Monday, May 22, 2006
  Polistra goes to meeting.....

The year is 1860.

Polistra's town, like others along the Kansas River, is being settled by Abolitionists from New England. A mix of Congregationalists and Quakers, these folks are not trying to start a war, and would rather not be involved in one. They are responding to an 1854 law which allows new western territories to elect Free or Slave status. So these colonists aim to stack the electoral deck in Kansas, hoping that the Free tendency will propagate westward from here.

Some Abolitionist leaders, though, believe that free and fair elections will not suffice; they believe that slavery is not an open and debatable question. One such leader is Henry Ward Beecher, a Congregationalist pastor. Under his influence, settlers are building a colony and a church. The Beecher colony is about twenty miles east of the Mill; two hours by horse if you can find the right trail.

When Beecher sent his colonists westward, he presented each man with a Sharps rifle "to defend his faith and his ideas of freedom." Hence the name Beecher Bible and Rifle Church; hence also the nice heavy shutters and the fortress-style construction.

The Beecher colonists took part in the Underground Railroad, but in the end they didn't need the rifles for outright war. Fighting in Kansas consisted of sporadic raids and scuffles around Topeka and Lawrence, and then the rest of the country got involved in a much larger way.

The church is still there today. When I visited it in 1966, it was vacant and closely resembled its original appearance, which I've tried to follow in making this digital version. Since then, judging from various online accounts, the church has been reoccupied and slightly modernized. The nearby town of Wabaunsee [pron. wah-BUN-see] also remains from the Beecher colony.


Now, a little exercise for the reader to ponder.

These pictures are not just the past but the future. Look at them again, this time with your mental calendar set to 2020.

Huh? How can 1860 repeat itself?

Jump back to 1968 for a moment. The Religion of Tolerance and Peace, the very same Religion that enslaved and sold those Africans, the same Religion that still enslaves them openly and legally in Africa, decides it's time to take over the world. This happens every two centuries, with varying degrees of success.

The 1968 takeover has two special advantages: the Religion owns much of the world's oil, and it forms an alliance with Leninist forces in Europe and America, who are only too happy to assist in destroying Western civilization.

Over the next 30 years, Western leaders witness an escalating series of attacks and infiltrations by the Religion of Tolerance and Peace, and they respond in several different but useless ways. Sometimes the leaders throw a few bullets and missiles into an irrelevant target, sometimes they get paralyzed by scrupulosity, sometimes they respond with Due Process Of Law, sometimes they intentionally cover up the real origin of the attack, sometimes they give land or tribute to the Religion, sometimes they just cut and run.

Meanwhile the Leninists are busy. They take over the cultural and legal institutions of the West, so any defense that requires willing participation by the media or the courts will fail. They take over Venezuela's oil, including a company that operates in the United States. Their Chinese branch diligently leverages its own brand of slave labor through the mechanism of 'Free Trade' (also favored by the old Confederacy) to gain control of America's public debt and many important seaways and ports.

Finally, one attack is so large, so outrageous, that a Western leader can no longer ignore it or displace the blame.

This Western leader misses the ideal opportunity to vaporize the idolatrous core of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace, which would have been the correct first move. He also fails to understand the Leninist jaw of the enemy's clamp, and allows those contaminated courts and media to continue working for the Religion. Instead, he decides to treat the war as a secular conflict between nations, and responds with two strategically excellent opening moves. He takes out two of the regimes that have been helping and supplying the Religion's army. These removals would be important and necessary steps whether the war is treated as sacred or secular. Unfortunately he gets confused or scrupulized after starting those steps, and fails to kill the important players on the enemy side. He also fails to take any steps toward loosening the enemy's blackmail grip. Western Leninists seize this moment to demoralize the public, making continued war very difficult ... especially for a leader who values the Theory of Democracy more than his own country's existence. So the Religion of Tolerance and Peace has been pushed back slightly, but its main pieces are still on the board and the West is tired and dazed.

Up to here I've been telling plain facts. Now we jump into the realm of raw speculation.

