as Talgo, a manufacturer of high-speed trains that just opened a new plant, bringing jobs to Milwaukee.

According to spokeswoman Nora Friend, Talgo will have 40 employees by the end of November, and it plans to hire up to 125 positions. Friend says the company is now faced with telling its workers they might be out of jobs when the trains they are making now are completed.

"If we don't have any more orders, then as a business entity, we have no choice but to shut down the facility," Friend says.

High-speed rail was the ONE AND ONLY THING the Obama admin was doing right, and now the China boys have killed it. Premier Hu is undoubtedly grateful, but he won't bother to thank the Repoofs; he'll just keep on receiving their gifts.
  I call him "Doesn't like superstition"

Brief item on NPR about an original 1976 Apple I being sold by the elegant Christie's auction house, probably for $150k.

"The list price of the Apple I was $666.66; apparently Wozniak and Jobs weren't superstitious."

Wrong. Comrades Wozniak and Jobs are thoroughly superstitious, thoroughly religious, fanatically devout Leninists.

A devout Christian believes every aspect of his life, everything he creates and does, should serve the glory of God.

A devout Leninist believes every aspect of his life, everything he creates and does, should poke Christians in the eye and make them SCREAM.
Thursday, November 11, 2010
  Cap-n-trade anyway

No surprise.

The government-sponsored terrorist organization EPA, following in the grand genocidal tradition of Robespierre, Lincoln, Stalin and Hitler, has skipped over all minor trivial considerations like laws, constitutions and representation, and has ordered cap-n-trade to begin anyway.

Heil Atmungsführer Jackson!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!

What a wonderful way to celebrate Veterans Day!!!! All those vets who died in the mistaken belief that they were fighting for freedom, fighting for a normal prosperous American life, can bask gratefully in the magnificent knowledge that they were actually fighting for tyranny, desperate poverty, dictatorship and genocide! Sieg Heil!

= = = = =

This is why I wasn't especially interested in seeing the pussy-ass Repooflican fairies take over Congress. Even if they could actually make one or two tiny tentative changes in laws (which they won't anyway) it wouldn't matter. The EPA and the black-robed saboteurs have taken absolute power since 1988, and operate entirely without input from Congress. Mass secession is the only cure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
  Deficit reduction

Not a topic Polistra finds interesting, except to bust the pork-busters...

Still, after looking at the summary of the Bowles & Simpson proposals to bring Fed budgets back into line, I like it. I like it a lot.

Simplify taxes, remove most exemptions, remove subsidies for rich people and rich industries, uncap SS tax. Covers everything that can practically be done. Should be done much faster ... phase in by 2011, not phase in by 2050 ... because you can't trust Congress with any delayed action. As with housebreaking a dog, the action must follow the command immediately or it won't happen.

This proposal should not be controversial.

Anyone who objects to this, after whining and moaning and screaming for years and years and years about deficits and debts and deficits and debts and deficits and debts, is a fucking Repooflican pansy-ass shithead.

Anyone who objects to this proposal marks himself instantly and permanently as a wild-eyed hypocrite, a Randian infantile egotist who needs to receive the whole universe every day as his Royal Birthday Gift. ALL MINE! ALL MINE! ALL MINE! ALL MINE!
  Useful measurement

The Wash state unemployment director, interviewed by Spokane Public Radio [can't find online link yet], gave an important statistic in a hugely valuable way.

"We have one job available for every 5 people actively seeking employment."

I'd never thought of it that way, and can't recall hearing this proportional style before.

This is undoubtedly the best and smartest indicator of employment. Tells you everything in one number, while the usual 9.5% (or whatever) tells you very little by itself.
  Can't beat em, join em

Saddest story of the year. An entire town collaborates with evil in order to keep evil from utterly destroying them. Can't blame them; the only other answer is armed rebellion, resulting in guaranteed extinction for humans.
  Mass conversion?

