Wednesday, October 31, 2007
  * * * * * * * * * * * O K ! ! ! ! * * * * * * * * * *

Polistra has done the flag-salute thing a few times before. This time she's taking it all the way to outright idolatry.

Oklahoma, totally alone among all states and localities, has DONE THE RIGHT THING by passing a law that cuts off all benefits for illegal aliens.

Even more amazing, a Federal Judge (and the honorable word Judge applies here instead of the usual 'black-robed saboteur') has also DONE THE RIGHT THING by denying an injunction to stop the law in its tracks.

Other lawsuits will follow, but enforcing the law as a fait accompli, even if only for a brief period, makes all the difference. According to the news story, companies and landlords have already started proceedings toward firing and evicting illegals, and roughly 25000 of the illegals have already left Oklahoma.

See, it's not necessary to physically deport people; you just have to remove the free lunch.

Though I must add: the "unthinkableness" of deportation is remarkably easy to knock down. Do you believe it's physically impossible to move 12 million people? Well, look at how quickly 1 million people evacuated the SoCal fires last week, or how quickly 3 million evacuated from Houston during Katrina. So it's demonstrably possible to move a million in a day; if the process were scheduled more gradually, say a few months, it would be undramatic and relatively easy.
  "Quitting now...."

David Warren, editorial writer for the Ottawa Sun, who is unquestionably the best living thinker and writer, has found a fascinating piece of medical research, which agrees thoroughly with long-term common sense but disagrees violently with our modern anti-science and anti-knowledge elite orthodoxy.

Simply: A group of doctors in India noticed that quitting smoking was worse than continuing to smoke. They ran the numbers on cases in their own hospitals and found this to be unquestionably and quantitatively true.

Warren writes: Since the findings of Kumar, Mallya, and Kumar coincide with my own medical hypothesis, based on my own anecdotal evidence, I hasten to embrace them. Several deceased friends and family, starting with my paternal grandfather, perished shortly after they quit smoking -- not only from lung cancer, but from other causes ranging from previously-undiagnosed heart disease to industrial accident.

The same general principle would apply: that a body long accustomed to a (frankly addictive) substance, goes haywire when the substance is removed. Verily, in the good old days, people instinctively understood things like that, without the need for medical research. And it was inconceivable that, for instance, hospitals would prevent patients from smoking, who were already medically challenged on other fronts.

I'd noticed the same thing among my own family. My mother and her siblings, all born in the 1920's, all smoked like the proverbial chimneys. Two of them quit early. The aunt who quit at 50 died at 73 of an especially sudden and aggressive lung cancer; the uncle who quit at 65 died two years later of the same. The two who didn't quit early are still alive, with no lung cancer, though my mother had another type of cancer (at age 83) which was successfully treated.

Needless to say, this research will be censored, and our "scientists" and "doctors" will continue to say that "quitting early is always good" despite plenty of experience and now quantitative research to the contrary.

Our "scientists" are no longer practicing anything remotely resembling science. They are instead practitioners of the Gaia faith, which is indistinguishable in nearly all respects from Herr Hitler's set of beliefs.

Methinks Polistra is taking this research a wee bit too seriously.
  Hey, Karen!

News item: Karen Hughes is giving up on the idiotic mission of winning the "hearts and minds" of Arabs through sweetness and light. Hughes says that improving the world's view of the United States is a "long-term challenge" that will outlast her. "This will take a number of years."

Professor Polistra has some simple medical advice for Hughes. If you want to win the hearts and minds of the world, you must have testicles. You must show the normal people of the world that you recognize the difference between good and evil, and you must try to destroy evil.

When normal people, even Arabs, see that Arabia and Yemen are still under the same Wahhabi rulers after directly attacking us, they correctly conclude that we are not interested in eliminating those bad regimes. They correctly conclude that our government lacks testicles, and thus their hearts and minds are unswayed.
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
  Another turnabout?

Now THIS is interesting.

The U.S. Navy rescued the crew of a North Korean cargo ship off the coast of Somalia Tuesday, after it was attacked by unidentified men who took control of part of the vessel.

The Navy ... dispatched a helicopter from a ship about 90 kilometers away. The Navy says the pirates had taken control of the ship's command center, but the crew remained in control of the engine room and steering controls.