In 2007, after determining that the West is sufficiently tenderized, China and Venezuela collaborate with Persia and the native Leninists to close the pincers. Persia takes out Israel and blocks all oil shipments in the Gulf; China closes down shipping in the Pacific, and Venezuela in the Caribbean. Sons of Allah create medium-scale destruction and havoc all over America and Europe.

Result in 2020, after the dust has settled: A marriage of Marx and Mohammed, who are quite comfy life partners. Progressives and Mohammedans get employment cards, web connections and energy ration cards from CitgoFordGoogleWalmart, which is another name for the colonial government of North America. Infidels are tacitly permitted to engage in under-the-table work, provided they don't compete with CitgoFordGoogleWalmart. Without energy cards, they must make do with homebrew ethanol or horses. Following the Chinese model of perfect religious liberty, reliable denominations like Episcopalians, the modern Congregationalists, and Reformed Jews are licensed to continue their normal activities openly, while actual Christians and actual Jews must worship underground in constant fear of the FBI. Slave labor (with colors reversed, of course) returns under the guise of reparations. Every female, even the Progressives, must stay in chador. [Do you think Feminists will object to this? Think again. Feminists love chador, as long as they get to be the enforcers.]


In the 2020 that looks so much like 1860, will Kansas still be Kansas?

To be sure the land will remain. Wildcat Creek will ripple with catfish and clams and mysterious flatworms, will freeze in winter to support ice-skating kids who will fall as they always have, but who won't dare to laugh at their own clumsiness. No dogs will lick their faces. Limestone cliffs and sharp moraines, formed by the last glaciers, will wait patiently for civilization to return. Cicadas will out-shout the muezzin and will be eradicated with vicious zeal. The wheat will still feed millions because the Mennonite farmers will adapt. They came here to escape religious persecution, but this time there won't be any point in going West. There won't be any West. So they will adapt.

Will Kansas be Kansas? The Beecher colony, the town of Polistra, all of Kansas was founded by Christians for the sole purpose of saying NO -- with Sharps rifles if needed -- to Mohammed's most enduring invention. When the Sons of Allah impose their dogless, musicless, artless, laughterless, Christless slavery on this land, the purpose of Kansas will disappear.

Kansas will not be Kansas.


Literary note: I was driven to put together this little micro-story by an unsettling sense, bolstered by a scary nuclear dream, that the next crunch is coming soon. While writing it, I realized we don't have any full-scale stories -- no equivalents of 'It Could Happen Here' or '1984' -- about the coming Mohammedan tyranny. In the '30s, as Mussolini and Hitler gained power, quite a few Fascist dystopias were written. '1984' stands nearly alone as a significant Marxist dystopia, since writers then as now were mainly commies. The complete absence of big-name dhimmitopia books tells us all we need to know about modern writers and publishers.

I did find one excellent mid-length piece, which is fully online. Hatred of the Angels, written by Jane Scully. It's burdened by excess detail, such as constant repetition of the exact Arabic words that the dhimmi must use when begging for mercy, but it's definitely worth reading.


Technical note:

Actually the pictures need a few modifications for the future. To get the full flavor, click on each picture and note the detailed changes. Think of it as clicking the dhimmer switch. Most of the details are self-explanatory, but the red sash (zunnar) may be unfamiliar.

Here is a list of requirements for dhimmi, adapted from Hugh Fitzgerald -- the nearest thing to a Churchill for our times -- who writes for JihadWatch.

Non-Muslim subjects are obliged to comply with Islamic rules that pertain to the safety and indemnity of life, reputation, and property. In addition, they:

(1) are penalized for committing adultery or theft, though not for drunkenness;

(2) are distinguished from Muslims in dress, wearing a wide cloth belt (zunnar);

(3) are not greeted with as-Salamu alaykum;

(4) must keep to the side of the street;

(5) may not build higher than or as high as the Muslims’ buildings, though if they acquire a tall house, it is not razed;

(6) are forbidden to openly display wine or pork, to ring church bells or display crosses, recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays;

(7) and are forbidden to build new churches.


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