PM Cameron of Britain has made a critical mistake which may finally lead college-age idiots to rethink the usual Transnational Progressive mindset. (Human rights, global warming, free trade. The three horsemen of the modern Apocalypse.)

Cameron, on tour in China, told Chinese students that he was raising tuition on British students to give the Chinese students an advantage.

The Prime Minister was quizzed on a trip to a university in Beijing about last week's Coalition proposal to raise tuition fees by up to £9,000 a year.

A student asked Mr Cameron if he believed the move would restrict the opportunities for Chinese youngsters to gain places on university courses in Britain.

Mr Cameron said raising tuition fees will mean two things: “It will make sure our universities are well funded ...and we won't go on increasing so fast the fees for overseas students."

Not really surprising to rational adults; we've known for a long time that the governments of English-speaking countries (UK, US, AUS) are completely treasonous and suicidal, aimed solely at killing their own countries and handing the loot to their Chinese and Saudi masters.

Students generally haven't figured this out yet. They instinctively hate authorities, but their self-proclaimed "rebelliousness" has been carefully channeled to conform exactly with the goals of the occupation governments.

Now the youngster's abstract goals of Multiculturalism and International Tolerance have finally run up against his concrete goal of never never never never NEVER paying for anything, leading to a serious conflict! Might stir a tiny spark of healthy nationalism.
Tens of thousands of students are expected to take to the streets of London later today to protest about the fees hike, which will be accompanied by increased rates of interest on student loans for high-earning graduates.

Thanks, Dave!
Tuesday, November 09, 2010
  Whales on snowmobiles

We have vastly more access to valid data than ever before, but our Satanist-Leninist poison vendors NEVER use it. They NEVER look up one goddamn thing. When an "Expert" says something, and the "Expert" agrees with the Party's orthodox line, the story is complete. Don't confuse us with the facts.

Story on CBS radio news just now:
The thinning ozone layer could be leaving the world's whales scarred from severe sunburn, experts said Wednesday.

A study of whales in the Gulf of California over the past few years shows that the sea-going mammals carry blisters and other damage typically associated with the skin damage that humans suffer from exposure to the ultraviolet radiation. That makes it yet another threat for the already endangered animals to worry about.

Fine. Except that the ozone layer has BEEN INCREASING STEADILY since 1992. It has NOT BEEN THINNING. The only place where it still gets thin sometimes is directly over Antarctica, which is not a place where whales swim. Unless these whales can drive snowmobiles.

It took me 10 seconds to look up this official graph:

  Gov't math

Rocket launch off Los Angeles:
Each branch of the military has denied involvement, and the Pentagon has been cryptic about the object and who may have launched it. Despite this, officials said the event was not a threat to national security. They also said it was not a launch by a foreign military.

Government arithmetic:

[We don't have any idea what it is]
[We know it's not a threat]
[We know exactly what it is]

  Sultan Bush and history

As our Satanist-Leninist poison vendors review the memoirs of Sultan Bush The Son, they're saying things like "Bush is hoping history will be kinder to him than current public opinion."

And unfortunately they're right.

History is written by Communists. Sometime around 2040, the Communists will belatedly "discover" (i.e. admit) that Bush was following Party orders faithfully. Just as they belatedly "discovered" that Nixon was one of their own.

Fact: Everything Bush did was approved by Emperor Edward Kennedy.

Medicare Part D, a vast new entitlement. No Child Left Behind, Emperor Teddy's own pet idea. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, recommended by Emperor Teddy. (Though ET turned against the Iraq war later.)

Except for Supreme Court appointments, Bush did nothing that Emperor Teddy disliked. But even there, the "conservative" judges were required to promise openly that they would never interfere with the Holy Sacrament of Abortion, so they weren't really "conservative" judges.
Sunday, November 07, 2010
  Hillary in Burma

Hillary speaks out on elections in My Ann Mar The Country Formerly Known As Burma:
In Australia for ministerial talks, US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says the elections again expose the abuses of the country's military rulers.