As the U.S. Navy destroyer James E. Williams approached the North Korean ship in the Indian Ocean northeast of Mogadishu, it contacted the pirates and ordered them to surrender. At about the same time, the cargo ship's crew attacked and overpowered the pirates. ... Three of the ship's crew were seriously injured, and were coptered to a U.S. Navy hospital ship.

That's the definition of allies. Working together against a common Mohammedan enemy, as Stalin -- certainly not a friend -- worked with us against Hitler.
  Web property rights

For the last three days or so, my main website was down; Freeservers apparently missed sending the annual order to preserve the domain name, so the domain was replaced by one of those generic domain-parking webpages. My website holds all of Polistra's cartoons, and my Poser offerings as well.

Though my actual physical house is all paid for and secure, the web is where I do most of my living and all of my entertaining. When you're suddenly evicted from your web home, it's disconcerting and leaves an empty feeling, aside from the loss of un-backed-up work.

At any rate, after some negotiating, I got the service restored. Back home!

Seems we need more formalized property rights or tenant rights on the web: a firm requirement that web servers must maintain your home as long as you pay for it.
Friday, October 26, 2007

Polistra has observed a couple of interesting turnabouts.

First turnabout: For many years, while the left-wing media had a total monopoly, it steadfastly insisted that there was no collusion, no conspiracy, no talking points; even though any objective observer could spot the precisely identical choice of stories and the precisely identical wordings.

Lately -- just this year I think -- we've crossed over into opposite territory.

Now the right-wing media steadfastly denies any collusion or conspiracy when asked or accused, even though any objective observer can spot the precisely identical choice of stories and wordings ... while the left-wing media is losing its uniformity. ABC and NBC still follow the lead of the NYTimes with perfect fidelity, but CNN and CBS often pick stories outside the talking points of either team, and often treat facts with honesty and genuine fairness.

= = = = =

Second turnabout: In today's regular White House press conf, spokesman Perino took a question from an unknown reporter who was coming from the pro-energy side. From Polistra's side! The reporter said that a new oil refinery was being planned in northern Indiana; EPA had approved the plans and Indiana's governor was pushing it, but Congress voted against it in the latest energy bill. The reporter asked why the White House was silent on this, since Bush CLAIMS (falsely) to be in favor of oil exploration. Perino brushed the question off, thus making the Bush position perfectly clear.

Now I understand why it was so important to keep Traitor Helen Thomas in the press room instead of in jail where he/she belongs. When all the questions sound like Taser Bro's screeching ...


... when the questions come from that angle, it's easy for the White House to sound pro-American and pro-Energy by comparison without ever doing anything for America or for energy. The true anti-American and anti-Energy nature of the Vichy regime only gets exposed when questioned from a pro-American angle.
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
  Lifson's idea

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker is worried that the SoCal fires may have been set by a Soldier of Allah. It's a reasonable suspicion, but I don't buy it.

I'm uncomfortable to find myself less paranoid about Mohammedan intentions than the Establishmentarian Lifson, who is often quoted by Rush! The standard Establishment line is to stay "above" those awful paranoid Birchers, even though 80% of the Bircher suspicions have turned out to be true.

Still, I don't buy it in this case because there isn't enough glory in the connection. Osama's boys want to have full credit for doing the whole job, and a wildfire is almost entirely Nature's work. When the Santa Ana winds blow, there will be wildfires in SoCal whether anyone starts them or not.

The Japs used wildfires a few times in WW2, launching incendiary balloons from ships, which drifted to Oregon and started fires. They abandoned the trick for the same reason: the cause of a fire often remains mysterious, and other fires were happening without their efforts. When you're running a war, you want people to see your victories clearly.
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
  Is this liberty?

The Ron Paul approach is internally inconsistent. He says we should have complete personal liberty and avoid foreign entanglements, and he says this is what the founders intended.

It sounds good, and must admit I'd been seduced into halfway appreciating the approach if not buying it.

But it doesn't work, and it's not what the founders intended.

= = = = =

First, why doesn't it work?

Okay, let's follow the isolationist model, as outlined by Bryan, Taft, Coolidge and Paul. We stay within our own borders, fortify to control incoming planes and missiles, and stop trying to influence the rest of the world.

This works nicely against traditional warfare. If you're trying to stop attacks by clearly identified enemy bombers and rockets, technology can do the job relatively well provided we stay totally alert for all potential threats. And if we have impressive enough fortification, traditional enemies will pick easier targets.