Ms Clinton says the people of Burma deserve better.

"We hope that perhaps out of these elections some leaders will emerge who know that Burma has to take a different track, that they cannot continue to do the same thing, and realise the potential of their people," she said.

It's genuinely nice that she calls it plain old Burma. Burmese people, when speaking English, call their country Burma. Only the Burmese regime and American media call it My Ann Mar The Country Formerly Known As Burma.

More seriously, why do America's elite rulers insist on forcing other countries to have elections? None of the things our elites love, none of the "human rights" that they claim to seek, were created by voting here. Not even indirectly by elected legislators. All of the "human rights" our elites love most were ordered by tyrannical black-robed saboteurs appointed for life.

To be consistent, they should be shipping our black-robed Soviet saboteurs to countries like My Ann Mar The Country Formerly Known As Burma. They won't do that, of course, because it would mean more freedom for Americans.
  Where's karma when you need it?

News item:

Police say protesters have delayed a shipment of nuclear waste to a storage site in northern Germany but that the train is rolling again.

Two activists rappelled off a 75-meter (250-foot) high bridge to hang just over the train's path near the town of Morschen early Sunday, while about 50 others blocked the tracks nearby, according to police.

The protest stopped the train but police say the tracks are again clear and it is continuing on its way to Dannenberg where the waste will be loaded on to trucks for the last leg of its trip to the storage facility at nearby Gorleben.

Should have run them over. Better, should have "accidentally" unloaded the waste on top of the 25000 Commie Krauts and "accidentally" plowed the whole mess under, pour encourager les autres.
Friday, November 05, 2010
  NRO's Google game

Daniel Foster at NRO points out some clearly deliberate humor in the "Get Directions" function of Google Maps.

I tried it with similarly broad locations within the US, "Get Directions" from Kansas to Oklahoma and "Get Directions" from Kansas to Missouri. Since Kansas shares long borders with both states, the simplest and shortest directions between entire states would be "cross the border". In the Kansas City metro area, it can be even closer, since many streets and buildings straddle the border. I taught electronics in such a building, with the border running directly through my classroom. In that situation, my left hand and right hand were often in different states at the same time.

But no, Google has its own very specific ideas of where "Kansas" is, where "Oklahoma" is, and where "Missouri" is.

"Kansas" is a point along a country road between Lucas and Sylvan Grove, sort of near Ellsworth but nowhere near any houses or businesses.

"Oklahoma" is a similarly uninhabited point along a country road between Tribbey and Wanette, sort of near Shawnee.

"Missouri" is a similarly uninhabited point along a country road near Rolla.

None of those points are anywhere near the center of their states, which is where I'd be inclined to place them.

Tried a few other states, always the same. Well off the state's center, about a mile down a farm road from a T-intersection, far from major cities or towns.

Yet they aren't 'poles of inaccessibility'; in each of these states I could easily find places that are much farther from main routes. Possibly these Google centers are the places that require the maximum number of turns to reach from main routes? That would make sense in terms of stress-testing the Get Directions mechanism.
  Russia gets it right. Again.

As residents of this unfortunate land prepare to "fall back", accomplishing absolutely nothing, Russia is planning to get rid of the obsolete device:
We should remind you that the Russians will not have to get used to living at the “summer time” any longer. Dmitry MEDVEDEV, the RF President, ordered the experts to analyze the suitability of the daylight saving time. As more and more the eminent Russian scientists believe that the changing of time can be rather stressful for the humans and are against this step. The experts note that changing the summer and winter time can bring more discomfort to the ordinary people than economic benefit to the country.

Yes, even though translation is strange, main point is correct, and is the good illustration of how the nation can work when the government is at same side as own people.

The DST is in fact stressful for the humans and does not saving the energy. George BUSH, the idiot US president, decided it was prudent to extend the DST even farther into Winter, for no reason or benefit. Presumably the extension raised the stock value of some Saudi-based company.
  Now I've sussed it out.

During the 12 years when they've been using Amber Alerts around here, I've heard roughly one Alert per week on average.

PRECISELY 100% of the alerts have been "repossessions". Sometimes one biological parent claims the kid from the other, sometimes BOTH biological parents reclaim the kid from Soviet ownership. The Alert is always phrased cleverly to make you think otherwise. For example, the "suspect" is described as a white female around 25 years old, possibly driving a red Hyundai ... even though the authorities already know exactly who the "suspect" is, because the "suspect" is the CHILD'S OWN GODDAMN MOTHER.

PRECISELY NONE of the alerts have been actual abductions. During these 12 years there was PRECISELY ONE actual abduction around this area, and it was indeed the most unimaginably violent event: Joseph Duncan killed half the Groene family with his bare hands and abducted their children. This horrible abduction did NOT get an Amber Alert, for some obscure technical reason.

I conclude from all available data that Amber Alerts have two Leninist goals. (1) Keep the public confused and panicky, maintain the official myth that violent stranger abduction happens once a week instead of once a year. (2) Probably the more important goal: Break the bonds of family by describing real biological parents as "criminal suspects" once a week.

= = = = =

Update: Interesting article from England showing how the Soviet family-destruction system works there, and how a few (relatively wealthy) parents are escaping the Soviet family-destruction system by fleeing to Cyprus.

= = = = =

More broadly, the whole EAS has decayed into a Public Confusion System. It's used for Amber Alerts, and for certain weather events legally declared by the Weather Bureau. But it's never used for other important public-safety situations.

Immediate example: Yesterday an Amber Alert was issued in Spokane for a typical fake event, biological father without custody picking up a kid from a babysitter in Bellevue, 200 miles away. Also yesterday, a violent police standoff with an armed suicidal man closed down several blocks right here in Spokane, forcing a school to send its kids home. No EAS alert for this real event.

And of course the biggest failure: Emergency broadcasting was originally designed to be used in an enemy attack. When we finally did get an enemy attack in 2001, EAS remained silent and our entire quadrillion-dollar defense system remained asleep.

Maybe that wasn't an enemy attack after all.
Thursday, November 04, 2010
  Stassen concedes

At this moment, Dino Rossi conceded to Patty Murray, losing for the third time.

Though there wasn't a 'Tea Party' type involved, this result belongs in the same category: one more Repooflican defeated by the party's own idiocy.

Rossi is pure Wall Street, what the Hillbuzz boys like to call a soggy mayonnaise sandwich. Thoroughly groomed and focus-grouped, never departs from brand-R talking points. He apparently looks like the perfect candidate to the dishonest and racist [the ONLY time I ever use that word] Wash state Repoofs, but he's never seemed competent to me.

So byebye, Harold Stassen. Maybe the third loss will teach those brand-R assholes something ... Nah. They're unteachable.
  Perfect phrase

Sen Barrasso refers to the Global Warming crime as "The War on Carbon".

Perfect. Wish I'd thought of it.

Places the AGW scam in the tradition of the War on Poverty, War on Drugs, War on Terror. Purpose of such "wars" is to spend unimaginably huge amounts of money and lives while leaving the target problem unsolved. (If the problem ever decreases, your agency's budget will go away.)

The War on Carbon is actually a better idea than the previous "wars".

Poverty, drugs and terror are real problems, so you have to think carefully and work hard to avoid all actions that would decrease the problem. You also need a Plan B in case the problem fades on its own, which does happen sometimes.

Carbon is a complete myth, so you're free to do absolutely anything in the name of "solving" the carbon problem, and you don't need to worry about it going away. When a thing doesn't exist in the first place, it can't fade. Only your set of false stories, false facts, false symptoms and false numbers can go away, and those are much easier to control than a real phenomenon.

In a war against leprechauns riding unicorns, you're free to use Golden Turbo-Snargits and Mark II Diamond-Encrusted Anticoraculators! Touché, Evil Leprechauns!
  Wisdom of the people

The Wash state ballot had plenty of referenda this time, and all of them came out exactly right in terms of common sense. But if you tried to read the results through either party's doctrinal spectacles, they would look wildly inconsistent.