It doesn't work against internal subversion. The walls do nothing to stop or slow Mohammedan and Communist penetration of our media, schools, prisons, legislatures, and courts; and they do nothing to prevent home-grown terrorists from planning and executing attacks.

Preventing subversion and internal attack requires a serious internal police force, and requires a loss of liberty for any potential terrorist, which in turn means a serious loss of all those "due process rights" which the Paulites seem to enjoy so much.

If the authorities are willing to determine who's bad and who's good, catching and holding the bad guys doesn't require a Long Twilight Struggle.

Around 1900-1910 we had a serious threat from Anarchists, who were essentially revolutionaries without a utopian vision. They planted bombs all over the country and even assassinated President McKinley. The ancestor of the FBI put them down ruthlessly, violating every "right" in the book, and we had no further problem with the Anarchists.

In 1938 the Japs in Hawaii and California were setting up a campaign of sabotage. We declared martial law in Hawaii in '38 and rounded up the suspicious Japs in California just after Pearl Harbor. We also rounded up thousands of dubious Germans and Italians, with less fanfare. This violated every "right" in the book, but we had very little sabotage during WW2.

Sidenote: I just now realized there's something odd -- but revealing -- about the cultural response to these roundups. Ever since WW2 our Communist masters have been hammering us with the notion that the roundup of Jap saboteurs was utterly intolerable, our greatest sin of the century, etc, but I've never heard one word of criticism or even publicity about the similar roundup of European saboteurs. If you're going to make a distinction, this particular distinction seems backward since the Japs directly and treacherously attacked us while the Germans didn't. In addition, all of them were Fascists, thus all should have been equally anathema to our Communist masters. But that's the wrong logic. The correct logic is: Germans and Italians are White Devils, therefore punishing them was fine whether they did anything at all. Japs are Persons Of Color, therefore punishing them was sinful regardless of their deeds.

= = = = =

Second, why isn't it what the founders intended?

Simpler answer here. Freedom as defined by Paul's Libertarian followers has a totally different meaning from "pursuit of happiness" as defined by Hamilton and Jefferson.

Ham and Jeff wanted a land where non-criminal people are free to pursue productive ends. How do you achieve this freedom? By stopping the criminals and the saboteurs harshly and firmly, through legal AND CULTURAL means. By allowing normal people to discriminate between good and bad, without fear of a lawsuit. By punishing the bad instantly and publicly. If punishment is instant and public, it doesn't always need to be harsh and expensive. One public spanking, in sufficiently humiliating style, would reform most young dickheads far more effectively than a year in jail.

The Anti-Civilization Lawyers Union has so totally corrupted our court system AND our cultural discourse that we are required to reverse our natural perceptions for all consequential purposes. The ACLU's goal has been perfectly explicit from the start, and it's (not coincidentally) the same as the Anarchist's goal. Revolution and chaos.

Despite the decades of Orwellian cultural and legal pressure by a self-declared enemy agency, and despite the supine obedience of our political ratshit class, most Americans still have a solid sense of right and wrong, and a clear perception of what is in our national interest. Newt is trying to spread this news in his recent set of poll-based speeches.

In short, most Americans still understand this basic point: Liberty for normal and productive people has no connection at all to "rights". Habeas corpus, the high totem of the Libertarian faith, does nothing at all for normal people, and presumption of innocence does nothing to stop rogue prosecutors like Nifong.

These "rights" have been intentionally turned around by the ACLU, so that they only serve to free the bad and imprison the normal.

Hamilton and Jefferson, and more broadly the English common law tradition, aimed to keep normal people out of the hands of the court system entirely. Judges are supposed to use common sense to dismiss idiotic cases; prosecutors are supposed to filter out obviously nonsensical accusations and push hard on the obviously serious ones. Ham and Jeff didn't foresee the Leninist virus, didn't foresee that Federal judges would end up serving an enemy ideology whose explicit announced goal is to destroy Christian civilization.

The solution to this problem cannot be gradual and incremental. Judicial restraint is just a euphemism for letting the enemy win. And it's not enough to spend one year per single appointment in the Senate while waiting for the enemy judges to die off.

The Federal appellate system, AND ALL THE CASE LAW INVALIDLY CREATED THEREBY, must be totally eliminated for the duration of this war and rebuilt later if we find the need for it. (We probably won't, since it's not even defined in the Constitution.) Prosecutors should be supervised by handlers without legal training to insure that they use ordinary sense and judgment. (In theory, eliminating all the case law may conceivably eliminate one or two words or phrases which happened, through omission or typographical error, to agree with the Constitution; but that's a sacrifice worth making in order to rip out the 99.99999999999999% of the case law which is purely evil and purely destructive.)