1053: Slap down the Legislature after some sneaky tactics: Passed.

1082: Privatize (let AIG handle) workmen's comp: Failed.

1098: Start a state income tax: Failed.

1100: Privatize state liquor sales (to advantage of some restaurants): Failed

1105: Privatize state liquor sales (to advantage of Costco): Failed

1107: Repeal candy tax: Passed

RB52: Bonds for "green improvements" in schools: Failed.

SJR8225: Tighten restrictions on state debt: Passed

HJR4220: Tighten rules on bail (result of Clemmons case): Passed.

= = = = =

I'm especially heartened by the failure of the "green improvement" bond. Until now, anything "green" was automatically passed, and anything "for the churruns" was automatically passed. This measure combined both, in a supposedly "green" state, and still failed decisively.
Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pasha Obama in news conference just now:

"Cap-n-trade was just one way of skinning the cat."

And yes, I'm shouting. Thank you for noticing.

= = = = =

And later in the same speech:

"Relying on values that I got from my mom and grandparents."

Pasha Obama's grandmother was a Soviet agent and an investment banker.

Explains his values entirely.
  Pretty good day for energy

The two candidates I concretely supported lost, but that's OK. I knew both were quixotic causes. I'm hoping both will try again; Art Robinson has already emailed that he will try again next time.

If Robinson had run two years earlier, he would have been the only pro-science candidate and his loss would have mattered more. But this year plenty of candidates campaigned with a clear anti-Warmist message, and many of them won!

Best of all, I think, will be Manchin of West Virginia. You can't get any firmer than shooting a hole in cap-n-trade.

Manchin could be a good President.

Overall, Congress doesn't matter much. Even if we could replace 100% of the members with reformists, they'd immediately be blackmailed into submission by the enemy-serving staff and Satanist media. Like decanting new wine into bottles filled with dead rats and plutonium.

This unfortunate land will not be reborn until most of the states secede, and then only if those states contain most of the military bases and missile sites. Under those conditions, the rump nation based in DC may cut the seceders loose without destroying the world.

= = = = =

One unrelated observation: This election shows that the West is now the most corrupt part of the country. Previously you could generalize that corruption ruled east of the Mississippi. Now the East is more open to reform, while the gangsters are unstoppable in places like Alaska, California and Nevada.

It's all about casinos. Bets and debts, as Polistra foresaw in 2006.
Tuesday, November 02, 2010
  Orlovian observation

The great Orlov, discussing why Russia was able to survive collapse while America will not survive, noted that the Russian people have not been atomized and isolated by consumerism. They learned to stick together, always talking, negotiating and bartering.

Spokane has a large contingent of Soviet-bloc refugees, somewhere around 10% of the population. They don't stand out because they haven't set up a "Little Moscow" or "Little Belgrade" neighborhood. They're scattered all over town, in true Spokane style.

I've noticed a couple of Slavic households in this neighborhood, not by visual cues but only by hearing the language.

On my morning walk Saturday, I finally noticed a real visual cue. In one of those Slavic households, the wife was in the front yard talking to another woman whose car was in the driveway. Both were smoking and talking simultaneously, and both left the cigarette hanging and bouncing on the lips as they talked.

In 1960 this wouldn't have been an instant Russian shibboleth. You wouldn't necessarily have seen it in a high-class situation, but you saw it all the time in casual front-porch America. Nowadays smokers are forced into dark corners.

After I got past the novelty of the dangle, I realized that the simple tableau of two women talking in a front yard is a foreign cue. They weren't holding cell phones, they weren't texting to 3 other "friends" while ignoring each other. They were in the same location and focused on each other. They will survive.
Monday, November 01, 2010
  Russia gets it right

Polistra and Happy[red]Star are enjoying Medvedev's visit to the Kuril Islands.

The Kurils were claimed by Japan (along with just about everything in the Pacific) in WW2. Russia reclaimed them after the war, and they have been inhabited by Russians since then, but Japan has never given up on its official claim of territory.

Medvedev first announced his desire to visit the Kurils a month ago. In response, the Japanese Foreign Ministry [warned that such a trip] would seriously endanger Russian-Japanese relations. It is believed that after the strong statement from the Japanese side, Medvedev had no other choice but to visit the islands.

What a primitive concept: a leader defending his own country when an adversary makes angry noises. We've advanced beyond such Neanderthalism. Under Glorious Bush-Obama Dynasty, our Dear Progressive Leaders always have another choice!!!! Under Glorious Bush-Obama Dynasty, we bow and scrape and surrender when an adversary frowns. Or even before he frowns.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called Japan’s reaction to Medvedev’s visit unacceptable. “This is our land. The Russian president has visited Russian territory, a Russian region. We have explained this to our Japanese partners. Today we’re going to invite the Japanese ambassador here in Moscow and we will make a clear statement to reaffirm our position unequivocally,” Lavrov announced at a news conference on Monday.

Following his visit, Medvedev posted a photo of Kunashir Island, calling it “a pretty Russian sight”.


Anything that annoys the Japs is good. They got away with raping their side of the world for 40 years, and even after Hiroshima they still haven't admitted they were wrong.

Despite their beautiful nature and rich mineral and biological resources, the Southern Kuril Islands have been neglected by Soviet and Russian authorities for many decades.

For this reason many Kuril residents have long been feeling almost abandoned, but President Medvedev stressed the strategic importance of these territories and made it clear that his goal was to turn things around.

Early on Monday, the president arrived on Kunashir Island, where he met the locals and visited several construction sites and public institutions.

Kunashir is the largest and the most populated island, being home to almost 6,500 Russian citizens. Together with three other Pacific islands, it was taken over by the Soviet Union 65 years ago, but the tussle to define its national identity still goes on.

There is a big cross standing on the shore of another Kuril island of Shikotan. It appeared a few years ago, soon after the Russian Orthodox Church opened its parish there.

Whoda thunkit? Russia is now the country that holds and expands territory for Christianity, while America deletes crosses from public land and builds mosques with taxpayer money.
  Hope he tries again

One of the local brand-D candidates here in Spokane caught my attention. Daryl Romeyn, already well-known as a competent weathercaster, decided to run against Cathy McMorris.

Since Cathy's seat is absolutely safe, Romeyn is undoubtedly considered a mere pawn or placeholder, but he didn't follow the bland party line. His agenda is surprisingly strong and surprisingly Nationalist. He sounds like Marcy Kaptur.

I tossed some money at him, voted for him, and even put up a yard sign for the first time in my life.

He's practically guaranteed to lose, but I hope my little bit of support helps to give Romeyn the motivation to run again when the chances are better.

= = = = =

Just for my own memory: On all other offices I voted strictly for the non-incumbent. Where the incumbent was unopposed, I wrote in better candidates such as S. McDuck or Q.D. McGraw or B. Boop or P. deSaylor-Mann. (Sorta proud of the last one.)

A local radio ad for a tire store features a car talking to the car's driver. (Easy to do on radio, would be expensive on TV!)

Car is chiding Driver for poor maintenance, says it's past time for new tires. Car recommends a local tire store. Driver asks Car where he heard about these great sales on tires, and Car says "On the radio."

Driver says "Oh, the radio talks too?"

Car says "Of course."

This raises a corollary of the Pluto/Goofy conundrum.

The inanimate function of a car is non-verbal, so it makes sense for a 'humanoid' car to talk. But what about the radio? Its inanimate function is talking. How would the radio talk anthropomorphically? Would it talk through the same speaker that already carries the talking of distant humans as part of its basic mechanical function, or would it need a separate mouth for its own thoughts? Probably the latter.

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