The Ron Paul forces, by emphasizing "due process" and casting aside the common sense that underpins common law, are serving Lenin and Osama, not the Constitution.
Saturday, October 20, 2007
  We the clams of the United States...?

Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia has publicly called on Pres. Gore to use his executive power to break through Endangered Species requirements.

The PEOPLE of Georgia will run out of water soon unless dam outlets are closed to retain water. Why do the outlets remain open despite a long drought? Because some fucking CLAM downstream in Florida is listed as an endangered species, and thus requires a certain amount of water.

Perdue's call is the first time I've ever heard a top-level official dare to criticize, let alone disobey, the Holy of Holies, the Law Above All Laws, the Omnipotent and Omnivorous ESA.

Will George W. Gore protect the PEOPLE of the state of Georgia, or is he only concerned with the goddamned CLAMS?

Gore's most recent executive order -- just yesterday -- was to limit fishing, so we already have a pretty fair idea of his response to this crisis.

Come on, George W. Gore! Surprise us just once. Show us JUST ONCE in these miserable six years that you understand the purpose of your job.

Not holding my breath.

= = = = =

Monday morning:

Beyond parody. Beyond hope. Beyond all imagining. Is Congress considering how to solve any of these problems? Considering an emergency change in law to allow humans to survive? Taking note of the fact that San Diego, in immediate danger of losing most of its human habitat, has more ESA designations than any part of the country, which means less control of brush and forests than any other part of the country? No, no, no. Congress is actually discussing a bill that would spend more tax money on PRESERVING CORAL REEFS. YES, CORAL REEFS. The genocidal maniac who is speaking right now is Genocidal Maniac Gilchrest of Maryland, who has an R by his name. Most of the genocidal maniacs who are speaking in favor of this phenomenal waste of money have R's by their names. I cannot begin to imagine what ... No, I can't even think about this any more.
  Band Beautiful

One of the Youtube 1930's contributors has found an unspeakably splendid clip of an obscure all-girl band called the Ingenues. The clip is from 1928, recorded with rather primitive sound equipment on a track that seems to have degraded over the years, but the sheer talent and versatility come through all the decades incorruptible.

I'm not sure why this one little clip moves me so deeply.

It's not just nostalgia, because this style belonged to my grandparents' generation; it was already passé to my parents. I never saw anything remotely like it when I was young, so it's not a memory; movies like this weren't available by any methods or means.

It's partly the music itself: at that point American popular music was still descended from the classics. You can hear the influence of Sousa, Strauss, and Dvorak in these pieces.

The key seems to be exuberance + discipline, a rare combination. We've lost that combination, I think. We still have plenty of discipline in symphonic orchestras, and we have lots of raw screechy emotion in the popular realm, but we no longer comprehend that joy and glory can emerge from a perfectly organized and synchronized 'mechanism'. Mozart and Bach comprehended this emergence.

= = = = =

Sidenote after a bit of searching in the IMDB site: looks like this clip is not available anywhere else; it appeared a few years ago on Turner Classic Movies, but isn't on any available DVD's or tapes.
Friday, October 19, 2007
  Phyllis's party

Phyllis Schlafly, the old mother Eagle, just finished a classic and consequential speech in which she outlined the platform of a third party. The platform is filled with specific actions that must be taken, most of which run solidly against the policies of George W. Vichy, and many of which were considered to be Democrat policies before 1964.

Among current politicians, Rohrabacher fulfills the Eagle platform verbatim. Phyllis's list is nearly a "table of contents" for Rohr's speeches in the last year or so.

Among the active Pres candidates, Hunter comes closest, with his strong emphasis on restoring our industrial base and cutting ties with China.

Unfortunately, Phyllis was followed and diluted by Gary Bauer, who recited a standard set of Karl Rove talking points, the same carefully focus-grouped script followed by Rush, Hannity, Medved et al. By this line of nonsense, Bush is perfection, and the only thing we need to do is ask Nancy Pelosi to condemn The same old tired set of words about words about words about words. The same old shit.

= = = = =

Speaking of candidates, I should qualify: Tancredo comes closest to saying the right things, but he lacks intellectual depth. Like Dan Quayle, he tends to falter and lose composure when faced with disputation, even from the most friendly sources. This isn't a good indication of solidity and leadership when faced with serious difficulties. Hunter doesn't follow the Eagle line quite so perfectly, but he has a deep 'ground connection' and a firm footing. (Trying to avoid the word gravitas, but it's really what I'm talking about!)
  Cultural exchanges work both ways.....

As part of the cultural and economic opening of North Korea, Dear Leader Kim (who apparently likes classical music) has invited the NY Philharmonic to perform in Pyongyang. The Philharmonic seems to enjoy the idea, and conductor Mehta wants to perform the Star-Spangled Banner as part of the concert! Wonder what would happen if they dared to play that awful reminder of AmeriKKKan Cowboy Imperialism in Progressive New York?

This is getting interesting. The cross-border economic zone is well under way, with Northern workers learning from Southern managers. Our inspectors are making a second tour of Northern nuclear installations.

Dear Leader's openness to reunification on Southern terms seems to have accelerated recently. Could the Israeli attack on his facility in Syria have something to do with this? Nah, just coincidence.
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
  The day that Rohred

Madame Polisztra sees today as a red-letter day in history.

This is the day when Dana Rohrabacher, our nearest equivalent to Churchill in clarity of vision and eloquence of prose, finally broke out of his formal shell and started speaking with perfect openness about our predicament.

Until now, Rohrabacher has been speaking with increasing urgency in special-order speeches seen on C-Span, but always remaining within the bounds of objective detachment.

Today he appeared on both of the non-talking-point radio shows: Laura Ingraham and Jerry Doyle. Spoke the plain truth on both programs: George Bush is not a friend or an ally of the United States. I won't bother with detailed quotes, because they will certainly appear elsewhere; Madame just needed to mark this day as [hoping and praying] the start of our new Churchillian era.

I've been saving this Martha Mears song for such a hopeful day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
  Vive la France, part quatre

Keeping up our theme of honoring France, this time with an artistic offering.

Polistra is enjoying my latest CG model, a Renault R8, built partly as a tribute to France and partly as a remembrance of a real car that I owned and loved in the '70s.

I had owned a number of VWs before and since, but the R8 beat the Volks all to hell in every category. She was faster (70 MPH easily with oomph to spare for passing) --- more economical (35 MPG without trying, versus the VW's typical 25) --- safer by far (real heater and defroster, better wipers, better vision, better ergonomics) --- carried more passengers and luggage --- was easier to tune and repair --- and best of all, infinitely more comfortable.

So why didn't the R8 'kill' the VW? Because of the company, not the car. Volks built a network of competent dealers and repairmen before it tried to sell widely. Renault skipped the first step. So a hugely superior car got a bad reputation because you couldn't get parts or repairs when something went wrong.

If you're into CG stuff, specifically Poser models, you can download the R8 here. Other nice stuff, including most of the houses and furniture seen at the Mill, is available here and here.
  Well, dammit

I vowed that I wouldn't comment on national ratshit, but this is a point that needs to be made.

The brand-R rats are busily screeching at the brand-D rats for their 'treasonous' symbolic condemnation of Turkey. According to brand-R, Turkey is our great and wonderful ally, and the symbolic condemnation of Turkey's Armenian genocide has suddenly turned Turkey into an enemy. Nonsense. Turkey has never been our friend. Turkey didn't allow us to cross its airspace at the moment when it would have helped us, at the start of the Iraq war. Turkey thus aborted "Shock and Awe", leaving it as a meaningless fireworks show. Now that we've accomplished the one thing we needed to accomplish (killed Saddam) this war is only destroying us. So Turkey's "cooperation" at this point is actually a passive-aggressive enemy action, helping Bush to use up our money and military for a totally counterproductive end.

If Turkey were in fact a great friend and ally, it wouldn't have massed its own forces on the border waiting to invade Kurdistan, and it wouldn't send those forces in at the drop of a symbolic resolution. This action shows us clearly and unmistakably the true status and position of Turkey. Seeing clearly is good.

Meanwhile, Bush is meeting with the Dalai Lama, a symbolic act of unity with Tibetan Buddhists, and a symbolic slap at our enemy China.

Which of these offensive symbolic gestures is good and which is bad?

Both are good.

It's ALWAYS good for us to express solidarity with ethnic groups that our enemies are oppressing. The countries that like us best are not our "allies" such as Turkey or Egypt, where we've spent billions to prop up bad governments. We are most appreciated in places like Albania and Latvia, where we maintained cultural contact and support of oppressed people while countering their oppressors, even weakly and ineffectively.

So the brand-D resolution against Turkey, and Bush's meeting with the Dalai Lama, are both in the best American tradition.

Shame on the brand-R talkers for missing this basic point.

As previously mentioned, I'm trying to preserve my sanity by paying as little attention as possible to the national-level ratshit ... trying to get some work done instead. Close attention would quite simply lead to rebellion. (Glenn Beck seems to be capturing the mood of a considerable section of the country!)

Keeping up with a few local matters:

1. Spokane has a lively but meaningless campaign for Mayor. The candidates are Councilwoman Mary Vernor, who is an outright Communist and loyal acolyte of Antichrist Maurice Strong; and incumbent Mayor Dennis Hession, who is a rather dull semi-commie. For a remarkably accurate picture of these critters, imagine two South Park characters: the green-haired lady mayor and Mr. Markey, mkay.

They ran a radio debate last night, full of sound and fury but very little actual disagreement on actual subjects. At the end, the moderator summed up the whole thing with one final question: "Do you like each other?" After twenty seconds of pregnant silence, Hession said "I like her son." And Comrade Vernor replied "Well, we agree on that. I like my son too."

2. The Tacoma foundry explosion. Apparently started by a misconnection between a propane-delivery truck and tanks at the site. The driver (who died of burns) was apparently not at fault; it appears that some work was done on the connection beforehand, and the authorities don't seem especially interested in checking any further, which leads me to wonder if some members of a "protected class", such as enemy agents, are involved. The driver's family has hired their own investigator, presumably to insure that the Feds don't play their usual trick of placing all the blame on a conveniently deceased innocent party. Maybe the investigator will find truth.
Saturday, October 06, 2007
  Looks like sabotage to me....

So far unreported on national news as far as I can tell: a huge explosion that destroyed a foundry in Tacoma.

The foundry (one of the very few foundries remaining in the US after Comrade Nixon's environmental laws killed most of them) makes high-strength steel parts for oil drilling.

Does that sound to you like an important defense industry? Yup, it does to me too.

The scenario is precisely identical to an explosion that destroyed the Whitley Fuel Co in Spokane back in July. Fire investigators quickly decided the Whitley event was arson, and later announced they were checking a 'person of interest', but there has been no news from that incident since August.

= = = = =

Update: Well, at the same moment when I was writing that last line, Spokane police were arresting their suspect in the Whitley fire. KREM TV did the jailhouse interview thing. He's certainly the classic 'usual suspect': a young thug with a long record of theft and violence, including a previous fire. I'm not convinced yet. He insists that he wasn't around at the time, and his insistence rings true for some reason. Logically he could be the one, but Madame Polisztra doesn't see him in her crystal ball.

= = = = =

Update 2, 10/12: The cops have released this guy from jail before the 48-hour limit on charging, thus acknowledging tacitly that they aren't sure enough to hold him. They haven't explicitly retracted anything yet, which makes sense .... when you're unsure, you want to cover both sides. Spokane's cops and courts usually do the sensible thing, which is rather refreshing in today's climate.
Wednesday, October 03, 2007
  Time Capsule

Our political classes have descended to a previously unimaginable depth of triviality, fraud, nonsense, and absolute ratshit*, now spending several weeks in wild and violent "debate" about one advertisement by MoveOn and one sentence by Rush.

Polistra is seeking refuge in an earlier time, when our political classes and
our entertainers reflected and aided the morale, knowledge and common sense of the people.

Here's the famed and easily parodied newscaster H. V. Kaltenborn, interviewed in 1956, discussing Chamberlain and Hitler, applying those lessons to the then-current fight against Russia. Pertinent again now, after the USSR's sabbatical in the '90s.


A rousing morale-booster by Vincent Price in 1943, reminding us why a "Long Twilight Struggle" is just another name for defeat, and showing us a more appropriate use of the phrase "Long Twilight"!


Finally, sheer beauty. Frank Munn singing 'Eileen' in 1938, reminding us of a time when music and art were intended as a refuge from ugliness and chaos, not the primary generator of ugliness and chaos.


= = = = =

* My profound apologies to ratshit, which is clean, pure, noble, consequential and heroic by comparison to our political class.

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